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kingdom Hearts: Highly Responsive to Prayers (revised)
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Kingdom Hearts: Highly Responsive to Prayers

Prologue: Simple and Clean

Since the beginning of time, all of us have to wonder, what truly lies beyond the skies. Are there other places that existed besides our own? No one has ever truly discovered the secrets of the other worlds...until now.

A boy of eleven and a girl of ten were gracefully falling through the water. The boy’s left hand and the girl’s right were clasped in a tight lock, signaling their friendship to one another.

He had chestnut hair that was spiked all over, while she looked like she had coal for hair, albeit, very wavy coal, but coal nonetheless.

The boy was of average height for a boy of eleven, and his garments consisted of red t-shirt held in a tight clasp with somewhat puffy red shorts by a loose blue belt. He had a gray vest with a cerulean interior draped over his shoulders, which hid part of his silver crown chain necklace. And last, his shoes were sunny yellow and were extremely large for his normal size.

The girl, on the other hand, was about 4’11, quite tall for her age. Perched atop her hair was a red ribbon with white trimmings, and she had two red tubes that prevented her hair from covering her face. She had a sleeveless red shirt on with a golden neckerchief tied around her neck, and had detached sleeves that were pure white and hung from her arms. She had a semi-long crimson skirt, and her socks, that were an icy white, were tucked in a pair of ebony shoes.

Slowly, they lifted their heavy eyelids drowsily, and the boy’s eyes were revealed to be azure, and her eyes were two cherry-colored orbs.

“I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately...” the boy muttered.

“Like is any of this...for real...or not?” the girl said softly.

They sank deeper into the abyss until their eyes were fully open. Suddenly, the scene warped and they found themselves no longer in the water, but on a beautiful tropical island, standing on the sand of the beach. The island held large palm trees with a small wooden shed and a miniature waterfall come from the high cliff. Their attention turned to the ocean, where two other children stood, knee deep in the water and their backs turned to the boy and girl.

One was a boy of fifteen with icy grey hair and steely blue eyes, and he gave off an air of confidence. He had a canary-yellow v-neck shirt with two jet black straps coming from his shoulders, and his pants were a pair of turquoise slacks with sneakers that were the same color.

The other was a girl of fourteen with long blond hair under a black witch’s hat and golden eyes that shone with mischievousness. She had a white frock with a black apron and white socks in a pair of onyx shoes.

They both stared to the horizon, wondering what was just beyond it, as a tidal wave rose from the brine. They turned to the first pair of children, and held out their hands, the blond girl towards the brunette and the silver-haired boy to the spiky-haired child, for them to accept. The first duo rushed through the water to grab their friends’ hands, but just before they could, the whitecap crashed on the four, sending the first girl and boy spiraling backwards. They were slowly floating away from each other as the witch girl and grey-haired boy still had their hands out for their friends to grab. The first boy and girl tried to swim against the current, but it proved to be too strong and they were swept away.

The boy’s body bobbed to the surface and he gasped for air. It was sunset on the island, and he looked around but couldn’t see the black-haired girl. He turned to the island and saw a third girl waving at him, smiling. He waved back and ran up to her.

She was a semi-short redhead with twinkling crystal blue eyes. She wore a violet tank-top with a pink skirt and white sneakers. The girl giggled at the boy’s earlier antics when she looked up to the sky.

Curious, the first boy looked up to the sky as well, and saw a figure falling from the sky. To his shock, it was revealed to be the coal-haired girl. Suddenly, he felt himself falling into the water, and found himself back in the water with the girl.

He floated slowly down the water until he landed on, what felt like, solid ground. His curiosity got the best of him and stepped forward into the darkness. Then, a flash of light blinded him temporarily and hundreds of beautiful doves flew around him. His eyes followed the graceful birds as they disappeared into the darkness. He looked down and noticed that he was standing on a circular platform with a sleeping woman with hair as black as ebony, lips as red as blood, and skin as white as snow.


