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So parallel universes DO exist. Huh. Then again, I should have known that from the very beginning.

Hello, and allow me to introduce myself as Akyuu no Joshu. This is a fanfic of mine that I have started over at before I was notified that my writing...STYLE...was deemed inappropriate for FF. I was recommended this site, among others, to post my story instead. I do not know whether to consider this transition a banishment or a simple relocation...either way, I'm not entirely too happy about what has progressed for me the past week as I write this. Bitterness, like drunkenness, takes only time to go away.

If you happen to frequent FF as well, you may have seen this story there. As I am aware, though, not all of you are such people, I will not upload my story all at once here. If you wish to read where this story as gotten so far, you may head over to Fanfiction or simply Google this thread's subject (the title of this story) and find it like that.

One thing that I wish to make absolutely certain with readers here at ShrineMaiden is that as I upload my chapters here (granted that I am even allowed to in the first place, as after my FF fiasco I have become extremely wary of story-sharing sites, so please forgive such behavior of mine), you will notice that some of my pre-story and post-story notes will seem out of place. That is because those chapters were originally meant for my FF audience.

A few more things that I would like to clarify before we start with the actual story itself:

Firstly, all characters except for those that do not exist in Touhou canon are works and products of the man himself, Kannushi. I am merely tweaking the Touhou universe into an original story that I can call my own in terms of plot. Really the only character I will call my own is the main character; all the others, if you know where they come from, belong to each their own.

Secondly, this work is meant to be complemented by music links. In other words, I wrote this to be intended for a visual novel audience. If you do not know what a visual novel is, it's dictionary time. Reading through the rules and terms PROPERLY THIS TIME, it seems I can link images so long as they are not NSFW (even then I'm still going to have to put the NSFW tag in the subject anyway due to intentionally uncensored profanity in this story), so I may go back and put in music links where I deem appropriate.

Thirdly, my knowledge of Touhou canon is not perfect. As I only discovered Touhou Project a mere two years ago, not everything I write may be in conjunction with what Kannushi intends to have happened. But hopefully you will overlook instances of this, as some of them may be intentional, seeing that there are things that I would prefer happen in canon. It is my story, after all.

Fourthly, this fanfic is also meant to be modeled after the Alicesoft game Sengoku Rance (Rance VII) that was released back in 2005. I do not know how many of you have played this game, but basically I have written this story as if it were the script to a visual novel/turn-base-strategy game. This may explain why there are some lapses in the storyline from time to time in the future.

Fifthly, this story in its entirety originated from a dream that I had sometime in the end of November of the year 2011. The one thing I will disclose about this story is that the main character is not me – but my archetype.

Finally, I have forgotten to include this in the initial posting of this first chapter here on Shrine Maiden, but I noticed later that there is another thread area in this site that discusses Touhou games, more specifically fan games and whatnot. I was actually considering to post this chapter there instead of this thread...but eventually decided against it because the main focus here is the story, not the game. Though, the story itself is very much so tied to the game aspect of it.

Enjoy your stay in my Gensokyou.

-Akyuu no Joshu

This Probably Isn't a Dream, But I Can't Be Too Sure.

A daybreak sun hazes down on the meadows, birds chittering in the background. A grove of trees nearby is a popular place for humans and youkai alike to rest under the shade to escape the often boiling sun.

There, under an ancient oaken tree, lies a young man, eagle-sprawled. He does not seem to be breathing, and his face is as serene as the word itself can be. Indeed, it was a nice day to take a nap – the calming blue sky with the occasional white cloud backdrop, coupled with a gentle zephyr rolling in from the south, made for a perfect time for any sleep enthusiast to take advantage of.

And nearby…

Hakurei Reimu: It's going to breach through the barrier! Diviners, to the left, now! Keep him down while I-

Suddenly, there is a rip in time and space, and the grove in which the sleeping young man resides is instantaneously transformed into a splattered mess of broken branches, leaves, and shards of residual glass from the breaking of dimensions. The body of the sleeping boy is propelled into a thicket of ivy and out of sight. A blood-curdling scream shatters the battered air, and there thuds on the patch of soft grass that the young man once occupied in his slumber a behemoth skeleton of a canine-related animal, ghostly fires burning furiously where its eye holes should be in the skull, emitting an earth-rumbling roar that shakes nearly half of the leaves in the grove off their respective trees. And in its right bony hand, unmoving, the body of a shrine maiden hangs limp.

Hakurei Commander: D*mn it-! It got Hakurei-sama! Quickly, we must act with prudence! All diviners – I am assuming control of the situation! Encircle the youkai immediately! NOW!

The youkai is not alone. With it has followed the elite guard of Hakurei troops, now preparing to take back their queen. But they are not doing this without difficulty – the vast majority of the soldiers are injured, and a good chunk of them have life-threatening wounds if they are treated immediately.

Hakurei Commander: Faster! The youkai shall crush Hakurei-sama otherwise!

The seal bindings that the diviner troops are attempting to cast on the giant are completely nullified by the youkai's raw spiritual energy. Being a natural denizen of the earth, fed on the very life source that keeps the world of Gensokyou in existence, it is just too overwhelming for the humans. But the humans cannot accept failure, for it is not an option. Their queen is their life and blood – losing her would be the same as losing their own lives.

Hakurei Commander: Fight for your beloved queen! Secure the youkai, now!

More volleys of yellow light interweave through the air and once again bind themselves around the monster, but to no avail. This said monster, now clearly annoyed by these puny humans, roars again and slams the ground with a mighty right foot, knocking all the soldiers off their feet. Some of them manage to scramble back up, but most cannot due to exhaustion and battle wounds. The skeleton canine arches back, brings its right arm up, and dangles the motionless human between its bony fingers. The mouth opens.

Hakurei Commander: N…no…Hak…urei-sa…ma…!

But even this particular veteran of conflict knows. Truth, no matter how cruel, cannot be denied.

However, what if truth itself is altered?

Unknown Voice: Ahhhh…who the f*ck bothered me in my sleep…

A flash, and a reflection of metal on calcium. The skeleton convulses, as if shocked at the turn of events, and promptly disintegrates into seventeen bloodless pieces, the bones raining down like stones.

Unknown Voice: Oh yeah, there's someone up there, isn't there…

Right on cue, the limp body of Hakurei Reimu falls into the young man's outstretched arms. The man cradles her princess-carry style and swiftly sidesteps out of the ensuing smoke caused by the falling bony debris pounding the dirt.

Hakurei Commander: …

Young Man: You there. I presume you are the commander in charge here. Mind telling me what happened? Or rather, more importantly, could you please tell me where in hell's name I am?

Hakurei Commander: …G…Genso…kyou…

Young Man: Ah great, you're about to die. Here, stop talking for now, you can fill me in on what I want later. Let's get the rest of your troops outta here…

It is now dusk in the capital city of Hakurei, Saitama Seishou Heiki, or, as the inhabitants colloquially called it, SSH. Somewhere in the royal palace, the princess of the country stirs in her futon and slowly opens her eyes, squinting uncomfortably to adjust to the candlelight that illuminates her room. She first rubs her eyes, then her sore arms, and blinks sleepily off into the dark corners of her room.

Reimu: Hmmm…..this…is my room…which must mean…

Unknown Voice: …someone must've lent you their help.

Reimu: !

Instantaneously reacting on instinct, the girl pushes strongly off her light mattress, pulls a small 5-inch-bladed knife from inside her pillow, backflips, and lands lightly on her feet, crouched down, facing the direction of the unknown voice.

Unknown Voice: Don't worry. I am that person – and I believe you're missing some items that are very dear to you, are you not?

Reimu: So it seems, but I don't always need them to defend myself.

Unknown Voice: Hey, hey, now. I told you that I'm not hostile, didn't I?

Reimu: Then show yourself.

Unknown Voice: Alrighty, princess. As you wish…

A snap of fingers echoes through the eerily spacious room, and the shadows recede into nothingness. The princess's eyes widen at what they behold.

Leaning against one side of her room, a young man, jet-black-haired, jet-black-eyed, and with a perpetual frown on his countenance, sits with his legs spread out and his hands behind his head. His garments are strange – they are clearly pants, a shirt, and a jacket, but they are made of foreign materials that Reimu has never seen before. Just looking upon him evokes a sense of eerie calm in the princess…as if everything will be alright.

Young Man: Lemme give these back to you, in part to prove that I don't mean any harm. At least, I believe these are yours.

He gingerly picks up a long, slender stick decorated with ritual paper strings at the far end, and a small, ruby-red amulet shaped in a quince and tosses them underhanded to Reimu. Having no other option, the Queen catches them.

Young Man: Now that you are armed, and I'm not, shall we talk?

Reimu: …well…I suppose so. What is it that you want to discuss?

Young Man: Many things…but first, I need to let you know what happened when you lost consciousness.

Reimu: !

Reimu immediately recalls the last memories of the skeleton behemoth crushing her against the side of a giant oak tree.

Reimu: About that! What happened? Are my guards okay? Where is that youkai now?

Young Man: Calm down. Don't worry about any of those, your guards are safe. Some of them had life-threatening wounds, but they are okay now, they're recovering. As for the youkai, you don't need to worry about him anymore.

Reimu: …well, I don't mean to insult you by doubting you, but youkai extermination is of utmost importance to my family, as it is what we specialize in. I must confirm the situation on that youkai, otherwise-

Young Man: So basically, proof is what you want. And here it is – proof is what you will have.

The boy reaches into his front right pocket and brings out a bony relic – the canine tooth of the now-dead youkai.

Reimu: That-! That's the tooth that only falls out once the youkai is dead…so –

Young Man: Yes…he's dead, so quit your fretting. Will you believe me now?

Reimu: …I suppose I should…but…I still do not know who you are.

Young Man: And that is what I wanted to get to all this time. Introductions are still very important no matter what the time era…

The boy gets to his feet slowly and deliberately and bows steeply.

Young Man: I go by the name of Sawatari Yuuji, a simple passerby with no history and no image in this world. I apologize for my bad attitude with which I have addressed you for the past few minutes, and I am honored to behold your presence.

Sawatari Yuuji straightens his back again.

Reimu: Ah…oh, um…I am the princess of the nation of Hakurei that bears my family name. My name is Hakurei Reimu, second reigning royalty of this country.

Yuuji: So it seems I need to address you as "Hime-sama", then, huh…

Reimu: O-oh, no, there's no need for that. I don't like being called that, it's rather…. uncomfortable…

Yuuji: So then, what must I call you?

Reimu: Well…I know this is a bit informal for someone like me, but you may just address me by my given name. When we are in the presence of others, you may call me Hakurei-sama or something. I don't like the feeling of being a stuck-up royalty member…

Yuuji: Reimu-san it is then. But in any case, have a seat – there is something that I must discuss with you that is extremely important.

Reimu: Uh….alright, I guess.

They both sit down on the futon for comfort's sake, as sitting on tatami flooring is not the best thing to do.

Yuuji: Allow me to explain why I have called myself one with no history and no image. This will be difficult to do, but for now, you must know that I am not of this world. In fact, I do not even know where I am myself, nor what I am supposed to be doing.

Reimu: So in other words, you're an amnesiac?

Yuuji: Well, yes and no. You're right in that I don't remember my entire identity. I still know only a little bit of who I am and what I am capable of. It's just that I don't know what my purpose here is, nor how I got here in the first place. I remember waking up to your fight with the canine youkai after being thrown into some random thicket of ivies…if I could sum it up most nicely, I would say it felt like being born into a new world, only at the age of fifteen.

Reimu: Oh, you are fifteen as well? We're the same age. But yeah, that seems…

Yuuji: I'm not asking you to believe me. You can think of me what you want. But basically my message is this: all I would like from you is a description of this world so that I may decide how best to adjust to life here in this new universe.

Reimu: Hmm…well, for starters, we call this world Gensokyou, and this nation of Hakurei that I rule is populated mainly by humans, whereas the rest of Gensokyou is inhabited by youkai and fairies, though there is no real animosity across species. I could have someone bring a map, if you'd like-

Unknown Voice: -that has already been accounted for.

A soldier dressed in the iconic Hakurei red uniform of field officers knocks three times on the bedroom door and enters, carrying a large scroll. He hands it to the princess, who unfurls it and spreads it across the futon.

Yuuji: Hey, you're that same guy who was leading the troops while Reimu-san was down. You doing fine now?

Lieutenant: Yes. I feel as if I have never received those wounds thanks to you. And allow me to introduce myself, since I do not believe I have done so yet. I am the Lieutenant Commander of this nation's elite guard that directly serves the princess of Hakurei, Genji.

Yuuji hops onto his feet and takes the officer's outstretched hand.

Yuuji: I'm Sawatari Yuuji. I take it that you have been listening in on us and know what there is to know about me, right?

Genji: Yes. You need not explain more.

Reimu: Umm…Sawatari-san, you know my lieutenant?

Yuuji: Yup. After you got smashed into a tree, Genji-san took command and tried to rescue you, but that was when I came along.

Reimu: Huh….so, Genji-san, Sawatari-san really did exterminate the youkai, didn't he?

Genji: Yes, ma'am. I do not remember much, for I was severely wounded, but I could see the skeleton fall apart into seventeen pieces, all of them falling to the ground after Sawatari-dono caught you from falling to the ground as well.

Yuuji: Ah, sorry for intruding, but will one of you explain this map to me? I don't know which country is which.

Reimu: Oh, okay. So here is Hakurei, and right now we are in the royal palace at the capital, Saitama Saishuu Heiki, or just SSH for short. The nations surrounding us are these. To the north, there is a nation called "Team 9" which is run by a group of retarded fairies that don't know any better…for God's sake, they named themselves the worst possible name ever…there's the Scarlet Devil Mansion to our east…there's the Mountain of Faith down south…Perfect Cherry Blossom to the west…among others. This is what the basic geography looks like here.

Yuuji: Hmm…I see. Is this Gensokyou only limited to what this map portrays, or is there more to it than just this map?

Genji: This map here is the most recent edition made by traveling cartographers, so the world must be greater than what we see. In fact, we have not determined the exact size of the land on which we live.

The man named Sawatari Yuuji runs his right hand over the map gently. A slight smirk creeps into his face.

Yuuji: …Interesting. This may be a fun place to stay in for a while.

Reimu: …um…Sawatari-san…?

Yuuji: Yes, sorry, what was that? I was too engrossed with the map here…

Reimu: So…will you be wandering around Gensokyou, then?

Yuuji: I suppose so. I mean, I know nothing about this land, nothing about how things work here. It'll be quite fun adapting to life here, and it seems I was lucky enough to run into somewhat of a good start. For that, I thank you.

The man starts to get up, but the lieutenant's voice keeps him on the floor.

Genji: Sawatari-dono, I have a request to make on behalf of not only Hakurei-sama, but for all of Hakurei, our nation itself.

Yuuji: Oh? And what may that be?

Genji: Three years ago, the first and former queen of Hakurei, Hakurei Miko, disappeared from this land, nowhere to be found to this day. She was the strongest fighter in all of Gensokyou – no one could match her in single combat. She was the one who rallied the humans in this land together into a coherent nation and called it after her namesake. She was the morale and well-being of the Hakurei forces in battle and the image of Hakurei everywhere else. Just last week, our second-in-command, Mima-sama, also passed away in a tragic accident. She was, after the disappearance of Miko-sama, our strongest warrior and most charismatic commander in our army, and her loss was a big blow to the rest of the army. Right now, we are in need of strong commanders to lead our army once again. You have proven yourself worthy of leading our troops, Sawatari-dono.

Genji stoops low, pressing his noise against the tatami mat floor.

Genji: I humbly beseech you, on behalf of this nation that I proudly live and will eventually die for, to lead us. I am aware that this is an extremely selfish request that I am making. But someone such as yourself – this nation of Hakurei will truly go far in your command.

Yuuji: …

Reimu: Ahhh…no, Genji…we can't possibly ask a stranger who saved our lives something like that!

Yuuji: Heh…so this is how it's gonna be, eh?

Yuuji gets to his feet slowly, rolling up the map scroll.

Yuuji: Leading a country, huh? Sounds fun. Well then, Genji-san, challenge accepted. I'll lead this country, wherever it needs to go.

A few parting notes:

Hopefully this is a good start to describe what I had beheld in my dream.

A few notes that I would like to let you know. Not everything about the main character will be original. You have been warned.

Because I am modeling this after Sengoku Rance, every time a new character is introduced, I will introduce their stats and moves that are modeled after Sengoku Rance stats and starting move lists. I have taken many liberties to develop these, but hopefully you will enjoy them as well. These move lists and stats only reflect their army battle stats, not their solo commander battle performance stats. When I will develop those – I have no idea. (Update: I have worked on them, and I am currently developing them further. They will come along later on in this story...way down the road.)

The numbers that follow each name denotes the following stats:
Action Flags, Attack, Defense, Intelligence, Speed, Search, Negotiation, Construction, Cost

SAWATARI YUUJI: 3, 5, 4, 6, 7, 7, 7, 5, 1
Starting Troops: 150/150
Starting Level: 200/999
Job: Warrior


Offensive Skill 1: WARRIOR ATTACK: Standard attack, 1 ACT.

Offensive Skill 2: COMMANDER CHARGE: Commander attacks first, then troops follow up. All ACT, commander deals base 30 + (level * 2) troop damage, then troops will attack with Warrior Attack, no counterattack damage received, commander attack will remove defensive barriers if there is one set up on target to allow troops to deal damage, will remove a total of 80% on guard unit defensive percentages if targeting guard units with active guard percentages

Passive Skill 1: ADAPTATION: Negative Battleground effects and weather conditions do not apply to Sawatari Yuuji's unit

HAKUREI REIMU: 4, 6, 5, 8, 6, 4, 5, 6, 4
Starting Troops: 200/200
Starting Level: 120/999
Job: Yin-Yang Diviner

Defensive Skill 1: GUARD SHIKIGAMI: sets up 1 guard that blocks 1 attack. 1 ACT

Defensive Skill 2: FLY: Reimu uses her "manipulation ability" to soar up into the air. Avoids all assassination abilities and capture/killing if her unit is annihilated while she is up in the air, will not come down if ordered to Standby, and 1.5x ATK to the next attack only


OS1: HOMING AMULET: Reimu fires red amulet danmaku. Area of Effect (AOE), 1 ACT, no prep.

OS2: YOUKAI BUSTER: Reimu fires special danmaku specializing in destroying youkai and demons, or any non-human enemy. Single target, 2.0x ATK against youkai, beast, and demon, 0.5x ATK against humans, 1 ACT, no prep

PS1: LOVE OF GENSOKYOU: Special friendship with all Touhou characters and monks. Reimu will give herself and all Touhou characters and monks 1 random battle stat boost upon deployment if Reimu is deployed with at least 1 other Touhou character (does not include Sawatari Yuuji).
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If you are reading this chapter for the first time without reading the earlier chapter, please go back and read Chapter 1. This story must be read in chronological chapter order.

If you've already read Chapter 1, you're in the right place. Enjoy your read.

-Akyuu no Joshu

The Beginning Tides Are Always The Hardest

Yuuji: Ahhhh…d*mn it, that ceremony was loooong…

It has been a day and a half since Yuuji's initial encounter with the humans in the world of Gensokyou, and the inauguration ceremony that inducted Yuuji as the new highest ranking commander in the Hakurei military, which took place in the courtyard of the royal palace in SSH. The entire ceremony was about three hours long. Yuuji slumps into the chair in his office, just a quarter of a minute's walk from the queen's personal bedroom.

Reimu: Thank you for your hard work.

Reimu knocks on his door and enters, carrying a platter of tea and some dango made fresh from the royal kitchens. She sets it down on the table in front of Yuuji.

Yuuji: Oh? So the queen is now my personal handmaid? Interesting, this is a nice onsite bonus.

Reimu: Hey, it's out of gratitude for what you're doing for my country. This is the least I can do.

Yuuji: Yes, yes…but don't thank me. I'm honestly doing this just for myself in a selfish display of narcissism. I'm just interested in what I can do in this world.

Reimu: …well, if you say so…but you really cannot remember who you were before you came here…?

Yuuji: …it seems so…I'm sorry. All I have is what I know I am able to do.

Reimu: Hopefully you will be able get your memory back.

Yuuji: …memory, huh…

Reimu: ?

Yuuji: Have you ever…thought about what'll happen if I do get my memory back?

Reimu: …e-eh? Wait, you make it sound like it could be a bad thing-

Yuuji: It could be. Think about it.

Yuuji sits up in his chair and stabs a dango with a fork.

Yuuji: If I remember who I am, will recovering my memory and true identity make me want to go back to wherever I came from?

Reimu: Oh…that's…

Yuuji: It's best if we didn't talk about my past. Because it'll only intrigue my own interest…and if I ever do find out, I may not want to stay here anymore.

Reimu: …

Yuuji: …

Yuuji scootches the chair over next to Reimu and extends out his left arm.

Reimu: A-ah! Hey, hey, what are you doing…

Yuuji: There, there. Don't get so downer.

Reimu: Nnngh! Don't rustle my hair like that! And I don't want to hear that from you, you've never bothered so much as to give more than a smirk!

Yuuji: Bah. I'ma go organize the troops.

Reimu: H-huh? Wait, you don't need to do that until a week later! And what about the rest of the dango! I can't eat this all!

Yuuji grabs the plate, swings upward, and tips the small plate towards his mouth.

Yuuji: Problem solved. I'm off.

Yuuji strides out of his office and towards the training grounds.

Reimu: …what…what's with him…

The training grounds at the royal barracks, located about a quarter mile away from the palace down the southern road, are lively as usual. Fresh recruits, both volunteers and reserve draftees, are breaking back training, sparring, and carrying out necessary chores. There are four rectangular buildings that serve as housing units for those who live too far away to reasonably travel to and fro from home everyday, and a cafeteria sits in the very center of them, a perfect social web for the recruits and veterans alike to hang out and enjoy each other's company. To the north of the center forums surrounding the cafeteria, the archery range is humming with the twangs and symphonies of bows, longbows, and crossbows, the musical notes in the form of flying deadly projectiles singing through the air and ending all their songs with dull thuds against wood, two hundred meters from their origin. To the east, the clangs and screeches of steel on iron erode the air away as swordsmen and warriors clash blades in practice. Down south, the earth thunders with the stampede of hooves crushing the trampled grass, the cavalry warming up the horses for a full day's worth of dress parades and training. Finally, to the west, the more magical factions of the army – diviners, mages, and battle mikos – illuminate the air with all the different hues of the rainbow with talismans, sealing tags, and other magical equipment.

Yuuji, entering the grounds on east entrance, pauses briefly to watch the soldiers spar and spies a lemon-haired young woman barking enthusiastically at some hapless recruits in the middle of the dirt field.

Yuuji: Hm, I've seen her before at the ceremony. She seemed pretty friendly with the Queen. Let's go see what her name is so I actually know what to call her when the time comes…

Yuuji strolls over to spear-handling training grounds where the blonde commander is continuously and cheerfully barking at the recruits.

Blonde Commander: Y'all gotta be more aggressive! Parrying'll only getcha so far!

Yuuji: You there! Use your left hand to direct the momentum of your weapon and swing downwards, not upwards!

Blonde Commander: Yeah, that's it! Oh, whaddya know, if it ain't our new chief of staff! Fancy seein' ya down here.

Yuuji: It's part of my duty as chief of staff to review the troops in general once in a while…more like everyday, but that's another story…I was actually on my way to go check out my own unit when I happened to see you and I remembered I still don't know your name. So may I ask of your name?

Blonde Commander: Hahaha, yer a funny one. You can jus call me Marisa. Kirisame Marisa's da full, but I dun like my surname too much, so Marisa'll do.

Yuuji: Marisa-san it is then. By the way, I've been meaning to ask, and not to be rude, but what's your relationship with Reimu-san? I see you two together quite often, sometimes just hanging out, other times for real important matters, but almost always together.

Marisa: Ah, Reimu? We been good friends since childhood, growin' up wit each otha. Technically, my clan was supposed to be some vassal family or somethin' to the Hakurei family, but some time ago my ancestors decided that dey were fed up wit bein' mere servants and broke away, demandin' more respect or somethin' like that. So ta make a long story short, dey got together again after some negotiations and it jus so happened that Reimu and I are best buddies, you could say.

Yuuji: So I guess if there was anyone to lead this country if something were to happen to Reimu-san, it'd be you, then?

Marisa: Ehhhh…I suppose so, but I'm not interested in leadin' a country and all its political sh*t. I'm just here for the fightin'. Reimu can handle the bothersome crap like stupid politics, but if she does need me fer whatever reason, I'm more than willin' to come give her a hand.

Yuuji: Heh. I can tell already you will be one of my more valuable commanders off the start. Well, gotta go now, my troops are probably deserting thinking I'm never coming over. It's been a pleasure talking with you, Marisa-san.

Marisa: Oh, before you go, I heard from Reimu dat you were a strong opponent! When we have time, I'd like a match with ya sometime!

Yuuji: Okay, I'll try to make it happen! Heh, that Kirisame Marisa is quite something. Now, for my own troops…

Yuuji briskly walks into the special training grounds specially reserved for the chief of staff's personal troops.

Yuuji: Alright, boys, I'm here. Let's head out there for your first training session with your new chief of staff, which would be me, of course. Let's see what you all got!

Reimu: Sawatari-san, why is it that I'm getting complaints from the troops of your unit that you are training them too rigorously?

Yuuji: Too rigorously? Are you f*cking kidding me? That's what I had to do to train myself – if I, a mere eighteen year old, can handle it, there is no reason in the world why twenty, twenty-two, and twenty-five year olds can't. They'll just have to learn to deal with it – it'll save their asses in the battlefield. Can't afford to have them go into battle and just freak out in the heat.

Reimu: But…isn't having them do 400 sit-ups, 300 push-ups, a 13 mile run in under two hours, then a four-hour training session in the proper uses of a spear a bit too excessive…?

Yuuji: Nope. And the best part is, they'll be doing that for the next three weeks.

Reimu: …

Yuuji sets his cup of steaming hot green tea on his office desk. It is late at night, with the moonlight pouring in through a set of double windows behind Yuuji's seat, and Reimu is visiting his office with some papers involving his official inauguration as the new chief of staff of the Hakurei military forces.

Yuuji: Reimu-san, I understand that I am going absolute ape-sh*t-difficult on those boys. I know that they've probably never done something like that before in their lives, doing all those strenuous workouts all at once. But at the same time, I don't want to see anyone die on the battlefield. That's why I'm having them train like hell's coming tomorrow, so that if they can survive this, they can most definitely survive what war has to offer them.
Reimu: But surely you must know that there are bound to be casualties. It's just wishful thinking to believe such a thing. All our troops have signed an agreement upon recruitment that they understand that death will always hover over them like a shadow, so they are already prepared for the worst.
Yuuji: I know casualties have got to happen.
Yuuji slowly rises from his chair with a deep sigh.
Yuuji: But those casualties…won't be ours.
Reimu: …!
Yuuji: I will make it happen, Reimu-san. I will make that which you call "wishful thinking" a reality. No one in our military will die due to battlefield conditions as long as I am the chief of staff.
Reimu: W…what…what are you planning exactly? Besides, you are acting as if we are about to go to war soon, which there is no indication of lately.
Yuuji: Because you can never be too prepared and too content. And you will see what I am planning in the first practice battle coming up soon. And to top it off, I have a slight hunch that a war will be coming up soon…

The chief of staff heads over to the far side of his office, reviewing a wooden board tacked with markings, papers, and miscellaneous notes all over. The strategy board, as he called it, held all the ideas that were popping into this man's head – seen by many, understood by none but himself.

Yuuji: I would like to ask for some solitude, Reimu-san. I still have much to do, with so little time to do so.

Reimu: …very well. Please take your time.

Reimu takes the platter with the empty tea cup that is still steaming and exits, gently shutting the door without a sound. Walking out of the dark corridor and out to the plaza heading to the kitchens, she calls out:

Reimu: Marisa, you heard everything, didn't you? What do you think?

Marisa soars over to Reimu from the clay ceramic roof tiles on a weather-worn broom, braking hard next to her friend.

Marisa: He's definitely an interestin' fellow. Fulla hidden secrets and surprises…I really wanna know what's more ta da guy.

Reimu: Does he strike you as a bit too mysterious at all?

Marisa: What makes ya think dat?

Reimu: So look at his behavior. Today he nearly killed his own unit by making them train beyond what normal humans can endure…somehow they all survived it, but even then, they all looked ready to die on the spot. He's spending a little too much time in his own office, when all our other commanders are usually out and about spending time with troops or doing something visibly productive. Something just does not match up here, and I want to know what's going on. What's he planning? What is he capable of? We don't even know everything there is to know about him, yet he is our chief of staff. If in the worst case-

Marisa: Okay, okay, okay, Reimu, calm yerself down, yer overthinkin' it a bit. Dere ain't no denyin' dat he's actin' weird, but we gotta wait it out 'n see. I mean, he didn't save yer ass ta kill ya.

Reimu: Huh, you were the last person I'd've thought to say "let's wait". Did you eat a weird mushroom or something lately?

Marisa: What kinda question is dat?

Reimu: Oh never mind. But my point is that the guy has an ulterior motive, there's no question. But since there is no way for us to confirm this, I guess we have no choice until we see what he does. Maybe we can thwart whatever his plans are before it's too late.

Marisa: Lemme beat 'im down in that case! He promised me a match later, so he better not ditch us 'til then.

Reimu: But I really hope I'm wrong. I do not know what he is fully capable of – and if he proves to be a good man, I would rather he stay than defect from us.

Marisa: Well, if yer so concerned with the guy, why doncha put someone on guard on 'im?

Reimu: I already set up a network of Recall tags around his room and throughout the entire palace. They'll pick up on any suspicious activity and I'll know about anything instantly.

Marisa: Mmmm, good tactic. Besides that, let's get some dango. All this serious talk's got me starvin'. Let's go, let's go!

Reimu: Ahh, Marisa, don't pull me like that…

Thus, the Love-Colored Master Spark makes her appearance! Can't have Reimu without Marisa. At least, that's what I think.

Marisa is one of the characters that I will modify their speech to signify their personalities/accents, if you will. That's why her dialogue is different from the rest. I might not do the best job of that, however, so I apologize if you believe it doesn't fit.

KIRISAME MARISA: 4, 7, 4, 5, 8, 8, 2, 6, 3
Starting Troops: 200/200
Starting Level: 120/999
Job: Western Mage

DS1: RITUAL SIGN: ORRERIES SUN: Allies granted +25% random battle stat boosts


OS1: LASER SPARK: Marisa performs penetration, high-energy laser attack. Penetrates horizontal row, ignores guard, 1 ACT. Attack damages units based on DEF/INT stats, whichever is lower to inflict greater damage

OS2: MASTER SPARK: Marisa unleashes her signature move onto a single target. DEF/INT dependent, 3 ACT, 1.5x ATK

PS1: THIEF: Marisa steals a random item from enemy after battle is won. Loot can range from money to rare items like Action Textbook 2's

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition
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In case some of you are wondering how I'm uploading at this rate, that's because I had been working on this dream recounting ever since I had dreamt it.

Coke never tasted so wonderful. It's not chilled though, so I'm sad. Random thoughts like this will show up, don't mind them.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

When You See War Coming, No One Is Safe.

A lone fairy soars through the dusk sky painted in multi-shaded hues of red, auburn, and deep orange. Initially flying over a densely populated forest, she plunges suddenly down into the canopy and sails towards a huge lake on the edge of the clearing in the forest. At the tip of the lake are a cluster of fellow fairies splashing water at each other and skipping over the water.

Fairy: Cirno-chan! Daiyousei-chan! Everyoooooooooooone!

The fairies near the lake face her, confused at the outburst. The fairy promptly crashes into the lake and resurfaces uncomfortably after a few silently awkward minutes, shaking her head dizzily. A pair of fairies approaches this newcomer.

Fairy: Cirno-chan, the Hakurei have gotten another Chief of Staff. They look like they're gearing up for some kind of war, but I don't know against whom exactly. What should we do?

The babble of fairies around them immediately break into frenzied and panicky gossip. The fairy named Cirno, identifiable in her trademark blue dress with white jagged embroidery and her characteristic icicle wings, clears her throat.

Cirno: Hey, hey, guys, calm down, u dun hafta worry when da strongest's around. So ya sed dat da miko next door got 'notha commander ta lead deir forces?

The fairy nods, still wringing her hair of water.

Fairy: Well, then, what should we do, Cirno-chan? I mean, for all we know, they could be attacking us tomorrow. We have evidence of them gearing up for some kind of fight, what exactly we don't know, like I said before.

Cirno scratches her head.

Cirno: Ahhhh…well, uh…me personally…eye couldn't care any less. Deir newcoma can't compare ta ME, the STRONGEST!

Cirno strikes a magnificent pose, lightly placing her right hand on her chest and tipping her chin upwards as high as she can. The fairies break into applause, wowing at her flair. The fairy closest to Cirno, in a similar green dress and with translucent silken wings, hesitantly reaches her hand out to Cirno.

Cirno: Hm? Oh, Dai-chan, is there something you wanna say?

Daiyousei: Um…I'm…I'm just kind of worried, though…it's not to say that, um, Cirno-chan can't handle them herself, but…in case…anything happens, um….

Cirno: Oh, stop worryin', Dai-chan! Eye'd never let anyone or anythin' do anythin' to my bestest friend! If dey wanna, they'll have to get past ME, the STRONGEST, first!

Another dramatic pose, another round of wows and claps.

Daiyousei: Well, um…just…just in case, though….because…you know…like, like last time….that time…didn't turn out so…so well…

Cirno immediately reddens, starkly contrasting against her blueishness.

Daiyousei: Oh, oh, I didn't…I didn't mean to mention that-


Cirno, huffing, her eyes delirious, finds herself hunched over a cowering, sniffling Daiyousei with her arms over her head. Cirno straightens her back slowly, her eyes slowly replacing the delirity with guilt. She quickly turns around and stomps off into the forest.

Cirno: U guys do watever ya want. Eye dun care wat ya do, if ya need my help, just call for me.

The fairies watch the blue fairy disappear into the thickets.

Fairy: Are you alright, Dai-chan? Man, she always treats you like this, even though you're only trying to help…

Daiyousei: No, it's okay. Cirno-chan is just like that. I…I just don't want her to get hurt, that's all…she might go off and…and do something silly, like that time-

Fairy: Uh, Dai-chan, I think you might be overthinking it…we're fairies, you know, we always come back if anything happens to us.

Awkward silence.

Daiyousei: O-oh…that's right…ehehehe, I keep forgetting about that…that we don't necessarily die…I guess I really don't have anything much to worry about, then.

But even as the lime-haired fairy says this with a trembling laugh and a hand on the back of her head, she is not even sure of her own words.

Reimu: Okay, we shall begin our weekly commander meeting of this month. I will be doing a roll call, so if everyone will please quiet down so we can get this done as soon as possible…

All the commanding officers and brass in the Hakurei military are present in the rectangular throne room. The queen, Hakurei Reimu, stands at the front, just a few meters away from her rather modest royal throne, at the forefront of a long red carpet that rolls along the entire length of the hall as the commanders sit on both sides of the carpet, two abreast and facing each other solemnly, gazes averted downwards.

Reimu: …and Sawatari Yuuji.

Yuuji: Yo.

Reimu: Sawatari-san, please stand up so that I may introduce you to your subordinates.
Yuuji obeys, getting up and strolling over to the front of the grand red carpet, stopping next to the queen.

Reimu: Everyone, this is Sawatari Yuuji-san. He is the man who rescued me and the Hakurei Advance Guard when we were fighting one of the Youkai of the Painless Night. Hopefully you all know him from our inauguration ceremony we held in honor of his new position. Any more words for your subordinates, Chief of Staff Sawatari-san?

Yuuji: Hope you all treat me well. I'm a newcomer here, so I'll be in your care.

The court remains silent. Then, a lower ranking officer somewhere in the middle of the hall stands up.

Officer: I most humbly beg you pardon for my impudence, my Queen. But I would like to question the adequacy of this boy that now fills the highest military position in our nation, the Chief of Staff. This boy is no more than eighteen years of age, and even though I understand that are all indebted to him for our queen, I cannot accept such an inexperienced young man in such a crucial position. I am sorry for not letting myself known until this time, but I highly object to Sawatari Yuuji-dono in being Chief of Staff.

Reimu: That is-

Yuuji raises his hand slightly.

Yuuji: Let me handle this, Reimu-san. You who objects to my adequacy, Master Sergeant Fujibayu-san of the 7th Infantry Regiment, was it? So in other words, you would like to see me prove my worth as Chief of Staff for everyone to see?

Fujibayu: Yes, sir.

Yuuji: Alright then. To gain the trust of everyone present at this moment, I will show you a little bit of what I am capable of.

Yuuji then promptly disappears from the front of the hall…

…and reappears right behind Master Sergeant Fujibayu.

Yuuji: Draw your sword, Sergeant Fujibayu. We shall spar…while I use only my fingers.

Fujibayu: W-what…do not insult me so, Sawatari-dono. I refuse to fight with such an absurd advantage-

Yuuji: You're wrong. You will not have an advantage. Now draw, and come at me so that I may show you just why having a sword will not help you.

Fujibayu: Hmpf…if your sire declares so…HA!

A sword shoots out of the sergeant's scabbard, slicing the air where Yuuji's head was a moment ago. The sergeant, now kneeling, looks around for his opponent.

Yuuji: Not too shabby, being able to use the Quickdraw like that. But you're going to have to do it faster.

Fujibayu: ?

The sergeant twirls around again with yet another horizontal chest swing, but this time the Chief of Staff does not budge. Instead, the sword stops.

Fujibayu: How…how did you-?

Yuuji is holding the weapon by the tip of the blade with his two fingers on his right hand, just centimeters from his cheek.

Yuuji: Because I can. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but…

The young man twists his right wrist, snapping the sword right out of Fujibayu's hands.

Yuuji: …you just lost the game.

Snatching the airborne blade, Yuuji aims the tip of the sword at the officer's forehead.

Yuuji: That good enough for you? If it is, please have a seat so that we may conduct the rest of this meeting in peace.

The Chief of Staff flips the weapon around and hands it back to the Master Sergeant, who sinks back into his seat, rather pale. The hall is deathly quiet as Yuuji strolls back to the front of the hall. Once he reaches Reimu, he turns around and faces his hall subordinates.

Yuuji: Alrighty, ladies and gents. The main reason why I have called for a general staff meeting is this: I propose to invade the country immediately north of our borders called T9.

A slight murmur trembles over the hall, some in consent, some in dissidence.

Yuuji: I can hear that not all of you agree. Allow me to tell you why. Attendants!

At his signal, two royal attendants enter the hall from Yuuji's right carrying two massive papyrus scrolls. They climb the stairs that lead up to the Queen's throne and unfurl them, revealing two halves of a giant map revealing the details of the Northern border of Hakurei.

Yuuji: Because I am a newcomer to Hakurei, I have been looking over the history records in the royal archives. What I have found is that this country up to the north was founded only sixty years ago, very young compared to other countries that also border us. There are a couple reasons why I would like to knock out this country. The first reason is because of the growing population here, both human and non-human, in Hakurei. I have checked the demographic records of the past decade, and I have calculated that at this rate, this country will be strained on resources and land on which our people can live in around another decade. This country to the north is, if records are accurate, roughly the same size as Hakurei, so it would be nice if we could take over that country for our people. The second reason is that it will open access to the only major body of water in Gensokyou, for it seems that Gensokyou has no ocean or sea to speak of, and that this Lake of the Fairies is the only sizeable body of water anywhere close to us. If we gain access to it, that lake will help dramatically with irrigation for our country's crops, and we will not have to rely on the weather to water them, since rain seems to be unpredictable here. And the third reason is that honestly speaking, they do not seem all that powerful as a military force. The fairies there seem more interested in what they'll do to kill time from day to day, and there is no cohesive leadership or sense of unity there. Of course, I do not know how fairies behave in this world, but this should not be a rather difficult endeavor.

Yuuji looks around.

Yuuji: Would anyone like to object?

Marisa steps forward from Reimu's right.

Marisa: I'd, uh, like ta point out ta fact that some of dem fairies over at T9 are quite strong, so it's not exactly like we're gonna steamroller them ta hell. Some of dem notable ones are…ugh…I'm terrible wit names…help me out a bit, Reimu…

Reimu: Here, Sawatari-san. This is a list of the stronger commanders that our intelligence has acquired scouting out in T9.

Reimu hands a small scroll, weather-worn with wear, and opens it, his eyes shifting side to side.

Yuuji: Hmmm….how old is this info?

Reimu: It has been updated as of two years ago.

Yuuji: …..what the hell? I understand that T9's commanders aren't necessarily human, but….what's with this commander? Cirno? She looks like a six year old girl, yet she's over sixty?

A Hakurei commander towards the front of the hall near the throne stands.

Commander: I apologize for my interruption, Sawatari-dono. But I would like to mention that fairies and youkai have on average quadruple lifespans compared to those of humans. Also, fairies cannot be "killed", they will only die once their natural lifespan expires.

Yuuji: Oh, so is that how it is? Tell me, I don't mean to sound like I doubt you, but how do you know?

Commander: I happen to be the son of a fairy and a human, sire.

Yuuji: I see, that's enough proof for me. Thank you for your advice.

The commander bows curtly and resumes his seiza.

Yuuji: Well, this'll be a problem. How do we make an enemy we can't kill surrender?

Marisa: Ah, doncha worry 'bout dat. We've dealt wit dem fairies before, and even though we can't kill 'em, dey'll be scared enough not to try it again for some time. So assumin' we're gonna wage war on 'em, unless dey get deir act together, beatin' the crap outta 'em'll be a real easy task. Plus, if we do kill fairies, typically dey'll take some time to come back ter life, maybe a day or two.

Yuuji: Then I think that settles it. Seeing that this country of T9 doesn't even have a cohesive government and that fairies are not particularly that powerful for the most part, I motion to declare war on T9 in the name of expanding territory for our people. Anybody here object?

No hands raised. Silence is all that whispers into the ears of the Chief of Staff. He turns to the Queen.

Yuuji: Well, Reimu-san. I do believe we have reached our consensus.

Reimu: Understood. I hereby authorize the declaration of war on T9.

She throws her royal Hakurei brooch inked with the customary Hakurei Red down on a scroll laid out in front of her by her handmaids.

Now the lovably idiotic Tomboyish Girl has made her appearance. I purposely made her speech nearly incoherently bad due to her rather foolish nature and the general agreement that the Strongest fairy has the same intelligence as a goldfish. So if you are a huge Cirno fan, I humbly apologize, but it must be done. Either that, or you can ask that I stop writing differently for both Marisa and Cirno so that the weird funky dialogues don't distract you. I'm fine either way.

War is coming. Stat time!

CIRNO: 3, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 1, 1, 7
Starting Troops: 500/500
Starting Level: 50/999
Job: Elemental Fairy Mage (Ice)

DS1: ICE GUARD: Cirno freezes the air in front of ally unit. Blocks any physical attack, 1 ACT


OS1: ICICLE FALL: Cirno fires high velocity ice bullets at enemy. Penetration, cannot ignore guard, damage dropoff to next unit is 50%, both enemy units suffer 5% SPED reductions

OS2: ICETHROWER: Cirno blasts ice chills at enemy. Column AOE, 0.8x ATK, 15% SPED reductions, 2 ACT. If done twice, additional 10% SPED and 20% DEF reductions, does not have to be same targets.

OS3: BLIZZARD: Cirno unleashes a blizzard. AOE, 1/3 max troop damage. All ACT, no prep, BGR reverts to Blizzard conditions for enemies only.

PS1: FRIGID EMINENCE: Cirno's manipulation ability gives ally units cold and heat protection. Environmental BGR inflicted by hot/cold weather conditions negated.

DAIYOUSEI: 3, 6, 6, 6, 6, 4, 1, 1, 4
Starting Troops: 400/400
Starting Level: 50/400
Job: Elemental Fairy Mage (Light)


OS1: ARROWS OF LIGHT: Daiyousei fires off a volley of light arrows. Single target, 1 ACT, 80% to hit twice, 50% to hit thrice, 20% to hit 4 times

PS1: TOMODACHI: When deployed with Cirno, both commanders' stats double.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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This should be a longer entry than the rest. Hopefully my writing style is adequate for a situation like this.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

War, It Seems, Is Always The Same Everywhere

Across a pearl blue sky streaked with white blurs, a fairy once again sails the winds towards the central forest. Dipping down nearly 180 degrees, a violent streak of violet plunges into the canopy and shoots straight to the ground. The fairy launches her wings outwards, as if it were a parachute, and bleeds acceleration so quickly that she momentarily sees nothing but black for a third of a second. Collapsing on the ground only a few inches away, the purple fairy rubs her eyes and head and gets up, taking off for the biggest tree in the vicinity and looking for a an oddity in the base of the tree. Finding it, she tries twiddling around with it, trying to get the L-shaped allen-wrench-like object to turn, but instead opts for simply kicking down the door instead.

Cirno: AH! Who's dat? Dat a challenger! C'mon, eye'm always ready for you! Come at me-

Purple Fairy: Cirno-chan, Cirno-chan, it's just me, Homi! Calm down, no one's here to fight you!


Homi: No, stop it, Cirno-chan! I said sto-

Some sort of icicle explosion rips apart the base of the tree. Luckily, being supported by its massive branches by other colossal trees, Cirno's tree does not topple and miraculously seems as if nothing has happened at all.

Homi: Cough, cough…

Daiyousei: Homi-chan, are you okay?

Homi: Oh! Ah, yes, thank you for saving me…but what about Cirno-chan?

Daiyousei: She's probably still inside. Oh, there she is.

Cirno emerges from the pale blue spikes inside the base of the tree, snapping icicle twigs out of her way.

Cirno: Man, look wat ya did ta mah tree! Now eye gotta go find another one…oh, Homi-chan! Wait, why da ya look so hurt? Who did dat to ya!

Homi: Ummm…you did…?

Cirno: WAT? No way! Wait, were ya da one who busted down mah door?

Homi: Ah, yes, sorry about that, but I just got really really urgent news for all of us!

Daiyousei: More news? But what could be more urgent at this hour?

Homi: No, just look at this! This is really bad, really bad!

Daiyousei and Cirno crowd around Homi, who produces a featherlight scroll and unfurls it on the dirt.

Daiyousei: Oh, thank goodness it's in Hiragana…none of us can ever read that Kanji that the youkai and the humans like to use…

Cirno: Eye can only read Katakana! It's da only thing eye'll need!

Homi: Eh…ehehehe…

Daiyousei: "To the leaders of Team 9 (whoever you may be): I, as Queen of the Hakurei clan, hereby announce to all who may be of concern that we are in open declaration of war with your country on grounds of national interest. Respectfully yours, Hakurei Reimu." Oh no…it's war again…


Daiyousei: N-no, wait, Cirno-chan! We gotta talk with everyone first before we can just go attacking people like that-!

Cirno still flies off anyway, taking off with a burst of ice now decorating her spot on the forest floor.

Homi: Let her be, Dai-chan. I feel that this was bound to happen anyway.

Daiyousei: Huh? Well, w-why do you say that?

Homi: Dai-chan, you know well yourself too. Don't fool yourself. Humans are selfish, and they only act in their own interests. They've always been like this, and it's become even more true ever since they formed their own cohesive nation sixty years ago. They're bound to pick on us, the fairies, who happen to be the weakest enemy they can find. We only barely fought them off last time, six decades ago. We all remember what happened then – nearly all of us died about twenty times or more, and even we fairies can't handle the stress of dying more than what is necessary. And now, they have this new person who we don't even know about nor know what he's capable of. Will we be able to win this war now, Dai-chan? And if we don't, what will happen to us?

Daiyousei: No…n-no….please…p-please don't talk like that…everything is going to b-be okay…we'll definitely win this, I know we will! We have to get everyone, Homi-chan. Let's go help Cirno-chan, quickly!

The two follow the icicled path to hell.

Yuuji: Gentlemen…..this is it.

The Hakurei forward divisions have reached the first river of T9, a strategic location potentially valuable for easy resupply routes and transportation means by boat. Yuuji, at the vanguard, scans the valley in which the river is situated and narrows his eyes.

Yuuji: Genji, the fairies know we're coming. See them over there?

Genji: Huh…I am afraid I cannot see them from here…

Yuuji: Whether you can see them or not, they're waiting for us. They know we want this river, and they're not getting out of here without a fight.

The leader of Hakurei flies over them, stopping to her feet in time before flying straight into the two.

Reimu: The surrounding area has been sealed off. They're not getting behind us.

Yuuji: Okay. Now let's set up-


The three divert their gazes over to the direction of the obnoxiously loud voice. A lone, short figure hovers confidently over the river, level with the height of the hill that the Hakurei are stationed on. A blue-skirted and icicle-winged young girl, accompanied by another green-dressed and worried-looking fairy, stares hard into the sea of red ahead of her.

Yuuji: Heh…So you must be the one they call Cirno, huh?

Cirno: Yup, dat's rite! Eye'm Saruno, and ya gotta be dat newcomer everyone's talkin' bout, rite?

Yuuji: Yeah, I'm that guy. I'm afraid I'll have to ask this question just once before we shed our first blood…Would you like to resolve this conflict peacefully? We are invading in the name of our own national interests, and to minimalize the amount of suffering we wish to bring you, we ask you to surrender peacefully. We will ensure that nothing happens to you or your people if you choose to do so.

Cirno: Heh…dun make me laff. Ya humans lie, always lie! Ya say dat nothing'll happin ta us, but ya come bargin' in liek it's nothin'! So ya no wat? F*CK YA, AND COME GIT SOME!

Cirno flips him off while sticking her tongue out.

Daiyousei: Ehhhhh, Cirno-chan, don't do that, that's not nice…

Cirno: Ahhh, waddya care, Dai-chan! Dey're our enemy, and ur bein nice to our enemy?

Yuuji: Well. Now that our initial offer of peaceful takeover is now repulsed….Reimu-san, Genji-san. Get the troops ready to charge. Follow the battle plans that I have laid out for you.

Reimu: Are you sure this will work? I'm telling you, I've never seen this kind of strategy before. None of us are sure if it even works.

Yuuji: Well, if none of us know, why not test it out on an enemy that supposedly isn't too strong? Better here than later against a much stronger army. Just follow it – if anything happens, I will assume all responsibility.

Genji: Ha.

Genji turns away to rally Yuuji's unit.

Reimu: …this better work. Otherwise I may remove you from your position of Chief of Staff – there are plenty of other qualified fellows in our military who should have gotten your title, but out of-

Yuuji: -gratitude you let me have it, yes, I understand that. I don't mean to be rude, your Majesty, but what part of "I will take all responsibility" did you not understand?

Reimu: -!

Reimu, her gaze still locked with narrowed eyes and pursed lips, slowly heads back to her unit. Once all the commanders are in place, Yuuji taps his pressure point next to his right eye.

Yuuji: Plan will proceed as described. It does not matter that the two fairies are there, since they'll come after me anyway. Keep your cool, and we'll get this shit done.

All the commanders in the Hakurei forces in the vicinity nod, whether Yuuji can see their response or not.

Yuuji: Then we'll get started.

The Chief off Staff turns around.

Yuuji: Gentlemen – let's see what your training has done to all of you. So follow me…DO – YOU – LET – A – HUMAN – STOP – YOU?

Troops: NO, SIR!

Yuuji: DO – YOU – LET – A – FAIRY – STOP – YOU?

Troops: NO, SIR!

Yuuji: DO – YOU – LET – A – YOUKAI – STOP – YOU?

Troops: NO, SIR!


Troops: NO, SIR!


Troops: NO, SIR!


Troops: NO, SIR!

The commander turns around, facing the enemy.



Yuuji: WHAT IS IT?




Yuuji: Then, boys…

The young man thrusts out his arms to his sides, palms outstretched, and static and electricity sparkles and crack into existence. Mysterious magenta lines criss-cross the air around his hands, scribbling into formation the shapes of scimitar-shaped blades. Then, the magenta lines disappear, and a white-tipped blade with a black handle on his right and a black-tipped blade with a red hilt on his left materialize into his palms, which grip them tightly.

Yuuji: …let's f*cking do this. See you out there – good hunting.

And the boy takes off.

Daiyousei: E-Eh? Cirno-chan, Cirno-chan! Look, look! It's the newcomer, he's charging straight at us! This is bad, he's not following what we thought he'd do!

Cirno: Bah, who cares? We can improvize a lil, no biggie. Awright, fairies, LET'S SHOW EM WAT WE GOT!

The fairies emerge from the forest on the far side of the river like a swarm of bees divided into clusters like units. Four of those units gather down at ground level to intercept Yuuji.

Daiyousei: But…look at him run…is he really human?

Sawatari Yuuji, alone, sprints at nearly thirty miles an hour, descending the grassy slope, his arms and blades trailing behind him. The downhill acceleration forces his speed up to nearly 35, and he continues to charge into the middle of the fairy army, the ends of which are rapidly forming a circle around Yuuji. 4 miles…3 and a half…3…the distance gets noticeably shorter by the second, but yet, even as all this is happening, no Hakurei soldier has moved an inch.

Cirno: Hahaha! All dem idiots in red're too scairt ta do anythin' to help their leader! But eye no MY fairies won't do dat!

Daiyousei: …

Once Yuuji is in range…

Fairy Commander: Okay, he's within range! EVERYONE, FIREEE!

The fairies, in a slight crescent formation facing the incoming attacker, pulsate with light energy and, forming Oriental runes, fire off a massive volley that completely engulfs the figure charging at them and disappears in the sheer brightness of the blast.

Cirno: Hah, that oughta do 'im in! Stupid! Eye didn't even hafta do anythin' to him, now we just gotta-

Daiyousei: No, Cirno-chan! You're wrong, he's still going!

Cirno: W-wat?

They look down at the field below them. Sure enough, Sawatari Yuuji is still running, completely unscathed, as if he had completely ignored the attack.

Fairy Commander: Quick! Another volley! Keep firing at him!

Continuously sending pulses of light energy downrange, the fairies are reinforced by nearby fairy units. But fairy magic is not intended to be used for an extended period of time, especially not for a magic energy-intensive maneuver like what they are doing. Some of the fairies collapse, and the attacks become sharply weaker. But by that point, it does not matter. Yuuji is now only a few hundred meters away from the middle ranks.

Daiyousei: Q-quick, everyone! Stop using magic energy and engage in close combat! Maybe just normal weapons will do the trick! Cirno-chan, we have to help our friends down there!

Cirno: Ughhhh…Eye dun feel liek it…but eye guess eye gotta. Let's go!

Yuuji: Nice, I've got their attention. Hakurei forces, standby for two minutes, then charge. In the meantime, let's get the blood rolling.

A squad of fairies armed with anti-cavalry lances attempts to block his charge from above, swooping down on him and aiming for a headshot.


As soon as the first fairy comes to attack, Yuuji suddenly kicks the ground hard with his right leg, soaring up towards the lance pointed at him. In surprise, the fairy falters and fumbles, and the spear point changes direction, allowing Yuuji to slip past. With two fluid cross-cuts with his blades, Yuuji continues upwards, leaving his first victim falling to the ground below amidst two splatters of blood, disembodied wings, and broken bits of lance. As he hangs in the air, five fairies with similar arms surround him and charge. Just before they can close in on him, Yuuji flips his feet upwards to the sky. A small magenta rune etches the air at the bottom of his sole, and he launches off the rune in time to allow the fairies to crash into each other, all dead from headshots by each others' hands. Yuuji lands feet first on the ground, and an entire squad of fairies promptly surrounds him.

Yuuji: Oh, this'll be good. Then let's switch to the big guns now, shall we?

Cirno and Daiyousei land in front of him.

Cirno: Heh! U did gud ta git all da way here! Now ya get ta face ME, the STRONGEST!

Yuuji: I'm honored. Then show me what you can do.

Cirno: Do ya even need ta ask? Take this –

Cirno raises her arms upwards, and blue spheres of pale light materialize in a hexagonal formation around her figure. Yuuji holds his blades in an X shape in front of him, bracing.


A flurry of sharp four-inch icicles shoot out like bullets from a machine gun from each blue portal in all directions towards Yuuji. Except…

Yuuji: …what.

….they all miss. Instead, they hit the fairies behind him.

Cirno: HAH! See mah power? Dat's wat eye can do! ARE YA SCAIRT NOW?

Yuuji: …

Yuuji puts his blades on his back, over his shoulders.

Cirno: Hey! Are ya listenin'? Wait, wat're ya doin'?

Yuuji raises his left arm above his head.

Yuuji: It seems I don't need to use my soldiers for you just yet. None of you are leaving this place unscathed.

And with that, he snaps his fingers. Instantly, from his snapping fingers, a flash of faint red energy expands rapidly, engulfing about 80% of the fairy army.

Yuuji: All Hakurei forces – deal with the rest of the troops outside the barrier. I'll take care of these ones myself. You are all cleared to engage. Good hunting.

Promptly, a mighty roar thunders the area as the galloping of humans and cavalry rolls down the slopes with the sea of Hakurei red.

Daiyousei: C-C-Cirno-chan, l-look! They're starting to attack! We need to get out of here-

Fairy: It's no use! This is a barrier, we can't get out!

Cirno: W-wat! Wait, why not?

Fairy: I….I don't know…we…just…can't get out of this!

The cage-like web barrier that Yuuji has constructed has trapped the vast majority of the fairy army inside, and there are four inner hemispheres that occupy the interior of the largest barrier. All the fairies nearest to the barriers are trying to force their way out, but seeing that these barriers are not budging…

Yuuji: I believe I've already mentioned that no one is leaving here without a few scratches at least, right? These barriers I've put up around us are meant to contain youkai, many thousands of times stronger than most of your kind. So if you want a chance to get out of here, I suggest not wasting your time trying to bust the barriers down and instead concentrate on taking me out.

Cirno: Grrr…then, fine, HOW'S DIS? [FREEZE SIGN]: PERFECT FREEZE!

Yuuji: Rgh!

Cirno throws her arms in front of her, palms facing her opponent. A giant blast of wind is propelled from behind the fairy, materializing into visible, sky-blue gusts of ice that dart towards Yuuji. The man throws his body to his right, rolling over his right shoulder to regain his balance as the attack crashes into pieces in the barrier behind him.

Yuuji: That last attack…she's got no accuracy, but the range on it made it so that accuracy doesn't matter at this distance. Dodging it normally won't be easy, huh…

Cirno: Ha! Dun tell me ur done yet, cuz eye ain't! Take some moarrr!

Yuuji: …but then again, who said I had to dodge these things?

As the next attack shoots toward Yuuji, he places his grips on the handles of his blades on his back. Just before the Freeze cloud makes physical contact with its target, two flashes of metal pass through the cloud, and Yuuji, blades drawn and out towards his sides, stands as Cirno's attack crashes once again into the barrier behind, this time in four pieces.

Yuuji: Please tell me that this isn't all that you've got. Because if it is, not only are you screwed, but the rest of your friends out there are.

As Yuuji speaks, the Hakurei forces engage the fairies who are not trapped in Yuuji's barrier dome. It is not even a fair fight – fairies are falling left and right, whereas not even one Hakurei soldier wavers in the brawl. Almost as if adding insult to injury, diviner units, led by Hakurei Reimu, barrage the battlefield with danmaku and shikigami, raining hell on what is left of the fairy opposition.

Cirno: Grrrrrrr! Why u lil…!

Daiyousei: We have to do s-something, Cirno-chan, everyone's just dying out there!

Cirno: Uhhhhhhhh…okay! Everyone charge at 'im altogetha! On 3…3, 2, 1, GOOOO!

All the fairies inside the centermost bubble bum-rush the lone Hakurei commander.

Yuuji: Oh man…this's gonna cost me a hit or two…

Yuuji puts his right foot back a meter behind him, exposing only his left side of his body to the incoming onslaught of nearly 250 heavily armed fairies, including the two commanding fairies, Cirno and Daiyousei. Gripping his blades tightly and closing his eyes, the young man in black breathes in deeply once, and exhales. Once he opens them again, the blood starts to fly.

Meanwhile, outside the soundproofed barriers, Hakurei forces are cleaning up house along the river. The remnants of the fairy army have scattered into the forest beyond the river, and foreword Hakurei squads are installing shikigami perimeters at designated locations along the river for security. The remaining forces are allocated for defense, temporary base construction, and other chores. A handful of regiments surrounds the barriers cast by the Chief of Staff, waiting for the signal.

Genji: Hime-sama, we have confirmed the lockdown of the surrounding area. The diviners have not detected any non-human entity in a three-mile radius.

Reimu: Okay, good work.

Genji: May Sawatari-san still be inside this barrier?

Reimu: Yes….but who would have thought that Sawatari Yuuji was also an energy user like us…

Genji: But I believed that was to be no surprise. He was the man who defeated Inukai, the strongest youkai that was devastating our land for the three decades past.

Reimu: Although that may be true…

The queen of the Hakurei squints her eyes at the massive magenta barriers, the largest being a whole mile in diameter. She can only barely make out blurry figures inside.

Reimu: …these barriers are far more advanced than even my own. In fact, I do not even recognize their activation spells, nor their magical makeup. It's…it's almost as if he is using an entirely different kind of magic…but somehow, somehow it feels familiar…

A crackle of static washes over the ears of Genji and Reimu. They both immediately hold their right hands up next to their right eyes.

Yuuji: Haaaa…d*mn, that was rough. I'm deconstructing the outermost barrier now. Prepare for cleanup duty. Tell me when you're ready.

Reimu: Roger that. But are you fine in there? What have you been putting yourself into? You just-

Yuuji: Now's not the time for chit-chat, Reimu-san! Uggh, this blue one…is quite insistent, isn't she…

Reimu: Sawatari-san! What's going on in there?

Yuuji: Never mind me, Queen! Get the troops ready to deal with the fairies I've trapped on the outermost barrier! It'll go down in two minutes!

Reimu promptly feels the light pressure resting against the side of her forehead vanish.

Genji: We should do as he says. I will notify the troops.

Reimu: …

Reimu watches as her lieutenant gallops off.

Reimu: Aren't you a little too trusting of this man…Genji…?

Can you imagine the battlefield? The war between Hakurei and Team 9 is now under way.

And in case you are wondering where Rumia, Mystia, and Wriggle are, I planned it so that those three are technically part of T9 as commanders, but if my story were an actual game modeled off of Sengoku Rance's mechanics, they are non-capturable commanders. You will see why once this war comes to a close.

I don't think I've said this before, but thank you for reading!

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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I don't think I've said this before, but thank you for reading!



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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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In case you have noticed, I often write out the onomatopoeia in the actual dialogue itself. Other times, I simply write "cough, cough" to signify that someone, well, is coughing or wheezing.

I will let you know of anything else I notice as I constantly proofread my work.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

We're Into The Hornets' Nest

Five hours later, the last innermost dome barrier still stands. All the fairies inside the trap network set up by the Hakurei Chief of Staff have been killed, and their corpses are strewn across the bloodied plain next to the river, fallen where they were initially struck down. Yet, all Hakurei soldiers still stand, with nothing more than a few deep scratches.

Yuuji: Alright…huuu…last barrier is going down now.

The last magenta shield dissolves from top down, revealing the survivors. Sawatari Yuuji, Daiyousei, and Cirno are the only ones still standing, but only just.

Reimu: Sawatari-san!

It is as though the Chief of Staff has forced himself through some sort of malfunctioning meat grinder. So much blood is splattered all over his body that no one is sure if he is injured or not. Cirno and Daiyousei, the last two fairies still left, are, for their part, visibly injured, and Daiyousei is about to collapse.

Yuuji: Well…now that I've spent way too much time playing with you guys, it's time to end this. Sorry for doing this, Cirno, and you there, whom Cirno calls Daiyousei or something.

And Yuuji bends his head down and charges, left hand drawn back.

Cirno: Rrrrrrrgggghhhhh!

Cirno tries to cast a shield of ice in front of her, but she has expended too much energy. The feeble wall of ice shatters on its own accord almost immediately, and the left hand of death is thrus-


A small but explosive flash of light throws Yuuji back, and everyone witnessing the fight is blinded for a good few minutes. After Reimu and Genji recover from the flash of light, they both rush over to the Chief of Staff.

Reimu: Sawatari-san! Are you hurt anywhere? Where did Cirno and her friend go!

Yuuji: Hurt? Hm…I think I may have a slash on my back, but that's about it…and as for the two fairies, they escaped. I think I managed to see Daiyousei get in between me and Cirno right before I thrust my left hand through her head and let off that flashbang. I believe they're retreating further into the forest.

Genji: Shall we give chase, sire?

Yuuji: No, don't. It's too risky sending what we have right now into a forest we know nothing about. Too easy to get ambushed in there, even if we crushed them without a doubt. They're too well reinforced in their home turf. For the time being, just consolidate our victory and utilize this river as much as we can.

Genji: Ha. Then if you will excuse me…

Reimu and Yuuji watch their lieutenant gallop off once again on a borrowed steed to direct the base operations.

Reimu: What happened, Sawatari-san, inside your barriers? It is good that your strategy worked in the end, but you estimated that you would be fighting the majority of the enemy army by yourself…

Yuuji: Well…before we launched our campaign, I researched the fairies' behavior in the royal archives. Apparently fairies tend to focus on one target or entity at a time, so I was gambling that the fairies, if I charged first, would all try to attack me first, and with my natural importance as Chief of Staff, there was an extremely low chance that they wouldn't and just go straight for our army, but thankfully that didn't happen. Once I got their attention, I had them group around me, and then I cast that barrier so that the rest of you guys only had to deal with 20% of their army at any given time. We were outnumbered 3 to 1, so I knew that I had to do something to rout the fairies. The barriers, though, required much of my concentration, so I couldn't fight the fairies that I trapped myself with as I would have liked. And I would have also liked to kill or at least capture the two fairies that were left, the ones who are called Saruno and Daiyousei or whatever.

Reimu: It's Cirno.

Yuuji: Whatever. But they're still pretty high up on our priority list of commanders to capture if we can against T9, since they're two of the strongest fairies who can potentially do some serious damage against us. Anyways, let's call it a day and a victory. We've still got work to do.

Reimu: But…but what about your wounds?

Yuuji: Eh? What wounds?

After a few weeks, the Hakurei forces have mapped the giant forest of T9 and have penetrated into T9 territory, claiming roughly half of the land during that time. The fairies and youkai defending their land have been pushed back to the lake and the northern sector of T9, and at the rate at which the invaders are spreading, Hakurei tacticians estimate that T9 will not last another two weeks.

