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1 – Aiden the Explorer

The world of Thallasa is a world covered by water.  This world dotted by countless ruins.  These ruins are under constant exploration.  Explorers are jumping in to try and find the next big treasure.  The last big treasure were magical runes.  It allowed the inhabitants of the world to cast magic.  It opened a whole host troubles with it, monsters now inhabit these old ruins.  But with magic at their side, they can now fight back.  But even with magic it is extremely dangerous and many explorers lose their lives in the ruins.  It takes someone very brave to explore these ruins.

“Are we lost?” one explorer asked the other.  She was a young woman with shoulder length blonde wavy hair.  She was wearing a blue dress and white blouse with a brown vest.  Her face was wearing a frown.  And she was carrying a large book under her arm.

“Brigid,” the other explorer answered.  He was a young man with short red hair.  He was wearing a white shirt with a brown vest and black pants.  His right arm was covered in bandages.  His face was wearing a grin as he turned to face his companion.  “What kind of question is that?  Of course we're lost!  I've never been in this ruin before.”

However, a lot of people mistake stupidity for bravery.

“Ah...wha..,” Brigid was at a loss for words.  “AIDEN!” she yelled.  “How could you be so irresponsible?”

“Hey now,” he said holding up his hands, “who is really the irresponsible one here?  The one we know is irresponsible or the one following the irresponsible one and expecting them to not be irresponsible?”

“You,” she narrowed her eyes, “you are the irresponsible one.”

“Oh whatever,” he shrugged, “you can always summon your lightning fairy and have her find our way out.”

“My lightning fairy can not do that,” she sighed.

“She got us out last time,” he grinning back at her.

“That was completely by accident and she lead us straight to the guardian beast first,” she glared back at him.

“Well that's good right?  I'm not leaving here with out the treasure,” Aiden said and started walking off.  Brigid sighed and followed behind.

This was an average ruin no matter how you looked at it.  There were stone pathways with torches lit along the walls.  There was a high pitched yell from farther down.

“Get ready,” Brigid said and flipped open her book.

“I'm always ready,” Aiden said and raised his fists to his face.

The loud yell grew closer and was followed by the sound of footsteps.

“Sounds like there's only three of them,” she said and held up her hand.  “We want need anything too fancy,” a rune appeared beneath her feet.  “Aurora, heed my call!”  A small cloud appeared before Brigid and floated to eye level.  A small girl with blue wings popped out.

Brigid is a summoner.  Summoning is an advanced form of Elemental magic.  They call forth beings from different planes and use their powers as their own.  Brigid is specifically a fairy summoner.  Fairies are highly in tune with the elements and there magic is second only to the pure elementals.  However, they are very frail to all physical attacks and magic attacks of the opposing element.

This is Aurora, an ice fairy.  She had short curly blue hair and was wearing a blue dress to match.  Her specialty is slowing the enemies down.

“Alright, you know what to do!” Brigid yelled and they both nodded.

“Wall of Mist!” Aurora yelled and two runes appeared on the walls and mist started spraying out of them.  The enemies came into sight.

“Hmph, as I thought,” Brigid nodded, “nothing but common goblins.”

Goblins are hideous creatures.  They resemble small men with leathery gray skin covered in warts.  They were tattered clothes and sometimes carry small knives.

“Skree!” they yelled and ran straight into the mist.  They yelled again and kept running.  Goblins aren't know for there intelligence.

Aiden snapped his fingers and red aura covered him and he kicked off with his right foot and lunged at the closest Goblin.  He reared back and punched it in the face, it started falling back.  Aiden took the chance to uppercut it and the force knocked it to the ceiling and it disappeared.  He picked up one of the other goblins and threw it into the last and they disappeared.

There disappearing is just another reminder that they aren't from this world.  No one knows what happens to them or why they disappear.  The leading theory is that they go back to where they came from before the magic runes were discovered.  Sometimes when they disappear they leave behind a treasure, but not this time.

“Good job Aurora, you can go back now,” Brigid said and dismissed her fairy.  The mist flowing out of the walls disappeared along with her.

They continued on exploring the ruin.  They turned the corner the goblins came from.