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Re: kingdom Hearts: Highly Responsive to Prayers (revised)
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Chapter 1: Awakening

"So much to do..." a mysterious voice called that seemed to be coming from everywhere.

The boy and girl whirled around, trying to find the source of the voice.

"Wh-who's there?" the boy called out nervously.

"Th-this isn't funny!" the girl proclaimed anxiously.

They couldn't find the speaker, which made them worry even more.

"So little time..." the voice continued.

"Hey, what's going on here?" the girl asked to no one in particular.

"The door is still shut...Are you ready?"

"Ready for what?!" the boy asked.

His answer came in the form of a small ray of light that shined through the darkness. The duo had no idea what was going on. Were they dreaming or not? They knew there was only one way to find out. They sucked up as much bravery as they could conjure up and stepped forward into the light.

"Don't be afraid...The door is still shut...Are you ready?" The voice asked again.

“I think so.” the boy and girl said in unison.

All of a sudden, three flashes of light appeared at three sides around them. When the light disappeared, they were replaced by three pedestals, each with a different weapon. One held a broad sword, another held a long staff, and the final one held a large blue shield. Questions arose in their minds as he looked to the darkened sky for answers.

"The power that sleeps within you...It will give you form...choose your path and your destiny will become clear." The voice explained.

“Wait! What are you talking about?!” the boy exclaimed as the voice slowly faded away.

When they received no answer, the girl muttered, “Some help you are...”

The girl walked up to the staff and was about to touch it when she was propelled backwards by an invisible force, and the boy caught her.

“What the-”

“Hold on. Your time will come soon. For now, you will have to wait.” the voice explained before fading away once again.

The boy helped the girl pick herself up and he walked up to the pedestal with the broadsword on it. When he leaped onto it, the blade floated into his hands and the voice returned once again.

“The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A blade of terrible destruction. Is this the path you choose?”

The boy hesitated. The courage was a positive, but he didn't feel too proud of the destruction this blade might bring him. He thought about it for a while before answering "Yes."

The sword evaporated in a ray of light into his hand as the voice returned once again.

"Your path is set." The voice informed. "But to choose this path, you must surrender another."

The boy hopped off of the pedestal and hopped onto the pedestal with the staff on it. Like before, the staff floated into his hands.

"Power of the mystic. Inner strength.A staff of wonder and ruin. Will you surrender this path?" the voice asked.

"I guess so." The boy shrugged.

The staff vanished, as did the shield before the boy leaped off of the pedestal. The girl stepped forward, knowing it was her turn.

“Your power is great, and equals his. What will your choice be?”

Then, three flashes of light appeared above the pedestals, and three new weapons appeared. Where the sword had been, there was now a stick with paper seals attached to the end in the form of a ribbon. Where the staff had been, there was now a card with strange writing on it. And where the shield had been, there was now a red and white yin-yang orb.

She walked over to the pedestal with the card floating above it. She jumped on top of it and picked up the card.

“What does this one do?” she wondered aloud.

“The power of the shooter. Powerful if used properly. Spell Cards bring destructive colors. Is this the path you seek?”

The girl thought for a moment, then shook her head.

When she saw the boy had a look of confusion on his face, she said, “I want to see what the other ones do.

She then put the card back and went over to the pedestal with the yin-yang orb. She jumped on top of it and touched it.

“The power of the Familiar. Protection from above. The yin-yang orb can be disguised as a cat. Is this the power you seek?”

The girl stared up blankly.

“...Um, no thanks.” she said.

She went over to the pedestal with the rod and paper seals floating above it and picked the rod up.

“The power of the Miko. Divine purifying powers. A gohei fitting for a maiden of paradise. Is this the power you seek?”

The girl looked at it and then at the other two items.

“You know what? I like this one.” she said finally.

The rod disappeared from her hand in a flash of light.

“Now, what will you give up in exchange?”

Without thinking, the girl pointed at the yin-yang orb and said, “Don’t want it.”

