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[Original Work] Carminas of The Chroniclers - Updated
« on: August 10, 2012, 06:20:17 am »
So, upon the epic moment of realization together with Zero Izayoi  :yukkuri:
I decided to make this.

Some of my poem :

Deserted Maiden of Hell

Angel's voice in a deserted hell.
Singing about how that was supposed to be heaven.
Fate was cruel, light is out, they became the Fallen.
And now, in flame they sing out their lament.

"Those shines in the sky, blazing as fire.
Our white wings, dropped into oblivion.
Our fulfilled soul, now longing for desire.
We are tainted, seeking salvation."

Unlimited Imagination
Like the pigeons that fly freely.
Like the blue sky with clouds.
Gather your dreams and expectations,
Let go of the burdens and doubts that haunt you.

The wind is blowing.
Bringing your prayer towards God.

The world is full of dreams.
Then why did you just stare at the reality?
Break the tight chains of despair,
Unlimited imagination.

I was writing a tale of mystery, then you came and rewrite it into reality.

"He was a soul living solitary,
nothing in a mind of an ordinary.

Traces of his are now arbitrary,
his ending may vary.

His existence was almost imaginary.
Not even a word in a destiny.

But he was a soul that knew no worry.
He had no sorry, die in misery.

Not even a breath left to carry,
not even a glimpse in a memory.

The wilderness of the uncertainty,
was he just a fantasy?"

Dreams Of Sherlica Clearwell, Verse I : 4 Seasons of Love
"I saw you for the first time, along with the falling leaves.
At the twilight of that day, on the ground where the leaves landed.
The trees and the wind was whispering something to my ears.
I couldn't hear, yet I could feel it. I took a step forward."

"I began to chase your shadow, across the white land.
It was all hazy, it was all blurry, and I began to hate it.
The path I crossed bore an unbearable cold.
Still, the pure falling snow smiled and cheered me to keep carry on."

"Finally, I found you at the garden where the flowers bloom.
Butterflies were dancing in the middle of our encounter.
The birds were singing in our awkward silence.
I finally found you, I held your hand."

"In the end, when the sun shines so bright, we've established an eternal bond.
I hold your hand once again, and walk through the path of affection.
We shall never be separated nor shall we be torn apart.
The world is watching, the nature is smiling to ours."

Dreams of Sherlica Clearwell, Verse II : At the Front of that Door in Endless Winter.
"It's silent, only storm sings, at the field near the border of dream and reality.
It's cold, everything is white, the falling crystals of winter.
A door of distant present stands, separating me from you.
Your promise, to return, out from this astral sphere."

"1 month, no, 10 years of dream I have knocked at that door.
There are no voice or even a glimpse of light from the other side.
In this field of endless winter, this field of our goodbye.
I wonder, where is the good of goodbye?"

"I'm tired, I'm losing it, there are no possibilities.
For the awaken to unlock that door of dreams.
One day, my companions come and sit in cold with this weak soul.
Sadly, they bring nothing to that losing belief."

"A door, a gate of lucid, your most excellent trait as this world's visitor, and my worst.
At the front of it, this body is engulfed in white and bone striking crystals of winter.
My mind wanders, my soul slowly begins to fade.
At the front of that door, amidst of this endless winter, I am waiting."

"Please open, my dearest.
Here I am, with the smile you always long to look at.
I am here, and will always be."

Rain, Tears, God
Alone, at the long endless-like road.
I bring myself aimlessly.

Night comes and covers the earth.
Rain falls and touches the land.
It falls so hard.
It hurts so much.

I walk, I stop.
I realize.

Looking up at the rainy starless night sky,
The drops of water which fall,
Reflecting the world's grief of our sin.
The mournful lament.

Looking straight at the reflection of my hazy existence,
From the dropping water of the rain, I see tears.
Sharing the unknown deep pain and loneliness.
In the empty and silent wet road where I stand.

No, I do not belong here, yet I am bound to be here.
I am no more than just a simple forgotten sweet memory.
But, but.. Why?
I was afraid, I was haunted, by my own hallucination.
I ran.

Salvation, salvation.
Aimlessy did I seek after it.

Still, why does the sky cry like this?

A minute has gone.
My deep little heart realizes it.
And I am certain.

This is my end.
My twilight of life in the rain.
My salvation in the lament.

World cannot bear me.
Earth cannot accept me.

God. I am coming.
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"Gensokyo welcomes all."

Art by : SilentSysteme
Generations, Borders, and Illusion.
A tribute fanfic for Yukari Yakumo and Maribel Hearn


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Re: [Original Work] Carminas of The Chroniclers
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2012, 06:41:57 am »
This is some really good stuff you posted, where do you ever get such inspiration?  :D

Retsim Reklats

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Re: [Original Work] Carminas of The Chroniclers
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2012, 09:27:34 am »
Thank you  :3
Mostly I get it from looking at people's artwork..
But sometimes I just write it away.
"Gensokyo welcomes all."

Art by : SilentSysteme
Generations, Borders, and Illusion.
A tribute fanfic for Yukari Yakumo and Maribel Hearn

Retsim Reklats

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Re: [Original Work] Carminas of The Chroniclers
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2012, 08:10:34 pm »
So I've decided to put up some more while continuing my fanfics..  :3

 Flowers and Maiden of The Morning

Dawn is near..
The night's corner is waving..
Just like a Witch-hazel..
Everything, gradually, changes..

A soft, calming hum, heard across the streets..
A maiden's hum who welcomes the sun..
Dews fall in every step she takes..
The lady of the dawn, Aurora.

She dances, with grace and elegance..
Captivating, a feast for the eyes..
Spreading Magnolia to everyone she meets..
Though only those who aware, may receive a Viscaria..

As the nature's keeper rises..
She slowly fades, replaced by Lady of Prima..
Who brings Iris on her hand..
And then plant it on the Earth..

Shall the Iris fall, A Celandine shall rise.
Shall the Celandine fall, The Bell of Ireland shall hold.

It repeats..
It repeats just like A life of a Peach blossom..
To keep the earth..
As pure as a Lotus.

"If only I could cross the constellation.
If only I could pass those stunning clouds.

Your footsteps and the spreading eagle wings.
The gaze of those eyes, sunshine, moonlight.

In a blink of an eye, feels so close.
A glimmering light, feels so warm.

I don't know,
what this burden on my chest is..
This feeling.."

Constellation's Guide
"What is it that you seek in your journey?
In the silent run beneath the silent sky?
Carrying a shining lantern of curiosity.
Crossing the echoes of the peaceful night.

What is it that you long in your quest?
A fateful walk through a silent meadow?
If you believe it, you will see it.
Guidance of the stars.."

End Of the Tale
"O Graceful Midsummer Moon,
Light our path through this wilderness of Lust.
For the song of fate that tear us wound,
With these words, we humans shall not fail to last."

"O The Wind that blows over a nameless land,
Hushing away the darkness in mind.
Fighting and struggling, humans are making their stand,
By the grace of God, this tale will end just fine."
"Gensokyo welcomes all."

Art by : SilentSysteme
Generations, Borders, and Illusion.
A tribute fanfic for Yukari Yakumo and Maribel Hearn

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