“Hey that looks important,” Aiden said, pointing at a large door.

“It's a start,” Brigid said and headed for the door with Aiden.  They put her hand on the handle and pulled it open.  Inside was a large room and in the middle was a giant stone humanoid.  “The guardian beast is a golem.”  She said and they took a couple steps inside.

Guardian beasts, as the name implies, is the guard of the ruins.  Most explorers view defeating them as their main goal.  They stand at the end of ruins and defeating them always results in a treasure drop.

A surge of energy burst forth and t\he room itself seemed to become alive.  Magical particles seemed to float into the golem.  It started creaking and rubble started falling off of it.  Aiden raised his first to his face and Brigid opened her tome.  The golem let out a loud roar.

“Eclair!” Brigid held up her hand and a rune appeared on the ground in front of her.  A great burst light struck the rune and a small girl with yellow wings appeared inside it.  She had long straight blonde hair and was wearing a blue dress.

Eclair is a lightning fairy.  She's full of energy and has enough of it to spare.

“Awesome,” Aiden grinned.

“Hey Aiden!” the small girl exclaimed and ran over and gave Aiden a big hug.  When she let go she looked up and saw the golem.  “Tha...that doesn't look too friendly.”

“It isn't,” Brigid responded.  “Eclair, I need you to boost Aiden's speed and Aiden you just need to chip away at it while I study it and try to find it's weak point.”

Eclair and Aiden nodded.  Eclair raised her hands in the air and a rune appeared below Aiden.  He started jabbing and hooking in the air and laughed to himself.  “Yeah, this will do!”  He yelled and lunged at the golem.

Aiden only came up to the golem's waist.  He started punching straight at the beast's gut.  It didn't take any noticeable damage.  It reared back and punched straight down at Aiden.  He jumped back and the golem punched into the ground.  Aiden ran up the golem's arm and jumped on it's shoulder and kicked it in the neck.  With it's free hand it grabbed Aiden and threw him to the wall.  He flipped back and hit the wall feet first and jumped at the golem again and held both fist in front of him.  He collided with the golem's chest and it toppled over.  Aiden landed on the ground in front of it.

“That's it!”  Brigid suddenly exclaimed.  The golem stood back up and there was a large pile of rubble on the ground where it was.  “The knees!  Work the knees and topple it over again!”

“Got it!”  Aiden said and hit the golem with a straight right hit, followed by a left hook.  He stretched back and snapped his hand, something started glowing under the bandages and let a straight punch go with all of his might that blew the golem's leg out from under him.  The golem started struggling, but it was in vain and the whole thing toppled over.

The golem started vanishing into the air.  A ring of light appeared where it was and book appeared floating in the middle.

“A book!?” Eclair said in disbelief.  “I wanted something edible,” she said with a frown on her face.

“Then I shall send you home to get something to eat,” Brigid said.

“Aww, come on!  Can't I stay a little longer?  I didn't get to play with Aiden at all!” Eclair moaned.

“We both know it takes a lot to keep a summon out,” Brigid said with a smile on her face.

“Alright, alright, play with y'all later!” Eclair waved good bye and vanished, taking the rune with her.

“My arms feel so heavy when she leaves,” Aiden said with his arms limp at his side.

“Come on, grab the book and let's get out of here,” Eclair said and head for the center of the room.

“Alright,” Aiden said and grabbed the book.  The room was engulfed in light and the couple found themselves outside of the ruins.  “Wah, so bright!”  Aiden said shielding his eyes.

“I don't think I'll ever get used to that,” Brigid said rubbing her eyes.  “It's been a rough day, let's head back to the Alkaid.”

2 – Remmy the Spear

The Alkaid, Aiden and Brigid's own ship.  All high ranking explorers have them.  All ships come equipped with a path finding navigation system that's linked with the atlas system in the main hall of the Explorers Guild.  Guild mates can add one another to the system so they can always stay in touch.

The ship comes with a large cargo hold under the deck and is very customizable, no two ships are exactly alike.  The Alkaid has a cold storage for food with an Ice Crystal system to regulate the temperate.  They have a water pumping station with a Nature Crystal to purify the sea water and next to it is a large tub with a Fire Crystal for bathing.