Deep in the heart of the T9 forest, Hakurei Reimu's elite guard and a few supporting Hakurei squads are skirmishing with hit-and-run fairy and youkai specialists that have been slowing the advance of the Hakurei since their arrival into the forest.

Reimu: Eh? My communications talisman – who could it be at this moment in time!

Hakurei Reimu draws back from the battle, taking cover behind a massive tree. She draws a vibrating slip of shikigami paper and holds it up to her ear.

Reimu: Marisa, this better be good, I'm in the middle of a fight here!

Marisa: Ah, are ya now? Sorry ta botha ya, but I've got the weekly national report for ya-

Crushing the glowing paper, Reimu, grinding her teeth, tosses it aside and jumps back into the fight.

Yuuji: Whoa, careful there, Reimu-san, you could've gotten hit! Who called?

Reimu: Ah, just that annoying Marisa again. Jeez, she can't read the atmosphere for anything….

Yuuji: Hup!

Yuuji swipes away an arrow of light from hitting Reimu with the bare side on the back of his right hand.

Yuuji: Anyways, we've confirmed the presence of two of the main fairy leaders in this battle with us, Cirno and Daiyousei. I hereby ask for permission to advance and attempt to capture them both to see if we can get the fairies to surrender to us without any more fighting.

Reimu: If they're here, I'll allow their captures.

Yuuji: Alright. All units, your secondary objective is to capture the fairies Cirno and Daiyousei! Whichever unit is able to do so will be rewarded accordingly, so let's get out there and get them!

The fairies are once again routed in this battle, but two fairies still remain.

Cirno: Heeeey, You-jee or wateva ur name was, we still got a score ta settle!

Daiyousei: No, Cirno-chan, we can't fight them by ourselves! Everyone else is pulling back! Cirno-chan!

Despite Daiyousei's pleading, Cirno charges straight at the Hakurei troops where Yuuji is leading them.

Yuuji: Stand back, boys, I'll get her. Reimu-san, now!

Reimu: On it!

Reimu, suddenly appearing a good fifty meters above in the canopy of the forest, extends her right arm in front of her. Out of her right palm shoots out a small, microscopic danmaku that smacks right into Cirno's forehead, knocking her backwards while still sailing towards Yuuji. She somersaults once before Yuuji lands a solid underhand punch on her solar plexus and a follow-up uppercut in the same fluid motion. The blue fairy crumples hard on the dirt floor of the forest, the thud resounding throughout the forest.

Yuuji: I see that you're still struggling. I'm sorry, but because you're going to give us a hard time if we capture you alive, I'm going to have to kill you once.

Cirno: G-Guh...!

The Chief of Staff takes a step back, forms an L with his left index finger and thumb, and points it at his target.

Yuuji: This is going to hurt for you, so I apologize ahead of time. See you in a bit.

Cirno: Rrrrrrghhhhhhhhh-!

The tip of Yuuji's left finger glows light. Once the center of this light reaches a pure white, the mass of energy discharges.

The flashbang effect and the loud, log-splitting report echo throughout the scarred forest.

Cirno: …w…wa…

Yuuji: …

Reimu: W…what! Where did she…

Daiyousei, the green fairy and friend of Cirno, is standing in front of Cirno, who sports a bloody slash across her left cheek. It is bleeding quite badly, but nothing compared to what Cirno sees in front of her.

Cirno: ….d…da…Dai…ch…chan…

The entire left half of Daiyousei's body is charred black, and her left arm is missing, a jagged and horribly shredded stump bleeding where the arm should be. Having one's body bitten and chewed off by a big alligator would have seemed preferable to those beholding the disfigured fairy.

Daiyousei: k…kofff…

What is left of Daiyousei coughs out the last of the blood.

Daiyousei: …..p…ple…ase…ta…ke m…me…instead…

The legs buckle at the knees, and Daiyousei falls forward. Yuuji catches her before her bloodied heap of muscle and bone slap the dirt. Reimu appears next to Yuuji as he does.

Reimu: Oh my god…what did you do to her, Sawatari-san?

Yuuji: …

Yuuji gently lifts the body of Daiyousei, right arm straddling her shoulders, left arm supporting her legs underneath her knees.

Yuuji: This attack was meant for Cirno. You took it for her instead, didn't you…

He turns to Reimu.

Yuuji: My attack was meant to make a clean headshot on Cirno, like a projectile. But Daiyousei stood right in the middle of its discharge, where my energy first expands before compressing itself into a small bullet. She took the brunt of the raw energy before it had a chance to refine itself – I'm not sure if she'll get away with this now.

Yuuji turns again, this time walking back to the Hakurei soldiers waiting on them a ways away.

Reimu: Huh? H-Hey, what about Cirno?

Yuuji: What about her?

Reimu: Aren't…we were supposed to also capture Cirno, right?

Yuuji stops. Just as he opens his mouth to speak-


The sky shatters, and the forest crumples under the incoming wrath of winter. Cirno's scream, in the form of a sonic shockwave, propels everyone around her backwards at least a few meters. Cirno, meanwhile, is still screaming, and as she does, the whole world rapidly turns all the hues of white and blue in existence.

Yuuji: Shit! All Hakurei forces in the forest in the eastern sector, evacuate now! I repeat, all Hakurei soldiers and military personnel in the T9 forest near the Lake, evacuate the forest now! That goes for all of you here, as well! If you value your lives, retreat! Your Queen and I will handle this!

The soldiers, instantly recognizing the imminent danger and realizing that they have no place in what is about to happen, abide immediately and quickly vacate the vicinity. Diviner and cavalry troops disperse into the forest to facilitate the speedy evacuation of their lesser mobile foot soldier comrades.

Yuuji: Reimu-san, stand behind me!

Reimu: What's going on, Sawatari-san! Why is this entire place turning into ice!

Yuuji: It should be obvious by now, but it's Cirno's doing. She's obviously f*cking pissed off, but her rage is ironically turning this entire forest into magical ice!

True to his words, everything – trees, plants, even the sky and the ground – freezes. As if they are watching a movie on cave formation on fast forward, Yuuji and Reimu witness the carnation of winter engulfs everything. At the epicenter of the blizzard, with snow and ice shards creating a tornado-like vortex around its creator, Cirno slowly gets to her feet, wiping the side of her mouth of blood.


Yuuji: And what if I refuse?

Cirno's hands clench.


The strongest fairy of T9 raises her right arm to shoulder level, and ice starts to gather around it.

Yuuji: Oh crap. Reimu, it's high time we got out of here.

Reimu: Then why didn't we do that before?

Yuuji: To give our boys some time to get the hell out. Now that they've got plenty of time, let's move – NOW!

Reimu and Yuuji hop away from where they are standing, just barely dodging the sudden, spontaneous blooming of icicle spikes blossoming from the frozen earth.

Yuuji: Reimu-san! I'm going to hop the trees until we get out! You fly out and alert all the forces to get the hell out of this forest as fast as possible!

Reimu: Are you sure you're going to be fine?

Yuuji: No guarantees! See you hopefully in a few hours!

Reimu: Wait! Where-

But before she can finish her sentence, a barrage of icicles forces her attention away.

Reimu: Arrrghh! That guy, always doing what he wants! Fine, if he dies trying to get out, that's his own stupid problem!

And with that, she soars out of the canopy and flies toward the original river where they first started their campaign.

Meanwhile, back at the Chief of Staff's end, Yuuji is leaping from tree branch to tree branch. He is able to do this since the main branches of all the trees in the forest of T9 are large enough to support the weight of a thousand men and are wide enough to fit 4 tatami mats on their lengths.

Yuuji: Man…this kinda sucks, actually.

He is carrying a lifeless 100 pound load in his arms while leaping from branch to branch as fast as he can to avoid the wall of ice swarming in on him from all directions. Looking around, he estimates that if he slips even one step, he can consider himself royally screwed.

Yuuji: I've read in the archives that there was once a youkai who controlled the powers of winter and taught a fairy her powers. Now, I know Cirno here isn't a youkai, but a fairy…

The man takes one good look behind him but turning away again to concentrate on his escape. A small shadow that regularly screams "GIVE HER BACK!" is pursuing him in the hellstorm of a blizzard.

Yuuji: …but now I'm starting to have some serious doubts as to what exactly she is. That's not within fairy powers for her to do something like that. It's recorded that Cirno is indeed one of the strongest, if not the strongest, fairy of her kind at this present moment in time, but nothing stated that she was capable of something of this magnitude-!

Ice bullets dart out, barely missing their intended target but only just. Yuuji's cloths are being tattered and ripped by the close encounters.

Yuuji: Gotta get outta here fast. I'm not gonna last much longer. Especially with this girl weighing me down…gotta do it, then!

Yuuji takes a deep breath and clenches his teeth. On his next jump, Yuuji soars higher into the air than usual. But he doesn't land on another branch – instead, he lands and starts running on an unceasingly lengthening magenta boardwalk in the air.

Yuuji: Much better.

Concentrating all his focus into his legs and feet, the Chief of Staff grasps his package more tightly, stoops his head low, down to navel level, and begins to accelerate hard. In a matter of minutes, he widens the gap between him and the wall of ice to a steadily increasing 50 meters….100….150….200….until he is a good half mile ahead. By this point, he can see the end of the forest.

Yuuji: Callsign Warlord to all Hakurei forces evacuated outside the T9 premises! I am now exiting the forest, ETA two minutes! Stay alert!

A crackle of static washes over Yuuji.

Reimu: Sawatari-san? Where are you! The ice is everywhere from where I'm at, it's covering nearly the entire forest!

Yuuji: Look about a half mile ahead of the ice wave to the south, and you should see me. Meet me down there, across the riverbank!

In the due two minutes, Yuuji erupts from the forest with a mighty leap and lands hard on the Hakurei side of the river, skidding against the ground to brake his momentum. On cue, Hakurei Reimu lands next to him.

Yuuji: Hold Daiyousei, Reimu. She's bloody, I know, but just hold her for now.

Reimu kneels and leans Daiyousei's crumpled body against her, wiping her mouth with a handkerchief. Yuuji faces the steadily growing wall of ice that will soon catch up.

Reimu: What are we going to do against that? It'll destroy everything, we don't stand a chance against something like that…in fact, it might even be too late to have all our forces here retreat…

Yuuji: Don't worry about it. I got something for little Cirno here.

Reimu: And that is?

Yuuji: The same old trick…but with a modification…you'll see it.

Yuuji pushes up his left sleeve up to his shoulder. He makes the same L with his index finger and thumb, and as the tidal wave of frozen water cascades over the forest canopy, he slowly raises it, pointing it at a target that cannot even be seen, for she is obscured within the eye of the storm. He shuts his eyes.

Reimu: Do you even see where she is?

Yuuji: …yes in fact, I can see her clearly. Cirno's glowing like a firefly in the night air, with all that rage seeping out of her.

Reimu: …to be able to sense even emotion from this distance…who…no, what exactly are you?

Yuuji: Nothing much. Just someone needs to know where the hell he is. In other news, she's within range.

With his last words, a magenta circle etches itself around Cirno's body that is only visible to everyone but the target. Two lines, one vertical and the other horizontal, divide the circle into quarters and jut out a little ways outside the circle, creating a giant crosshair with the center over Cirno.


An extremely loud splitting of the air is emitted from the tip of Yuuji's left index finger as both the report and recoil of the shot throws his left arm straight upwards. Almost instantaneously, the blizzard halts. It is an eerie sight to behold, the sky divided in half by a clear blue sky and a muddy white blanket.

Reimu: …what just happened? Why did it stop?

Marisa: Dat fairy ain't here anymore. She's been pushed back.

Yuuji: Yep. I've sent her flying all the way back to the lake, so we've bought ourselves some time.

Reimu: But how do you know?

Yuuji: I just do. I know the extent of my own powers, don't I?

Marisa: Danmaku is power, ze!

Yuuji: Hell yeah! We're on the same page now, aren't we?

They fistbump.

Reimu: Aaahhhh…what.

Yuuji: Anyways. We'll re-establish our forward base here again on this riverbank. That blizzard is going to be a killer of a job to push back into it. In the meantime, Reimu-san, I'm going to go back to S.S.H. with Marisa-san here with our prisoner. We're gonna patch her up and see if we can get some kind of information out of her…if she's fine after all this, that is.

Reimu: Okay. I'll station most of our troops here to watch the condition of the blizzard here, since I don't trust it staying like it is right now all the time.

Marisa: Good point. But who'll be in charge here agin?

Reimu: My lieutenant Genji will be the commanding officer for now while we're gone.

Yuuji: Good, that man is very capable. Let's hurry back now, Daiyousei's not going to revive by herself like this anytime soon. Marisa, lend me a seat on your broom, since I've spent a little too much energy than I wanted to today.

Marisa: Alrighty! Hop on, we'll get back ta S.S.H. in no time! Reimu, we'll see ya back home!

They take off into the dipping sun.


Terror of Ice |

That concludes the fifth chapter of this rapidly enlarging chronicle, hope you are all enjoying this thus far!

A few more notes that I want to elaborate on from a writer's point of view. The italics that are used for dialogue on occasion are meant to signify unspoken thoughts, or simply people talking to themselves without saying their thoughts aloud.

Here, in my "game development" of sorts, when you invade T9, you may only capture Daiyousei, one of T9's vital commanders. This event dialogue in which Cirno goes berserk is only initiated when you first capture Daiyousei in an army battle. I wrote this event to detail how exactly Daiyousei becomes captured by Hakurei.

Another thing to note: Cirno, once Daiyousei is captured, will turn EX-mode, and her battle performance, both solo and army, will exponentially increase. I also intend for the game AI on Cirno to become far more intelligent than it would if Cirno wasn't EX. Hopefully those of you who have played Sengoku Rance before will understand what mean…if not, just know that Cirno is now one of the most powerful commanders in the game. There is a reason why I put her maximum level cap at 999, and it's not because she's a nineball.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu
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Some of the chapters during the transferring process are suffering format errors as I move them here. And it pisses me off, especially after a not-so-good day.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
Those Times When Even Words are Weapons, You Must Find Them.

Daiyousei: …unnnnnnghhh…

The fairy stirs in her sleep and opens her eyes, slowly, tiredly. She wants to go back to sleep but cannot, for an incessantly sharp stinging attacks her left shoulder and keeps her awake.

Daiyousei: ….where…is this…?

She sits up slowly from the comfortably warm futon and rubs her eyes with her right hand.

Daiyousei: !

Just noticing her seemingly fine left arm, Daiyousei grasps it slowly, as if not able to believe that it is there.

Daiyousei: That's right…I…took a shot for Cirno-chan…it seems I'm fine now, though…but I'm…still tired. Regeneration was…huuu…was always a pain, but this time it…was a lot more…ack.

The captured fairy winces at her left shoulder. She can feel that her injuries are still healing, but at least her left arm is fully functional again. As she flexes her left arm to regain her control over it again, a quiet knocking sounds thrice at the door to her right.

Daiyousei: A-ah! Uh…um…yes, c-come i-in!

The door opens with a light creaking, and Sawatari Yuuji enters with Kirisame Marisa and Hakurei Reimu. Marisa closes the door softly behind her once everyone is in. Daiyousei instinctively draws the bedsheet to her chest as they approach.

Yuuji: Hello, Daiyousei-san. Is it alright if I call you that? I think that's what you were called.

Daiyousei: Ah! Um…uh…y-yes, that's…that's fine…though, you can just call me Daiyousei…

Yuuji: Daiyousei it is then. You two, take the chairs over there, I'll sit on the floor. Lights…

Yuuji snaps his fingers lightly, and lamps on both lengths of the room light up dimly. Reimu and Marisa carry their chairs over and place them on both sides of the futon, so that the three Hakurei commanders are forming a half-circle around their captive.

Daiyousei: …um…where…could you, uh…t-tell me where I…I am?

Yuuji: You are currently in the capital of Hakurei, Saitama Saishuu Heiki, in my study within the royal palace. Now for introductions – my name is Sawatari Yuuji, call me whatever you like since I don't really give a d*mn what you call me. As you know, I'm the newly installed Chief of Staff here of the Hakurei military. On my right here is Kirisame Marisa, friend, advisor and fellow commander of Hakurei and best friend of Hakurei Reimu here on my left, who, as you probably know, is the Queen of Hakurei.

Daiyousei: Oh…I…I see…so then, I…uh…must be your, um…prisoner, then.

Yuuji: Yes, regrettably so. In order to fulfill my mission goal, I had to take a vital prisoner, and it would have been Cirno, but I'm sure you remember what happened.

Daiyousei: !

The incident flashes through her eyes. The exertion that she had put into herself to reach Cirno in time…the flash…the pain…the dizziness…the nausea…someone catching her before she hit the ground-

Yuuji: You're shaking, Daiyousei. And don't grip that left arm of yours so hard, you need to let it heal completely first.

Daiyousei: E-e-eh? Oh…I'm sorry…

She lets go of her left arm, which is convulsing.

Marisa: Chief here spent nearly da entire day yestaday fixin' ya up. Don't go a-wastin' his efforts, now.

Daiyousei: O-oh…but…how long…was I asleep for…?

Reimu: Just two days. You're a fairy, after all; you regenerate quickly, unlike humans.

Daiyousei: Well…t-that…is true…

Yuuji: I'd like to ask that you don't be so nervous around us. We're not here to do anything else to you – your sacrifice for your best friend was painful enough. We're here just to ask a few questions that you don't have to answer if you don't want to and to inform you of something urgent. But we'll start with the questions. Will you answer them for us?

Daiyousei: …um…well…it…it would depend…on what kind of questions…they are, right…?

Yuuji: True. So use your own discretion – like I said, you can answer them or just say "I don't want to answer" or something like that.

Daiyousei: O…o…okay…

Yuuji: This first question is about your friend Cirno. Tell us more about her, specifically her position among you fairies over at T9. The archives here only give us so much information on you fairies – they only give us your general information, but records don't show everything.

Daiyousei: …o…okay…but…but…I don't…I don't know where to, uh, begin with…with that…

Yuuji: Start with her role. Like, we think that she's your main leader, like Hakurei Reimu-san here is our leader. Is Cirno like that as well?

Daiyousei: Um….well….yes. Yes, you can think…of it that way.

Yuuji: Is there any particular reason why you consider Cirno to be your leader?

Daiyousei: …Yes…because…you know how, uh…she keeps saying, "I'm the strongest" or…or something like that…right?

The Hakurei commanders nod.

Daiyousei: That's…that's because…she, uh, really is…the strongest of all of us…um…

Yuuji: Here. This'll help you relax.

The Chief of Staff reaches over and lightly taps her forehead with his right index and middle fingers. Immediately, Daiyousei's stiff and rigid body loosens up, and she begins breathing more normally.

Daiyousei: Thank you…I'm really nervous right now, hehe. I'm sorry…

Reimu: It's okay. Just continue for now.

Daiyousei: Okay. Um…where to begin…about thirty years ago, we had a mass congregation of all the fairies and youkai in the T9 region. We don't know who organized this event or why, but word got around that this sort of "convention" was there to see who the strongest fairy or youkai was. And out of that, the five strongest were recognized as the strongest, with Cirno being the strongest – Cirno, me, and three other youkai named Rumia, Wriggle Nightbug, and Mystia Lorelei. We were called Team 9 – why, I was never told – and together, we formed a distinct region, much like a country like yours but not quite, that we simply called T9.

Marisa: So dat's how dat Cirno gal first got ta power.

Yuuji: Seems so. Okay, thanks for your anwer. So we now know Cirno's sort of, kind of the fairies' main leader, or something like that. On to the next question. This is going to be very personal, Daiyousei, so I don't really expect you to give me an answer, but why did you shield Cirno the time I tried to kill her to capture her?

Daiyousei: !

The captured fairy's countenance darkens, she lowers her gaze, almost as if in shame.

Yuuji: Like I said, don't answer if it's too uncomfortable for you. We're not interrogators, or, at the very least, we're not trying to act as such.

Daiyousei: No…no, I'll tell you.

She raises her head, but still keeps her gaze averted.

Daiyousei: I…um…I took the blow for her to protect her. Because…Cirno…Cirno's my best friend. And I cannot stand seeing her hurt, let alone be killed in my eyes. Even though I know that we fairies cannot be killed, I just don't want her to be hurt…

Yuuji: …that's a very honorable reason, but I feel that you had another reason. Because sacrificing yourself for a friend isn't a reason to be shameful of.

Daiyousei: !

The silence hangs heavy over the four of them. The fairy, finally making up her mind, breaks the silence.

Daiyousei: There…there was another reason…

The fairy clears her shaking voice.

Daiyousei: Cirno…I am also Cirno's best friend. We…we have a mutual friendship, even if it may not seem like it. She also shares my hate of seeing a best friend hurt or killed. And if she does see something like that…

For a few seconds, only the flickering of the oil lamps can be heard.

Yuuji: …she explodes.

Daiyousei …yes…is that…what happened?

Reimu: If you're talking in terms of freezing the entire forest, yes.

Daiyousei: Oh…

Marisa: So dat was what you wanted happen, eh?

Daiyousei slowly nods.

Daiyousei: Is…is…the forest still frozen…?

Yuuji: Yep.

Daiyousei: Oh no…I…I didn't think she would go that far…

Yuuji: So she's done something like this before?

Daiyousei: Y-yes…but only once. And she didn't actually freeze anything, she just made a portion of the forest really cold…

Yuuji: I see. Then it seems like the only way to stop her is to take you back to Cirno.

Daiyousei: Umm…that…that would be the easiest way, yes…but…surely…that…won't happen…?

Reimu: At the rate things are going, that blizzard is so thick that the fairies are having an easy time repelling our pushes into the forest, since fairies and youkai aren't as susceptible to weather conditions as we humans are. Speaking as a military leader, I don't want to give you up as a prisoner, but it looks like it'll have to be done.

Marisa: The gal also thinks yer dead, Dai-chan. All our commanders keep reportin' back ta us dat dey can hear wails echoin' from the forest about how her best friend's gone and dead, or somethin' like dat.

Yuuji: So that's that. I know this is a lot to take in, but we're almost done here. With all this being said, now that you know what we know, I'd like to ask for your cooperation so that we can end this war quickly and not have to bring your friends any more pain and suffering through fighting and war. Once again, you don't have to accept this. But if you help us, we can get you back with Cirno as fast as we can.

Daiyousei: …so she truly believes I am gone…

The fairy, after a few moments of oil-flickering silence, looks up at Yuuji.

Daiyousei: …yes. Yes, I will try to help you. Because when Cirno-chan is like that, she'll slowly kill herself as well – and I don't want to see a friend die because of me. I can show you an alternate route into T9…and where Cirno-chan most likely may be.

Yuuji: Hm, that was quick. You sure about helping us? Because if you give us wrong information on purpose, well…unfortunately, we won't be treating you as nicely as we are now.

Daiyousei: Please trust me. I need to get to Cirno-chan before anything else, otherwise she…she will…she will die…so please, let me help you!

Yuuji: Well, Reimu-san? Your call, you're our supreme commander.

Reimu: If she says she can stop Cirno and this blizzard, then I'm all for it. We will be recognizing her as an official Hakurei commander.

Yuuji: Alright. So there you go, you are now part of our military. Welcome, commander Daiyousei.

The Chief of Staff extends his right hand to the fairy, who timidly returns the favor.

Yuuji: Okay, let's get ready to leave, Reimu-san, Marisa-san. You can leave the chairs where they are, I'll take care of it. One last question, Daiyousei. Would you like anything to eat or drink? It's been a few days for you.

Right on cue, a loud growling of a certain someone's stomach reverberates around in the study. Daiyousei, immediately covering her bowels with her bedsheet from the futon, furiously blushes. Marisa and Reimu chuckle, and Yuuji lets out a sigh.

Yuuji: Oh man, I was right on point. I'll get you something, Daiyousei. Stay under that futon, it's cold out, even here. I'll be right back.

The three file out of the room, and Yuuji softly closes the door behind him.

Daiyousei: …why is that human…so…nice? I don't understand him…weren't humans supposed to be really cocky or something like that…? Could he be different?...

She puts her back down on the futon again and draws the covers over her mouth.

Daiyousei: They keep saying that I'm their prisoner…but I don't even feel like one…and this room isn't even a prison…these humans don't make any sense…

Underneath the covers, seen by only the underside of her bedsheets, a small smile forms over Daiyousei's lips.

Daiyousei: …but I'm thankful it's this way. At least they treated me well…

A few minutes later, another soft rapping on the door, and the entrance produces the Chief of Staff again, this time accompanied only by a platter of broiled cuttlefish, dango, two small hand-mugs of piping hot lemon tea, and a 2-quart kettle of the same lemon tea that soon permeates the room with the relaxing scent of citrus lemon.

Daiyousei: O-oh…thank….thank you…you didn't have to get me so much…

Yuuji: What are you talking about? You didn't even eat or drink anything for three days, of course you need a lot. In fact, I feel bad for not getting you more, but this was all I could steal out of the kitchens, so to speak…

He sits next to Daiyousei's futon and sets the platter down in between them.

Yuuji: Here, eat up. I'll be helping myself to some lemon tea, though, this stuff's good…

Daiyousei: Ah…um…yes, then if you'll excuse me…Itadakimasu.

The fairy puts her hands together in respect of the food and enthusiastically nibbles at a slice of cuttlefish.

Daiyousei: Mmmmmm…it's so good! But how did you know my favorite food was cuttlefish?

Yuuji: The archives here said so. I don't know for what kind of stupid reason they had THAT kind of info there, but it said "Daiyousei: Likes Cuttlefish, prepared in any way." Psh, don't ask me why they had that there, I just figured they were right, and good thing they were!

The young man chugs his first mug of citrus lemon tea. Letting out a sigh of steamy satisfaction, he reaches over for the kettle, pours out another mug, and holds it in front of his face.

Yuuji: Mmm…the tea selections here are amazing. Especially this one…

The two enjoy their small repast for some time in silence.

Daiyousei: …um…

Yuuji: Mm? Yes, what is it?

Daiyousei: I've…uh…been meaning to ask…but…but why…why are you treating me so well? Shouldn't I be in the prison with the rest of your prisoners?

Yuuji: Would you prefer to be there?

Daiyousei: Well, um, uh…I didn't mean it that way…I just…I just wanted to know why I was…an exception, so to speak…

Yuuji drains his fifth mug of good and hot lemon tea and clinks it down on the platter. He leans back, using his arms behind him for support, looks up at the ceiling, and slowly exhales out a breathful of lemon vapor.

Yuuji: You did what most beings – youkai, fairy, human, whatever – say they will do but often never do. You took one for Cirno knowing that you would be seriously injured in some way, so that you would give Cirno a way to beat us. You did what you had to do, you knew what your duty was, you knew where your duty lay. So you, without hesitation, fulfilled it. And I'd have to say you succeeded, because out of it, we were pushed out of T9. Even if I am your enemy, I cannot bring myself to treat you as anything less than who you are for that. Not as enemies, but as fellow living beings, I say that your sacrifice is commendable indeed. Also…

He stretches his back along the ground, resting his head on his hands folded behind the back of his head.

Yuuji: Best friends never deserve to be torn apart like that. I felt it upon my responsibility to ensure that we didn't treat you like some everyday criminal – because you're not. What you are is best kind of friend anyone could ask for. And Cirno knows it too, Daiyousei. That's why you're here, and not rotting away in our usual prison area.

The man shrugs, still lying down on the cool tatami mat floor.

Yuuji: Nonetheless, because you are the main companion of the most important fairy of our enemy, we would have treated you well, regardless of friendship or not.

Saying this, he jumps silently back onto his feet.

Yuuji: I've bothered you enough, you being tired as enough as you are. I'll come back in the morning, you can have my study here for the rest of your stay. If you need anything, just ask for us around here, and we'll come and get you. Oh, and leave the platter outside the door, and one of the attendants around here will clear it away for you. Good night.

Click! goes the door, and the Chief of Staff disappears from the door for the last time tonight.

Daiyousei looks down at her half-eaten slice of cuttlefish.

Daiyousei: …he's only a human…but yet…why…how does he know so much about us…no, about…me…?

Melancholy of Fairy |

What you have just read here is Daiyousei's recruitment event. I made the story so that if you do not recruit Daiyousei, you will not only have an extremely difficult time beating in the rest of T9, but Cirno will become unavailable as a capturable commander, and Daiyousei, too, will suffer the same fate.
Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
For Whom The Ice Melts

Yuuji: Ready to go, everyone?

Reimu: Mhm.

Marisa: Hell yeah!

Daiyousei: Yes.

A few days have passed since Daiyousei's capture. Daiyousei has since fully recuperated, and the four commanders stand outside the eastern board of the forest in T9 with their respective units at the ready behind them.

Yuuji: Well, then, Daiyousei. If you will, please.

Daiyousei: Understood.

The fairy in green steps forward. The four commanders and their units are about a quarter of a mile away from the ice-solid forest, and Daiyousei straightens her back, puts her right hand in front of her, palm away facing the forest, places her left hand on her bosom, and closes her eyes.

Daiyousei: Kami no youseitachi…onegaishimasu.

Immediately, a blue summoning rune etches itself into existence from across the riverbank, matching a correspondingly blue and transient bracelet touching just the fairy's right palm. The bigger rune glows a warmer hue of blue, and the entire face of the forest melts away, revealing another location of the vast, frozen forest.

Daiyousei: She should be here.

Reimu: How sure are you that she will be here? Because, if what we know is true-

Marisa: -then we're stuck in dat ice cube of a forest.

Yuuji: So we need to travel across the river, and step into that portal-looking thing?

Daiyousei: Yes.

Yuuji: And where exactly is that on our map here?

Daiyousei: Let's see…on this map, it should be here, the northernmost region of our forest.

Yuuji: Huh…so this portal system thingy can, upon activation, portal us to any region of the forest?

Daiyousei: That is correct. Elder fairy magic that our ancestors once wielded is many countless times stronger than our own, but the only remnants that we have of it are in the form of these instant-transportation stations that only the stronger of us fairies can access.

Yuuji: I see…interesting. I'd like to learn more about this Elder Fairy magic you speak of, but unfortunately we have neither the time, nor the tea and snacks for it. Alright, boys and girls, we're heading out.

The troops march onwards. In about a half an hour, all the troops have successfully warped through the giant summoning circle on the eastern side of the forest of T9 and are now braving the -10 degree Fahrenheit blizzard that rages with no end in sight. Visibility is limited to a meager five feet ahead, and once the last soldier crosses the border, the rune closes snugly.

Reimu: Hopefully this wasn't the wrong thing to do.

Marisa: Reimu, ya ain't cold, are ya?

Reimu: No, I'm fine. My powers will keep me safe from the cold. You should ask Sawatari-san that…he's wearing the same clothes as he ever does!

Marisa: Well…dat's true…but he looks fine, though. And yer one ta talk, you never do dat either!

Reimu: Well, neither do you!

Yuuji: Okay, Daiyousei. We're through now – where to from here?

Daiyousei: We must move quickly. Now that you are in T9 territory, the fairies will soon learn of your presence here and will attack you, since they know that you have targeted Cirno-chan and are expecting you to try to attack her again. It will only be a twenty minute march from here if we hurry.

Yuuji: Alrighty. Okay, ladies 'n gents, you heard the lady! Let's go!

About ten minutes into the march, Reimu swoops down from a 100-meter height where she was conducting a half-mile reconnaissance to detect enemy movement in their vicinity to her Chief of Staff, who leads the vanguard with Daiyousei close behind.

Reimu: Sawatari-san, I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Yuuji: And how so, my Queen?

Reimu: Don't call me that…anyways, don't you think that the fairy Daiyousei here is being a little too cooperative?

Yuuji: …what do you mean?

Reimu: Well…what I mean is that she's never refused us anything we've asked of her, and it's almost as if she's always been with us in our forces. You sure you haven't brainwashed her or something?

Yuuji: How in the name of flying lemon tea and mutated cuttlefish did you come up with brainwashing?

Reimu: Sigh…forget that part. But I'm about to abort this mission because I just can't trust this fairy.

Yuuji: Then I highly advise you, Reimu-san, to drop you mistrust and replace it with trust.

Reimu: But why?

Yuuji: Daiyousei…that fairy is a kind girl. Have you noticed what she was doing throughout the war, when she still wasn't our captive? She never attacked anybody, she only attacked me because she had to, and it technically was in self-defense. She sacrificed herself so that Cirno wouldn't have to get captured herself. That girl just cannot betray us. She is, in fact, incapable of doing such a thing. I assure you that I say this not because of my overconfidence – rather, I say this because I know how emotions and feelings work in living beings. Daiyousei…she is doing this for her friend, and that's the most important thing she cares about. She wants her best friend Cirno to return to normal, and she's going to do anything to do so.

Reimu: …so I don't have to worry about her, is what you're saying.

Yuuji nods curtly.

Yuuji: Of course, you are still my Queen and leader. You have the last say in everything in the end. But this is my honest opinion about Daiyousei. Whatever happens is of my accord, and I will take responsibility accordingly.

Reimu: …you better.

The Queen of Hakurei flies upwards again to resume her vigil.

Daiyousei: U-um…

Yuuji: Yes, what is it? We're done talking now.

Daiyousei: Y-yes…um…we're here now. We have arrived at the Snow Plains.

As the last words bounce from her lips, the small opening that Yuuji has been seeing for a couple of minutes now suddenly widens as he approaches, and a flash of light, followed by a breathtakingly and stunningly ice-white expanse of snow, broken only by a triumvirate of small rolling hills about three miles from the edge of the forest from which Hakurei forces are now emerging.

Marisa: Huh…ya notice how the blizzard suddenly stopped?

Reimu: Mhm. This can only mean one thing, right…

Marisa: Yep. And dat's dat we're at da eye of da storm.

Daiyousei: …oh…

Yuuji: …it's her.

The four of them look forward to behold what awaits them at the summit of the nearest hill. As the fog clears momentarily, the Hakurei commanders catch a glimpse of what they are about to face. A pair of massive wings made of jagged and misshapen rhombuses of frozen water eerily wave slowly, at a snail's pace, with the gentle winter zephyr that is in no way indicative of the real weather outside. These wings are large enough to span five of the larger trees in the forest. And at its origin-

Daiyousei: C…Cirno-chan…!

The shockingly small body from which the icicles stem outwards lifts its head, as if on cue. Slowly turning her towards the general of the green fairy's voice, as if trying to confirm its presence, Cirno deliberately turns, revealing the wrath of winter.

Reimu: …oh no…she's…she's not a fairy anymore, is she?

Daiyousei: I…I don't know…I…I've never seen her…seen her like that ever before…

Yuuji: She's a youkai.

Reimu/Marisa/Daiyousei: Ehh?!

Yuuji: I can't prove it to you…but she's now too powerful to be classified as a fairy. Her rage and her consequent powers stemming from her anger have turned her into a youkai.

Reimu: I've heard of living beings becoming youkai through various circumstances, like a doll in the Sunflower Fields becoming a youkai through centuries of exposure to the poisonous flowers where she resided. But for a transformation to happen so quickly…

Marisa: Oh boy, dis is perfect. I get ta try out my new spell on her. Goodie goodie ~

Yuuji: You okay, Daiyousei? Screw that, what's going on? Why are you so pale?

As true as Yuuji's words, Daiyousei is quaking on her feet, her eyes locked on her best friend, unable to even blink, her pupils contracted as far as they can go.

Daiyousei: No…oh no…what…what have you become…C…C…Cirno-chan…?

Marisa: Wat's she shakin' up a tree for? Dat Cirno fairy or whatever her name is ain't lookin' much different from when we last saw her. 'Cept fer her wings, 'course.

Yuuji: Marisa-san, you're a human, so unless you have powers like Reimu's, you aren't able to perceive what kind of being Cirno is now. In any case, gear up…not only has Cirno powered up herself, but…

Nearly on cue, the sky darkens significantly under a cloud of vibrating wings. An aerial flood of fairies, all heavily armed and glowing with a light pearl blue aura, surround their leader and best friend.

Yuuji: …it seems like Cirno's new-found youkai powers are also compatible with all of the fairies. This is gonna be a tough fight, they're not as weak as the fairies we're used to fighting.

The Chief of Staff, as he says these disheartening things, begins to step his way forward regardless, once again summoning his two characteristic blades out of thin air.

Yuuji: But it's nothing we can't beat. C'mon, boys and girls – let's do this…with the storm raging all around us, the enemy in clear sight, and no going back, either complete victory or complete defeat – what more could you ask for in a final battle?

He stops one last time.

Yuuji: Daiyousei…

Lowering his swords…

Yuuji: …we'll clear the way. Go…go get your best friend back. We'll be waiting for you.

And he kicks off, charging headfirst at the swarm of fairies surrounding Cirno.
Two hours later, the battlefield is strewn once again with corpses of fairies and broken armaments. Not surprisingly, the lone blue youkai is left standing, her wrath raging just as fierce, if not more, than before the battle. And like all the battles before this one, not a single Hakurei soldier has fallen, but this time, the Hakurei forces are truly exhausted, some having to use their lances and spears to keep themselves on their feet.

Reimu: Haaa…haaa…now…now it's just Cirno left…

Yuuji: We'll need to attack her all at once, the three of us. Our soldiers won't do jack sh*t against her. Looks like we'll be doing the recovering for Daiyousei...

Reimu: But just straight on? We'll all sustain heavy damage if we were to do that! She's still very potent, even if we've weakened her a bit! It's a miracle we didn't lose any troops all this time!

Marisa: I know, right? Chief, not too sure if we kin git away wit more den jus' scratches 'n stitches.

Yuuji: But Cirno's the last one standing. We must defeat her if this blizzard's gonna stop. Don't worry though…I'll take her on first. Just give me supporting fire. Now go!

Yuuji waves both of the commanders off, who reluctantly soar off into the air behind him. After Yuuji senses that they are in position to provide him with supporting fire, the Chief of Staff removes his blades from existence once again and faces the last enemy.

Yuuji: You…you haven't been attacking us much during the battle. It's almost as if you wanted to fight us…more specifically, me. Isn't it?

Cirno: Grrrrr…you…

Yuuji narrows his eyes.

Yuuji: Sure looks like it. Well, allow me to indulge you. I, who killed your best friend, am here for the taking. So come at me, fairy!

Cirno: KYYYAAAAAAAA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

With a scream that blasts shockwaves of chills, the last fairy launches off her hilltop throne of ice and travels at the speed which an eagle dives for its prey towards the lone human at the foot of the hill. As she hurtles down the light slope, ice fields spike from the ground, ripping the landscape apart with giant needles of frozen water. When Cirno is about halfway down the half-mile stretch of frozen snow that separates her from her target, Yuuji raises his right hand.

Yuuji: Luminos, servate nos.

Five small orbs of bright, pale yellow light swirl into existence, forming a quince pattern around Yuuji's silhouette. They rapidly gain mass and soon begin to rotate counterclockwise. Once the raging impunity of winter is exactly 500 meters away-

Yuuji: [100 Arrows of Light].

The young man throws his right fist in front of him, and immediately, the five light orbs emit bouquets of arrowheads of the same hue that fly towards the incoming bullet of ice. At first, the arrows spread out about ten meters on either side of their target, then suddenly lock onto their target and home in once they are within 20 meters. The resulting ash, broken ice, snow, and debris that the attack kicks up from the ground litter the area of effect. Static washes over the Chief of Staff.

Reimu: Did you get her?

Yuuji: As if this were that easy. Get ready to release the first volley, you two.

Out of the ashes explodes the raging bullet of ice once more, unscathed save or a few small tears in her dress near the bottom. Resuming her murderous stampede down the slope, Cirno lets out yet another bloodcurdling scream.

Cirno: GIVE BACK DAIYOUSEI!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuuji: Oh, I will all right, but only if you stop this blizzard. Ah, hell, what's the use of dealing this out with a crazed fairy-turned-youkai? Sorry, Cirno, but we're going to dance the hard way-!

The Chief of Staff kicks off the ground towards his left, dodging just in time to force a miss on Cirno's incoming attack, a sudden right arm thrust of a giant 6 meter icicle lance aimed for Yuuji's solar plexus. Cirno immediately swings around in midair and blasts herself once again at her victim. Yuuji dodges again, and this process repeats three more times until another crackle of static washes over the human on the ground.

Marisa: Oiiii, we're done! Give us da heads up and we're good ta go!

Yuuji: Okay! Wait on my mark!

As Cirno charges for the seventh time, the mysterious boy leaps onto the frozen weapon aimed at his heart and kicks off, managing to put his heel into the back of his opponent's head as he launches skyward. Twisting his body around in midair, Yuuji extends his right arm out again, and the same volley of bright arrows flies and barrages the ground where Cirno has crashed.
Yuuji: While she's down! NOW!

The sky above the hill glows a dangerous bright red and yellow fusion of multiple hues of those colors. Two massive runes spiral into existence, and their interiors rapidly fill with kanji and symbols.



Marisa's rune suddenly explodes with the vengeance of the sun, firing a massive, cannon-like beam jackhammers the earth with impunity. Simultaneously, Reimu's positioning directly behind her best friend causes her spellcard to pour out waves of orbs of all the different tastes of the rainbow that spiral around the beam and join the contact point on the ground, tripling its effects and shaving the entire northern face of the hill away.

Yuuji: Yep, she's definitely down. I don't feel any response from her.

Reimu: Huh…that was simpler than I thought. Are you sure that she turned youkai, Sawatari-san?

Yuuji: Positive. But keep in mind that she wasn't the brightest of fairies to begin with, and she doesn't realize what she's truly capable of, so she just ended up waving her anger around hoping it'd do something. A pity, actually, but for the sake of ending this goddamn blizzard…c'mon. We gotta check on her.

The Chief of Staff leaps off the magenta circle that he has been standing on while witnessing the spellcard destruction, and the two women behind him follow swiftly. When he lands, Yuuji jogs over to the gaping crater that scars the hill. There, in the epicenter, lies the defeated blue fairy, majestically twisted wings shattered and blood trickling from her many slashes and her mouth. More footsteps follow, trudging up the snow.

Daiyousei: Yuuji-san, Yuuji-san! Is she okay?

Her benefactor throws out his arm, blocking her from advancing beyond his reach.

Yuuji: She's still potent. She doesn't recognize you at the moment, be careful.

Marisa: Oh c'mon, Yuuji, she's down! Let's just bag 'er and git da hell outta here!

Reimu: No, Marisa! He's right, something's not right about Cirno…

The small figure in the crater stirs, then gets to her knees, grasping her shoulders.

Cirno: It's cold…

Daiyousei: It's…cold? No…no, how can it be…cold…for…y-

The green fairy beside Sawatari Yuuji gasps.

Daiyousei: She's…she's going to self-destruct-!

Reimu/Marisa/Yuuji: What!?!

Then, the earth rumbles. A sight tremor soon turns into a massive shaking, equivalent to a 9 on the Richter scale. The snow clouds above that had only just started to disperse slightly for the first time in a month now blow out of control, accumulating into thick blankets of thunderclouds that defy all logical weather patterns. At the same time, they rotate around the eye of the storm once again, as if there is an invisible trajectory on Cirno's coordinate on the earth. The embodiment of ice emits a bright blue light, like a neon light, that originates from her chest and flashes like an emergency shutoff button.

Cirno: So this is what cold feels like…? I don't know if it's always been this cold…but this stupid world'll feel it too-!

Daiyousei: NO, CIRNO-CHAN, NOOO!

The best friend of the strongest tumbles down into the crater.

Reimu: No, Daiyousei!

Yuuji: Let her go and stay down! She's our only chance now!

Reimu: But what can she possibly do?

Marisa: She's only gonna git herself killed!

Yuuji: Just f*cking watch and keep your heads down! There's a d*mn reason why I brought her with us, and you're about to f*cking witness it!

The Chief of Staff literally slaps down the two girls' faces onto the snowy and wet ground. The three peer over cautiously while trying to keep as still as possible despite the tremors. They behold Daiyousei with her arms around her best friend, holding with all her life and all her worth the one who needed her the most.

Cirno: L-l-let go of me! This world deserves to just freeze up and die! I don't care if I don't make it through – because…because Dai-chan isn't here anymore-!

Daiyousei: No, Cirno-chan! It's me…it's me, Cirno-chan! Dai-chan is right here! Please…please, Cirno-chan, open your eyes! It's me!

The green savior struggles to maintain a firm hold on her friend in need, who keeps flailing her arms around, trying to wave off her one savior, ignorant of her savior's true identity.

Cirno: I said – LET – GO!

Suddenly knocking Daiyousei's arms outwards with the backs of her fists, Cirno double-palms her only friend out of the way. Instantly, the blizzard that has been abating somewhat unsteadily flares up dramatically again, the whirlwinds accelerating faster than a tornado would. Entire trees are beginning to part from their feet from deep within the ground, breaking, snapping, tearing.

Reimu: This is the last straw! We've got to stop her, n-

But no need for Reimu's intervention.

A sharp, bone-cracking snap silences the forest immediately as Daiyousei slaps Cirno as hard as fairy-ly possible. The world around them simply disintegrates.


A tackle, and the consequent melting of snow. Daiyousei holds Cirno harder than ever, not even letting her friend to squirm around.

Daiyousei: I'm not dead, yet, Cirno-chan! So please, please, please…please stop, Cirno-chan…I don't want to lose you again…if you're gone, then you'll just end up hurting everybody…Letty-san didn't teach you to do this kind of thing in the end!

Only Daiyousei's whimpers and the patter of salty drops of rain slamming the melting snow quietly break the ensuing silence. Finally, Cirno's quivering voice, small and insecure, creeps out.

Cirno: D…d…Dai…chan…eye'm…eye'm so sowwy…eye really thought u were dead…a…and…eye just…just lost it, and…ooohh…eye…eye shouldn't be ur friend anymore…eye just hurt u…too much…

Daiyousei: No…Cirno-chan, that's not true…just because you hurt me doesn't mean we should stop being best friends, and besides, I don't know if I can find another friend like you! Cirno-chan, Cirno-chan! Just look at me!

Daiyousei forces Cirno's sobbing façade to face her, towards the brightening sky.

Daiyousei: I forgive you, Cirno-chan. I just want us to stay friends forever. Just please don't do something like this again, okay?

Cirno's face nearly immediately washes itself anew with a fresh wave of salt water.

Cirno: …waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! Dai-channnnnnnnnnnnnnn! ! ! ! ! !

Daiyousei: E-eh?

Cirno bear-tackles her best friend, and both of them roll into the disintegrating snow, both renewing their age-old friendship once more.

Reimu: …this was what you had in mind to stop the blizzard?

Yuuji: It wasn't the only way, for sure. But it sure was the easiest – the happy ending for all. No one dies, Cirno goes back to a normal fairy again, no friendships lost, and we're all safe and sound. Could you ask for a better outcome?

Reimu: Muuu…I suppose not…

Marisa: Well, dis is all good 'n dandy, but wat da hell are we supposed ta do now? Since we defeated Cirno, does dat mean dis war's over?

Yuuji: That…I'm not too sure about. I suppose we can ask our fairy friend here.

Marisa: But it looks like dey're a bit busy at da moment, hehe…

Yuuji: Hup!

Marisa: H-hey, dun just interrupt dem-!

Yuuji slides down into the crater himself and stands over the hysterically sobbing fairies rolling around in the half-melted snow.

Yuuji: Uh, well, sorry to break up your reunion at this time, but we kinda need to get going.

Her ears perking up at the voice, Cirno bolts up to confront it.


Daiyousei: No, don't, Cirno-chan!

Cirno is once again comically restrained by Daiyousei.

Cirno: Well, y not!

Daiyousei: Because…because that guy helped me get better!

Cirno: E-eh? Wait, wa-

Yuuji: Okay, okay, calm down, you two. Cirno, I'm not here to hurt you or Daiyousei again. I just want to talk with you.

Cirno: …fine! If Dai-chan sez dat ur not a bad gai, den talk!

Yuuji: Here's the deal, Cirno. Because we have defeated you, I will give you two choices. The first is that you can surrender to us here, and this land is ours. But in exchange, we will leave you and your fellow fairies alone when our humans start to settle in this area. Also, you and Daiyousei must serve as commanders in our military for at least three years on mandatory service. The second-


Daiyousei: Ssshhhhh, Cirno-chan! Just listen, please!

Yuuji: The second is that if you refuse, you may leave unopposed because our objective here was simply to get rid of the blizzard that Cirno was causing, and now that she's stopped, we can return home. But we will continue to invade T9 until we conquer it ourselves, and we will not spare any mercy on you fairies and we will make every conscious effort to exterminate you all from your land. Pick your poison, Cirno.

Cirno: Ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr…wat shud eye do, Dai-chan? Dem two options dun sound gud. Hey, is der by any chance a "eye can punch u in da face" choice dat eye can pick?

Yuuji: Errr…no.

Cirno: Dangit!

Daiyousei: Cirno-chan, just choose the first one. We can't let our friends suffer anymore because of this war. Besides, he said that he'll promise to leave our friends alone, and it's not like they'll kick us out of our homes if we give in here!

Cirno: But eye'm da strongest! And da strongest dun back down no matta wat! Besides, how can ya tink dat he'll keep his promise?

Daiyousei: Because I'm here, that's why! Any other human would have never let me come back for you! He's not like the others, Cirno-chan. That's why I trust him so!

Cirno: G-geh…well…while…while dat mite b true…but still! Eye dun like it, eye dun like it!

Yuuji: Here, I'll throw in another bonus for you if you surrender to us now. I heard you like freezing frogs, Cirno. Am I right?

Cirno: Y-yeah! Eye love freezin' 'em froggiez, it's so fun!

Yuuji: Well then that's just perfect. We have a bit of a frog problem back at our city, frogs are just appearing everywhere randomly. So if you come with us, we'll let you go around and freeze as many frogs as you want.

Cirno: OH REALLY!?

Yuuji: Ya really.

Cirno: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! C'mon, Dai-chan, let's gooooo!

Reimu/Marisa: Whoa, quick…

Daiyousei: Oh…what a relief…

Yuuji: So Cirno, you promise you'll tell your friends not to attack us again?

Cirno: A' course, a' course! Cmoncmoncmoncmoncmon, huwwy huwwy huwwy!

Reimu: Jeez, Cirno, stop tugging on my sleeve! I was your enemy just a few minutes ago, wasn't I?

Cirno: Ah who cares bout dat now? Eye want frogs, frogs, frogs!

Promptly, the blue ice fairy starts dancing and cartwheeling around the Queen.

Marisa: Bahahahhahahaa! Wat an energetic lil' bugga she is! I can't believe it – just a few moments ago she was expendin' all dat energy for her youkai powers, now she's back to normal and dancin' around! I think I like dis girl already!

Reimu: Ah, speaking of which, Sawatari-san, is Cirno still a youkai? She seems to be back to normal.

Yuuji: Yeah, don't worry, she's back to being a normal fairy again. But more than likely, because she's activated her true youkai powers, she is much stronger than before, by an easy tenfold, maybe even more. But luckily she's on our side now. And…

The Chief of Staff turns to the green fairy behind him, who is fidgeting and giggling at Cirno's ecstasy.

Yuuji: Thank you for your work. I doubt we could have calmed Cirno down otherwise if you hadn't been here.

Daiyousei: Oh, no, it was just my due. And I didn't know how else I would make Cirno calm down…I just…I just ran in there before she could do anything drastic…

Yuuji: Heh. Regardless, you're the heroine of the day, even if I'm the only one to recognize it. Let's go back to our home – I look forward to working with you, Daiyousei.

Daiyousei: Ah, yes, same with you too! Oh, may I ask something?

Yuuji: Hm?

Daiyousei: How did you know Cirno loves freezing frogs?

Yuuji: Ah, that…

Yuuji chuckles as he turns briefly to watch Reimu attempt to push Cirno away from her, who is currently bear-hugging Reimu tightly just underneath her chest, while Marisa is doubling over in fits and giggles, trying to say something along the lines of how Cirno is Reimu's newfound pet and that she would be so very useful in hot summer days.

Yuuji: What else?

Daiyousei: Oh…could it be…the Hakurei Archives?

Yuuji: I read too much for my own sake. This world is just too d*mn interesting. It's getting fun…

Daiyousei: H-Huh...?

Yuuji: Never mind what I said. Let's go home, shall we?

And thus, T9 falls under Hakurei command. The fairies, as promised, are largely left alone, and the fairies do not attack humans coming in to settle in the vicinity. The snow from Cirno's blizzard, however, lingers for longer than usual, before melting into a new tributary system that winds around the forest in T9 and feeds into the original river from which Hakurei invaded the land.
Currently under the cover of night, the rest of Team 9 have gathered in the dead of night under a crossroads somewhere on the border of the T9 forest and another adjacent country. A firefly youkai speaks out into the night air, otherwise interrupted by cacophonous cricket orchestras.

Youkai 1: So it's just the three of us, then.

She is greeted by another voice, a euphoniously sweet voice, as if tangibly dipped in soothing honey.

Youkai 2: Yes, that seems to be so…it seems our home has been conquered…

Another voice, a childish, playful tone.

Youkai 3: Is that so~? Then we'll look for another home, then. We can pick up other humans to eat on the way, too~

Youkai 1: Rumia, put some darkness around us only so that we can talk normally, please.

Youkai 3: Is that so~? Okay, then~

A dark orb of tar spontaneously generates to expand and swallow up the center of the crossroads in complete darkness. Inside, the first youkai breathes a sigh of relief.

Youkai 2: It's tough being wanted youkai, isn't it, Wriggle-chan?

Wriggle Nightbug: Yeah, it is. That stupid Cirno and her friend Dai-chan dumped us to go join those humans, what are they thinking! Uggghhh, makes me so angry…what about you, Misty? How are you holding up?

Mystia Lorelei: It's not too bad for me, actually. I can just turn into a sparrow and fly away if I'm seen, anyhow. What about you, Rumia-chan?

Rumia: I just wanna eat people~

Wriggle: Still interested in just eating, aren't you…

The firefly sighs as the sparrow sings an awkward chuckle and the child continues to twirl around on her right foot, periodically giggling "Is that so~".

Wriggle: Well, we need to part ways. We're going to be found by the humans if we continue to stick together, and we've already had some close calls because our youkai presence set off some human diviner alarms or something. At least, not all of us can stay together.

Mystia: Oh no…but…but…I don't want to be alone, though…

Wriggle: Right…there's that too…we can't just leave you alone. Hmmm, how should we do this…

Rumia: Is that so~

Wriggle: Ahhhh, Rumia, be quiet and be serious for once!

Rumia: But I am being serious~ I'll go to eat that newcomer take Cirno-chan and Dai-chan back with me so we can be friends again~

Mystia: So…so that means you will be going off on your own?

Rumia: That is so~

Mystia: Oh…

Wriggle: Don't worry, Misty. Rumia will be fine by herself, she specializes in human extermination like you. So that means we'll be going together, then.

Mystia: I suppose so…do be careful, Rumia-chan.

Rumia: I will~

Wriggle. Now that we've decided on our departure, let's go. Where are we headed?

Rumia: Is that so~ I think I'll go south, I have someone I know there~

Mystia: Let's go to the Bamboo Forest, Wriggle-chan! I've always wanted to go there.

Wriggle: Sounds good. Well, I think we've overblown our stay here, you sense them?

The three youkai tense up. Somewhere, about a couple hundred meters away, is the presence of humans.

Mystia: Yes, we better scatter. Let's meet again someday, Rumia-chan! Please!

Rumia: That is so~ Bye everyone~

Wriggle Nightbug and Mystia Lorelei take off into the cozy night sky, while Rumia nonchalantly trots off with her arms out to her sides, singing "Is that so~" in three different octaves.
Three minutes later, the Hakurei Chief of Staff, the Queen of Hakurei, and the Queen's best friend, flanked by multiple guards and Genji, stop at the crossroads in the dirt paths.

Yuuji: That'll conclude our mapping for this region. Thanks for your hard work, all of you.

Reimu: I thought I sensed some potent youkai around here…

Marisa: Same 'ere, but dey ran off, didn't dey? Dey musta known we were a strong bunch! Haha!

Yuuji: Oh knock it off, we just finished a friggin' war, I'm sure all of us could use a break off from fighting so much.

Reimu: Unfortunately, I do not have that luxury. It is the duty of a Hakurei shrine maiden to be vigilant at all times.

Yuuji: Sheesh…had she not been my queen, I would just tell her to shut the hell up and stop being so d*mn anal-

Reimu: What was that?

Yuuji: Nothing. Anyways, about the rest of this rumored "Team 9" thing. So apparently Cirno and Daiyousei were part of that Team 9 that we heard from Daiyousei and from other fairies that we talked to along the way. The other three are Rumia, Wriggle Nightbug, and Mystia Lorelei, all of whom can be potentially very dangerous to humans. We can't let them go like this in the case that something happens. Do we know their approximate whereabouts?

Marisa: I did sum preliminary scoutin' jus ta check dat dey weren't anywhere in dis area, an' it really doesn't look like deir anywhere around here anymore. I did pick up sum info dat dey're plannin' ta split up so dat dey won't be easily detected.

Reimu: But we know that Cirno was the strongest of them all. If that's the case, then it shouldn't be too difficult to capture the rest.

Yuuji: Umm…I don't know about that, though. They've each got their own special abilities and whatnot, and Cirno was easy to beat because, quite frankly, she's stupid. The rest of them aren't. They know how to fight, even if they're not the strongest…but that's for another day, I guess. Good work to all of you. Let's head home.

Reimu/Marisa: Yes!


A blue bullet crashes into the Chief, balling him up and sending him flying with it more than thirty feet away.

Reimu/Marisa: What the-?

Daiyousei's voice can be heard from far away.

Daiyousei: Cirno-chaaaaaaaaan, you're not supposed to just crash into him like thaaaaaaaaaaat! Geeeeeeeez!

Yuuji: Koff, koff…wait, what the hell was that all about!

Cirno: No-tin', idiot! Meeeeeeeeh!

Cirno jumps on her feet on top of Yuuji's chest, pulls her left eyelid down, and sticks her tongue out.

Yuuji: Sighh…it's okay, I'm not your enemy, if that's what you still see me as.

Yuuji puts out his right hand on the fairy's head and rubs her hair gently.

Cirno: N-ngh! H-h-hey, s-stop dat! Eye-dun-like-dis-HEY!

After struggling to push Yuuji's rght arm away, Cirno simply opts for punching him in the gut, forcing him to double over as she makes her swift getaway behind Reimu's back.

Cirno: Reimu, Reimu! He's bullyin' meeeee!

Reimu: He's not bullying you, what are you talking about? That aside, why are you hiding behind me!

Marisa: I'm tellin' ya, Reimu, dat fairy likes ya! Whether ya like it or not, you're her momma!

Reimu: M-momma-? Hey, don't make those kinds of jokes, I don't want this, nor did I ask for it! Get off, Cirno, you're cold-!

Cirno: Muuuuuu-!

Cirno indignantly backs away, reluctantly letting go of the folds in Reimu's miko garb, and flies over to Daiyousei, who is helping Yuuji up to his feet.

Yuuji: It's fine, Daiyousei.

Daiyousei: But still…

Yuuji: C'mon. Let's go to your new home. Is there anything you want when we get home, Cirno?

Cirno: Hmph! Eye dun wan' anythin' from you! Eye'd jus' like ta get all my friends together again. Eye dun care 'bout my leadership as long as eye got my buddies wit me! Dat's why u need ta help me find dem again, since u made dem go away!

Yuuji: Yes, yes, I got it. I'm sure we'll find the rest someday.

Cirno: Yeah!...well…eye feel like…eye'm forgetting someone…

Daiyousei: Nn?

Cirno: Oh, watever. It'll come ta me sometime again. Come on, Dai-chan, let's play!

Daiyousei: Oh…Cirno-chan! Wait for me…but Yuuji-san, I will give you my thanks properly at a later date, if you do not mind. I am most grateful that you managed to make Cirno go back to her old self again.

Yuuji: Don't mention it. Friends…no matter how much of a nineball he or she may be, if that person is your friend, I don't want to see friends separated. Not even for my own enemies'. Well, go off and play with Cirno. I'll watch over you guys.

Daiyousei: Ah…thank you so much! Cirno-chan, wait for me…!
This concludes the end of the T9 arc. By this point in the game, Cirno and Daiyousei are now part of your roster.

At the end of each arc, I will put the list of possible events that you can have with each conquered region, as follows. Do note that even though the rest of Team 9 have been introduced, I will not be putting their stats and move list until they show up again in their respective areas. Also note that the list of possible events are still under development, it just happens that this is what I have right now.

Team 9 Events

Vital Commanders:
Wriggle Nightbug (not capturable)
Mystia Lorelei (not capturable)
Daiyousei (capturable)
Rumia (not capturable)
Cirno (capturable)

-Rumia will always show up first from Team 9

-Daiyousei and Cirno will only show up in T92, and they will always be deployed together

-If you capture Daiyousei after a battle, there will be a post battle event that shows Daiyousei taking a hit for Cirno to protect the latter. Cirno becomes enraged and enters EX-mode. Daiyousei is secured and moved to your prison. Afterwards, all battles fought in T92 will in Blizzard conditions, and Cirno will retain her Ex-mode until defeated and T9 is conquered

-To capture Cirno, recruit Daiyousei. Reimu and Yuuji convince her to fight by telling her that Cirno has gone mad thinking that Daiyousei is dead. She will show you an alternate way into the heart of the forest where Cirno is most likely to be hanging out. Then, fight this battle against T9, and make sure to deploy Daiyousei in that battle. After the battle is won, Cirno will try to self-destruct and cold-nuke the entire place, but after seeing and being comforted by Daiyousei, she calms down. Cirno will be directly recruited, and T9 falls automatically

-After T9 is conquered, Rumia, Mystia, and Wriggle will disperse to different nations. They cannot be captured while T9 still stands

-If you have recruited both Daiyousei and Cirno, there will be an option available at T91 that is called "Forgotten Fairy". It only appears on the last Action Flag you have in the strategy phase, and it will stay until 5 turns after you recruit Cirno. Select it, and there will be an event in which Cirno talks to Yuuji and Reimu about another fairy that she has been looking for a long time, saying that the two were friends until this unknown fairy disappeared and Daiyousei came to take her place. The three, with Marisa and Daiyousei, come to the beach front of the lake next toT91, and search. You must select this same event 3 times, with the conditions above. At the third time, Rin Satsuki appears, and Cirno, overjoyed, convinces her to join the rest in Hakurei. Thus, you recruit Rin Satsuki

-There is an event in T92 where Cirno can increase her level by 5, selectable up to 20 times. Cirno basically freezes frogs and gets better at it, no big deal

-Note: T9 will always be the first country you attack in any playthrough

-Note: After you capture and recruit Daiyousei and Cirno, after T9 has fallen you will get a pre-turn event that gives you a Medicine Sake item, heals a single unit completely

-Note: After capturing Cirno, Cirno will gain +50 levels due to her newfound youkai powers

These notes, if you read them carefully enough, may hint at things that are to come in the distant future. Maybe even the near future, quite possibly.
Thanks for reading all the way through.

UPDATE: There may be inconsistencies between my notes and the actual story. I will revise them as best I can, but know for now that there are bound to be a few straggling here or there, as I first drew up these notes before I actually wrote the story.

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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This will be a very short entry because the chapter before this was extremely lengthy, nearly twice as long as the longest chapter before it. This entry follows immediately after the fall of T9, should you choose to follow one of the events listed at the endnotes that I left at the end of the previous chapter.

I forgot to mention before, so I will say this now. Everything I write here in this fanfic work is the "true routes" of this entire game. As with any good turn-based strategy game, there are always multiple ways to go about this plotline, but everything you read here is what I intend for the game to follow in terms of story.

Now, we shall give due to one who was never given due in her nonexistence.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
We'll Never Forget You Again.

Cirno: Hey, Yuuji, Reimu?

Yuuji: Hm?

Reimu: What is it, Cirno?

Marisa: Hay, it'z Chirnoe! C'mere!

Reimu: Hey, Marisa, don't talk with your mouth full…

The three humans are sitting outside in the royal gardens enjoying slices of watermelon, which are in season and in abundance.

Cirno: Ooooh, watermelly! My favorite! Nomnomnom…

Reimu: Hey, Cirno, you didn't even ask!

Yuuji: Let her have some, Reimu-san. Anyways, what do you want, Cirno?

Cirno: Nomnomnom…ah, dat'z rite. Eye came ta ask if ya cud help me.

Yuuji: With what?

Cirno: Eye realized dat I forgot ta bring a friend wit me from home.

Marisa: Daiyousei? Da green fairy? Ain't she here already?

Cirno: No, not Dai-chan! It's…it's somebody else. But…but…eye…Eye forgot who she was.

The humans facepalm.

Reimu: Oh no…not this again…

Yuuji: Where's Daiyousei? Don't you have her to play with for now?

Cirno: Muuuuu! Eye wanted ter jus' ask a question, wat's wrong wit ya all!

Yuuji: Sigh…I guess I'll go with you, then…
At the shore of the Lake of the Fairies in T9, Cirno and Yuuji stand at the mirror's edge.

Yuuji: What did you want to do here again? But never mind that…

He looks behind him.

Yuuji: What are you all doing here following our asses!

Reimu, Marisa, and Daiyousei stand a bit away from the two.

Reimu: I still can't trust what will happen here if I am not present.

Marisa: I came 'cuz it looked interestin'.

Daiyousei: Well…I would like to meet this friend that Cirno has in mind…

Yuuji: Sigh…whatever. Cirno, so what is it exactly we're doing here?

Cirno: Hmmm…

They all stand motionless for a good twenty minutes awaiting Cirno's reply. After those tense twenty minutes-

Cirno: Ah, eye forget.

Everyone but Cirno falls over.


Cirno: Hmm…

The ice fairy, deeply lost in thought, scratches her head perplexedly.

Cirno: How did dis work agin…? Eye…eye wuz shure dat…she…she…wait…

Cirno turns to Yuuji, her childishly wide blue eyes becoming clearer with wet confusion.

Cirno: Eye…eye think eye forgot her name…

Yuuji: Your friend's?

Cirno nods, rubbing her eyes and sniffing.

Cirno: Eye'm da only one who ever remembers her anymore! Eye dunno wat happened…all eye no is dat one day…one day we were jus' playin' in dis lake here…n' den…n' den…she…she jus' told me "Sorry, Cirno-chan" and…and just…disappeared…

Cirno starts to bawl. Daiyousei rushes over and hugs her tightly.

Yuuji: Well…this…kinda blows. Recovering a friend who lost her existence obviously isn't the easiest thing to do…

The Chief turns to Marisa and Reimu.

