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[Diablo 3] Sakuya's Adventure
« on: July 15, 2012, 04:17:52 pm »
Caution: The characters being in this fiction may or may not share the same traits as "usual" Touhou, so please don't be pissed if you read a romance between Yuugi and Iku, or Reimu not being a poor armpit miko. The same goes for Diablo 3 itself, please don't expect this to be absolute text-version of the game, with only names being placed. Because if you do, you'll miss out a lot. Thanks!

Act I - The Fallen Star

The Great War

No further than three hundred years ago, Hell and Heaven fought to seize their throne over the Three Worlds. Earth, unfortunately, was the battlefield. Humanity which was controlling Earth at the same was divided into groups: One to yearn for the supreme power of Evil, and one to worship the enlightenment of the Angels.  However the fact that they were used can’t be denied. Blood was shed, cities were ruined and even souls were destroyed. The War concluded when the Angiris Council launched their all-or-nothing assault and defeated the Prime Evil.

But their power was only enough to break its body. The soul, and the power then exploded into seven parts, and scattered around the Worlds.


They became the Seven Lords of Hell. Prophecy had it, if they are to unite, the Worlds shall tremble again…


I woke up from a terrible dream. The night was still but sleep can’t be regained.
My name is Sakuya, Izayoi Sakuya. And I’m a demon hunter.

It wasn’t weird for someone like me to have a dream about the world being dominated. But it was too realistic to ignore. Last week, a letter arrived to the HQ announcing some disturbance had been made to Tristram after a meteor drops down.

“The passed rose from their graves and started attacking the living.”

With that, I was sent to investigate.

Although that dream was terrible, thanks to it I was fully awake. Under the moonlight, my surrounding was very peaceful and quiet. It was also close to New Tristram, so I decided to travel early. When I was on my way, telegrams were sent constantly updating the situation in Tristram. Among the bad news such as demons, disease and cannibalism, I was amazed by how quickly people adapt to it. They had built a new town, this so-called New Tristram, and secured it properly.  I guess people do improve themselves when at their wits’ end after all.

Soon I arrived to a dark, stinking road. A couple of zombies were eating a corpse not too far away from a steady wooden wall.

“Finally.” I told myself, quickly pulled a dagger and flung it to the zombies. One of my skills, ‘Hungering Knife’, allows the dagger to pierce through the target and hit another, thus improving the hit chance and prevent wasting ammunition. My favourite indeed.

The dagger destroyed the zombies’ head, so I didn’t need to do anything more. However, that feeling of ease didn’t last long, for I heard some noise and saw smokes rising ahead.   

“Kill them! Before they reach the gate!” A silver-haired soldier kept shouting at her comrades while slashing the dead down. “Are you from the Blackadder?”

“That name indeed belongs to my clan.” I replied coldly, and without hesitation threw a bunch of daggers. The wave of zombies instantly collapsed. “What is your name?”

“Inubashiri Momiji, thanks.” The girl quickly jumped back next to me. She looked rather calm, opposite to the other soldiers that were having their jaw dropped at my performance. I realised that her would have no trouble cleaning up the horde without my help, for her armour still shining and her breath was stable.

“I’m glad that you made it, all this mess is really getting ugly.” Momiji waved her hand at the archers on the watchtowers, so they opened the gate. “Most people died from the meteor incident… Actually, they revived soon enough, too soon to remember where their souls were.” She smiled bitterly, pointing at a cart full with dead bodies. “Tried to event eat their own kin. Now we have to burn them to ashes.”

“Better than leaving them there to rot, most disease appears that way.”

“Very true. Here, please take a rest, we’ve arranged a room for you.” Momiji stopped when we arrived to an inn named ‘The Slaughtered Fairy’. “I ordered my men to make barricades outside the gate, we should have a quiet night or two.” She finished the sentence as she turned her back and walked away. I was unsure she is a very dutiful soldier or just trying to look cool. Either way, she’s cool.