On deck, on the one end is the bedroom.  There are many stacks of books scattered around the floor.  Brigid has tried to organize it countless times, but it doesn't last long when Aiden needs to look something up.  And on the other end is the Captain's Quarters.  It's a large room covered in a red carpet with a desk at the far end.  There were a couple of couches along the wall and a few bookshelves.  At dock it is considered rude to keep the Captain's Quarters locked, so anything important must be placed somewhere else.

“That was refreshing,” Brigid entered the Captain's Quarters in a blue bath robe with a towel wrapped around her hair.  She looked over at Aiden who was staring intently into the book they just found.  “Anything interesting?”

“Not really,” he sighed.  “Not for us anyway.”

Brigid's eyes narrowed, “What are you planning?”

“Well, I just happen to know that the Seshat is nearing Pleiades’s Port.  We should be able to intercept them before than,” he laughed to himself.

Brigid just sighed and stood up.  She started walking out of the room, “where are you going?”  Aiden asked.

“To bed, it's going to be a long day tomorrow,” she said and walked out the door.

Aiden yawned and stretched his arms above his head, “Yea, I better go to bed too.”  He closed the book and headed to the bedroom.

It was the next morning, Brigid was peering into the navigation system, she looked up at the clouds and shielded her eyes from the sun.  “They're over there!”  He pointed towards the northeast.

“Alkaid,” Aiden addressed the ship.  “Set a course to The Seshat.”

“Head's up,” Brigid said, “they seem to be headed for us as well.  They must have found something worth showing off as well.”

“Ah,” Aiden said a little dejected, “I was hoping for a chase.”

“Maybe next time,” Brigid sighed.

The Seshat, Remmy's ship, appeared over the horizon.  The two ships pulled up next to each other.  Both parties looked at each other.  Remmy, a childhood friend of Brigid and Aiden had a grin on his face.  He was shorter than the average person, he had light blue hair and was wearing a white shirt with black pants and a red vest. 

Next to him was Cassidy, she was taller than the average person and standing next to Remmy made him look even shorter.  She had long red hair, that reached down to her knees.  She was wearing a white shirt that showed off her firm and flat stomach among her other assets and a red vest, her shirt was sleeveless, once again showing off her muscles.  She was wearing the bottom of a karate gi and was barefoot.  She had a large smile on her face and was waving at the Alkaid.

Next to her was Cearul.  He was of average height.  He had short black hair and was wearing a black suit that made him look like a butler and the red vest.  He had to same stern look on his face.  Next to him, was Neala.  Her face was hidden beneath the light purple hooded robe she was wearing and a red vest.  She was holding a book in her arms.

“Hey you guys!”  Cassidy yelled and reached over and grabbed the book out of Neala's hand, “look at what we got!”

“We got one too!”  Aiden said and held up his book.

“Yea, but does that one maybe have to location of a fairy grove?” Cassidy said with a smirk.

Brigid took a step forward and looked at the book, “Hm,” she said looking at it, “That's fairy writing on the spine.”

“None of us can read it, we figured it would be of some use to you,” Remmy explained.  “But not without a price.”

“You want this book,” he waved their book at them.  “I hate to say it, but there's not much in here.  Only something about an Omni Legacy.”  Neala gasped when she heard the words Omni Legacy.

“What!  You didn't say anything about that?” Brigid yelled at him.

“Hm?  What's an Omni Legacy?”  Aiden asked.

Brigid's hand went straight to her forehead, “How do you not know why we're out here?  THE Omni Legacy is one of the most sought out treasures out there.  Ever since the Magical Rune discovery we've received hints at the Omni Legacy's existence.  They're all vague at best, but one thing is clear, it will change the course of history once again.”

“Hm,” Aiden looked at his book, “well what do you propose we do?”

“The usual,” Remmy said with a smirk, “winner takes all?”

Aiden handed the book to Brigid and put his fist up to his face, “Come on!”  He beckoned with one hand.  Brigid let out a loud sigh and ran back to the bed room and Neala did the same, minus the objective sigh.