Yuuji: For now, return home. You don't have to follow us each time, Reimu-san, Marisa-san. I will maintain vigil here with Cirno and Daiyousei.
Two days later, the Lake of the Fairies remains unchanged. The listlessly lazy waves break upon the same shore, on which Yuuji, Cirno, and Daiyousei sit.

Daiyousei: It's been two days already…

Yuuji: I know, right…

Cirno: Muuuuuu…eye no she'll come, jus' u gaiz wait!

Yuuji: Sighh…whatever you say.

Sawatari Yuuji stretches his back on the sand, interlocking his fingers behind his head and closing his eyes.

Yuuji: I guess it's alright to relax like this, once in a while…

Then, a hum of strings. Yuuji's eyes, sleepily closing, snap open immediately in response. He quickly sits up.

Yuuji: She's here, Cirno.


Yuuji: Shhh…she's coming. Listen.

The three listen intently. The ever-increasing master volume knob raises the gentle stringed instrument song the zephyr that rolls softly along the silky waters.

Yuuji: I can't believe it…the erhu? I haven't heard anyone play that thing in so long- wait, how the hell do I know what it is?

Daiyousei: Look, Cirno-chan, Yuuji-san! Over on the water!

They focus their attention to where Daiyousei is pointing. There, floating above the water, shimmering with blue oracle lights orbiting her body, is a small fairy, only slightly taller than Cirno. Clad in a snowy white coat and white blouse that is held together on her chest by a ruby-red brooch and pink ribbon and a furry white shapka hat cozily straddling her short straw-yellow hair. In her right hand, a meter-long bow gently caresses the strings of the erhu instrument that her left hand tenderly holds.

Cirno: AH! It's u, Rin-chan! It's reawwy u!

The shining white fairy smiles shyly as Cirno flies towards her with arms outstretched. As the blue fairy tightly wraps her arms around her forgotten friend, the erhu-wielding fairy softly reciprocates her only friend's feelings.

Fairy: It's been a long time, Cirno-chan.

They stay like this for a good minute, Cirno giggling her life away all the while.

Cirno: Oh! Eye got sum friends wit me, lemme introduce dem ta ya!

Cirno grabs the new fairy's hand and leads her to the shore.

Cirno: Dis stupid guy here's named Yuuji. And here's my bestest friend, Dai-chan!

Yuuji: Hello. My name is Sawatari Yuuji, you may call me whatever you wish, I'm fine with it. Your name is?

Fairy: Oh…my…my name? It…it's Rin. Satsuki Rin. N-nice to meet you…

Daiyousei: H-hi, my name's Daiyousei. Pleased to meet you, I hope we can become best friends.

Rin and Daiyousei wave shyly at each other.

Cirno: Oh, c'mon, dun be so shy! Hug, HUG EYE SAY!

Rin/Daiyousei: Wahh-!

Cirno bear hugs both of them together so hard that all three of them fall down to the sand. Rin's erhu and bow float above Rin, dancing merrily above their master.

Rin: Oh…it's been such a long time, Cirno-chan. I've come back again.

Cirno: Eye no…let's keep playin' liek we always have, Rin-chan. Oh, of course, wit Dai-chan too!

Rin: Oh…but…but are we not going to stay here at the lake?

Cirno: We can come to play here if we feel liek it. But eye no a better place!

Yuuji: Rin-san, Cirno and Daiyousei are currently working with us in the neighboring country of Hakurei. If you would like, I invite you to come live and play with us with your friends. Are you willing to work with us?

Rin: Oh…as long as I have my friends, I will gladly follow. Please take care of me…

Yuuji: I'll do my best. Now let's go home, we'll throw a party or something to celebrate Cirno's new friend's arrival!


Rin: P-party…? Ah, don't tug, Cirno-chan…!

The four merrily return home. And thus, Satsuki Rin, the forgotten Erhu of the Lake of the Fairies, is recruited.
This event, as you have read, is the dialogue that will allow you to recruit Satsuki Rin, the fairy boss that never was in EoSD. I personally wonder why Kannushi never officially included her in the game. I feel that she needs more recognition, even if she never appeared officially in a Touhou game. Because being so close to existence, yet never being fully born, must be something none of us will ever have to experience – how lonely she must be. Personally, it wrenches a few bones in my chest if I think too deeply into this…as I understand what it feels to exist in a nonexistent manner.

SATSUKI RIN: 4, 1, 7, 9, 8, 0, 4, 2, 6
Starting Troops: 200/200
Starting Level: 50/600
Job: Spirit Diviner

DS1: ERHU DESCANT: Rin plays her erhu, moralizing the troops. High morale effect, +25% morale boost. 2 ACT

DS2: ERHU MELODY: Rin plays her erhu, strengthening the troops. Same effects as Battle Strategy 3. 1 ACT

DS3: ERHU EUPHONY: Rin plays her erhu, healing the troops. Heals equivalent of half her current troop count. 2 ACT


OS1: SHIKIGAMI: AOE, prep required. 1 ACT

PS1: FORGOTTEN ESSENCE: Because of Rin's non-existence her unit receives 30% hit evasion and 30% reduced targeting rate by enemies. Also cannot be annihilated in battle.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu
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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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I'd like to take the liberty of reminding my readers that there may be a few introduction notes or ending notes that may seem out of place or don't seem to make much sense, if at all. Please ignore such notes if they don't seem relevant; those were my old notes that I used in my chapters over at Fanfiction. I'll try to edit them out if I catch them, but just in case I miss a few here and there, hence this reminder.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

The Ascent of the Devil is Coming

Yuuji: No reports today? Hm, interesting. We haven't had a bageled-out day in a week…

The Chief of Staff lounges back in his custom-made and hand-built reclining chair, extending his arms back behind his head and far as they can go while yawning.

Reimu: Yes, there have been no new reports as of today. Thank you for your hard work the past few weeks. Here you go.

The Queen of Hakurei sets down a platter of freshly baked ears of corn and a cup of ice-cold strawberry tea topped with a slice of lime on Yuuji's desk.

Yuuji: Man, this is a welcome break. Nothing but papers on papers on papers on papers on papers on papers for the past…how long has it been since then, four weeks? Oh, and thanks for the food.

The crunches of corn being torn from their kernels reverberates around in the study. It has been roughly a month since the end of the war against T9 and their subsequent assimilation into Hakurei territory.

Yuuji: This is good stuff. But I've always wanted to ask you, why do you always get me snacks and stuff? I don't mind just heading down to the kitchens and asking for some grub myself. It's kinda weird for me to have my leader and queen get me snacks and crap…

Reimu: Oh, it's just a habit of mine and a tradition with me and my mother. My mother used to do the same thing, getting food and snacks for our previous Chief of Staff, and I so happened to pick up on her habit. Besides, I know how tedious going through as much as hundreds of reports a day can be, and I'm just thankful I don't have to do them myself. This is just my little way of expressing my gratitude for your work.

Yuuji: Hmm…that so…what time is it, I wonder…? Eleven? Hasn't been that long, I guess…huh? Who's clomping around out there?

Reimu and Yuuji stare towards the door, trying to locate the source of the sound of feet pattering rapidly, getting louder and louder by the second, as Yuuji continues to gnaw at the cob in his hand with a blankly enjoyable countenance. Then, the door is nearly blown off its hinges as Kirisame Marisa almost kicks down the door in her haste.


Yuuji: Marisa-san, calm the f*ck down and tell us what's going on. Screaming about it won't go anywhere.

Marisa: No! I mean, I, uh, I will, but jus' take a look at dis!

The blonde witch, grabbing her black witch hat with its characteristic slanted point and chucking it to the corner of the room, where it lands on a hat hook, strides over to Yuuji's desk and slaps down a scroll.

Yuuji: Aaaaaaaaand the first report of the day. God d*mn it, Marisa-san, I was on a roll here today-

Marisa: Well git yer hand outta yer ass and read dis! Dis one's serious!

Reimu/Yuuji: ?

Yuuji unties the red and black striped scroll and spreads it out horizontally on his desk as Marisa huffs and puffs with her hands on her knees.

Reimu: "Year of the Sixtieth Rabbit, dated the third week and first day of Autumn." That's today… "Outpost 4, Commanding Officer Nagafume Hiroshi. I am writing this message of utmost importance in hopes that my Queen will receive this. Our sentries have spotted an eerily mysterious cloud of red substance that is currently unknown to us. Our diviners have tried and failed to identify both its origins and its composition, but we do know that this cloud is spreading from beyond the Scarlet Devil Mansion's borders. It seems to be nonlethal, as both youkai and humans alike have come into contact with this red mist and are doing well at this moment. But it is slowly encroaching onto Hakurei territory – at this rate, this Outpost will be inundated by this red cloud in three days. I request that I remove all units in Outpost 4 and retreat back to Outpost 2 to await further orders. I do not want to deal with something I do not know, and I do not want to lose unnecessary soldiers fighting with something we do not know how to fight effectively. We are awaiting orders, my Queen." Oh no…not this again…

Yuuji: Red…mist? What is the meaning of this, you two?

Reimu: You were not here when a similar incident like this happened three hundred years ago.

Yuuji: Three…hundred…wait, could this be the Scarlet Devil Mist incident that the archives mentioned?

Marisa: Dat's right, Chief. Dis mist's comin' from a lan' called the Scarlet Devil Mansion, SDM fer short, dat borders us down ta da southeast. Dere, da leader is a vampire 'bout 500 years old named Remilia Scarlet. Every so oft'n, whenever she feels like it, dat Remy'll cause the air in 'er territories to turn blood red so dat she can go outside without worryin' 'bout da sun weakenin' her. Dis is da first time we personally got ta see it, but der's no mistake dat this ain't just the first time it's happened in total.

Reimu: My mother also discussed this with me, warning me about an incident like this and that Remilia Scarlet is a dangerous opponent. But we cannot just ignore the mist, and the instant it crosses our borders, we're declaring war on them. Crossing borders is open violation of national hegemony, and Remilia Scarlet is not going to get away with her doings again this time.
Yuuji: Even still, I would like to investigate this red mist myself. I will head over there now to determine the reasons behind the reappearance of it and direct the troops accordingly.
Reimu: You do not have to go, Sawatari-san! We already know what it is, all we need to do is write them a declaration of war and recall our troops back to the second line of defense along the southeastern border.

Yuuji: Yeah, but it could be different this time. I don't think we're in a position to take any chances. I'll be back…

The door closes as the young man takes off to exit the palace.

Reimu: That man…rrghhh, this is annoying me! Why is he just doing whatever he wants?

Marisa: But he's gettin' everythin' done though. We can't complain, he's doin' everythin' for us.

Reimu: And that's the thing that annoys me most! The fact that he's able to get away with anything he wants to do and still managing to solve everything!

Marisa: Uh, well, by dat point I dun think it's called "gettin' away" with it…

Reimu: Uuuuu...shut up!
Thirty minutes later, the Hakurei Chief of Staff touches down at the entrance of Outpost 4. The compound is a small, mostly wooden base covering no more ground than a rice paddy field would, but its strategic placement is ingenious: perched on an 800-meter cliffside and surrounded on all other sides by thick and lush vegetation, it overlooks the entire plain before it, where the border between SDM and Hakurei lies. Two watch towers built on either corner of the square structure give unrivaled vantage points that, on a clear day, can yield up to ten miles of sight. With its natural camouflage with the forest surrounding it, it is the most well-protected and vital outpost in its sector. But all this is about to change.

Yuuji approaches the twenty-third wooden stake over from the left in the structure. From the outside, the base looks like a spooky abandoned mansion, infected by grappling vines and ivies rolling up the walls.

Yuuji: Chief of Staff Sawatari Yuuji here. I've come to investigate the issue that we have at hand and to command the troops in this area.

A slit in the stake suddenly reveals itself, and a human hand protrudes out, open and palm up. A voice comes from within.

Guard: Identification, please.

Yuuji: Here ya go.

The Chief of Staff places his custom-made seal given to him by the Queen at his inauguration.

Guard: Welcome, Chief, to Outpost 4. Glad we can have you here, we've got a few problems that we need your assistance in dealing with.

Yuuji: I am aware of those problems, and that's what I'm here for. Good day to you.

The twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth stakes slide beneath the ground, displaying a narrow entrance into the compound. Briskly walking through, Yuuji beholds the interior of the compound. It is a surprisingly neat and well-maintained compound for a military installation, no signs of neglect abounding anywhere.

Commander: Chief! Chief!

Yuuji: Hm? And you are?

An important-looking soldier runs up to Yuuji, flanked by a handful of guards, all with swords at the ready in their sheaths at their belts. Yuuji immediately notes a blue Hakurei quince on his left shoulder.

Commander: Major Nagafume Hiroshi, sir. We didn't expect you to arrive so soon, we would've had some sort of welcoming parade for you.

Yuuji: Sooner is always better, Major. And I don't have much likings for welcoming parades…I'd prefer not having them at all, they just waste what valuable time we have. Anyways, I'm getting sidetracked. I've read your emergency message, Major Nagafume, and I understand that we have a major problem on our hands that could mean the difference between war and peace. Lead me to it.

Nagafume: Yes, right away sir. Please follow me.

The officer leads the group to the nearest watch tower overlooking the plains.

Nagafume: Watch your step, sir. These watch towers are only accessible by ladder, and these ladders are known to be rather slippery even on dry days.

Yuuji: Hmm, that so. Have we had any incidents with soldiers getting injured due to falls from these ladders?

Nagafume: Hehehe…um…quite a lot, sir, in fact, but most of them were petty falls that our boys had maybe on, like, the fourth rung here or something. But…there were a few pretty serious cases where soldiers have slipped from a great height…

Yuuji: …yeah. These ladders aren't the safest. I'm going to have to request to do something about these ladders so that they're not a safety hazard. Last thing we want to do is lose soldiers because of a stupid slippery ladder. Let's head up there, Major.

Nagafume: Yes, sir. You boys are dismissed for now. Be on standby on my order.

Soldiers: Ha!

The guards surrounding the two officers salute quickly with swift thrusts to the ground with the butt-ends of their spears, snappy right-arm bends across their chests, and short bows before dispersing into their barracks. The officers, after seeing them off, ascend the ladder to the watchtower.

Yuuji: So that's the red mist that we're talking about…

The otherwise amazingly breathtaking view is tainted by a red mist that slowly but surely rolls listlessly over the plains. It is almost as if watching a blood-colored carpet of fog creep along harmlessly over the land.

Yuuji: How long has it been since you have first spotted this?

Nagafume: I would estimate about an hour and a half ago, sir. But you may want to ask these two boys for a more accurate estimate.

Yuuji: Alright. Sergeant Hashimoto, when did you and Corporal Fukui first notice the mist?

Hashimoto: Exactly one hour and…forty-two minutes ago, sir.

Yuuji: One hour and forty-two minutes…and do you know how far it has traveled since then?

Fukui: I can tell you that, Chief! Just, uh, gimme a sec to update the calculations…

Yuuji turns to the corporal on his right inside the viewing box of the watchtower. Corporal Fukui is sitting at a desk cluttered with various instruments for taking long-range measurements, and an array of different amulets and talismans float around him. Fukui peers through a small telescope in front of him one last time before writing down some numbers and holding it up to an amulet on his right, which quickly melts away the graphite from the paper and burns it into the paper again, forming new numbers.

Fukui: The mist's traveled 582 meters from the time we sent the emergency scroll to now, accurate as of 32 seconds ago, sir!

Yuuji: 582 meters in roughly more than an hour and a half, is it now…alright. Thanks for all your hard work, keep it up. Both of you are getting pay raises for your efforts. Keep at it, boys!

Fukui/Hashimoto: Yes, sir!

Yuuji: Let us leave, Major. There is something I wish to discuss with you alone.

Nagafume: As you wish, Chief.

The two officers descend the ladder to exit the watchtower. Once they reach the bottom, Yuuji faces the officer behind him.

Yuuji: I'm going to head out there, Major. In the meantime, have all the soldiers in this garrison prepped up and ready to retreat on my mark when I return.

Nagafume: Yes, sir. Will do.

Yuuji: Take this talisman. It'll serve as our long-distance communications link through which I'll relay you orders. If it glows purple, just hold it up to either ear and talk, and we'll be able to communicate.

Nagafume: Of course, sir. But, uh, may I ask what you will be doing in the meantime?

Yuuji: I'm going to head out there to try to identify the substance that makes up this red mist. I'm also going to try to track this mist to its source and try to find out why it's appearing again. As you know, I'm a newcomer here to this world, so I'm curious about just about everything. But the important thing is to get the troops here on standby to retreat. I don't want good men dying to something they don't know how to fight.

Nagafume: Yes, sir!

Yuuji: Keep that talisman on you at all times, officer. It's our only lifeline. I'll be seeing you soon.

And with that, Yuuji turns and leaps onto the side of the thick wooden wall reinforced with slabs of stone. Like a gecko, the Chief of Staff runs up the side of the wall without falling off and clears the top of the wall with a mighty leap before sprinting along his magenta boardwalk once more towards the red mist.
Marisa: It's anotha message from Outpost 4. Says dat Yuuji's put da troops dere on standby to get ready to pull out.

Two hours after the Chief of Staff's departure from the palace, Kirisame Marisa is with Hakurei Reimu in the throne room. Marisa is leaning on her broom that is levitating about two feet off the floor while Reimu scans through the latest update on the situation in Outpost 4.

Reimu: This says that Sawatari-san is investigating the red mist to figure out its origins and its causes. I hope something good comes out of it, whatever it may be.

Marisa: Which leads me ta wonder, wat can we learn more from it? I mean, we already know dat da mist is cuza da vampire gal, dat it's nonlethal, and dat it means dat she's in a fightin' mood. Seriously, wat else?

Reimu: I do not know either, Marisa. But knowing our Chief of Staff, even if it's only been a little more than a month and a half since his arrival…he's probably going to find something…

Reimu stands up from her modest throne, rearranging her creased robes.

Reimu: I'm going to prepare the declaration of war again. It doesn't take a genius – or our own Chief for that matter – to realize that this red mist means war, imminent war.

Marisa: Ah. No mistake 'bout dat.

Suddenly, a rapid padding of feet on tatami streaks down the void outside and stops outside the throne room doors before they are thrown open, revealing a panting Genji clutching another of the all-too-familiar report scrolls in his right hand.

Genji: Hakurei-sama! This is an emergency!

Reimu: We know, we know. We've already gotten about three of these alrea-

Genji: This is different, Hakurei-sama! Sawatari-dono has been ambushed!

Marisa/Reimu: WHAT? !
Yuuji: All troops at Outpost 4, retreat back to Garrison 4 along the river Kyo immediately!

Nagafume: All troops, fall back now! Sir, what about you, Chief? What's going on over there! I can hear fighting in the background!

Yuuji: This is an ambush, Major! I have been surprise-attacked! But do not worry about me, concentrate your efforts on getting all our boys back to the next garrison!

Nagafume: But sir-


Nagafume: Y-yes sir!

Deep inside the red haze, the Hakurei Chief of Staff is barrel-rolling, somersaulting, ducking, leaping, dodging attacks he cannot see. Armed with only a fruit knife, Yuuji tracks the vectors of incoming attacks and parries them away.

Yuuji: Damn it. Let me think about the progression of events here…


Yuuji takes an uppercut swipe, and the grating of iron on something equally as hard shatters the air.

Yuuji: I came here about ten minutes ago checking out this red mist to see if I could identify its substance. I'm pretty sure I know what it is, but I can't verify it. The mist has now become a haze, though, starting from just a few minutes ago. A haze so thick that I can't see five feet ahead of me. Something is attacking me – I detect at least two targets. But this haze is screwing up my tracking somehow. And the worst thing is-

A horizontal cut this time, another shower of sparks.

Yuuji: I can't sense where I came from. F*ck, man, this haze is really annoying, isn't it…

Voice: This is for Cirno-chan~!

Yuuji: Cirno…? Wait, what-

In front of him, a small figure with an armful of darkness blurs into view, poised to strike at his head. Instinctively ducking underneath the thrust, Yuuji then propels forward, left elbow out like a knobbed shield. It contacts, and the ball of darkness is sent hurtling away along the ground.

Yuuji: Darkness…could you be…?

The ball of darkness contracts and fades into oblivion, revealing a small girl in curiously modern attire. Suited up in a red tie underneath her black shin-length dress and white dress shirt, complete with a red bowtie straddling the side of her head, the girl gets back to her feet uncomfortably.

Yuuji: You're who they call Rumia, the youkai of darkness, aren't you?

Rumia: That is so~ But what good will knowing that do you when I'm about to eat you~?

Yuuji: Since when did you have such an appetite…

Rumia charges again, her two hands melting away into liquid darkness, like tar.

Yuuji: Being touched by that won't be too thrilling, will it now? Then, in that case…

Just before Rumia thrusts her wrists at Yuuji's neck, the Chief suddenly extends his own, closing his fingers around the youkai's neck due to the simple fact that his arm is longer than Rumia's. Swiftly throwing her upwards towards the reddened sky before she can recover, Yuuji instant-moves behind her once she hits her maximum height in the air, knees her chin once to flip her body the other way, and slams his left heel onto Rumia's stomach, sending her once again flying to the earth.

Yuuji: [50 Arrows of Light]!

The orbs of light once again are summoned to release fifty arrowhead vectors of light energy that zigzag through the air before coming together to strike the youkai at the ground. Screams resonate from the resulting dirt cloud that is kicked up as Yuuji lightly lands on his feet and hands.

Yuuji: That probably wasn't warranted, but it's either she or I. And right now I think I'll prefer me. For the time being, anyway.

Familiar Voice: Sawatari-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

From his left, a shrill voice cries out. As soon as Yuuji turns to see who it is, the red haze that surrounds them is instantly blasted out of the vicinity, revealing his exit and his queen and friend.
Yuuji: Reimu-san? Marisa-san?

Reimu: Sawatari-san, we received word that you were under attack, so we came as fast as possible. Are you okay? Where is the enemy?

Yuuji: I'm fine, don't worry. You need not have come, to be honest. I was just scouting this area and investigating this mist for myself when Rumia came along and-

Reimu: Wait, Rumia? Isn't she one of Cirno's friends?

Yuuji: I think so, yeah. When she first attacked me, she said something along the lines of "This is for Cirno-chan" or something close to that. So we can only assume that they are.

Reimu: Where is she? We should just capture her now to save us the burden of having to search for her later.

Yuuji: Well, she would be over there in that hole that I just made, but…

Upon investigation, the hole is now unoccupied.

Yuuji: …seems like she escaped when you made your entrance.

Reimu: …tch, we were careless…

Marisa: Ah chill out, Reimu! Wat's a stupid youkai matter anyhow?

Reimu: It DOES matter, Marisa! Rumia isn't a normal, run-of-the-mill youkai! She can be extremely dangerous if we're not careful!

Yuuji: Extremely dangerous…? How so, Reimu-san? I'd like to know more about this.

Reimu: Now's not the time for this discussion, Sawatari-san. We must go back to Hakurei to rally our forces once again for war.

Yuuji: War…wait, did you just-?

Marisa: Yap, we just declared war on dem SDM fools.

Yuuji: God d*mn it, we just got done with another war just a month ago and now we've thrust ourselves into yet another one? I strongly object, Reimu-san!

Reimu: Well that's just too bad, Chief! This is going to be the last time the Scarlet Devil's ever going to brew up trouble like this, and it will be better to end it sooner than later! Besides, you were our key commander that prevented us from taking any casualties, right? Show me that you can pull that off again!

A moment's tense silence strangles the thin air.

Yuuji: …as you wish, then. We shall go to war. Marisa, I'll be hitchin' a ride again.

Marisa: As always. Hop on, we got sh*t to git done.
Our jolly ball of darkness Rumia hits the scene! I actually have a lot to say and write about Rumia from my dream. You will probably recognize her too.

RUMIA: 3, 3, 4, 3, 6, 7, 2, 2, 3
Starting Troops: 300/300
Starting Level: 60/400
Job: Patrol Guard

DS1: BLACK GUARD: 40% guard rate per intel stat, increases all ally guard rates by 5% times unit's intel stat

DS2: DARKNESS GUARD: Rumia casts darkness over an ally unit. Unit will have 100% chance to evade incoming attacks for 5 turns, but accuracy will decrease by 40%. Rumia cannot use this move on her own unit


OS1: FOOT SOLDIER CRUSH: When attacking foot soldiers, 1.3x ATK + 80% guard rate knockoff.

OS2: ADVENT DARKNESS: Rumia spreads darkness over the enemy field. All enemies have 30% chance to miss for the rest of the battle. All ACT.

PS1: MANIPULATION OF DARKNESS: Rumia's ability to manipulate darkness gives all ally units and commanders in army and solo battles +25% evade chance.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Another fairly long entry. It's about to get started.

Characters will become introduced, but I will be saving some of their stats and the like until later, when I feel it is appropriate to disclose them. Then again, I don't know exactly how many of you care to begin with.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
The Candles Are Being Blown Out

Unknown Voice: Oh-ho? What's this…it seems as though we have a newcomer within our midst…

Unknown Voice 2: Yes, ma'am. We have been receiving reports of a new and significantly powerful human who has recently joined the ranks of the Hakurei to the northwest.

Unknown Voice: I see…so that was the strange presence that I felt that was battling the youkai we hired named Rumia.

Unknown Voice 2: Yes, ma'am. The one they call Rumia wanted to return a favor to that particular newcomer for what they recently did to her homeland just approximately four weeks ago.

Unknown Voice: Heeeh~ So there are many plotlines mixed into this? I like it. Drama and tension in the midst of a coming war…that is just how I like my tea. Which is it for today? This seems to be a new blend.

Unknown Voice 2: Yes, ma'am. Our tea brewers have been experimenting with different fusions of your favorite flavors, and this one that they have just yesterday produced is what they seem to call "Fleur des Moines". How is it, milady?

Unknown Voice: Hmmmm…

A very quiet, barely audible sip.

Unknown Voice: Quite. I find this…a deep taste. Deep, but soothing. Tell the brewers that they have outdone themselves once again, Sakuya.

Unknown Voice 2: Certainly, Remilia-sama.

A much more illuminating light from the chandelier beholds the stoic and quiet study to dark orange candle rays that cause shadows to dance and flicker in their presence. The owners of the voices are somewhat revealed, just enough to show their figures. Sitting at a neatly organized desk with a teacup with steaming tea in her right hand and teacup holder in her left, a small lady quietly indulges in her favorite pastime as a tall woman in maid garb climbs down from a ladder with a burnt-out match in hand.

Izayoi Sakuya: Is the lighting fine, ma'am?

Remilia Scarlet: Yes, that's perfect. In any case, it is about time for our general meeting. Shall we go, Sakuya?

Sakuya: Of course, ma'am.

Remilia: Go then, we shall. Come.
The grand court of the Scarlet Devil Mansion is said to be the grandest of all throughout the land of Gensokyou, and to good reason. It alone covers four times as much area as does the entire Hakurei palace, meaning that the Mansion itself is so colossal that it has an entire county to itself. The grand court, for its part, is adorned with everything from French tapestries to Mediterranean-style pumice statues that double as fountains, creating systems of miniature rivers that weave in and about the interior of the palace. And of course, at the far end of the court, with her handmaid behind her, Remilia Scarlet seats herself on her throne.

Sakuya: This is today's report on the progress of the Red Haze. It has now passed our border with Hakurei, and it is well on its way throughout the country.

Remilia: I see, good, good. Everything is going to plan. Nearly two decades has it been since my last failure due to the previous leader of Hakurei, Hakurei Miko. It will be quite the sweet revenge for me to succeed this time.

Sakuya: Do not blame yourself too much, ma'am. Hakurei Miko-dono was the most formidable opponent anywhere throughout Gensokyou. The fact that you had achieved so much before we were stopped attests to your strength and prowess. Now that Miko-dono is now missing, it was great timing on your part to launch your project once again.

Remilia: Indeed…that Hakurei Miko was, excuse my course language, one hell of a foe. I can almost feel her strikes to this day, they hurt so badly…but I cannot bring myself to hate her or detest her. I admire her too much as a fighter and a warrior to do so.

Sakuya: As expected of Remilia-sama.

Remilia: Hmpf…wait, what's this?

Remilia squints at the last footnote on the report in her hands, reading it over a few times over.

Possible halting of Red Haze imminent
Cause Unknown
Spread rate decreased by estimated 0.5% in three hours

Remilia: …already we have bad news. Sakuya, read this. What can you advise me about this situation?

Remilia turns to her handmaid, handing her the pamphlet. The maid receives it and holds it up to the chandlier light, her blue eyes scanning the lines.

Sakuya: Indeed it seems we have trouble. I predict that this is due to the Hakurei's new Chief of Staff, Sawatari Yuuji. We have intelligence on all major commanders in every country in Gensokyou except this man. His origins are unknown and his abilities unconfirmed. What we do know about this man is listed on this paper. Koakuma, Patchouli's assistant, has gathered the data.

Remilia: Hmmm…

Taking the clean white sheet of paper, Remilia solemnly scans the paper. Koakuma's handwriting is a jewel to view.

-Sawatari Yuuji
-New Hakurei Chief of Staff, installed just a month before
-origins mysterious
-abilities: unknown/unconfirmed
-male, human, roughly 15 years of age
-has led Hakurei against T9 in recent territorial war successfully w/o any Hakurei casualties

Remilia's eyes and slit-like pupils contract slightly at the last line.

Remilia: Heh…it seems as though this Sawatari Yuuji fellow is quite the character. No casualties in a war…unheard of…

Sakuya: Indeed, milady. This newcomer is no small opponent either. We must take caution and eliminate him, if possible. He, along with the Hakurei's top commanders, will be the biggest obstacles to Project Scarlet Devil.

Remilia: Without a doubt. Alright, let us commence this meeting. Patchouli, if you will, please.

From behind Remilia's right, emerging from a set of double doors filled with darkness, steps out a purple-robed lady with double buns and a yellow crescent adorning her left bun. In her right hand, there rests a book entitled Bibliotheca Stataria Magna. The woman enters the chandelier light, presenting herself in front of the massive court, where hundreds of military officers wait on their superiors with swords unsheathed in honor.

Patchouli Knowledge: You may put away your weapons. Greetings, I am known as Patchouli Knowledge. I am the de facto librarian of the Scarlet Devil Mansion royal archives, and, as I am sure, not many of you know of my presence since I do not leave my library too often. But hopefully you will overlook that inconvenience, and I will explain our Queen's master plan.

The officers turn to the front of the court, where Patchouli opens her book in hand, levitates her left hand over the pages, and whispers a few words. A screen-like wall of light sheens down in front of Remilia's throne, and a real-time map of the Scarlet Devil Mansion's territories appears.

Patchouli: For those of you who have not heard or known by now, what you see in front of you is Remilia-sama's master plan to conquer central Gensokyou, or what we have entitled "The Scarlet Devil Project". The red that you see here indicates the progress of the Red Haze that Remilia-sama has created in order to prepare for the upcoming war. This Red Haze is a nonlethal kind of fog that disrupts enemy magical and sensual abilities and also gives our Queen perfect, real-time information of what is happening inside the Haze. At this point in time, the Haze is about to enter Eientein territory, and it is a good five miles into Hakurei territory. Once the Red Haze is halfway into Hakurei, we will send out Devil Vanguard units 1 and 2 to lead a preemptive strike against Hakurei. Are there any question-

The massive double doors that serve as the main entrance into the grand court hall burst open as if Cyclops kicked them open, and in rushes a very tall and well-endowed woman in a green Chinese dress finished with white outlinings and blockish designs on the outside interior and very long red hair with sidebraids. Looking panicky and breathing heavily, showing obvious signs of extreme physical exertion, she stops just as the double doors swing shut once again behind her.

Remilia: What is it, Hong Meiling? Why the rush?

Hong Meiling: It's an emergency, Remilia-sama! The Hakurei have declared war on us!

An electric shock is jolted through the court. The officers also start to show signs of panic, but they keep their composure as they look to their Queen for guidance. Murmurs nonetheless ripple through the air.

Remilia: Hmmm…this is quite troublesome. It seems they have acted far more quickly than we anticipated.

Meiling: That is not all, Remilia-sama! I have here an official declaration of war from the Hakurei Queen herself!

Sakuya: Bring it here so we may see, Meiling.

Meiling: Y-yes, ma'am!

The lady in the Chinese dress sprints down the length of the court, abou half a mile long, to her Queen. Upon reaching her, she hands the scroll to Remilia.

Remilia: …mm…this indeed is official. We have no choice but to return the favor.

Patchouli: But, Remilia-sama, if we are to declare war now, that would mean pushing our projected schedule ahead of time by nearly two weeks. That will throw off the conjunction with lunar patterns of this month.

Remilia: We will make do. Besides, I will just count on you to make an artificial moon for me. Or am I incorrect on the matter?

Patchouli: It is not that you are incorrect, but it is because my own spellcard to activate an artificial moon will only be half as strong as natural moonlight.

Remilia: That is still good enough. Come here, Koakuma. We will need you to write out for me a declaration of war as well.

Once again from behind Remilia, from the same set of doors that Patchouli Knowledge also appeared, a prim and stunningly beautiful lady, dressed in fascinatingly modern attire with business suit and short skirt, red high heels, and tie, walks out and takes her place next to the throne. Her most distinctive features are the two sets of bat-like wings, one smaller pair on the back of her head and one larger pair down near the bottom half of the back of her abdomen.

Koakuma: I am ready, milady.

Remilia: Write this.

Koakuma methodically raises her arms out in front of her, and a blood red set of double circles spiral into existence. As Remilia speaks, the interior circle fills with French characters.

Remilia: Two decades ago, I have tried but failed in my plan to regain my fullest power. Today, I seek to fulfill what I could not for the past three hundred years. It is my utmost pleasure to hereby announce our intention to reciprocate the favor that the Hakurei girl has bestowed upon us this day. Beware, lest the nightmare of the Scarlet Devil descend upon you!

Cheers and chants erupt from the court as the war between Hakurei and the Scarlet Devil Mansion snowballs into high gear.
Genji: The Scarlet Devil Mansion has also declared war on us, Hakurei-sama.

Another war strategy meeting has assembled in the Hakuri royal court. All the usual players have congregated to draw up the general war plan against the SDM. Two new faces, however, can be seen towards the front of the court: Cirno is looking around almost frantically, absorbing as much as she can of her surroundings as this is her first time beholding such a majestic place. Daiyousei has tried to keep her calm, but at the Chief's gentle urging, she has settled to just watching over Cirno to make sure she does not interrupt the meeting.

Reimu: That was to be expected. I know the Devil over there. She won't pass up an opportunity to declare war, especially if a descendant of the Hakurei bloodline is involved.

Marisa: Awright, now dat we've got our enemy in our sights, anyone got suggestions fer attack?

The meeting draws on for two hours as the Hakurei queen consults with her officers with the best possible strategy against SDM, but so far no dice have been rolled.

Reimu: Aaaahhh…nothing seems to be a good idea…

Cirno: Reimu, Reimu! Take dis!

Reimu: Hmm…?

Reimu tiredly looks to her right, and she beholds Cirno holding out to her a sharp, arrowhead-like icicle shard. Reimu's face contorts into a what-in-the-name-of-Zun-is-this countenance. Cirno, seeing Reimu's reaction, starts to pout.

Cirno: Heeeey, dun look at me liek dat! It's jus' one 'a mah icicles from me back! Take it, it tastes weally good! See?

Cirno reaches back and pulls one of the icicles that make up her icicle wings. She brings it up to her mouth and licks it enthusiastically.

Cirno: Mmmmmm! See? Take it, take it!

Reimu: Uhhhh…I…suppose so…

Hesitantly, the Queen takes the ice shard from Cirno.

Reimu: …I rather wish I could have Marisa to taste this before me, but she's busy trying to sort out an attack coordination with some of our diviner commanders. Well, since it's Cirno, I hope it's nothing bad…

Reimu licks the ice shard.

Reimu: …huh…it's good…but what kind of taste is this?

Cirno: Seee? Eye told yaaaaa! It's good, ain't it? Ain't it?

Reimu: Y…yeah…thanks…

Cirno: Ehheheehehe!

Giggling and spinning, Cirno tumbles around along the ground near Reimu's throne singing something about ice and frogs. The sound of a door quietly clicking shut bounces past Reimu, who turns around to see her Chief of Staff walking in towards her.

Yuuji: Have we come up with a satisfactory plan of attack yet?

Reimu: Sigh…unfortunately, no…there are just too many loopholes and things we just do not have the information on to adequately establish a solid strategy. Might you have some suggestions on what we could do?

Yuuji: You asked at just the right time. Let me get all the commanders together, there's a few things I want to ask everyone.

Reimu: Let me guess…you've been holed up in the archives again, haven't you?

Yuuji: Heh…where else would I be at such an urgent time like this? Alright, everybody, may I have your attention up here, please.

Everyone in the hall except Cirno gives his or her attention to the Chief.

Yuuji: I understand that we have not come to a conclusive strategy against SDM. What is the most cohesive plan of attack that we do have?

Marisa: Right here. Take dat, and read it over.

Marisa flicks a piece of paper desecrated with the scribblings of a madman to Yuuji, who catches it with his index and middle fingers.

Yuuji: …so you're planning to attack straight through our border and invade that way through the Red Haze.

Marisa: Dat's the only thing we got. We were talkin' 'bout how we could attack from other countries, but most likely dey won't like dat. Plus, we got no idea who we'll face first. The SDM hasn't been in a war since deir last one twenty years ago, so we ain't got no records of their military standin'.

Yuuji: …This is going to fail miserably. Let's be honest, most of you know already that this plan isn't the greatest, right?

A solemn silence ensues. Marisa scratches her poofy black magician's hat awkwardly with a light broken chuckle.

Yuuji: Here's why this is going to fail. The Red Haze has spread-

Yuuji pulls out a rolled-up map sticking out of his back pocket and unfurls it and hangs it in midair.

Yuuji: -to here. That's already penetrated our second line of defense. Do you guys know why the Red Haze is so dangerous?

A few heads shake, while most others stay solemnly quiet.

Yuuji: As all of you know by now, I was ambushed while investigating the Red Haze just two days ago. The Red Haze, from what I can deduce, somehow interferes with magical and innate abilities. From hearing reports from the surrounding areas, I have also heard that youkai and humans alike who don't necessarily have any powers or abilities are suffering worse consequences due to sustained presence inside the Red Haze, like nausea, symptoms of everyday sicknesses like colds and the like. This means that we're screwed if we try to hit that Haze head-on.

Reimu: Wait! But I was under the impression that the Red Haze was only meant as a visual hindrance, not as an actual impediment to performance.

Yuuji: That was two decades ago, dear Queen. Things have changed – wouldn't you think that the Scarlet Devil would have switched up tactics along the way?

Reimu: …that's…true…

Yuuji: I have been spending much of the time since our official declaration of war on SDM in the royal archives, and here is what I know. I need all of you to fill in the gaps for me since I am but a newcomer to this world. Daiyousei, if you would, please.

Daiyousei: Y-yes, right away!

The green fairy standing close to Reimu's throne steps forward and casts a screen of white light, almost like a whiteboard.

Yuuji: We know that our opponent this time is not some army filled with fairies. No offense to either of you. They are led by extremely capable and extremely dangerous commanders. I
believe these are the prominent ones.

Yuuji scribbles on the lightscreen in messily neat cursive kanji. The board now reads:

-Remilia Scarlet
-Flandre Scarlet
-Izayoi Sakuya
-Patchouli Knowledge
-Hong Meiling

Yuuji: Obviously we know that Remilia Scarlet is the leader of SDM, so undoubtedly she will be very powerful. But what about the others? The archives didn't mention much about the others, only what they are capable of.

Marisa: I can tell ya a bit 'bout Patchy. She's an elemental mage, meanin' dat she's got powers over da elements and can combine dem and use 'em however she sees fit. We're good buddies, but I dunno if dat's gonna change with dis war 'n all. She's usually jus' a shut-in dough, I ain't too sure if she'll actually come out to fight.

Yuuji: How strong is she?

Marisa: She's a dangerous gal, Chief. But her chronic asthma keeps her from bein' too active. So ya can't really blame 'er for sittin' 'round in her library all day…

Yuuji: I see. So that probably means we won't actually see her in combat, which is good. Anyone else?

Reimu: Watch out for Izayoi Sakuya, ladies and gentlemen. She is extremely dangerous. I heard that she was a vampire hunter before she started working for Remilia, but not only is that ironic, but that's highly unlikely. In any case, Sakuya can control time.

Yuuji: Time? Tell me more. What do you mean?

Reimu: Sakuya is a human just like us, Sawatari-san. But she can manipulate the flow of time. This means that she can control not only time, but space and reality as well.

Yuuji: Because the concepts of time and space are so closely intertwined, she's able to control both. Huh, I see…

Reimu: You catch on quick. She controls time with a stopwatch that she carries around with her all the time that was given to her by her mistress, Remilia. Without it, she can't use her time manipulation ability to the extent as she can when she has it on her.

Yuuji: Hmmm…so…maybe…just maybe…could it be External Time Control…?

Reimu: Huh? I couldn't hear you.

Yuuji: Never mind, I was just thinking about it to myself. But the biggest worries I have in mind are the Scarlets. Let's talk about Remilia. What do any of you know about her?

Reimu: Genji, you served under my mother when she fought Remilia Scarlet. Tell us what you know about the Scarlet Devil.

Genji: Certainly, milady. A score of years ago, I fought as second-in-command to Reimu-sama's mother, Hakurei Miko-sama. I had seen many skirmishes between Miko-sama and the Scarlet Devil, but the final battle between the two has been burned into my memory. The Scarlet Devil is a cunning fighter but a ferocious one…when she becomes aroused by the fight, her vampiric instincts completely dominate her psyche-

Yuuji: Hold on, hold on Genji-san. Did you just say…"vampiric"…?

Genji: Affirmative, sire. Remilia Scarlet is indeed a vampire.

Yuuji: Vampire…that would explain a few things. This makes sense now.

Marisa: Such as…?

Yuuji: Think about it. Remilia Scarlet is a vampire…by the way, I should ask this now: do any of you know why the Red Haze appears?

Reimu: Well, I thought it was only to announce the Scarlet Devil's intention of making war again. That's all we ever heard of it, anyhow.

Yuuji: That's not it. Guys, girls, everyone, think about it. Why would our enemy just so blatantly declare war like that? From a military standpoint, the Red Haze is an absolutely ridiculous thing to do. Sure, it'll impede our battle performances a little bit. But as long as we know that they're about to fight, we have the time to gear up ourselves and be prepared to attack or defend depending on what happens after the initial declarations of war. That's not what normal military strategy calls for – at least, not in the way that I'm familiar with. There's something else. And it's got to do with Remilia Scarlet.

Reimu: So? Then what is it?

Yuuji: The Red Haze is more than just a mere fog that slightly puts a dent on our own abilities. It's a catalyst for Remilia Scarlet to enhance her abilities and strength, and it's also a sort of smokescreen so that she doesn't have to worry about being weakened by fighting in broad daylight.

A tense silence ensues as everyone who has heard this digests the words. Then, clicks echo off the walls of the court rather loudly.

Marisa: 'A course! Godd*mn it, why the freakin' hell didn't we see dis before?

Reimu: That…that would explain many things…

Yuuji: What, are you telling me that none of you ever gave this a single moment's consideration?

No one has the confidence to answer him.

Yuuji: I'm disappointed…I apologize, my Queen…

Reimu: Hey! Don't give me that sympathetic look!

Yuuji: No, well, I thought it was rather apparent after I learned that Remilia Scarlet is really a vampire…

Marisa: But how would you know, Chief? You didn't even know who Remy was 'til Genji here told you 'bout her. In fact, only Reimu and Genji here's da only ones who know anything 'bout da Scarlet Devil, and even den dey couldn't figure it out. So why you?

Yuuji: That's hard to answer, Marisa-san. To be honest, I have experience in dealing with vampires before. You may not believe me, but please remember that I am not technically of this world. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but none of you are fully aware of what I am capable of. I happen to know a few things about vampires. And it just so happens that I can kind of predict how this war will go.

The Chief of Staff redirects his attention to the lightscreen map once more.

Yuuji: Remilia will be the SDM's strongest commander by far. She will eventually come out to fight if she thinks the war on her end is progressing too slowly or if the war turns in our favor. But even then, vampiric self-confidence is usually very selfish and self-centered, for redundancy's sake. The key to winning this victory is to blitz them as fast as possible: capture as many strongpoints in SDM territory as we can, consolidate the most important and vital ones for resupply locations, and power through the rest. As many of you can see, I am proposing a very big gamble, for this entire battle plan is entirely dependent on what the SDM leader, Remilia Scarlet, will do. At any point in which the vampire decides to head out to personally fight, Reimu-san, Marisa-san, and I must face her. Reimu-san, do you have an idea how strong Remilia Scarlet is as an opponent?

Reimu: I think I can take her on, but by no means will it be an easy fight. I'm positive that I won't get away with only a few broken limbs.

Yuuji: Then that's a problem. But if we hit the jackpot in this, what will happen is that the vampire will believe that our blitz is just a scare tactic, that we blitzed so fast and hard that we'll eventually run out of steam before we can completely conquer SDM. So she won't do anything, and instead, she'll simply wait until we start slowing down and losing battles. There's another danger point to this plan: if we falter, we're gone.

Marisa: So many potential flaws…is dis really da best idea we got here?

Yuuji: Success can never be fully achieved without risk, Marisa-san. I know this is a black box full of risks that we're sticking our hands into right now, but none of us here really know the true extent of the vampire's power except Genji-san, and even then he probably won't be able to tell us adequately that. But I've got a back-up plan: should ANYONE see the vampire out and about, immediately fetch for me. I have a "secret weapon", so to speak, that may be effective against her. But it will only work if Remilia Scarlet is truly a vampire.

Marisa/Reimu: Huh…

Yuuji: Unfortunately, I can't disclose any information of what it is in case there be a spy or mole in our midst.

Reimu: Hah, so you mean to suggest that discussing our national war policy out loud is less significant than your petty "secret weapon", is it now?

Yuuji: I don't mean to be rude, and I beg your pardon, Reimu-san, but war policies and strategy can be changed to fit the situation. But weapons cannot. Once the enemy knows what you are wielding, they can prepare accordingly, and unless you completely reformat you equipment, you are screwed. Especially if it is a magical or innate ability and not a physical weapon like a sword or spear. If Remilia Scarlet finds out about what I have in store for her, I will definitely be getting assassination attempts by the dozen everyday.

Reimu: Hmph…such arrogance.

Yuuji: Call it arrogance, my Queen, call it whatever you like. At the end of the day, as long as we stand triumphant, you may ridicule whatever it is that I do.

The Chief taps the lightscreen again, and map zooms in on the border of Hakurei and SDM.

Yuuji: This is the opening blitz that I propose that we kick-start this war with. It will basically be the same as Marisa-san's original attack, but we're going to change things up a bit. Daiyousei, listen closely. This first attack will depend heavily on you.

Daiyousei: E-e-eh? U-u-u-um…o-okay…

Yuuji: Because the Red Haze will decrease our ground troops' performance considerably, we're going to deploy our Special Force aerial diviner units first, led by Reimu-san and Marisa-san themselves. Those two will use light-based spellcards and fire them at the general direction of the Red Haze. This is where you come in, Daiyousei. Your ability is to manipulate light to a certain degree, correct?

Daiyousei: Y-yes!

Yuuji: What you're going to do is amplify the light in the spellcards that Marisa-san and Reimu-san use. I have been doing some researching in the Archives, and with my experience fighting in the Haze, I have concluded that artificially produced light will force the Red Haze to recede.

Marisa: He's right, Reimu! You know how we got sum reports earlier today dat the Red Haze was actually abatin' a lil' in certain parts of da country? Now dat I dink 'bout it, dat's 'cause dere's lotsa fireflies in dose regions! Da fireflies musta been pushin' back dat Haze durin' da night, so durin' the day the Haze can't advance.

Reimu: R…really…

Yuuji: This way, we'll be able to literally blow the Haze out of our way as we advance. We must prepare our troops for an intensive thrust into enemy territory, because surprise here is our most crucial element. We must rush through as far as we can before the SDM troops figure out what's going on.

Marisa: I'm all fer dis plan here. Anyone else?

In the end, Yuuji's strategy was eventually accepted, with modifications here and there. After the meeting is adjourned and after all the officers have bowed their way out of the court, the Chief turns to Marisa and Reimu, who are discussing dinner options.

Yuuji: There's one last thing that I never had the opportunity to ask until now. Who's Flandre Scarlet? The Archives only mention her in passing, but they never go in detail who she is. I can only guess she's a sort of relative to Remilia Scarlet, seeing that they both have the same surname.

Reimu's face clouds over.

Reimu: I don't know too much about her. In fact, no one knows exactly who she is. But I've heard that her ability is to destroy any and everything. I have no idea what that means, but if we ever run across her anytime soon, we can definitely be sure to die.

Marisa: W-whoa…dat's…dat's pretty intense…

Yuuji: Indeed…

The three exit in silence, preparing themselves for a long war.
Oh yes, there will be epic battles.

Or so I think they are.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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I tried to think of some sort of impactful introduction. After sitting here for a good ten minutes, I don't think it's happening. Not for this chapter, at least.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
Bringing the Family Together Again, One Piece At A Time

Yuuji: There you are, finally found you two.

It has been about four hours since the end of the general war policy meeting, and the wee hours of dusk are just falling on the Hakurei royal palace gardens, where Cirno and Daiyousei frequently spend their ignorantly blissful afternoons playing.

Cirno: Haaaay, Yuuji! Waaaatchaaaa dooooooin'?

Yuuji: Workin'.

Cirno: Bawwwww, dat's no fun! Come play wid us!

Yuuji: Heh, sorry Cirno. Maybe next time. But you two, there's something important I want to talk about. It's regarding your friend Rumia.

Daiyousei/Cirno: Rumia-chan? !

Yuuji: Yes, so get over here. It's not going to be a long talk.

Daiyousei and Cirno fly quickly over to him from the lake that they were hovering over to play catch with a ball made out of straw.

Yuuji: By the way, where's Rin-san?

Daiyousei: She's practicing on the other side of the gardens.

Yuuji: I see. Anyways, you know how I was away a couple days ago to check out that Red Haze that we've been talking about, right?

Daiyousei: Yes.

Cirno: Ya, wat 'bout it?

Yuuji: When I went into the haze, I was attacked by your friend Rumia. We haven't confirmed this for sure, but I'm thinking that Rumia is right now fighting for SDM.

Daiyousei: O-oh…I…I see…

Cirno: R u sure? ! Rumia-chan's dere? ! Fer realz? !

Yuuji: Positive, Cirno. I saw with my own eyes. But here's where you come in: because Daiyousei's going to be busy with helping out Reimu-san and Marisa-san in clearing out the Red Haze, you, Cirno, will accompany me with the ground troops to try to capture Rumia. Rumia is still thinking a lot about you two, and maybe you can have her defect to us, Cirno.

Cirno: D…de…fect…defect…? Wuz dat?

Yuuji: It means telling her to join us because we're better. Plus, it'd be better for both of you, right? You'll have another friend with you.

Cirno: Ya, 'course! Let's go, now, now, now!

Yuuji: Well, we can't just leave now. But we will in about a day or two. I just wanted to let you guys know that Rumia's out there. Hopefully we can get to her before anyone else does.

Daiyousei: Yes!

Cirno: U got it!

Yuuji: Goodie. That's all I wanted to talk about, make sure both of you get lotsa rest tonight, the war won't be easy.

Yuuji watches them fly and fool around for a little bit before he retires to his study just as the waning sun dips over the horizon, the drying streaks of radiant red, orange, and yellow peeling away to the impending blackness of the red night.
The next morning, as the sun is just starting to warm the earth of its bitter cold from the night before, the bulk of the Hakurei army stands by on the plains on which the Red Haze was first sighted. The Red Haze has receded somewhat but lingers yet around the border of the Hakurei and SDM.

Yuuji: Alright, ladies n' gents. Y'all ready for war?

Hakurei Chief of Staff Sawatari Yuuji leads the vanguard of the ground forces with Cirno and Genji flanking him. About four hundred meters above, Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, and Daiyousei ride the air with small squads of aerial diviner soldiers.

Reimu: We're ready to commence Operation Lancelight. On your call, Chief Sawatari-san.

Yuuji: Get your spellcards ready, Reimu-san, Marisa-san. Daiyousei, you too. Alright, my troops, follow me!

Yuuji's unit breaks away from the rest of the Hakurei army and steadily approaches the limits of the Red Haze with a light jog. But this jog is slowly gaining momentum and speed.

Marisa: Spellcards standin' by!

Yuuji: Go for it, now!




A rainbow-colored blast of light combines with a burst of tropical fireworks and suddenly inflates itself fivefold, hurtling towards the Red Haze. As soon as the combined lightworks crash into the earth, the Red Haze recoils back in the same manner as a snail would retract its sensitive eyes when touched.

Yuuji: LET'S GO!

A mighty orchestral roar of human voices precede their stampede as hundreds of heavily armed soldiers in the Hakurei red charge the border, newly freed of its imprisonment.
A few days after the initial Hakurei charge, the Chief of Staff stands before a medium-sized advance regiment of SDM troops on the outskirts of a youkai village.

Yuuji: Cirno, look. It's Rumia.

Cirno: Rumia-chan?! Where?!

Yuuji points off to the distance. Cirno follows the finger and squints childishly at its target, and her eyes widen in confirmation.

Cirno: Rumia-chan!!! She's here!!!

Yuuji: Yes, but she doesn't know we're here. I'm counting on you, Cirno, to convince her to join us.

Cirno: Hehehe, jus' leave it ta ME, da STRONGEST!

Yuuji: Then let's go! All troops, advance and take point!
Another handful of hours pass by until the battle is over. Once again, the Hakurei Chief of Staff maintains his perfect record of no casualties suffered, excluding dozens of soldier with rather serious wounds but otherwise fine.

Yuuji: Cirno! Did you get Rumia back?

Cirno: Eye called out ta 'er while we wuz fightin'! Eye sed, "Rumia-chan, come with us bak 2 our new home, it's fun there!" but eye dunno if she heard me or not…

Yuuji: Hmmm…well, if she doesn't come, she doesn't come. We'll have other chances to capture her. Are you hurt anywhere?

Cirno: No, not reawwy. Jus' a bruise here when somebody threw deir shield at me…eye stabbed 'im in da eye wit an icicle! Ha!

A shaky voice rings out behind them.

Soldier: Sir, s-sir! Look up there, there's some sort of black ball floating towards us!

Flipping around immediately, Yuuji and Cirno quickly locate the source of the trouble. A slowly contracting ball of darkness is indeed floating towards them painfully, bobbing up and down out of the nearby grove of apple trees that marks the easternmost limit of the nearby youkai village.

Yuuji: That's-

Cirno: RUMIA-CHAN! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Instantly as the name shoots through the air, the darkness evaporates, dropping Rumia out of the air.

Cirno: RUMIA-CHAN! RUMIA-CHAN! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Before she slams into the earth, Yuuji sprints off and dives with his arms out, cushioning the fall just in time. Cirno nearly crashes into him as he tries to set Rumia down properly.
Yuuji: Oh sh*t, she's hurt bad. Cirno, quick, make some blocks of ice that aren't too cold. We need to treat Rumia here right now.

Cirno: O-okay!

Yuuji: Rgh…

The young man's eyes widen ever so slowly as they dart back and forth from Rumia's wounds to his hands.

Yuuji: Double concussion, slightly fractured skull, broken right arm, sword wounds on left arm, multiple stabs in abdomen, ruptured blood vessels behind liver, dislocated right ankle, arrow wound on left shin. Man, you're a wreck. Sorry that our guys had to do this to you…

Cirno: Here! Quick, make 'er git better!

Yuuji: Thanks, but it'll take some time, just keep calm now, that's the best you can do for your friend. OI, WE NEED SOME MEDICS HERE NOW! On second thought, Cirno, bring some diviner medics, fast.

The ice fairy bolts off into the air again as Yuuji applies the slabs of cool, soothing ice to the most serious wounds. He then puts his hands over other injuries on Rumia's body and closes his eyes, focusing. His hands quietly erupt into green flames, scanning Rumia slowly as they close incisions, stab wounds, and blood vessels in their wake.

Rumia: Nnnnnngghhh…

Yuuji: You awake? Don't worry, we got you. Cirno's here, she'll be back in just a second.

Rumia: …i…is…that so…

Yuuji: Heh, always your little phrase. Yes, that's so. Now stop pushing yourself further; it's enough you nearly died getting here.

Cirno: Eye'm back, Yuuji! Dey're comin'!

Yuuji: Good, we need to get some bandages on her to hold some of her injuries.

Rumia: C…cir…no…ch…chan…?

Cirno: RUMIA-CHAN! ! ! !

The ice fairy accelerates and brakes hard next to the Chief.

Yuuji: Careful, Cirno. She's tired and exhausted, please calm down.

Cirno: Rumia-chan, it's me! Ur gonna be ok, ok!

Rumia smiles weakly, still breathing heavily, slowly drifting off as diviner medics gently apply silk bandages dipped in a light anethesthic to her wounds.
Reimu: So we managed to capture Rumia, the youkai of darkness? Very good, very good.

Marisa: Dat's our chief! Secondary objective complete, hellz yeah.

It has been another few days after Rumia's voluntary capture. Reimu and Marisa have just come back with their own units from scouting, and the main division of the Hakurei army have once again pitched for the night in a small valley well protected by thick but small forests and plenty of low-lying vegetation.

Yuuji: I don't know if she's recovered yet from her wounds and whatnot. Typically youkai have faster regeneration and healing rates than do humans, but she was pretty banged up hard. You still wanna see her?

Reimu: Yes, please. I just want to confirm with my own eyes.

Marisa: Dun mind me, I'm just taggin' 'long! Heehee.

Yuuji: As you ladies wish. Follow me.

The three walk through camp to the infirmary tent. Lifting the tarp entrance to enter, they spot Rumia sitting up in her bed and chatting energetically with Cirno, Daiyousei, and Rin.

Yuuji: Oh, what do you know. She's up already.

They approach the four fairies.

Daiyousei: Oh, hello, Yuuji-san.

Cirno: Haiii!

Rin: Oh...hello...

Yuuji: Hey Dai, Cirno, Rumia. How are you feeling now?

Rumia: Much better, thanks~

Yuuji: You happy to be with Cirno, Daiyousei, and Rin again?

Rumia: Yes, of course~ I wanna stay here~

Reimu: If you would like to stay here, Rumia, you'll have to fight for us. But we can let you fight with Cirno and Daiyousei. Is that okay?

Rumia: Is that so~ Okay, I understand~

Marisa: Whoa, quick.

Yuuji: Alrighty, then. Glad to see you're well again so quick, Rumia. Hope you recover soon.

Rumia: Okay~ Thanks for visiting me~

Cirno/Daiyousei: Bye!

Rin waves timidly.

As Yuuji, Reimu, and Marisa exit the infirmary tent, Yuuji breaks the silence.

Yuuji: Reimu-san, why were you so hellbent on capturing Rumia? Something's not adding up here. Rumia's not dangerous at all compared to our other targets, yet you treated her like she was some S-ranked criminal. I tried looking up the Archives before we left Hakurei to try to explain your behavior for myself, but it didn't hold much information on Rumia. Please tell me, Reimu-san. What is Rumia exactly?

Reimu: Now that she is under our dominion, I guess it is fine to tell you now. You already know that Rumia is the youkai of darkness because of her ability to manipulate darkness, right? There was one time when she was known…as the most dangerous youkai in all of Gensokyou.

The trio enters the Queen's personal tent, where attendants bring them chilled orange tea. Taking seats facing each other in the middle of the tent, Reimu resumes her story.

Reimu: You know the ribbon that Rumia wears on her head? That ribbon seals her true power. In fact, Rumia was so powerful that the ones who sealed her had to seal her; it was their only option. But they made it so that Rumia can never touch that ribbon, and even if she were to try, the ribbon will burn her hand.

Yuuji: Rumia…once the most fearsome youkai…?

Marisa: We heard da story from Reimu's mom years ago. How da border youkai and Yuuka had to fight Rumia down 'til somebody died. Mind ya, this all happen'd 'bout a few hundred years ago, so we can only go by wat we hear.

Yuuji: Then why was Rumia sealed? It's understandable that due to the nature of her power that she have her powers sealed away, but what would happen if the ribbon falls off?

Reimu: We don't know exactly why Rumia was sealed. But one thing's for sure – if that ribbon indeed does come off…

Reimu lowers her cup of orange tea.

Reimu: …may God have mercy on us.

Yuuji: Whoa…intense. But for a youkai like Rumia…

Marisa: Ya, it's hard ta believe, ain't it? Jus' trust Reimu, Chief. She knows dese things better dan any of us do.

Yuuji: Yeah…seems like that's the best option we have for now. Oh well, we'll deal with an EX-Rumia once the time comes…

Reimu: Please don't say it like that, sounds like we're about to fight her soon…

Yuuji: Ah, my bad…

And thus, Rumia joins the Hakurei army.
So now Rumia is once again reunited with Team Nineball. Can't wait until I introduce the others.

RUMIA: 3, 3, 4, 3, 6, 7, 2, 2, 3
Job: Patrol Guard
Starting Level: 90/500 (Level Break)
Starting Troops: 500/500

DS1: BLACK GUARD: 40% guard rate per intel stat, increases all ally guard rates by 5% times unit's intel stat

DS2: DARKNESS GUARD: Rumia casts darkness over an ally unit. Unit will have 100% chance to evade incoming attacks for 5 turns, but accuracy will decrease by 40%.


OS1: FOOT SOLDIER CRUSH: When attacking foot soldiers, 1.3x ATK + 80% guard rate knockoff.

OS2: ADVENT DARKNESS: Rumia spreads darkness over the enemy field. All enemies have 30% chance to miss for the rest of the battle. All ACT.

PS1: MANIPULATION OF DARKNESS: Rumia's ability to manipulate darkness gives all ally units and commanders in army and solo battles +25% evade chance.

Thank you for reading!

-Akyuu no Joshu


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The Hakurei army pushes onward. The faster, the better.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu
See, This is What Battles Are All About

Only five days later, the Hakurei army has successfully blitzed their way to the center of Paris, the first SDM province. Just as the Chief of Staff had predicted, no real SDM counterattack has yet been made to push back the Hakurei onslaught. And due to Yuuji's leadership, the Hakurei army maintains its perfect record of no fatal casualties, although there are still hundreds of wounded recovering in hospital camps set up in the wake of the Hakurei military's path of conquest.

Another battle is taking place between the two warring states. First starting out as a minor skirmish between Hakurei archers and SDM diviners, the battle scales upwards in size as both sides have called for backup.

Yuuji: Lieutenant Shogo, get your boys up to support the foot soldiers, they are going to falter! Sergeant Genki, prepare for another shikigami attack! We need to brace for the incoming cavalry charge, we'll need you boys to cover us from the skies!

As always, the Chief of Staff is in the middle of the battlefield, swinging around an eight-foot spear with a curved spearhead like a hook. The majority of the SDM troops in the vanguard are concentrating on taking him down, but so far to no avail. A wave of static crackles over Yuuji.

Soldier: Chief, sir! We are seeing SDM troops falling back! There seems to be a commander heading your way, ETA twenty seconds! In fact, all of the troops you are fighting are slowly pulling back!
Yuuji: Huh! What could they be planning-? All forces, fall back to Lieutenant Shogo's foot soldier line! Prepare for whatever's coming our way!

Sawatari Yuuji stands his ground as soldiers from both forces fall back to their respective sides of the field. Off in the distance, about 1200 meters away, a small dust cloud follows in the wake of this new SDM commander.

Soldier: We have visual on the SDM commander coming this way! The target is confirmed to be Hong Meiling, the Dragon of the Devil!

Yuuji: So she's the martial arts expert? Oh boy, I'm gonna get a kick outta this.

Hong Meiling: JAAAAOOOO!

Yuuji sharply looks up, into the center of the blinding sunlight sky, and immediately pushes off hard, away from where he was standing. Two-thirds of a second later, the area in which he was standing explodes into dust and earthly debris. That explosion is so great that it throws rocks and pebbles faster than the Chief had thrown himself backwards, and consequently Yuuji is pelted by miscellaneous debris in midair. Somersaulting and raking his hooked spear into the ground to brake, Yuuji lands on his feet and dissolves the spear, unarming himself. As the dust cloud dissipates, the tall woman in the green Chinese dress, long bloomers, and a peaked cap topped with a small yellow star with the Chinese character for "dragon" (Chinese), straightens her back, drawing her full height. Both armies stand at the ready behind their respective commanders, waiting for an order.

Hong Meiling: Sawatari Yuuji-san! My name is Hong Meiling, Gatekeeper of the Scarlet Devil Mansion! I have come to see if the rumors are true that you are indeed a strong opponent! Thus, I would like to challenge you to a duel, no weapons but our fists and bodies!

Yuuji: I will accept that challenge. In exchange, however, I request that whoever loses must become the prisoner of the other, and the loser's army must retreat to their respective camps. Is that fine?

Meiling: Sounds good to me. Now come!

The two foes kick off the ground and hurtle themselves at each other, covering the quarter-mile between them in three seconds flat. Their fists meet, cracking the air apart, and Meiling lunges forward with her unoccupied fist, aiming at Yuuji's belly. Yuuji sidesteps and wraps his grip around the fist that struck first, and somersaulting over Meiling's left shoulder, the Chief uses the momentum of the gravity in his fall to propel his opponent off her feet and slam her onto the earth, almost as if he were slapping the ground with a paper fan. Yuuji quickly jumps back as soon as he feels Meiling trying to return the favor, and this allows the SDM commander to jump back on her own feet as well.

Meiling: That was a nice grapple, I will give you that.

Yuuji: Thanks. I practice, you know.

Meiling: I didn't say you didn't…

Yuuji: Don't worry, I have other tricks up my sleeve as well.

Suddenly, Yuuji vanishes.

Meiling: W-what? Where-

Yuuji: -Behind.

Before giving her a chance to even turn around, Yuuji starts to go to town. Right hook to the right back side to the head, disappear, reappear in front of Meiling this time, three hard knocks into the abdomen, direct uppercut to the chin, and heel-up to the spine. While his opponent is stunned and flipping in midair, Yuuji whispers:

Yuuji: [SHARFE].

Curved golden vectors that indicate physical attacks fly out and repeatedly barrage themselves into Hong Meiling. About twenty or so such vectors strike before Yuuji watches his foe crash into the ground.

Yuuji: C'mon now, Meiling. I know you're not done, don't give in so easily.

Meiling: Who said I gave up?

