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Right, so, here we are again... Hopefully things will work out this time, right? :fail: Ahem, so, uh... I've decided rather than just focusing on a single project, I'm just going to dump anything I happen to be working on at the time here, whether it be extended narratives, flash fiction or... Anything in between, really.  So yeah, here goes nothing!

This first piece is the start of a prologue of sorts for something that... Well, hopefully something will come of it.  But we'll see how things work out, ahah~

Little Bird - Prologue (part 1)

I rubbed my eyes, not sure whether what I saw was real or simply the result of me lapsing into a daydream.  I'll admit, I was rather tired.  I was sleeping rough, and my dreams were kind of weird lately, so I was finding it rather difficult to keep my eyes open.  Hopefully I hadn't fallen asleep, as the last thing I wanted was for the teacher to scold me for sleeping in class again.  But how else could I rationalize it?  Standing at the front of the class, the new student gracefully wrote her name on the board, each flick of the wrist a graceful, flowing motion, like the waves of the ocean on a calm Summer morning.  Her long purple hair obscured it slightly, but it was clear that what she was wearing wasn't the regulation school uniform.  No, what she was wearing was... What was it called?  One of those Japanese dress thingies... A kimono?  She was wearing one of those, pale lilac and decorated with an ornate flower print that was most pleasing to the eye.  Maybe her uniform hadn't arrived yet?  Or maybe she had special permission to wear this on cultural grounds?  Either way, it wasn't exactly unpleasant... The outfit seemed to be made for her.  The beautiful garment matched her natural grace and elegance perfectly.

She bowed deeply to the class after she had finished writing her name in large yet beautifully rendered Japanese characters.  Swiftly, the teacher took the pen herself and wrote a translation just below: "Kotori Ryuuzaki".  Maybe it was just because I was used to English names, and hearing a name in a different language than my own had a certain novel appeal, but it sounded like a sophisticated, elegant kind of name, one that fit her appearance as well as her kimono did.  The teacher mumbled something that I honestly wasn't paying much attention to, and when she had finished the transfer student made her way down the classroom.  I was transfixed by her movements as she walked; it seemed her handwriting wasn't the only thing about her that was filled with grace.  And her hair... It was so long, and silky, and the most beautiful shade of purple... It was styled into a "hime cut", or at least that's what I think it was called, where the fringe was cut straight across her forehead.  It was almost mesmerizing to watch it sway to and fro as she walked towards me.

...And that's when I realized something: she was walking towards me.  I had been staring at her all this time, and she was walking right towards me.  Of course, the seat next to me had been empty for a while, so it made sense that she would be told to sit there, but still... I wasn't sure whether I should feel lucky or not.  She was incredibly pretty, after all.  I mean, I like boys and all, but about a year ago I'd started to accept the fact that... Well, that I like girls too.  I mean, I hadn't told anyone else yet, and it wasn't like I'd ever kissed a girl or anything before, but it didn't change the fact that such a beautiful young woman made my heart beat like a death metal drum solo.

"This one shall be seated beside you, it seems," she said, her tone surprisingly cheerful for someone who looked so serious.  Her words were oddly formal, but I assumed that was because she still wasn't used to the language yet.  Her head bobbed down in what I assumed was a bow, and I almost instinctively responded in turn.

"Hey!  I'm Penelope.  Penelope Drake, but everyone calls me Penny, ahah!" I laughed nervously.  Despite her warm tones, I could still feel an immense pressure radiating from her.  It was as though there was even more to her than simply looking like some kind of beautiful Asian princess.  "It's really nice to meet you, Kotori.  I hope we get alo-"

"Please do not refer to this one by that name, Drake-san," she replied, her tone dropping several degrees as her eyes stared intensely at me.  It almost felt like they were boring a hole through my skull.  "You shall call this one "Ryuuzaki", as will everyone else."

When faced with such a sudden change, all I could do was smile and nod.  Did she not like her given name?  Or... Hmmm, didn't the Japanese reserve use of the given name to close relatives, friends and lovers?  Had I already accidently insulted her?  I could only assume the worst, as for the rest of the lesson she remained in complete silence.