“I love this part!”  Cassidy yelled and jumped from the Seshat to the Alkaid.

“There was a bridge,” Caerul said walking across said bridge.  Remmy held out his hand and a rune appeared and created a spear and ran across the bridge with Caerul and Cassidy.

Remmy had a natural affinity to the light element.  All his attacks are holy based and he can heal in a pinch too.  Caerul was a wind affinity and knife user, he was fast and threw knives and could control where they went, however he could not take a hit.  However, Cassidy was earth affinity and a fist user.  She was slow, but could take more hits.

“Three on one,” Aiden laughed, “Where's my challenge?”

“Don't underestimate us!”  Cassidy laughed and lunged at Aiden.  He jumped back out of the way.  Caerul threw knives and he sidestepped out of the way.  Remmy thrust with his spear, with no time to dodge, Aiden punched with his bandaged hand.  They both recoiled.

Cassidy took this opening and took a large step forward and put the full weight of her attack into her elbow and slammed Aiden into the wall of the Captain's Quarters.  He staggered up to his feet and shook his head.  He saw a glare and immediately jumped to the left, but it wasn't quick enough, one of Caerul's  knife cut his right arm.

His bandages sled off his arm, revealing numerous black symbols tattooed all over his arm.  “Guess I have your permission to go all out then!”  He smiled and snapped his finger, the runes started glowing and his arm became engulfed in fire.

Aiden was of fire affinity.  After an incident when he was younger, he had runes tattooed on his arm.  It gives him zero cast time, but at the cost of his life energy.

He punched and fire ball flew out.  The three all jumped back.  He held his arm straight down with his palm open.  A fire spiral started crawling down his arm and he pointed his arm straight forward and a continuous strain of fire spewed forth.  Caerul stepped forward and threw four knives on the ground and started chanted.  An zigzag symbol appeared beneath his feet and a tornado started forming around him.  The fire was drown in and he was engulfed in flames.  The whole thing exploded and he was thrown back to the Seshat.

“Caerul!” Remmy shouted and ran straight at Aiden.  While he was running he started chanted and an eye rune appeared in his free hand and he thrust it forward and a bright light was thrown from it.

“Ugh,” Aiden shielded his eyes and Remmy kept coming.  Aiden started firing sporadically in the direction the footsteps were coming from.  Remmy had to stop running and start defending.

There were loud foot steps coming from behind him.  Cassidy started taking large steps to close the distance between the two.  Still blinded, Aiden started firing at the louder steps.  Cassidy didn't even stop and took all the fire balls.  Realizing what was happening, Aiden stopped and started rubbing his eyes.  He sidestepped in hopes to get away from them.

“Your trapped!”  Remmy said.

Aiden shook his head and looked around.  He gotten himself between both of them.  “Well crap,” he said.  One of the runes on his arm started glowing and he punched the ground.  A large shock wave erupted from the punch and it threw Remmy back.  Cassidy shielded her face and took the front of the attack.

“Just you and me now,” she said and make the same beckoning motion he made at the start of the fight.

Fire and earth are polar opposites with one another.  Fire is raw power while earth is pure defense.  They ran at each other knowing this.  Aiden landed a punch on her stomach, she returned by hitting his jaw.  They continued to trade blows for minutes.  Then Aiden suddenly smirked and swept her feet and lunged into her with his elbow.  She had the breath knocked out of and she sled back.  Before she could catch her breath Aiden was upon her and that rune started glowing and he hit her in the gut and created a large shock wave with her at the epicenter.  She fell to her knees gasping.

“You've won,” she said between breathes.

Aiden let out a sigh of relief.  “That was some workout,” he said extended a hand to Cassidy with a smile.  She smiled as he helped her up.  The two bookkeepers exited their rooms.

Neala handed the book to Brigid, even under the hood, you could see the longing look for the book Neala was holding.

“Rules are rules,” Brigid said, “and according to the rules of a duel both of the books are ours.”  Neala looked heart broken, “however, this book is near incompressible for just one person.  I'm going to need another mage to help me look it over.”  She looked up and her hood fell down reveling one of the happiest faces anyone has ever seen.  “St...stop looking at me like that.  I'm doing because I can't read it all on my own.”

