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Re: Touhou Fantasy [New Topic]
« Reply #750 on: May 04, 2017, 08:05:55 am »
The equipments and skills having a new effects and passives are kinda interesting.

Since I haven't played this for such a long time, I completely forgot where to go. I think my progress is after I beat Pandora I think? And recruiting Yumemi.


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Re: Touhou Fantasy [New Topic]
« Reply #751 on: May 04, 2017, 08:47:47 am »
Pandora isn't even around lol. Yumemi is recruited after Valley of Corpses, so unless you went there last...
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Re: Touhou Fantasy [New Topic]
« Reply #752 on: May 14, 2017, 06:56:34 am »

I must question how this took me all day to any case, this is the last BIG map I have to do. There's 2 more maps, one of which is going to be a small room that has the save point, and then the final room which contains the entrance to The Void as well as the boss fight with Yukari (whom I still need to properly test, yay). After that? Not much left here except putting in treasures and sprucing up maps (like this one. Though the big problem with this tileset is I don't think it's actually suited for wastelands at all, since it's a FOREST tileset. But I did what I could with it!).

With this dungeon almost done, that leaves: Hakurei Shrine Forest, The Void, and Heart of Pandora. 3 dungeons in total for the main story. So close...yet still so far because I don't know what tileset to use for final dungeon, The Void is going to be a tough one to map since I want it to be fully explorable (i.e. have to get to specific areas via other areas of the Void), and the Forest is...well, it's a forest. That one shouldn't take long at all.

Once all the mapping's done, I just have to set up treasures, events, and fix up monsters, and game is pretty much done right there! Outside of ending of course which is going to be a pain in the ass to do...

In other news, I am updating characters still amongst other things.


   *Extreme Color Typhoon: 55 MP > 80 MP.
   *All Gear Change and Stock abilities work properly. Still in the process of making them unavailable outside of battle though.
   *Potion Berry now renamed to Large P EX. Large P and Potion Berry now halved in healing.
   *Sky Serpent:
     *Level 1 - 50 base damage > 250 base damage. 3 MP > 7 MP.
     *Level 2 - 100 base damage > 330 base damage. 5 MP > 10 MP.
     *Level 3 - 200 base damage > 425 base damage. 8 MP > 13 MP.
     *Level 4 - 400 base damage > 580 base damage. 12 MP > 16 MP.
     *Level 5 - 700 base damage > 800 base damage. 17 MP > 19 MP.


*Lapis: 500 yen > 400 yen.
*Potion Berry: 1000 HP recovery > 500 HP recovery.
*Sanae's and Suwako's skill scrolls have been updated in the Tengu Village shop, providing more scrolls than before.

Any other suggestions or feedback or whatever is still greatly appreciated! Getting closer to finishing the game once and for all (bar sidequests if I ever do them)! \ o /
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Re: Touhou Fantasy [New Topic]
« Reply #753 on: May 19, 2017, 09:09:21 am »

Current update to the game. Nothing new in terms of story, mind you, that's waiting on me to actually finish up mapping. However, all of the previous updates from last update till now apply to this. In addition, the following is now new!


   *Hakurei Amulet:
      *Level 1: Untouched.
      *Level 2: Untouched.
      *Level 3: Untouched.
      *Level 4: 580 base power > 620 base power
      *Level 5: 840 > 940 base power
      *Level 6: 1000 > 1280 base power
   *Rain Dance:
      *Level 1: Untouched.
      *Level 2: Untouched.
      *Level 3: Untouched.
      *Level 4: 320 base power > 280 base power
      *Level 5: 640 base power > 400 base power
      *Level 6: 1280 base power > 600 base power

   *Mysterious Fairy: 1200 base power > 600 base power.
   *Healing Fairy: 2800 base power > 1400 base power.
   *Rainbow Wind Chime:
      *Level 1: 7 MP > 10 MP.
      *Level 2: 11 MP > 16 MP.
      *Level 3: 450 base power > 400 base power. 15 MP > 21 MP.
      *Level 4: 600 base power >500 base power. 19 MP > 26 MP.
      *Level 5: 750 base power > 600 base power. 23 MP > 31 MP.
      *Level 6: 900 base power > 720 base power. 27 MP > 37 MP.
      *Level 7: 1150 base power > 840 base power. 31 MP > 42 MP.
      *Level 8: 1300 base power > 960 base power. 35 MP > 47 MP.
      *Level 9: 1450 base power > 1080 base power. 39 MP > 54 MP.
      *Level 10: 1600 base power > 1200 base power. 43 MP > 60 MP.
   *Extreme Color Typhoon: 2500 base power > 1500 base power.
   *Magicide: No longer Physical attribute.

   *All Armor Bless buffs now last 15 turns instead of 30. All Armor Bless spells now cost 25% Max MP to use instead of 14 MP (18 for Holy/Dark/Gravity).
   *Floral Nirvana: 22 MP.
   *Rise From Delusion: 1000 base damage, 48 MP.
   *Dance of Angels: 22 MP.
   *Double Pain: 20 MP.
   *Insightful Sword: No longer grants Counter: 20 nor 20% chance of Counter activating. Now sets PBlock to 50% for Youmu for 25 turns. 32 MP.
   *Reflection Slash: No longer doubles Counter activation %. Now sets MBlock to 50% for Youmu for 25 turns. 32 MP.
   *Divine Lottery:
      *Level 1: Untouched
      *Level 2: 500 base power > 450 base power
      *Level 3: 1000 base power > 725 base power
      *Level 4: 1500 base power > 1050 base power
      *Level 5: 2000 base power > 1400 base power


*Oni Wine now costs 2500 yen instead of 2000.
*Mortal Soul can only be bought after clearing Hakugyokurou instead of during its events.

*Healing Gohei: +50% power to Reimu's Hakurei Amulet and Rain Dance.
*Grimmerie: +25% Magic damage to enemies, -25% Physical damage to enemies.
*Feu: +50% Fire damage to enemies, -50% Ice damage to enemies.
*Black Pullet: +50% Dark damage to enemies, -50% Holy damage to enemies.
*Eau: +50% Ice damage to enemies, -50% Fire damage to enemies.
*Glace: +50% Water damage to enemies, -50% Thunder damage to enemies.
*Foudre: +50% Thunder damage to enemies, -50% Water damage to enemies.

*Tengu Feather: +20 Speed > +10 Speed.
*Rabite's Foot: +50 Speed > +20 Speed.
*Fury Ring: +15 Speed > +5 Speed.


*Save Point added to base in Tengu Village.
*Gap while Reisen is in the party at Youkai Mountain to Tengu Village removed.
*Many skill shops were updated in Tengu Village.

Of note, Nitori's Stock needs testing in this version, since I don't know if the way I coded them will give her the proper Stock during battle or not with and without specific abilities/equipment. Any bugs related to Nitori's Stock command, please let me know! Same with Youmu's Stance abilities (which I still need to update her Manussya Stance abilities, I don't know what they should do...)

In addition, End of Gensokyo's maps are 100% done, and I'm working on the Hakurei Shrine Forest dungeon (2/5 maps done. 2 of the maps are going to be super easy, so it should be done within the next couple days). After that is The Void (which is gonna be hell to do), and Heart of Pandora (which I still don't know what to do with the tileset), and that's it for the mapping! All that'll be left are the eventing and testing of bosses and enemies, and the game should be done!

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