Yuuji: Cra-

Out of the dust cloud that has been thrown up due to her crash, Meiling bursts of out it and lands a solid body slam on the Chief and follows it up with four kicks in midair. Yuuji blocks the first two with his arms, but the third breaks his guard and the fourth stuns him, hitting his lungs. While he is momentarily incapacitated, Meiling grabs his shirt to get a better leverage on him in midair, clasps her hands together in a major knuckle ball, raises it over her head as high as it can go, and throws it down, sending the Chief flying headfirst into the earth. As soon as Meiling lightly lands on her feet back on the ground, she turns around rapidly, beholding Sawatari Yuuji, now bleeding slightly from the scalp but with the same intensity as before, a few inches away from her face with a curled right thrust tucked away to be aimed at her eye. Meiling backhands it away with her left fist. Immediately, the two engage in a flurry of flying fists, leg thrusts, the sheer impacts of limbs cracking and slapping each other breaking the ground apart. After a whole minute of such close-quarters sparring, Meiling, with a mighty, sonic-boom-like roar, catches Yuuji's incoming right hook with her left hand, forms the tiger palm with her right, steps forward and pulls at the same time, and crashes the palm into Yuuji's solar plexus. The impact booms him nearly two hundred feet away, and Yuuji skids along the field as if it were ice, plunging his left hand into the earth soft from recent showers to help himself brake and right hand gripping the attack he just took. Coughing, the Chief looks up just in time to see his opponent holding out her right hand casually to her side. Large, rainbow-hued wisps of aura start to generate and swirl like a slow tornado gaining momentum, and an extremely bright, golden yellow card-like object rotates and revolves above her outstretched hand. Meiling suddenly snatches the card out of the air with her two fingers and flicks it away, and the card dissipates.

Meiling: [FLOWERY SIGN]…

Yuuji: Oh sh*t, a spellcard.

Barely have the words been ejected from the tip of his tongue when Meiling seems to cover that two hundred foot stretch faster than light can.


An explosion of rainbow-hued light combusts as soon as Meiling's rainbowed right backhand strike comes into contact with Yuuji's body. The Chief is propelled at an exact 45 degree angle, soaring a good fifty feet into the sky before traveling an exact parabolic trajectory and crash-landing back down to earth again, unable to recover in midair as he was momentarily paralyzed by Meiling's bright spellcard.

Meiling: Heh, so it's my win! You shouldn't be able to stand from that last attack if you're a normal human, like they say.

Yuuji: Agh…not quite yet, I'm afraid.

To the Chinese woman's complete shock, Yuuji jumps back to his feet again as easily as ever.

Meiling: W-what? I made sure that it would be able to knock down any normal human if it hit-!

Yuuji: Yeah, that was a good attack, it hurt quite a bit. You're not a human, but a youkai, aren't you? I probably couldn't guess if I hadn't felt that last spellcard…oh, and the reason why I'm still standing is because I'm not a normal human.

After brushing off the trickle of blood from his scalp and clearing his throat, Yuuji disappears yet again.

Yuuji: Dodge this if you can.

Meiling flips around yet again, but this time, Yuuji is not floating behind her.

Meiling: Wha-

Meiling's chin takes another foot, flying skywards like a bullet three hundred feet into the air. Yuuji recovers from his head-down, foot-up kicking stance and flies up to catch up with his foe.

Yuuji: This is the end.

A strong left backhand directly onto Meiling's stomach immediately followed by a downward right leg thrust that contacts her head. A shrill crunch of calcium displacing itself dismembers the clouds, and forming a magenta platform with his feet, Yuuji pushes off one last time, twisting his body head-first to gain momentum on his way down. As soon as Meiling smacks the ground sickeningly back-first, the Chief descends upon her.

Yuuji: Hup-!

The coup de grace is a simple, all-time favorite: a flying axe kick. The sheer energy that Yuuji has concentrated on his finishing blow ripples the earth apart, much like an earthquake would when splitting the ground. His target screams incohesively, blood intermixed with mucus and saliva and pain. Yuuji pushes off his axe leg and lands on the other side of his downed foe, who now lies motionless.

The battlefield, deathly quiet save for the duel's noises, remains silent as zephyrs begin to roll in to soothe the pains of the recent battle. But slowly, like a DJ meticulously pushing the noise bar up, the Hakurei army begins to cheer.

Yeah, he beat 'er!
Can you believe it!
Chief beat the legendary Dragon of the Devil!
Hell yeah!
Oh my God, he really just beat her!

Amidst the cheers and celebrations of the Hakurei troops behind him, the victor faces the SDM troops.

Yuuji: Honor our duel-bound promise. I have won; your commander is our prisoner and I hereby proclaim this territory Hakurei dominion. Send word to your leader that we, by the power of the Hakurei, will not stop our advance. Prepare yourselves.

The SDM troops, deciding to honor their fallen commander rather than avenge her, slowly pull back. Yuuji watches them fade away into the horizon, back to their nearest encampment.

Reimu: Sawatari-san, Sawatari-san!

Yuuji turns around, and his Queen flies in front of him.

Reimu: What happened? Why are there enemy troops falling back?

Yuuji points to his prisoner. Reimu gasps a little.

Reimu: T-this person is- Sawatari-san, you defeated the Dragon of the Devil, Hong Meiling?

Yuuji: Seems so. I mean, she's not moving, right?

Yuuji bends down to poke her a few times.

Reimu: Hey, what are you doing! Besides, what did you do to her to make her this injured? I've never seen her hurt like this…

Yuuji: Yeah, I had to go overboard, otherwise we would still be fighting. I can tell she's the type to keep fighting herself until she drops. In any case, she's our prisoner now, so that takes care of another vital commander on our hitlist. Let's get Meiling patched up.

Reimu: You're carrying her.

Yuuji: Hey, I just defeated her and you're telling me to carry my own d*mn opponent? Well, whatever. Least I can do for her…

Yuuji bends his knees, assuming a piggyback stance, as Reimu gently lifts Meiling by the armpits and, with a soft grunt, heaves her onto Yuuji's back, and they walk back to camp to regroup with the rest of the army present at this battle.
No! Sakuya-san, no, I tried! It wasn't because I was lazy! Oh God no, please don't, no, no, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Meiling: AAAAHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! !

An iron-bending scream slices the hospital camp apart. Meiling, sitting up in her futon, multiple cold sweats dropping down her brows, gasps unsteadily.

Yuuji: What the f*ck?

Meiling: Huh-?!

Meiling jumps suddenly, then falls back onto her bottom, groaning from the pain. She looks to her left, and her opponent is sitting in a wooden chair, giving her the Do-I-Know-You look.

Yuuji: You best stay in bed if you want to recover as fast as possible. I banged you up pretty good from earlier.

Meiling: B-banged-?

Yuuji: What kind of a sick mind do you have? Did I kick your head too hard or something?

The Chief sighs tiredly.

Yuuji: Since I know you need time alone to recover, I'm just here to ask you one simple question before I leave. I'm here to ask you if you would like to work and fight for Hakurei.

Meiling: W-what?! Meaning me fight against my former soldiers and friends? You're the one with the sick mind here!

Yuuji: We swear by the Hakurei name that we will not force you to fight your friends. Leave that to us if you truly wish not to. But you will still work for us in some way or another if it is not militarily concerned. It's a lot better than just rotting away in prison, right?

Meiling: Well, that's true, but…

Yuuji: If you need time to think this over, I will leave and come back later today or tomorrow.

Meiling: Mm…yeah, I think I need some time to think about this.

Yuuji: Alright then. I shall return some other time.

Meiling watches her captor exit the prison room, and as soon as the door snaps shut, she gets to her feet unsteadily. Walking around the room, she runs her hands over the walls and the floor.

Meiling: As I thought, they have this place completely encased by anti-youkai barriers. I won't have a chance to escape unless the door is opened by someone else.

The Chinese youkai looks around, observing her surroundings and herself.

Meiling: I'm…pretty sure this room wasn't meant to hold prisoners like me, though. It's too…nice. This is probably better than the gate-keeping job I have back home, though…

The sharp stab of an imaginary knife shoots through the back of Meiling's head.

Meiling: Oh God…Sakuya-san, of course she would stab me even when I'm in captivity. Ehehehe…

A knock echoes through the room.

Meiling: Y-yes! Who is it?

The door opens, and in strides the Queen of Hakurei, carrying a platter of rice crackers and oolong tea. Closing the door with her foot, she approaches the captive with a warm smile.

Reimu: Meiling-san. It's been a while.

Meiling: R-Reimu! No, Hakurei-sama?

Reimu puts the platter down in time to catch Meiling's embrace.

Meiling: Oh, Hakurei-sama! It's been too long…

Reimu: It's okay just to keep calling me by my given name, Meiling-san. We're alone for now.

Meiling: Oh, o-okay. But my, you've grown, Reimu!

Reimu: Well, it has been a few years since then. I'm eighteen now, so of course I'd grow a little bit!

Meiling: You've also grown quite a bit in that area as well, so I guess you're right-

Reimu: W-w-w-where are you l-l-looking at!

Meiling: Ahahaha~ Reimu's blushing~

Reimu: Heeeeey!

Reimu continues to fume as Meiling plops back down on the futon and takes a rice cracker.

Meiling: So why are you invading so quickly through SDM? It's not like you to blitz through like this, oh former student of mine.

Reimu: It wasn't my idea, it was my Chief of Staff's. Besides, your master, Remilia, really needs to cut out this Red Haze nonsense. We've had this happen at least three times this century, with smaller outbreaks in between. It's about time she stopped, but she's obviously not going to. Why'd she start it up again this time?

Meiling: Uh…well, I don't want to go into specifics, but I can tell you that she's trying to get her revenge against your mother from two decades ago.

Reimu: So the previous Scarlet Devil incident is at hand here? Oh man…history sure likes to repeat itself, doesn't it…

Meiling: Sure does.

Munching and chewing noises dance around in the sunlight that flows into the room through the north side of the room.

Reimu: Has my Chief of Staff been by to talk to you about working for us yet?

Meiling: You mean that guy I fought, the newcomer? He was here when I came to, I don't know why.

Reimu: He, uh…he tends to care for those he's personally defeated. It's not his first time looking after someone like this.

Meiling: How so?

Reimu: Well, in your case, I arrived at your duel scene just after Sawatari-san had defeated you. I told him to carry you here, but I didn't really mean it, but he still did it anyway. When we got here, he examined your wounds and patched you up himself since we don't have any diviner medics at hand at the moment. And I believe he stayed in this room until you woke up. He's a strange one, that guy.

Meiling: …is that true, huh…

Reimu: I wouldn't be surprised if it is. He…he can be too nice sometimes, I feel.

The queen stands up again, taking the empty platter with her.

Reimu: Well, I'll be going now. Just send for me if you need anything.

Meiling: Y…yeah…

The leader of Hakurei softly taps toward the exit. When she is about five feet away-

Meiling: Reimu, Reimu! I've decided. I'll fight for you. But in exchange, let me fight the newcomer until I defeat him.

Reimu, stopping, stands still for a moment. Meiling can see her lips slowly curl upwards, drop the platter, and dive into her arms.

Meiling: W-w-wha…! Reimu?

Reimu: Ehehehehe…it'll just be like the good old days, Meiling-san!

Meiling: Hehhehe…I guess so.

What the new Hakurei commander does not know is that Sawatari Yuuji, the Chief of Staff of Hakurei, is standing directly outside the makeshift prison room. He smiles slightly.

Yuuji: Good.
Even I don't know what I've made my archetype to be.

Meiling has joined the party – what you have just read is the event dialogue for Meiling's capture and recruitment. Originally I simply intended for Meiling to be captured in an army battle, but I thought that was too boring and uneventful, so I gave her an entire solo commander battle and dialogue to complement it. I mean, it is THE Meiling, after all.


Fight of Dragons |

HONG MEILING: 6, 6, 8, 3, 7, 7, 1, 5, 6
Starting Troops: 500/500
Starting Level: 150/800
Job: Chinese Monk (Youkai)

DS1: CONVERT ACTION: Meiling restores 1 ACT in any ally unit. 1 ACT



OS1: MONK CHARGE 2: 1.2x ATK, removes buff from enemy

OS2: QI CANNON: 1.5x ATK, 2 ACT. 2x ATK against non-human units

PS1: QI FLOW: Meiling manipulates qi flow for ally units. All ally units gain 2 random boosts when deployed w/ her.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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What I've decided to do is put each new commander's stats and move list when they are actually captured/recruited. I just think it's more appropriate that way, seeing that in Sengoku Rance, you also could not access a commander's stats until you physically captured them. Then again, I think I already mentioned this in a previous chapter.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu

About another three days after Meiling's capture, Paris is nearly completely under Hakurei control. One last stronghold, a lonely castle in the southeastern-most corner of Paris boundaries, stands between the Hakurei might and the grand castle of SDM. Still the vampire leader of SDM has not shown up, as predicted by the Chief of Staff of Hakurei.

Yuuji: Alright, boys and girls. This is the last stronghold between us and the vampire. Let's have at it.

The Hakurei army prepares to siege the castle. About thirty minutes into the preparations, a diviner scout reports to the Chief and the Queen.

Scout: Ma'am, sir! We have been detecting strange magical signatures coming from within the castle for the last hour now, ever since we came within sight of the castle! We have just confirmed visual sighting of several enemy squadrons consolidating vast quantities of high-energy magic!

Marisa: Oh, I can explain dat.

Kirisame Marisa hovers over the three on her characteristic broomstick.

Marisa: It's Patchy. She's the one behind this.

Yuuji: Alright, thanks for the report, soldier. Return to your post and alert us of anything else out of the ordinary.

Scout: Yes, sir!

He hurries away back to his unit.

Yuuji: Tell me more, Marisa-san. Are we about to fight this librarian-magician called Patchouli Knowledge?

Marisa: Unfortunately, not quite yet. She ain't da type ta jus' come out wit dem wands blazin'. First, because her style ain't quite like dat, and second, she can't, even if she wanted ta.

Yuuji: What do you mean?

Reimu: I'll elaborate. Patchouli Knowledge is theoretically an extremely dangerous opponent on and off the battlefield. She is, I believe, the SDM's main strategist and has quite the record under her belt in terms of outstanding battles won. She is also, theoretically speaking anyway, Gensokyou's most powerful elemental magician. However, the one thing that makes all of these things mere theory is her asthma.

Yuuji: …uh, what.

Reimu: I said, asthma. She has had chronic asthma ever since she was little, so that is why she has never personally participated in any of the battles she has orchestrated. Then again, she never had a reason to, but now that we're on their front door, looks like she's starting to make her move. What's the situation like, Marisa?

Marisa: She's usin' her Philosopher's Stone spellcard. The units dat da scout was talkin' bout earlier are all gettin' used ta da ability-boostin' orbs a' magical energy in da form of crystals. It's kinda like mah own Orreries Sun spellcard, but it's on a whole 'nother scale.

Yuuji: So does this spellcard boost just their performance in battle?

Marisa: Pretty much, ya. I can tell she ain't puttin' too much effort inta dis one, but who knows, maybe she'll come back wit an even stronga one.

Yuuji: Hmm…I see. Wait, on a side note, how do you know all this, Marisa-san?

Marisa: Didn't I tell ya already? I'm one of 'er best buddies. We used ta hang out in her library back in da day when I was younga. It's jus' natural dat I know everything 'bout mah best friend, heeheehee.

The blonde girl in black and white makes a playful tongue-out face and flies off, calling behind her "I'll be gettin' readdddiiiieeeeee~"

Yuuji: So the problem this time is that not only will this be a tougher battle in general, sieging a castle and all, but we also need to watch out for the units that have that weird druggie buff or something.

Reimu: D-druggie…I don't think it's too appropriate to call it that…

Yuuji: What? It's better than if I called them performance-enhancing-

Reimu smacks the Chief over the head with her gohei.
Yuuji: Whew, that was an intense battle.

Marisa: No kiddin'. We were close ta breakin' ya perfect record of no troop deaths so far in yer career.

Yuuji: Exactly…I was afraid there would be some soldiers of ours who might've fallen because I had slipped up part-way into the battle strategy…but thankfully no one did. How many sustained wounds, however, Reimu-san?

Reimu: Let's see…the medics have tallied about another four hundred and fifty-two wounded, among them three hundred and twenty-one with minor to moderate wounds, another ninety-two with serious wounds, and the rest with life-threatening wounds who require treatment immediately.

The top commanders of Hakurei are resting in the former dining hall of the SDM castle they had just recently captured six hours ago. Instead of pillaging the castle, as was customary during wartime in Gensokyou, Yuuji has ordered the repair and maintenance of the castle, as it would serve as the main forward base of Hakurei operations for the last push towards the grand castle to the southeast. He has also ordered the SDM troops who did not run away or desert and instead fought to the bitter end and surrendered with dignity spared and released to their respective homes, but interestingly enough not many had left, for much of those troops apparently had homes inside the castle. Wounded SDM troops were given the same medical treatment as the Hakurei soldiers, and the interior of the castle for the most part was left untouched. Literally the only thing different about the inside of the castle before and after the battle is that there are now Hakurei troops on regular patrol in groups of five or more throughout the castle grounds.

Yuuji: Just out of curiosity, how many people live in this castle?

Reimu: The SDM took a general consensus a few years ago, and this castle is the home of at least 50,000.

Yuuji: Wow. Must explain why this castle itself is pretty big. I didn't think it was quite this big from the outside.

Marisa: I think it's cuza barrier spell that kinna acts like a mirage. Y'know, how ya look from da outside and see somethin' else once yer inside?

Yuuji: Yeah, I get that. Sigh…

The Chief stretches his arms out in a surprisingly modern reclining chair, complete with soft leather and silk coverings and a rocking chair-like sentiment.

Yuuji: So it's just this one village between us and the final castle, huh…

Reimu: Yes indeed. This war is almost over. Your blitz plan has worked beautifully, Sawatari-san.

Yuuji: It isn't much. All I did was contemplate what their leader's mindset would be during this war. This wasn't much of a plan, to be honest, really. Think about it, we just bum-rushed all of Paris. That's not very tactical, in fact if their leader were any different, this wouldn't have worked.

Marisa: Ah, shut yer trap, cuz it worked, didn't it? That's all we care 'bout, and yer da one we all need ta thank for a short war.

Yuuji: Hmmmm…that so…you should thank the troops more like, they did most of the fighting.

Marisa: Rrrrrghhhh…this guy, why is he so damn modest! ! ! ! !

Fumes start to appear in spurts out of Marisa's ears.

Yuuji: H-huh? Did I say something funny? Ouch! Hey…

The young man rubs his forehead that Marisa just chucked a pen at. Glaring at him one last time for the night, she slams the door shut behind her.

Yuuji: I was just about to say "you mad girl" but I don't think anyone would know what that means…

Reimu: Don't worry about her, Sawatari-san. Marisa just gets annoyed whenever people stay modest. She does that all the time with me, it's just that her personality is one of boastfulness and pride, so she can't stand you at times like these.

Yuuji: Uh oh…I guess I should apologize to her later for getting her angry.

Reimu: Oh, please don't. She'll get even angrier.

Yuuji: Because she'll think I'm being even more modest by apologizing? I see. I'll leave her alone then. Well, it's about time I also took my leave. Please take care, my Queen. I will be conducting the nighttime patrols before going to bed myself.

Reimu: Understood. Have a good night, Sawatari-san.

Yuuji bows deeply and exits the room, softly clicking the door shut behind him.

Yuuji: Now, time to get those patrols in order.

An hour later, with the patrol schedule and orders all set up, Sawatari Yuuji is heading back to his designated quarters for the night. Walking down the castle's main avenue that cuts right down the middle of the expansive forum, the cobblestone streets reflect a strong Renaissance-era tint in their moonlight glitter. Yuuji slows his brisk gait to a halt to breathe in the refreshingly cool midnight air under the giant full moon dancing in starlit sky above.

Yuuji: Such a wonderful night. I don't ever remember seeing a moon this big or gallant as this one. This is why I love nighttime walks…don't you think so as well, oh young lady?
A stern click rebounds off the stone pieces of the crossroads.

Young Lady: Yes, I must agree with you to the fullest. But only in the sense that you shall die here, under this moon, under this night.

Yuuji: Then what are we waiting for?

The Chief throws out his right arm to his side suddenly, and a crisp shank rips apart the night air as Yuuji's right hand produces a five-inch fruit knife, simple bamboo handle carrying a reflective, stainless steel blade with the encryption 歌月十夜 etched into it.

Yuuji: Come at me…oh flowering night!

The Chief whips around with a huge devilish grin marked upon his face, indicative of his excitement for this battle, beholding his opponent. The tall woman in maid uniform, a long white scarf wrapped snugly around her neck, and eight 8-inch knives scrunched in between her bent fingers, is in his face before he finishes his sentence.

Young Lady: Hup!

The maid kicks out, and the Chief blocks the attack with a crossed-arm guard. She pushes off with that leg and, somersaulting, snaps all eight blades out of her hands with quick flicks of her wrists. The blades fly outwards, as if forming a net, and suddenly lock in on their target and accelerate. She repeats this twice more, and twenty four daggers fly in three volleys. Yuuji simply cuts through them all with his pocket knife. Before she can land, Yuuji charges in and takes a swipe. The effective range of the blade itself extends threefold, barely reaching his intended victim and slicing a hem of her apron. She backsteps, draws an elegantly carved wakizashi, and jumps in. A barrage of movement vectors criss-cross the air between them, and with each pair of vectors comes the inevitable clang of cold metal. A dragonfly that happens to be passing by is caught in the crossfire but amazingly manages to fly out of the flurry of blades unscathed, though not without distress. After a minute-and-a-half-long, unbroken concentration of flying darts, Yuuji strikes hard at his opponent's knife-wielding hand, knocking it away and disarming her. Seizing his chance, he lunges forward, readjusting his grip on his fruit knife to hold it in a backstab grip with his left hand, his left arm extended back over his right shoulder in preparation for the finishing blow.
All of a sudden, somebody pushes the slow-motion button, as Yuuji suddenly finds himself hanging in the air for unnaturally longer than he should, his left arm stuck back in its original position, his swing pushing against a sea of molasses. Only his senses remain untainted, and his eyes meet his opponent's. They are not the same deep, pungent blue that he saw earlier when he was exchanging blades. Instead, the pupils are now deep red…blood red. Yuuji can see her holding a peculiar stopwatch in her left hand.


An ominous click paints everything gray. The body of the Chief now remains completely still, still in the action of jumping in for the kill. His opponent has disappeared from in front of him and is now standing behind him instead, leaving a fifty-bullet surprise ready to be fired and surrounding Yuuji from all angles, no blind spots overlooked.

Young Lady: Go.

The world fills itself again with its usual color wheel, and the dull thudding of iron on cobble barrage the night. The maid does not bother to look back at what she has done.

Young Lady: My work here is done. Operation Takeback shall now begin, now that Hakurei has lost its reason for their unending victory.

Yuuji: Oh really?

Young Lady: G-gah!

The maid still stands, paralyzed, shocked at the unexpected outcome. A pocket knife enscribed with the characters that spell 歌月十夜 protrudes from her left kidney, and the owner of that knife is a few meters ahead of her, kneeling on one knee, bleeding from quite a few slices all over his body. They exchange stances – the maid falls to her knees as they buckle, all strength leaving them, and the ground in front of her is peppered with hemorrhaged blood while the Chief gets to his feet.

Young Lady: H…h…how…? You s-should not have been a-a-able to get out of that one…!

She coughs more, the ground blooming with the flowers of her body.

Yuuji: Yes, I shouldn't have. I really shouldn't have gotten out of that alive. There is no doubt that you should have had that one in the bag. However, it is just unfortunate for you that I also happen to have powers to manipulate time. You're not the only one.

Young Lady: So you a-are a manipulator o-of time as w-w-well? Bu-but I did not detect any – cough, cough – movement from you d-during my spell…spellcard…!

Yuuji: That's right. I don't need a spellcard to control time. In fact, the way I control time is on another dimension than yours is. But enough talk – let's dispose of you now.

Young Lady: Kuuhhh…!

In a painful heave, the woman in the maid uniform grabs the buried knife by the hilt and swiftly removes it from her body, releasing it in the same motion and sending the pocket knife skidding in its own blood across the road. Raising her stopwatch again, she disappears a flash of time.

Yuuji: Too tired to chase her. I could have pursued her, but one fight is enough for today. I wonder what would've happened to me had I not detected her sitting outside Reimu-san's room. She's quite the perfect and elegant maid…not to mention assassin.

And so the Chief retires, retrieving 歌月十夜 on his way back.

The Knife Fight |

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I wonder what you guys feel about my descriptions of battles. I really focus my attention on dialogue and lines depicting fights and such, so if there's any way for me to improve them, please let me know.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

More knives are better. Because you can never have enough dakka.

Yuuji: Izayoi Sakuya dropped by to pay me a visit last night. It was quite enjoyable.

Both Marisa and Reimu spit-take, splurting out their lime-topped lily tea in disbelief.

Marisa: W-w-w-w-w-what are ya sayin'!

Reimu: Please, Sawatari-san, not in front of me!

Yuuji: Hum? Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that. What's wrong with you two? Sheesh…

It is the next morning, early as the rooster screaming at dawn. Breakfast time is under way for the officers of the Hakurei occupying army in the mess halls constructed out of the former marketplace. The Chief of Staff, the Queen, and the Brigadier General are enjoying sweet Korean flatcakes, fresh strawberries, and miso soup with the usual array of tea.

Yuuji: Anyways…thanks for spitting tea all over me, girls…the handmaid of the Devil tried to kill me last night.

Reimu: She did? But that would mean she got past nearly five lines of defense and our personal guards to get here…

Yuuji: That's most likely because she used her manipulation ability to get past all of them.

Reimu: Ugh, that's right, her time stop abilities! I keep forgetting about them…man, they're a pain to factor in.

Yuuji: Yeah…I managed to learn a thing or two about that maid. More specifically about her time control and how it works. The most important thing is that I know how to defeat her because I can counter it. I was able to put a knife in her before she escaped, that's for sure…

Marisa: You managed ta hurt her? Where'd ya hit 'er?

Yuuji points to his left kidney.

Yuuji: Put the blade in up to the hilt. She should still have that wound, it's pretty deep.

Reimu: Hmm…that might explain why you're covered in bandages today.

Yuuji: Yup. No victory is without its consequences.

Reimu: But enough trivial matter. Sawatari-san, elaborate on Izayoi Sakuya's powers over time. We don't know much about it, and that is why we have been so fortunate that we have not encountered her until now. What can you tell us about her?

Yuuji: Her time manipulation works something like this: Sakuya-san, like you said earlier, channels her manipulation abilities mainly through her Victorian stopwatch. This means that she is controlling time externally, since she is using external means of doing so. The only instances that I predict that she can activate her powers without using her watch are when she is about to utilize it, in a sort of catalyzing reaction. In fact, if my theory is correct, the only way to control time for normal humans or youkai is through external means.

Marisa: Wait, "external"? Den dat would imply some sorta "internal" method, nah?

Yuuji: Nice catch, I was getting to that. There are two ways to manipulate time, external and internal. I have just explained the external method – through a time-controlling medium. The internal method, however, is about seven thousand times more difficult to do.

Reimu: S…seven thousand…?

Yuuji: Yeah, seven thousand. The reason why it's so much harder is because of the fact that internally controlling time means that you must tap into the dimension and the concept of "time" – something that is only available in the fifth dimension, which getting there is a challenge of a lifetime in itself. We already live in three dimensions, but the internal manipulation of time requires so much extra work that most beings that wield control over time don't even bother trying to reach to the fifth dimension.

Marisa: Den why doncha tell us 'bout dis internal method?

Yuuji: I suppose I will. Think of the internal method like this: Imagine that the fifth dimension that defines the existence of "manipulation of time" is composed of strings, like that of a violin. Do you know of violins?

Reimu: Uhh…vaguely, I think one of the Poltergeists plays a violin…

Yuuji: Well, just imagine those, except there is an indefinite number of strings stretching across the fifth dimensional spacetime. Each string represents an individual reality, meaning that there are parallel universes, all with their own realities. Our world, Gensokyou, is but one such reality, represented by a single string in the fifth dimension. What the internal manipulation of time does is act as a giant hand that plucks that particular string from which the origin of such time manipulation resonates. When that string vibrates, the soundwaves echo through the fifth dimension, causing all the other strings to vibrate as well. Obviously, eventually only the strings closest to the origin will be effected the most, and the vibrations will eventually fade off as they travel further away from the source string. On top of that, the vibrations themselves only last as long as the manipulator wants them to – in other words, when he or she stops manipulating time. The strings must stay still for time to flow normally, because in the fifth dimension, time acts as a gently rolling wind that always channels over the strings. Thus, if a string is disturbed, the flow of time is also disturbed, causing the rift in time that the user can experience.

There is a silence as the Queen and the Brigadier General take some time to process all this newfound information.

Reimu: But how on earth do you know this? I could have never come up with something like this myself.

Yuuji: I wish I could tell you how I do, Reimu-san. I just know…it's a very eerie feeling that I do. I'm not exactly the most comfortable knowing this.

Marisa: But ya had ta have known somehow, cuz ya sed dat ya fought da maid and dodged one a' her attacks usin' time!

Yuuji: I didn't know about my own time-controlling powers until I was in that actual predicament. It was a close call as well, as you can see. But the important thing now is that I know the extent of my powers as far as time-control is concerned.

Yuuji gets up from his seat holding an empty plate.

Yuuji: Well, ladies, it's been a good breakfast. I will see you out on duty again, I'll be running preliminary scouting operations of the land that the grand castle is situated on.
The Chief of Staff leaves.

Reimu: Marisa, don't you think that this is way too convenient? Do you really think he just all of a sudden had these special powers?

Marisa: Honestly, nah. Der's definitely somethin' fishy 'bout dat guy. He went inta such detail 'bout all dat time crap dat it's hard ta believe he just came up wit 'em last night.

Reimu: But at the same time, he's been the best Chief of Staff Hakurei has ever had to lead them. Records-wise, anyway. But be on the lookout, Marisa. We can't trust him just yet.

Marisa: Heh. If ya need me ta throw a Spark at 'im, I'll be dere.

Marisa's nomming of syrupped pancakes and clinks fill the chilly morning air as the two quietly finish their morning repast.

Another battle is raging furiously between the mighty armies of Hakurei and SDM. They are only twenty miles from the grand castle, so close in fact that the peaked towers of the Scarlet Devil Mansion from which the county derives its namesake can be seen off in the distance, if one squints hard enough.

Sawatari Yuuji is tearing through the enemy ranks in a combined cavalry charge reinforced with diviner guard shikigami, wielding this time two dirks in backhanded grips. The center guard of the SDM begins to sag, and Hakurei troops immediately behind them take advantage of the broken SDM defense line, pouring into newly created void and pushing the SDM troops back in all angles. Suddenly, a wave of static crackles over Yuuji.

Scout: Chief, sir! We are getting visual confirmation of SDM Commanders Patchouli Knowledge and Izayoi Sakuya, sir! Please advise!

Yuuji: Sh*t, those two? We just worked our asses off taking this advantage! God d*mn it, all backup cavalry units, get here ASAP to support the Advance Guard Cavalry to break the center! It's our chance to rout the SDM troops! I will be heading out to meet our guests!

Reimu: Sawatari-san, I will cover the army duties from here, you are now to stop Izayoi Sakuya's advance at all costs! Capture or death of the commander is recommended!

Yuuji: Understood! Redirecting mission objectives now!

Marisa: Chief, I'ma fly overhead, git yer butt up here when I give ya da signal!

Marisa zooms in from above where she had been giving supporting danmaku fire from the skies and brakes just fifty feet above the battlefield.

Marisa: NOW!

Yuuji, sinking his weapons into the eyes of the two nearest enemy soldiers, steps onto a couple SDM soldiers' helmets to get the leverage he needs to leap up and grab the witch's broom by his fingertips. Once he is on, the broom accelerates with the equivalent of a couple dozen sports cars' engines as the driver weaves in and out of upward showers of arrows.

Marisa: We've got incomin' from da south, Chief! I'll take Patchy, do wat ya need ta do fer da maid!

Yuuji: Roger that, let's go!

They fly out to meet the incoming SDM reinforcements, the commanders flying above head their troops.

Sakuya: Patchouli-sama, please hurry! They are catching up to us!

Patchouli: Ugh…t…this…this cursed asthma…!

It is yet another SDM loss. The troops have dispersed under orders to somehow fall back to the grand castle for the final defense, but it is not likely they will not be able to do so. Twenty miles of forest and plains are separating the battlefield and the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and in the underbrush, the two prominent SDM commanders are making their escape by foot to a previously designated safehouse.

Sakuya: We cannot simply fly to keep a low profile from our pursuers, but this is not good with Patchouli-sama with me. In addition, this wound-!

The maid places her hand over a bandage-wrapped but bloody patch of skin.

Sakuya: It has opened multiple times during the past few days. What was I hit with exactly that night?

Patchouli: Eeeeek!

A hard thuck on the dry earth rebounds about the walls of the forest.

Sakuya: Patchouli-sama?

The wounded maid turns around and sees the magician-librarian eagle-sprawled on the forest floor, her heavy book of runes flapped open and pages flying in the breeze, and panting inconsistently among gasps and wheezes.

Patchouli: R…r…run, S-sakuya…t…they're…c…co…coming…

Hakurei Soldier: We see both of you now! Throw down whatever weapons you may have and surrender!

Sakuya: Tch…not now…!

A squad of Hakurei warriors in red and white armor decorated with the Hakurei yin-yang surrounds the two trapped SDM commanders. Sakuya begins to raise her stopwatch, but the suddenly a flash of light knocks her hand away, launching the stopwatch a good five meters behind her. The source, a small white letter knife, also falls to the ground in front of the maid.

Yuuji: Done and done. You're our prisoners now, so please put your hands above you and kneel down. I'll only say that once.

Sakuya has no choice but to comply. Yuuji, Reimu, and Marisa swoop down from above to secure their newfound captives.

Yuuji: Marisa-san, please take care of Patchouli-san there.

Marisa: Got it.

Yuuji: I apologize for this, Sakuya-san. But we can't really trust you to cooperate with us at the moment, so I must do this.

Yuuji holds out his right arm, his hand outstretched in front of him. A magenta rune shines around the kneeling maid, spawning whips of magenta lashes that forms a net-like cage around its occupant. After morphing into a deep crimson bullet-like bird cage, the blood dissolves, leaving only an unnatural glint in the air immediately around Sakuya. Meanwhile, Marisa is tending to her friend.

Marisa: Are you alright, Patchy? Sorry ta make ya go through all dis…

Patchouli: I…cough, cough…am not in the…best of conditions, but…I will be fine. And…

besides, it…it is war. We all must fight…each other someday.

Marisa: Oh yeah, that's right! Chief told me to give you this to use.

Patchouli: What…what is it…?

Marisa rummages through her left apron pocket and draws a peculiar device that resembles a candleholder.

Marisa: Put dis end in your mouth and push dis button. That's what Chief told me to tell ya ta do.

The asthmatic librarian takes the thing.

Patchouli: Do you by any chance know of what this item is capable of doing?

Marisa: Ummm…nah. Nothin' at all.

Marisa puts on a derpy look with comical eyes and waves her right hand in front of her in a fanning gesture.

Marisa: All I know 'bout dis thing is dat Chief called it an "inhaler" or something…

Patchouli: Inhaler…

Still wheezing, the librarian puts the thing called an inhaler to her mouth and squeezes it, taking a deep breath.

Patchouli: Hooo…how peculiar…my asthma feels cured. For a moment, at that, however. You stated your Chief of Staff gave this to you?

Marisa: Yeah.

Patchouli: I must speak with him. I have never been able to produce such wondrous magic such as this that is embodied by this item called an inhaler…

Marisa: Uh, really? I…uh, didn't know it was magic…anyway, now that you're fine, we're gonna take ya back ta camp. You're our prisoners, after all.

Patchouli: Unfortunately so for us, it seems…

Thus, Patchouli Knowledge and Izayoi Sakuya are captured.

Gasping, coughing, and stumbling, an extremely sweaty and exasperated Koakuma collapses to her knees at the grand castle entrance, made up of two thirty-meter-high sand-yellow smoothstone gates. The guards, immediately recognizing her, exclaim in alarm.

Guard: Koakuma, ma'am! Are you hurt anywhere? ! Open the gate, open the gate!

The two gates are slowly creaked open, and a handful of auxiliary guards rush outside to tend to their superior.

Koakuma: Cough, cough…I must…I must speak to Remilia-sama…! Please, quickly…bring…bring her here! I will be…fine, just go!

Remilia: You need not call for me, for I am here.

The vampire flutters down from above.

Remilia: So? How did my servants do?

Koakuma: I…I am sorry, milady…we…we have…failed.

Remilia: …

The vampire lets her left fang dig into her lip.

Remilia: And what of their fates?

Koakuma: S…Sak…Sakuya-sama…and…Patchouli-sama…have both been…been captured, milady. I do not know…about our other commanders.

Remilia: And how were you alone able to come back?

Koakuma: Patchouli-sama…she…she helped me…escape. Even though…even though she could have escaped herself, she…she decided instea...instead to save me…

Whimpers and gasps fill the silent gates as Koakuma sinks her face into her hands.

Remilia: Khhh…this is my loss. My arrogance forbid me from seeing the enemy's power. I must remedy this myself. Guards! Summon the rest of our army here. The Hakurei will be coming for me to claim victory over my country. I will personally rain punishment down upon all of Hakurei for what they have done-!

In the makeshift prisoner detainment room, Patchouli Knowledge is calmly rolling her fingertips over the pages of her book while Izayoi Sakuya is seated cross-armed across the room from Patchouli. The day is dying, bleeding through the small windows that give the captives their only hopes of ever seeing their homes again.

Patchouli: Well, Sakuya. What do you think?

Sakuya remains motionless, her eyes still closed as if she is unconscious.

Patchouli: Nothing yet, huh…

The librarian closes her book shut.

Patchouli: It is a difficult decision for me as well. What to do…

Sakuya: Patchouli-sama, do you trust that newcomer? The answer here is simple. We cannot accept his offer. We as the dutiful servants of Mistress Remilia-sama must not even begin to fathom fighting for the very enemies that have captured us.

Patchouli: Firstly, yes, yes in fact I do trust this man whom they call Sawatari Yuuji. He has ordered that all out soldiers who are captured by Hakurei hands to be treated and cared for in the same manner that his own troops are treated. He even left the Castel non Paca nearly perfectly intact when they first occupied it. We can safely assume that we receive the same hospitality and the word of this man. Secondly, I for one do not want to fight a losing war. Time and time again have I beseeched the vampire to take the initiative to push our enemies out. It is a complete shame that vampires tend to have disproportionate egos.

Sakuya: Even if you are my mistress's friend and comrade, I will not tolerate such insults to my master, not even from you. Please to do not try to provoke me.

Patchouli: Hm, so not only is it blinding, but it is also contagious. Unfortunate.

Before the maid can instinctively reach into her back pocket to let fly a nonexistent knife at the lady sitting in front of her, the door rackets thrice.

Sakuya: Yes?

The door nearly explodes open as Hong Meiling screams in delight.

Sakuya/Patchouli: Eh? ! Meiling? !

Meiling: Oh my gosh, Sakuya-san, Patchy-san! I'm soooooo glad to see you both again!

Before either of the captives can react, the newest Hakurei commander almost lops their necks off with her arms in a massive bearhug.

Meiling: Are you two hurt anywhere? Oh, it's just been so long, I'm so glad…

Patchouli: Um, Meiling, it has only been about five days since your initial capture, I am sure that is not such a –

Meiling: YES IT IS! It's because I'm worried about you guys, you're the reason why I feel homesick all the time now that I'm here!

An awkward silence is nailed into the air as Meiling indulges in the company of her coworkers and friends with a stupid panda look on her face.

Yuuji: Alright, cut the fluff, Meiling. You are a commander of Hakurei and I expect you to behave as such. You'll have your time with our guests later.

Meiling: Oh! I-I'm sorry!

The Chinese martial artist relinquishes the two ladies and backs off into the corner, her face filling up with red.

Yuuji, Reimu, and Marisa shuffle into the prisoner room.

Yuuji: Hello, Sakuya-san, Patchouli-san. We don't need introductions now, do we? It seems everyone here for the most part is familiar with each other. So, let's get down to the wire. You are both very strong individuals, and thus, we would officially like to ask you to work for us.

Sakuya: I do not mean to be rude, sir. But your logic does not seem to be in order, if you are asking your own prisoners to fight for you.

Yuuji: I detect sarcasm in your voice, and usually I'm terrible at it. But my logic might be better than you might think, seeing that your friend here is now serving Hakurei.

Sakuya: She is an exception.

Meiling: W-wha? Sakuya-san, you're so mean…

The panda cries in the corner.

Yuuji: Anyways. Because it does not seem like asking you nicely will do the trick, I know something that will. Your mistress and leader, Remilia Scarlet, is a vampire, yes? You can confirm at least that much for us?

Patchouli: Yes, she is. But what of it?

Yuuji: Do you know a vampire's greatest enemy?

Patchouli: Garlic and crosses, just like in mythology? Unfortunately, if those are what you had in mind, they will be rendered ineffective against Remilia-sama. To add, those traditional methods of warding off vampires only work on weaker vampires.

Yuuji: That's not what I was going to talk about, though. It's not a physical thing. Have either of you ever heard of a rare condition called "Deep Blood"?

The last two words of the Chief could not have had any more profound change in his two prisoners' countenances.

Patchouli: D-Deep B-Blood?!

Sakuya: What! Impossible, Deep Blood is not supposed to exist in this world-!

Yuuji: Oh, so you know well of what it is and what it can do. Surprising, I didn't think inhabitants of this world would know what it is.

Reimu: Um, Sawatari-san? What is this Deep Blood?

Yuuji betrays a small smirk.

Yuuji: Well then, allow me to explain just to terrify these two even more. Deep Blood is an ancient trait passed down in human bloodlines that only occurs once every fifty generations. This was to help humans ward off the occasional major vampire attack wherever the host of Deep Blood may be. As for what it is exactly, it is an ability that allows the host to attract vampiric entities and coerce them into drinking the host's blood, which is lethal to them, thus killing vampires. The host himself or herself does not become vampiric, either, and as long as the host does not lose too much blood, he or she is safe and can dispose of entire vicinities' worth of vampires.

Turning to the two prisoners, who now eye him with shock, the Chief deviously croaks.

Yuuji: I happen to be one of the hosts. And do you know what that means?

Sakuya: You…you are planning to invade the grand castle, draw Remilia-sama out, and assassinate her that way-!

Yuuji: Oh, you're a quick one. Yeah, that's basically what I'm going to do. I can sure be imaginative in my ways of killing vampires, don't you worry. So now that you know what I'm about to do, you can either sit here and rot while your mistress drinks my blood, or you can fight for us and I will guarantee your leader's safety. How about it?

Patchouli: Do we have your word that you will not use Deep Blood against Remilia Scarlet?

Yuuji: I don't think you're in a position to ask that. Be reasonable here; even if I said that I would give you my word, I could always rescind it at any time. You stand to lose everything, while we to gain everything. The most you can do, if you so choose to defend your mistress with your lives, is simple. So what will it be?

Sakuya/Patchouli: Kuhhhh…

Their bodies bristling, their fists trembling, and their teeth grinding, the two former SDM commanders swallow the bitter pill.

Sakuya: So be it. We will serve you for the time being.

Yuuji: Glad to hear it. Oh, and don't try to stab me in the back like you did earlier this week.

The Chief and his two female comrades file out once again to leave Meiling rejoining the company of her fellow commanders again.

Marisa: But I dun get it – why'd dey just accept it like dat? Dey don't even know if yer tellin' da truth or not.

Yuuji: Oh, they know I'm not bluffing. The thing with Deep Blood is that, like Patchouli-san mentioned earlier, Deep Blood isn't supposed to exist in this world. The bloodline necessary to activate the Deep Blood ability has been eliminated. I know this because it's written in the Archives – the ancestors of Scarlet family had eradicated the humans who could turn into Deep Blood hosts. Now, no one but a select few in SDM even know about the existence of Deep Blood, since it's no longer a threat to vampires now. Little did they know that it's not just their world whose humans could contain Deep Blood.

Reimu: But how does Deep Blood even work?

Yuuji: Simple. I change the composition of my blood by having my white blood cells release an enzyme that I like to call kyuuketsuki no shikyou, which permeates my blood and causes it to emit a highly aromatic scent through my sweat pores. Vampires have extremely sensitive senses of smell, so they will easily pick up this scent, and the ones that do not recognize the distinct smell of a Deep Blood host will fall for this trap immediately, and even the older vampires that know what the scent of Deep Blood is will find it excruciatingly difficult to resist the urge to taste my blood. Because to vampires who do drink blood from a Deep Blood host find it the most…how should I put this…orgasmic sensation of their lives – an experience they pay for with their lives, as the enzyme kyuuketsuki no shikyou will target their vital organ tissues to destroy them and spread like a cancer on fast-forward, killing them within minutes, always within an hour. Their attraction to Deep Blood hosts is on par with the power of human lust – that's why humans like me are so dangerous to them.

Reimu: ….that…that's sure a convenient way of dealing with Remilia once we meet her. But surely there must be a drawback for the hosts? You make it sound as if there is no negative consequence for having such a lethal ability.

Yuuji: For the most part, there isn't any. However, there is one that depends on the host himself or herself. And that is the risk that the very host who is intended to destroy vampires may turn into a vampire himself or herself.

Marisa: Uh…and…how does…that happen?

Yuuji: The first time that a host allows a vampiric entity to drink his or her blood is the determinant. It's about an even half-half chance that is at play here. The host has that probability of becoming a vampire or retaining humanity.

The Chief of Staff stops right outside the Hakurei camp complex, near one of the entrances guarded by six lance-wielding patrol guards.

Yuuji: The problem that I need to face is that if indeed I have Remilia Scarlet bite me, I may turn into a vampire as well. What shall I do then? Hakurei will not accept a vampire to lead them.
Reimu: Wait…so that means…this will be the first time-

Marisa: -yer gonna use dat Deep Blood thing?

Yuuji sighs tiredly and scratches his head, turning his back to the girls.

Yuuji: Yeah. Sucks for me, ain't it? I'll be setting up the night watch again and organizing our new commanders' units, in the meantime.

The blonde black-and-white witch and the red-and-white miko queen silently gaze as the Chief heads off to meet the rest of the divisions marching into the main vanguard camp.

Usually I'm not one to develop an intriguing plot twist (in my opinion anyway, I'm actually proud of this chapter). But this one I couldn't resist to use. I'm sure quite of few of you know what I am talking about.

PATCHOULI KNOWLEDGE: 3, 8, 6, 9, 2, 3, 8, 8, 5
Starting Troops: 200/200
Starting Level: 120/850
Job: Elemental Mage

DS1: ENVIRONMENTAL NEGATION: Patchouli uses elemental magic to stabilize environment for ally units. Battleground reduction eliminated, but Elemental Mages still benefit from environment, whether ally or enemy. 1 ACT

DS2: ENVIRONMENTAL REDUCTION: Patchouli inflicts -5% battleground reduction on enemy. 1 ACT


OS1: SUN SIGN – ROYAL FLARE: Patchouli focuses sunlight into a rune above the battlefield and concentrates the consequent energy over the enemy. 1 ACT, prep required, AOE, converts environmental effects to Sunny for 5 time bars

OS2: MOON SIGN – SILENT SELENA: Patchouli summons a lunar eclipse and concentrates solar energy via lunar transit. 2 ACT, no prep, single target, 1.5x ATK, removes guard at double the rate if target is a guard unit with active guard percentage. Vampiric commanders on the field, such as Flandre and Remilia Scarlett, will have their stats increased twofold

OS3: FIVE ELEMENTS SIGN – PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: Patchouli unleashes her penultimate attack. 2.2x ATK, AOE, prep required, all ACT, needs 2 cancellation attacks to prevent prep, attack sprites vary with battle conditions

PS1: DE FACTO BOOKKEEPER: Patchouli's high knowledge and magical skill will allow her to copy any enemy mage's attack if it has been used before. Patchouli can use copied attacks for that battle only

IZAYOI SAKUYA: 6, 5, 8, 8, 9, 8, 3, 8, 3
Starting Troops: 400/400
Starting Level: 120/700
Job: Assassin

DS1: LUNAR DIAL: Sakuya utilizes her pocket watch to manipulate battle time. +5 or -5 time, not including her own action to use this skill (which is negated anyway).


OS1: KNIFE MANIPULATION: Sakuya conjures knives from her world to attack. 1 ACT, eliminates ALL prep on enemy, no exceptions

OS2: SCARRED SOUL – SOUL SCRIPTURE: Sakuya subjects enemies to a flurry of knives. Penetration, 2 ACT, prep required, counterattack damage suffered, eliminates ALL prep on targets, only available if unit is positioned in the front row

OS3: ASSASSINATE 2: Chance to take an entire enemy unit out of commission. Higher rate of killing commander if successfully executed, ineffective against vital characters. All ACT

PS1: SAKUYA'S WORLD: Sakuya extends her control over time to allies. In battle, if Sakuya runs out of action flags, all ally turns do not cost time. In strategy phase, player can choose to use Sakuya's world to earn a free turn without any time elapsing and no enemy countries able to make a move. Must be done at start of turn as your first action flag, and Sakuya's unit will be disabled for 2 turns

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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I did take four years of Latin in high school, so I have a little control over my usage of Latin. I never did think I would ever find a good use for this stupid language up 'til now, but I guess everything isn't without its consequences – whether good or bad.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

It's All Down To This

Remilia: Huuu…how long has it been since I have last been here…?

The vampire leader is slowly making her way to the lowest level of the entire grand castle of the Scarlet Devil, alone. Only darkness is her sole companion in the depths of the abyss of the basement.

Remilia: Hopefully she will still see me as an older sister. It…it has been too long since I have last seen her. I kind of miss her, to think about it now. But now is no time for sweet reminiscence… for the sake of my beloved nation, this must be done, no matter what consequence-!

The small lady stops in front of yet another set of massive double doors, this time composed of blackened reinforced steel, eerily but lavishly decorated with seemingly warped figures of gargoyles, skulls, and deformed angels. Only two dimly lit torches, flaming tiredly in the depths of the abyss, emit any source of light that any normal pair of human eyes can see in the vicinity. But for a vampire like Remilia, the torches are more of an annoyance than anything. She closes both slit-like pupils and throws both hands in front of the double doors, upon which her palms hit something that cannot be seen.

Remilia: Meum ignosce, O soror. Officium mei at est vita mei.

The invisible wall that stopped Remilia's palms now glows blood red and melts down into the floor, causing the torches on each side to whittle in their flames. The massive steel doors slowly and ominously wrench open, and reveal a small girl, about the same height as Remilia, only a bit shorter, and outfitted in a crimson red dress finished with white frills and a white, floppy, brimless hat. While Remilia has the traditional pair of vampire wings, this girl instead hosts a pair of what look to be rainbow-colored diamonds hanging from their stems, jingling merrily as the girl walks and giggles at the sight of her beloved older sister.

Girl: Onee-sama? Did you call for Flandre?

Remilia: Yes, I have.

Girl: Is it play time now? Flandre wants to see Sakuya and Meiling and the rest. Flandre wants to play danmaku again with them. Can she? Please?

Remilia: …you can play danmaku with them later. They…they are not here at the moment, they are out doing some chores. However, Flandre, my younger sister, I must ask you to help me. Will you be willing to assist your older sister in a short task?

Flandre Scarlet: Of course, Onee-sama! Flandre'll do anything for her older sister! What can Flandre do, what can Flandre do?

Yuuji: Hooo. Here it is, ladies and gent. The SDM Grand Castle.

The commanders and main army of Hakurei is now in sight of the grand castle, which towers in the distance some five or so miles away. The Red Haze has been all but dissipated, and the remnants of the SDM military have assembled in front of the castle, ready and prepared for the worst. Yuuji, Reimu, Marisa, Genji, Meiling, Sakuya, and Patchouli stand high above their troops in the air, using the Chief's magenta boardwalk to do so.

Sakuya: You promise not to use Deep Blood against our mistress?

Yuuji: For however many times you have asked me that, to all of them I say yes, I will not use it. But be warned, I will use it if our army is in danger of losing this battle. We came all the way here to finish the job, not to lose here and go home. Rest assured, I only intend to use the power to draw Remilia in, not to let her drink my blood. Sakuya-san, Patchouli-san, Meiling-san. I want you three to directly support me as I lead the initial charge, Remilia should come to face me as well. I will handle her with Reimu and Marisa giving me supporting fire from behind. Is everything in order?
Everyone nods their confirmation.

Yuuji: Genji-san, please take care of the wounded. You know what to do – routinely send diviner medics to scan the battlelines of wounded and retreat them back. Our soldiers' lives are things we can't replace, unlike mere weapons. At least, not as easily.

Genji: Understood, sir.

Yuuji waves his right hand, and a portion of the magenta rune they are standing on separates cleanly from the rest, lowering Genji alone down to ground zero.

Yuuji: Well then. Now that preparations are ready, let's do this. Good hunting, everyone.

The magenta platform shatters, and all the commanders fly off into their respective positions. The Chief, as usual, charges forward in the air, running along his ever-extending magenta boardwalk, and below at ground zero, the troops charge in with the customary Hakurei war cry.


Remilia Scarlet makes her charismatic appearance, soaring up to her opponent's level in the sky.

Remilia: You did well to advance all this way, newcomer. Care to dance with us today?

Yuuji: I don't mind. That's what I'm here to do, anyhow. But "us"? Who's "us"?

Flandre: Kyuu~

Yuuji's entire body explodes. The eradication of matter rocks the battlefield, throwing up a giant smokescreen ball from nothing.

Reimu: Kyaaaa, what was that?! Sawatari-san, Sawatari-san?!!!

Meiling: Oh, oh no…that…that's-!

Sakuya: Imouto-sama!?!

Patchouli: Good luck, Sawatari Yuuji.

Marisa: Waaaaah! How come Chief gets ta take ferst dibs on da good stuff?

The vampire sisters hover in the air above the explosion site.

Remilia: Oh, come now, human. You shan't be dead from a mere explosion?

The smoke dissipates, and the Chief emerges, completely intact and caged in by an intricate system of magenta strings, each with their own unique rune.

Yuuji: Whew…just in time.

The cage disassembles, crumbling into nothingness.

Yuuji: And who may this young lady be?

Remilia: Heh…what you do not know cannot hurt you, can it?

Yuuji: What are you talking about, knowing is half the battle, ain't it?

A crackle of static.

Patchouli: Sawatari, that girl is the younger sister of Remilia Scarlet, named Flandre Scarlet. She is this nation's best kept secret – only the commanders you have captured and Remilia know of Flandre's existence. She has been locked away for the past 495 years, and now it seems Remilia has released her from her entombment to fight off this national crisis. You must take caution if you desire to emerge from this battle intact, for her manipulation ability is the ability to destroy anything and everything.

Yuuji balks a little.

Yuuji: Anything and everything? Wait, that sounds familiar…

Patchouli: Yes, that is why she has been locked away for so long, for fear she may end up accidentally wiping half of Gensokyou off the map. But luckily she is obedient to her older sister, so she has not done anything disastrous…yet.

Yuuji: You're starting to sound ominous, Patchouli-san…

Patchouli: That is because you are now trapped. You should pay more attention to what your opponents are doing than talking to me.

Yuuji: Oh sh*t, you're right. Well sorry for not being the best multitasker under pressure!

A thin glint in the sphere of air surrounding the three combatants betrays the bubble-like seal that Remilia has imposed upon themselves.

Remilia: How does a fight to the death sound, human?

Flandre: Oh, oh! It sounds super fun! Can we do it? Please? Please?

Remilia: I…wasn't asking you, Flan…

Yuuji: We'll indulge the little mistress. Let's have at it, vampires.

Remilia: Such arrogance for a mere human. So be it-!

Remilia and Flandre Scarlet swoop down on Yuuji, their claws expanded, their canines lengthening in anticipation of fresh human blood. As they are about to strike, the Chief crosses his arms in front of him briefly, then throws them outward to his sides, parrying the incoming attacks away. In between his fingers, four in each hand, long, slender, straight, black swords eat the daylight.
Yuuji: Allow me to ask this first, oh Scarlet Devil. You are a vampire, fighting in broad daylight. Why are you not weakened?

Remilia Scarlet smiles vampirically.

Remilia: That is for you alone to figure out, isn't it, now?

Yuuji: So be it.

The Chief snaps his wrists, and the swords in Yuuji's hands fly towards their targets, four apiece.

Remilia: Flan, don't touch these Black Keys! They'll hurt you badly, so just dodge them!

Flandre: Ehhhh, Flandre can't destroy them either?

Remilia: Well, you can, but just don't get hit by them is what I'm asking!

Flandre: Oh, okay, in that case!

Flandre's body's silhouette glows crimson red.


Yuuji: Kage bunshin…? Isn't that something specifically meant for humans to do?

The three clones of Flandre charge at Yuuji, screaming in delight. The original, smiling devilishly, raises her arms, while her older sister gets behind her.



Yuuji: Tchhhh-!

The spellcards descend rapidly. Pellets of red rain shower down from above, and green explosives interweave in between the red showers. Confined to an extremely tight volume, Yuuji must fight the three clones with about as much elbow room as his desk in his study could offer. The occasional green explosive swoops by, and the Chief must swerve off to another safe area within the rain, all the while having the Flandre clones chasing after him with fists of annihilation energy, clanging against his Black Keys and screaming "Blood! Blood! BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOOOOOD!"

Yuuji: Sh*t, can't last much longer-! Grrrrrr-!

Forcing his muscles to obey beyond the death grip of lactic acid, the Chief begins to land strong and quick blows on the clones, finally dispatching them with clean thrusts through the head with three Black Keys. Just as he pulls the Black Key out of the last clone, Remilia Scarlet and the true Flandre Scarlet zoom up to him and begin their deathly barrage. They knock all the Black Keys out of Yuuji's hands, tear away at his chest, and pummel him nearly senseless. Remilia, her hands drenched in her foe's torn blood, slams her knuckles straight into Yuuji's face, and as he shoots to the barrier of the spherical seal, Flandre goes kyuu! once more, messily exploding Yuuji's left arm off. The severed limb slaps the seal barrier and rolls to the bottom of the seal, helplessly flailing around by gravity before resting at the dream bottom. The rest of the Chief's body, meanwhile, crashes into the border, bloodied and exhausted.

Remilia: Mmm…this human's blood is quite the delicacy. A rich sensation but refreshing at the same time; I wonder when the last time it was when I fed upon such a human?

Flandre: Look, Onee-sama! He's getting up, he's getting up! Can Flandre destroy him? Can she?

Remilia: Heh…we've played enough with him now. Kill him, Flandre.

Flandre: Yaaaay! Ky-

Immediately, the spherical barrier fades to black, losing its invisible lucidity. To all at ground zero, there is now a giant black ball hanging, dripping slowly with a black liquid matter.

Reimu: What, what is that? Izayoi-san, Patchouli-san, what is that black substance hanging over us!

Patchouli: Khhhh….that knucklehead's used it!


The maid ceases all fighting and soars to the sphere.

Patchouli: No, Sakuya, do not touch it! It is highly poisonous to humans on the outside!

Sakuya: But our mistress and Imouto-sama are in there! DO YOU NOT COMPREHEND, YOU DIRTY LITTLE WITCH, THEY ARE GOING TO BE KILLED!

Sakuya desperately tries to penetrate the surface with storms of conjured knives, but true to Patchouli's word, the knife blades simply liquidate and melt.

Patchouli: Recognize that we are powerless as we are now to assist our mistress, Sakuya. Trust the man to spare the two.

Sakuya: Tchhh…
Meanwhile, inside the black sphere, it is pitch black. The only lights available, if at all, glow from the eyes of the combatants – a dim hazy red from the vampires, a glowingly dangerous bright red from Yuuji's. The Chief's pupils, in chemical reaction to the kyuuketsuki no shikyou, have bloodied themselves. The vampires that he sees in front of him are convulsing, as if in pain. But it is not pain, and they know it.

Remilia: Khhhh…you…you…you are a Deep Blood host…? I believed that we had…eradicated all such humans from G…Gensokyou…!

Yuuji: You failed…huff…to take into account that I am originally not from this world. This is your loss, Remilia.

Next to Remilia, Flandre is grasping her throat and chest as tight as she is able. Sweating uncontrollably, blood trickling down from where her fangs have pierced her lower lip in agony, she is hyperventilating haphazardly.

Flandre: O…one…Onee…sama…wha…what…what is…this feeling…?... A…aaah…ahhh…

Remilia: Oh no…she's…Flan has never felt something like this before…! Human, stop this, I beseech you! She…Flandre is unaware that this is…that this is a weapon!

Yuuji: Well then…erk…it's your loss, or your dear little sister. Which will…it be…? You're not going to last any longer, either…!

Remilia: I am cornered. This man is right – I will soon succumb to this lustful desire. Flan does not know anything about Deep Blood due to our imprisonment of her for all this time. What is available to me now? I can no longer control this barrier, for Deep Blood has overridden my control of my vampiric powers!

Just before Remilia makes the painful choice of relinquishing her dignity for the sake of her sister, Flandre breaks.


Remilia: Wha- no, NO, FLANDRE, NO!

Before her older sister can restrain her, Flandre explodes toward her tomentor, her eyes profusely bleeding tears of blackened blood, her pupils constricted to a miniscule pair of black dots.


Staring straight forward at the incoming projectile, Yuuji pulls back his remaining hand. Each fingertip glows purple with kanji rotating on each. Just as Flandre is about to descend upon him, Yuuji throws his arm forward, connecting with her body just before she is able to punch his head off. The resulting blow throws energy residue through Flandre's weakened and crazed body, stopping her abruptly and stunning her. The Chief catches her falling body over his still-intact shoulder.

Flandre: Cough, cough…le…let me…let Flandre go, you…you big…jerk…ack!

Yuuji: Ughhh…too much energy lost. It's not working…anymore, is it.

True enough, the black ball disintegrates along with the barrier mold that it existed on. Remilia, regaining her breath again, which had slowly been deteriorating in steadiness, draws her full height again painfully.

Sakuya: Milady! You are alright!

Reimu: Izayoi-san, acts of treason are forbidden, remember that! Your stopwatch, mind you, is still under our possession!

Remilia: I need not your assistance, Sakuya. This…is my fight. Is it not?

She now faces Hakurei Reimu, Sawatari Yuuji, and Kirisame Marisa. Below them, the battle is clearly favoring the Hakurei.

Marisa: We'll ask ya ta surrender, Remy! You've lost dis war now, and we got yer lil' sis here with us. Otherwise, we gonna hafta take some drastic measures ta force ya ta surrender.

Remilia: I am aware of that, petty magician.

Marisa: Tch, hey. Watch who yer callin' "petty magician", ya dirty vamp.

Yuuji: So what will it be…Remilia? Your country, or your sister. Choose, now.

Remilia: Heh…must you ask? It is quite obvious what I must do…

Remilia puts her feet together and her arms straight out to her sides at shoulder level. Closing her eyes, she begins.


Immediately, red lightning splashes into the vicinity. Vectors of vampiric energy generate and swirl rapidly around their creator, and the sound of electricity and static deafen the battlefield with the wrath and anger of the Scarlet Devil. The short vampire now raises both arms high above her head. A long, slender pole made of the same bloodred vampiric essence tightens into existence, complete with arrowhead and flaming handle.

Reimu: Uh oh…

Marisa: Ah sh*t, we're screwed.

Remilia grips the spear, now nearly 30 meters long. Lifting it above her head, focusing all her energy into this one final attack, she squeezes her eyes dry of tears and screams.


Yuuji: Marisa, NOW!

The spear hurtles towards its target faster than the eye can perceive. In fact, Remilia has thrown it so hard and fast that the impact of whoever the spear has hit explodes into another smokescreen. Immediately after spear's initial throw, the earth whines in a rumbling earthquake, responding to a massive thud that all could hear at ground zero. When the smoke finally clears after a good five minutes, Reimu and Marisa find themselves alone. Reimu deactivates her barrier shield, Marisa looks with confusion down at her arms, which hold a smoking mini-hakkero and an unconscious and sizzling vampire in her grasp.

Reimu: W…what just happened?

Marisa: Iono…I jus' fired off a Master Spark like Chief told me to, but why the bloody hell is Remy in my arms? Uh, wait. We have a problem.

Reimu: What is it now?

Marisa: Chief…oh, oh God…could that be…where…he…?

Behind them, at the edge of the battlefield, a massive scar cuts through the earth. Spear the Gungnir is still protruding from the wounded earth, its spearpoint still deeply embedded in the subterranean abyss. But at the very center of the contact point between the spear and the ground-

Reimu: SAWATARI-SAN! ! ! !

Marisa: CHIEF! NO! ! ! !

They rush to the giant spear's base.

Reimu: Patchouli-san! Please supervise the capture of the grand castle and order all SDM troops to surrender! Izayoi-san, please come to us to take care of Remilia!

Patchouli: Leave it to me.

Sakuya: Right away!

Reimu, Marisa, and Sakuya gather at the base of the towering weapon, now beginning to evaporate in broad daylight. There, they behold what Remilia has done.

Reimu: W…w…wha…

Sawatari Yuuji is pinned to the ground, the massive spear protruding from his chest. There is no blood from the spear wound itself, but it covers the front of his sweater and the ground around him. He is not moving. Reimu, rushing to his side, takes his vitals.

Reimu: Thank God, he's still alive. Marisa, give Remilia to Sakuya-san and help me with him.

Marisa: O-okay. Here, maid.

Marisa gently nudges her vampiric packages to Sakuya, who also begins to clean what wounds she can with a dampened handkerchief. Reimu takes out several healing ofuda to place on the Chief's body, when-

Yuuji: Don't bother…I can…handle this.

He grabs the slips of paper from Reimu with his right hand, painfully groaning with the movement.

Reimu: S-Sawatari-san! You shouldn't move like that, the spear will become even more deeply buried!

Yuuji: Not…not really, it's dissipating as we speak. Besides, who said…who said we had to wait for this thing?

He struggles to sit upright, but the sheer weight of the deathly spear is obviously too much for the exhausted and barely conscious man, not to mention that he is completely pinned to the earth.

Marisa: Yo, Chief, take it easy or somethin'. Fer cryin' out loud, yer left arm's gone, where the hell is it? Besides, how the bloody hell're we gonna git dis spear outta ya? Here, use my lap fer the time being.

