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So I decided to write something. It's based on the end of the Bonus Route of Madoka Portable, where Homura realizes that with all the things she did she forgot completely about preparing for Walpurgis. :V

The clouds begin to cover up the sun as I realize how foolish was even standing here anymore. Even if I really put all my effort on making things work between everyone this time around, even if I made sure they all survived until the last battle, it was painfully obvious that it would all be for naught.

And the reason this was so obvious was floating in front of me, laughing at everyone present with it's shrill laughter.

It pained me to accept the mistake I had made. Really, it was ridiculous. Anyone would laugh at me for such a stupid error. Not like the witch currently lay waste to the city wasn't mocking me enough.

My mistake was that with making sure all the girls were okay in mind and soul, I forgot to plan the fight against Walpurgisnacht.

By this time, it's like I'm getting used to losing. Having seen almost every possible way to fail, I steel my heart like I've done so often, and prepare for the next cycle-

"Homura-chan! We've been looking for you, why did you disappear like that?" Of course, she'd try to find me. This is so like you, Madoka."

"I... I made a mistake. And now, I'll correct it. Don't try to follow me, it's impossible."

Before I have a chance to grab my shield and start it's rewinding function, Madoka grabs my arm.

"You... You think that we have no chance against that witch, right? That you won't be able to protect us." It's surprising how she can understand my thoughts so easily. Wait, that's wrong. She hasn't suffered the deaths of her best friend over and over again.

"I forgot to plan this fight. Going through it would be no better than killing ourselves. There's simply no way we can survive this." I can only pray that the cold, definitive facts will reach her.

"But we have to try anyways, right? Just like you didn't give up on me, even when I believed I was no good. That's why I know that Homura-chan can do this. That the brave girl that saved us from our personal hells can be our guiding light once again. Isn't that right, everyone?" Everyone? Surely she doesn't mean...

"That is right, Kaname-san. You have power beyond what a simple magical girl has."

"We ain't gonna bail on you when we all gotta work together, ya know? We need you here."

"You are the only person who can help us do this. You've done harder than this, damn it!"

Madoka steps back as the other three magical girls appear. The ones that are here because of me.

Mami Tomoe, the dependable, veteran magical girl who only wanted not to be alone.

Kyouko Sakura, the berserker-like warrior with a hidden belief in justice and an impossible hunger.

Sayaka Miki, the naive knight who learned to fight for her heart's desire.

And of course, there was also Madoka Kaname. The girl closest to my now stone-cold heart, who wrongly thought herself useless.

"You have gone through many struggles to help us, Akemi-san. And I couldn't be more grateful to you. Thanks to your advice and your trust in me, I was able to overcome my loneliness, to become someone who was truly confident on herself." Mami's smile looks different this time. It seems more... complete.

"You're one hell of a fighter, Homura. I saw you spending every second of your time making things better for all of us. Twisting our lives bit by bit so we would make it to this day. An' you got me such a sweet Grief Seed deal! I ain't gonna back out on someone who's willing to do that for me." Kyouko's changed too. She looks out for others, not just herself.

"You helped me learn how to fight for myself, something that I would have never accomplished. I don't know if I'm worthy of what you've done, but I'll try and make it up to you today. We'll save Mitakihara, there's no doubt about it." The recklessness in Sayaka's attitude is completely gone. She really has matured a whole lot.

"Just look at us, Homura-chan. I know this looks hopeless to you. I don't know what kind of things you've experienced in the past. You told me you had seen so many people die in front of you. I can't promise you we won't die, as well. But please, let us try. Have faith in us, once more!"

"Madoka, I..." Such hopeful words. I can't help but to believe again, for the shortest moment. A small smile covers my face.

"You're right. Let's go, we have a witch to defeat."

As we leap to action, I stop thinking that this is hopeless. Maybe I can save you, Madoka. But for that to happen, I need to change my view of the world, of everyone on it. Stop seeing them as chess pieces, and more like the precious friends they can really be. Stop planning every second of my life, and start rolling with the punches every now than then. And more importantly, to realize that maybe, just maybe...

Maybe it's right to hope.

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