Suddenly, the other two weapons disappeared and the pedestals sank into the floor, forcing the girl to quickly jump down. Next, the platform started to shatter from both sides. With nowhere to go, the boy and girl fell into the endless darkness. Gravity was in total control and the two children had nowhere to go. They continued to fall into the endless abyss until caught sight of another platform below them. The picture was of a blond woman wearing a flowing blue ball gown and her hair was tied into a bun. The one feature that stood out was a pair of glass slippers on her feet. The boy and girl landed safely on their feet as the sword and rod appeared in their hands respectively.

“You have gained to power to fight.” the voice said.

All of a sudden, two dark creatures made themselves present as they appeared from the shadows. The creatures seemed small and held two antennas with two large yellow eyes.
“Use that power to defend yourself and others from them.” the voice continued before fading away.

They looked intently at the shaken children and each made a surprising jump at them. Without thinking, the duo lifted their weapons and swung them around. The quick slash cut the small creatures in half and disappeared into the darkness once more.

“What the heck was that?!” the girl exclaimed in surprise.

“Behind you!” the voice exclaimed.

The children quickly looked back and jumped away just in time to avoid being hit by another pair of shadow creatures. These creatures were not alone. Another creature appeared alongside each one and charged their way to the children. Gathering up as much courage as he could, the boy swung his sword around to swat two of the creatures away. While one fell into the endless abyss, the other one fell nearby and rebounded off the floor and bounced back at the boy's feet. Acting fast, the girl leaped towards it and swung her rod downward and was lucky enough to smash the creature flat into the ground. She, however, was swiftly scratched in the back by one of the creatures from behind. The boy rushed over to her, but was halted by another creature leaping right in front of him.

“I don’t have time for you!” the boy proclaimed as he swung his sword at the creature.

However, the creature leaped back and then leaped forward again, scratching him. Then it leaped back again and repeated the process.

Meanwhile, the girl decided to endure the pain she was receiving from the creature and stood up, despite the bleeding from her wounds. She instinctively held up her rod and two yin-yang orbs shot out of it and homed in on the last two creatures. When they came in contact with the shadow creatures, the yin-yang orbs exploded  and destroyed the two creatures.

Suddenly, another creature appeared and the boy and girl got ready to destroy it. However, it made no indication that it was about to attack. Instead, the creature evaporated into the floor, spreading its darkness all across the platform. The children felt themselves being pulled into the darkness and struggled to break free from its binds. But every attempt they made proved useless as they were pulled under. They stopped themselves as they found themselves on a solid piece of ground.

Suddenly, they found themselves not on in the abyss, but on the wooden platform of their island home. Around them were friends from their home. One was a blond boy with azure eyes. He had on a yellow vest without a shirt, a pair of leather pants, and a pair of sandals. The next child was a young girl with emerald eyes and chocolate hair. She wore a simple yellow overalls and sandals. The last person looked about seventeen, and he was a bit muscular. He had his red hair in a bandanna and he had warming brown eyes. He had on a tan tank-top, a pair of puffy yellow pants, and sandals. They all had a glazed look in their eyes.

The boy and girl sighed, “Thank god that’s over.”

“Hold on, the door’s not open yet.” the voice said. The boy and girl slapped themselves. “First, tell me a bit more about yourselves.”

Wondering if they were still in a dream, the girl and boy went up to the young girl.

“Hey, Selphie. What’s up?” the boy said to the young girl.

“What is most important to you?” Selphie asked.

“Huh?” the girl asked.

“What is most important to you?” Selphie repeated.

“Um, friendship, I guess.” the boy said.

Selphie turned to the girl.

“Um, same here.” she answered.

“Is friendship really a big deal?” Selphie asked them.

“O-kay.” the girl said.

The boy and girl walked up to the blond boy and the boy said, “Hey, Tidus. What’s up with Selphie? She’s acting weird.”

“What do you want outta life?” Tidus asked.

The boy sighed, “Not you too. I guess, to be strong.”

“Me too.” the girl said.

“To be strong, huh?” Tidus said.

