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Sect's Shorts and Pants Collection
« on: May 02, 2012, 06:51:47 pm »
I decided to start compiling the stuff that I post in the library for my own convenience. Plus, after Ruro came to the realization of the Best Pun Ever, Iced informed me that I had to post a story I had on the sidelines before she could steal my glory. So, I have Weekly Writing Contest entries, Random Shipping Shorts, and the occasional short story compiled here. I hope you enjoy these.

Weekly Writing Contest

Marisa's Errand - Valentine's Day
The Fare - Noir
Cirno's Perfect Birthday - Food
The Oni's Coins - Spice and Wolf Tengu
The Girl in the Curved Room - Origin Stories

Random Shipping Shorts

Senshei! - Keine/Chen
Spirit Weakness - Youmu/Yamame

Comfy Shorts

Jungle Queen Ran
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Re: Sect's Shorts and Pants Collection
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Right, so the reason I started this thead in the first place. I present to you...

Jungle Queen Ran

The tree limbs shook when the girl fell through them, shaking morning dew all over the raven-tressed and winged girl. The coolness of the water mixed with the hotness of her sweat in the balmy jungle, futher darkening her chest wrap that kept her amble busom from shaking. The raven girl, one of the tengu that dwelt in the jungle, spread her wings to slow her descent, her loincloth dragging upwards, revealing her tanned, firm thighs, and supple butt.

She perched on a tree, amber eyes searching for her pursuer, her chest rising and falling from the exertion. She knew that if she was caught, she was done for... but she couldn't help but be excited, as well. She blushed as the damp chest wrap rubbed against her erect nipples. "Damn it, now's not the time!" she exclaimed as she prepared to take off again. A mighty roar was let loose in the jungle, and she gasped, turning behind her.

Unfortunately, that was her final mistake: she realized that no beast could reach her up in the tree tops, except for the one pursuing her. A body collided with her: hot, sweaty flesh with firm muscles grabbed her, and threw her from the branches. She couldn't recover in time, she collided into the soft, mossy earth of the jungle. Her breath was stolen from her as she gasped, trying to get up.

A growl stole the breath from her a second time as a large, fierce beast, a cat with orange and black stripes, a golden ring through her ear, and two powerful tails swaying to and fro, emerged from behind a tree. The tengu girl struggled to get to her feet, but the cat moved quickly, pouncing on her. She could only squeak as the tiger put a heavy paw on her chest and pushed her into the ground. Her wings and feet fluttered uselessly as the predator pressed down hard. "N-no..." she gasped, writhing in fear...

"Chen, stand down," a strong voice, powerfully feminine, commanded. As the cat moved off of the captured tengu, she looked up, and her breath was stolen for a third time.

Illuminated by a sun beam peeking through the foliage of the jungle treetops, a beautiful huntress stood before her. Her skin was fair and flawless, her large, bountiful breasts hidden behind leopard skin. Her wild blonde hair swayed in front of her piercing gold eyes, and behind her, nine powerful tails swayed like trees in the wind. The tengu knew who this was, and that knowledge made her terrified... and excited...

"J-jungle Queen R-ran..." she whispered in awe of the savage kitsune, mistress of the jungle. Ran smirked, golden eyes gleaming like gold.

"Oh, so you know who I am~" she sing-songed, swaying her way to the paralyzed tengu. The tengu could smell her fierce, predatory musk, and it only made her even more excited, much to her embarassed chagrin. Even though she was the prey here, she wanted the beastial queen. "That makes things much easier." The kitsune knelt down, her leopard skin loincloth fluttering, giving the tengu a tantalizing glimpse of the treasure beneath. Long clawed fingers stroked across the tengu's jaw, sending shivers down the captive's spine.

"What is the name of this prey I have, hmm~?" The tengu's mouth was dry: she struggled to swallow in the company of this luscious huntress.


Ran smiled, one that was predatory and tantalized the tengu with images of what the kitsune might do. "A fine name..." she whispered, reaching behind her and pulling out a collar. "A fine name for my pe-

"That's enough, Aya."

Aya turned away from the book she was reading out loud and looked down at Ran. She was underneath the branch the reporter perched on, sweeping leaves. "Aw, come on, I hadn't even got to the steamy parts yet." Her friend's tails whipped in agitation, contradicting Ran's placid expression.

"I really do not need to hear my master's 'works' read aloud," Ran said, sweeping a bit more fiercely than Aya thought was warranted. The kitsune glanced up at Aya. "Why aren't you humiliated by it? A character that's obviously modeled after you is... well..." The tengu grinned as the kitsune had to look away to hide her embarassment.

"Actually, I'm a bit flattered." Aya leaned back against the tree trunk, crossing her legs and balancing on the tree branch. "'Violet Hearn', thinking so much of me that she'd use me in one of her bodice ripping novellas..."

A beat. "Well, actually, it's a bit creepy. Is she still talking about you binding me as a shikigami?"

"Not as often," Ran brushed leaves away, clearing a path. "Only a few times a month, maybe a few more times in the spring to make up for being in hibernation."

"Right." Aya's expression was carefully neutral as she processed that. "Um, anyways, but it's a bit flattering. Plus, the writing's so funny it's hard to get mad at it. I mean, a couple chapters later your boobs are swinging hard enough to knock someone out."

"Please don't talk about my breasts that way. They're not even that big," Ran complained, covering her eyes with her hand. The reporter laughed.

"Maybe I'll write a review of it in my next column." The groan from the kitsune made Aya's grin wider. "Hm... headline title...

"'Miss Hearn's Novel an Excellent Display of Purple Prose'!"

Aya barely got a chuckle out before Ran smacked her out of the tree with her broom.

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Re: Sect's Shorts and Pants Collection
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"Um, anyways, but it's a bit flattering. Plus, the writing's so funny it's hard to get mad at it. I mean, a couple chapters later your boobs are swinging hard enough to knock someone out."
galloping breasts

It's hard to tell who exaggerates more in her writing, Aya or Yukari. Or Satori. I'm sure she'd have some interesting stories to write about her pets and their master-servant relationship, too.

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Re: Sect's Shorts and Pants Collection
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I giggled. :3

... wait. "Hearn"? (ignore this I am a derp)
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