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Touhou Modules
« on: August 02, 2009, 02:06:37 PM »
For quite awhile I've been trying to "convert" game music into modules, using Impulse Tracker or Modplug Tracker.  Well since I've gotten into Touhou, I decided to get back into this for the PC-98 game music.

I don't do anything to modify the original song, trying to keep it as accurate as possible.  So the resulting module should sound exactly the same as it did on the original games, and internally it's channel-accurate.  I do this mainly as reference, since old games didn't have any human-readable music format (like MIDI).  And it helps to understand how the sound systems work, and how they were programmed for music.

Anyway, here's my first file, Love-coloured Magic from SoEW, in IT format.

(By the way, I've simplified the files I upload here to preserve space on the forum.  They should still sound good, but let me know if you hear anything weird.)
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