The boy and girl walked up to the last person and decided to just go along with it.

“Hey, Wakka.” the girl said.

“What are you most afraid of?” Wakka asked.

“Getting old.” the two children said in unison.

“Getting old? Is that really so scary?” Wakka asked.

“You value friendship. You want to be strong. You’re afraid of getting old.” the voice relayed the two children’s answers, “Your adventure begins at midday. Keep a steady path and you’ll come through.”

“Sounds good to me.” the girl said certainly.

“The day you shall open the door is both far and near.” the voice said.

A flash of light fills the area and the children are once again blinded. The platform they found themselves on next had a depiction of another woman, and she had long blond hair and fair skin. She wore a flowing violet gown and had a small, golden tiara on her head. She was holding a single perfect rose. They saw a pillar of light resting over a green circle on the ground with yellowish flames surrounding it. When the girl stepped into the circle, all her wounds immediately healed. She gestured for the boy to come over, and when he did, he felt instantly refreshed, as if he was in top health.

Suddenly, the light moved over to the edge of the platform, and a stairway made of colorful stained glass formed a pathway to another platform.

“Follow these stairs to discover your destiny.” the voice said.

Obeying the voice, the boy and girl ran up the makeshift stairway and got on another platform, depicting another female, only she was a brunette, and she had a sunny yellow ball gown on. While the boy smiled, looking up into the pillar of light, the girl noticed that his shadow was three times bigger than normal.

“The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes.” the voice said.

The girl shrieked like a banshee, catching the attention of the boy.  Then, to his eternal wonderment and surprise, the shadow began to move on its own and grew into a gigantic shadow creature.

“Don’t be afraid...don’t ever forget...” the voice whispered as it faded away.

The boy grabbed the girl’s hand and started running with her back to the stained glass stairway, only to find it had disappeared! Their attention returned to his shadow as its transformation became complete. It was easily over thirty feet tall and had tentacles that wrapped around its entire face. Its most notably features were its heart shaped cutout and it humongous yellow eyes. Those eyes...they were so empty and cold. They sent shivers down the children’s spines.

The boy and girl summoned their sword and rod, ready for a fight. The boy charged at the monstrous creature, only to be thrown back by the shockwaves of its fist landing on the ground. The boy rubbed his aching head and returned his attention to the creature as it got down to it knees.

"Is he giving up?" the girl questioned.

Oh, how wrong she was. The monster then shot out white balls of energy from its empty heart and aimed them directly at the boy and girl. They rolled away to dodge the attack, but was greeted by a second ball that the monster shot out. The children were knocked to the ground and their weapons disappeared from sight. They turned back as the monster got to its knees and loomed over its prey. A wave of darkness escaped from the monsters hands and entangled around the poor kids. It was a true nightmare. Every fear passed through the children’s minds as the darkness slowly consumed their bodies. They struggled to break free, but with no success. They soon realized what was happening. They were dying. They reached for each other’s hands and gripped their hands in the darkness a final feeling of friendship.

"Don't be afraid..." The voice returned in their final hour. "Your hold the mightiest weapon of never forget...”

The children tried to keep their heads above the darkness, trying to listen to what the voice might have to say.What was it that they had forgotten? It was over. They could not move. They could not see. They could not breathe. Just as the darkness made its final strike, the voice offered its final words through the darkness.

"Only you can open the door...Sora and Reimu." The voice echoed and they died.


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Chapter 2: Destiny Islands, Part 1

The boy shot up in fear and started to sweat from fright. He was alive. It was all just a dream. He was back home on his beautiful island home. The waves were lapping against the sand, the seagulls were calmly flying overhead, and the sun shined brightly against his face. It was a true picture of peace.

“That’s the last time I eat my dad’s cooking before a nap.” he muttered to himself before he fell back down into the sand. He lied back on the sand, only to shoot straight back up as the redheaded girl from his dream loomed over him. "Come on. Give me a break for once, Kairi."

"Sora, you lazy bum. I knew I would find you snoozing off somewhere." Kairi giggled.