Inside the inn there were lots of people. Villagers chatting around, injured soldiers moaning in pain, and two strikingly beautiful blondes drinking at the table.

“Oh, look, is she the one you’re waiting for?” the one in the left met my eyes. She is huge, wearing thick leather armour that looked like it was made of tigers’ skin. Her face wore a constant confident smile that gave me a certain feeling that she wouldn’t back down from any fight. The other, contradictorily, seemed quite small and delicate. She was wearing a dress that looked like it wasn’t washed for days. And despite smiling, I saw in her a deep sorrow.

“I’m Sakuya, a Demon Hunter from ‘Blackadder’. You must be miss Alice, the only survivor of Tristram.” I walked to the small girl, trying to be as nice as possible. “And here is…”

“Hoshiguma Yuugi, from the Oni clan.” The giant beauty smirked, and thumbed up. “I’ve heard of you guys, perfect assassins, eh? The way you fought is exactly the opposite of our barbaric straight charge.”

“Hoshiguma Yuugi, the Deva of Strength!?” I startled, this woman was the one who single-handed destroyed the whole army of Hell in Denerim? Rumour had it she got too excited from the battle she turned berserk and bashed away both side. Ever since the Oni clan was forbidden to go near anywhere peaceful.

“No need to call me that, young one!” She patted my shoulder, even as a trained hunter, I could feel the impact. “Unless you want to be called ‘The Knight of Nights’, Izayoi Sakuya.”

“How did you…” Before I could ask how she knew my title, which should be known only by other members of the clan, something happened.

The injured soldiers started vomiting, their eyes turned white and both of us understood that they were turning to zombies. It was fortunate that they grouped in a corner, so if I acted swift there would be no trouble to the normal people.

“Hey, let me show you this. It’s called ‘Cleave’.” Hoshiguma Yuugi stood up and walked to them in a flash. It nearly impressed me how a body like hers could move so quickly. Then she swung her fist. Just like that.

“Are you kidding me…” I stood in awe, the zombies had their body up from waist blown away, blood, flesh and intestines dyed the wall in a crimson colour. People started to throw up and run out, screaming. But Alice didn’t seem to care, as if this is a regular event to her.

“Thank you, Yuugi. Miss Sakuya, can I ask from you a favour?” She stood up from her chair and politely bowed down to us. “My mother was blasted away from the impact when the meteor hit, but I know she’s still alive. Please, please help me find her. If there is anyone who can tell us how to stop this madness, it can only be her.”

Alice then gave us a brief introduction on her mother. Eirin, her name, was Alice’s adopt mother, but they loved each other dearly. Eirin did a lot of research on demons and was known as a Living Encyclopaedia, since her knowledge seemed to have no bound. Eirin was the one who predicted the fall of the meteor and warned everyone but nobody wanted to believe in such disaster. In the night the event occurred, Eirin asked everyone to leave the Cathedral, where she foresaw the meteor would hit.

Everything went as she said, and she didn’t manage to escape.

“Can’t you stop speaking nonsense, Alice?” Momiji rushed in with the bunch of guys bringing cleaning stuffs, still looking calmed. “Miss Yuugi and miss Sakuya are here to help us defeat the rising dead, not to find… Eirin.”

“Were you to say my mother was a dead that not rising, Momiji?” Alice leered at the silver-haired soldier. She looked rather scary. “Listen, no matter how much we fight, they’ll keep coming! If mother was here she would know to how completely stop them!”

“But she wasn’t, and isn’t here, Alice. I too wish for her to be here, but right now we need these warriors to kill those monsters before they kill all of us!”

“Why so serious? You can handle those things yourself with ease.” Yuugi spoke my mind. With someone with skills like Momiji, I hardly thought she needs to get so worked up.

“The reason is, there is no end of them. I understand that with my ability I can kill a hundred of zombies. But I have my limit, the soldiers have their limit. If they don’t have a rest then in three days this town will be finished.”