Remmy and Aiden started laughing, “She hasn't changed.”

“Shut up!” she said and stormed off into the bedroom and Neala followed.

“Heh heh,” Aiden staggered a little, “guess I went a little overboard.  I'm going to take a bath.”

Remmy gave him a worried look, but knowing he was even less honest then Brigid, he let it go.  “Us too, come on Cass.  Gather up Caerul and let's head back to Plaiedas.” 


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3 – Brianna the Knight

“Ugh, my head is killing me,” Aiden thought as he stretched and laid his hands to his side.  It hit something soft.  “That ain't right,” he said and turned and saw a large tuft of red hair.  “Eh?” he said and sprang up.  “Wh...WHAT?”  He yelled and tried to make a run for it, but in a couple of steps he hit something metal with a loud clang.

In the next room over, Brigid was having coffee with an old friend.  “Looks like they're up, Officer Brianna.”

“Good, this is going to be entertaining,” she said and placed her coffee cup on the table and walked out into the room.

Aiden was sprawled across the floor holding his head.  Remmy was looking around shocked and confused and Cassidy was sleeping soundly in the cot.  The three were in Pleiadas Jail.  The female Pleiadas cop uniform doesn't offer much protection.  It's a tight fitting white shirt and jacket with white skirt and white boots.  And a white berate and brown pantyhose.  Brianna's jet black hair really stood out against all that white.  She had a bang covering one eye.

Aiden looked up at Brianna with a pitiful expression, she returned with a sadistic smirk.  She reached down and grabbed a metal baton and started hitting away at metal bars yelling, “GOOD MORNING!”

“Ah, quit it!” Aiden yelled, cowering in the fetal position.

“Hm?”  Brianna pouted, “you want me to quit?  And after you made me come in on my night off and everything?”

“What happened last night,” Remmy asking, regaining his composure.  Brianna hit the bars once again and made him wince.

“Let me tell you about last night.  I was at my house, enjoying a nice book when I get a phone call about some drunken imbeciles causing a ruckus at the port.  And what do I find when I get there, but three of my imbecilic friends holding an impromptu karaoke session on top of the shipping crates.  You know the shipping yard is a big place and it'd normally be hard to find someone, however these imbeciles were making enough noise and one specific imbecile was nice enough to put on a fireworks display to help me narrow in on the location,” she looked at Aiden in the floor and he gave a sheepish smile.  She just shook her head and walked over to the desk.  “Here,” she handed him a paper.

“Th...this is too much for drunken rowdiness!”  Aiden exclaimed looking at the beer.

“It includes the cost of a shipping container that was contaminated with a mixture of vomit and urine,” she said and grabbed two more pieces of paper.  “And since no one wanted to bother with the semantics, we evenly divided the ticket three ways,” she said and handed the other two papers to Remmy.

“Damn,” was all Remmy could muster after seeing the price.

“You're free to go,” Brianna said and opened the door.

“Huh?” Remmy said, looking at her with a confused look.

“I expect reimbursement,” Brigid said.

“Us too,” Caerul said with Neala following behind him.

“So where are you all headed next?” Brianna asked and sat down on her desk.

“We're going to stop in at the guild and then head off to the fairy grove,” Brigid explained.

“And we're headed to this ruin in the western part of the country after we check in with the guild,” Caerul explained.

“Must be nice,” Brianna let out a deep breath and turned her attention back to the jail cell, “Hey you forgot an imbecile.”

“You can keep her,” Caerul said and walked out the door.

“Uhh...when she wakes up can you tell her to meet us at the guild?” Remmy asked.

“Heh,” Brianna's smirk return and she reached for her metal baton.  “I can't guarantee her safety.”

“AH!”  Remmy ran back into the jail cell and picked Cassidy up back the collar and started shaking her, “Wake up!  Wake up or you'll die!”  He started pleading.

“Let's go,” Brigid said with an unamused look.