"No way! I wasn't sleeping!" Sora protested. "I was in some weird place. It was so dark and the huge, black thing tried to kill me. I couldn't move, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't-OW!"

Sora rubbed where Kairi had slapped him.

“Are you still dreaming?” Kairi smirked.

"It wasn't a dream!" Sora said but slowly started to think otherwise. "Or was it? I don't know anymore. Just what was that place? It was so weird."

“Whatever you say.” Kairi said sarcastically, giggling at Sora’s strange dreams.

"Hey, Kairi, what was your home like. You know, the place where you grew up?" Sora asked for the hundredth time.

“Sora, I told you before, I don’t remember.” Kairi said with a bit of uncertainty in her voice.

“Nothing at all?” Sora asked.


“Do you ever want to go back?” Sora asked.

“Well, I’m happy here.” Kairi said with a bit more confidence this time.

“Really?” Sora asked, slightly disappointed.

"But you know, I wouldn't mind going to see it for once." Kairi smiled.

"I would to!" Sora said excitingly. "Along with any other worlds that exist out there! I want to be the first person in history to see them all!”

"So then what are we waiting for? Let's hurry up and finish the raft."

“Hey, wouldn’t you guys be forgetting someone?” the two children turned to see the blonde witch girl and the silver-haired boy, each carrying a log.

“Do you know how long we’ve been looking for you?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, sorry, Riku and Marisa.” Sora chuckled.

“Well, it looks like we do all the grunt work while you guys just goof off all day.” Riku said, throwing his log to the side, which landed on Sora’s head, “And you’re just as lazy as he is, Kairi.”

“So you’ve noticed.” Kairi giggled, “All right! We’ll finish it together! I’ll race you!”

“What?” Sora asked questioningly.

“What are you afraid of losing to a girl?” Marisa smirked, dropping the log by her feet.

“Ready...GO!” Kairi yelled.

All four of them started running down the beach. Marisa quickly got in the lead, while Sora and Riku were neck-in-neck in the middle, and Kairi was lagging behind.

The laughter of children, the call of the seagulls, the waves lapping against the shore, the wind rustling through the palm trees; all this was part of the symphony of the Destiny Islands. It was going to be a wonderful day.

They had gotten to the building place for the raft, with Riku, Sora, and Kairi panting like they had run a marathon. Marisa wasn’t even out of breath.

“Looks like I win again!” Marisa exclaimed in triumph.

“Yeah, well, just wait until I beat you again at Chess!” Riku smirked.

Marisa laughed nervously. It was true. Even though Marisa beat practically everyone in anything involving sports, Riku beat her in anything involving smarts.

“Anyway, I’m going to go get that lazy Reimu.” Marisa said as she skipped off.

“As for you Sora, you can go gather building materials.” Kairi said.

“What? Why me?” Sora asked.

“Because you were being so lazy before.” Riku answered.

“Aw, man!”

Kairi shoved a list into his hands, “Go get the stuff on the list.”

Before Sora could answer, Riku and Kairi had ran off.

“Oh, sure, guys. I’ll do it.” Sora said to no one in particular.

He checked the list and saw that the first item was a pair of logs. That should be easy enough.

“Hey, Sora!”

Sora turned to see the rod-wielding boy, Tidus, run up to him.

“Hey, Tidus. What’s up?” Sora asked his friend.

“Nothing much. Just want to spar a little.” Tidus said as he brandished his rod.

"You know I would like to, but I have to take care of something for Kairi." Sora said disappointingly.

"I'm sure you could spare a few minutes, right?" Tidus asked.

"Sure, why not?" Sora cheered.

"That's the spirit!" Tidus shouted.

Sora got out his wooden sword and Tidus brandished his red rod. They ran at each other, and Tidus took a swipe at Sora’s legs to trip him, but Sora jumped and smacked Tidus in the back.

“Lucky shot!” Tidus said as he swiped at Sora’s head, but he ducked.