Yuuji: Ah, t-thanks. My arm…ugh…I can find it later.

Resting his battered head on Marisa's aproned lap, Yuuji winces as he grips the giant lance with his remaining fist. Breathing deeply a few times to regain mental composure to rid his mind of the shock and pain, Yuuji mutters once again:

The weapon that traps him where he lays loses its form, waving away with the wind in the air and swirling into Yuuji's chest. Slowly, the wounds that cover Yuuji glow with warmth and sizzle away into nothing. As the last scratches on his body erase themselves, Genji gallops in from the rest of the battlefield.

Genji: Reporting, Hakurei-sama! Patchouli-san has assumed control of the battlefield. SDM is now ours. And I have recovered Sawatari-dono's left arm.

Yuuji: Nice timing, Genji-san. Give it to me.

Genji hands the severed limb to its original owner. Yuuji takes it and, clenching his teeth, presses it firmly against the jagged wound. Everyone around him grimaces at the sight.

Yuuji: Aarrrghhhh…

Reimu: Sawatari-san, use these-

Yuuji: No, they won't work on me, just leave this to me!

The wound cauterizes, and after a half a minute, the Chief tests the compatibility of his newly re-installed left arm. Flexing it a few times, he sighs.

Yuuji: I'm good to go. Let's head out again and consolidate our victory over the-

As he attempts to stand up, the world shuts off amidst screams and cries.
And thus, Remilia Scarlet is captured.

Seeing as Remilia is one of my more liked characters, I feel shamed for not giving the appropriate charismatic epicness that her character demands. But not to worry – her charisma will come naturally.

The Scarlets and Arcueid – the TRUE vampire lores. Unlike this stupid American nonsense. As one Youtube comment aptly puts it –

"All Edward does is glitter in the sunlight."

No truer words have been spoken.


Vampiric Wrath |

REMILIA SCARLET: 5, 7, 7, 8, 8, 1, 1, 1, 5
Starting Troops: 300/300
Starting Level: 180/666 (level break)
Job: Vampiric Warrior

DS1: VAMPIRIC SYNCHRONIZATION: Remilia synchronizes instincts with all vampiric commanders on the field. All vampiric commanders, ally and enemy, gain +50% buffs in battle stats. 1 ACT

DS2: SPEAR THE GUNGNIR: Remilia readies her ultimate weapon, Spear the Gungnir. Has no effect until Flandre, who must be deployed with Remilia for this combo to activate, readies Laevatein. Once both are activated, either can select to use the combination attack, upon which both commanders will attack. Spear the Gungnir will tear through the middle ranks, while Laevatein will attack all other units. Prep required, cannot be cancelled, 3x ATK against center row units, 1.5x ATK on all other units, all ACT, AOE.


OS1: VAMPIRIC CHARGE: Vampires' standard attack. No counterattack if attacking humans, 1.2x ATK when attacking non-humans. 1 ACT

OS2: MANIPULATION OF FATE: When Remilia annihilates a unit, she can choose the fate of the commander: Death or capture. 1 ACT, able to break capture/kill limit.

PS1: SCARLET DEVIL: Because Remilia is a vampire, with each successive attack on a human unit, her ATK + SPD are increased by 5%. Also, sunny days will degrade her performance by 20% and will take 1 ACT away at start of battle unless she is given an item called Vampire Shield

KOAKUMA: 4, 6, 7, 6, 6, 4, 4, 5, 3
Job: Demonic Warrior
Level: 100/650
Starting Troops: 200/200


OS1: DEMONIC CHARGE: 1 ACT, no counterattack.

PS1: LITTLE PET: full buffs if deployed with any of the Scarlett residents, +1.3x ATK and DEF for all Scarlett residents if deployed with Koakuma

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu
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I am currently working on each character's first events before jumping into the next arc. After this, there is one more chapter that I will upload that is already written and ready to go at the time I am writing this intro. With school and all, I don't know if uploads will be consistent, but I will try my best.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

Do I Still Remember You?

A young girl.


At me.

She's saying something.

Or, at least, she's trying to.


Maybe it's just that I can't hear her.

What is she saying?

"Oboetete ii yo…?"


The young girl disappears.

A vampire takes her place in the ensuing bloodbath.

Marisa: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Chief, Chief, it's me, it's me!

Yuuji: E-eh? Wuzz goin' on?

The Chief finds himself in his study, sitting upright in a futon. The blonde Love-Colored Master Spark, bewildered, with her hands in front of her to protect herself from the Chief's imminent punch, is kneeling over him on the futon.

Yuuji: Guh, sorry. Must have been dreaming something.

Marisa: Ehehehe…o...okay...

Reimu: You're already up? That's good, we were looking over you for a full day now.

Yuuji: So I was out for an entire day, huh…

Remilia: That is correct.


Remilia Scarlet, with Izayoi Sakuya and Hong Meiling flanking her, sits charismatically in his rocking chair while delicately sipping a cup of green tea.

Remilia: Because you had defeated me. I am your captive now, am I not?

Yuuji: That's a rather quick acceptance…

Sakuya: In any case, SDM is now under Hakurei dominion, as you have defeated us.

Marisa: I betcher only sayin' dat 'cuz Remy's da only thing ya care 'bout!

Marisa consequently is instantaneously stabbed by a couple dozen knives.

Yuuji: Oh, you gave Sakuya-san her stopwatch back?

Reimu: Yes. There wasn't any reason not to, now that they have officially surrendered.

Yuuji: But why are all of you gathered in my room?

Remilia: That is for me to answer.

She hands the tea set to her handmaid.

Remilia: We must tell them together what happened in my final attack.

Yuuji: Oh right…but why together?

Remilia: Because I would like to know as to why you took the blow for Reimu.

Reimu/Marisa: Ehhhhh?

Yuuji: …right. Remilia's correct, Reimu-san, Marisa-san. She threw her spear so fast that neither of you had the chance to see who the target was. But I managed to see through the attack and redirected it to myself. When Remilia attacked, I told Marisa-san to unleash another Master Spark onto the vampire to down her, but-

Remilia: -I went in for my younger sister.

Reimu: Flandre! ! Speaking of which, where is she?

Yuuji: She's not here, Reimu-san.

Remilia: I changed her fate.

Reimu: Then…then where is she now?

Remilia: Somewhere in the forests outside my grand castle, where Sakuya and Patchouli were captured. She should be near a small lake.

Yuuji: Changing her fate…could your manipulation ability be to "change fate of anyone and anything"?

Remilia: Is that archived as well?

Yuuji: …possibly.

Remilia: Heh. Yes, that is indeed my true power, other than my vampirism. But allow me to ask you this, Sawatari Yuuji. Why did you let go of my sister? You could have easily used her as a shield, yet you did not. Why…why is that?

Yuuji: For the same reason why I brought Daiyousei back to Cirno. Family should not be torn apart – friends should not be torn apart.

Remilia: ...!

Yuuji: I honestly believed that you were going to escape with your sister in the midst of the confusion. But it seems like you did not – rather, you were too exhausted from your change of fate to evacuate Flandre to safety.

Remilia: And that is why I would like to ask your help in getting her back.

Yuuji: Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Who knows what she'll do once she's out and about by herself.

Reimu: Wait…I still don't get it. What exactly happened in that last attack when Remilia threw Spear the Gungnir?

Yuuji: Okay, listen up well. When Remilia-san was charging her spear up, I told Marisa-san to ready her Mini-Hakkero to fire her signature Master Spark at her because I knew the magnitude of the physical strain of throwing the spear itself would be too great to allow Remilia-san to escape quickly. By the time she was about to chuck the thing, I knew what she intended to do – save her younger sister by forcing herself onto her. I will not ask why you chose to do this other than to save your kin, Remilia-san. Anyways, she targeted you, Reimu-san. I, knowing the spear's target destination, released Flandre and moved in front of you to redirect the angle of the throw with my own body, because your barrier isn't strong enough to block an attack like that. As soon as I let go of Flandre, the spear hit me, and Remilia used the backblast of her throw to propel herself forward instead of backward to reach Flandre at a supersonic speed and change her fate to get her out of our hands. Right after she did, Marisa's Master Spark went off, roasting Remilia-san only. That's the gist of what happened. But how exactly did you go about "changing the fate" of Flandre?
Remilia: When the spear hit you, I put my forehead against my sister's and whispered to her, "Forgive me for all that I have done to you, dear younger sister." I then declared her fate from "prisoner of Hakurei" to "Free vampire" to break the reality that she was captured by you. All that I know is that currently my younger sister is residing somewhere in the forests of my country.

Silence ensues. Then, the vampire, who has averted her gaze downwards at the floor in melancholy, looks up with resolve.

Remilia: Sawatari Yuuji, I accept the fact that I am now your captive, as you have won this war against me. My nation, country, and dominion is now Hakurei's. But grant me this one wish to recover my little sister so that I may be able to make up to her what wrongs I have inflicted upon her this last half-millenium.

Yuuji: Do you even need to ask a second time? I'm not too happy with the thought that a vampire with the power to destroy just about anything is running around out there.

The Chief stands.

Yuuji: Everyone, new mission directive. Find Flandre Scarlet immediately. But do not utilize any troops, for fear that they will simply be evaporated by Flandre. This is up to us to do. Let's move.

Reimu: But, Sawatari-san, you're still hurt! Don't lie to me and say that it doesn't, I can tell you're not fully recovered! You should leave this to us-

Yuuji turns, suddenly and dangerously, to his superior.

Yuuji: Does it look like I care? Flandre isn't going to come back by herself. Come, Remilia-san. The faster we find her, the better. Everyone, keep your communications shikigami on at all times. Alert everyone else if you got any leads.

The vampire, the Chief, and the maid exit the study.

Patchouli: He is a strange man. Why does he wish to help his own captive so? Normally…

Genji: Sawatari-dono is a good man. I do not know how I know this, nor do I believe I possess any god-given right to state this aloud, but he understands what it means to be human. That…is what I earnestly believe.

Marisa: …dat…dat so, huh…

Somewhere in the deep heart of the forests of SDM, a rainbow-colored set of Christmas light-hued diamonds jingles with the sound of bells tinging, lighting up the path of its owner along a river.

This owner of the diamonds, named Flandre Scarlet, stops slowly along the river, gazing at the beautifully serene vegetation over the quietly flowing water. Looking to her left, the little sister of the vampire spies a small boulder, flattened on the top, perfect to take a seat on. She does so silently, slowly, as if not certain that the boulder would support her weight.

Flandre: Onee-sama…

She can see her older sister's face, centimeters away from her own. The tears. The lips. The eyes. All saying-

Flandre: "I'm sorry"…

The vampire bends her head.

Flandre: Sorry…sorry for what, Onee-sama…?

Her fangs angrily clamp down on her lip. Red intermixes with salt water as they, as one, bore drops of pain into the dirt.

Flandre: Flandre… Flandre should be the one to be sorry…it…it's because of Flandre…that you had to do all this…

Flandre yanks a small, shield-shaped amulet off her collar and chucks it into the river. Immediately, the sun on her skin feels half a dozen degrees hotter, and through the liquefied embodiment of her sorrow, Flandre sees a small tree and takes refuge under its cool rejuvenating shade. Sitting down once more and tucking her legs into her chest, Flandre tips over on her right side, letting her eyes swim. Squeezing her eyelids and drowning herself to sleep, Flandre whispers-

Flandre: Flandre misses you, Onee-sama…please come back for her…

Patchouli: Here we are.

The Chief of Staff of Hakurei and the Great Unmoving Library stand in front of the massive double gates at the main entrance of the SDM Grand Castle.

Yuuji: Okay, so kindly explain to me what we're doing here again.

Patchouli: We are relocating my library complex to Saitama Saishuu Heiki, capital of Hakurei, as I have agreed to your contract of working under Hakurei for a period of three years. However, I laid a condition that I may move my library with me to the capital. You agreed, but told me that I must share the knowledge that my library can offer with the people. That is our proposed task that we bear today.

Patchouli Knowledge grips her book more tightly.

Patchouli: We are also here, if possible and applicable, to learn the whereabouts of my library assistant and subcommander Koakuma, who is very dear to myself, as she has been my good helper for countless years. If there is any location in Gensokyou that she may be taking refuge, it will be here, in this library.

Yuuji: Judging from your words, there should be no doubt about that. Remind me again, you basically forced her to escape so that you could ensure the safety of the library in the face of imminent defeat?

Patchouli slowly nods.

Patchouli: I was afraid that the grand castle would be looted and sacked, as has been the case with other nations in the past. My library is the one entity in my possession that I take any sort of pride in, and to behold it destroyed and no longer a part of my life is unthinkable to me. That is why I ensured that Koakuma could escape, so that I may hope that she fulfills her duty to protect our library with her life.

Yuuji: Tell me, is she quite the fighter?

Patchouli: She prefers not to fight…but if she must…she will. Especially when the library or her life is on the line.

Yuuji: I see. Well, let's get this done while the others are looking for Flandre. I will head to the main sanctuary. Where will you go?

Patchouli: I will be disassembling the library starting with the west wing, so I will be there.

Yuuji: Alright, let's do it.

Making his way down to the main sanctuary some hundred feet below ground zero, on the fourth staircase in the basement of the east wing of the Grand Castle, Yuuji rides the shiny oaken staircase railing that spirals down to the sanctuary. Hopping off once the spiral staircase ends on the floor of the sanctuary, the Chief takes a look around. Intricately carved magical wood form the general Baroque frameworks of the place, the magic instilled within it exuding a mysterious, curiosity-inducing sentiment, as if beckoning visitors to come inside and see for themselves what mysterious knowledge lay within the chambers of the library.

Yuuji: So this is the main sanctuary…I'd like to see just how big this library is, but I ain't got the time for that. Maybe when we're done, I can pay it a visit…

He steps forward to the main entrance, two rectangular mahogany doors glowing a gentle auburn. He is about to place his hand on the doors when suddenly-

Koakuma: Please leave. This is no place for you.

Yuuji: So you decide to show yourself, Koakuma-san. I must assure you that I am not here to do any harm to this library.

Koakuma, the tall succubus demon, stands on the knobbed end of the staircase railing from which Yuuji had hopped off just minutes earlier. The Chief turns to face her.

Koakuma: I am sorry, but I cannot trust those words. Too many a time has there been that your kind has stolen here under false promises and words to disturb this great citadel of truth. You are no different from the rest.

Yuuji: So it doesn't seem like we can talk this out, does it…

As Yuuji speaks, scarlet red runes, all inscribed with what appear to be Stars of David, and archaic scribblings decorate the airspace. Koakuma's slit-like pupils glow heart-red.

Koakuma: Leave, human. This will be your only warning.

Yuuji: Sorry, no can do.

Immediately, the runes that have been glowing heart-red all around the Chief output an array of red lasers, and the Chief proceeds to defend his library.

Koakuma: Owowowoww…I am deeply sorry, Patchouli-sama…

Patchouli: I knew that you would be willing to defend this library, but what on earth are you two doing at the entrance to the main sanctuary? !

Yuuji: Hey, don't look at me. I told her you were with me, but she didn't believe me.

Patchouli: Sigh…yes, I can understand that, but…

She surveys the damage again. Wooden splinters, glass, and magical residue everywhere. Statues that once stood gallantly, watching over the entrance, now lay shattered, stone and granite shards mournfully littering the floor.

Patchouli: …no matter. It is not as if this library will stay here. Koakuma, once you are finished rubbing your head, please assist me in moving this library to the capital of Hakurei.

Koakuma: Yes, ma'am…Sawatari-san, please forgive me for my ignorance…

Yuuji: It's okay. There was no way you could have known, so no hard feelings. Oh cheer up, little devil! There, there.

Koakuma: Oh…I will…thank you for forgiving me. Then if you will excuse me, sir, I will help begin the renovation process.

Yuuji: It's okay if I leave the library moving business to you two, right? I'm going to help look for Flandre, now that my work here is done.

Patchouli: Yes, you can leave this to us. Go find Flandre-sama for all of us – she is very dear to all of us.

Yuuji: Leave it to me. Have fun, you two!

The Chief bolts up the spiral staircase again, which is miraculously still standing.

Koakuma: He…he's a bit different from the other humans we've met, isn't he, Patchouli-sama…?

Patchouli: Yes, indeed. He, in a sense, is a bit too human…

Koakuma: Too…human…?

Patchouli: You will understand one day, Koakuma. Oh, and before we start, come hither, Koakuma.

Koakuma: Uh, yes, ma'am. What is it?

The witch-librarian gently draws her assistant close.

Koakuma: W-w-w-w-w-whaa- P-P-Patchouli-s-s-sama?

Patchouli: Calm down, Koakuma. I am just so relieved that you are safe. I missed you dearly, my dear little devil.

Koakuma: Ohhhh…I missed you too, Patchouli-sama…

Flandre opens her eyes again to a gentle rocking motion.

Flandre: Unnn…

Yuuji: Oh, you've come to? That's good. Seems you're still a little sleepy, though…

Flandre: Oohhh…it's…it's you…

Sawatari Yuuji is walking along a dirt path in the forest with the vampire riding piggyback.

Yuuji: Yup, it's me. I'm not going to try to hurt you anymore, I'm taking you back to your sister.

Flandre: Onee-sama? You're taking Flandre to her?

Yuuji: Mhm. Just sit tight and we'll be there. Are you hungry at all?

Flandre: Nnn…yeah…a little…

Yuuji: Go ahead and bite my neck.

Flandre: Bite…? Like…like this…?

She digs her fangs into the left side of her neck.

Yuuji: Ow. Yeah, like that. Drink a little if you want to.

Flandre: Drink…?

The vampire laps her first drops of fresh human blood.

Flandre: Oh…so this…is what fresh blood tastes like…

Yuuji: How is it?

Flandre: It's so good, it's nothing like Flandre gets back home. It's nothing like Flandre has ever tasted before!

Yuuji: Haha, that's good. Just don't drink too much.

Flandre: Ei!

Yuuji: Whoa, don't run off too far, Flandre.

Flandre jumps off his back and starts to run ahead of him happily, giggling and skipping with her arms outstretched. Yuuji rubs the bite marks.

Yuuji: I suppose it's a good thing that Deep Blood grants me immunity against vampire bites. Remilia-san told me that my blood is a rare kind, the kind that vampires find the most delicious, apparently. I wonder why that is…

Flandre: Oh, hey! Flandre wants to know your name. What's your name?

Yuuji: Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Sawatari Yuuji. You can just call me Yuuji.

Flandre: Flandre wants to call you Onii-sama, okay? Onii-sama! Onii-sama!

Yuuji: Onii-sama…but why…?

Flandre: Because you're a nice human. Flandre can tell. You even let me drink your blood. You don't seem to hate me like other humans do. That's why Flandre won't kill you. Ne~, Onii-sama?

Yuuji: Oh Christ…yeah, thanks for not killing me yet. Hey, is that them?

Flandre: Who?

Yuuji: Your family.

Flandre: Family…? Onee-sama? Where?

Yuuji points through a clearing in front of them. Flandre senses familiar auras and screams.

Flandre: ONEE-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuuji: Oi, don't fly off so fast-!

The human and the vampire fly and run through the clearing, emerging at a crossroads of intersecting dirt paths. There, the family is waiting.

Remilia: Flan!!!!!!

Flandre: Onee-sama!!!!!!!!!

The two vampires connect in midair, joyously screaming with bliss, thankful to be able to feel each other's soothing skin once more. Their vampire wings also flap ecstatically as Flandre accidentally pushes her older sister down to the ground, whereupon they roll around, giggling and laughing.

Flandre: Sakuya! Meiling! Patchy!!!!!!

The younger sister flies straight into each of her family members, giving them all back-crushing hugs of death. As she merrily reunites with her family, Yuuji walks up behind Remilia, witnessing the joyous reunion.

Remilia: I would like to ask of you, Sawatari, but why have you treated me and my sister so well? You are a human – I can understand your treatment of my subordinates, for they are youkai and human as well, but my sister and I are vampires. Surely you know what that could mean for not only you but your countrymen as well, if we so choose to do so?

Yuuji: You are certainly correct. You can potentially be a fatal knife to my back and my country – but just as I put my faith in you when we went out to find your sister, I will trust you not to screw the rest of us over. I make no differentiation between humans or non-humans – don't think that I don't know what it feels like to be discriminated against.

Remilia: Mmm…you are certainly a strange human. Well, you at least have my gratitude for helping me find Flandre and managing to keep all my associates together.

Yuuji: You mean your friends?

Remilia: F-friends? T-t-they are not my friends! They are my employees! Well, excluding my sister, but d-definitely not friends!

Yuuji: There, there.

Remilia: N-ngh! What is with you! Get your hand off my head! Who allowed you to do such a thing? And hey, do not look at me as if I am missing out on something!

Yuuji: Don't worry, it's just a stage. You'll get over it soon en – ow! Hey, don't hit the person who just brought back your younger sister!

Remilia: Uuuuu-! Why must everyone treat me like a mere child! I am over 500 years old, human!

Yuuji: Whoa, so you were that old? Man, I must be losing it – ow! Is whacking people on the scalp your hobby or something?

Sakuya: Oh, Sawatari-san, what are you doing to the mistress? Remilia-sama, your eyes, they are watering up. Allow me to wipe them for you.

Meiling: Yuuji-san, Yuuji-san! Flandre says she wants to play again!

Flandre: Yeah, Onii-sama! Let's go play danmaku again!

Yuuji: Oh shit…we know how that turned out…and she's still goin' on with the Onii-sama business. Patchouli-san, has the library been relocated successfully?

Patchouli: Yes. Koakuma is applying the last renovations to our new location.

Yuuji: Well, looks like we've successfully assimilated our new guests. Let's have at it, Flandre!

And thus, SDM falls under Hakurei control, and the Scarlet Devil family is recruited.

"Charisma break" is my favorite phrase when it comes down to the SDM girls.

And this effectively concludes the SDM arc. I bet you can cater a guess as to which arc I will write next. As of now, as I've probably mentioned before, I haven't actually started writing the next arc. But it is my most highly anticipated arc to write – and I look forward very much to the time that I can actually sit down and give it some good time.

Now, time for Bat-Flan- no, I mean, Flandre.


Devil By The Reflection Pool |

FLANDRE SCARLET: 5, 9, 9, 0, 3, 0, 0, 0, 5
Starting Troops: 200/200
Starting Level: Undefined
Job: Vampiric Warrior

DS1: LAEVATEIN: Flandre readies her ultimate weapon, Laevatein. Has no effect until Remilia, who must be deployed with Flandre for this combo to activate, readies Spear the Gungnir. Once both are activated, either can select to use the combination attack, upon which both commanders will attack. Spear the Gungnir will tear through the middle ranks, while Laevatein will attack all other units. Prep required, cannot be cancelled, 3x ATK against center row units, 1.5x ATK on all other units, all ACT, AOE


OS1: VAMPIRIC CHARGE 3: 1.2x ATK vs humans, 1.5 x ATK vs non-humans. If attacking humans, units hit by Flandre will sustain -10% stat to all battle stats. 1 ACT

OS2: BLOODLUST: 1.5x ATK. Vs humans, can only be used if Flandre has attacked a human unit already. 2 ACT, only useable vs humans. Forces target's turn back in battle order (only affects human target)

OS3: ANNIHILATION: Flandre uses her manipulation ability to completely annihilate 1 unit, regardless of story importance. Guaranteed kill on any generic commander, all ACT

PS1: SCARLET DEVIL: Because Flandre is a vampire, with each successive attack on a human unit, her ATK + SPD are increased by 5%. Also, sunny days will degrade her performance by 20% and will take 1 ACT away at start of battle unless she is given an item called Vampire Shield

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Kind of an omake, now that I think about it.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu
It's All Within The Family.

Yuuji: Hey, hey, be careful with this, Flandre!

Flandre: Okay, Onii-sama~

Marisa: Oiii, who got da basket o' meats?

Yuuji: I just handed them to Flandre over here, she's gonna take it to the bonfire for us!


Yuuji: No she's not, stop fussin' over the stupid meats, we got more!

Marisa: Noooooooo! Mus' save dem meats! MY MEATS FER GOD'S SAKE-

Reimu: Have we taken everything outside yet? I'm getting the sauces out, mind if you help me a little, Sawatari-san?

Yuuji: Sigh…okay, I'll help. It's just that Marisa-san here is being b*tchy about me giving Flandre the basket of meats to head out to the bonfire first…

Reimu: I have doubts with that as well…

Yuuji: Aaaaghh…you too? Oh whatever, let's just pray that Flandre just blow this entire place up wholesale…

Remilia: Is the potluck ready?

Yuuji: Ah, Remilia-san, you came at just the perfect time. The bonfire's ready, your sister's out there already doing God knows what with the food.

Remilia: I see. Then if you will excuse us, we shall head out there first.

Yuuji: Got it. And, Remilia-san…

Remilia: Yes, what is it? Ah- hey, hey, hey! What's with you all of a sudden! Stop – doing – that-

Yuuji: Loosen up a bit. This is meant to be a casual bonding time between comrades, friends, and new allies-

Remilia: I don't want this to be a "casual bonding time", you stupid human! And what's with that tone!

Yuuji: There, there, I know, I know. It's only a- GUH!

Remilia: You deserve that one. Charisma – must – be – maintained!

Sakuya: As expected of my mistress. Come, Remilia-sama.

Meiling: Food, food, food~ I'll see you out there, Reimu!

Reimu: Ehehe, me too! Sawatari-san, please get up, we have sauces to move out there. They're not going to move themselves, you know.

Yuuji: What the hell is wrong with you, can't you see I just got socked in the face by a vampire!

Reimu: There's absolutely nothing wrong with me, seeing that I am speaking to a man who survived a direct impact to the chest by Spear the Gungnir, which would have normally ripped you to pieces so small it would be hard to give you a standard burial.


Patchouli: Chief-san, you do not mind if I bring several of my books with me to this potluck?

Yuuji: No, I don't…owww, my face…

Sawatari Yuuji, Hakurei Reimu, and Patchouli Knowledge are the last ones to arrive at the site of the potluck. Genji, the old battle-hardened commander and lieutenant of the Queen, is tending to the bonfire with fresh logs of firewood that Yuuji, he, and several soldiers had cut from the forests in T9. Around the flames that lick the nighttime breeze, the natural full moon shining ever so brightly in the starlit heavens above, sit all the eager and waiting mouths on fallen pieces of timber. Flandre is continuously circling the bonfire, skipping around it merrily and waving the basket of barbeque above her head and giggling while Marisa chases her down with cries of "leggo a' dat basket!"

Yuuji: Hey, where's the fairies? I told them there's a potluck tonight…

Reimu: They might still be at the pond in the gardens. They love that place, they practically live there, after all.

Remilia: They will be coming. I met the one they call Cirno on the way here, they are apparently finishing a game of hide-and-seek.

Yuuji: Oh…well, uh…I kind of know why they're not here now…

Reimu: Why?

Yuuji: Um…it's 'cause Cirno, uh, can't count. Past 9, that is.

An awkward silence descends upon the earth. Then-

Cirno: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyy! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The four fairies come flying over from the direction of the royal gardens to the bonfire, almost like fireflies to light. They all land in front of the Chief and the Queen.

Yuuji: Oh hey, you made it. You guys finish your game of hide-and-seek?

Daiyousei: Unfortunately, no…Cirno didn't finish her count again…

Reimu and Yuuji slap their palms over their faces simultaneously.

Reimu/Yuuji: As expected…

Cirno: HAYY! Eye counted ta 19 dis time!

Rumia: She was supposed to count to 20, though~

Rin: Oh…but she tried, s-so it's okay, right?

Yuuji: Well, 19's a lot better than 9…anyway, let's eat! Flandre, put the basket down so we can start eating.

On the north side of the bonfire, stacks of baskets and platters of meat, veggies, and fruits are piled a man's shoulder height high in four columns and are distributed by several servants among the party. The attendees ooh and aah as they discover their bounty: short ribs, brisket, chicken and pork katsu, pre-sauteed beef, cuttlefish, and cow tongue, among others, all on kebobs in twenty different assortments and combinations. The open baskets and platters rotate around the bonfire in a miniature river that flows gently so that the attendees can take their time in selecting what they wish to eat.

Remilia: Hmmm…these are not pre-cooked?

Yuuji: Nope, you cook them yourself right here. Just stick it over the fire.

Everyone, after taking picks, sticks the kebobs over the fire with eager faces, some drooling more than others.

Marisa: Meat, meat, meat, meat~

Rumia: I wanna eat~ That is so~

Remilia: Be patient, Flan, it'll cook soon enough.

Flandre: But it looks soooooo tasty already…

Reimu: Haaaa…eating out like this isn't so bad once in a while.

Yuuji: Yes indeed…Genji-san, can you toss me the sake bottle please?

Genji: Right away, sir.

And so their potluck dinner begins, with the customary "Itadakimasu!" – the seemingly endless cycle of cooking, waiting, drooling, chomping, repeat. Until, of course, the food runs out. Fortunately, everyone has had his or her fill, and with the customary "Gochisousama!" the attendees relax around the warm and cozy bonfire that continues to blaze gently and merrily in the moonlight night.

Remilia: Hmm…Sakuya, did we transfer my collection of human blood vases? I am feeling the crave for some good blood…

Flandre: You can ask Onii-sama for some, Onee-sama!

Remilia: …ehh…who's Onii-sama…?

Flandre: Him!

She points.

Remilia: W-w-whaaaaa? Sawatari, what did you do to my sister!

Yuuji: Nothing, she just called me that on her own accord. But would you like some of my blood?

Remilia: I do not particularly trust a Deep Blood host to be offering me his blood…

Yuuji: As long as it is not activated, my blood is normal. I let Flandre drink some back when we were looking for her, and she seems fine still, so…

Flandre: It's really really good, Onee-sama! You should try some of Onii-sama's blood, it's better than anything you gave Flandre before!

Remilia: Ugh, brutally honest…oh, alright…

The vampire cautiously moves behind the Chief.

Yuuji: Why are you sidestepping as if I'm about to hit you at any moment?

Remilia: Uuuu…because I don't know what you might do-!

Yuuji: RAWR!

Remilia: Uuuuuuu~! ! ! !

Sakuya: Now, now, Sawatari-san. Please don't frighten my mistress like that…

Yuuji: Oh, fine. It was getting fun though.

Remilia: Jerk.

Yuuji: Ouch. Don't sink your fangs too deeply.

Reimu: Sawatari-san, are you becoming some sort of snack for the vampires? More rather, you're not a vampire now, are you…?

Yuuji: Thankfully, I'm not a vampire. The first time was when I let Flandre drink some because she was getting hungry when I first found her. If I'm not a vampire now, I'm not gonna turn. Oi, how much are you gonna take, Remilia-san?

Remilia draws her fangs back, her eyes closed.

Yuuji: Oh sh*t, did I kill her?

Patchouli: Please do not joke around like that…

Meiling: She's fine, Yuuji-san. She does that when she thinks your blood is one of the best she's tasted.

Yuuji/Reimu/Marisa: Whoa, seriously?

Remilia: Ugh…it humiliates me to say this…but this human…is the best human I've drawn blood from in a long while…

Yuuji: Hey, why's there blood all over your face? I know you're a messy eater from dinner earlier, but you feed this messily when drinking blood too? Here, stay still-

Remilia: Uuu, hey, what- wha- stop- I sa- st- stop, geeeez…

Yuuji starts rubbing Remilia's mouth that has been splattered with blood.

Sakuya: Please leave that to me. Besides, you should look at yourself first, Sawatari-san.

Marisa: Oh man, Chief, you look like a mess yerself where she bit ya.

Yuuji: Ah great. Is that why they call you the Scarlet Devil? Because of your messy eating habits?

Reimu: Surprisingly enough, yes, that's the reason why.

Yuuji: Heh, so much for charisma-


The vampire's body shines scarlet.

Yuuji: Charisma break in three…two…one…

Without looking, the Chief reaches over and pokes Remilia's side.

Remilia: Hya!

Yuuji repeats.

Remilia: Hya-! Hey, what are you doing?

Yuuji: Having fun.

Remilia: That's not having fun!

Yuuji: To me it is. So there.

Remilia: Uuuuuu! Sakuya, he's bullying meeee…

Sakuya: There, there.

Everyone else, by this point, is chuckling or giggling heartily.

Remilia: Uuuuu…I wanna go home!

Yuuji: Heehee, you're stuck with us for the next three years! I hope you know what that means.

The Chief puts on his rape-face.


Yuuji: That as well, but…

He turns to Remilia, Rape-Face still active.

Remilia: Uuuuuuuuuu, Sakuya, his face is scary!

And thus, the night concludes the merrymaking and "family bonding time" that the Chief had mentioned.
As the bonfire slowly burns itself to death, somewhere to the far west of the capital SSH, a single cherry blossom drop falls to the ground.

The heart beats.

The body responds.

And the land fills with mysterious sakura petals – shining ever so brightly with each pulse.
Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Now jumping into the events of the characters. Wonder how long I'll write them before jumping into the next arc.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

I Didn't Ask Rumia Anything, Now That I Think About It…

The Chief is taking a stroll through the royal gardens after a morning of reviewing and processing papers and reports that run the country. Underneath the triumvirate of sakura trees that are hibernating at the moment, he stretches out his arms with a complementary yawn.

Yuuji: Aaaaah…nothing like taking a good walk after work.

Promptly, a rather spiky and edged ball of ice smashes into the back of Yuuji's head. From somewhere far away, a couple fairies' voices are audible.

Cirno: Ah, where'd it go?

Daiyousei: I…I think you hit someone, Cirno-chan-

Rin: Oh…we can't have that, now…

Rumia: Is that so~

Daiyousei flies over the sakura trees and sees the damage.

Daiyousei: Oh, my gosh! Yuuji-san, Yuuji-san! Are you alright?

Yuuji: No…

Daiyousei: I'm terribly sorry for this, we were playing catch with the ice that Cirno made, and then she threw it too hard and it slipped right through my hands…oh no…

Yuuji: I'm just kidding, I'm okay. It just stung when it first hit me.

The stooge, Rin, and Rumia also show up, in pursuit of Daiyousei's voice.

Cirno: Oh, did eye hit ya?

Yuuji: Yup. Direct hit to the back.

He points at the rear of his head.

Cirno: Awwwwrite!

Cirno assumes a victory pose with a fistpump. Sawatari Yuuji promptly karate-chops her on the forehead.

Cirno: Ow-! Hayy, wat'd eye do!


He turns to the others.

Yuuji: So you guys enjoying it here? Everything treating you right?

Daiyousei: Yes, very much so. Thank you.

Rin: Oh…it…it is quite fun here.

Rumia: That is so~



Cirno: Oh, ya, dat's rite…eheheh…eye forgot…

Yuuji karate-chops her on the forehead once more.

On a small knoll overlooking the usual pond that the fairies and one youkai spend most of their time sits a big tablecloth the size of eight tatami mats. On it sit the Chief with the inhabitants of the pond and a few baskets of bread and watermelon.

Rin: Oh…Sawatari-san, I…I've noticed that we have been…eating watermelon for…um…a…about a week now.

Yuuji: Yeah, that's right. Why, do you not like it, or-

Rin: Oh! No, no, I really love watermelon, it's just…it's just that I was just…just curious as to the abundance of watermelon these days…

Yuuji: It's because this season's the season that watermelon is in season – how many times did I just say "season", I wonder…

Cirno: 9 TIMES!

Yuuji: Oh shut it, you.

Reach over, karate-chop.


The ice fairy chucks her watermelon slice at the Chief in annoyance, who catches the slice with his teeth, chomps a large bite out of it, and catches the falling watermelon skin.
Yuuji: Delicious. Here, have another.

Cirno: Mmmmmuuuuuuu, ur insultin' me, rn't ya!

Yuuji: Maybe.

Cirno: Dai-channnnn, he's bullyin' meeeee!

Daiyousei: Eheheh…there, there…

Daiyousei pats a comically sobbing Cirno sympathetically.

Rumia: Anpan, anpan~ Eat, eat, eat~

Rumia, meanwhile, is nomming away at the slices of sweet wheat and rye bread from the basket in front of her.

Yuuji: Cirno, if it's okay with you, I wanna know a little more about you. Actually, I'd like to get to know all of you a little better. How old are you all, first of all?

Cirno: Eye'm…uh…how old am eye, Dai-chan?

Daiyousei: Cirno's about 61, 62. I'm also roughly the same age – I don't remember when exactly I was born…

Rin: Oh…I…I'm about 20…

Rumia: I don't remember~

Yuuji: I'll assume Rumia's also older than me. So I guess it is true that fairies have a much more elongated lifespan than do humans.

Daiyousei: Yes, that is the case. If converted to human years, I believe Cirno and I would be about 12…

Yuuji: That explains a lot…about Cirno…

Daiyousei and Rin chuckle, Cirno gives a blank look, and Rumia continues to chant "Is that so~" in four octaves.

Yuuji: So then, can you tell me more about this Team 9 deal? I know Daiyousei informed me a little on what it was. Cirno, can you tell me a little more about your Team 9 thing?

Cirno: Y shud eye tell dat ta a jerk liek u-

Daiyousei: Cirno-chan, don't be mean. We're all friends.

Cirno: Oh, fine…but only 'cuz Dai-chan said so!

Cirno clears her throat importantly.

Cirno: Eye'll start wit da very beginnin's. Before we formed T9, da fairies n' eye jus' wandered about, playin' and havin' fun and stuff. But when u humans first started ta be mean to us, we decided dat we shud get tagetha ta fight dem off. Eye knew a really strong youkai, Letty-sensei, who also had da same powers as eye did. So eye asked 'er ta train me, and she did. Eye dunno where she is now, come ta think of it – do u no where she's at now, Dai-chan?

Daiyousei shakes her head.

Daiyousei: She was a nice lady. She really suited Cirno-chan as a teacher, since they both had powers over cold and ice and stuff like that. It's a shame that she traveled off elsewhere soon after Cirno-chan finished her training with her…

Cirno: Eye wanna go 'n find 'er too. C'mon, Yuuji, let's g-

Yuuji: Whoa, whoa, hold it. I don't even know who this Letty is, let alone know her general location, isn't what you're asking a little too much of me?

Cirno: HOW DO YA NOT NO LETTY WHITEROCK-SENSEI? ! She's da winter, she's da one who makes winter come every year!

Yuuji: Huh, she is the embodiment of winter, you say? It'd be quite somethin' to talk to Winter herself…

Daiyousei: Well, it's more that she is just the youkai of winter, but she is still our first teacher nonetheless.

Yuuji: First…? That would imply that you had more.

Rumia: That is so~ Keine-sensei was our second teacher, before she had to move to some far away place called Eientei~

Daiyousei: Rumia-chan, how many times have I told you to call her Kamishirasawa-sensei? You shouldn't call Sensei by her first name…

Rumia: Is that so~ But her last name is hard to say~

Cirno: Yeah, Dai-chan, jus' call 'er Keine-sensei! It don't reawy matter, will it?

Yuuji: Eientei is over to the east of us, isn't it. So she's there now? Do you know what she does now?

Cirno: Since she's a teacha, she's probably still teachin'. We get letters from 'er from time ta time, but 'cuz we moved here from home, da only way dat we'll hear from 'er is to go back home an' see if der's any new letters at my old house.

Yuuji: Hm. Maybe we should stop by your old place once in a while.

Cirno: Yup, yup!

The ice fairy drives her fists into her sides, nodding with a smug grin to look important. Yuuji leans over and takes another watermelon slice.

Yuuji: Oh yeah, I meant to ask Rin something. How did you get a hold of your erhu? It's rare to see anyone playing one these days, that instrument predates any one of us here.

Rin: Oh…it…it is an heirloom of my ancestors, namely…namely my, um, my mother. My entire family…was very well known among the fairy community in Gensokyou as musicians. We…we were especially well known for our erhu playing. At…at one occasion, we even…played for the border youkai as well…I forgot her name, though…

Yuuji: How interesting. Is there a way to meet your family, then?

The erhu fairy's face immediately falls. Cirno immediately throws a couple icicle shards at Yuuji.


Yuuji: Ow, ow, hey, I didn't know, geez. I'm sorry, if that's something you don't want to speak about at the moment, it's fine, I don't need to know.

Rin's face is just as speedily restored with a new fresh wave of relief. Cirno pouts, stabbing the Chief with a nasty look.

Cirno: He's an inconsiderate idiot, dat gai. Rin-chan, let's not go anywhere near 'im-

Yuuji: I don't want to hear that from you!

Cirno: Nyeeeeeeh!

The blue fairy sticks her tongue out at him. Yuuji swiftly reaches over and yanks her tongue over to himself.

Cirno: Waaaaa- owowowowowowowowoowowowow! Waa, waaaa ahhh uu hhooiinnnng!

Yuuji: Alrighty, ladies, we shall start our, uh, exposition on different fairy facial expressions as interpreted by a human!

The only human in the bunch plops the small body of Cirno down in front of him so that she is sitting cross-legged and facing the rest of the fairies.

Yuuji: So here we have the normal face…

He twists and fingers his test subject's face to look artificially calm.

Yuuji: And here we got the rage face…

He contorts Cirno's face again. The audience explodes into laughter.

Cirno: Haaaaaay, dat- OW, DAT HURTS-

Yuuji: And here we have the legendary "ATAI!" face…

And thus at the poor baka's expense, the rest of them enjoy the uneventful afternoon.

Not a very long chapter by any means – in fact, this one may be my shortest. I apologize, Jellyz. The next one will be much longer.

Now that I think about it, I completely forgot to include SDM's event list. So here they are – remember that this list was drawn up before I actually starting writing the arc for the SDM.

SDM Events

Vital Characters:
Rumia (capturable)
Hong Meiling (capturable)
Koakuma (not capturable)
Patchouli knowledge (capturable)
Izayoi Sakuya (capturable)
Remilia Scarlet (not capturable)
Flandre Scarlet (not capturable)

-Within 2 or 3 turns after conquering T9, red mist will encroach on Hakurei territory from the south from the SDM lands. Reimu sees this as an act of hostility and declares war on SDM without thinking the situation through properly

-Rumia will ALWAYS be in the first battle you engage in with SDM. She is now capturable. Make sure to have Cirno in your party to recruit. Also, if you want to ensure Rumia's capture, deploy Cirno in the battle, and there will be a post-battle event in which Cirno calls out to Rumia to join them, which she does, regardless of whether you capture her in battle or not. If you capture Rumia this way, you do not have to recruit her from prison

-Starting in SDM1-3, Hong Meiling will appear

-Starting at SDM1-5, some SDM troops will have the Philosophers' Stone buff when deployed against you. This is because of Patchy. She will be giving random boosts to some units without actually appearing herself

-In SDM2-1, both Patchy and Sakuya will appear simultaneously

-Note: Koakuma will appear as a subcommander to Patchouli Knowledge and will give Patchy +30 troop heal passive skill. When you capture Patchy, Koakuma will be absent

-SDM Ending 1: If you have not captured Meiling, Patchy, and Sakuya (all of them mandatory) by the time you attack SDM2-2, the SDM 2-2 final battle will deploy Remilia Scarlet and all other major commanders except Flandre Scarlet

-After your defeat them, the SDM commanders will retreat further into the mansion. Reimu, Yuuji, and the commanders of Hakurei follow, and you will enter a solo-commander series of battles. There will be 15 levels to the mansion, and Remilia will always be at Floor 15. The vital commanders will be distributed randomly throughout the mansion

-Once you reach Remilia, you have 10 counts to defeat her. She will be accompanied by 2 guard fairies at level 75 each. If you defeat her within that time, there will be a scene where Reimu and Yuuji capture Remy. Remy will tell you that she at least wants to take her little sister with her, and you will have to choose between opening the door to Flandre's room or not

-SDM Ending 1A: If you choose not to open, you will exit and conquer SDM, and you will capture Remilia Scarlet. Sakuya will also turn herself in, and the rest of the commanders will disperse into other lands as mercenaries. You can capture them at any time when fighting those countries. Flandre Scarlet will never be available for recruitment in this ending

-SDM Ending 1B: If you chose to open the seal, Flandre will appear. She will see her older sister in submission and become enraged, thinking that she has been seriously hurt (Remy is just slightly wounded). You must fight her in a single commander battle. Warning: It will be d*mn hard. If you manage to defeat her, you will capture Remilia, Flandre, and Sakuya, the other commanders becoming mercs

-SDM Ending 2: If you manage to capture Meiling, Patchy, and Sakuya, the SDM2-2 final battle will deploy Remilia and Flandre against you, and they will have double stats. Once you defeat them, SDM will fall, and Remilia will persuade Flandre to run away. Promptly, Remilia will be captured

-To recruit Flandre after this, recruit Remilia Scarlet. Bring Remilia's affection level up to Normal 3 (it will be Hate first), and talk to her in an event. She will lead you to the location that she first told Flandre to run. You will find that Flandre has not run far off, for she senses her older sister's presence and will appear looking for her. Remilia will convince Flandre to come with them and fight for Hakurei. And thus, Flandre is recruited. Remilia's affection will directly bump up to Like after this event

-To recruit Koakuma, recruit Patchouli Knowledge before SDM is conquered. In her recruitment event dialogue, she will tell you that her library assistant and subcommander had escaped capture and wants to ensure her safety. After SDM is conquered, there will be an event in SDM2 in which Yuuji and Patchouli visit the former SDM library to move its contents back to Hakurei. Koakuma will appear and try to stop Yuuji, thinking that Yuuji has come to destroy the library. Defeat her in a solo commander battle, and afterwards, Patchy will come to investigate the disturbance. Patchy and Koakuma reunite, and Patchy asks that her assistant help them move the library to Hakurei and be allowed to fight for Hakurei. Thus, Koakuma is recruited. She cannot be recruited any other way. In addition, because the library is successfully moved to SSH, Hakurei's national power increases by 10

-After SDM is conquered, you can now declare war on Mountain of Faith, Eientei, Sunflower Fields, or PCB. If you do not declare war on any within 6 turns, the countries will start to have chances of declaring war on you, sometimes multiple countries in the same turn. However, once a country has declared war on you, the others will most likely not declare war on you in different turns. You may still declare war on any amount of countries as you want, assuming you share borders with them. However, once you have conquered any of the four mentioned above, you will be subject to random declarations of war by enemy territories

-After you recruit all SDM commanders, there will be a pre-turn event in the soonest turn after you do so that gives you a Medicine item, heals 30% of all injured troop max size.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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I can't figure out when exactly I want to write the individual event dialogues for each of the characters. I really want to jump into the next arc after this chapter, but I'm torn between the two. Hopefully I will decide on which soon.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

I Found Out Later That This Is SSH's First Public Library

On a beautifully sunny day, with the generously golden sunlight permeating the light and cool autumn air, beaming straight through the clouds in its joy, Sawatari Yuuji stops in front of a sizeable five-story building complex, recognizably Baroque in design. Two large black statues of eagles expand their wings triumphantly at the main entrance of double steel doors that, unlike their state before, remain open as the citizens of Hakurei walk in and out of the new building in wonder and awe.

Marisa: Yo Chief! Watcha doin' standin' out here for?

Yuuji: Oh, good morning, Marisa-san. I just arrived here myself – I thought I'd pay the newly opened Library of Knowledge and Magic a visit.

Marisa: Same here. I was waitin' fer dis day, buncha things I wanna look up on dat I hadn't had a chance ta fer years. Plus, since it's right in da capital, I dun hafta steal any of 'er books anymore!
Yuuji: You're a terrible person stealing someone else's books, Marisa-san…


Yuuji: EXCUSES! Anyways, let's head in. This library just opened earlier this morning, if I'm not mistaken?

Marisa: Yeah, it was. I was busy drillin' my unit in da early mornin', so I couldn't make it ta da openin' ceremony. I'm sure Reimu was there though.

Yuuji: Most likely, this library will definitely add prestige to the capital, since I've heard that Patchouli-san's library is very famous outside SDM.

As the two converse, they stroll right into the library, whose interior is simply too great for words.

Yuuji: Holy crap. This is some overhaul.

Marisa: I know, right…

The library's main forum is a giant circle on the first floor in front of the main entrance. In all directions as the eye can see, rows and rows and rows and rows of bookshelves containing books, writings, scrolls, and records on literally any and everything seem to stretch into the very definition of infinity. In the epicenter of the forum circle is a huge marble statue of an open book, supported at its foundation by an intricate water fountain delicately cleansing the basin with curiously cool and reflective water. The spine of the marble book reads "Bibliotheca Stataria Magna". On the four directional points of the center circle that etches itself around the marble statue, four squares etched in magic red glow sublimely, ready to elevate visitors to any of the other levels in the library. Looking straight up, one can see all the way up to the roof, where a dome-shaped roof with etched glass and clear glass let in sunlight from above. And all the way up to the roof and fifth floor, one can make out the faint outlines of magic rune walkways that expand from the center centrifuge that makes up the magic elevator system to each of the respective floors. Yuuji and Marisa stand there, gaping at the marvels that they behold, absorbing its greatness – or trying to, at least.

Reimu: Amazing, isn't it? I had the same reaction as well.

The Queen of Hakurei, walking up from behind them, nudges herself in between the two.

Yuuji: Ah, good morning, Reimu-san.

Marisa: Hey Reimu. Were ya at da openin' ceremony fer dis library?

Reimu: Yep. I got to cut the giant red ribbon with a huge pair of scissors that Patchouli-san gave me, it was quite fun!
Yuuji: Man…wish I could just stay here and read all the books 'til I finish…

Patchouli: That would take a normal human as yourself nearly a half a millennium to accomplish, unfortunately.

The voice of the main librarian floats into existence before her body does in a bright purple magic circle that swirls into appearance before the three.

Patchouli: I do hope you are all enjoying your visit here to the Library of Knowledge and Magic.

Yuuji: Ah, Patchouli-san. I hope you can forgive me for, heh heh, failing to attend your opening ceremony. I really wanted to, but army duties came first…

Patchouli: It is alright. Reimu-sama-

Reimu: Ah, Patchouli-san, you don't have to address me like that-

Patchouli: -Hakurei-san notified me of your absence. How do you like it?

Yuuji: It's a wondrous place – I really like the elevator system you got going on here. Just curious, but there must be lower levels as well, right?

Patchouli: Yes, there are. Please observe-

The magician-librarian directs her right hand over to one of the elevator runes, which is accepting another load of four students from a local high school. One of them taps a button on a menu of transparent purple lines, and promptly, the rune shines vertical lines of bright lavender blurs, whisking the group away from view.

Yuuji: Ah, so it's a teleportation device. How neat.

Patchouli: If you approach the center marble statue and look down at the floor, you may see all the subterranean floors in the same fashion as you see these upper floors above us. But enough of our own nonchalant talk – would all of you mind some tea and snacks with my mistress Remilia-sama?

Reimu/Yuuji/Marisa: Not at all!

Patchouli: Then, if you will please follow me.

The purple-haired, double-bunned lady with her book in hand leads them to the northern elevator rune and beckons to them to get on. As the four commanders make their way to the elevator, passersby respectfully make way for them to pass unobstructed. They pile in, and Patchouli raises her right hand to her lips, straightening her four fingers and slightly bending her thumb beneath the base of her index finger.

Patchouli: Mea officia.

The rune obeys, glowing lavender and starting to rotate like a helicopter's rotor blades. It ascends, and the rune shoots towards the sky. It stops right underneath the dome, and the four occupants exit and face a simple yet intricately carved oaken door with golden hinges and doorknob.

Marisa: Huh? Patchy, DIS is yer office! It's so plain, it's nothin' like ya! Besides, why is it so easily accessible?

Patchouli: Of course you would be the one to comment on the accessibility of my personal office and study. I assure you it is better than what you have been in before, when we were still in SDM. I had been wanting to give my library a remodeling, but other duties delayed my plans for a few years…

Patchouli approaches the door and gently wraps her right hand fingers around the doorknob. Instantly, rune calculations and diagrams swirl around her hand and travel up her arm, glowing a low purple in confirmation. The doorknob clicks, and Patchouli twists and opens.

Marisa: W…whoa…cool…

Yuuji: Hmm…

Reimu: Oh my…

One cannot simply call this room an office, or a study, for that matter; those terms would be too derogatory. Before them, a lush tropical garden surrounded by translucent glass paneling is tucked away into a snug crevice at the top of the library complex, near the glass dome that lets sunlight into the interior of the library. Bookshelves also sit comfortably in groups of four near each of the three benches, a small desk stands patiently next to a small table, which is currently occupied by Remilia Scarlet and Izayoi Sakuya. Koakuma is on tippy-toes, dusting some hard-to-reach bookshelf-tops.

Patchouli: Welcome to my study. I hope you enjoy your stay. Sakuya, will you please fetch us some tea as well?

Sakuya: Of course. Milady, Imouto-sama, is there anything you would like me to fetch as well?

Remilia: Hmm, let's see, another round of Butterfly Gradience would be quite nice.

Flandre: More animal crackers, Sakuyaaaa!

Sakuya: Right away. Is there anything I can get you three?

Reimu: I'm fine, thank you, Sakuya-san.

Marisa: Ya got sum more of 'em gingerbread cookies? Dose were super good!

Yuuji: I'll just have some of what Mrs. Vampire is having, thanks.

The maid nods her confirmation and briskly walks into the back room of the study, presumably the storage or pantry. Yuuji, Reimu, and Marisa take their seats at the table with the vampires. Remilia is casually reading a small book titled The Tale of Two Cities, and Flandre is scribbling animatedly in a notebook with an open textbook of sorts open next to her left arm.

Yuuji: Watcha workin' on, Flandre?

Flandre: Ah, Onii-sama! Flandre's working on some math! Flandre's been locked up in the basement for so long, she wanted to study again 'cause it's fun! Heehee~

Yuuji scoots his chair over near the younger vampire to get a better look at what she is working on.

Yuuji: Holy- multi-variable calculus with double integrals? How the f*ck, can she handle this, Remilia-san?

Remilia: How insulting, you insult the intelligence of us vampires? Of course Flan can handle that, she's not 500 years old for nothing.

Yuuji: Right…I keep slipping up on that. Flandre…Flandre never feels older than like 10 to me…

Reimu: Me too…Flandre-chan's actually very smart, she's nothing like what she looks to be.

Marisa: Hey, dere's dat book on high-explosive magic I was lookin' for all these years! Fancy it'd show up here…

Flandre: Hey, Onii-sama, after Flandre's done with this chapter, can she play danmaku with you again? Ne? Ne?

She turns to Yuuji with eager eyes of bright, smiling red full of anticipation.

Yuuji: Well, I don't have a problem, but why do you like playing with me so much? What about Meiling or Sakuya? Or perhaps your sister?

Flandre: Mmm…Sakuya's usually too busy helping Onee-sama, Meiling's too aggressive, and Onee-sama doesn't like going out like Flandre does. You're just perfect, Onii-sama! That's why it's so fun playing with you!

Yuuji: Sigh. Can't help it then, let's go play again once you're done and after we've finished our tea and talk here.

Flandre: Yaaaaay! Danmaku, danmaku~

Yuuji takes off Flandre's usual hat and rubs her hair lightly.

Flandre: Ah…eheehee~

Flandre, lightly blushing at the gentle feeling, giggles bashfully and holds the Chief's hand down on her head, as if asking him to continue. Yuuji obliges, and Flandre's wings begin to flap lively as well.

Yuuji: So what are we here for again? I'm not quite sure why we're here unfortunately…

Reimu: Remilia called you here saying she wanted to talk to you about a few things. Don't mind me and Marisa, we're just here to eavesdrop.

Yuuji: That's a rather obvious method of eavesdropping…

Marisa: It's wat we do best.

Yuuji: Pff…I'm sure…

Yuuji, still stroking Flandre's giggling straw hair, faces the older vampire.

Yuuji: Well then, Mrs. Vampire, let's have it. What would you like to ask me?

Remilia sets down her tea cup and saucer and folds her hands together, reclining slightly.

Remilia: I would like to know more about you, Sawatari Yuuji. I have tried to look up your history, or any records of your life before you first appeared in Gensokyou a few months there is nothing – it is as if you never existed prior to all these events. You told me in our fight that you are not of this world. Who…no, what are you exactly…?

Yuuji: I'd appreciate it if you didn't look at me like that. But to be honest…I wish I knew, Remilia-san. I really wish I knew. But I will tell you the same thing I have told these two. I was simply born into this world at the age of eighteen. There is nothing that I have been able to do to find out more about myself. All I had when I was dropped in here was my name and literally a rudimentary list of what I was able to do in terms of abilities. I don't even know if I'm aware of the full extent of my power – for example, when I fought Sakuya-san for the first time, I didn't even know I could control time somewhat until I stared at Death in the eye…

Reimu: Wait, you mean you've been trying to find out your past yourself? But didn't you say-

Yuuji: Yes, Reimu-san. I am aware of the fact that I mentioned it might be better off for the rest of us that I stay ignorant of my identity. But human curiosity is a bane – I must know, so that I may become stronger to be able to lead this country better.

Remilia: Huuu…

Remilia lets out a deep sigh.

Reimu: What is it, Remilia?

Remilia: It's just…I would have liked to learn how Sawatari-kun received his Deep Blood strain. I was sure that my ancestors had eradicated all the humans in Gensokyou who were capable of carrying the bloodline…

Yuuji: Allow me to explain as much as I can…

The Chief explains what he knows of Deep Blood to the vampire.

Yuuji: …and that's what I know so far.

Remilia: Hmmmm…while that may explain why a Deep Blood host such as you exists here, I am not sure if your information is reliable. But what you tell me does indeed correspond to the history of Gensokyou – the humans here also apparently had Deep Blood hosts every fifty generations. I suppose it's the only lead I have now…

Marisa: Wut is dis, sum sorta mystery now?

Yuuji: Why wouldn't it be a mystery? This is all pretty much a scramble to find out who I really am. Because in the end, truth is all that matters. Ignorance, while blissful, cannot be maintained – at least, I can't.

A few moments' of silence as the only sounds in the garden of Patchouli's study are the bluejays that are sitting on the glass paneling chittering away, the scratching of Flandre's pencil, and Flandre's humming.

Yuuji: Oh cheer up guys, it's not like I'm going to turn into a monster any time soon-

The vampire, the Queen, and the magician back away from him, scooting their chairs away from the man.


Remilia: Just kidding. But another question for you, Sawatari-kun. Why is it that your blood is so much of a higher quality than other humans'? Usually I am able to differentiate the reasons as to why, but for you personally, I have not been able to do so.

Yuuji: Hm, that much I know how to answer. I'm assuming you know how Deep Blood works on a molecular level? Yes? Okay, good, I don't have to explain it all over again…anyways, the reason why my blood is sweeter and more succulent than others' is because of the same reason why it is able to kill you. The dose of kyuuketsuki no shikyou is the determinant for it. It behaves like arsenic in humans – just as how a tiny, tiny amount of the poison is actually beneficial to humans because arsenic in minute amounts stimulates blood cell production in the bones, kyuuketsuki no shikyou in minute amounts makes my blood improve in taste and all the desires that vampires look for when drinking blood. But too much will kill you. I am able to control how much of this poison inhabits my bloodstream, to make a long story short.

Marisa: Dis is kinda of a stupid question, but wut if otha humans drank yer blood?

Yuuji: Nothing really. If, for whatever f*cked up reason a human is accustomed to drinking blood, he or she would also be able to differentiate a Deep Blood host's blood from normal human blood, but not to the extent that vampires can.

Sakuya: I apologize for the wait.

The maid in her heavy leather combat boots steps audibly into the study again with the prepared tea and snacks. Setting down the platter, Sakuya backs up respectfully as she observes the occupants of the table eagerly reach for their respective goodies.

Yuuji: Oh, have a seat, Sakuya-san.

Sakuya: I am fine, thank you.

Remilia: Just take a seat, Sakuya. I'm sure you have a few things to ask this man, do you not?

Sakuya: …if Milady insists. Please excuse me.

The maid takes the open seat in between Marisa and the Chief.

Yuuji: So these questions? What may they be?

Sakuya: About your time manipulation abilities. I had been thinking about them, and I have come to the conclusion that you are a special time user.

Yuuji: Hey, I did tell you that I control time a little differently than you do.

Sakuya: But regardless, the theory of controlling time must stay the same, otherwise all dimensions of life would crumble to pieces.

Yuuji: How so?

Sakuya: This is why. When I stop time, I only stop one's perception of time in a tightly confined and clearly bordered area. If I do not, I will stop the entire world's flow of time and destroy myself because such a Herculean task cannot be sustained by my human body. But I have not been able to figure out how you went about slipping through my frozen time the first time we fought.
Yuuji: Allow me to explain again…

The Chief explains his control of time.

Sakuya: …I see. I was not aware that parallel universes existed. Your theory does make sense. But there may be a flaw with it.

Yuuji: And what may that be?

Sakuya: I mentioned earlier that if I overextend my control of time, my body would be destroyed. You are human as well, correct? How is it that a fellow human like you is able to sustain the strain and burden of manipulating an entire universe's flow of time, on top of that the fifth dimension itself?

The Chief sighs again.

Yuuji: Again, we have the case of the unknown-unknown.

Sakuya/Reimu/Marisa/Remilia: Unknown-unknown?

Yuuji: Right, you guys don't know what I mean by that. When I say "unknown-unknown", I basically mean that whatever we don't know can't hurt us. In my case, Sakuya-san, I have no idea why what you said just now isn't happening to me. I'm human too, I'm sure of that, so why aren't I dead yet when I survived your attack? Clearly, if I could control time on the level I can, there is more to me than anyone here thinks, including myself. Which all comes back to make a full circle to the ultimate and stupidly annoying question of "Who exactly is Sawatari Yuuji?"

Another few moments' of silence broken only by Remilia's sipping of her tea and Flandre's and Marisa's munching on crackers and bread. Then, Patchouli Knowledge steps into view from in between a pair of tall bookshelves.

Patchouli: Marisa, I believe this is the book you wish to borrow. I simply need your confirmation.

Marisa: Let's see…yeah, dis is it. Thanks a bunchie, Patchy!

Patchouli: My pleasure.

Patchouli also takes an empty seat next to Remilia.

Patchouli: So our Chief is quite the enigmatic man, is he now?

Remilia: Yes indeed, Patchy. There is much to learn about him.

Yuuji: Will you two stop acting as if I am some lab specimen?

Patchouli: Marisa, maybe we can train him to become a fully fledged magician?

Marisa: Maybe. He uses magic, but not our level. C'mon, show us yer full magic abilities, Chief!

Yuuji: Hey, like I said, I would if I could, but I can't! All I know how to do as far as magic is concerned are my rune platforms.

Patchouli: Then I would like to question you about your ability to summon weapons from nowhere. That is not possible without magic, unless it is some sort of strange innate ability.

Yuuji: Ugh…another thing I can't explain. Man, you guys suck, I really wanna find out who I am now, thanks!

Everyone except Flandre: You're welcome.

Yuuji: ugh, unanimous response…

Flandre: Okay, Onii-sama, Flandre's done with her work! Let's go play danmaku now!

Remilia: It's not really danmaku, though, Flan, all that happens is that Sawatari-kun runs around dodging your bullets all day…

Yuuji: I don't mind. It's good practice for me anyhow. Besides, I don't know if I can even produce my own danmaku…that's the only thing that I can't do. I think…but enough serious talk. Let's go, Flandre!

Flandre: Yup!

Patchouli: You may use the window over there.

Yuuji: This one?

The Chief pushes up a window pane, and a gentle sunny wind flows in, refreshing the cozy greenhouse study.

Remilia: Have fun, Flan.

Flandre: Okay, Onee-sama, I will!

They jump out of the window.

Reimu: I hope they don't go off destroying the capital…

Sakuya: Do not worry. Those two only play in a specially designated area, away from the populace.

Reimu: Well…I guess that's a relief…

Marisa: Yeah, I'm thinkin' Chief could be a pretty good magician…

Patchouli: Indeed.

Remilia: Oh, I forgot to ask Sawatari-kun if I could draw some more blood from him before he left…

Sakuya: Milady, you may always ask him later tonight.

Remilia: I suppose so…

And so our mysterious protagonist becomes yet even more mysterious. More like nothing new was learned at all. But soon, everything will unravel. With a little help from the master of all.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

Can You Hear The Sakuras Weeping?

Yuuji: Hmm, what's this?

On a partially overcast day, Sawatari Yuuji, Chief of Staff of Hakurei, is busy in study looking over the usual stacks of reports and papers of national concern and citizen-submitted problems and requests. With the recent additions of T9 and SDM, the number of reports has exponentially increased, but the Chief refuses the Queen's constant offers of hiring a few secretaries to alleviate his workload. "I must stay in touch with the people, and secretaries aren't gonna help" was what he said, and responding to the increased workload, he works even harder, now staying nearly an hour or two later than he usually would. Yuuji looks at a particularly notable paper.

Yuuji: This paper…is from the western counties of Hakurei and T9. "We are experiencing strange pulsations of an unknown source on an occasional basis. It started out at a rate of one or two pulses a week, and it has since accelerated to nearly three or four pulses a day. This has been going on for two weeks now." That coincides with our capture of SDM… "There have been no consequences yet, but the animals, both wild and tame, are frightened by this pulse. The youkai have also not been wandering the night as they have used to. We cannot explain why this phenomenon currently exists – what we do know is that the pulses feel as if they are coming from the west." The west…?

The Chief looks up, at his drawing board that he has moved to his left, from next to his front door. There, tacked to the board, is a general map of Gensokyou. West of Hakurei and T9 is –

Yuuji: Perfect Cherry Blossom…huh…? This report would imply that they are coming from PCB. Think…what could possibly be letting out these pulsations…?

Yuuji leans back in his hand-built, custom reclining chair and puts his legs, cross-legged, on his desk.

Yuuji: We never really talked much about PCB…I wonder who governs the place…?

He straightens up in his chair.

Yuuji: Well, whatever. I'll look into this one at a later time. For now, let's get the easy request approval and other stuff done first-


The entire room vibrates, and Yuuji freezes, the muscles in his right hand tensing up so much that his hand involuntarily drops his pen.


A second time the room pulses, but this time, Yuuji snaps out of his constriction and, sending his chair flying backwards, stands up quickly and turns to the direction of the origin of these pulses, as if knowing what the source looks like.

Yuuji: Sh*t, what the f*ck's going on!

The door blasts open, and Queen Reimu storms in with her gohei at the ready.

Reimu: Sawatari-san! Are you alright? What's going on here?

Yuuji: Hey, what the hell, I'm not doing anything!

Reimu: Oh…it wasn't you who was making those weird pulses?

Yuuji: Of course not! I'm working on today's reports!