Pleiadas was a bustling city located in the north.  It has a large fishing industry, but because of the numerous ruins in the area, the explorer's guild is the cities main landmark.  It's the third biggest explorer's guild in the world.  People come from all over to join.  Another major landmark of Pleiadas is the Magic School Uathach.

The guild was busy as always.  The main hall was filled with people.  Everyone was crowding around the reception.  There were stairs at both sides of the desk leading to the second floor with a balcony over looking the main hall.  There was a tall blonde man in a nice suit looking out at everyone.  His eyes met Aiden's and he smiled and beckoned for them to come up.

Aiden and Brigid walked up the steps and met with the tall man.  He was Polaris, head of this explorer's guild.

“Good morning,” he said to the two, “I heard you caused quite the ruckus last night.”  He gave a hearty laugh and pounded Aiden's back.  “Now, now you wouldn't do anything to give this guild a bad name, now would you?”

“O...of course not, sir,” Aiden said.

“Good, good,” he gave another hearty laugh and pounded Aiden's back again, this time knocking him to the floor.  Aiden stood up, dusting himself off.  “Alright, now onto serious matters.  How was did the exploration go?  Run into any trouble?”

“No sir, there was a golem.  It was no trouble once I took out it's leg,” Aiden said beeming.

“Good job, Brigid.  Golems are very top heavy, figuring out to knock it off balance was a smart move,” Polaris said.  “What was the treasure?”

“There was a book,” Brigid spoke up.  “It mentions the Omni Legacy.  But like the rest, it's in some code.  I spent last night with Neala of the Seshat trying to decipher it.”  She handed Polaris the book and some papers.  “Here is the book and our notes.”

Polaris started thumbing through the book and glancing at the papers, “Good work as always.  So where are you two headed next.  I have some ruins ready if you don't already have some plans.”

“Another thing me and Neala worked on last night was this book she found.  It details the location of a fairy grove.  It was actually pretty close to the ruins we were just in,” Brigid explained.

“Alright, let's make it official then.  Aiden and Brigid of the Alkaid, as leader of the Explorer's Guild of Plaiedes, go and explore the Forgotten Fairy's Grove,” he gave them a salute.  “And as always, be careful out there.”

“Yes, sir!” they saluted back.

They walked down the stairs and started heading out the door, “Hey!”  They turned around and saw a free receptionist waving at them.  They walked over to her.

“Hey Meg, what's up?” Aiden asked.

“I'm kind of swamped here, so can you do me a huge favor?” she clasped her hands together and looked up at them.

“Sure what do you need?” Aiden responded without even knowing what the request was.

“Can you take go to the store at Uathach and pick me up a Ice Crystal?  Here's the money and a little extra for the trouble,” she said handing them some notes.

“Alright, be right back,” he said and ran out the door.

Meg sighed, “You're so lucky to have him.”

“What are you talking about,” Brigid asked.

“He's so nice and helpful, not like idiots I've dated,” Meg said with longing expression.

“Don't get the wrong idea, he's idiot too,” Brigid sighed.

“But he's so nice!” Meg yelled.

“That's a word for it,” Brigid stared at the door.

The magic school Uathach was to the west of Pleiadas.  It's called a school, but it's large enough to be considered a small city.  It has all the accommodations for the students here.  It has two blocks of dorms for the students.  There are rows of stores that have everything they could want and the school itself takes up over half the area.  It's eight stories high, counting the ground floor.  Each floor is for it's own level of study and it has a large gymnasium out back and alchemy labs to the side.

The magic store here sells magic stones made here at the school, so they can get them cheaper elsewhere.  There were only two ice crystals left on the shelves when Aiden got there.  One was cheaper and would get the job done, but the other was little more expensive but would last a long time.  It was more than what Meg gave him, but he could cover it, so he bought the expensive one.

While he was at the counter he asked the clerk, “Hey have you heard of Clarissa from the fourth level?”

“Um, no sorry,” he looked Aiden up and down, “aren't you little old for a fourth level?”

“That's my sister!” he responded.

“Oh, my bad,” he laughed and scratched the back of his head.  “I think the fourth years are doing something in the field today.”