Sora suddenly swept Tidus off his feet with a swift kick, and Tidus fell to the ground, with Sora’s sword at his neck.

“I win.” Sora said cockily.

“Good fight. Looks like you’re not that little runt I used to push in the sand anymore.” Tidus chuckled.

“Yeah, still not over that.” Sora scowled.

“Whatever. See ya!” Tidus said as he ran off.

Sora had collected a few logs and was now climbing up a ladder to a small shack with paper ribbons and bells over the entrance. This was a room known to the children as ‘The Shrine’. It was where Reimu, another one of Sora’s friends, often held parties after having pretend adventures called ‘Incidents’ when they were younger. They sometimes slept under the stars there as well, as Destiny Islands rarely had any storms.

Sora had reached the top of the ladder and saw Marisa talking to the ebony-haired girl from his dream.

“Aw come on, Reimu! Just because you had this dream doesn’t mean you can let us do all the work!” Marisa complained.

Reimu was sweeping the dust off the floor of The Shrine, as usual. She was a bit of a neat freak.

“Look, I know this may not make sense, but I feel that the dream means something. Something really important.” Reimu said.

Suddenly, Marisa got a cat-like grin on her face, “Oh, so it was THAT kind of dream, huh?”

“What? NO!” Reimu said, dropping her broom.

“Well, then. I guess I’ll leave you and Sora to sort things out.” Marisa said as she slid down the ladder.

A few moments of silence.

“So, was it-”

“No, Sora. I believe that it said something about opening a door. You were in it too.” Reimu said.

Sora gasped, “I had that dream as well!”

Reimu’s head shot up, “What?! Well, it can’t be a coincidence. There is definitely a meaning to these dreams.”

“Well, anyway, the reason I came up here was to get a cloth for the raft.” Sora said.

“All right, but first you’ll have to beat me in a duel. Ready for this?” Reimu said as she got out a wooden rod.

“You bet I am!” Sora said as he got a wooden sword.

Sora charged at her, but she backflipped away. She tossed some paper cards from her dress at Sora, which exploded into dust on contact.

“What?!” Sora coughed.

“Like them?” Reimu’s voice said, “They’re my newest Ofuda. I created these to provide cover for myself from melee fighters, like yourself.”

“But you can’t see through this dust too, right?” Sora said.

“Wrong! I’ve trained myself to see through the dust, which means I can do this!” something hard smacked Sora on the head, dazing him.

‘Great. She’s the fastest person on the islands, and the dust covers me from seeing her.’ Sora thought, ‘Wait!’

Meanwhile, Reimu was in the dust, preparing for her next attack. Suddenly, something smacked her hard in the back, surprising her enough to knock her on her back.

“What?!” she gasped as she felt something on her neck.

The dust cleared and it revealed Sora with his sword on Reimu’s neck.

“Good game, Reimu.” Sora said.

“But how could you see through the dust?”

“I just started spinning around with my sword until I hit something soft. I may’ve hit the wall a couple times, but nothing’s broken.” Sora explained.

Sora took the sword away from Reimu’s neck and helped her up.

“Well, you won, so I’ll go get the cloth.” Reimu said as she went to the back of the Shrine.

A few minutes later, Reimu came back with a white cloth, “Here it is.”

“Thanks, Reimu.” Sora said as he slid down the ladder.

“Now, to find out what that dream meant...” Reimu said as she went to the back of the shrine again.

When Sora reached the bottom, he found himself face to face with Selphie.

"Hey, Selphie, what's up?" Sora asked.

"Nothing. Just think about the legend of the paopu fruit." Selphie said curiously.

"Legend? What legend?" Sora asked.

"They say when two people share the paopu fruit, their hearts stay connected forever. You know, I bet Kairi would mind sharing one, Sora." Selphie teased.

It was no secret that Sora liked Kairi, except for Kairi herself. Every time he had a chance, he would sneak peeks at her, just to catch a small glimpse of her fabulous beauty. They had always been together and Sora thought nothing would tear them apart.

