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Unreal Tournament - Gibbing time.
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:41:38 PM »
Well, MotK doesn't have a UT server any more, but that doesn't mean we cannot play UT. Someone with a moderate connection/location has to host. (In worst case I case :V). Either way, I was intending on getting us to play a crowded game of Thievery UT or regular shooting.

Unreal Tournament game time:  05 January 2012 around 0:00 GMT+1 (Not sure about this yet).

Please join #dots-meido for more info/gathering. But UT is required to have, if you don't have the game it is major cheap to purchase anyway. In case you own UT make sure it is patched to 436 with all the bonuspacks included and please download Thievery Mod for it.

What is Thievery?
Thievery is based on the famous old movie "Thief". Objectives: Thieves rob areas, guards have to protect the loot. This lead in the past to some enjoyable gaming with thrilling results. The only problem is that we often had 2v3 or 2v4 setups which is bit sad. I would like to see a good 4v4 or 5v5 thief game. The good thing about this game mode is that lag isn't as impacting compared to the regular shooting.

From the previous UT thread, some info Helvetica-chan had posted regarding patches/fixes.
Useful Files:
Unreal Tournament Patch 436 or higher (Windows 436) (Linux 436 Patch) (Linux 436 Installer) (Linux 436 GOTY Installer) (Mac 436)

For Windows users I highly recommend using Chris Dohnal's Enhanced OpenGL/Direct3D 9 Renderer. (Link)
OpenGL Renderer (3.7)
Direct3D 9 Renderer (1.3)

Just unzip and drop the respective files into your UnrealTournament/System folder.  To enable it open your UnrealTournament.ini file (under UnrealTournament/System) and change the following line under [Engine.Engine]

OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice for OpenGL
D3D9Drv.D3D9RenderDevice for Direct3D 9

Settings and additional information can be found here. (Link)