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Touhou Armory Project: Chapter 1
« on: January 26, 2013, 05:48:18 am »
First off, not too crazy about the name. feel free to pitch some names to me in the comments. Please judge kindly constructively.
 It's my first time writing a serious work, and I have a lot of faith in the idea. (normally I'd screw around and write half-hearted yuri). If you've seen my posts in the idea thread, you know it's going to be about. If not: what I am going for is a databook which takes the form of a story, offering encyclopedic information much to the same effect of "Perfect Moment in a Strict Sense" or "Grimoire of Marisa". Except I want to cover what hasn't before. The weapons and treasures used by the girls of gensokyo, Please enjoy

It was quite the normal day at the antique shop located between the realms of both human and youkai. Kourindou was enjoying its usual silence, as did the establishment's owner. Rinnosuke tended to the store, dusting the surfaces. Such labors were a constant annoyance for a store with no customers. But he was hopeful that things would soon change. A very particular treasure fell into Rinnosuke’s possession some time ago.
Almost instinctively, he took another up at the shelf where it rested, giving off an eerie glow. The Jeweled Pagoda of Bishamonten was certainly a dangerous tool. With just one glance, Rinnosuke could see its potential as a both a weapon and a tool, but could only fathom what for. He imagined the possibilities: firing danmaku and putting an end to "creative borrowing".  The very prospect placed a smirk on his face.
Whether it was laziness or caution, Rinnosuke chose to let it go. Tempting though it was, the pagoda's feint glow gave off an air of darkness. If nothing else, it's light was much needed in lifting the murky atmosphere of the dead shop. In the time it's rested within Kourindou has been that of both fright and anticipation. It almost felt as if it were beckoning dark forces. In that moment, a figure made its way through the door, breaking the stillness Kourindou had so famously become synonymous with.
The mouse youkai stepped inside, closing the door behind her.
"It's here, isn't it? The pagoda." She exclaimed after leaning her dousing rods against the wall.
"Speak of the devil" he said under his breath "Good afternoon, and welcome." Rinnosuke added, greeting the customer as awkwardly as one might expect from a store owner with no customers.
He then inspected the woman more closely. She carried a basket of rats by tail, and her tattered clothing was a sure indicator of a struggle. No matter how you looked at it, she was a shady character. Rinnosuke watched as Nazrin introduced herself hurriedly, only to make her way over to the pagoda.
"The treasures that end up here have a tendency to never be found again. You must be quite the skilled dowser" He proclaimed, examining her rods
They were heavier than one would expect, excessively sized, and engraved with a cardinal direction at each end.
"We know what you want, now let's talk about price.” Rinnosuke stated, still fiddling with the rods.
Garnering the attention of, first, her field mice, than Nazrin herself.
"Wh...  What!!?" She exclaimed, shocked and confused. "I will do no such thing! My master simply lost this pagoda. It rightfully belongs to her as is!" Nazrin added, her personality becoming quite confrontational.
He simply stared the little mouse youkai down, not backing down from what could be one of his few business transactions. She seemed quite determined to walk out with the pagoda, but Rinnosuke would not be deterred.
"Say what you will, but the second she lost it, the pagoda ceased to belong to her. That’s something even a rat like you could understand, no." He explained, standing his ground.
Nazrin gripped the pendant which hung from her neck, contemplating the prospect of using force.  Rinnosuke's menacing glare did well to intimidate the far smaller Nazrin. Possessing no affinity for danmaku, it also did well to hide his fear. The moment was very tense. Their standoff didn't last for too long, but those seconds felt like minutes to those involved.
"Excellent choice." Rinnosuke complimented, condescending to her by patting the small youkai on the head as she lowered her hand.
For whatever reason, Nazrin decided not to take him (and more importantly his establishment) down. Rinnosuke did his best not to let it show. His tone had softened considerably, adapting his sales pitch to suit the timid mouse. The matter of the sale was still at hand. Any item that could cause such a fuss could also command a high price, and this woman seemed to know a lot about it.
"I'll give you a good deal, on one condition. I would like to know more about this piece." He inquired, retrieving the pagoda from the high shelf. " It's a key of sorts, a certainly powerful one at that."
"It is, one of two treasures required to free a special someone. I was tasked with finding the pagoda after my mistress lost it." She replied, taking on a tone of undeserved self-importance.
"That's quite the responsibility. I'm certain your mistress will be pleased when you return with it."
"Name your price!" She interrupted haughtily.
They were words you should never say to a business owner, least of all Rinnosuke. He reveled in the opportunity he had, and began by writing a number on a piece of paper. The only question left to ask was how many zeros he felt like adding.
"Well, if a trade is out of the question,  I suppose I could give it to you for this much" Rinnosuke said confidently, handing her the paper. 
Nazrin took to the hefty price tag with surprise. She could just barely cover the cost out of pocket. With discouraged eyes she looked at the pagoda, than up at the shopkeeper, and back to the pagoda. It had to be done. Glaring up at him, she riffled her pockets for the necessary funds.
"Thank you for your business, I look forward your return" Rinnosuke said cheerfully, counting the denominations, than happily handing over the pagoda.
Nazrin snatched it and made her way to the door, finding his sarcasm insufferable. She gathered her rods, and huffed out angrily. At least she found what she needed.