"I uh...gotta go. Kairi's a waiting." Sora said before he zipped away at twice his normal pace.

Selphie giggled.

Sora had found the last item, a piece of rope, and headed back to Kairi.

“Great work!” Kairi said, “So, you want to call it a day?”

“Sure.” Sora smiled.

They worked on the raft the rest of the day, and Reimu joined Sora, Kairi, Marisa, and Riku about an hour after the raft was being worked on. For a moment, she had a grim expression on her face, but quickly switched back to her cheerful self. However, Sora wasn’t fooled. He made a mental note to ask Reimu what that expression was about later.

The five friends were sitting, or in Riku and Marisa’s case, leaning, on one of the Papou Trees on the island. They just sat/stood there in silence, looking to setting sun and all the wondrous colors it brought to the sky.

“So, Kairi’s home is out there somewhere, right?” Sora said suddenly.

“Who knows?” Riku answered, “We’ll never find out by staying here.”

“But how far could a few rafts take us anyway?” Reimu wondered aloud.

“If we have to we’ll think of something else.” Marisa said.

“So, suppose you get to another world.” Kairi giggled, “What would you do when you get there?”

“I would explore it as much as I could.” Sora said.

“Reimu? What about you?” Kairi asked the red-and-white clad girl.

“I would probably find out all I can about the culture there.” Reimu answered; she had the best grade in history out of all of the gang.

“I’m not quite sure what I would do. Marisa? Riku? What about you two?” Kairi said.

A few moments of silence.

“We haven’t really thought about it.” Marisa finally said.

Everyone else facefaulted.

“I’ve always wondered why we’re here, and not on some other place.” Riku said.

“Me too!” Marisa exclaimed, “This place is nice and all, but I want something other than playing on the beach all day!”

“And suppose there are other worlds. Then ours is just a piece of something much greater.” Riku said, “Then we could’ve ended up on someplace else just as easily, right?”

“Who’s know?” Sora said lazily.

“Exactly.” Marisa said, “We can’t just stay here our whole lives.”

“So let’s go.” Riku said.

“You’ve been thinking a lot about this, haven’t you?” Kairi asked quietly.

“Thanks to you. If you hadn’t come here, I probably wouldn’t have thought about this if you hadn’t come here.” Riku said.

“Yeah! You’re like, living proof other worlds are out there!” Marisa said.

“Kairi, thank you.” the two friends said in unison.

Kairi giggled, “You’re welcome.”

As the sun slowly set, Reimu, Marisa, and Kairi were already starting to make her way home with Sora and Riku following close behind. Sora stopped when he heard his friend call his name. Sora turned around just in time to catch a yellow, star-shaped fruit that was thrown to him.

"You wanted one, right?" Riku asked.

"A paopu fruit?" Sora questioned.

"They say that if you share it with someone, your hearts remain connected forever. You will remain a part of each others lives, forever." Riku explained as he walked past him. "Come on, I know you want to try it." he teased.

"What?!" Sora exclaimed as he threw the legendary fruit away and started to chase after his laughing friend.

Meanwhile, over a hundred worlds wandered across across vast depths of time and space. But among these worlds was one particular world that held a floating castle filled with several misshapen racetracks and a bountiful array of flowers and trees spread all across the world. This world was known as the legendary Disney Castle, a former home to many legends that fought in the Keyblade War many years ago.

Inside the castle, a white duck walked along the castle corridors, who wore regal blue robes and his funny-shaped blue wizard’s hat bounced comically with each step. He was the well-respected mystic of Disney Castle, Donald Duck. The duck walked past the walking broomsticks the king had enchanted to help around the castle. He laughed when he remembered what had happened the last time the king used Master Yen Sid’s magic to enchant the broomsticks. Luckily, when it came to the castle servants, he only used his own magic. He came to a large door. He was about to prepare the spell that opened the doors. The doors to the throne room were enchanted so that only those knowing the proper spell could open them.

He started muttering, “Kyu no-”

“Donald!” a female’s voice yelled, startling Donald out of his concentration, “Master Donald!”