It was at some later point in the day that I found out that, rather than being quiet because she wished to ignore me, Ryuuzaki was merely lost in thought.  It was strange how she could look so calm and collected when she was so troubled.  She seemed rather upset that I'd thought she was angry with me, too.

"This one would not judge someone so harshly from such a brief exchange," she said, as her chopsticks skilfully picked at her homemade lunch.  It was odd to see someone eating breaded shrimp, pickles and rice for a school lunch, honestly.  Then again, she probably thought my BLT was unusual.  "It is unwise to come to a conclusion about someone you have just met so quickly.  This one has yet to see the good that is in you yet, after all."

"What makes you so sure there's good in me?" I asked between bites.  I never thought I was a bad person, honestly, but there was something strange about the way she said that.  It was as though it wasn't simply addressed to me, as though it was some sort of blanket statement.

"There is good in everyone, no matter how deeply buried," her reply was stated with utter conviction, as thought it was an indisputable fact of the universe rather than just her own personal belief.  "The fact that you were worried that you had upset this one only proves it."

Her logic was... Not exactly what I had expected from her.  Questioning her further about it only seemed to prove that she wasn't some kind of wide-eyed idealist.  No, what we had here was someone who believed so deeply in the inherent goodness of humanity that she would make Superman look like a bitter, twisted cynic by comparison.

"Don't you think you're being a little naive, Ryuuzaki?"  Finishing my sandwich, I asked the only thing I could honestly think to ask.  "Not everyone is a good person, after all.  If you think like that then someone is going to-"

Her steely gaze deterred me from continuing this line of conversation.  What was clear that she was utterly determined to follow this belief, and would not be swayed by anything I had to say.  Once again, the intense glare seemed to cut right through me.  Impossibly good natured she may be, but boy was she intimidating!

"So... What were you thinking about earlier, anyway?" I asked, awkwardly trying to change the subject.  Besides, I was curious.  What kind of thing could be troubling someone like her?

"Well, this one... Um... You see, uh..." It was amazing how quickly her demeanour had changed as she tried to answer.  Her shoulders sunk, her gaze fell to the floor, her fingers began fidgeting with each other nervously.  It was clear she'd rather dodge the question, but something seemed to be forcing her to come up with a reasonable reply.

"...This one... Has difficulties reading English..." She spoke in a quiet mumble, but I easily made out what she was saying.  "The spoken language poses little problem, but... For some reason this one is constantly perplexed by the Roman alphabet."

I laughed.

...In all honesty, not my smartest move ever.

I just couldn't take it anymore.  My vision of this perfect, elegant, composed, completely unflappable princess had been so thoroughly shattered by such a short conversation that... Well, it was so unbelievable to me that I found it hilarious, honestly.  She had to be joking, right?  I think I might have to take back my admittedly hasty decision that she was some kind of perfect and beautiful goddess.

"This one is... Confused, Drake-san," Ryuuzaki's brow furrowed, and she tilted her head ever so slightly.  It was understandable.  I mean, I had just burst into hysterics after she admitted that.  I suppose I should be glad she wasn't taking it too hard.  "Did this one say something humourous?"

"Um... Ahah, uh, never mind, Ryuuzaki, um..." I honestly needed to make up for this, and quickly.  After all, she was going to be sitting next to me from this point on, so I needed to keep things civil.  Or at the very least, let her know that I didn't think she was a complete joke.  "So, uh... Thinking of joining any clubs?  I mean, uh, I'm in the-"

"This one has no time for extracurricular activities."

Her expression had changed back to that intimidating mask.  I figured I really shouldn't press the subject.

...Boy, was Ryuuzaki weird...
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Re: Moerin attempts to write stuff! [Mostly original, but we'll see]
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MOERIN! I loved this story! Omg you captured their exchanges so well from a time where princesses still walked the earth. Good work, oneechan. ^___^
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