The blonde magician bursts in as well, kicking the door off its hinges and sending the broken door flying at Yuuji's face. The Chief swiftly draws his dual curved blades, dissecting the wood into ten pieces with the fluid motion of his draw.



Marisa's Mini-Hakkero goes cha-ka! as if cocking a gun. Glowing an intense yellow, it is pointed straight at the Chief.


Marisa: Oh…whoops, it wasn't?

Yuuji throws down his swords in annoyance.

Yuuji: What the hell is wrong with you two, seriously-


Yuuji/Reimu/Marisa: Agh! What the-?


The three of them hit the floor as the pulses slowly get faster and faster. The pulses beat thirteen more times before Yuuji gets up cautiously, in case more of these pulses arrive.

Yuuji: It might be safe now. Be on your guard.

The girls also follow suit.

Marisa: No, seriously, wat da hell was dat?

Reimu: No idea…

Yuuji: Could this be…?

Marisa: Hey, you know somethin' 'bout dis? See, I told ya, yer da own behind all-

Yuuji: No, seriously, Marisa-san, shut up. What I was about to mention was this.

The Chief reaches his desk and picks up the report that he had been reading before the heart attacks came. He hands it to Reimu, who reads it as Marisa peeks over her shoulder to read along with her.

Reimu: Mmm. This may answer our question. So our people in the western counties were experiencing this for much longer than we knew – wait, if we can feel these pulses all the way here, what's happened there?

Yuuji: Shoot, you're right. I'll dispatch some troops to the area to check up on them. Marisa, may I ask you to lead a few diviner squads to the western counties that border PCB to make sure nothing's wrong?

Marisa: Alright. I'm off.

As she hurries away, Yuuji turns to his queen.

Yuuji: Any ideas as to what this is all about?

Reimu: Yes, actually. A lot this time…we must gather the commanders again. This may mean war.

Yuuji: Oh boy…aren't you the trigger happy one…

Reimu: Whatever you call me won't get in the way of my duty to protect my people, humans especially. We'll act on whatever intel Marisa relays back to us once she reaches the west. In the meantime, though, let's get all the Hakurei commanders together.

Yuuji: Sigh…as you wish.

After the general meeting of the commanders, the vital commanders are all sitting in the Hakurei throne room around a makeshift foldable table that is placed in front of Reimu's modest throne of polished wood and reddened gold. Cirno, Daiyousei, Rumia, Satsuki Rin, Hong Meiling, Patchouli Knowledge, Izayoi Sakuya, Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Kirisame Marisa, Genji, and Sawatari Yuuji are all present, awaiting orders from their Queen and Executive Chief of War, Hakurei Reimu.

Reimu: Ladies…and two gentlemen…as you know, we've just set the declaration of war to Perfect Cherry Blossom. Allow me to tell you right now that this is going to be the single toughest war in Hakurei history. Sawatari-san here will explain the course of events for those of you who do not know yet.

The Chief stands from his seat and pulls a few papers out of his back pocket.

Yuuji: Earlier today, at 10:34am, strange pulses shockwaved through the nation of Hakurei. They were strong enough to be felt all the way to Paris. We have yet to determine the true source of these pulsations, but all indications point to our neighboring country to the west, Perfect Cherry Blossom, as the place of origin. Kirisame Marisa has discovered that the pulses have not actually done any physical damage to the counties bordering PCB, but all living things there had been temporarily stunned, the normal and lesser youkai being more susceptible to the vibrations. We had sent a demand just an hour ago to the head leader of PCB by the name of Yakumo Yukari, but we received no reply. We are now at war.

The Chief looks up from the papers.

Yuuji: So that's the gist of what's happened until now. But I believe Reimu-san had a few words about PCB and their governing body and commanders?

Reimu: Yes, I do. I want to let everyone here know about PCB's strongest individuals.

She takes a deep breath.

Reimu: Perfect Cherry Blossom is governed by two women: one youkai and one human. Actually, the latter isn't really human, since she's dead, but you get the point. But the thing is, both of them are not the ordinary kind – as Patchouli-san and Remilia already know, Yakumo Yukari and Saigyouji Yuyuko are two of Gensokyou's most dangerous indiviuals, if not the most dangerous.

Remilia: It was bound to happen; we were to fight Yakumo Yukari one day. I, too, have a score to settle with that border youkai.

Patchouli: But surely you understand the risks of waging such a war? If we are all aware of the fact that Yakumo Yukari and Saigyouji Yuyuko are our toughest opponents, why are we declaring war now?

Reimu: PCB territory was originally Hakurei dominion, Patchouli-san. My mother, Makurei Miko-Okaa-sama, was Yakumo Yukari's good friend and granted the border youkai part of her land in return for Yakumo's favors that she did for my mother. But Yakumo never really took full hegemony of her granted land until just three years ago, when my mother disappeared. That youkai…simply taking what was meant to be mine cannot be tolerated, even if it was yours to begin with, she should at least have let me know in a less insulting way-!

Yuuji: Reimu-san, what is your relationship with this Yakumo Yukari-san?

Reimu: Right, you aren't familiar with our connections…Yakumo Yukari is Gensokyou's most powerful youkai, possibly being, in all of Gensokyou. We sometimes call her the Border Youkai due to the fact that her manipulation ability is to control any and all borders of absolutely anything, and her ability is manifested in gap-like portals that she can command at will. She, like I mentioned, is the good friend of my mother, but she is also my former mentor and tutor.

Yuuji: I see. In other words, you learned under her?

Reimu: Yes. She taught me everything I needed to know to become Queen, so in a sense I am deeply indebted to her. But my debt can wait – Yakumo Yukari can be quite the whimsical youkai, as she is frequently bored and will do absolutely random things sheerly because she is bored out of her mind, as her powers easily establish her as the strongest being in the entire world.

Cirno: HAY, EYE'M DA STRONGEST! ! ! ! ! !

Daiyousei: Oh, Cirno-chan, now's not the time…

Rumia: Is that so~?

Rin: Oh…ehehehe...

Reimu: But whatever she is up to now has crossed the line – I will not tolerate any harm done to my people, even if she be my former teacher!

Yuuji: Right, right. But it's going to be kinda tough going up against someone who can control the borders of ANYTHING. I mean, think about it-

Remilia: Sawatari-kun, we are full aware of what she is capable of. Reimu and I have fought her before – we already know what we are throwing ourselves at. Besides, Yakumo Yukari never really gives anything her all unless it were some dire situation – and the situation in question must be very, extremely dire for her to actually put any effort into whatever she wishes to accomplish.

Yuuji: That's bad, isn't it…?

Marisa: By the way, I'd jus' like ta inform everyone dat we may not be fightin' jus' da Yakumos here. Da ghost's servant an' gardener, Konpaku Youmu, will most definitely be fightin' us. And to make things worse, da embodiments a' winter an' spring are probably gonna fight us too, since dat's where deir homes' at.


Daiyousei: Cirno, please calm down-

Marisa: Yup. We jus' got dis intel hot from one of our sources scoutin' out da adjacent territories. We might just run inta dem.

Yuuji: I know who the embodiment of winter is, but what about the embodiment of spring?

Sakuya: They would be Lily White and Lily Black, Sawatari-san. They are a mysterious pair of fairies – no one knows if they are one person or twins…

Yuuji: ...Dual persona…?

Sakuya: Something like that, yes. In years past, I have occasionally run into Lily White's "arrival of spring" performance…in which she throws danmaku at anyone passing by…

Yuuji: What the hell is wrong with her…

Sakuya: My thoughts exactly…

Marisa: Anyways, lemme finish my thought, you two! So we'll be fightin' dem, we'll also be fightin' da other Yakumos, the shikigami dey call Ran and Chen. And finally…Patchy, you're aware dat we hafta take down Alice, right?

Patchouli nods solemnly.

Yuuji: Alice?

Patchouli: Alice Margatroid, the third member of the Mage's Guild of Gensokyou. She is a magician who uses her magic through her powers of puppetry manipulation. She is the best in all of Gensokyou at her art.

Yuuji: Ooh, interesting, a puppet user. But man, we have lots of people we have to add to our capture/kill list, eh?

Marisa: I'd prefer if you moved Alice and Youmu over ta da "capture only" list…

Yuuji: You got connections?

Marisa: Yeah. And a couple things ta catch up wit, wit dem…

Reimu: Anyways, ladies and gentlemen. This is what we are up against. Like I said, this will be the most difficult war in our young nation's history. There is no denying this. Yakumo Yukari and her generals will give us hell.

The Queen rises, draws her gohei, and slams it on the table.

Reimu: That is why we must fight even harder. We can defeat Yakumo Yukari, and we will do so. There is no exception to this, and I will allow none of such fallacies! We will win this war!

A few moments' silence. Then, Yuuji starts to clap slowly, and the rest of the room follows suit.

Yuuji: That's our Queen!

A few whistles and cheers from the more enthusiastic commanders present.

Reimu: W-w-w-w-w-what are you guys doing? ! ? !

Yuuji: What, you don't want us to clap?

Reimu: No! I-I mean, ughhh…

Reimu apparently cannot handle the weight of her own charisma.


Meiling: Remilia-sama, who are you talking to?

Remilia: I don't know either…something bothered me though.

A certain lady with nine fox tails waving menacingly behind her makes her way briskly along a dimly lit path lighted by peculiar levitating blue flames that float a few inches above each of the wooden posts that support the low-lying bridge over a mysterious lake. She is wearing a white dress that covers the length of her body, and an blue apron-like tapestry with the kanji 八雲 painted on it white. A strange double-towered hat with sealing tags slapped all around it its perched on her head, concealing the fox ears that betray this woman's kyuubi nature. At the very end of this bridge, a forest of sakura trees whose blossoms have already shed their lifeblood stands with one mighty, undying sakura tree at the very center, only a few hundred feet away from the bridge's end. This kyuubi figure reaches the end of the bridge, where she finds another lady, even taller than herself, standing at the base of the mighty sakura tree, which is, at a closer glance, glowing and extremely faint pink, with pink orbs drifting lazily upwards, evaporating as they stray too far from their home. This lady also has donned a white dress and a similar apron-like tapestry to the first woman's, but it is now purple, with embroidered yin-yang symbols along the sides and one bigger yin-yang straddling the bottom of the purpled tapestry. She carries a large parasol with white netting and purple rims, and yet another white hat with a red string that is tied and knotted to the front of the hat rests on her scalp. Next to her, holding her right hand, is a small girl, in a distinctively Chinese-looking red shirt and blouse. While the previous two women were blonde, this girl is black-haired, a green, brimless cap failing to conceal completely her cat-like ears on her head. Her twin tails seem to have a mind of their own, twisting and flipping around with each other.

Kyuubi: Yukari-sama, the Hakurei have declared war on us. I have their declaration letter here.

Yukari: Oh, is that true, hm…? Give it to me, Ran.

Ran: Yes.

The kyuubi named Yakumo Ran approaches her master, who still faces the great undying sakura tree in front of her but now has her right hand outstretched to her side. Ran places a scroll in that hand.

Ran: How have you been, Chen?

The small girl named Chen jumps into Ran's open arms.

Chen: I'm fine, Ran-shama! I just stayed with Yukari-shama for the most part.

Ran: That's good. I'm afraid we'll be going to go to war soon, however.

Chen: May I fight as well? I wanna fight along with Ran-shama!

Ran: Oh, you shouldn't be fighting out there…you are yet too young and inexperienced…

Chen: Oh, c'mon, Ran-shama, I'm big enough now! I just wanna be able to fight with you.

Yukari: Let her fight, Ran. She will learn much about fighting from participating in this upcoming war.

Ran: …if Yukari-sama says so…okay, Chen. We'll fight together, and I'll give you your own unit. But I will fight with you so that nothing happens to you, alright?

Chen: Okay!

Ran: So, Yukari-sama? What of their declaration of war?

Yukari: Heh…normally I would just decline it because war is quite troublesome in terms of what we must do after the war is over, but…

The lady, drawing her full height and turning towards the lake with the great sakura tree emanating the faint pink afterglow, smiles.

Yukari: This time, however, I have a reason to fight. And not even my former student nor their new commander will ever reach this very land.

Yukari faces her shikigami.

Yukari: Ran, send the invitations of war to all the strongest individuals residing within our domain that spans the Netherworld and the Forest of Magic. We are going to give dear Reimu a little surprise. You there, the half-ghost they call Konpaku Youmu. I assume you know what to do?

A short, kneeling girl, in a green dress with a white overshirt, deathly white hair, a black side ribbon straddling the right side of her head, and an 8-foot katana with the kanji 楼観剣 engraved into its hilt and 5-foot short sword 白楼剣 pressed into the blade hanging at her left hip, nods her confirmation.

Youmu: Confirmed, Yakumo-dono.

And with a whisk of sakura petals, she is gone.

Letty: Hm? An invitation of war?

Messenger: Yes, ma'am. Yakumo Yukari-sama, the Youkai of Borders, has asked me to request that you help defend our land from the Hakurei, should they invade in the imminent war.

A messenger of the Yakumo royal court has met with Letty Whiterock, the Embodiment of Winter, what Winter left behind, in her home in the coldest region of the Forest of Magic, the very northernmost territory under Yakumo dominion. Because of her nature, snow constantly falls, allowing her to keep her body from disappearing altogether due to the lack of cold in the other seasons.

Messenger: We insist, Letty-sama. Please lend us your powers and strength.

Letty: Mmmmm…I hear that there are a few fairies currently fighting for Hakurei, one of whom is named Cirno. Do you know if this true?

Messenger: Let's see…yes, we have confirmed that there indeed is a fairy named Cirno under Hakurei orders.

Letty: Oh! Well…I suppose in that case…yes, I will join along.

Messenger: Thank you so much! We will send you a pamphlet of everything you need to know for the war effort.

The youkai messenger, bowing deeply, flies off into the sky.

Letty: I suppose this will be a good opportunity to see how much Cirno has grown since the last time I've seen her. I'm excited to see her…

Lily Black: Hey, Onee-san, what's this that we got in the mail?

Lily White: What is it?

The black-clad fairy of sorrow flies up to her older twin sister, a perfect clone of herself, only she is clan in white and has a smile instead of the usual frown seen on the black fairy. The two are flying along the Forest of Magic, headed for a local river where Lily White suggested that they go wading.

Lily Black: It's something stupid, probably, like some stuff for miscellaneous catalogues…

Lily White: Oh geez, don't be so down all the time, Sis! What if it's actually important?

Lily Black: Probably not…but if Onee-san says so…

The black fairy opens the small letter anyway.

Lily Black: Hmm…it's a request by some person called Yakumo…it's asking us to fight for them.

Lily White: F-fight! We shouldn't fight, fighting isn't good…

Lily Black: Says the fairy who announces the arrival of spring every year with danmaku…

Lily White: H-h-hey! But I can't help it, I'm just so excited for spring to arrive!

Lily Black: Sigh…but they still want us to fight for them. I say we should – the humans over at Hakurei might invade our home.

Lily White: Still…

Lily Black: How's this then? We'll fight them only if they attack us. All I care for is keeping our home, anyhow.

Lily White: …okay, I guess that's fine then. But will they let us do that?

Lily Black: I'm pretty sure…yeah, they say they'll let us choose where and when we want to fight.

Lily White: Okay! That's settled then. We're here; race you to the water first, Sis!

Lily Black: Heh, you're on, Onee-san!

And the two twin fairies zoom down to the water below.

As you can see, now we are jumping into the Perfect Cherry Blossom arc.

Note*: I may be speed-uploading chapters this week. I don't know really if the Shrine Maiden community really enjoys this story of mine or not, so I hope I don't get flame for publishing lots of chapters in a day.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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And so begins my rush of uploading chapters. Dunno how fast, though.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

You Don't Know How To Control Your Strings, Do You?

A few days after the countries' mutual declarations of war against each other, Sawatari Yuuji is leading the vanguard as usual into the most accessible territory of the Forest of Magic. Unlike the two previous nations Hakurei has fought against, the Forest of Magic spans four separate territories that border the western Hakurei counties. Behind these territories, two bigger territories that make up the Netherworld counties that are home to the ghosts and inhabitants of the Netherworld. And behind this still is the lone garden of the unknown – the home of Yakumo Yukari.

Yuuji: So what was it that you wanted to warn me of, Marisa-san?

Kirisame Marisa is the only other major or high-ranking Hakurei commander accompanying the Chief in the advance invasion operation.

Marisa: Ya…this is the home territory of the magician we warned you about earlier, Alice Margatroid.

Yuuji: Is she a robot?

Marisa: A whaaaa?

Yuuji: Never mind.

Marisa: Anyways…Chief, if you see 'er, let me know immediately. I need ta fight 'er.

Yuuji: Mm…I don't have a problem, but I'm curious as to why you want to take her down.

Marisa: It's…it's a little personal issue. You see…dat Alice has some sorta grudge against me for da wrong reason. I wanna sort it out wit 'er.

Yuuji: I've heard that you, Patchouli-san, and this Alice-san were once good friends, the triumvirate of mages in Gensokyou. How'd that all fall apart?

Marisa: …I dun really wanna say right now, sorry Chief. Maybe later.

Yuuji: Alright. Sorry for intruding.

As the invaders approach her house, a lone woman in a curiously English-style cottage deep in the Forest of Magic looks up.

Alice Margatroid: So they are coming after all…the invitation was not lying it seems…

She stands, looking out to her porch and garden, carrying a book in her right arm close to her chest with the intricately carved words Grimoire of Alice.

Alice: Marisa…

The grip on her book tightens tenfold. The teeth start to grind together.

Alice: When I see you, Marisa, I will kill you. I will kill you for what you inflicted upon me eight years ago…!

She turns, swiftly and elegantly through her living room to her front door, passing all her tea sets and English-style paintings and portraits of her ancestors along the way.

Alice: Shanghai…Hourai. Wake the others. We are departing.

Shanghai/Hourai: Yes, ma'am.

Three-foot high dolls on either side of the Puppet Master, carbon clones of each other other than the facts that the doll on Alice's right is clothed just like her master, minus the frilled red hairband, simplified down, and with a red double-tie ribbon and that the doll to Alice's left is the darkened version of Shanghai, her hair ribbon blue instead of red. They fly off back into th interior of the house. Alice, exiting her house and walking out to the road that crosses the path to her house, takes a deep breath.

Alice: I wonder in how many years I will actually be putting an effort into anything? Not only Marisa, but I have a score to settle as well with that b*tch Reimu. Maybe give her a few slaps on the face here and there.

She suddenly pushes off the ground surprisingly athletically, soaring up to the sky. As soon as she hits 2000 feet in elevation above the ground, behind her, an army of dolls, 1500 in number, swarm the air, led by the original Shanghai and Hourai dolls. As she and her doll army regroup with the rest of the PCB forces about to engage the invading Hakurei army, she hisses, her words dripping with antigony.

Alice: Do not believe that I will go easy on you like I always have, Marisa-!

In the middle of the ensuing battle-

Marisa: Chief, Chief!

Yuuji: What's up? I'm kinda busy here – uff! – dealing with these guys!

The Chief is at his usual post, fighting twenty soldiers at once with a halberd.

Marisa: I've spotted Alice! I'm gonna go out ta fight 'er!

Yuuji: Alright! Try to separate her unit away from the others so – ha! – that you can concentrate on just her!

Marisa: No worries, she'll do jus' dat! I'll see ya in a bit if she dun stab me in da eye with one of 'er dolls!

Yuuji: Yeah, seriously. Get – out – of – here!

He takes off four soldiers' heads in one swipe.


Marisa: Give it up, Alice. Your dolls are vicious – but my boys're betta.

Alice: Heh. Does not necessarily mean I have lost this battle. Did you really think that those were all my dolls?

Marisa: Nope, since ya neva really did put any effort inta anythin'.

Alice: Hmpf. What is it to you?

Kirisame Marisa and Alice Margatroid are facing each other, Mexican standoff style: Marisa is aiming her Mini-Hakkero straight at Alice, her broomstick in the other hand, and Alice has her left arm and hand extended and open out towards Marisa, her book open in her right hand. Somewhere around them, the cries of dolls, men, and steel resound throughout the forest.
Marisa: Nothin' much. In fact, all dat means is dat I get ta win more of my own battles – I'll take victories any day of da week.

Alice: Tch, just listening to you makes me nauseated.

Marisa: I know, right. But tell me: what is a friendship?

Alice: A miserable pile of broken ties and scraps of hatred – but enough of this banter, have at you!

Alice's left hand clenches crushingly into a fist, and seven Shanghai dolls, each equipped with a different melee weapon ranging from kitchen knives to maces, appear with a small poof! and charge at Marisa.

Marisa: Da same ol' tricks…man, Alice, ya neva change much, do ya? Eva since ya turned inta a full-blown mage and youkai! Spark!

Marisa's Mini-Hakkero fires a single bright yellow laser, which knocks all the dolls out of the air to the ground, leaving them smoking and charred, some twitching, some crying, some motionless. After the light white smoke clears, Alice is nowhere to be seen.

Marisa: Aw, c'mon, Alice, surely ya dint run 'way somewhere?

Alice: Of course not, you idiot.

Behind Marisa, Alice, with a single small Shanghai doll floating in her right palm, points it at Marisa's back.

Alice: Youkai magic is so much greater than human magic, have you not yet realized, oh dear Marisa?

Marisa: Shi-


The small doll in Alice's right palm puts her stubby palms together and glows a sinister deep magenta, emitting a needle-sharp dark magenta laser that Marisa narrowly dodges. Marisa quickly jumps away from Alice, gripping her torn side that now freely spews out blood, but Alice isn't done yet.

Alice: You must still remember that I am otherwise known as the Trap Master, yes?

Marisa: Tchhh!

The black and white magician, realizing the imminent danger, claps her hands together as soon as she hits the ground.



Magenta runes appear all above Marisa, and through them fall numerous Shanghai dolls, all strapped with sticks of sizzling dynamite. Some of them even comically hold fizzing grenades or bombs, chanting "Die! Die!" as they fall and explode.

Alice: D*mn. I failed again.

Out of the black gunpowder smoke emerges Marisa, glowing bright yellow with the six orbs of the rainbow revolving around her. They flicker and expire promptly as she steps out of the smoke.
Marisa: I didn't actually think dat dis wud save me, but I guess it did. Well, I suppose it's my turn now.

Marisa chucks her Mini-Hakkero high up into the sky and claps her hands together once more.

Marisa: You've got 7 seconds to prepare yourself for sum grazin', Alice.

Alice: Who said I had to graze?

Marisa: Says me, b*tch. Here goes – dun cry ta me like I dint warn ya.

The sky is immediately covered in a giant blonde rune, its interior curiously resembling the solar system.


Out of the sky, stars and meteors rocket down to the ground. Alice sidesteps, jumps, rolls, and even throws some Shanghai dolls at the falling cosmic debris to avoid their small explosions. A full two minutes elapse of Marisa's spellcard, until at last the meteor shower begins to cease. An extremely harried Alice, gasping and heaving, leaps aside one last time to avoid one last falling star when Marisa abruptly cuts her spellcard short, whips out her broom holstered over her back, and charges head-first at Alice. Taken back, Alice tries to open her Grimoire in time to counter, but the lactic acid built up in her limbs from all the dodging and grazing briefly paralyzes her movement, and Marisa buries the broom head right into the top of Alice's head, knocking off her frilled red hairband, slamming her face down right into the dirt, slapping her body against the ground, and, turning to readjust her position and double-handed grip on her broom, whacks her in the dead center of her stomach, hitting her book at the same time and making them both fly a good hundred feet before crunching into the ground horribly.

Marisa: Aaaaaand dat's game. Sorry, Alice, you lost dis one. Now will ya please listen ta me? Alice? Hello? Alice? I know ya ain't dead from dat, der's no way ya can be.

Alice: Koff, koff…

The puppeteer, wiping her mouth of blood and dazily getting up, falls back down to her knees, still stunned from the blow to the head. Marisa's broom is indeed quite painful, even for a youkai.
Alice: Heh heh…I suppose this is a better time than ever to actually go all out…

Marisa: You shoulda gone all-out from da very beginnin'.

Alice: Oh no…oh no, Marisa. That is not necessary for a scrub like you. It was not worth my time, until now.

Marisa gives an empty look.

Marisa: If I rememba correctly, you keep sayin' dat every time I win a fight against ya…

All ten of Alice's fingers are outstretched and glow a deep magenta. Marisa can see strings begin to flail faintly against the foresty backdrop.

Marisa: Oh God…why are ya usin' dat here?

Alice: Does it look like I care?

Marisa: No…but still…oh c'mon, I jus' want ya ta gimme a chance to explain wa-


Alice's fierce blue eyes bore into Marisa's yellow ones, as if trying to will Marisa to die. Behind her, a giant frame of a doll starts to materialize.



The massive, 30-foot-tall Shanghai Doll gleams into existence and roars cacophonously, armed with a gargantuan but stubby lance and shield.


The Goliath Doll roars again and aims her lance at the tiny human on the ground.


Alice: Die.

The lance propels forward, but Marisa stands her ground.

Marisa: ALICE!

The lance, just before ripping the black and white witch clean in two, smashes into a hard, metallic, and sizzling shield of steel that erupts from the ground in front of Marisa.

Marisa: Fire steel…dis is- Patchy!

The purple-robed mage emerges high on top of one of the trees behind Marisa, with Koakuma behind her, surrounded by Koakuma's signature red runes.


The sheet of fire-hot metal extends from the ground, knocking Goliath's lance out of her hand, sending it flying and crashing to the soft ground with a dull but booming thud.

Alice: Tch, if it isn't Patchouli Knowledge.

Patchouli: How now, Alice Margatroid? Where is the usual greeting of the Five Mages' Guild of Gensokyou?

Alice: I can hardly bring myself to believe that you insist that I belong to such a useless organization.

Patchouli: And I cannot force myself to see that you are not a magician.

Alice: Enough talk of the stupid Mage's Guild you speak of. Why are you assisting Kirisame Marisa?

Patchouli: For she is a fellow Guild member. It pains me to have to fight you, but in order to maintain the order of the Guild, fighting you to keep you in is my duty.

Alice: I swear…this is sheer idiocy I see before me. Fine, if I must annihilate the Great Unmoving Library as well, I sure as d*mn well will! Goliath, dispose of them!

Goliath booms again, pulling the lance out of the ground and smashing down nearly thirty trees around it with a giant swing. She advances, weapon at the ready.

Marisa: Crap, Patchy, dat's Alice's strongest doll! Even my Masta Spark ain't worth sh*t against dat thing!

Patchouli: Not to worry. Alice probably has never bothered to upgrade her spellcards and dolls for years now – just do what I tell you to do, Marisa. Koakuma, if you will please assist me.

Koakuma: Of course, ma'am.

The librarian's assistant spreads her arms out to her sides and closes her eyes. A crimson red rune with Greek encryptions rotates around behind their feet, and numerous smaller runes surround them once again. Patchouli, in the meantime, flips her book to another page and shifts her right hand over it.

Patchouli: We shall make this quick. Marisa, please ready your most powerful Master Spark.

Marisa: Okay. Gimme thirty seconds!

Patchouli: Huff!

Taking her other hand away from holding her book, which levitates by itself anyway, Patchouli directs her left hand to match Goliath's movements and attacks, deflecting her blows that get increasingly stronger and damage St. Elmo's Pillar more and more as Alice's rage channels into the mammoth doll. Marisa, gripping her Mini-Hakkero in her right fist, illuminates the interior of the fire-metal shield that protects her from the wrath of the Goliath, and the light from within bleeds through to the outside.

Marisa: Fifteen seconds, Patchy! Hang in dere!

Patchouli: Please hurry – I will not be able to last much longer! Alice is getting stronger as we speak!

Marisa: Hold on! Seven seconds!

Then, the steel shield cracks with one swing and breaks with the next. The subtly crazed smile of Alice Margatroid, seething with rage and the anticipation of lustful revenge, peers into the hole that Goliath has bashed in.

Alice: Ready to die?

The problem is that Alice isn't staring at Marisa. She is staring at a charged Mini-Hakkero, overcharged in fact at 250% of its normal capacity.

Marisa: Later.

Alice: Fu-


The forest literally implodes in response to the bright yellow laser that has just spawned tearing across the sky, punching a clean hole in a few clouds in the sky at its angle. St. Elmo's Pillar is no more, and Goliath now has no face. It careens slowly from side to side before finally falling backwards and thudding on the forest floor, still gripping its shield and lance.

Patchouli: Just to make sure…[SUN SIGN]: ROYAL FLARE.

A great ball of sun-like energy morphs into creation directly above the fallen Goliath doll. Once it becomes roughly the size of a beach ball, Patchouli raises her left hand, clenches it, and throws it downwards. The flare rises correspondingly at first, then buries itself instantly into the center mass of Goliath, burning it away from the inside-out. In ten seconds flat, the body of Goliath evaporates, its ashes scattering in the resulting winds. Alice Margatroid lies crumpled, bloodied, and bruised, her Grimoire open and fluttering its contents in the wind nearly forty feet away.

Alice: Unnh…

Marisa: Alice! Are you okay?

Alice: Does…does it look like I am okay…

Marisa: Iono. You could be dead fer all I know.

Alice: Tch…this invariably sucks…being…defeated by the person I want to kill…

Yuuji: Yeah, it happens to the best of us, don't worry.

Sawatari Yuuji drops down from the tree whose branches provide shade over Alice's tired and worn body and lands next to Alice.

Marisa: Yo Chief, when'd you git here?

Yuuji: Just now. I had been planning to come help after I mopped up the battle of the dolls engaging your troops, but looks like I didn't need to in the end.

He turns to the girl lying motionless but staring at him from the ground.

Yuuji: You must be the Seven-Colored Puppeteer, Alice Margatroid.

Alice: Yes…? And what…what of me…?

Yuuji: Because we are looking for strong commanders to complement the army of Hakurei and that it seems you are but a mercenary fighting only for your selfish interests, how about you fight for us? I know it seems a strange question, but I'd like to remind you-

Alice: Yes, yes, that…cough…I am your prisoner, hence you get to decide the terms. Do not think I have not been in this situation before…

Yuuji: Then if you already know the drill, what is your answer?

Alice: By those terms alone…no, I will refuse.

Yuuji: Then what if I offered you, in three years, another chance to kill Kirisame Marisa?

Marisa: Oi, ya b*stard, what're ya sayin'?

Patchouli: Pfff.

Marisa: It's not funny, Alice will definitely try n' kill me! Save me, Patchy!

Patchouli: I apologize; I do not think I will be defending you a second time, it seems…

Marisa: Nooooo! Why not? ! Why ya gotta abandon me all of a sudden-

Alice: Hmpf. I…I suppose that could work. But I will not necessarily be bound to your control, newcomer to Gensokyou. If you are not careful, you will become my next doll.

Yuuji: Thrilling. Then let's get you patched up; can't have you fighting like you are now, obviously.

And thus, Alice Margatroid is recruited.

I personally hate the fandom surrounding Alice Margatroid, which portrays Alice as the desperate lover of Kirisame Marisa. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not exactly the AlixMari shipper. I mean, it's hilarious at times, but it gets old too quickly, too fast.

In other news, we've captured my favorite character of the Touhou franchise. I love Alice's character design – now, if she only had long hair. I much prefer long hair over short. But that's just me being weird, I suppose. She also wears my two favorite colors, so extra brownie points for that.

Time for Alice's stats:

ALICE MARGATROID: 3, 7, 2, 8, 5, 9, 4, 7, 5
Starting Troops: 700/700
Starting Level: 120/900
Job: Youkai Puppeteer

DS 1: SHANGHAI GUARD: Guards column ally units. Only available when deployed in front row. 20% per Intelligence, but loses 60% per hit instead of the usual 40%. 1 ACT

DS 2: SHANGHAI ETHERLITE: Alice uses puppet strings to pull an ally unit's turn forward, immediately after her own turn. 1 ACT

DS 3: SHANGHAI REINFORCEMENTS: Alice sends her puppets to reinforce other ally units on the field. +30% ATK, DEF, and SPD to ally units, and her troop size is cut down by half of max troop size. Cannot be used if her troop count is less than 50% max capacity. All ACT


OS 1: SHANGHAI CHARGE: Alice sends her puppets to attack. 1 ACT, counterattack damage rate reduced to 30% of original. Only available if deployed in the front row.

OS 2: SHANGHAI CROSSBOWS: Alice orders her puppets to fire crossbow bolts. 1 ACT, +5% ATK to all infantry. Only available when deployed in the back row

OS 3: SHANGHAI SPARK: Alice's laser-projectile-based attack, summoned by her puppets. INT/DEF dependent, will inflict damage on opponent based on which stat is lower to inflict more damage. 2 ACT, row-penetration

PS 1: PUPPET ESSENCE: Because Alice uses puppets, she receives the following traits

-unit sprite consists of Alice and her puppets only, no regular troops
-No replenishment cost, as she repairs her own puppets
-Reduced Recruitment cost, as compared to Mages, since she makes her own puppets
-Because her Shanghai dolls can be armed with different weapons, she can be either be toggled through her events after her character clear to put a set class on her puppets that can be changed indefinitely, as long as you do one event with her after clear. If you have not yet cleared her, her deployment in the field will determine her class
-Front row means Knight class, back row means Mage/Crossbowman class
-Note that Alice's "Shanghai Spark" can be used anywhere on the field

And you're probably wondering why Alice's move list is so stacked. Well, I wonder why too. Plus, this isn't everything.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Oh we'll get more into Alice. Not that way, you sick individual.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

With the superior Sawatari Yuuji leading the vanguard invasion, the first territory of the Forest of Magic is completely conquered within days of Alice Margatroid's capture. The Chief of Staff's yet-perfect record of no troop deaths is still very miraculously maintained, without the help of a certain green-haired miko.

Yuuji: Mkay, ladies. Where should we attack next?

The Chief is holding a makeshift meeting in the center of the Hakurei camp set up on a tall hill with a nice vantage point to see everything around them for a good dozen miles. The usual commanders, minus the fairies and plus one puppeteer, are present.

Marisa: I think we shud jus' push through the Netherworld territory we're now borderin' ta gain access ta Yukari's gard'n. If we punch out da leada, we can take down PCB!

Reimu: Hold on, not so fast Reimu. Not all of you know this, but Yukari's Garden behind these two Netherworld territories can't be accessed until we find the two seal signatures hidden in those Netherworld territories. And to find those, we have to conquer both of them. Ditch any plans of ending this war quickly like we did with SDM – we have to take this nice and slow.

Remilia: It would also be in our best interest to go ahead and capture the rest of the territories of the Forest of Magic that border our westernmost counties; that way, the enemy has less area from which they can launch their attacks. Recent reports have indicated that the frequency of ambushes and full-out counterattacks are becoming steadily more frequent, and having to deal with many with them at once, even if each one is composed of no more than a squad of soldiers, will throw our coordination off.

Yuuji: I agree with Remilia-san. On top of that, we still don't know as of yet the reason behind why we went to war in the first place: where is the source of the pulsations? They've still been going on; I mean, they're nothing more than nuisances for our troops, but lately I've been noticing that every time after a wave of these – pulses – hits, the enemies become stronger and harder to deal with. Has anyone felt the same?

Everybody sitting at the meeting table nods.

Yuuji: No, seriously. We need to find out what's causing these pseudo-soundwaves. Does anyone have a clue?

Reimu: I…I might have an idea…but…but I'm not sure. The possibility of it happening is so out of the question that-

Alice: Perhaps I may be of use here.

Yuuji: Speak, dear Puppeteer. What can you enlighten us on this subject?

Alice clears her throat.

Alice: This is just based off my own conjectures, but…before this war started, I have also felt these pulses. Everyone within PCB borders has. Even before this war started, the Forest of Magic would rumble every now and then with these pulses. So wondering what it was, I tracked the source of pulses by measuring the directional vectors that pointed me to a sizable grove of cherry blossom trees on a small island situated in a lake in the western Netherworld province. I could not get too near because of that border youkai's Quadruple Boundary, but I could feel a the presence of death mixed with a seal. It…it is hard to describe. But this is what I know.

Reimu: Presence of death…mixed with a seal…?

Slowly, Reimu's face contorts into one of wonder to one of fear.

Reimu: Oh no…this is bad.

Yuuji: What is?

Reimu: Yukari…if my fears are true, Yukari…Yukari is going to try to resurrect Saigyouji Yuyuko!

A deathly silence slaps all of them in the face.

Remilia: Reimu…are you certain? Resurrection is delicate business that is looked down upon everywhere.

Patchouli: …but it would make sense. The strongest youkai in Gensokyou, bringing back her best friend from the grip of the Netherworld…

Yuuji: Uh, fill me in on how exactly important this Saigyouji Yuyuko person is.

Marisa: More than ya think, dat's fer sure.

Yuuji: That's not helping, Marisa-san.

Reimu: I will explain. You remember before we started this war how PCB is governed for the most part by two women, one being Yukari and one being Yuyuko?

Yuuji: Go on…

Reimu: Well, Saigyouji Yuyuko used to be a human – but now she's a ghost. More specifically, she is now the Ghostly Princess of the Netherworld. There's been a painful history behind the friendship of those two ladies – one that even I don't fully know myself. But what's important is that Saigyouji Yuyuko committed suicide in order to prevent her manipulation ability from becoming too powerful.

Yuuji: Which was?

Sakuya: The power to kill anything that lives.

Yuuji: What kind of overpowered manipulation ability is that…

Meiling: Hey, it's not too bad if you think about Remilia-sama's manipulation ability…

Yuuji: Oh yeah, I forgot about hers.

Remilia: Shut it, you two!

Reimu: Anyways. Yuyuko came back as a ghost after her suicide, this time with a better control – not full, but better – of her power to invoke death in any living being. But since about a year ago, Yuyuko has mysteriously disappeared, and Yukari has never talked about Yuyuko since. Maybe…maybe this is why. But if this is so, we must hurry as soon as possible. Typical resurrection rituals normally take decades, but this is Yakumo Yukari we're talking about here. She can do that in her sleep – given she already sleeps enough as she does.

Yuuji: How much a day?

Reimu: Twenty hours, easy.

Yuuji: What the hell is wrong with that lazy b*tch…

Reimu: I had problems with her too, don't worry.

Reimu stands.

Reimu: New mission objective, ladies and gentleman. We are to invade the first Netherworld county as fast as possible to locate the seal that Alice-san has described to us.

Alice: Do not add the honorific, miko.

Reimu: Still mad over our score? Stay mad, then, not my problem. Once anyone finds this seal, report back, and we will meet together again to decide what we will do to deal with this situation.

Everyone: Roger.

And the meeting is adjourned.

After running a few secretarial errands, Sawatari Yuuji is packing up the meeting table and strategy board. As he is un-tacking all the papers off the drawing board, he spies two dolls also doing the same thing.

Yuuji: Thanks for the help, Shanghai, Hourai.

The characteristic dolls of Alice Margatroid turn to him.

Shanghai: You're welcome~

Hourai: Oi, Shanghai, why are we helping him again? He can handle this himself. Besides, Alice definitely won't like it if she saw us. Actually, does she know we're even here?

Shanghai: No, of course not. She doesn't even know we're autonomous dolls.

Yuuji: Autonomous dolls? Now that's something. Is Alice-san really that talented at her art?

Shanghai: Well…it's more like she doesn't know what she did with us.

Yuuji: That sounds terrible…

Shanghai chuckles awkwardly as Hourai gives the Chief a grim look.

Shanghai: We came out of an experiment that Alice-sama did to make her dolls stronger. She deemed that experiment a failure, but she didn't realize that the dolls she experimented with became autonomous. And those dolls would be us!

Hourai: We still need to help her if she summons us.

Yuuji: You can gimme those papers, thanks. They're heavy for you, are they not?

Hourai: Not necessarily.

Yuuji: Well, thanks for the help anyway. Where's Alice-san, by the way?

Shanghai: She's probably in her tent. She doesn't change much…especially with the Miko and the other Black and White Mage…

Yuuji: She…she isn't in the best of connections with other people, now, is she?

Shanghai gives a sad smile.

Shanghai: I'm afraid our master isn't the social type. I wish for her to obtain happiness, but all she thinks of is revenge and how to get back at her wrongdoers for just one incident so very long ago. She is truly a gentle lady at heart, Yuuji-san. You must believe me!

Hourai: Oi, oi, Shanghai, what's the use of trying to persuade an outsider that Alice isn't some shut-in creep who plays with dolls all day?

Shanghai: Ooooohhh…geez, Hourai-chan, you're not helping!

Hourai: Hey- why the hell are you calling me "Hourai-chan"!

Shanghai: Because you're my cute younger sister!

Hourai: We're not even blood-related, what the crap! Besides, it's not even possible for us to be sisters!

Shanghai: Mmmm…best buddies, then?

Hourai: Then how in the world would calling me "Hourai-chan" make any sense!

Shanghai: It does to me!

Hourai: I give up!

Hourai heaves a sigh, and her red double-tie ribbon droops along with her exasperated breath.

Yuuji: No, it's okay, Shanghai-san. I believe you; I'm sure there's more to Alice-san than we see at the moment. But I won't allow her negativity to jeopardize the rest of us. And I certainly won't let her kill off a few of our commanders just because of a stupid grudge from way back when. Just leave that too me.

They arrive at Yuuji's personal tent so that the Chief can stash away the materials.

Yuuji: Well, thanks for accompanying me this far. I'll see you around, Shanghai, Hourai.

Shanghai: Mmhm! Bye bye!

Hourai: Bye.

They fly off.

Yuuji: Automated dolls, huh? Didn't Patchouli-san mention to me that it's theoretically impossible to create fully autonomous dolls? Which would make sense, too, since autonomous dolls aren't necessarily "dolls" per se…then if not, what are they exactly?

After pondering it for a while, Yuuji decides to think about it another day and ducks his head under the front flap.

The next day-

Yuuji: What the-

Reimu: Oh man.

Marisa: Yay, more victims!

Remilia: Interesting.

Sakuya: …


The Hakurei line faces a PCB position that is four times as large as theirs. It is so big, in fact, that the line of PCB soldiers nearly encompasses the entire Hakurei army.

Yuuji: This is probably going to be the single largest battle yet.

Reimu: No kidding.

Marisa: Oi, Chief, dere's somebody callin' out ta ya!

Yuuji: Huh? Who could it be?

Remilia: It's the ghost's servant and gardener…

Sakuya: Konpaku Youmu.

Right on cue, Yuuji spots a small girl in the distance.

Yuuji: That her? The one with the two swords at her side?

Reimu: Yes. That's her. She's probably Gensokyou's most skilled swordfighter – it is best that we engage her all at once-

Yuuji: Nope, I'm going to fight her alone.

Reimu: Sawatari-san, now is not the time for your arrogance-

Yuuji: It's not arrogance. See? She wants one too.

Youmu's voice trails across the giant expanse of the battlefield.

Youmu: I wish to challenge the Hakurei Chief of Staff, Sawatari Yuuji, to a duel! If you are the man that they say you are, then come and clash blades with myself, the Half-Ghost of Hakugyokuro!

Yuuji: Challenge accepted. Maybe it's time to use this blade that I've been itching to use for the past few weeks…

Walking out alone to the slight depression in the land, Sawatari Yuuji outstretches his left palm, where a small saucer-sized Latin rune glows into view. He plunges his right hand into the rune, and the hand disappears from view, giving the impression that his right hand is cut off. He pulls his right arm slowly out, and from the rune emerges a six-foot katana imprinted with the kanji 月姫 on one side of the blade and the words Caeruleus Caerulea Hyalus Luna / Alio Coccini Aetheris pressed into the other side.

Yuuji: It's time to test out this abomination of a sword – Tsukihime.

Across the distance, Youmu draws both of her swords – Hakurouken in the left, Roukanken in the right – and charges down the field, straight at the Chief.

Yuuji: Eager, are we? Alright, then, I shall oblige you.

Yuuji also charges in. Matching her speed, the Chief meets her at the exact median of the battlefield. They pass right by each other, and sparks and clangs of iron spawn in the air between them. Grinding their heels into the dirt, both opponents flip around to face each other again, and the swords begin to fly. For a full five minutes, the flurry of blades cut apart the air, crashing again and again at speeds incomprehensible for normal humans to follow. The two opponents' swordplays are identically strong – neither combatant has a clear advantage over the other; even though Youmu is using two blades, Yuuji is holding his own well enough with only one. But as the swordfight drags on, somehow, the Chief is strengthening his blows as Youmu's strikes slowly degrade to mere parries and become slower to creeping exhaustion.

Youmu: This man…his swordplay rivals my own, and I, who was deemed the best swordfighter in all of Western Gensokyou and Hakugyokuro! Even while I hold the blade count advantage, that seems to be the only reason why he has not defeated me yet! In that case…

After deflecting a low strike aimed at her knees, Youmu jumps back a good thirty feet.

Yuuji: This feeling again…could this be…?


Instantly, Yuuji beholds the world warped and the air mirage-like. He sees Youmu fly through the nonexistent but viscous air, a giant arc of light about to cut through his body at a perfectly horizontal angle.

Yuuji: Not too bad.

A foreign arc of light swings upwards, aimed at Youmu's chin.

Youmu: What? !

Failing to follow through the swing, Youmu aborts the attack. The world shifts into normalcy again, and Youmu crashes to the side to dodge the incoming counter. Her unfinished attack has left a gaping scar in the field behind Yuuji.

Youmu: How? ! My speed is far superior to what any human should be able to perceive!

Yuuji: Indeed. There is no denying that your speed alone can easily dispatch of any enemy. But there is a problem with such speed.

Youmu: What do you mean?

Yuuji: I'm sure you're aware of this phenomenon as well: when you travel at speeds faster than light, you not only bend space, but you also alter time. I happen to be able to control time, though differently than you can. In that last attack of yours, you were traveling at nearly 50% more than the speed of light, or, more exactly, 49.827% faster. Even though you manipulated time merely slightly, that was enough for me to see through your attack. Only exceptional reactions would have saved anyone else.

Youmu: I see…so it seems speed does come with its own disadvantages. Myon!

The ghostly wisp that has been following Youmu the entire time rises up above Youmu and fires white and gray dome-shaped danmaku at the Chief. He jumps, having nowhere else to dodge to, and suddenly, in the air, Youmu appears in front of him, wakizashi primed at his heart.

Yuuji: Sneaky little…

Youmu thrusts but misses, Yuuji having thrown his head backwards just in time. Twisting his body to the left, Yuuji tosses his sword to his left hand and slams the hilt of Tsukihime right into the back of Youmu's head, propelling her careening over and over until she hits the ground. Myon manages to fly in between Youmu and the earth just before they contact, cushioning the impact.
Youmu: Ow…Myon, you know that doing that will still hurt me, too, right?

Myon seems depressed.

Youmu: It's okay. Thanks for trying to help me. But it doesn't look like I will be able to defeat this man by myself.

She stands.

Youmu: Sawatari-san! You are indeed a most worthy opponent! I wish to fight you again in the future! But for now we must postpone our duel – let us finish this the old-fashioned way! All units – CHARGE!

The might of the numerically superior PCB army roars in unison and stampedes the field.

Yuuji: Same goes for you as well, Youmu-san! Let us fight again one day! All Hakurei forces – WEAPONS FREE!

Don't know how the overall length will show up as on the site. Hopefully it is adequate. In any case, I'm wondering how long the PCB arc will be.

Thanks for reading,

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Expect a few spelling errors here or there. My keyboard is terrible. Don't ever buy chiclet keyboards.

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Setting a Few Loose Ends Right Will Take Some Work

The old yet eternally young Youkai of Borders is once again standing in front of the almighty sakura tree, the one that towers above all the rest in the Island of the Sakuras, the most iconic landmark of Hakugyokuro. The tree seems to be glowing much more brightly pink than before.

Yukari: …is this what you wanted for us, Yuyuko? Letting nothing stop us from one day being able to walk together like we did before…your death?

Yakumo Yukari approaches the sakura tree and gently runs her fingers from her left hand down the trunk.

Yukari: You made me choose between my best friend or the daughter of my beloved student…who also happens to be my student as well…now that I have long since made my decision, pay me back in full by allowing this ritual to proceed without interruptions from your regrets of your previous life.

Now, above Yukari, a shining mannequin warps into solidity, revealing in a fanfare of bright white and pink light surrounded by ethereal sakura petals that dissipate into the air a tall but young woman dressed in a light blue kimono whose sleeves and dress cover her limbs entirely and a triangular headpiece that peaks her fluffy light blue matching hat. Several hitodama revolve around this limp, seemingly lifeless body. Yukari looks up at the body of her dearest friend.

Yukari: Even though I had already accepted your death so very long ago…I suppose even I cannot fathom you dead forever…

She stops, a confused look creeping over her face.

Yukari: Wait…what should we call her if she indeed comes back to life? She is definitely not the Ghostly Princess of Hakugyokuro anymore…

Alice: I suppose you could not trust me to go home alone, did you now, Sawatari-kun?

Yuuji: Nope. Sorry about this, but seeing your behavior towards some of our more essential commanders and given your recent status in our army, I must escort you to your home.

Alice: I suppose…even though an escort is not really an escort if one does not even know where the destination may be.

Yuuji: Which you are correct. So technically, the word "escort" wouldn't be valid anymore. What else should I be called, I wonder?

Alice: A stalker?

Yuuji: You're creepy.

Alice: In that context, you are the one who's creepy.

The two commanders are walking through the Forest of Magic once more to visit the cottage and home of Alice Margatroid. Alice had requested to the Chief of Staff that she return to her home momentarily to bring the rest of her doll army with her, seeing that her Hakurei army contract binds her to a mandatory three years in the Hakurei military, just like the rest of the captured commanders in the Hakurei army like Cirno and Remilia Scarlet's family.

Yuuji: Alice-san, is-

Alice: No honorific, please.

Yuuji: Alice, then. Is it okay if I ask a few questions? They might be a bit personal, and I don't want to offend you if possible.

Alice stays silent for a few moments.

Alice: Yes. Though, it would, like you implied, depend on the question itself that you ask…

Yuuji: Okay. First of all, why do you hate the other members of this Mages' Guild of Gensokyou, specifically Kirisame Marisa?

Alice: …

Her face shades over as her head drops slightly.

Yuuji: I know that's something you don't want to discuss. But as your and Marisa's commanding officer, I must know so that I may try to resolve this conflict between you two.

Alice: Do not attempt to help me.

Yuuji: And why not?

Alice: Because there are only two ways that this will all end – and in both of them, Marisa will die.

Yuuji: And that's exactly what I want to prevent.

Alice: And I will tell you now that you will not stop me. You managed to buy Marisa three years – but after these three years, I will kill her.

Yuuji: Look, I can Marisa has done some sort of wrong or something to you in the past, alright? Isn't there a way where all this can be resolved without somebody's head getting chopped off?

Alice: None.

Yuuji: Ugh…not exactly the social type, are you now…

Alice: Nor will I ever be, nor will I ever have interest in changing.

Yuuji: Well, in any case, I'm bound to find out, you can be assured of that. So whether you want to kill Kirisame Marisa is none of my business, because she ain't gonna die.

Alice: If you come to the aid of that girl, I will have no choice but to kill you along with her.

Yuuji: That is, if you can.

Alice: You doubt my ability? I am not called the Seven-Colored Puppeteer for no reason, surely you are aware of that?

Yuuji: Does it look like I care what you're called?

Alice: Uh, yes?

Yuuji: Nope.

The cottage looms into view, and soon the cacophonous duo arrive at the front gate. Alice draws a key from her Grimoire, unlocks the front gate, and enters with the Chief.

Yuuji: Though, I must say this is quite a quaint abode. I find it rather difficult to believe you live here alone.

Alice: But I do. Please leave your shoes at the door.

They enter the house. The sweet fragrance of rosemary tea immediately wafts into the nose of the Chief.

Yuuji: Will this cottage be alright by itself in the Forest like this? You will be away for at least three years, anyhow.

Alice: I have set up a defensive spell on the perimeter of this cottage. Most humans and youkai will not see this here if they happen to pass by.

Yuuji: I see…

Alice: Feel free to look around, I will be down in my basement gathering everything I need.

Yuuji: Okay. Take your time.

Alice heads down a flight of stairs next to the door leading to the wine cupboard.

Yuuji: Hmm…

Sawatari Yuuji takes a look around the living room. A small but cozy living room, silent but inviting, lies before him. An elegant tea set sits on a low glass table, and marionettes of all sizes occupy various spaces in the room and on shelves, all identically dressed in Shanghai's outfit.

Yuuji: What's this?

He approaches a picture on the fireplace mantle across from the glass table. Picking it up and drawing it close, Yuuji analyzes the photo.

Yuuji: How the hell does this world even have photo technology…

The photo depicts Alice Margatroid's back to the camera as she walks down a dirt path in what seems to be the Forest of Magic at dusk.

Yuuji: What's this one?

He shifts his attention to the picture next to it.

Yuuji: Wait, who…is this Alice? Man, she looks a lot younger. Her clothes are slightly different too…and…is that Marisa-san? Why are they…all…young…? Oh, that's definitely Patchouli-san…she hasn't changed clothes in all these years, sick…

Yuuji's fingers that support the photo run over a few strange bumps on the back of the photo frame.

Yuuji: Hm?

Flipping it over, Yuuji sees a folded piece of paper tucked away in the corner of the back flap of the frame. He takes it out and unfolds it, reading it silently.

Yuuji: It's a letter…from Marisa-san to Alice…dated…eight years ago. Hmm…interesting. Might explain why the paper itself is in rather bad shape…Dear Alice, I'm so sorry for what happened that time. I don't know if you'll read this letter at all because I know you're still extremely angry with me, but you have to believe me on this, so please, please hear me out! I know I – wait, this part is blacked out – I didn't mean it, I didn't know this would have happened. Please forgive me. You might think that I did this intentionally but I didn't, I swear! I got Patchy with me who also says I didn't mean any harm. I haven't seen you in nearly three weeks. Please, Alice. I want to stay as your friend. Love, Marisa…

Yuuji narrows his eyes.

Yuuji: This paper…feels crunchy in certain places. I think…maybe…tears…? Whose tears were they?

Shanghai's words float into his memory.

Shanghai: She is truly a gentle lady at heart, Yuuji-san. You must believe me!

Yuuji: That so, huh, Shanghai? You just might be right after all.

Flipping the frame over again to face the picture, Yuuji squints at it.

Yuuji: Wait, was Marisa-san's face…was her face always gone from this picture? Why is it cut out? So is Patchouli-san's…this picture is dated three weeks before this letter…

Yuuji suddenly hears heavy leather boot footsteps tap up some stairs.

Yuuji: Crap, out of time. I'll take this letter with me. I need to talk to Patchouli-san and Marisa-san now…

Stealthily but quickly folding the letter up and stowing it into his back pocket while setting the photos back in place, Yuuji then nonchalantly walks out to meet Alice emerging from the basement.

Yuuji: Got everything you need?

Alice: Yes.

Yuuji: I see.

They exit, Alice locking the front door as she leaves. As they exit the front gate, which Alice also locks on the way out, Yuuji asks.

Yuuji: Say, Alice. Are you going to miss your house?

Alice: Not particularly. It is, after all, just a house.

Yuuji: I see. It's not your home, is it?

Alice: …what do you mean?

Yuuji: Nothing much…it's just that…now that I think about it…we both don't have a home.

Alice: …

Footsteps crunch the sand and dirt of the road as they take their owners back to the Hakurei camp.

Alice: You say you…do not have a home…no?

Yuuji: I'm afraid not. I'm not sure if I have the courage to call this strange world my home yet.

Alice: Then I suppose we have something in common.

Yuuji: I guess so…

They spend the rest of their walk back in silence.

Yuuji: There any problems happening with the eastern campaign of the Netherworld that I need to know of or that you need assistance with?

The Chief of Staff of Hakurei is sitting at his makeshift desk at the center communications camp located in the first territory of the Forest of Magic that Hakurei captured from PCB. Pen in the left hand and telekinesis talisman tag in the right held up to his ear, Sawatari Yuuji is calling the commanding officers of the Hakurei offensive campaign in the eastern territories of PCB.

Cirno: Yuuji, der ain't enuff frogs eye can freeze!

Daiyousei: You keep saying that, Cirno…

Meiling: Now, everyone, calm down so I can talk to Yuuji-san. Yuuji-san, can you hear me?

Yuuji: Loud and clear. Any reports for today?

Meiling: Yes, we are having much trouble with the shikigami of Yakumo Yukari, the ones they call Yakumo Ran and Yakumo Chen. They seem to always be attacking together, and every time we do face them, there's always some sort of bad luck that befalls us before we can attack. We think this is because of Chen and her manipulation ability, but Yakumo Ran-san is kicking our butts for the most part. Our advance has been stopped for the most part, so we would like to request backup to push forward.

Yuuji: Hmm…the one they call Yakumo Ran is a kyuubi shikigami, right?

Meiling: Yes…hey, Cirno-chan, don't cling onto me like that, you're really cold! Anyways, sorry about that, she was hugging me from behind…Ran-san is indeed a kyuubi. You know the thing about their tails, right? How the number of tails indicates how old they are?

Yuuji: Yes, yes. She has all nine tails at the moment, correct?

Meiling: Yessir.

Yuuji: Then that's a problem, since that means she's most potent. Sigh…is there any easy way out of this…I'll call you again, Meiling-san. Take care and alert us immediately of anything else.
The Chief taps the talisman with his thumb on a specially outlined area on the rectangular glowing paper, and the paper loses its shimmer, cutting off Meiling's cries of annoyance at the playful fairies and one youkai in the background.

Yuuji: So it seems Yakumo Ran is a problem for us, seeing that she and her shikigami Chen are holding their ground in Netherworld 2…I'm surprised Yakumo Yukari herself hasn't showed up. I wonder what she's capable of…

Twiddling with the pencil in his left hand, Yuuji swings his legs up onto the table, resting his feet on it and tilting backwards in his chair. Promptly, Reimu walks in, ducking underneath the light felt canvas of the tent holding another platter of dango and orange tea.

Yuuji: Wow, Reimu-san, we just ate lunch not even an hour ago.

Reimu: It's important to maintain your nutrition. I don't know about you, but my family was poor once. Such times I don't ever want to have, shortages of food being one of them.

Yuuji: Fine…I'll indulge myself. Oh, by the way, there's something I'd like to ask you.

Reimu: What is it?

Yuuji: I was calling Meiling-san about the situation in the eastern theatre in Netherworld Territory #2, and it seems our commanders and troops there are having a hard time with Yukari-san's two shikigami, Ran-san and Chen-san. Because I haven't actually fought them myself, I'm having a rather difficult time thinking of countermeasures against them. Is there anything you know that can help us?

Reimu simply laughs out loud, nearly exploding with the sh*ts and giggles.

Yuuji: Did…did I just say something funny…

Reimu: Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just…it's just that the answer was so obvious to me that I was surprised why we didn't take this into consideration earlier…

Yuuji: Ah, I see…then what is it that you know?

Reimu regains her composure.

Reimu: It's that Yakumo Ran is over-protective of her shikigami Chen. So our solution is simple – we take Chen, Ran-san is sure to follow.

Yuuji: Really? Is it really that simple? Really sounds pretty incredulous here.

Reimu: No really! You do realize that I have known the Yakumo family for the vast majority of my life, right? I know a thing or two about them. Or do you want me to propose the fried tofu trap method?

Yuuji: Oh God no…sounds even more ridiculous…well, at least now we know how to deal with Ran-san and Chen-san when they decide to show up again.

Somewhere in the deep abandoned forests of what the Hakurei command calls "the second Netherworld territory", which in actuality is called Prismriver after a certain prominent family residing there, there stands a decrepit and lonely brick mansion that originally stood on a plot of land equivalent in size to a seven acre tract. Dozens of years of neglect has knocked out holes in the walls, glass shattered to repeated barrages of wind, and vines and ivies infecting the once-quaint mansion and reducing it to nothing more than a relic of crumbled memories. Yet, occupants nonetheless inhabit this deteriorating structure.

A jolly red-jacketed, red-tent-hatted, and red-dressed young lady skips joyously down the long hall of the mansion, across the once-polished marble-checkered floor that has since long lost its luster.

Lyrica Prismriver: Lunasa-onee-chan! Merlin-onee-chan! We got mail!

Lyrica continues her skipping sojourn down the long hall, passing by the open-roof courtyard whose garden has since conquered the courtyard in vegetation. She hops up the stairs three at a time with both feet, reaching the top of the spiral staircase to the second floor where the bedrooms of the Prismriver daughters are located.

Lyrica: Lunasa-onee-chan! Merlin-onee-chan!

As Lyrica approaches the bedroom door with the plaque engraved with the words Lunasa Prismriver, the door opens, and Merlin Prismriver, the middle daughter of the three daughters of the deceased Prismriver family pokes her head out. She is identically dressed as her younger sister, but her hair is a pale blue while Lyrica's is a light brown, her clothes are not red but peach, and her eyes match her own clothes', not her sister's.

Merlin Prismriver: Lyrica, pipe down! Lunasa-onee-chan and I were about to start rehearsing for our duo as part of our concert at the human village nearby next week.

Lyrica: Oh, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry! But this mail was just so exciting that I had to share this with my lovable sisters!

Merlin: Unabashed as usual, eh…

Lyrica practically shoves the letter into her elder sister's face.

Merlin: Hey, calm down, will you?

They enter the bedroom of their eldest sister. Quite a spacious bedroom, easily the size of a small ballroom, the walls are decorated with various stringed instruments ranging from a banjo to double basses leaning with all their bassy dignity against the walls of their glass cases. At the center of the room, on top of a massive magnification of an emblem made of three musical notes intertwined together that also is embroidered into all of the sisters' sleeves of their jackets, stands Lunasa Prismriver, the eldest of the three Prismriver daughters. Her outfit is slightly altered from her two younger sisters', her own dress being slightly longer and frilled with white lace at the ends and a small bright yellow crescent decorating the peak of her single-towered hat like a cherry on top of a chocolate vanilla sundae.

Lunasa: Hm? What is all the racket outside, Merlin, Lyrica?

Merlin: Sorry, Lunasa-onee-chan. Lyrica just got excited over some mail…

Lunasa: Mail? Dear me, we haven't received such a thing in nearly half a century. Well, give it here, we shall read it together.

Lyrica: It's exciting news! Merlin-onee-chan, you should be excited too, you're the one who loves to play notes of excitement, after all!

Merlin: In music, geez! Don't mix music and life!

Lyrica: But I thought music was our lives!

Merlin: Arrgghhh!

Merlin cops Lyrica on the scalp.

Lyrica: Oww…why?

Merlin: Because you just won't hush!

Lunasa: Settle down, you two. Listen to what this letter has to say.

Lunasa, after meticulously and neatly opening the letter, holds out in front of her and reads aloud.

Lunasa: "To the Dignified Prismriver Daughters of the Former Prismriver Family: My name is Konpaku Youmu, Gardener and Servant of the Ghostly Princess of the Netherworld. I, as Lieutenant General of the Western PCB Army, would like to humbly request the three Prismrivers to assist us in our endeavors against the Hakurei. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated and will not go unforgotten."

Lunasa flips the small letter around.

Lunasa: And on the back are instructions on how to contact them…

Merlin: So, basically, they want us to fight for them.

Lyrica: War is fantastical, isn't it?

Merlin: Lyrica! War is terrible! People die and destruction wreaks everywhere! How could you possibly think war is good in any way?

Lunasa: Even still, Merlin, we must be realistic. We have all heard of PCB's recent but ongoing war with the nearby Hakurei. We don't know what their motives are, but I don't think we need to know. Our home takes priority, for without it, we will cease to exist as poltergeists. I believe that we should start fighting only if they begin to attack our region.

Merlin: …fine. Our home is the most important thing to us, anyhow.

Lyrica: War~ war~

Patchouli: What is your business for calling us so late, Sawatari-san?

Marisa: Ya, I know right, I'm dead sleepy here…

Patchouli and Marisa, rubbing her eyes, stand before the Chief of Staff in his personal tent.

Yuuji: It's about your fellow Mages' Guild member and friend, Alice Margatroid. This might take a while, I apologize, so please take a seat.

They sit, and Yuuji pulls out a piece of wrinkled and folded paper from his back pocket.

Marisa: What 'bout Alice? I know she wants ta kill me 'n all, but anythin' new?

Yuuji: I just want to know what happened between you three. As your commanding officer and superior, I can't just sit back and watch you three kill each other off.

Marisa: Honestly, Chief, I jus' wanna keep dis thing to ourselves. We'll figure dis out, dun worry-

Yuuji: When it's been a problem for eight years? That's not very convincing.

Marisa: Oh, piss off, Chief! Alice's personality ain't da type to simply let things go easily!

Yuuji: Marisa-san, Patchouli-san. Whether you like it or not, you will tell me what's going on. This. Is. An. Order.

Marisa: Waaah? Hey, dat's unfair, you can't jus' go off 'n give us orders like dat!

Yuuji: Uh…yes, I can? I am Chief of Staff, after all. The only other person I will take orders from in a military standpoint is our queen, Hakurei Reimu-san.

Patchouli: He is correct, Marisa. Do not be so stubborn like Alice; it is about time we received some help from someone else. What is it that you want to know, Sawatari-san?

Marisa: Tch!

Yuuji: Don't leave, you. You're staying here with us. Until this is over, that is.

He sets the piece of paper down in front of them.

Yuuji: This letter. I went with Alice to her home in the Forest of Magic so that she could pick up the rest of her doll army. As I was waiting, I was looking through some of her pictures on her fireplace when I found this stashed away behind the picture frame of a photo showing all three of you guys eight years ago. This letter was yours, Marisa-san.

Marisa: What letter? Oh…oh yeah, dis one.

Marisa's countenance immediately loses its indignance, and soberness and melancholy replace it.

Yuuji: I see that someone, presumably Alice, blacked this out. What is this portion that is blacked out talking about?

Patchouli: Do you mind if I elaborate, Marisa?

Marisa: You do it…

Patchouli: Understood. This blackened portion depicts the falling out of Alice from us, the event that caused Alice much pain and grief and forcing her hate and anger onto us.

Yuuji: Which is?

Patchouli: This may take a while, because I need to explain everything from our childhood. The three of us grew up together in the Forest of Magic as childhood friends. We learned together, fought together, lived together. We knew everything that there was to know about each other, and there were no secrets between us.

Patchouli clears her throat and takes a sip of water from a glass of water nearby before resuming.