Donald turned to see a girl that had long violet hair, eyes of the same color, and a pink nightgown on her running towards him. She was the librarian of Disney Castle and Donald’s apprentice, Patchouli Knowledge.

“Ah, Patchouli. Shouldn’t you be looking for that book?” Donald asked his apprentice.

“I have been looking for the Book of Basic Wind Magic,” she answered as she brought out a thick tome with a leafy green cover, to which Donald gawked at, “And I found it.”

“Already?” Donald said in surprise.

To this, Patchouli giggled, “You know that nobody knows the royal library better than me.”

Donald gave out an exasperated sigh.

“Anyway, I was going to greet the king this morning,” Donald said, trying to change the subject, “Would you like to join me?”

“But of course. What better way to see the king than to arrive unannounced?” Patchouli giggled from behind the book.

Donald sighed before turning back to the door, “Kyu no Trono!” he exclaimed, holding his feathered arms wide for dramatic effect.

The doors started shining with a white light, and when the light subsided...a small door just large enough for Donald and Patchouli to fit through popped. They walked through it like it was completely normal.

“Good morning, your majesty.” Donald greeted.

“What a fine morning it is-WHAT IN THE WORLDS?!!” Patchouli screamed.

Instead of seeing the king at his throne like he was every morning, they found the king's pet dog, Pluto, holding a letter with the king's seal in his mouth. Donald snatched the letter from Pluto, practically tore it open, and he, along with Patchouli, who was looking over his shoulder, began to read, concentrating on whatever the king left them. They checked not once, not twice, but three times. Three blinks.

They both ran out of the throne room, screaming/quacking like maniacs. They frantically ran out of the castle, to one of the many gardens surrounding it, and found the two people who they were looking for.

One was a young woman with white hair and a green dress on, had a katana strapped across her back, and had what seemed to be a phantom floating next to her. This was the royal gardener, apprentice to Captain of the royal guard, and half-phantom, Youmu Konpaku.

The other was a black beagle person with metal armor on him, a silver helmet on his head, and a shield lying in the grass next to him. This was the Captain of the royal guard, Goofy Goof.

Goofy was sleeping on the grass, while Youmu was watering some nearby flowers.

Donald ran up to the snoozing Goof, “WAKE UP, GOOFY! WE’VE GOT A DISASTER ON OUR HANDS!”

He only got a snore in response.

Donald held an index finger up to the sky, “Marno ki Relampago!”

A lightning bolt came from the sky and hit the snoozing Goof, and caused him to wake up, screaming in surprise. Luckily, he was completely unharmed.

He lazily looked around, and saw Donald, “Good morning, Donald.”

“WE’VE GOT A BIG PROBLEM ON OUR HANDS, GOOFY!” Donald screamed before lowering his voice to a whisper, “But don’t tell anyone.”

“Queen Minnie?” Goofy said.

“Not even the queen!” Donald exclaimed.

“Um, Donald-” Patchouli warned, but her master waved her off.

“Daisy?” Goofy said.

“No! It’s top secret! So don’t tell anyone!” Donald exclaimed.

“Um, Mystic Donald-” Youmu said, but was stopped by a hand on her shoulder.

“Why don’t you tell them that?” Goofy said stupidly, “Good morning, ladies.”

“Oh, no.” Donald whispered, slowly turning around to see the queen and his girlfriend there.

Queen Minnie was a small mouse, was dressed in a pink ballgown, and had a golden crown between her mouse ears. Daisy, Donald’s girlfriend and Queen Minnie’s lady-in-waiting, was also a duck, and had a violet ballgown on. They both had very angry glares on their faces.

“Donald, why don’t you tell us what is so important.” Daisy said, holding back an urge to pummel the duck.

“So important that you cannot even tell what has happened to my husband?” Minnie asked, having several of her broomstick guards with her, each one holding a bucket of boiling oil.

Donald sweated intensely as he felt the stings of the glares pierce straight through his soul. The cat was out of the bag.

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