The Suspicious Dowser and the pagoda
My first paying customer in quite some time. Though it wasn't exactly a smooth transaction. She came seeking the Pagoda I recently acquired.
Jeweled Pagoda of Bishamonten:
Item Type: Utility, Danmaku
Notes: Would be nice to come across another.
Profit Level: ★★★★★★★★★★
The Jeweled Pagoda of Bishamonten is truly an exquisite piece. My abilities weren't necessarily needed to to know of it's dark nature.
True to it's name, this relic is shaped like a pagoda, which I happen to know a little about thanks to random literature which manages to slip across the boarder now and again.
They are quite often towering commemorative monuments associated with storing sacred relics.
perhaps the youkai needed a home for her mice.

Oddly enough, It's primary purpose seems to be that of a key. I must say I am quite curious to know what it opens.
The image of this small pagoda opening a more traditional-sized pagoda is one that both humorous and unsettling to me.
In gensokyo, anything is possible

It also possesses an ability to render Danmaku. An ability I lack.
Perhaps it would have been worth holding on to.
thieves would no longer be a problem.

The Suspicious Dowser's Tools of the trade
Nazrin introduced herself as a rather skilled dowser. I must say her equipment had me convinced. What dowser can call herself such without a trusty pair of rods
Dowsing Rods:
Item Type: Utility, Weapon
Notes: Quite heavy
Reliability Level: ★★★★★
The Dowsing rods used by Nazrin.
A piece of equipment masterfully prepared.
Their abilities are granted to them by the markings on each end.
These markings are actually the four cardinal directions: North, East, South, and West.
That said, the rods actually function more like a compass than traditional Dowsing Rods.
Or perhaps a metal detector...
They seem quite effective, having led the youkai right to my store.
What they are composed of is quite the mystery.
Whatever it may be, the rods are awfully wavy, and large to boot.
It's quite comedic to imagine the sight of such a small person wielding rods the size of herself.

The Dowsing Pendulum
Item Type: Utility, Danmaku.
Notes: A lovely piece of jewelry with function.
Power Level:★★★
Yet another tool in the arsenal of a dowser.
Dowsing using a jewel is a method composed of holding your gem over a map.
The pendulum sways in the direction of the lost item, hovering over given location on the map
if there is no map, a general array of the area in question will do.
Having my own gem, I can attest to the fun of dowsing. However, I cant say the same for it's effectiveness.
Despite my best efforts, I've not been able to find anything lost in my store using the technique.
I can assume it's not too reliable for the mouse-youkai as well.
I've had the pagoda she was looking for in my possession for quite some time
Perhaps it's primary use to her is that of rendering danmaku.
She game me quite a scare, clutching it intently and staring at me angrily that day. I thought she might bear her fangs at me.
I'd rather not be on the receiving end of any danmaku.
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Re: Touhou Armory Project: Chapter 1
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*attemps to entice everyone with a picture of yuyuko in a swimsuit*
Please dont be shy people. I really value your oppinions


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Re: Touhou Armory Project: Chapter 1
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I like it. For some reason it reminds me of CoLA's writing style. Also Grimoire of Marisa because of the stars.

Warmly waiting for the next installment/update/part/chapter/batch-of-words/whatever-thingy
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Re: Touhou Armory Project: Chapter 1
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that's exactly what I was going for. I want ti to be informative enough to stand next to the other databooks in touhou fannon. Im glad you see it and it makes me very happy

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