Patchouli: Alice, nine years ago, began to construct a giant doll in hopes of it becoming her most powerful doll in her then-small arsenal of attack dolls. A year went by, and it neared completion. One day, Marisa decided to play a little prank on Alice by taking the giant doll out for a "walk". Back then, because Alice's control over her dolls was not perfect, her dolls would take orders from anyone who spoke to them. So Marisa took it out to see what kind of power it could offer. Although I advised against it, she ignored me and promptly proceeded to destroy a whole forest in Makai, the land that was home to Alice. Marisa, terrified of what she had done, tried to stop the doll, but it by then had gone berserk and rampaged its way to one of the cities of Makai, destroying half of it within a day. This incident caused an instant uproar within the citizens of Makai, and they demanded that Alice, who they thought was the perpetrator of the the incident because of the characteristic design of the doll. Also, they believed Alice was controlling the doll because then, Alice and Marisa both had long blonde hair, and from far away, it was difficult to differentiate between the two. Thus, the Queen of Makai had no choice but to banish Alice from Makai, her home, and into the rest of Gensokyou, a land she had no idea about. Marisa tried to defend Alice, saying that it was her fault, but no one believed her. Everyone was convinced that Alice was the sole blame, and Alice had to bear it all. Since then, neither of us saw Alice again until earlier this year when we discovered her home address.

Patchouli stops, sighing deeply.

Patchouli: This incident has caused all of us great pain, for it shattered our friendship that we had deemed unbreakable. Marisa more so, because she is painfully aware of what she has done and, for all these years, has wanted to rectify this monumental misunderstanding. Alice…as for Alice, she most likely knows and understands that Marisa wishes to apologize, but she will not accept it – the residue of the initial tearing of our relations still lingers, burning and wasting away in her heart, preventing her from being able to muster the courage and dignity to forgive an unforgivable wrong.

Yuuji: …

The Chief lowers his head, covering his face with his hands.

Yuuji: So basically…all this spawned from a single misunderstanding?

Silence answers him.

Yuuji: Well, sh*t.

He stands.

Yuuji: Now I know. Thank you for your cooperation, you two. I will think about what to do with this situation, so you are now both dismissed. Good night, Marisa-san, Patchouli-san.
Patchouli: Good night.

Marisa: 'Night…

Once they have exited the tent, Yuuji groans, rubbing the top of the bridge of his nose in extreme irritation.

Yuuji: Why! Why am I so pissed off right now? Why? This has nothing to do with me, so why the f*cking hell am I so irritated? Is it because I can't tolerate bullsh*t that comes from stupid misunderstandings? Why is it that I feel like something is just frickin' off here? Or maybe…

He scratches the back of his head with both hands in ongoing frustration.

Yuuji: Maybe it's because of something that happened in my own past that I can't remember that is similar to Alice's predicament? What is it? I don't know – and I want to know! D*mn this human curiosity, makes me wish I was what I'm not!

These events will hopefully be explained in list of events that I will post up once the PCB arc is complete.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Not much that I can think of to say in this chapter's intro. Hope you guys are enjoying the read.

This is How You Outsmart a Fox.

Another week rolls by. By this time, the Hakurei has painfully but assuredly encroached and taken over the rest of the counties of the Forest of Magic. The Prismriver sisters, true to their word, have entered the fight againt Hakurei to fend off Hakurei invasions into their home county of Prismriver. Sawatari Yuuji, Chief of Staff of the Hakurei armed forces against PCB, has fought the Lieutenant General of the armed personnel of PCB against Hakurei, Konpaku Youmu, in no less than seven separate occasions. And yet, the Chief's perfect military record of no actual deaths in the Hakurei military is once again maintained due to his battle strategy.

Yuuji: Ugh…ow, that hurts…

Reimu: Sawatari-san! Are you alright?

Yuuji: Calm down, I'm not going to die any time soon. But I took quite the beating from that kyuubi shikigami on my way back.

Blood dripping down from the shoulders and running the lengths of both arms, Yuuji, grasping his left shoulder with his left eye shut in pain, greets Reimu at the entrance of the auxiliary Hakurei base alone with a twisted grin.

Reimu: What happened?! You're a bigger mess than I've ever seen you before!

Yuuji: Well, let's talk on our way back to camp…and no, it's fine, I can still walk by myself…

The two enter the lightly fortified base, heading to the nearest infirmary. Soldiers rush to their Chief, asking if they can be of assistance, but Yuuji politely refuses all of them.

Reimu: Why are you so hard on yourself? This is the worst I've seen you since the Scarlet Devil incident, yet you don't give yourself a break, do you?

Yuuji: That's because I am not yet incapacitated.

Reimu: So what's incapacitation to you?

Yuuji: When all four of my limbs are torn off, maybe my mouth as well.

Reimu: How is that even possible…

They reach a small infirmary near the entrance through which Yuuji arrived. The nurses and diviner medics inside, immediately recognizing their superiors, rush to patch the Chief up. But even then, Yuuji applies most of the dressings himself anyway.

Yuuji: So here's what happened. I was leading an expeditionary force to map out the geography of a nearby battlefield in case we would fight there, and I had Cirno and Meiling's units which me. We were ambushed by Yakumo Chen and Yakumo Ran, and since we were in a very bad position, I ordered the troops to scatter and find their way back to whatever base they could so that we can regroup again. Cirno and Meiling should be in the second auxiliary base, about two miles from here to the west. I fought Yakumo Chen and Ran until I ensured the escape of everyone else. But they got me pretty good – that Ran kyuubi person is probably the toughest opponent I've had in a while since the vampires.

Reimu: Oh! Speaking of the vampires, Remilia and Flandre located the source that Alice-san was talking about earlier last week.

Pulling out a wrinkled and browning map, the Queen points at a county north of the Forest of Magic.

Reimu: There, in the first territory of the Netherworld territories. Remilia and Flandre tracked the pulses that have been continuously hitting our forces every day now ever since we invaded PCB. It's in the Forest of the Sakuras – exactly where I thought the resurrection ritual was taking place.

Yuuji: So why didn't we hit that place sooner?

Reimu: Yukari tampered with the Forest of the Sakuras' borders so that humans, no matter how powerful they are, cannot locate it. Also, there are no contemporary maps that have its exact coordinates, and there is a special seal that keeps humans out. Meaning we specifically cannot enter – only Marisa, who is technically a magician, would be able to pass through that seal as a human.

Yuuji: Hm, then that would make another item on our itinerary of secondary objectives. But think about it – for us to enter, shouldn't it make sense to capture someone who most likely knows the ins and outs of the Forest of the Sakuras?

Reimu: If you can somehow convince the Head Shikigami of the most powerful Youkai, the Manipulator of Boundaries, to betray her master, by all means.

Yuuji: Good point…

As Reimu takes a few steps back to observe her mendings on Yuuji's right arm wounds from afar, Cirno explodes through the canvas tarps of the entrance.

Cirno: YUUJI! Have ya seen Dai-chan anywhere?

Yuuji: Calm down, she's with Rumia-san and Rin-san at the barracks prepping their units.

Cirno: Oh ya! Eye keep fergettin'. Anyway, all our guys made it back. Mailin's gonna rally dem up fer a bit, she told me ta tell u dat.

Yuuji: Okay, thanks for your work.

Cirno flies straight out again.

Cirno: Well…everyone else iz buzy doin' stuff…eye- mite as well explore 'round dis place fer things ta do.

She soars over the wooden stake walls of the temporary military base and back into the forest.

Cirno: Eye saw sum streams or somethin' wen eye wuz comin' back. Eye haven't gone fishin' in a long time, so eye think eye'll go catch sum fish!

And promptly, the blue fairy of ice flutters her icicle shard wings excitedly and dives at the nearest stream she finds.

A few hours later, when the sun is dipping down beneath the cloudy horizon, illuminating the skyline and the clouds with the shades of autumn, Yakumo Chen, the cat of ill omen, has apparently doused herself with her own manipulation ability.

Chen: Ooohh…I've been walking like this for hours now…I got lost while chasing some enemies down, but they managed to escape me before I could kill them…

Her stomach rumbles loudly. The noise reverberates unusually audibly, the soundwaves bouncing off the trees that dot the earth.

Chen: Oh no…plus, I'm getting hungry…uuuuu, where is Ran-shama when I need her…waaahhh, Ran-shama~!

The hungry and tired cat of bad luck begins to sob while still standing up, not yet succumbing to her own power but dangerously close to breaking down completely. Then, Chen's cat ears perk up suddenly.

Chen: H-huh? W-w-what was that…

A high-pitched scream slowly rumbles into hearing distance, coming somewhere from the sky.

Chen: W-who is…t-that…?

Frightened by the unknown, the nekomata cowers behind a tree for cover and peers around the side to see who it is.

Cirno: …aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Chen: EEEP!!!!!!

Cirno the blue icicle fairy, crashes into the forest floor and grinds against the earth, leaving roughly a hundred meter scar on the dirt from the point where she first touch downed from the sky. Chen, not knowing what to make of the situation or how to react, simply stares at Cirno with a terribly scared countenance and tears still stuck in her eyes, who now lies in front of her with a giant salmon nearly twice the size of her in her stubby, short arms.


Immediately jumping up to her feet as if she couldn't care less what she just did to the forest floor, Cirno seemingly effortlessly holds the giant fish up at arms' length into the air.

Cirno: An' it's so big too! Mailin and Dai-chan're gonna be proud 'a me fer dish! Hehehe!

Then, Cirno looks to her left and spots Chen looking back at her with terrified eyes mere inches away from her face.

Cirno: Ah! Sowwy, eye dint c ya dere. Wut's ur name?

Chen: C-C-C-Chen…

Cirno: Chen? Sounds familiar…

Chen: R-really?

Cirno: Yea…but mebbe it'll come back to me y it sounds familiar. You wanna follow me home so we can eat dis fish here?

Chen: Fish…

The nekomata immediately starts to drool at the thought of good, warm, freshly grilled salmon.

Chen: Yes, yes please!

Cirno: Okay! Jus' follow me! Oh, can u fly?

Chen: Y-yeah…just for a little bit longer though, because I'm tired…

Cirno: Okay. My home isn't too far from here anyway, so it shudn't take more 'n a minute or 2.

They both lift off into the air, and Cirno leads the way back to the Hakurei military base.

Yuuji: Are you f*cking kidding me? Chen-san literally just walked into our base to have dinner with Cirno?

Reimu: Don't ask me either. I just got the report saying that Meiling was treating Cirno and Chen and the rest of our fairy and youkai commanders to the giant salmon that Cirno somehow caught by herself earlier tonight…

Yuuji: Well, hell. It's not everyday a piece of the puzzle just comes waltzing into our front door. A really key piece, at that. Let's go and talk to her.

Reimu and Yuuji exit the infirmary that the Chief has been spending some time in recovering a little bit from his light wounds to see Yakumo Chen in tent housing the non-human commanders of the Hakurei military. When Yuuji pushes apart the canvas flaps of the entrance, the delicious Chinese cooking of fish hits the newcomers.

Meiling: Oh hey, Yuuji-san! Do you want some salmon as well?

Yuuji: No, I'm fine, thanks. Save the fish for the rest of the girls. What about you, Reimu-san?

Reimu: I just ate half an hour ago. Meiling-san, we're just here to see Chen.

Meiling: Ah, Chen. She's right here.

The Chinese martial artist beckons behind her as she works the makeshift fireplace on the ground, cooking what salmon is left, which is still about half of the original fish. There, munching comfortably and happily on cooked salmon, is Chen. The two leaders of Hakurei approach her. Chen, hearing foosteps get louder by the step, looks up and sees them, her eyes widening with fear.
Chen: Y-y-y-y-y-you are-!

Yuuji: Yes we know who we are. But for introductions' sake, as you probably already know since we just fought each other a couple hours ago, my name is Sawatari Yuuji, Chief of Staff of all armed Hakurei forces. Beside me here is Hakurei Reimu-san, Queen and Commander-in-Chief of Hakurei. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions? You don't have to answer them if you don't want to.

Chen: Uhh…um…ah…

Chen comically darts her gaze from Yuuji to Reimu to the salmon she is holding in her hands to Cirno sitting next to her chewing on salmon bones for no apparent reason back to her salmon again back to Yuuji back to Reimu back to Cirno spitting out salmon bones back to-

Yuuji: Okay, you can stop twitching around like a severed limb now.

Chen: Oh! I-I-I'm sorry…

Yuuji: Okay, so our first question…

Yuuji and Reimu take some seats at the table at which Chen, Cirno, Daiyousei, Rumia, and Rin are nomming on fish dinners.

Yuuji: Firstly, how on earth did you even get here? I mean, you must either seriously have some terrible luck stumbling in your enemy's base – oh wait, you're the Black Cat of Ill Omen for a reason…right…I think I just answered my own question. Okay, moving on-

Reimu smacks downward on his head with her gohei.

Reimu: Please ignore him. How did you get here?

Chen: U-u-um…I-I j-just followed C-Cirno-chan h-here…be-because I…I got l-lost on m-m-my way back h-home…and I w-was s-starting to g-get h-hungry…a-and Cirno-c-chan i-invited me t-to d-dinner…I-I c-couldn't r-resist…

Yuuji: Cirno, you're getting a promotion.

Cirno: Promotion? Wuz a promotion?

The absent-minded blue ice fairy looks at Yuuji with a blank stare, her mouth filled with a hunk of salmon that dangles out of her mouth due to its size, her neck cocked to one side, and a listless question mark forming above her head.

Yuuji: Nevermind…Daiyousei, could you try to explain to Cirno what a promotion is…

Daiyousei: O-oh…okay, ehehehe…

Yuuji: Anyways. Now that we know how you got here, Chen-san, you must know that you are now technically our prisoner. After you eat dinner, we'll have to move you to a special room until we decide what we will do about you.

Chen: Whaaa! T-t-t-then w-what a-a-about Ran-shama!

Reimu: I don't know about that.

Yuuji: Well…I wonder if there's a way to contact her…

Chen: S-s-she's probably v-very angry and w-w-worried about m-me…

Yuuji: Actually- Reimu-san, I've got an idea. I'll tell you after we get Chen-san into the containment area.

Reimu nods.

Yuuji: Alright. Another question, Chen-san. This is the last one. Will you be willing to cooperate with us?

Chen: C-c-cooperate…? How…?

Yuuji: In getting Ran-san here.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the depths of the mysterious Netherworld, where most of the PCB forces are stationed, a certain kyuubi is crying out for her daughter.

Ran: Chen! Cheeeeeeeeen! CHEEEEEEN!!!!!!!! Where are you! Oh dear God, where in Yukari-sama's name is she?

She frantically runs through the ranks of her unit and Chen's unit, which, without its commander, is now grouped together with Ran's temporarily to prevent confusion.

Ran: Has ANYONE seen Chen?!! Answer me!!!! I DEMAND AN ANSWER, ANY OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

PCB Lieutenant: R-Ran-sama, we last had visual sighting on Chen-dono when you and Chen-dono were attacking the enemy Chief of Staff, Sawatari Yuuji. It pains me to say this, but if anyone, you should be the one who was responsible for her safety.

Ran: Ughhh…I know that you are correct, but-!

PCB Lieutenant: Please, Ran-sama. Please calm down; we are already conducting searches for her. We have dispatched our fifth search party squad just now. I'm sure we will find her. But in the meantime, I would like to ask you to calm down. I know I am no position to be telling my superior this, but panicking will not get us anywhere, most notably you yourself, Ran-sama.

Ran: Waaaaahhh…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bushy nine-tailed kyuubi shikigami collapses to her knees, sobbing nearly hysterically, trying to dab the flowing torrents away but failing miserably. Her nine tails and fox ears also droop sadly.
PCB Lieutenant: Ugh, crap. You there, Sergeant! Help me take Ran-sama back to her quarters. She's gonna have to sleep this off.

As a nearby PCB sergeant helps his lieutenant help Yakumo Ran up and escort her back to her chambers, two nearby privates who witness the scene start whispering to each other.

PCB Soldier 1: Hey, man, why's she actin' up like that? That's the first time I've ever seen her like that.

PCB Soldier 2: Ah, you wouldn't know since you've only been here for a few months. You want me to explain?

PCB Soldier: 1: Well…kinda, I just don't wanna be nudgin' into someone else's business, 'specially my commander's, but I just don't get it. That Chen commander or whatever her name was isn't related at all to Commander Ran, so why's she bawlin' her head off?

PCB Soldier 2: Okay, so here's the thing. You at least know that Commander Ran is a shikigami, right?

PCB Soldier 1: Right…

PCB Soldier 2: Commander Chen is also a shikigami, but she used to be an ordinary cat. Ran wanted a helper and her own personal shikigami however so long ago and turned a cat into a nekomata, which she named Chen. They've pretty much spent so much time together that Ran treats Chen like her own child. She thinks of herself as a mother to Chen in a figurative sense. So don't be so hard on her – right now, she's probably feeling the same thing as some mother who's lost her child or something.

PCB Soldier 1: Oh…I see, I guess I get it…sucks to be her then. Wait, on a second thought, how the hell do you know this?

The veteran soldier looks around them deviously, as if checking to see if anyone is eavesdropping, and turns to his fellow comrade.

PCB Soldier 2: Don't tell anyone this, but one day I brought some letters to Commander Ran one day, but when I saw she wasn't there, I decided to snoop through her office a little bit. That's how I know.

PCB Soldier 1: Teh. Always the sneaky little b*stard, you, eh?

PCB Soldier 2: Hey, don't call me that. Call me the Janitor.

PCB Soldier 1: What kind of stupid name is that…

At night, in the PCB camp, Yakumo Ran lies in her bed, unable to sleep. The midnight moon is shining high above the clouds in the moonlight sky, and the moonlight rains down on everything outside. But none of it reaches the darkness in which Ran has enveloped herself. Only one word remains on her lips:

Ran: Chen…

Her eyes, devoid of all life, has long since run dry of its reservoirs of sorrow. Ran can only stare sideways at the side of her room, hugging a pillow with Chen's portrait on it.
Ran: Chen…where could you be…?

Ran lies on her bed on her right side for about ten excruciatingly slow minutes. Then-


Startled by the sudden noise, Ran jumps up, tosses the pillow behind her, and assumes a fighting stance with her hands suddenly full of talismans and shikigami tags. Staying low on top of her bed, she listens keenly for any footsteps.

Ran: An assassination attempt…? On me…now? Fools…you chose a very wrong time for that!

But no other sound breaks the starlit silence. Ran slowly loosens up, still keeping the attack shikigami in her hands. Looking down to her right, she sees the culprit: a single arrow that has landed perfectly in between her slippers through the top of Ran's room.

Ran: …is that a paper I see on that arrow? A message?

Ran hops off her bed to retrieve the arrow. Gently pulling it out of the floor, the kyuubi unties the folded paper attached to the fin of the arrow and, tossing the arrow aside on the far end of her bed, sits down to read the letter. As she reads, her pupils constrict slowly but steadily, and her hands tremble more and more.

Ran: "To: Yakumo Ran, Field General of all PCB Forces Against Hakurei. Greetings, my name is Sawatari Yuuji, Chief of Staff of the Hakurei Armed Forces against PCB. I believe we have just recently fought earlier today, so let us skip the introductions. We are currently holding custody of your shikigami, Commander Chen. We, as a military enemy of PCB, cannot guarantee her safety until you, her caretaker, comes to see us. The following is what we demand from you if you want to see Chen alive once more:

-You must come alone to the 2nd Auxiliary Hakurei Military Base in the coordinates given on the back of this letter.
-Should you choose to comply, you have tonight, and tonight only to fulfill our demands.
-You must not be armed. AT ALL.
-A few of our commanders and I will meet you at the front gate of the base. We will seal your powers to ensure that you do not sabotage our base.
-Should you choose to betray us at any moment, this entire PCB base is belong to us. And we will not hesitate to wipe it off the map.
-You are under surveillance. Please act wisely."

Ran flips the letter around. On the back, the numbers stare back at her ominously.


Ran: 4649…

The kyuubi gasps.

Ran: This is Chen's handwriting-! This must be the game that we used to play before…"yo-ro-shi-ku"! But these numbers are also the coordinates…? They don't indicate anything though…wait a minute.

Ran pulls up a small map of the vicinity in which her army is stationed.

Ran: 4649…4649…

Her finger runs along the map, slowly coming to a halt on a crossroads indicator.

Ran: This marker…it's the sign that stands at the crossroads of two major forest paths. It's the welcome sign to the Netherworld…maybe…?

Yuuji, Alice, and Reimu watch Yakumo Ran begin preparing for her journey.

Yuuji: Good, looks like she's gonna be on the move soon. Patchouli-san, do you have visual on the target?

A wave of static.

Patchouli: Hello? Am I audible?

Yuuji: Loud and clear. Go ahead.

Patchouli: Koakuma, please adjust the scope twelve degrees northeast…yes, that's it, thank you. Relaying bird's eye view surveillance, brought to you by Koa Core Processor Runes, to you now.
Through Yuuji's left eye, he can see a bird's eye view of the entire PCB base that he, Alice Margatroid, and Hakurei Reimu are keeping watch over.

Yuuji: Yeah, that's her. No doubt about it, she's got our letter loud and clear and she's getting ready to book it.

Alice: Shanghai, you've done a good job. You can come down now.

The Shanghai Doll armed with a crossbow nods her confirmation and descends from the sky, cuddling and hugging her master's warm neck to ward off the night chill of the Netherworld.

Reimu: Pass me the ocular talisman, Sawatari-san.

Yuuji takes the long paper talisman off his left eye and hands it to Reimu, who does the reverse of Yuuji.

Reimu: I think it's going to take her about three minutes for her to reach the base. She's about to exit her room now. Let's get moving, you two. Make sure to hide your presences before lifting off.

Yuuji: Roger. Patchouli-san, please keep the surveillance over our package and report any strange behavior from the target to us.

Patchouli: Understood.

Reimu and Alice jump into the sky and fly off as the Chief runs along his magenta boardwalk, lagging slightly behind the two ladies.

Ran: So it should be here…

Yakumo Ran arrives at the wooden signpost that bears the welcome message to travelers happening to pass by. She closes her eyes and stands still, her chin elevated slightly up, as if searching for something. A few minutes pass with this meditative concentration. Then-

Ran: Chen…she's been by here. I can feel her presence slightly, but it is there. And it leads…

Ran looks to the left of the wooden post. She walks off the dirt-and-cobble path onto the grass.

Ran: What is this?

The kyuubi kneels down to pick up a slip of squarish paper. On it is a rune.

Ran: A sealing rune…? Oh, I remember this design…this is the characteristic rune base of the Hakurei family. This must be indicative of what I must do…

Keeping it held out in front of her in her right hand, she ventures forth a little further. But soon, in between two oak trees, she bumps into a seemingly solid wall of air.

Ran: It must be here. Let's see, this seal…five Ghostly Shikigami Hitodama…Bear, Monkey, Lamb, Wolf, Monkey, Boar…the Left Hand Sealing Technique…and activation. This is quite the activation code, it blends the Yakumo and the Hakurei rune techniques. As expected of Hakurei Reimu…

Putting away the paper that holds the key to the invisible seal in front of her, Ran swiftly extends the full lengths of her arms so that her hands actually protrude from her longer-than-her-arms sleeves out to her sides and slaps her hands together thunderously.


Ran pulls her palms apart, draws her left palm back, and tiger-palms the invisible wall of air. The shock shakes both trees on either side of the invisible seal violently, and immediately, the seal shines its outline red, then blue. The royal Hakurei yin-yang appears in the middle with five quinces dotting around the yin-yang in a pentagonal shape.

Ran: Spirits of the nether…answer my prayer.

Five wisps of ghostly white fire pop into existence, rotating silently behind her around her giant fluffy nine fox tails.

Ran: Go.

The fires slowly rotate into their positions on the seal. They lock into place, and their white flames highlight the blue leylines that make up the seal.

Ran:Bear Monkey Lamb Wolf Monkey Sheep.

Ran clasps her hands together six times, five of them in unique positions.

Ran: In the name of the Lunarian Calendar…open.

Facing her right palm in front of the central yin-yang, Ran waits. Then, a few seconds later, the seal unravels towards the center, wrapping the disconnected leylines into a solid, floating blue yin-yang orb that bobs up and down.

Ran: Take me to your master.

The blue ball slowly drifts away from Ran, and the kyuubi follows.

Five minutes later…

Yuuji: Welcome, Yakumo Ran-san. Thank you for complying with our demands.

On a small hill, Yakumo Ran faces the Hakurei commanders who have come out to meet her. Sawatari Yuuji, Hakurei Reimu, Genji, Kirisame Marisa, Alice Margatroid, Izayoi Sakuya, and Remilia Scarlet surround her.

Sakuya: One quick warning, kyuubi. One false step, and you will be peppered with my blades.

Ran: Where is Chen?

Yuuji: Don't worry, Ran-san. Chen-san is safe. All you need to do is follow our directions and agree to our terms.

Ran: Which are?

Yuuji: First, you will agree to technically become our prisoner. Second, once you have complied with the previous term, Hakurei Reimu-san and Remilia Scarlet-san are going to place sealing tags and spells on you to ensure that you do not backstab us with your enormous power as a kyuubi. Third, you will agree to a binding three-year contract as a Hakurei commander. Only when you accept these three terms will we allow you to see Chen-san again.

Ran: I have no choice. I accept these terms.

Yuuji: Are you sure? You are willing to betray your master, the most powerful youkai in Gensokyou, for your sub-par shikigami?

Ran: Chen is not sub-par. She is my precious shikigami- no, my precious daughter. You will NOT make light of her.

Yuuji: I apologize, I was merely testing you. Please excuse my rudeness – Chen-san is indeed strong.

Ran: Are you mocking me, human?

Yuuji: Look, Ran-san, I understand that you already feel humiliated because of what we are making you do, but my intention is not to alienate my fellow commanders. Please believe me – as proof of my words, this wound here –

The Chief pushes up his right sweater sleeve to reveal a three-hour-old bandage wrap, the backside bloodied conspicuously.

Yuuji: -was inflicted by Chen. She was the only enemy of mine who could ever deal an injury like this to me. It has constantly been bleeding since our fight yesterday. Now will you trust me, even for a moment?

Ran: …I suppose.

Yuuji: Still not trusting. Hopefully your opinion of me will change when you see Chen again. But for now – Remilia-san, Reimu-san, do it.

Reimu snaps her fingers. The blue orb that led Ran to the front gate of the Hakurei base and that has been floating amicably over Ran's right shoulder all thi time suddenly expands into a net and wraps intangibly all around Ran's body.

Ran: Uff…!

Reimu: Please don't struggle, Ran-san. The coils will react to urgency and will tighten much more than is necessary. Remilia, your turn.

The vampire opens her right, sharply fingernailed palm at Ran's chest.

Remilia: {Phoca beluae regnavit intransit concubia nocte}.

A white beam of light is emitted from Remilia's outstretched palm and showers a glimmering cross on Ran's body. Remilia snaps her hand violently back, cutting the now-solidified prism of low-glowing white nightlight off. The tail recoils and disappears, and the net-like bonds of the blue yin-yang orb also evaporate.

Reimu: Comfortable?

Ran: It is bearable. I can certainly feel that my shikigami powers are severely restricted, however.

Yuuji: We're done? Good. Then if you will follow me, Ran-san…

The parade of Hakurei commanders escorts their newly acquired prisoner to the containment area through the base.

Yuuji: And here we are. Chen-san? Are you sleeping?

The Chief knocks on the door.

Chen: Yes, please come in~

Yuuji: Reimu-san, Marisa-san, Ran-san, with me. The rest of you stand guard outside please in case of any emergencies.

The other commanders nod their confirmation. Yuuji opens the door, and he and the three ladies enter.

Ran: Chen!



Amid tears and fits of hiccupy joy, the two shikigami reunite in each other's arms.

I purposely did not describe that last scene for you to imagine it.

YAKUMO CHEN: 4, 4, 3, 3, 9, 5, 1, 2, 3
Starting Troops: 300/300
Starting Level: 90/550
Job: Nekomata Warrior



PS1: MISFORTUNE: Chen's manipulation ability inflicts some sort of strange bad luck on the enemy upon deployment. Effects range from lessened enemy troop count to unbelievably unfavorable battleground conditions for the enemy, but no one knows exactly what Chen's ability will inflict until the battle comes. Also applies to solo commander battles

PS2: ABSOLUTE SPELL GUARD: Being the Yakumo family's shikigami, Chen receives the bonus of sustaining no damage from incoming magic-based attacks

YAKUMO RAN: 4, 6, 6, 6, 6, 5, 7, 7, 3
Starting Troops: 250/250
Starting Level: 180/900
Job: Kyuubi Shikigami

DS1: FIRE GUARD: blocks 1 magical attack, increases counterattack by 1.5x, deflects 30% of physical attack on support units


OS1: FIRE BULLETS: Ran rains fire from her danmaku. 1.3x ATK against support units, 1 ACT. 10% chance to inflict burn damage, single target.

OS2: SHIKIGAMI: PROTECTION OF ZENKI AND GOKI: Ran employs two powerful shikigami in the form of onis to rampage the enemy field. 2 ACT, random damage range from .5x ATK – 1.5x ATK, random target, cannot ignore guard

OS3: SUZAKU: Ran unleashes her nine-tailed fox power. Base 1000 damage, all ACT, prep required. Through events, damage inflicted can be pushed up to 2000

PS1: ABSOLUTE SPELL GUARD: invulnerable to magic attacks

PS2: POWER OF THE 9 TAILED FOX: All battle stats buffed upon deployment by 50%

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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It's funny, because a scene in this chapter wasn't meant to be written the way it was. My memory must've gotten skewed somehow – I can feel that it wasn't intended to be in concurrence to my dream from oh so long ago. But it's alright, because in the end, this is all just another tale for anyone to indulge in.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

Because I Feel As Though I Know What It Feels To Lose A Family.

Ran: Have they been treating you well, Chen?

Chen: Yes, Ran-shama. They were really nice to me, all of them. The only thing is that I just had to stay in this room, but that's about it.

It has been an hour since Ran's assimilation into the Hakurei army. For the sake of family, Ran has been put together in the same room as her shikigami Chen.

Ran: But for a prisoner's room, this is quite luxurious. We also even have our own room service, to boot…

Ran and Chen are relaxing with their legs deep inside the kotatsu, peeling away at a tall pile of manjuu in the center of the kotatsu.

Ran: But tell me, Chen. How on earth did you get lost?

Chen: Oh…I…I'm sorry, Ran-shama…I…I lost the compass talisman you gave me, it must have slipped out of my pocket somehow…I'm sorry…

Her double tails droop, and Chen rests her forehead against the kotatsu-top in shame. Her hands still pick away at the manjuu skin of the manjuu she is holding.

Ran: Sheesh, how do you lose that? I made sure that it wouldn't fall off no matter what…

Chen: I'm sorry…

Ran: Oh Chen…

Ran scootches over to her daughter and draws her close.

Ran: At least we are together again. You do not have anything to worry about now, Chen. I'm sorry I wasn't able to protect you either…you are not the only one at fault. I won't ever let you become lost again.

Chen: Ran-shama…

In the mysterious and enigmatic stretch of land that separates the interdimensional gate to the outside world and the Netherworld, there lies a garden. It is simply known as the Garden of the Eyes – perpetual night paints the sky dead black and a mystical dark indigo, dark roses with black petals and bleeding thorns are omnipresent, and no path and no map can describe this grotesque but eerily serene landscape. But more often, it is known by its alternate title.

The Garden of Borders.

Rips and gaps in the air stretch across the sky in differing sizes, and out of them peer twitchy, penetrating red eyes with vampire-like slits for pupils. All of these rips are tied off at the ends with red double-tied ribbons.

This is the home of Yakumo Yukari.

Konpaku Youmu, Lieutenant General of the standing PCB military forces, is before Yakumo Yukari, who is reclining on a giant gap as if it were a throne of her own.

Yukari: Oh? So my dear shikigami have defected to Hakurei?

Youmu: Affirmative. I am afraid this is the case, Yukari-dono. She left this message before she departed a few nights ago.

The swordswoman reads the message aloud.

Youmu: "Dear Yukari-sama, I am deeply sorry for what I am about to commit against you, but I must do what I feel I must do for my daughter and shikigami. It pains me to say this, but goodbye…for now."

Yukari: That Ran…always thinking about her shikigami first. But I will let her go. If she is willing to pay any price for what she is willing to suffer for, she should have it.

Youmu: My apologies, Yukari-dono, but she was a very strong commander, the only commander in fact besides myself who could fend off the Chief of Staff's brilliant offensive maneuvers. Without her, it is very likely that our eastern theatre in the Netherworld will fall extremely quickly to the Hakurei.

Yukari: Yes…that seems to be a problem now. But as much as I wish to head out and fight personally, I cannot – we must hold them off long enough until the resurrection is complete. Konpaku Youmu, I am now elevating your position to General of the PCB military to succeed Yakumo Ran's position. I am leaving the entire military operation in your hands.

Youmu: Understood. I shall do my best.

Yukari: Then you are dismissed. Good luck.

The ghostly pale gardener and swordswoman vanishes into the sky.

Yukari: I can tell that the Chief of Staff of Hakurei, Sawatari Yuuji, orchestrated this ploy to force Ran to defect. Ran would normally never allow Chen out of her sight, so I can safely assume that is the case. I do not know what his methods are, but if he forces information out of her about the Forest of the Sakuras…this ritual will be in dire jeopardy. All my power and energy is being channeled into the ritual, meaning I can only fight on 35% of my maximum power…well, it is not as if I would have fought any of them at my full power anyhow. But it is still less than what I am comfortable with.

The Youkai of Borders sighs.

Yukari: This war is beginning to wear me out. Too many things to think about…then again, it is more because of my own laziness. But by this point it is too late. My country will not last – not that I really gave it too much concern to begin with. But as long as Yuyuko is revived, this war will be worth all this strenuous effort. As long as she lives and breathes once more to be able to walk by my side as my one friend until Gensokyou ceases to exist, I will sacrifice anything…and anyone, even my own daughter and granddaughter…!

Another general meeting of Hakurei's top commanders. The usual partners in war are present, including the two newly recruited commanders, Yakumo Chen and Yakumo Ran.

Yuuji: Alrighty, let's get this strategy meeting under way. We will be discussing the mysterious pulsations that have been annoying us ever since before this war even started.

Ran: Judging by the looks of everyone being directed towards my general direction, I assume that is the reason why you initially captured us?

Yuuji: Very good, precisely. Our vampiric commanders, Remilia Scarlet-san and Flandre Scarlet-san, have already pinpointed the location of the Forest of the Sakuras, but as you already know, we cannot access it due to the fact that we humans cannot find it easily. Hakurei Reimu-san is obviously the person we want to get inside there to locate the source of the pulses. We were hoping that you know the way inside and perhaps more information as to what exactly we are dealing with here.

Ran: I suppose I can tell you all that I know. Firstly, your records indicate that you are currently hypothesizing the pulses are because of a possible resurrection ritual to revive the deceased but dormant Ghostly Princess of the Netherworld, Saigyouji Yuyuko instantiated by my master, Yakumo Yukari-sama. This is true; as we speak, the ritual is estimated to be about 87.664% into completion. Secondly, the pulses are caused by the chemical and spiritual reactions and responses of Yuyuko-dono's spirit being pulled from the essence of the Netherworld, more specifically, from the Forest of the Sakuras that she loved so dearly during her life as a human, for her spirit resided there after her death.

Reimu: Then Yukari is the one behind all this! I need to slap her again the next time I see her-

Yuuji: Reimu-san, now's not the time to be fantasizing about what you will do. What we must do is more important. Then, Ran-san, could you perhaps elaborate on what we need to do to access the Forest of the Sakuras?

Ran: The coordinates you received are accurate; the entrance is located at the tip of the lone pier that protrudes into the Lake of the Dead. Only Konpaku-dono, Yukari-sama, and I know of this seal. It is the only entrance that leads into the forest. Once we get past this entrance, the bridge will go on for another mile before connecting to the main island on which the Forest resides. Really the only tricky aspect of sneaking into the Forest is the entrance – after that, the only other seal that exists in the forest is the seal that serves as the incubator for Saigyouji Yuyuko's soul.
Reimu: What about the seal itself? If push comes to shove, I'll have to attempt to dismantle it.

Ran: I do not mean to sound as if I doubt your ability, Reimu-san. But I do not think you are capable of unsealing the Seal of Finality. That seal is Yukari-sama's life work – a seal she developed long ago, before even my own birth, that she has been saving for an occasion such as this. In fact, I should think no human will ever be capable of pulling that one off, not in the next several centuries.
Reimu: Well…I guess so. It is Yukari we are talking about here.

Yuuji: Mkay, so this is the plan that I will now draw up. Accessing this seal is our ultimate goal – it is going to be our main objective, now that we know how to access it, Ran-san here willing. So we are going to take over the rest of the PCB territories, namely Prismriver, the Netherworld territory to the northeast, then invade what is known as "Garden of Borders", which I have absolutely no god-dang clue what it is. Ran-san, care to explain?

Ran furrows her eyebrows.

Ran: Do not think about going in there.

Yuuji: Well, why not?

Ran: The Garden of Borders is my master's personal garden. It is her imposition of her own reality into the reality of Gensokyou, meaning that the Garden is a separate reality from our own. If a normal human such as yourself enters the premise without some sort of protection, your sanity will drain rapidly, and your soul will degenerate until it is literally sucked out by the air of nothingness that fills the garden. I do believe that only Hakurei Reimu-san and the vampire there are the only two entities who could enter the area without suffering too much.

Yuuji: I suppose I'll see for myself.

Remilia: One thing I would like to bring up is the entrance to Yukari's garden of sorts. I had my unit and Flan's unit search for the entrance into the Garden, but there is no physical indication of its existence, similar to the sealing of the Forest of the Sakuras. For the Forest, Flan and I were able to locate it because of its entrance seal and the sheer spiritual energy flowing out of it. But for this Garden, it's almost as if this world does not acknowledge its presence. Thus, as of now, we have no way of actually getting inside. We know that it is there, but so far we have only managed to find the gate to the outside world and the wilderness behind it.

Ran: Allow me to explain once again. The only way that anyone other than Yukari-sama can access the Garden of Borders is to find two books, one in each of the Netherworld territories, and solve their riddles by writing the answers down in the last page of the books. This will initiate a portal into Yukari-sama's realm that others may enter. Getting out is simple, as any of the gaps are exits, but exits to where specifically is up to your own luck.

Yuuji: Then it sounds like our strategy now is to take care of the rest of PCB first, then concentrate on taking down Yukari. Any objections?

Patchouli: One thing of note, Sawatari-san. The Prismriver county is home to the trio of musical poltergeists who bear the same name. They exist only because their home, a two-century-old mansion, still stands. If we destroy that mansion in our wake, they will also disappear and cease to exist.

Yuuji: And why is that important?

Patchouli: We, the members of the Mages' Guild of Gensokyou, have some business to settle with the youngest daughter of the Prismriver family, Layla Prismriver. Therefore, I request that we do not attack their mansion at all costs.

Yuuji: Layla? A fourth daughter? But the reports I've received only tell me about three: Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica. But we can talk about this Layla Prismriver lady later. For now, we'll kick off this plan. Commanders, operation has commenced.

The Hakurei launch a fierce three-day operation to capture Prismriver. The Chief orders tag teams to take over designated zones of the territory: Cirno, Meiling, Daiyousei, Rin, and Rumia from the west; Reimu, Remilia, Flandre, and Sakuya from the southeast; Yuuji, Marisa, Alice, and Patchouli from the south. In a final engagement, the Hakurei forces manage to completely encircle the remaining and battered PCB forces defending the territory nearby the Prismriver mansion, in a deep ravine, where Hakurei ranged forces rain projectile hell down on the PCB forces stuck in the ravine by a rout conducted by Chen's unit. Meiling and Remilia lead the charge to finish off the stragglers, and Yakumo Ran burns the entire ravine to give all the dead a mass funeral pyre. But no sign of the Prismriver sisters, much to Patchouli's relief. But meanwhile, as the final battle to capture the Prismriver Netherworld territory rages, Sawatari Yuuji is at the entrance of the Prismriver Mansion.

Yuuji: I left the others to finish off the PCB forces left defending this land. I wonder what the Prismriver Mansion can offer me. I don't know what I'm doing here, to be honest…but I need to know why this mansion is so d*mn important. Patchouli-san wouldn't tell me why we shouldn't just raze this.

He slowly pushes open the heavy granite gates with both arms.

Yuuji: Rrrrgh! Why, God d*mn it, why in the f*cking hell would you make granite gates?

Yuuji strolls cautiously down the cobble path that was been worn down by centuries of weather wear. All around him, scenes of disarray, neglect, and coldness linger like ghosts of history that time forgot.

Yuuji: Looks like people just booked it out of here. How long was this like this? This wear on the cobble is at least a hundred years old by the looks of it. But why…? It's really not a bad mansion…

As Yuuji approaches the main entrance, adorned with black flying buttresses, the moderately-sized double doors studded with the Prismriver suit of arms, two back-to-back eagles brandishing trumpets, in a hexagonal pattern open, creaking apart to reveal the void within. As he enters and the heavy brass doors that have long since rusted teal shut gently and soundlessly behind him. And ominously, unbeknownst to the Chief, the granite entrance doors also gently close, and the sounds of locks trickles through the air.

The sound of Yuuji's ordinary tennis shoes taps and echoes off the dirtied marble floor. He walks along the long corridor, slowly scanning the area to see what it has to offer. As he walks, he begins to remember.

Yuuji: This place is familiar. No…no, that's not right. The place itself is not the thing that's making me feel…well, nostalgic's not the word either. This…what is this…? This atmosphere… why…why is it that I feel I have walked down a path like this…many times…before…

And so he keeps walking. To find out what Gensokyou as to offer him. Down a long corridor that leads to nothing but holds everything. Maybe it was the mansion. Maybe it was the chilling nighttime cold. Whatever it was, he keeps walking…steadily…deliberately…

…to the Prismriver ballroom.

Located directly underneath Lunasa Prismriver's bedroom, the massive Prismriver ballroom is the pride and joy of the Prismriver family mansion. Nearly four acres large by itelf, the ballroom is a colossal construction of glass and diamond. Icicle beams of support criss-cross the ceiling of the ballroom as a massive glass water-etching of a crescent moon and the sun rest on the center of the glass floor with an 800 meter radius. Sawatari Yuuji walks out, at the same pace as he always kept ever since he first stepped foot into the mansion, reaching the center of the moon and the sun, where a single beam of moonlight descends from a circular opening in the ceiling.

Yuuji: I'm not dumb, you know. You can stop stalking me now – and don't try to hide now, I know where all of you are.

Surrounding the lone human at the center of the ballroom now are the three Prismriver poltergeists, holding their characteristic instruments.

Yuuji: I presume you left your troops to die while you came back to defend what is left of your mansion.

Lunasa: You are correct. We sacrificed our units to defend with our lives if necessary the home that we have known all our existences. We will not stand to see it destroyed so long as we continue to exist in this world. In any case, welcome to the Poltergeist Mansion, human.

Yuuji: Thanks. Then, perhaps we may talk a while? I didn't necessarily come here to torch this place down – in fact, it can be salvageable if remodeling takes place. I am on a diplomatic mission of sorts by a magician named Patchouli Knowledge – do you recognize the name?

Merlin: Patchouli-san? She was our youngest sister's best friend and fellow magician. But how do you know her, newcomer?

Yuuji: She happens to be working under my jurisdiction, ladies. I'm sure that you've heard of how Hakurei conquered the SDM a month ago or so, right? That is why.

Lyrica: You lie! Patchouli-san would never work for that red-and-white miko in Hakurei! Merlin-onee-chan, Lunasa-onee-chan, we should just kill him, here and now!

Before her sisters can stop her, Lyrica materializes her keyboard.

Lunasa/Merlin: No, Lyrica-!


Slamming her fingers down on the keys and quickly picking off rapid staccato notes, a red vortex the size of a grand piano warps into view above Lyrica and begins to spit out rows of blue and red danmaku that spatter the ground on which Yuuji was standing on a moment ago. Skidding along the glass floor, Yuuji struggles to keep upright on the frictionless floor. Barrage after barrage of red and blue bullet hells rain down from the vortex, and Lyrica's wild keyboard slamming throws the cacophony in E Minor reverberating throughout the ballroom.

Lunasa: Stop this at once, Lyrica! We didn't even ask him why he is here yet! At the very least we must ask him that!

Lyrica: NO! I refuse to believe he is here on benevolent intentions! We had to abandon our entire army to their demises just for him! I expect no less than his death when I am done with him!
Meanwhile, Yuuji barrel-rolls to his right to dodge yet another wave of bullets.

Yuuji: I think I see the pattern! The middle path, it's got to be the middle path!

Leaping forward as twenty more bullets of each color volley the floor behind him, the Chief somersaults straight forward while he spawns his dual scimitar-like jagged blades. Sprinting, side-stepping, running past the onslaught of bullets, Yuuji slices the stray bullets homing straight at him as the still air whirls past him and jumps.

Merlin: Lyrica, stand down, stand down!

Lunasa: No, sir, SIR, GET DOWN-

The vortex glows dangerously red and blue in preparation of another imminent volley. As Yuuji approaches to strike at Lyrica, the keyboardist raises her hands high.


With Lyrica practically throwing her fists down on her keyboard as if wanting to smash the keys right out of their places, the vortex spirals again and unleashes a double dose of bullets.


A flash that blinds everyone in the spacious and eerily empty ballroom for a hundredth of a second erupts in the beholders' eyes. Yuuji is now suddenly fifty feet behind Lyrica, his blades beginning to dematerialize digitally with red an white checkered squares following in their wake. As he straighten his back, two enormously delayed cuts curve violently around the vortex and its owner with a gruesome splatter.

Lyrica: Wha-

The vortex cracks clean in two misshapen halves and Lyrica's beloved keyboard suddenly pops apart like a Jack-in-the-box into three as Lyrica stumbles in the brittle glass floor.

Yuuji: Now will you listen? It's difficult enough I need to deal with my own commanders at times.

Lyrica: No…no, not yet! Even without my precious keyboard, I will-


Lunasa strides forward and slaps her as hard as possible. Glass shatters all around them.

Lunasa: Lyrica. Stop. This. Now.

Merlin: Lunasa-onee-chan, there was no need for-

Lunasa: There was every godforsaken need for this. Lyrica, this man is our only hope of bringing Layla back. How dare you attack him!

Lyrica: B-b-but – he – he tried to destroy our mansion!

Yuuji: Oh, no, I never mentioned that. Yet. But you would have never known because you went ahead and assumed I would march right in here and blaze this sh*thole to kingdom come. Well, how now, maybe I should, then, if this is the way you three like to conduct negotiations?

Lunasa: No, please! Please forgive her, she was always the aggressive type, attacking people without hesitation!

Yuuji: Whatever. Forgiveness will come later – I am only human, anyhow, forgiving is quite difficult, you see. Now can we finally talk about our terms?

Merlin: Yes, please go ahead. Lyrica, for – God's – sake – just – calm – down!

Yuuji: These are my terms. You will work for the Hakurei military in a bound contract of a minimum of three years. In exchange, we will enforce the protection and restoration of this mansion and make sure you meet with Patchouli Knowledge, your desired informant. Is this okay?

Lunasa: Well, what do you think, Merlin?

Merlin: It seems okay to me. It could have been a lot worse for us, seeing how Lyrica acted.

Lunasa: Indeed. May I ask a few questions? Will we still be able to pursue our interests in music? Our existences as poltergeists do depend upon music.

Yuuji: Sure. Anything we don't explicitly state is allowed. In other words, I don't care what you do, as long as it doesn't put anyone in danger.

Lunasa: Then we accept your terms.

Patchouli: Good.

Prismriver Sisters: Huh? !

The four on the floor look up to the direction of the voice. The Great Unmoving Library, ironically enough, descends with Koakuma from the hole in the ceiling of the massive ballroom.

Patchouli: Welcome to Hakurei, dear Prismrivers. It has been quite a while, has it not?

Lunasa: Oh thank heavens! It has been nearly half a dozen years, it's a relief to be able to behold you again, Patchouli-san.

The magician embraces each of the poltergeists warmly.

Yuuji: Wow, I didn't know Patchouli-san had so many acquiantances.

Koakuma: Yes, it is certainly surprising for someone with a disposition similar to hers. But they are good friends. It was fortunate that we did not have to see them go.

Yuuji: Yeah. Losing a family, no matter how far away, is always pretty painful. Koakuma-san, please give me a sitrep on the battle.

Koakuma: Let's see…it is a total victory for our troops. Commander Yakumo Ran is finished with the funeral pyres for the enemy soldiers.

Yuuji: Alright. This territory is ours. Patchouli-san, Lunasa-san, Merlin-san, Lyrica-san, let us depart. We can talk on the way out.

The Prismrivers! They kicked my ass one too many times in Perfect Cherry Blossom. Especially Lunasa. God, she was annoying.

LUNASA PRISMRIVER: 5, 6, 8, 7, 6, 0, 5, 0, 3
Starting Troops: 350/350
Starting Level: 120/500
Job: Arbalest

DS1: SYMPHONIC SOLO: Lunasa performs a quick solo with her violin. 1 ACT, +25% ally units' random battle stats, -30% SPD to all enemy units

DS2: VIOLIN LEAD: Lunasa performs one of the musical activation spells necessary for the Prismrivers' ultimate spellcard. No ACT


OS1: ENHANCED CROSSBOW 2: Lunasa's standard attack. 1.2x ATK, 1 ACT

OS2: LAMENTATION THE STRING: Lunasa's special solo, which creates audible danmaku from her musical notes that she plays that attack the enemy with her unit's crossbows. All ACT, prep required, 1.1x ATK, negates all enemy strategy boosts, inflicts -1 ACT damage on all enemies, removes prep

PS1: PRISMRIVER FLOW: Because Lunasa is a Prismriver, she and her unit receives the following:
-No replenishment cost
-Cannot be killed/captured in battle if unit is annihilated, cannot be eliminated in commander battles
-Whenever a Prismriver is deployed in battle, all ally units receive +10% DEF and +2% BGC

MERLIN PRISMRIVER: 5, 8, 6, 5, 8, 0, 1, 0, 3
Starting Troops: 350/350
Starting Level: 120/500
Job: Castle Guard

DS1: MELODIC SOLO: Merlin performs a quick solo with her trumpet. 30% Guard rate, 1 ACT, increases guarded units' DEF by 50%

DS2: TRUMPET LEAD: Merlin performs one of the musical activation spells necessary for the Prismrivers' ultimate spellcard. No ACT


OS1: FOOT SOLDIER CRUSH 2: When attacking foot soldiers, 1.3x ATK + 120% guard rate knockoff; 1.2x ATK when attacking any other unit

OS2: GAIETY THE BRASS: Merlin's special solo, which creates a musical vortex from her musical notes that she plays that attacks the enemy. All ACT, prep required, 1.6x ATK, AOE, throws all enemy battle order positions back to the end after all ally battle order positions

PS1: PRISMRIVER FLOW: Because Merlin is a Prismriver, she and her unit receives the following:
-No replenishment cost
-Cannot be killed/captured in battle if unit is annihilated, cannot be eliminated in commander battles
-Whenever a Prismriver is deployed in battle, all ally units receive +10% DEF and +2% BGC (per Prismriver)

LYRICA PRISMRIVER: 5, 7, 7, 9, 7 0, 3, 0, 3
Starting Troops: 350/350
Starting Level: 120/500
Job: Monk

DS1: EUPHONIOUS SOLO: Lyrica performs a quick solo with her keyboard. 1 ACT, heals all front-row units (medium effect), restores 1 ACT flag in any unit with no more ACT flags

DS2: PERCUSSION LEAD: Lyrica performs one of the musical activation spells necessary for the Prismrivers' ultimate spellcard. No ACT


OS1: MONK RUSH 2: 1.1x ATK, 1 ACT, removes 2 stat buffs of choice, 1.3x ATK vs non-human units

OS2: FANTASIA THE PARADISE: Lyrica's special solo, which creates a genjutsu on the enemy army. All ACT, prep required, all enemy units immobilized for 7 time counts (enemy cannot counterattack or act in any way EXCEPT if the commanders have a commander-based attack, which they may or may not use, such as Commander Charge, but only the initial commander strike will go through, no army follow-up), cancels all guard rates on enemy

PS1: PRISMRIVER FLOW: Because Lyrica is a Prismriver, she and her unit receives the following:
-No replenishment cost
-Cannot be killed/captured in battle if unit is annihilated, cannot be eliminated in commander battles
-Whenever a Prismriver is deployed in battle, all ally units receive +10% DEF and +2% BGC (per Prismriver)

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Man, a fast chapter for you guys. I am eager to get this arc through and completed, so hang tight.
Thanks for reading,
-Akyuu no Joshu

No One Told Us That It Would Be An Abyss We Were Getting Ourselves Into.

Youmu: Yukari-dono, we have lost the Prismriver sisters. We are in imminent danger of being overrun – Sakurachou, our first Netherworld territory, is all that stands, aside from this garden.

Yukari: So it has come to be. General Youmu, are you willing to to commit to what is about to happen?

Youmu: 'Til the very last second of this world, I will fight to witness the moment my lady and mistress, Saigyouji Yuyuko-sama, lives and breathes again. Until then, I am bound to you by the jurisdiction of my mistress, your closest friend.

Yukari: Then go. Fight until the war is a lost cause – we have much work to do.

0300 Hours. Outskirts of the capital city in Sakurachou. Commanders: Hakurei Reimu, Yakumo Ran, Remilia Scarlet, Kirisame Marisa, Sawatari Yuuji.

Yuuji: Testing shikigami communications frequencies. Test, test.

Reimu: Good.

Ran: Affirmative.

Remilia: Confirmed.

Marisa: Fired up 'n ready to go.

Yuuji: Good. Telepathy communications online. Callsign Nasu, come in, come in, over.

Patchouli: You are cleared, Chief-san. Sakurachou is now under Shikigami Surveillance Etherlite, or SSE. Relaying geographical, thermal, and supernatural information to you now. And I would prefer having a different callsign than "Nasu", over…

Yuuji: We'll think of a different once we get back, over. Alright, Squad Defib, let's roll.

Out of the woodworks of the birchwood forest that surrounds the local capital of Sakurachou, Kyo, emerge the five commanders.

Yuuji: We all here? Okay, Ran-san. Take us to it.

Ran: Understood. Please follow me.

The kyuubi shikigami leads the squad to a single pillar monument, only three feet tall and looking very weather-worn.

Remilia: Wait, allow me to ask, but why are we coming here? Flan and I have already pinpointed the location of the sealed entrance; what significance does this dinky-looking pillar have?

Ran: Observe.

Ran approaches the pillar, and almost immediately after she steps onto the white stone foundation of the pillar, a blue wisp of spiritual energy whisks around the pillar, and the tip of the pillar lights up with the same hue of blue. Ran places her hand onto a curious outline of a human hand and gently pushes. A rumbling, stony click is emitted from the button, and the blue wisp vanishes.

Reimu: …I'm not exactly too sure what we were supposed to observe, but hopefully you can explain what just happened, Ran-san?

Ran: I have just deactivated the electric field that guards the entrance to the Forest of the Sakuras and permeates the atmospheric pressure there. If I had not done this, Reimu-san, Sawatari-san, and Kirisame-san would not have been able to enter without serious physical complications. Now we shall proceed to the coordinates that the vampire has given us.

Yuuji: Callsign Nasu, requesting visual coordinates to the seal of the Sakuras, over.

Patchouli: Sending to you the data points now, over.

Brooches in the shape of the ruby red Hakurei quince pinned to each of the Defib squad member's left shoulder beam holographic images of the location of their destination in a bird's eye view, the destination highlighted in a red star a few feet in front of the squad members.

Yuuji: Alright. Callsign Defib, let's move out. Each to their position, go. Maintain communications and open up an audio channel in Shikigami 45 in fifteen minutes. Scatter!

The five commanders jump off into five different directions, and the small pillared monument stands with the tall grass waving lazily around it, as if it had witnessed nothing at all.

Fifteen minutes later…

A crackle of static washes over the Chief.

Reimu: This is Defib Five-One. I am in position. Do you all have visual on the target Alpha, over?

Yuuji: Yup, I got her. Defib, double-check your presences and make sure they're sufficiently hidden, over.

Remilia: This is Defib Five-Four. Sawatari, are you okay down there, over?

Yuuji: Yeah, I'm fine. Water turned out to be just ordinary 30 degree Celsius water, despite its blackish colors. Don't you worry about me, Remilia-san, just maintain visual on the target from your aerial position, over.

Koakuma: Defib, this is Hakurei Command. We have re-established SSE over the Forest of the Sakuras. Be advised; target Alpha will be patrolling the target site for quite some time, over.

Reimu: Confirmed, Command. We'll have to wait it out 'til she exits the vicinity, over.

Yuuji: Defib Five-Three, you'll need to fill us in on what's going on. Defib Five-Two, I need confirmation of the establishment of Plan B in case things go south, over.

Marisa: ETA four minutes, Defib Five-Five. It's havin' some technical difficulties due to da lack of magic energy in here. It's…it's like…der's some kinda void in dis d*mn atmosphere, over.

Ran: The lack of magic energy is due to Yukari-sama's gaps. They tend to suck the magical eminence with just their presence alone – that is why magical attacks do not work on her. Besides, I do not understand why we are setting up a magical attack as our Plan B, over.

Reimu: It was suggested by Remilia. The magical attack will at least throw up a screen of water and sand for us to have enough time to make our escape if we need to, over.

In front of the massive sakura tree that Yukari now stands before, the body of Saigyouji Yuyuko again materializes, more alive than before. A greater frequency of hitodama orbit the body of the Ghostly Princess.

Yuuji: Whoowee…so that's our Saigyouji Yuyuko-san, eh…?

Reimu: She hasn't changed at all…Ran, what is the completion rate of the ritual, over?

Ran: We could not have come at a more critical stage. The ritual is 97.224% through. It is nearing completion – Yukari-sama is now applying the last runes to extract her soul from the forest here, over.

Patchouli: Nasu to Defib. Target Alpha is decreasing energy flow to the target – it seems she's getting ready to leave, over.

Marisa: Ah, perfect. I ain't too fond 'a keepin' a fully charged Hakkero fer longer 'n twenty minutes…

Soon enough, Yakumo Yukari withdraws her hands from the control rune that manipulates the resurrection ritual seal that covers the entire, closes it physically by pushing it into oblivion together with her hands, and exits the premises through her gaps. After she is no more, the Chief carefully wades onto the metallically pink sand on the shore and creeps up slowly on the tree holding Saigyouji Yuyuko's body, which has since disappeared in a flash of sakura leaves freshly fallen from the great tree.

Yuuji: Coast is clear. On me, Defib.

The rest of the squad jumps onto the shore and approach the massive sakura tree.

Reimu: So this is it, huh…

Ran: Yes. This tree contains the life essence of Saigyouji Yuyuko. Or, more accurately speaking, it is incubating it.

Reimu: Mkay. Let's proceed to Phase Two of Operation Extraction. Back away, everyone.

The four other commanders back away a few feet as the Queen of Hakurei steps up to the activation seal portal.


Immediately, the seal explodes in a blue fiery ball of smoke amidst a piercing shriek of terrified surprise.

Yuuji: Reimu-san!

Marisa: REIMU! Are ya okay?

Yuuji manages to catch his Queen before she hits the ground. Reimu is covered in smoke smudge marks, coughing and gasping.

Reimu: T-t-the s-seal…it…it was set up-! Yakumo Ran, what didn't you tell us-

Ran: Reimu-san, I did not know about the seal being booby-trapped. This is my master's seal, not mine, after all.

Remilia: Besides, it was not even lethal. Not even scratch marks. Now quit whining and get back to it.

Reimu reaches over to the vampire, grabs her dress collar, pulls, and slaps her across the face.

Remilia: Owww! Uuuu, what was that for!

Reimu: Just so you know, I am your commanding officer, and I will not tolerate banter as such in a military operation like this. And I could only wish I could do what you asked. I cannot get past this seal. It's too complex!

Marisa: Waaaah? Reimu, not able ta unseal somethin'? Now dat's a first.

Reimu: Indeed…usually I can deactivate just about any seal, and I thought because I once studied under Yakumo Yukari, I would be able to get past this seal. But I can tell that I can't. This seal is too advanced for me.

Marisa: So are ya sayin' we sneaked our asses all da way here jus' ta find out we can't do sh*t?

Reimu: Yeah…pretty much. Sorry, everyone. I thought this would end a little better for us, but looks like I was rash.

Ran: Callsign Nasu, Defib returning to base, ETA seven minutes. Be advised, Operation Extraction has been compromised. Requesting reassessment of primary targets in two minutes, over.

Patchouli: Defib Five-Three, we copy.

Reimu: Eh? Sawatari-san, what are you doing?

Sawatari Yuuji is slowly approaching Yukari's seal that still hangs in the air in front of them, blue as ever.

Marisa: He thinks he can do a betta job of it den Reimu! Bah!

But the Chief pays them no attention. His eyes grow wider by the second as he stares at the seal floating in front of him, taking in all that he sees before him – as if he is trying to decipher this puzzle himself with his eyes alone. Slowly, his right hand inches forward, gingerly touching the seal with only his fingertips.

Remilia: Okay, Sawatari, that is enough, let us fly from this place, now that we know we cannot do much h-

Ran: No, do not interrupt him! He – he seems to know something!

Reimu: But what is he doing? The unsealing preventative measures aren't kicking in on him!

Ran: Just observe him for now. I have no idea how he would be able to get past this seal, but he might just do it-

Yuuji: Muneul yeulyeo shipshida.

Immediately, the seal unfurls, disappears, and leaves behind a three-panel control-station-esque rune layout in its wake, the same one that they had seen Yukari use just moments ago.

Reimu: W…w…wha…h-how…?

The girls behind him rush forward to get a better look at the control panel.

Marisa: No way…you…Chief, how the hell?

Ran: Interesting…so this is what the control panel looks like…

Remilia: This human is still a Jack of surprises, it seems.

Reimu: What kind of a language is this in anyway? I can't understand any of it! Sawatari-san, can you read this? Uh, Sawatari-san? Chief?

No animate response. The Chief still has his eyes glued to the control panel, his pupils waving back and forth sluggishly as he scans the rune in front of him.

Ran: He is completely gone. It is best not to disturb him and leave this in his hands.

Reimu: But I want to know what's going too!

As the girls are bickering, the Chief slowly places his hands on a newly formed surface that has extended from the center panel. With each hit of his fingers, small squares light up briefly before fading away.

/* Authorizing release protocol of incubation subject Overriding security and external seal measures Overriding internal life support systems Releasing the incubation subject, variable name "SaigyoujiYuyuko" */

public static void main (String [] args)

/* char [] array1 = new char [3]; array1[0] = 'a'; array1[1] = 'b'; array1[2] = 'c';

for (int f = 0; f 3; f++)



ArrayList array2 = new ArrayList(); (0, 'a'); (1, 'b'); (2, 'c');

for (int f = 0; f (); f++)

if ((f).equals('c'))

{ SaigyoujiYuyuko. releaseIncubationSubject(); }

else {




/* Initializing rematerialization of incubation subject Please wait…









Incubation Subject is now materializing

Deactivating Life Support Systems

Releasing Seal Pressure

Adjusting Incubation Subject's internal systems to external environmental stimuli

Ejection Complete */

The body of Saigyouji Yuyuko, the Ghostly Princess of Hakugyokuro, appears above Yuuji's head, some ten feet above. It slowly descends in front of the Chief, who catches her gently in his arms as the control panel whisks itself away. The great Sakura tree glimmers brighter than ever as a fresh storm of dancing sakura petals wash over the intruders.

Yuuji: Callsign Defib to Hakurei Command…we've acquired our package. Returning to main base now, over.

Koakuma: Affirmative. Hakurei Command to Defib, be advised, large PCB patrol coming in from the north. You will need to get out of there as soon as possible if you wish to return safely, over.

Yuuji turns to the rest of the squad with a pink-haired, well-endowed princess in his carry.

Yuuji: Let's head back. I will try to explain the best I can once we are back home.

A few hours later, in the main forward base of the Hakurei invasion, located just ten miles to the southeast of Sakurachou, the main commanders of the Hakurei military have gathered again. Yuuji, Reimu, and Marisa enter the main meeting hall, sliding open a side sliding door and stepping inside. The rest of the commanders are already sitting at the long rectangular table, waiting for the meeting commence.

Ran: Is Saigyouji-dono alright?

Reimu: Yes, she is doing fine. Because the resurrection ritual was close to being complete, her body is fully adjusted to the outside world, outside of her incubation seal.

Yuuji: But we can't get her to wake up. She's been unconscious in a coma-like state for the last two hours.

Ran: Yes, that is because she must be fully resurrected to regain consciousness again. And unfortunately, the only way we can have that to happen is to somehow convince Yukari-sama to do so without killing the rest of us.

Marisa: Well, dat's where diplomacy kicks in, and we'll leave dat ta Genji and Reimu, so no worries!

Reimu: Oi oi, Marisa, what's with that tone…

The newcomers take their posts.

Yuuji: Alright. General Commander Meeting 8 is now under way. Operation Extraction, executed just two hours ago, was a success. We now have the body of Saigyouji Yuyuko under our custody and thus hold one of our biggest trump cards against PCB, most notably against Yakumo Yukari. However, obviously she will not be pleased with this, most likely, so she may begin to attack our forces personally. Meiling-san, how are our offensive tactics against PCB in Sakurachou?

Meiling: They are working out nicely. We are having a few problems with enemy diviners because of a flaw in our strategy, but we can fix that with more support units backing us up.

Yuuji: Good. That's all we need – Once Sakurachou is down, the PCB have nowhere to run. Yakumo Yukari will have no choice but to surrender once she loses her last territory. Now to discuss what happened in Operation Extraction.

He clears his throat.

Yuuji: This is mainly for the commanders who accompanied me to the Forest of the Sakuras. The seal on Saigyouji Yuyuko's incubation ritual was…how should I say this, extremely familiar to me. I can't explain why. But I just knew that something about the seal activation style and execution was something that I had seen many, many times before. Really, Marisa-san and Patchouli-san might be right in training me to become a magician.

Reimu: But how is that possible? You, who claims to have just appeared in Gensokyou a mere few months ago, have deciphered what may have been one of Gensokyou's toughest seal-makers's runes in mere minutes.

Yuuji: Another case of the unknown-unknown…

Marisa: Bah, seriously, Chief! I'm sick 'n tired of dis "unknown-unknown" crap! Jus' fess up 'n tell us wat ya know!

Yuuji: Ignoring her because she's starting to get annoying, this war is almost over. Keep at it, ladies. And gentleman.

Meanwhile, as this meeting is under way, back in the Forest of the Sakuras…

Youmu: Welcome back, Yukari-dono.