“Ah, alright,” Aiden said and picked up the crystals.  “See ya later,” he waved back at the clerk and ran back to the guild.

“Wow,” Meg said looking over the crystal, “this is really nice!  You really got it for that much?”

“Heh, of course I did,” Aiden laughed nervously.

“Hm,” Brigid looked at him, but didn't say anything.

“Thanks so much,” she said and placed the crystal in a drawer in her desk.  “The one in my refrigerator died last night so I was worried my milk and veggies would go bad.  Again thanks so much!”

“No problem, I'm here to help!”  Aiden gave a big smile and thumbs up.

“You're so corny,” Brigid couldn't help but laugh at the display.

“Yea, yea I know,” he laughed to himself.  “Alright, let's head to the fairy grove and get you a new fairy!”


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4 – Brigid the Tactician

They were on board the Alkaid.  They raised the ramp and walked over to the Navigation system.  “Inputting the coordinates now,” Brigid said and laid her hands on the Navigation system and started moving the model world around.  She zoomed into an area to the North East and poked it with her finger. 

A message appeared, “Land mass detected.  Start sailing?” with a yes and no confirmation box below it.  Brigid hit the yes button and the ship headed out.

“So, about that Ice Crystal?” Brigid looked up at Aiden with her arms crossed.

“Yea, it was pretty nice Ice Crystal,” he looked proud of himself.

“I saw how much she gave you and I know for a fact that crystal was more expensive than that,” she stepped closer to him.

“ could you possibly know that just from looking?” he backed away nervously.

“You forget what my parents do,” she took another step.  “My parents make elemental crystals, I've spent my entire life looking at and appraising them.  I can tell a high quality crystal from crappy one.”  She let out a deep sigh, “We don't exactly have the money for you to be giving out all these hand outs.  Especially not after last night.”  She was up in his face with her finger pointed straight at him.

He looked down at the ground and then straight in her eyes, “but she looked so happy!”

Brigid backed off and sighed, shaking her head.  “Going to make the whole world smile?”

He grinned, “You better believe it!”  This time he took step towards her, “I better start with you.”

She held up her hand, “I'll smile at the end.”

“Oh come on, smile!” he said and gave a big goofy smile.

She responded with a completely unamused look and a, “no.”

“You're so boring,” he slumped down against the banister of the deck.

“Oh, should I put on a puppet show for you?” she looked down at him.

“I'll pass,” he looked away and whispered, “a puppet show from you would give me nightmares.”

“What was that?” she cocked an eyebrow.

“It was noth--” the ship suddenly jerked.  “I'll get back to you,” he ran to the side of the ship.  “Sahagins!” he pointed.

Taking this as there cue, they jumped on board.  There were three of them.  Sahagin were vicious monsters from the sea.  There were a grey blue humanoid covered in scales with bulging black eyes.  They were slimy to look at and had webbed feet and hands with long sharp claws.  Brigid opened her book and raised her hand.  A small rune appeared in front of her.  Aiden jumped ahead at the monsters to buy her some time.  He punched one in the jaw.  Another one jumped ahead and slashed at him.  He jumped back, but it ripped into his shirt.  He punched straight ahead throwing a fire ball at it's face.  It just shook it off.

“Eclair!” Brigid yelled and a spark of lightning hit the rune in front of her and Eclair popped out.

“Ta da!” she yelled.  “What's the plan?” she asked.

“We're going on the offensive today,” Brigid said looking in her book.  “Spark!” she pointed at the sahagin Aiden let on fire.  Eclair held out her palm and lightning burst forth, hitting the monster.  It disappeared leaving behind a bag of notes.

The other sahagin turned there attention to her.  He lept at her, seeing his opening Aiden uppercutted the monster in the jaw and it let out a yelp and skidded to the ground in front of Brigid and Eclair.

“Spark!” she pointed at the sahagin and Eclair threw lighting and it disappeared.  Brigid's eyes started darting around the ship.  “There was a third one,” she said.