“The zombies are the dead, right? Surely Tristram can’t have THAT many dead people…”

“If only things work that way, Yuugi.” Alice sadly said. “There are other monsters infiltrating the place. And one of them is the ‘Wretched Mother’. These dead women vomiting out the horrors. I don’t know how they do it, but as long as we leave them be, they will keep making new zombies.”

“To my knowledge, we’re having four Wretched Mothers in the area. One is the Queen who resides in the Old Tristram. I need you to literally wipe out these monster before it’s too late.” Momiji stated clearly, then she turned to Alice. “After that, we will look for Eirin.”


“I promise.”  Momiji said; the first time I saw she smiled.


As we descended to the road to Old Tristram, Yuugi told me many things about brutal fighting. For me, whenever I confront with a berserker, sneaking away and finding an opening to strike would be ideal. But according to this barbarian, swinging a huge axe until the opponent’s head roll would suffice. Of course, the details of how to properly do so were given so I could tell the difference between a warrior from a random stupid panicking guy. When we were traveling, Yuugi would try to find any opportunity to strike me down. Her fists were deadly: fast, accurate and packed with incredible strength. Had I not been a Demon Hunter, I would’ve been dead.

“How many times do I need to say it? I won’t fight you!” I finally lost my temper and shouted at Yuugi when she swung a zombie at me like a spear.

“Tch, alright. Then look there.” She threw the dead away like a broken toy, and pointed at a house before us. No, it was the yard: there were three female zombies barfing out men, dead men. There were at least 20 of them, about to walk towards us. “Who killed the most is stronger, ‘k?”

Before she could finish that sentence, I already threw out 69 sharp daggers.

 “This is ‘Multishot’, by throwing out a huge amount of ammunition I can cover a vast area and kill everything within. After years of training, I’ve reached the speed as you see.” I smiled at her. The famous Deva was still having her hand pointing at the air where the monsters used to be.

“…hm. Impressive. Then we’ll compete again when we reach Tristram!” She sounded like she was about to cry. Really, some people just hated losing. But I found a feminine side of the strongest barbarian alive too.

With both of us rushing, the road seemed short. We lost count on how many zombies we wiped out. And when the town appeared in our sight, it didn’t have the dark atmosphere it meant to do. The houses all collapsed, crows cawing under an eerie Moon, everything laid in ruins and the evil air lingers. However…

“Now, where is that Queen?” Yuugi charged in, breaking the walls and punched away the constant attacks from the horde of the undead. Shaking my head in disbelief, I silently jumped onto a roof and track my target. Fully aware of Yuugi’s devastating power, I couldn’t bring myself to play her game. If she chose to attract the Wretched Queen by killing everything, then I would lock her down and finish her right when she appeared.

“Behind the well…” I found her. With my special movement ‘Vault’, I got close to her without she even noticed. But Yuugi saw me. The barbarian leaped into the air so skip the minions marching. However, with the remaining distance a melee brute could never make it to the Queen. “Now, ‘Multishot’ will finish this, eh miss Deva of the Strength?”

71 daggers were out.

“Not yet, Knight of Nights! Seismic Slam!” She shouted as she threw a punch onto the ground.

Then, the most astonishing thing happened. A shockwave from her fist created not only a small quake, but also a blast of wind strong enough to blow ALL my daggers away. It happened in only a second, but that stun of me was enough for the Deva to sprint to the Queen.

A straight punch. A bash.

That fist showed no mercy. Yuugi pulverised half of the Queen’s body, and sent the remains flying to the sky. It soon connected to a solid wall, made a sad noise as flesh exploded from an extreme impact. The horror of Tristram… was no more.

“Now, we’re equal. How about ‘who‘ll find Alice’s mom first’ next?”

“You really love competing do you…”

And she laughed. We took our time to leisurely clean out the remaining monsters. When dawn came, we made it back to New Tristram. Momiji was very happy and promised to support us with everything she has to find Eirin. Alice had already prepared, she greeted us with a big smile. Then, we were to go to Alice’s house far in the north from Old Tristram. Eirin used to have a basement there, perhaps there would be some clue remained.
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