Yukari: I have returned. Thank you, Youmu.

The two make their way along the low-lying bridge over the lake that surrounds the island on which the sakura trees live. Reaching the great sakura tree, Yukari summons the first seal.

Yukari: Hmmm…has anyone been tampering with the ritual, Youmu? Someone has been here recently.

Youmu: Huh? Um…no, I do not think so. No one has entered the premises here in the last two hours besides you, Yukari-dono.

Yukari: …that so, now…?

Activating the seal and opening up the control panel, Yukari balks.

Yukari: W-w-wha…who did this? !

Youmu: E-eh? Do what, Yukari-dono?

Yukari: Yuyuko…Yuyuko is not here anymore-!

Youmu: Not here-?

The two observe the control panel. Sure enough, even though Yukari attempts to bring up Yuyuko's body from the tree, nothing materializes, for there was nothing to begin with.

Yukari: No…

Youmu: Oh God…where could she be…?

Yukari: …could it be…?

The Youkai of Borders opens up a strange note that she had not seen there before. Reading it, her countenance slowly changes.

Youmu: Y-Yukari-dono…?

Silence strangles the atmosphere as Yukari deliberately closes the control panel rune and turns to exit.

Youmu: Yukari-dono! What…where are you-

But the ghostly swordswoman freezes as Yukari sharply turns to her.

Yukari: It is him. Rally the forces, Youmu. I am going to murder that newcomer.

Youmu: Y-y-y-yes, ma'am…

Konpaku Youmu stares at Yukari exit the forest. Finally breaking her chokehold of fear, she stumbles to exit as well, but she trips over her own feet and falls.

Youmu: W-w…what was t-that…I have never seen her l-like that before…huh?

Youmu sees a small rune containing a message in its interior. She picks it up and reads it.

If you wish to see your hope preserved for eternity, fight me. You are the key to revealing who I am and what you have done to me. –the newcomer

For those of you who understand computer science, I am terrible at it. Just so you know. Also, I've been watching too many walkthroughs of Prototype 2.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu

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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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I heavily emphasized and condensed my writing this chapter. You will see how as you read on. Just trying out different formats and writing techniques, random stuff you shouldn't care about.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

Am I Sleeping All This Time…?

0630 Hours.

A lone pikeman serving guard duty for the night sits on his chair, watching over the horizon vigilantly. High above the rest of the hastily built fortress he stands watch in a watch tower, a 50 meter high vantage point that offers an excellent view of the beautiful autumnly colored morning dawn and the nearby battlefield to the north.

Pikeman Guard: I guess this is the only reason why I sign up for the nighttime watches. Can't beat the morning rises…only reason in the whole f*cking rotten world that'll remind me that it's still worth livin' on…and the only reason why I'd give up any sleep for anything.

The battered war veteran yawns tiredly, readjusting his grip on his pike.

Pikeman Guard: Still, really lookin' forward ta sleepin' in later today…hm?

Next to him, a shikigami talisman that is floating next to him lights up and starts beeping shrilly.

Pikeman Guard: Oh, what the hell is it now…last time it went off 'cause of a stupid squirrel…

He scootches his chair over to the talisman. He fiddles with it, turning it over and studying it.

Pikeman Guard: Hmm…a reading from the north. Well, wasn't that where I was facing just now…?

He looks towards the north, the sun still lifting itself up over the horizon to his right.

Pikeman Guard: Nothing…geez, is this thing, like, busted or somethin'? I'ma request a better sensor…

No sooner are those words ejected from his tongue when, before his disbelieving eyes, shadows appear and cover the entire battlefield, as if forcing the ground back into night once more.
Pikeman Guard: Wha – what the f*ck are those-

The shadows glimmer, static, and brighten. The sounds of plasma and electricity crackle thunderously, and before the lone guard's view, an army at least 5000 strong bearing the standards of PCB march towards the fort about five miles away.

Pikeman Guard: Oh sh*t! Hakurei Command, Hakurei Command, come in, come in, d*mn it!

Koakuma: This is Hakurei Command, what is the situation, over?

Pikeman Guard: I have a clear visual on a hostile brigade with at least 5000 soldiers marchin' in on Forward Base 3 in southern Sakurachou! They are only five miles away, marchin' in fast!

Koakuma: Understood. Ring the alarm and raise the fort to high alert. Have the commanding officers there ready the troops, all of them. We will send reinforcements in 20 minutes. Good luck.

On Koakuma's end, the main communications outpost, wedged right at the southernmost region that straddles the border of Sakurachou and Prismriver, is being flooded with emergency reports of sudden attacks by large-scale armies of PCB soldiers. Reimu has immediately called all the strongest commanders of the Hakurei military to the communications base to set up a counterattack strategy.

Yuuji: What's going on? Koakuma, give all of us a sitrep.

Koakuma: Listen up closely, everyone. We are getting at least 26 reports across our outposts that we have established across the PCB line that massive armies are attacking us at four key locations shown on this map. From west to east, the estimated enemy troop counts are 4000, 4500, 5000, and 5200. We only have 20 minutes to get into position to reinforce all positions. It will be difficult, but it can be possible if we move fast enough.

Yuuji: Okay. Let's see…me, R-

An assistant bursts into the meeting room.

Assistant: Bad news! We've- we've just gotten a report from Forward Base 1! We have a confirmed visual on PCB leader Yakumo Yukari!

Everyone: WHAT?!

Yuuji: Sh*t, knew something like this would happen. Alright, listen up everyone, we gotta make this quick…

And so the PCB blitz commences. The series of attacks starts from the west, the next to the east begins immediately after the previous battle wraps up. Oddly, Yakumo Yukari somehow participates in all of them. By the fourth battle, the Hakurei line is badly shattered and tottering, but it holds yet still. Yuuji, Reimu, Marisa, and Ran are present at the final battle site, awaiting the imminent PCB blitz.

Remilia: Sawatari, the battle is done here. Nearly all our troops are wounded, but the line holds. Get ready!

Yuuji: Will do, thank you for your work today. Right, Reimu-san, Ran-san, Marisa-san…let's do it.

Ran: If I may something before we depart. Chen and I will not be able to do our maximum damage against our own master – it is a binding contract that prevents us from effectively rebelling against our original master.

Yuuji: I see. Then leave Yakumo Yukari to us – we'll take care of her.

Ran: She will undoubtedly be the toughest opponent you will face. Be careful, Sawatari-san.

The Chief nods before leading his unit into position on the battlefield. The other commanders in the battle follow suit, preparing for the imminent attack.

Ten minutes later, the PCB forces discard their shadowy and staticky disguises and engage the Hakurei line.

PCB Lieutenant: Yakumo-sama! The Chief of Hakurei is rushing our position! We can't stop him!

The Youkai of Borders, levitating a short height above the rest of her unit's troops in the back of the battlefield, scans the battlefield, quickly locating Sawatari Yuuji and watches as he carves a path of bloodshed, death, and metallic destruction in his wake and as he slices and dices his way towards her.

Yukari: All troops in my unit, allow him to reach me. I will deal with him personally. This may end badly for me even, as I am still restricted to my 35% maximum capabilities. But this human will not escape my grasp. Not now.

Sawatari Yuuji lands hard about a hundred meters away from Yakumo Yukari's position. Brandishing his curved blades, Yuuji flips his blades to adjust his grips on them to backhanded stances as the diviners in Yukari's unit back away.

Yuuji: Yakumo Yukari-san! I should have known you would show up in a fit of rage after we took your precious Yuyuko-san.

Yukari: You dare mock me, human? Let alone go so far as to interrupt the ritual? Such impudence cannot go overlooked…

Yuuji: Great story. But you…you're not at your full power…are you…?

Yukari: Hm, so you could tell? You are quite something for a human if you could discern that. But yes, I am not at my full power – not that you would have been worth the effort, anyhow.

Yuuji: Don't worry – I'm not worth anyone's full power. What do you say, Yakumo-san? Would you like to surrender, so that we can return your Yuyuko-san back to her rightful friend? Or are we going to have to dance a little longer?

Yukari: The latter. Entertain me, human.

Yukari snaps her fingers, and five massive gaps rip open the air. The gaps, gaping with threatening, piercing red eyes that twitch uncontrollably in unnerving frenzy, glow with an orange ferocity.

The gaps explode with thousands of green, purple, and orange bullets – the green bullets shaped like arrowheads, the purple bullets formed like eggs, and the orange bullets taking after giant beach balls, all hurtling towards the lone human on the ground.

Yuuji: Sometimes I wish I could make danmaku for myself. But kicking some ass is more important right about now.

Bursting forward, Yuuji weaves in and out of the portion of the battlefield in front of Yukari. Machine-gun-fire-like volleys of bullets slam into the ground, and Yuuji darts side to side, back and forth to dodge them all without a scratch.

Yukari: Your dodging is commendable. Now let us step it up a bit.

The youkai raises her right hand, and another five rips in the air, all twisting and bulging with the same disorienting pupils, tear open the atmosphere further above Yukari's head.
Yuuji: Well, sh*t.

All ten gaps charge orange briefly, then fire. But this time, the bullets cover the entire battlefield in front of Yukari – there is no safe spot for Yuuji to dodge to. Grunting, the Chief leans low and puts his arms holding his swords stretched out to his back.


Instantly, the world goes to a fourth of its normal time lapse rate in Yuuji's perspective. His own body's, however, only moves at half speed, but not without great side effects.

Yuuji: Can't hold it for longer than six seconds – c'mon, reach the end in time!

For the next painful six seconds that strain and wear down Yuuji's body and stamina, the blades of the Chief are let fly. Once the effects of the time distortion disappear, Yuuji has cut a circle in the incoming wave of bullets and escapes the attack still unharmed. He stands in a lone, eerie circle of clean dirt and grasswhile all around him the ground displays wounds of blackened bullet holes still sizzling in their pain.

Yukari: Interesting. You seemed to manipulate time on a dimensional level. Well done – it seems you are quite the box of surprises.

Yuuji: Heh…well, obviously, as you can see…it's not without its drawbacks.

Yukari: Youmu!

The ghostly gardener flashes in front of Yuuji, directly below Yukari.

Youmu: At your service, ma'am.

Yukari: Take care of this man. You two have fought before, I presume?

Youmu: Yes, ma'am. I will dispatch of him this time.

Yukari: Please do.

Yuuji: Sh*t, me versus these two…

Suddenly, a six-ofuda wave of danmaku barrage Yukari, but they are blocked by a serene, spherical shield of sorts.

Yukari: Oh ho, if it is not my former student, Reimu. It has been some time.

Reimu flies in from the center of the battlefield.

Reimu: Yukari! Stop this fighting at once and stand down. You have been disturbing my people long enough!

Yukari: Heh. Your people being bothered is quite none of my concern, unfortunately. Take it or leave it, Reimu. You dare to fight you former instructor?

Reimu: I don't give a crap who I must fight. If my people's well-being is on the line, then I will fight anyone, even you, Yukari.

Yukari: So it shall be. Let us see how much you have grown in these years, Reimu-!

The skies alight with the storms of danmaku and brightly colored bullets.

Meanwhile, down at ground zero, Youmu and Yuuji are duking it out like they have never done before. Their swords clang and shriek as steel meets steel over and over and over and over and over again.

Youmu: Rghhh!!!!!!!!

Yuuji: Hahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clenching his teeth, Yuuji slashes downwards on Youmu's head as hard as he can with his dual blades. Youmu blocks with her katana and counterattacks with a quick but deadly thrust to the head. Yuuji ducks, swinging at Youmu's legs, and Youmu jumps back. Yuuji pounces after her, raising his arms high over his shoulders and chucking his swords at Youmu. Youmu is forced to block again, but the weight of the swords landing on at a bad angle on her grip on her sword flings her weapon out of her hands. Recoiling from the shock, Youmu stumbles back, and Yuuji seizes his chance. With a mighty roar, he pushes strongly off a small magenta platform angled at Youmu. He lands and immediately begins to pummel Youmu – right punch to the cheek, left punch to the solar plexus, right uppercut to the chin, leg grab and throw-down slam onto the ground, front flip and right axe kick again on her stomach. Youmu recovers in mid-air off the axe kick as Myon flies behind Yuuji and, solidifying its tail, tail-whips Yuuji to the back of the head and sending him flipping over his head straight at Youmu. She then returns the favor – right knee to the nose, double-handed fist throw-down to the top of the head, and tiger-palm to the center of his back, stunning the Chief for a brief second. But that second is all she needs to quickly draw a small knife from her leg strap and force it into Yuuji's left shoulder before hopping off to avoid his grab. Getting up and roaring, the Chief grabs the buried knife and pulls it out, the wound slowly patching itself up mysteriously as he charges at Youmu once more.

Youmu: Do not think that I am skilled with only swords!

Yuuji: Don't think that a single knife'll put me down! HAVE AT IT!

Yuuji throws the knife at his opponent, who deflects it off to the side with the draw of her shorter wakizashi with one hand and lets loose a row of short stabbing knives, the same one that Youmu used to stab Yuuji just seconds earlier, at her opponent. Yuuji concentrates his focus on his feet, and just before the row of knives flies into him, he disappears and reappears directly behind Youmu. But Youmu detects him behind her and swiftly turns around, slamming the hilt of her sword smack into Yuuji's right temple. Pouncing on him, she slices downwards, but Yuuji rolls out of the weapon's range and stands to face the incoming swordswoman. She pounces again, but this time Yuuji stands his ground as Youmu again executes the same attack. Just as the sword is about to strike a headshot, Yuuji claps his hands to catch the blade just millimeters away from his scalp and yanks it straight out of the half-ghost's hands. Letting go of the blade, the Chief lands a quick three-punch combo on her shoulders and chest, stunning her arms and lifting her up in the air high enough to allow Yuuji to thrust his foot right into the body of a very confused Youmu. Getting upright again, Yuuji hears silent footsteps behind him and ducks to avoid a sword swing at his body. Turning around, he faces another Youmu, this time with ghostly light-gray eyes, wielding the katana. It takes another few swipes at him, which Yuuji dodges and backflips away from to distance himself from the swordswoman's clone. As Myon gives chase, Yuuji halts his backflipping process in midair by stopping on a magenta platform created instantly by his feet and accelerates off of it, body-slamming into Myon and grinding her body against the rough earth for a good thirty meters. Once Myon grinds to a halt, Yuuji proceeds to rapidly, ferociously, and savagely beat Myon with a thunderous and sickening barrage of punches and arm throws amidst his roaring.


The ghostly gardener, blood trailing down her lips, jumps on Yuuji to get him off of her clone, wrapping her hands around the Chief's neck and tightening her grip as much as she can. Yuuji throws her off by crashing his head right into Youmu's nose and, in with another crazed roar, grabs Myon by the left ankle and outright throws the clone at Youmu, forcing them to connect and sending them tumbling for a short distance before Youmu recovers with Myon back in hitodama form in midair.

Yuuji: It's time to f*cking end this…

But as the young man utters this, he falters, weakening from the exhaustion and the steady loss of blood from his open knife wound. He stumbles to the ground again, supporting himself with his left arm and gripping his wound with his right as he looks up to see straight into Youmu's eyes as she charges towards him, katana drawn and poised at his head. When the Chief struggles to put his arms up to physically block the sword, Youmu smirks.

Youmu: [200 YOJANA IN A FLASH].

Instantly, a flurry of crystal white vectors curve all around the swordswoman's target as the swordswoman herself seemingly teleports behind her victim about twenty-five meters away. A second later, the damage registers – two hundred slashes erupt in a torrent of blood from Yuuji's body. The unmoving body crumples in a bloodied, gruesome heap. Youmu digs her sword into the soft earth and sighs.

Youmu: He was a tough opponent. It is a shame that I was compelled to eliminate him.

She turns around, looking over the lifeless corpse behind her.

Instead, she stares into a blur of black and white.

Youmu: W-

Sawatari Yuuji runs Konpaku Youmu through with her own katana and wakizashi, piercing kidney and lung.

The grass stops blowing in the late morning zephyr – all is silent.

Youmu: Y…y…you…how…

The volcano bubbles forth as the voice of the ghostly gardener imitates her ghostly half, barely above a whisper by now. The lava drips down, hot and boiling, onto the Chief's shoulder.
Yuuji: Genjutsu. Ocular genjutsu.

Youmu: Wha…what…!

The eyes of Yuuji have lost their normal characteristic blackish-dark-brownish hue. Instead, two eerily and cloudy white circles have replaced the black pupils, and inside these white circes, two crescents – the right eye crescent open to the right, the left eye crescent open to the left – glow lowly, manifesting in their own enigma.

Yuuji: I cast an illusion on you the instant you looked directly into my eyes. At such a short range, you can't escape it.

Youmu: G…guhh…you…h…h…how…are…you…c…c…c….capa…ble…

Her strength leaves her, and Myon shimmers away softly into the sunlight muddled by the overcast day. Youmu begins to slump onto Yuuji's right shoulder, her eyes fighting to stay open but her eyelids weighing more than her efforts. Her delicate, soft skin now pressing against Yuuji's shoulder somehow gets even paler than is humanly possible as her lifeblood escapes her wounds. Before she whites out, Yuuji whispers.

Yuuji: You should have asked Yukari-san that.

The Chief sets her down extremely gingerly onto the patch of tall grass on which he had stabbed his opponent, tilting her body to the side so that the blades would not sink even deeper into her body.

Yuuji: Ran-san, where are you? I'm pretty beat here.

Ran: I am here.

Ran blazes into existence next to Yuuji as his call.

Yuuji: How…huff…how is the battle going?

Ran: We are slowly pushing them back, but we will win this battle as well. Oh my goodness, did you kill Konpaku-san?

Yuuji: No…she's still alive. She's a half-ghost, remember? She's not going to die that easily. But we need to treat her immediately if we want her as one of ours.

Ran: Understood. I will take her back to the nearest base for treatment. These are her own swords that you defeated her with, correct?

Yuuji: Yeah. I was out of options – I just took the nearest weapons I saw. Go now – I will follow later.

Ran: Understood. But what about you, Sawatari-san? What will you do until then?

Yuuji: Assist Reimu-san and Marisa-san over there. But it looks like they're just about done as well, seeing that the PCB troops are retreating.

Ran: Very well. Until we meet again.

Ran erupts in a sudden burst of bright red flame, and she disappears with the fallen Youmu and flame.

Yuuji: How are they doing…?

He stares into the bullet battle that the three combatants are engaged in, but the showers of bullets slowly subside as what appears to be Yakumo Yukari slips away into oblivion via one of her gaps. Yuuji taps his left temple.

Yuuji: Are you done there, Reimu-san, Marisa-san?

Reimu: Hahh…hah…yes, we are done. We've managed to chase her off for now.

Marisa: Man…what a fight…

Yuuji: All Hakurei forces…the PCB blitz has been successfully repelled. Good work, everyone.

Reimu and Marisa fly over to Yuuji.

Marisa: Dang, Chief, you got beat pretty good.

Yuuji: Yeah…Youmu was quite the fighter. But now that I think about it, why did Yukari-san just back off like that?

Reimu: No clue. Her forces were retreating, so I can only guess that she decided to fall back with the rest of them.

Yuuji: …for some reason, I don't buy that. I just can't.

Reimu: Then what else could she have done?

Yuuji: I don't know…but hey, Reimu-san, where's your security clearance shikigami?

Reimu: It's right here- wait, where is it…?

Reimu searches her clothes for her token.

Reimu: Huh…? Why…why isn't it here?

Marisa: Uh…Reimu, could it be…that the youkai 'a borders might've taken it?

Reimu: Preposterous, how could she have-

Marisa: No, Reimu, I'm serious. Remember that she can make 'em gaps whenever she wants ta? Well, what if she…sneaked off with yer talisman?

The trio are deadly quiet as the danger takes its time to soak into their consciences.

Yuuji: Oh f*cking hell, Marisa-san might just be right. If Yukari-san has a hold of Reimu-san's clearance talisman-

Reimu: -then she knows where Yuyuko is.

Another moment of ear-cracking silence. Then, the three kick off the ground and bolt as fast as they can to the main Hakurei base.

Yuuji: YUYUKO-SAN!!!!!!!

The three Hakurei commanders reach the main Hakurei base, and Yuuji, taking the vanguard, throws open the sliding wooden bamboo door to the room where Saigyouji Yuyuko is being kept. Only, the unconscious, tall, beautifully pink-haired lady is not lying in the futon.

Yukari: So you figured out where I was headed, now? How amusing.

The Youkai of Borders, standing in the silhouette of a massive, warped gap that twists and distorts disgustingly, is carrying the Ghostly Princess of the Netherworld in her arms.

Reimu: D*mn it, Yukari! You can't do this! You can't revive Saigyouji Yuyuko, no matter how much you want to!

Yukari: Oh do not worry, Reimu. It will all be over before you know it…


Yukari: I do. I do see it coming. But unfortunately for you, that is not a problem that I must deal with. I will leave that to you. Ja-ne~

Yukari backsteps into her gap, and the mouth of the gap snaps down shut, erasing itself from the commanders' sight.


Marisa: Reimu, stop! She's gone already! Nothin' we can do now!

Reimu: Grrr…! That b*tch…!

Yuuji: Hold on. There's still something.

The Chief walks over to where the gap once was. He stoops down and picks up a rusty, antique key.

Yuuji: I'm pretty sure this wasn't here before. Which means-

Reimu: -Yukari intentionally left it here.

Yuuji: It's more than likely meant for me. She knows we'll be chasing after her, and I've got a boatload of questions that I need to ask her, either with tea or with fists. Either way, we're going after her. What do you say?

Reimu: Definitely.

Marisa: You got it, Chief.

Knock, knock.

Yuuji: Youmu-san? May I come in?


Yuuji: Guess she's still out. I'll check on her.

He opens the door and allows himself inside.

Ran: Sshh, Sawatari-san. She is having trouble sleeping.

Yuuji: Crap, sorry about that. I'll be quiet.

The Chief barely nudges the door of Youmu's imprisonment room shut and tiptoes over next to Youmu's futon. Sitting down cross-legged, Yuuji scans his patient's status.

Yuuji: It was a pain getting her swords out of her…but at least she's doing okay now.

Ran: Indeed. You pierced her lung and her kidney; any other ordinary human would have easily died immediately. Luckily it was not you who had to suffer such wounds…

Yuuji: You're right on that…

Ran: But I am still confused. You could have let the medics heal my former comrade; why did you treat her yourself?

Yuuji: Responsibility. That's why.

Ran: That…that is quite the responsibility…

Yuuji: Call it whatever; I'll call it duty. Hm?

The hitodama that has been resting on Youmu's less-than-abundant chest sleepily rises, as if from its own slumber.

Yuuji: …this ghost thing is what Youmu-san likes to call Myon, right? Myon, Myon!

The hitodama turns to face the caller, although having no countenance itself to speak of. It drifts lazily over to him, seemingly puzzled. Yuuji reaches out slowly, takes it in his arms, and hugs it.
Yuuji: Mmm…it's more or less a giant portable floating pillow. A cool one, at that. This could be perfect for summer.

The hitodama Myon, rather confused at what is going on, struggles to fly free, but Yuuji retains his firm armlock.

Yuuji: Calm down, Myon. I'm not going to hurt you or Youmu-san. There, there.

The young man rubs the top of Myon's cool, silky head. The ghostly whisp ceases its frantic flailing, and two pink blotches in the shape of solid ovals plaster themselves onto where Myon's cheeks would be.

Ran: Myon seems to like it, Sawatari-san.

Yuuji: Does it? Yay.

Youmu: Nnnnghh…

Yuuji: Hmm? Oh, she's stirring…

The ghostly pale eyes of Konpaku Youmu, Ghostly Gardener of Hakugyokuro, open unsteadily.

Youmu: M…Myon…w…where…eh?

She tilts her head sideways in the futon, straight at Yuuji's face. Yuuji stares back with a derpy look on his own face while still petting a content Myon.

Youmu: EEEEEEEHHHHHHHH?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Yuuji: …what?


Youmu suddenly jumps out of her futon but stumbles in sudden pain, grasping her abdomen and falling towards Yuuji, who lets go of Myon to catch Youmu.

Yuuji: Whoa, whoa there. Careful, now.

He helps Youmu back into the futon again.

Youmu: Unnhh…where am I, Sawatari-san?

Yuuji: You are in the containment room of one of the Hakurei military bases that we established to aid our war front here with the PCB.

Youmu: Oh…I…I see. But-

Youmu looks down at her body, realizing the sudden chill without her futon's blanket. She is wearing nothing but a sarashi tied around her chest and bandages covering the entirety of her abdomen and lower legs.

Youmu: EEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuuji: What's to fret over? It's not like you've been completely stripped butt-naked- BUH!

Youmu socks in him the face and cowers near Ran, wrapping the blanket around herself.

Youmu: Ran-san, I do not know what you are doing here, but this man is dangerous!

Ran: Eh…ehehe…funny thing is, he was the one who tended to your injuries.

Youmu: E-eh? Even though-

A flashback of her final memories before she whited out.

Youmu: -even though he defeated me…with my own blades?

Yuuji: Ow…dang, you still punch hard for someone who just got stabbed twice just a few hours ago…well, that aside, now that you're awake, I've got one simple question for you. Will you join us?

Youmu: …join you? But why should I do such a thing?

Yuuji: Perfect Cherry Blossom is dead; if it's not, we are going to defeat it in the coming week. Also, we need your help in recovering Saigyouji Yuyuko-san, who we presume is your master. But this is your choice.

Youmu: And what if I refuse?

Yuuji: Well then, you get to sit here and rot away until this war is over. But by then, there's no guarantee that we'll let you out alive, is there now?

Yuuji grins a devil's grin.

Yuuji: Besides, you have Ran-san here. She's a former comrade, was she not? If anyone, she'll be the one you should turn to for anything.

Youmu: …then I shall accept. Finding and reuniting with my master is of utmost importance, and because it seems the time of Yuyuko-sama's resurrection is drawing near, I will follow in your footsteps – at least, until I see my master once again.

And thus, Youmu joins the Hakurei army.

This took me a long time to write - fingers are still hurting from typing.

KONPAKU YOUMU: 3, 7, 7, 7, 9, 8, 2, 8, 4
Starting Troops: 450/450
Starting Level: 120/800
Job: Samurai


OS1: WARRIOR STRIKE: Youmu's unique attack. Inflicts 10% SPD reduction. 1 ACT

OS2: PHANTOM STRIKE: Youmu unleashes her phantom half to attack 2 enemy units at once. 2 ACT

OS3: 200 YOJANA IN A FLASH: Youmu unsheathes both swords and her phantom to attack with her fastest spellcard. 2x ATK to all enemy units, 3x counterattack damage from strongest enemy unit. All ACT, no prep, AOE, -25% speed reduction to all enemy units

PS1: THE GHOSTLY GARDENER: battle performance buffed in Field/Sunny conditions by 10% but halves in any other weather condition. In nighttime battles, all battle stats increased by 75%

PS2: AUTO-HEAL 1: 30 troop heal per turn. Also, 1 gold replenishment cost.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Be careful when prying through the memory lanes of human beings.

You never know what you might find.

Or unleash.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu


True to Sawatari Yuuji's words, before the week is out, Hakurei has successfully assimilated Perfect Cherry Blossom into its territories. Only the enigmatic, mysterious, and elusive Garden of Borders remains untouched.

But not for long.

Yuuji: Alright, so here's what's gonna happen: Ran-san has discovered the locations of the two seals using the key we acquired from the night that Yukari-san took Yuyuko-san. I'm sending their coordinates to the two search teams. Remilia-san, do you copy?

Remilia: Yes, I have the coordinates. Flan, Sakuya, and I are en route.

Yuuji: Good. Youmu-san, you do know you don't have to push yourself, right?

Youmu: My past injuries are no matter. What matters is that I am now working for the Hakurei family – thus, I must give it my fullest effort. I am currently leading Chen-san and the Prismriver sisters to the designated coordinates.

Ten minutes later, the teams are ready and in position.

Yuuji: Okay, girls. On the count of three…One, Two, THREE!

At each of the seals protecting the Garden of Borders, Remilia and Youmu each rip off a camouflaged paper talisman off the ground. At the border of Prismriver and the external gate that seals the border to the outside world, Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Sawatari Yuuji, and Yakumo Ran behold a massive, thundering, crackling gap that roars and stirs up a windstorm in the grass plains that lies beneath it and holds up the four commanders about to brace the abyss within.

Ran: There it is! Are you all ready to face my master?

Yuuji: Can't wait. Let's do this.

The four jump into the portal, and the gaping mouth snaps shut after them. The commanders who have come to see them off stand a little ways away, awestruck.

Patchouli: Good luck, everyone.

Alice: Indeed…they will all be needing it.

Meiling: Oh don't worry, they'll make it out for sure! Don't be so negative!

Alice: Hm…hope that is the case.

The exit portal spits out the commanders hitching a ride immediately out onto the same plains that they took off from just a second earlier. But it is as if someone took a giant paintbrush dipped in caustic black oil and slapped it all over the scenery – instead of green grass, blue sky, white clouds, and properly colored flowers, everything is black and white and purple – the same feeling arises here as the feeling one would get staring into outer space.

Yuuji: So this is the infamous Garden of Borders, is it.

Yukari: Welcome, everyone, to my garden of mysteries. I hope you enjoy your stay here…for you may never come out.

The Queen of the Garden of Borders, Yakumo Yukari, straddles on her usual throne of gaps high above the intruders, covering the lower half of her maliciously twisted face with a paper fan ornately decorated with paintings of sakura trees.

Reimu: Yukari. It is time to finish what we started.

Yukari: Oh yes indeed. I do so believe that now would be a good time, for I am a busy lady, have you forgotten?

Marisa: Busy wit sleepin', dat's fer sure, ya hag!

Yukari: The Magicannon of the Kirisame clan should pipe down somewhat, lest she disrespect her elders. Go and play with your broomsticks a little more, then come back to me in about five years when you are more developed.


Yuuji: Just shut up, Marisa-san.

Yukari: But Ran, are you sure you want to help them? Not that I mind, it would not make much of a difference anyway.

Ran: Yes, I am resolute. I am indebted to them for finding Chen. I apologize, Yukari-sama.

Yukari: Be it as it may. But enough talk, eh? I know all of you – well, except my own shikigami – are rather eager to beat me down. So I will indulge you all. Enjoy the tea and cake~

Yukari snaps her fingers again, and the same battery of gaps emerges out of the air above Yukari.


Yuuji: This spellcard again? Hell, we watchin' a stuck film reel or something?

Marisa: Wutsa film reel?

Yuuji: Never mind…dunno what that is either-

Reimu: Oi, you pinheads! Wake up, we have danmaku incoming!

The four Hakurei commanders scatter, splitting in four different directions. The gaps focus on their targets, dividing their bullet fire.

Ran: Be advised, this spellcard's weak point is is the link is the green bullet! The green bullets' sources are weak; hitting those areas with your own spellcards or any physical attack will negate this spellcard!

Marisa: Oh hey, den dat's easy! Yuuji, cover me!

Yuuji: On it, get your attack ready!

Marisa hops off her broom, slides to a stop on the dewy black grass, and draws her Mini-Hakkero. Yuuji sprints to a stop in front of her and summons a lance, topped with a shining double-bladed iron fatality. An incoming barrage of green, orange, and purple pellets swoosh in from all directions.

Reimu: What the hell are you guys doing just standing there! They're homing bullets! Move! MOVE!

Yuuji: Don't worry, Reimu-san. We got this.

Yuuji closes his eyes, tightening his grip on his weapon as tightly as he can…focusing. Focusing until…the world…

…stops. For a moment shorter than the short sigh of the songbird, everything is in perfect solidity.

He then opens his eyes, and the moons come out again, shining, burning, glowing gently but alarmingly.


He relinquishes his lance of bullet-death. Sixty-four arcs, shimmering silver nearly-complete rings of metallic furor slice all the bullets away from existence in a fifteen-meter sphere whose origin is Kirisame Marisa – all in a blink of an eye. Grinning smugly, the Chief yanks his blade out of the earth into which it was buried with the last cut as Kirisame Marisa throws her Mini-Hakkero up six feet into the air, where it hangs and aims itself at the gaps above.

Marisa: Thanks for the assist, Chief! [MAGIC SIGN]: REVERSE STARDUST REVERIE!

Instantly, the ground trembles violently underneath the feet of the Love-Colored Magician and the Chief of Staff as a huge blue summoning circle decorated with the inscriptions of twelve decagonal stars rotating rapidly in the interior of the circle crashes into existence. Upon Marisa's sinking of her right foot into the ground as hard as she can, the sky-blue rune that illuminates nearly the entirety of the blackened, deadened garden fires multitides of stars colored all the hues of the rainbow and of all varying sizes skyward, creating a meteor shower of falling stars going the wrong way.

Yukari: Oh dear…

Yukari simply opens up another gap underneath her to avoid being struck by the incoming star-shaped bullets. But the spellcard has not yet elapsed more than a fourth of a minute when the gaps suddenly shriek and scream, writhing and convulsing themselves into nonexistence and exploding finally into a myriad of countless orbs of red ribbons that return back to the Youkai of Borders.

Yukari: Wow, that was quite impressive, managing to defeat my first spellcard in such a fashion. I may have to talk to your family, Kirisame Marisa.

Marisa: Dun botha. Dey're all dead.

Yukari: Oh…I am…sorry about that…

Marisa: I dun need yer f*ckin' pity, ya hag. Bad enough ya had ta mention 'em in da first place – ya can apologize ta me by lettin' me elbow yer pretty f*ckin' face in a few times.
Yukari: Enough chitter. Entertain me a while, oh children!

Suddenly, dozens of gaps, this time only big enough to cover the size of a single tatami mat each, spin and swirl quickly into position, forming a dome of gaps with bulging, twitching red slits-for-eyes pitter-patter all over the blackened, sickeningly dank sky.

Yuuji: Oh sh*t, are you serious, as if we haven't had enough bullets to swallow already?


Ran: Oh no, everyone, DUCK!

At Ran's shrill words over the shikigami radio, everyone hits the deck. A tenth of a second later, beautiful but fragrantly lethal lines of blood and deep ocean water cut apart the chilly air of the Garden of Borders, slicing through the air with the distinct sounds of katanas exposed to the air from their sheathen homes. They hang in the air, eerie, humming lasers of grinding, incinerating death as the cherry of a serene, graceful web of a spider, waiting for its prey to make a single mistake.

Reimu: Oh God, it's this spellcard!

Marisa: No seriously, what the hell is this? !

Ran: Do not touch these lasers! If you do, your body will be subjected to a massive wave of psychological pain, as if your body is being torn in half by these very lasers!

Yuuji: Yeah, like we'd lack the common sense to go anywhere near these Godd*mn things to begin with.

Reimu: Move your butts, people, it's time to move! NOW!

Giggling, the Mastermind behind spiriting away raises both arms and pumps them downward, clenching her fists with a most sinister smile. The blue and red lasers disappear instantly, then swiftly reconfigure themselves in a different pattern as the four commanders at ground zero scramble to dodge the second wave of incoming solidified bullets.

Yuuji: Ran-san! What's the thing to break this spellcard this time! ?

Ran: The red lasers! You must cut them!

Yuuji: What, we're suddenly bomb disposal experts now…? Wait, what the hell am I doing mumbling random crap to myself for? In any case, cutting, eh? That's easy-!

As the third volley of lasers zoom into the fray, the Chief launches himself high into the air, kicking off the blackened grass as hard as he can. All of a sudden, the gaps containing the red eyes aim at him high in the air.

Yuuji: I'm not sure why this worked – I was planning to slice down on the lasers to cut them all regardless, but this works.

The red cannons of eternal death activate. The Chief, as soon as he feels the first instant of the tingling of death, rotates his body just once, his lance swinging just once – and all the red beams whip apart, emitting the same sound as the sound of a limb being torn from a screaming human. The strings of the red lasers dangle around, hanging out of their original gaps helplessly, flailing, screeching inaudibly before dissipating and evaporating, assimilating themselves into the dark, starry sky. The rest of the gaps follow suit. Still hanging in the air, Sawatari Yuuji snaps his lance to his back and crosses his arms in front of him, eight orbs of flaring white energy swirling into being behind him in response.

Yuuji: [80 ARROWS OF LIGHT]!

Thrusting his right arm forward with a mighty roar, Yuuji lets loose his counterattacking barrage of solid light vectors, eight great arrows splitting into ten each halfway in their flight to collide into Yukari. Yukari does not budge as she disappears in a white cloudstorm thrown up by the impacts of Yuuji's attacks.

Yuuji: …what is that surrounding you? A shield of sorts?

Yukari emerges from the white pile of fog-like clouds, unscathed and still wearing the same naughty façade.

Yukari: Do you not have your own? It is the magician's shield – for magicians are poor melee fighters, it is standard practice for magicians and diviners to develop a physical barrier that is maintained around our bodies to defend against physical attacks, but there is no reason why it should not deflect magic attacks as well, correct?

Yuuji: A shield, you say…? Well, then. If it's a shield, and knowing that all shields are bound to break one day, I think I know what to do now. Reimu-san, Marisa-san. Attack Yukari directly, I will distract her as you are preparing.

Reimu: Got it.

Marisa: On it!

Ran: No, Sawatari-san, it's dangerous fighting her at close range, you never know what her gaps may do!

Yuuji: Does it look like I care? What must be done –

He draws his lance from his back, the blade slicing apart the stillness of the cold damp air menacingly.

Yuuji: - needs to be done. HAAAAAAH!

Yuuji begins to sprint as fast as he can towards Yukari, gathering as much energy as he can into his legs and feet, the magenta boardwalk on which he runs struggling to keep up.

Yukari: They say that only the most foolish are the most audacious. Fitting.

Yuuji explodes off his feet roughly twenty-five meters away from his target and slides into view ten meters behind her – as a loud CLANG! bursts from the long horizontal white strike of the lance against Yukari's personal shield.

Yukari: Is that all?

Yuuji: You think? [SHARFE].

Turning, the Chief bombards Yukari with a shower of blades from his lance, seventy-six strikes in four seconds. With each blow from his weapon, Yuuji can see Yukari's shield glow in response, a perfect bubble of plasma-like essence protecting its master, but he can also see with each strike the same essence rubbing off on the other side, causing the shield to shrink bit by bit.

Yukari: Ho-ho, so you noticed it? Do no fret, however, this shield of mine could last indefinitely if I so chose. But that would be no fun, would it now? Allow me to tell you something-
A human-sized gap wraps around Yuuji before he can react.

Yuuji: What the f-

It snaps shut around him and swirls into nothingness. Half a second later, another gap of the same size snaps open, spitting out the Chief still gripping his lance directly in front of Yukari.

Yukari: -I know a thing or two about melee fighting, you know~

Yukari sinks her right fist directly into Yuuji's stomach, elbow into the back of his head, flipping him keeling over and over, and once he has spun twice, Yukari knees him in the back, right on his lower spine, and draws her parasol.

Yukari: I saw the little human children doing this at the nearby human village. Something they called "yakyuu", but it looked fun. And I get to try it on you~

Drawing the parasol back over her left shoulder, Yukari lets her makeshift bat fly. The crushing blunt blow across the upper back of Yuuji sends him soaring at a 33 degree angle, traveling at a rate that would mean he was about to cover a total length of eight football fields. Yukari grabs the lance that he dropped.

Yukari: I do not think I have a use for this, to be honest. So I guess I will just have to return to sender~

And with that, the Youkai of Borders hurls the lance-turned-javelin directly at her human baseball. Yukari puts her right hand over her eyebrows, peering and observing as the projectile scores a hit through Yuuji's right hip and accelerates him threefold into the ground amidst a brownish cloud of debris tossed up in the resulting home run.

Yukari: Mmm, I meant to aim for the lung…my aim is off these days. Hm?

Reimu and Marisa are at both sides of Yukari – Reimu pointing a single talisman with her index and middle fingers, Marisa pointing her Mini-Hakkero, vibrating and pulsing sun-yellow.

Marisa: Gotcha.

Yukari: Oh dea-



The resulting detonation throws the entire airspace into disarray as black smoke is flung all around the epicenter of the blast, the sheer shockwave of the blast blowing over the blackened grassy plains. Ran shields herself with her arms as she is trying to pull the lance from the Chief.

Ran: Are they alright?

Yuuji: No…no idea. Gah!

The Chief winces as he closes the wound with his left hand, flaming a gentle green as the lance stab closes itself roughly but surely. Getting up, he looks skyward to check on their status.

Yuuji: Reimu-san, Marisa-san, you girls get her?

Only a wave of static greets Yuuji's words.

Yuuji: Reimu-san, Marisa-san, come in, d*mn it! Did their communications talismans get busted in that explosion or something?

Ran: Oh no, look!

Yuuji looks again, following Ran's finger. As the smoke clears, they can see, in plain sight, the Queen of the Garden of Borders with their two comrades in her chokeholds, unmoving. A seemingly brittle sphere, cracked like the dry earth and emitting contortions of weak static, finally shatter into nothingness.

Yukari: Oh my…I believed for a second there that I may have actually been scratched just a bit. They came so close, too, what a pity…

Without waiting, the Chief takes off towards Yukari once more.

Ran: No, wait, Sawatari-san- oh, too late…

Yukari: Oh, so you want your girls back? You can have them back, I suppose. Hup!

The youkai chucks her packages at the incoming human. They collide in midair, sending Yuuji with his arms around his comrades back to the ground once again.

Yuuji: Ran-san, please look after these two. They're out of it.

He stands from the ground, groaning. Struggling to keep on his feet, his left hand over his damaged right shoulder, and leaning forward in exhaustion, Yuuji watches amidst his heavy panting as the Youkai of Borders descends from the sky, appearing as a goddess.

Yukari: I have played enough with you trinkets. I have my own busy agenda too, you know?

Yuuji: Yeah…well…sorry to say, but I do think mine's more important. And that's beating your ass.

Yuuji charges straight at Yukari, staring hard into her eyes.

Yukari: Heh…

Yuuji puts his energy into his feet again and pushes off. Suddenly, multitudes of Sawatari Yuuji clones erupt from his original body as he disappears, the clones jumping in from all directions to pounce on the enemy. The real Yuuji dashes to Yukari's left, expecting to have a wide open attack opportunity.

Yukari: What a weak genjutsu.

Yukari swivels on her left heel, drawing her fan, opening it, and smashing it dully against Yuuji's face. Keeling over four times, Yukari gaps herself on top of him and drives it home with the bottom of her right foot.

Yukari: How pathetic. You insult me by using that level of genjutsu? In fact, it is not even worthy of being called genjutsu at all! It was merely your movement speed being reinforced by hallucinations! Hear this, human, and hear this well!

All the while, the youkai has been steadily applying more and more and more and more and more pressure on her foot, sinking the paper fan that turns out to be made of darkened brass into Yuuji's back deeper and deeper amidst growls of pain.

Yukari: I am Yakumo Yukari, Queen of the Gaps, mentor of this world itself! I have predated almost everything that lives and breathes and walks this earth! And you-
The Queen of the Gaps kicks the fan up into the air and snatches it, stowing it away in the folds of her dress, gaps her victim through the ground on which he lies and drops him in front of her, where she grabs him by the neck again.

Yukari: -you have so much to learn, and, unfortunately for you, no more time to learn. Audacity can only take you so far. Kindly join the fading sakura petals to the Netherworld, Sawatari Yuuji.

Yuuji's eyes, staring, with the same intensity as ever, widens, horrified, shaking as they see massive, scaly, demonic black arms with the same twitchy red snake-like eyes peppering them like a disease emerge out of gaps behind Yukari's back. The gaps screech and roar, the claws flexing and convulsing revoltingly with red snake-like eyes on the palms of the hands housing the claws.

Yukari: Oh, and tell Yuyuko that I am expecting her soon. Bye-bye~

The claws crash down on this head, and Yuuji's eyes roll back into his skull immediately. His mouth opens, and gurgles and choking noises bubble out, until-

Yuuji: AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA A AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Reimu: Unnnhh…who…who is screaming…?

Ran: Oh my God, Yukari-sama, what- what did you do to him! ?

Yukari: Um…I…I am not too sure myself…what is going on with this young man? !

Reimu gets up, leaning on her arms dazedly. She looks at Ran, and, taken back a little by her terrified countenance, she turns to what Ran is looking at.

Reimu: W…what the…? Is that…is that Sawatari-san?

Reimu, her brain slowly registering what she sees, breaks her stupor.


Yukari: Ugh, I have just stated that I do not know! This is not what I intended to do!

A black that is somehow darker than black cloud is wrapped around Yuuji's body, consuming him, melting him. The sound of hydrochloric acid being dumped into a bin full of organic waste hisses through the air shrilly, the raw sound of agony, the tear-jerking burn of torture. The body of the Chief is frantically waving its arms around the cloud, attempting to wave it away but not realizing its futile efforts to escape this black toxicity of bone-dissolving suffering is all for naught as it burns, burns, burns, burns.

Reimu: Then how do we stop this! ?

Yukari: It…it is best to find out when that cloud subsides-


But Reimu is interrupted by a scream that is unlike any other she has heard before.

The scream of a man with no past, no life, no hope, no future, no identity.

The scream of a man who has lost everything, gained nothing but a one-way ticket to hell.

The scream of a man who is seeing, hearing, doing, feeling things no sane living being should ever see, hear, do, or feel.

And as the slowly blackening, charred body of Sawatari Yuuji slows down, beginning to droop to the ground at slower than a snail's pace-

Yuuji: OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD WHY WHY ARE YOU SHOWING ME THESE THINGS NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO MAKE IT STOP OH GOD NO NO FUCK ME WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT IS ALL THIS OH GOD MAKE IT STOP NO DONT DIE NO NO PLEASE NO PLEASE NO FUCKING GO AWAY GET OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING BASTARD STOP FOLLOWNG ME STOP HURTING ME STOP HURTING ME STOP HURTING ME STOP HURTING ME STOP IT FUCKING DAMN IT NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE DONT DO THAT NO I DONT WANT THIS GOD WHY WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME AHHHHH AAAAAAHHHH AAAAAHHH AAAAHHHH KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME OH GOD PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON ME SO FUCKING KILL ME SO I DONT HAVE TO SEE THIS SHIT AGAIN OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD NO DONT LEAVE ME DONT GO NO NO NO NO STAY STAY STAY DONT HURT ME STOP FUCKING HURTING ME WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY MAKE IT FUCKING STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP IT BURNS BURNS BURNS BURNS ALL OVER EVERYWHERE EVERYWHERE IT HURTS BURNS STINGS WHERE IS WATER I NEED WATER I NEED NO WANT NO FUCKING NEED TO BE SAVED SOMEONE HELP ME SOMEONE SAVE ME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO WHY AM I HERE WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT HAVE I DONE WHAT HAVE I DONE WHY IS EVERYONE DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD FUCK DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAV AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA DIE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

The cry of fear is no more. The body, the blackness slowly draining away, is crumpled on the ground, the blackened grass ground, face-down, as if desiring the coolness that would have alleviated the acidic hell it had just be subject to only a few seconds before. The air is completely still, trembling, beating only in synchronization with the hearts that beat to witness the scene of a man facing the true face of death.

Reimu: …no…no…no…Sawatari…san…?

The Queen of Hakurei slowly inches her way to her fallen comrade's body.

Reimu: No…it can't…be…

Yukari: …

Ran: …

The faces of these women display the same countenance – a look that shows only downright fear. The definition of terror is written, pressed, and published onto their facades.

But before Reimu can take another step, the entire Garden of Borders shakes just once – with the amplification of a single




The body of Sawatari Yuuji lifts itself up.




Until it gets to its feet. It raises it right hand to its forehead, its head shaking softly, as if to wave off a wave of nausea.

Reimu: …Sawatari…san…? Is…is that you…? No…no…no, that…that's not you…who…who are you…? Who are you? WHO ARE YOU, ANSWER ME!

But it ignores the young woman's demands. Instead-

Sawatari Yuuji: Hey.

The body of Sawatari Yuuji reveals its face. Two full moons subtly shine brighter than the stars above, illuminating only the murder in its face.

Sawatari Yuuji: 'sup.

Yukari: E-eh-

Yuuji exists in front of the Youkai of Borders and makes a fist.

Sawatari Yuuji: Shi-ne.

The resulting punch catapults Yukari half a mile across the blackened plains as Reimu, who has been standing near Yukari, is still looking the wrong way, dumbfounded, unable to comprehend nor register the speed at which that attack took place. As soon as Reimu turns to see where the two have gone, she merely sees Yukari's body flying past her, a blur in the distance a half mile away standing in the starry backdrop. Somewhere near Reimu, she hears a loud smack of flesh against flesh. Whipping around again, Reimu finally sees the Chief standing with his back to her and Yukari's shocked face dangling over his right shoulder. A hand knocks her up the chin and whaps her sideways, throwing Yukari like a bowling ball to the right of Yuuji. Reimu beholds her former teacher, coughing blood down her otherwise beautifully embroidered dress, gap herself into oblivion, and the garden world is once more calm.

Reimu: …did…did you defeat her…Sawa…tari-san…?

The boy named Sawatari Yuuji turns to her.

Sawatari Yuuji: She is starting. We must hurry. Ran, get Youmu. The Counterpart must not achieve her objective.

Reimu: Wha- what are you talking about…?

Sawatari Yuuji: We will talk later. Defeating Saigyouji Yuyuko and Yakumo Yukari are our objectives. Now move. I still have a score to settle for that bitch giving me my life back. She will pay for that.

He walks over to Ran, who instinctively backs away from him in unknowing fear. He smacks Marisa across the face.

Sawatari Yuuji: Get up. I am awake now, and so should you.

No notes are necessary.

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu


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Re: Lacrimaeque Laetitia Cantus: Exposition (NSFW for Uncensored Profanity)
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Almost done with the PCB chapter, hang tight.

Enjoy the read,

-Akyuu no Joshu

It's Been Nice Knowing You, Princess. Welcome Home.

In the solitude of the Forest of the Sakuras, yet untouched by the Hakurei menace, a certain weakened youkai of borders touches down on the lofty sand. Standing before her stands yet still the great sakura tree, forever glowing and burning ever softly in its pinkish aura of sakura petals, the only beacon of hope this youkai could ever wish to cling to in her moments of need.

Yukari: This ritual is almost complete. Just a little longer, and she will be free once more…! I must try to hasten this process before that Sawatari human finds me again…

For the next three minutes, Yukari holds out her arms and leans against the tree, pouring all her concentration in finishing the last bits of the ritual. And as soon as she breaks physical contact with the trunk, Yukari hears a few light patters on the sand behind her.

Yukari: So you have come and found me even here, so quickly…

She turns around to see Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Yakumo Ran, Remilia Scarlet, and Konpaku Youmu standing behind the mysteriously revived Sawatari Yuuji.

Yukari: If you have come to stop the ritual, you are far too late. This ritual is complete – even if you do manage to defeat me somehow, Saigyouji Yuyuko will live on.

Reimu: D*mn it, Yukari!

Remilia: Nonetheless, we must stop you. You will not escape with your deeds today, Yakumo Yukari!

A low rumbling channels through the isolated forest, trembling even the surface of the waters around the sakura tree island.

Yukari: There she comes…how I longed to witness this moment, this day!

The glorious resurrection warps into view amidst sakura petal storms and ejections of hitodama celebrating this rebirth the tall, kimono-wrapped human body of the former Ghostly Princess of the Netherworld, Saigyouji Yuyuko. She wears a blue kimono two sizes too big for her tall but brittle body, her silky peach skin like water, fluidly swimming, basking in the light of her own glorious resurrection, and a triangular headpiece with the portrait of a hitodama painted on it light red straddles her light blue hat straddling her head – the same kind of headwear Yukari also wears. Her closed eyes hide from the unworthy world two jewels more precious than any natural metal, dyed the same pink as colors her short but graciously flowing hair. And with all the Netherworldian features of her body all packaged together into the body known as Saigyouji Yuyuko, she levitates above, towering over them all as the multitudes and schools of hitodama shape themselves into white shining butterflies to cascade all around her.

Ran: Yuyuko-dono…

Yukari: …wait, what? Yuyuko, why are you hesitating?

Yuuji: All of you. Get back.

Everyone: Huh?

Then, the body of Saigyouji Yuyuko explodes.

Reimu: W-w-what? ! What's going on now? !

Yukari: No! NO! NO! YUYUKO! YUYUKOOO! ! !

Swirling like a tornado, a vortex of dark gray and white erupts around Yuyuko, its long arms of wind sucking in debris and throwing it in disarray around forest. Everyone backs away to a safer distance, except for Yukari and Yuuji. Yukari, noticing Yuuji still behind her, yells at him over the deafening howling of the windstorm.

Yukari: Why are you still standing here, human? ! This is my work!

Yuuji: No. It is mine.

Yukari: What?

Yuuji: She is after me.

Then, the magnificently traumatized eyes of Yuyuko slowly open, revealing their tainted jewels. The same pink pupils are trapped in a sea of black that glows darker than its captives. All that was pink a few moments before turn black and dark gray.

Yuyuko: Ah AH AHA HA A HAh HA HA HA haAha HA hAH A AH A! ! ! ! ! ! AT lAsT, I havE aChieVed imMORrTalITY! ! ! !

Her voice warped nearly beyond recognition, its usual gently calm and soothing tones nearly completely erased and gutted inside out, shrieks across the sakura trees that wave and shake in fear of what they have unleashed.

Yukari: No…no, what has gone wrong with her! ? This – this is no longer Saigyouji Yuyuko!

Yuuji: Do not be deceived by your stubbornness and your denials. This was the Saigyouji Yuyuko that you have never met.

Yuyuko: WeLL, theN, HoW aboUT it? ShaLL wE geT Rid of thEsE peStS? I thINK We SHALL.

A giant pair of butterfly wings flap out suddenly, brittle lines etching its existence like glass from Yuyuko's back. The wings, too, are blackened beyond death.

Yuyuko: It is TiME to Die, litTlE onEs! Enjoy YoUR onE waY TiCketS to the NetHerWorLD! ! ! AHahAhAHAhAHAhaAHAHAHA! ! ! !

Screaming hysterically and laughing uncontrollably, reveling in her own atmosphere of death and animosity, Yuyuko throws out her arms to her sides and throws her head back, her magnificently terrifying wings of death swinging. Then, the ground is beginning to be bombarded with massive ordinances of blackened, distorted rifts of air that crash and explode upon contact with any physical object they touch.

Yukari: Everyone, move! Any of these attacks will kill any you instantly!

Reimu: But what are they! ?

Youmu: They seem to be physical manifestations of death itself! Even grazing it is instan death!

Marisa: But we can't keep dodgin' ferever! Someone think of somethin' ta do to counter dis!

Reimu: Yeah, Yukari would know!

Yukari: I apologize, but this- I did not anticipate something like this to happen at all! It was not part of my calculations!


For the next ten minutes, the commanders on the ground dodge the insta-kill bullets from the turret of death above, returning fire with their own miscellaneous array of spellcards. But their own bullets merely bounce off a massive shield-like entity surrounding Yuyuko in an elliptical fashion.

Yuyuko: AH AH AHA ha ha haHA ha HA hA A hAHAHa HA Ha! SuCh FuTIlE eFForTs…iT pleaSuRES me So to WAtCh yoU fOOls sTruGGle so FuTiLy! I LoVE it! KeEp runNiNG, maGGots, wE Can DanCE unTil ETeRnity faLlS! But I ThinK wE shAlL staRt witH yOu tHere!

Suddenly, all the torrents of bullets of death redirect themselves, locking onto Hakurei Reimu, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise.

Reimu: Wait, why me! Gaaaahhh, I can't die here, I have a country to lead! ! !

She runs and flies to avoid the rapidly descending scythe of the pink-haired, kimono-donning Grim Reaper above.

Ran: Let us attack her as she is concentrating on Reimu-san! Go, everyone!

All the combatants at ground zero except for Sawatari Yuuji fire off their spellcards, and Remilia Scarlet zooms up to Yuyuko, claws extended and ripened for the kill, but she smashes right into the same barrier that deflects the spellcards that follow her.

Remilia: Rgggh! This barrier – it is too strong for any of us! What is this shield! ?

Yuuji: Useless…

A sudden gale pulses through the air currents now rotating and revolving around the Forest of the Sakuras, sakura petals, leaves, dirt, sand, water, and bullets traveling on this artificial air channel, knocking Hakurei Reimu down to the ground out of her flight path.

Yukari: No! NO! REIMU, GET UP!

Reimu: Nnhhhn…my head…

Dazed, Reimu tries to get away but only barely manages to tumble sideways as a fresh volley of death bores a hole into the ground where she has initially landed at a bad angle on her head, opening up a river of blood that now runs down the left side of her head and neck. All of the other commanders except Yukari are too far away to help her up.

Youmu: Reimu-san! No, she is about to get hit, I cannot reach her in time! !

Reimu: Hhhaaaa! Ugh, why, why isn't it working! ?

Reimu waves her gohei in front of her, expecting a few shield orbs to follow, but nothing happens. Unbeknownst to her, the blackening and sizzling hole caused by the volleys of deadly bullets from Yuyuko suck all the magic energy out of the air immediately around them, rendering her efforts useless. But it is far too late – a single shockwave is rapidly approaching inbound.

Reimu: C'mon- eh-eh? ! Yukari? ! No, NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? !

Yukari: Sorry, Reimu. Forgive me.

Yukari has gapped herself in the middle of the incoming bullet's trajectory and its target Reimu.

Reimu: NO, WAI-


Everyone watching the scene, minus the Grim Reaper of the Sakuras, cannot believe her eyes.

Marisa screams at the top of her lungs.

Marisa: CHIEEEEEEEF! ! ! ! ! ! !

The body of Sawatari Yuuji once again lies motionless on the low wooden bridge that traverses the length of the giant lake surrounding the island of the sakura trees. Yukari is tightly holding Reimu in her arms, Reimu's head in her bosom as they lie a few feet behind their savior. Upon Marisa's shrill holler, Yukari's eyes snap open, alarmed.

Yukari: W-what?

Then, she sees the body in front of her.

Yukari: …are…are you serious…but…but why…? Why did you do this…for us…?

Reimu: Oh…oh no…did he…?

Yukari: …yes. It…it seems he took it for us…

Reimu: …

No one can speak. Only silence envelopes the body of Sawatari Yuuji for a second or two.

Yuyuko: HEh. One DoWn…lET us cOnTinUE thE huNt, shalL we?

The hangwoman rivets from view from atop the great sakura tree from whence she came and rematerializes a few meters away from Yuuji's motionless body.

Yuyuko: YoU aRE nExT.

Yukari: …I do not think so!

Two gaps open their ravenous mouths one each side of Dark Yuyuko.

Yuyuko: Ha, UseLEsS.

Drawing two steel fans faster than the speed of sound, as if unsheathing two swords, Dark Yuyuko slices apart the gaps entirely clean in half, letting the still air wrap around the cold metal of the fans in each of her hands, decorated with the very sakura trees that stand behind her, shining with the gleam of death dripping out to the world. She flicks her wrists faster than a squirrel sprinting back home with an acorn in its mouth, burying the folded steel fans into the arms of a dumbfounded Yukari still struggling to comprehend how her gaps were so easily destroyed.

Reimu: No, Yukari! Yuyuko, stop, stop! She's your best friend, what are you doing? !

And Dark Yuyuko raises her right hand and holds it out to Yukari.

Yuyuko: I aM thE GodDesS of DeATh. WhoEvEr ThiS bESt FrienD is tHAt yOu spEaK oF, well noW, whAT a PitY.

And the bridge on which Reimu, Yuuji, Yukari, and Dark Yuyuko either stand or lie promptly implodes.





The four helpless bystanders scream at the explosion simultaneously and rush over.

But there is no need, and they soon realize it, stopping at the shore.

Youmu: No…im…impossible…

Marisa: No way…

Ran: …

Remilia: How…

In front of Dark Yuyuko, in front of the injured Youkai of Borders, in front of the still-dazed Queen of Hakurei, stands the battered, exhausted, bleeding body of Sawatari Yuuji.


But this time, he has in his right had in a backhand grip a pocket knife. On the blade, the kanji is clearly etched.


Yuuji: ...Kara no Kyoukai.

Suddenly, the world shatters. Amidst breaking glass panes and earthquake tremors equivalent to an 8.9 on the Richter scale, the world is doused in the darkest oil known to Gensokyou faster than it can be set on fire. The screeching of fingernails on chalkboard careen and crash around all eardrums that are unfortunate enough to perceive it as the world is scarred with eerie and unnatural lines, cracks, dots, and slits.

All this, in less than a quarter of a second. The world has not yet collapsed.

Yuyuko: …whAt wAS tHat…?

Reimu and Yukari stare into Yuuji's back, at a loss for words at what they have just witnessed.

And Yuuji takes a step forward. Dark Yuyuko backs up away from him, automatically.

Yuyuko: No…nO, YoU cOuLD noT haVe, THat is impOSSiBLe…

Jumping back, Dark Yuyuko hurls another bullet of death at him. What Yuuji does next astounds everyone watching.

He simply cuts through it. A simple, listless, effortless horizontal cut that erases it from existence. With the same effort as one would cutting cake.

Yuyuko: No! HOw! HoW Are You DoInG ThiS? ! AnSWeR ME! WhAT FiEnD aRE yOU! ?

More death-inducing shockwaves rain down, but Yuuji cuts through them all again, the whispy residue of death melting away into the atmosphere.

Yuyuko: No…no…NO…NO…NOOOO! ! ! ! ! GeT AWay FroM mE! !

Sawatari Yuuji raises his head. His eyes, once full moons, are now-

Dark Yuyuko: …lUnar EcLipses…?

The only images seen in the eyes of Sawatari Yuuji are two rings of white…shining dimly. He stops walking once he reaches the edge of the lakeshore on the bridge.

Yuuji: So…you say that you are the goddess of death…well. I have bad news for you.

He whips his left hand forward in a chokehold grip. Somehow, some way, Dark Yuyuko is forced up into the air, her neck visibly being gripped by an invisible force of sorts that immediately begin to press hand marks into her neck. Only Yuyuko can see what is holding her – a long, slender, translucent plasma-hued arm that extends from Yuuji's left arm.

Yuuji: I do not see that in you. You are no goddess of death…you are merely a human who happens to be able to control death…

Yanking his arm back, Yuuji pulls his enemy towards him. As his target draws nearer, his eyes see a small dot in the center of her body grow larger and larger and larger.



Yuyuko gasps.

Yuuji's arm

Is sticking out through

Her back


The knife still in his hand

The kanji dancing in the moonlight.

The butterfly wings

That so graciously gave its master

The power to fly through life and death

Now fades away


Unwilling to part


It is

No more.

Yuyuko's head droops, resting on Yuuji's shoulder. Her own eyes begin to fade, losing their own intensity and flickering.

Yuuji: You die. For I am your Death.

He swiftly pulls his arm out, sticks his knife in his back pocket, catches the falling brittle body of Saigyouji Yuyuko, and puts his hand over her bosom, the kimono sash covering her breasts having become undone with Yuuji's last thrust of his knife. The essence of the butterfly wings that hangs in the air, like cigarette smoke, is slowly whirled into the bloodless hole in Yuyuko's chest, reforming spine, muscle, blood vessel, bone, and windpipe, healing her. Laying her along the ground, Yuuji gently rests her against the soothingly therapeutic grass.

Yuyuko: …thank you…

Her hand falls from Yuuji's left cheek, just like the salty pearl that also falls from her pink jewel.

Yuuji: Welcome home, princess. I'm sure we've all missed you…

With those last words, he also collapses, the weight of the world finally crushing his Atlasian effort.

Saigyouji Yuyuko and Yakumo Yukari are finally captured. This marks the official end of the PCB arc. Thanks for reading through the entirety of this story thus far, if you have.

SAIGYOUJI YUYUKO: 4, 8, 4, 9, 4, 0, 9, 0, 6
Starting Troops: 500/500
Starting Level: 250/999
Job: Ghostly Diviner

DS1: GUARD SHIKIGAMI: blocks 1 attack

DS2: DIVINER LOCK: Yuyuko buffs all ally diviners' DEF by 1.4x and strengthens prep so that they must be hit twice to cancel prep. 2 ACT


OS1: BUTTERFLY SWARM: Yuyuko attacks with butterfly danmaku. 1 ACT, prep required, cancels prep.

OS2: INVOCATION OF DEATH: Yuyuko uses her manipulation ability to bring death to any generic commander. Identical to Assassination 3. All ACT, guaranteed assassination/kill. Breaks kill/capture limit.

PS1a: GHOST ESSENCE: Since Yuyuko is a ghost, she receives the following bonuses:

-Cannot be killed if unit is annihilated in combat -unit is not affected by environmental factors
-immune to assassination attacks -when unit takes annihilation damage, Yuyuko retains full Solidarity and keep her unit's original ATK power at max, no matter how much damage her unit sustains
-Only acquired through PCB Ending 1 and 3

PS1b: SHIELD OF THE NETHERWORLD: Renders Yuyuko invulnerable to assassination attacks, and incoming melee damage is reduced by 750. Only acquired through PCB Ending 2

YAKUMO YUKARI: 4, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8
tarting Troops: 500/500
Starting Level: 300/999
Job: Youkai Diviner

DS1: ALL GUARD SHIKIGAMI 2: sets up barriers for all ally units on the field. 1 ACT

DS2: BOUNDARY GUARD: Yukari sets up elastic boundary on 1 ally unit that, when hit, will absorb all damage and add it to protected unit's ATK once it attacks. 1 ACT

DS3: QUADRUPLE BARRIER: Yukari puts up her signature shikigami, which encompasses the entire ally army in a rectangular rotating boundary that will block up to four enemy attacks in total. Cannot be stacked, but guard shields activated before the Quad Barrier will still be active after the Quad Barrier extinguishes. All ACT


OS1: SUBJECTIVE BARRIER: Yukari's standard attack. Affects DEF, 1 ACT, AOE, no prep

OS2: OBJECTIVE BARRIER: Yukari's secondary attack. Affects INT, 1 ACT, AOE, no prep

OS3: DIMENSION SIGN: BORDER BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH: Yukari breaks metaphysical boundaries of enemies from the inside out. 2.0x ATK, prep required, 2 attacks to cancel, inflicts additional -20% battle stats on enemies, 1 ACT

PS1: ABSOLUTE SPELL GUARD: Immunity to all magic based attacks.

PS2: CONTROL OF THE BOUNDARIES: Yukari's manipulation ability buffs her battle performance. All stats buffed upon deployment by 50%

Thanks for reading,

-Akyuu no Joshu
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