There was a splash of water behind Brigid and a sahagin leaped out of the ocean and had a rune in front of it's mouth and it was glaring at Brigid.  Aiden, with out thinking, jumped ahead and grabbed Brigid threw her out of the way and a burst of water sprayed from the rune, blasting Aiden.  He grimaced, but took the full force of the attack.

“Lightning!” Brigid yelled and pointed at the sahagin.  Eclair made a chopping motion and a huge lightning bolt fell from the sky, engulfing the sahagin and it vanished.

Aiden fell to the ground, panted.

“What the hell were you thinking?” Brigid stormed over to him.

“You had Eclair out,” he said.  “Lightning and Water go both ways.”

“But fire and water only go one way and it's not good for you!” she yelled.

They are talking about the elemental wheel, the wheel of ten elements that govern the balance of the world.  The opposites are; light and dark, fire and earth, wind and ice, water and lightning, and nature and metal.  And Light beats lightning which beats earth which beats nature which beats light.  And fire beats metal which beats ice which beats dark which beats water which beats fire.

“Umm...guys,” Eclair said and started tugging on Brigid's vest.

“What is it?” she turned around and saw Eclair with a scared look on her face with a shaky hand pointed out in the distance.  They turned and saw a small black island headed towards them.  It let out a deep whine and sprayed water.

“Not now, not now!” Brigid yelled.  She took a couple of deep breathes and regained her composure.  “Alright, Eclair, go down in the storage and grab some healing potions and a couple of lightning crystals,” she nodded flew off.  “Aiden, stay here and wait.  I'm going to prep the magic cannons,” she said and pulled out a piece of chalk and started drawing on the deck of the ship.  She placed her hands on the symbol and pulled spire out of the ship, she took a few steps down and did the same thing.

“I'm back!” Eclair yelled, she was flying at them and was using her dress as a pouch to carry everything.

“Give Aiden a potion now,” she directed from the spire.  She flew over to Aiden and he took a potion from the pouch and drank it.  “Now throw me a Lightning Crystal,” Aiden looked in the pouch and grabbed the better looking lightning crystal and threw it to her.  He grabbed the other one and ran to the free spire.  They placed the crystal in the middle and it started charging.

“The Leviathan,” she said.

“The Leviathan,” Aiden responded.

The Leviathan is one of a trio of beasts that have haunted the world since the discovery of the magic runes.  This one roams the seas and is the bane of explorers every where.  It attacks without discrimination and can not be killed as far as anyone can tell.  The best they can hope for is to chase it off.  It was about the size of a small island and had to large flippers at the front of the body, just below it's large, gaping jaws. 

A rune appeared in front of it and almost instantly a large sport of water burst forth and rocked the ship.  Aiden and Brigid held on the spires.

“Lightning!” Brigid yelled and lighting fell from the sky and struck the beast on the back.  It let out a deep moan and a rune appeared in front of it again.  Brigid pulled on the spire and lightning sparked from it, hitting the beast and interrupting it's spell.  It let out another moan and dove under water.  They started looking around and listening.  There was a loud splash at the front of the ship.  Brigid and Aiden grabbed the crystal at the spire and it disappeared.  They ran to the front of the ship and saw the Leviathan staring at them.  He let out a moan and raised his fin and slapped the water.  It made a large wave, rocking the ship.  Brigid and Aiden lost their balance and fell to the deck.

“Lightning!”  Brigid yelled and pointed at the Leviathan.  A lightning bolt struck the beast again.  It let out a moan.  This bought them enough time for the ship to stop shaking and for them to regain their footing.  They placed the crystals in front of them and spires returned.  They nodded at each other and pulled on the spires at the same time and hit him.  “Lightning,” Brigid yelled again and a bolt struck it.  It let out a whine and started pulled back.

Brigid was staring at it, panting.  “What does that thing want?”  She asked.

“It's just a monster,” Aiden said.

“It's got to be more than that, if it wanted to it could rip this ship in half with out breaking a sweat,” she said.  “So to speak,” she corrected herself.

“It's best not to dwell on it,” Aiden said.

“So annoying,” she said.  “It just shows up just to remind us we're not the strongest thing out here?”

“We'll just never know,” Aiden sighed.

“I hate the unknown,” Brigid sighed.

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