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The Wheel of Fortune
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~Oneshot dedicated to my Tenshi-chan... and my first fic ever. Crits plz~

The Wheel of Fortune: Sudden, drastic, change in one's life.

"Mom, dad, why can't we go back?" The young girl asked, trying to walk as her parents held her up, hand in hand, walking side by side. "I liked our house. And I miss George. I miss our butler too. Why couldn't they have come with us?" Her mother cringed before answering.

"It wasn't their time." She didn't understand this and grew frustrated.

"I want them to come with us!" She started to throw a fit, but this came to a stop when she saw a pearly gate.

"This is our new home, Tenshi," her father put her down. Tenshi pouted.

"I like our old house! I wanna go back!" Her parents sighed.

"Tenshi, we already told you, we can't go back. We can get you a new George, even a new butler." An ear piercing scream rang through the sky.

"No! No, no, no, no, no!" Tenshi whined. "I don't want a new one! I want my old ones back! I... I hate you!" She broke away from them and ran. She ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. She held onto her hat as a stream of tears gushed out of her eyes. The pure green grass went on forever. Eventually she gave up, crying her heart out. Thoughts filled with malice and want flooded her mind before all calmed down in her mind.

This was the first time Tenshi realized that life is unfair.

She was the only child there. Everyone else were all grown up, no time for any games like she wanted. "More children will come," her mother would say as she nuzzled the top of her head. "Just give it time." Tenshi Hinanawi knew that this wasn't true. She would only say this to make her feel better. It never did.

She would watch from the top of the heavens, seeing other children talk, laugh, smile... do everything that she wanted, but would never have. Of course, she could go down there herself, but nobody would notice her. She would be like a ghost. She touch pick up objects, draw, and touch people, but they'd think it was just their mind, the wind, or a poltergeist. The times when people did respond, later loved ones would exorcise the house and flee, leaving her to shake her head and move on.

She bore witness to some of humanity's best and worst moments. But one moment would be burnt into her mind forever. A young girl, sacrificed to seal an evil tree away. She was so young and so beautiful. The girl cried, screaming in agony, even as they tied her to the tree. The cherry tree was one of the few pure evil beings that existed, which Tenshi knew. Still, she wanted to go down and help that poor soul, though she also knew that it was forbidden.

Nobody is allowed to interfere with the death of those whom have not risen.

And so she watched as that beautiful girl was devoured by flames. Nobody would help her, they just stood and watched. Her screams were the worst sound the young Celestial had ever heard. What hit her the hardest is when the girl looked directly into her eyes. She could see her, and she knew she was hoping that Tenshi would help, but alas. When all was done, the tree bloomed with the most beautiful flowers she had ever laid eyes on. They were the same rose color as the young woman's hair. She fell down and cried. For the girl, for the world, for others like her. Tenshi would never forget the sacrifice girl, Yuyuko.

This is the first time that Tenshi realized that life is short, fragile, and needs to be lived to the best that one can.

It was perfect where she lived. Too perfect. Tenshi grew bored very, very fast. She could not die, she could not be stopped, but there was nothing to kill her nor anything to stop her. The gift was nothing but a curse if you had nothing to use it against. At least that's what she first thought.

"Your immortality is a sham!" The red headed Shinigami in front of her said. "You are past your death date. I am here to bring upon you judgement!" And Tenshi would stare, a grin on her face. Finally, being able to prove yourself.

"Reaper, do you think you can simply take what's mine? I will not give you that pleasure." When they clashed, Tenshi came out superior.  She had taken attacks that would have murdered her if she wasn't a Celestial. She would throw back such attacks tenfold. The Shinigami swore that she would no longer be able to exist the next time she saw her. Tenshi would laugh, waving goodbye.

Then she never came back.

And so Tenshi filled with wrath, boredom, and loneliness, burst into tears one night. "Oh, why can't anything save me from this Hell?" Tears poured down her cheeks, dripping down her chin and onto the perfect grass below. She was tired of the pain, the loneliness, so something inside her mind snapped.

This is the first time she realized that she has nothing to lose.

She knew where her free ticket out was. She ran to the top of the Tower of Celestials, grasping the object that she knew was the Sword of Hisou. The power to control the mortal world down below her. She held it above her as the world shook. The sky become scarlet, and she smiled.

After all, if she had nothing to lose, wouldn't she have everything to gain?

Reimu watched from her destroyed shrine as the world changed. Her eyes narrowed and she growled. "It's time to move out..."
The Fool: Idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to rise above the material

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