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Based off of the Touhou Maze PV... Roughly. It's terrible but I had to post it. Enjoy (or don't)!

  Reimu's broom drew to a halt outside the shrine, as her eyes wandered through the open door to the most important yet trivial object to her at that precise moment. It was tattered, yet more precious than any donation. A white mob cap adorned with a red ribbon.
  When the memories of what happened came flooding back, the broom slipped from her shaking fingers in sync with a single tear rolling down her cheek. In no time, she rushed through the doorway, grabbed the hat and held it close to her heart, whilst tears tore thick and fast down her drawn cheeks and soaking the rim of the hat.
  It had been a seemingly normal day. Yukari and Reimu had had an argument. The latter had lost her temper and stormed off, whilst the former just stood there with a desolate face. Neither had spoken to each other afterwards, that day. That afternoon, Reimu was visited by a hostile visitor attempting to destroy the Hakurei border.
  The shrine maiden had fought to keep up the barrier with all her strength, her knuckles white as she gripped her gohei hard. All of a sudden, a surge of power knocked her back and tore the gohei from her hand. Behind her, she felt a soft hand pet her gently on the head.
  "Leave this to me... Reimu.." sighed a voice. The owner of the voice began to walk towards the opponent.
  "W-what?! Yukari, no!!" Reimu screamed. Yukari looked back, gave a sad smile and walked straight into the attack. From behind floods of tears, all the red-and-white-clad maiden could do was watch hopelessly as she saw the attack subside and the only remnant of Yukari land before her. The mob cap.
  It was dark. Late evening or very early morning, but Reimu couldn't tell. Time was standing still for her. She didn't care about it. On her futon, all she could see was that memory replaying in her head. Those memories were mocking her, almost, so much so that she could even see Yukari standing in front of her. The despaired miko tried to reach for her friend, but when the apparition disappeared all she could do was sob loudly into her hands.
  "Reimu!! Hey, Reimu!!" called a flamboyant voice from behind Reimu as she was sweeping the shrine path the next morning.
  "Hm?" was all the shrine maiden could allow herself to say as she laid eyes upon Marisa Kirisame. Her face blank, Reimu simply stared at the unfazed magician.
  "I was gonna go on a lil' trip to hunt troublesome youkai. Wanna come with?" the blonde girl asked. The brunette simply frowned ever so slightly and turned back around.
  "No, thank you. I'm busy. Leave me alone." Reimu murmured as she continued to sweep. Marisa sighed and tilted the brim of her hat down.
  "Fine.. see you laters.." mumbled the magician hesitantly. She knew something was off.
  Later that day, Reimu was dusting in the shrine's storage room. Her duster knocked an obstacle over and an entire barrage of books came hurtling on her head. She didn't even bother dodging. Nothing was worth anything anymore.
  Until, whilst sorting the books again, she came across one entitled   "Forbidden Hakurei Ritual". Intrigued, the brunette shrine maiden picked up the book and opened it at random.
  'In order to resurrect anyone, something of equal value must be sacrificed". Reimu's breath cut short. Resurrection?! She could bring Yukari back!
  Her heart jumped inside her ribcage. Her brain rattled through things that may be worth the same as Yukari.     Then it hit her.
  Yukari made Gensokyo what it is. Gensokyo, in essence, is an extension of Yukari herself...
  Reimu bit her lower lip and walked out to the path in front of the shrine, the book of incantations in hand. She raised her gohei, tears pooling in her eyes, and began the spell.
  "I, Hakurei Reimu, shrine maiden, hereby sacrifice Gensokyo and its residents to supply the resurrection of... of... YAKUMO YUKARI!!" Reimu screamed as the spell took a hold of Gensokyo. The entire barrier began to crack.
  Back from hunting youkai, Marisa saw the cracks spreading over the sky from the Hakurei shrine's direction. She frowned, assuming the worst, and begins a high-speed trip to Reimu.
  In her home, Alice Margatroid looks outside to see many cracks in the sky.
  "That... it couldn't be..." the youkai puppeteer murmured. Grabbing several dolls and several spellcards, she hurries as fast as she could fly to the Hakurei shrine.
  After serving her mistress tea, Sakuya dared look out of the window to see a huge crevasse forming in the sky. She raised an eyebrow, excused herself and headed leisurely to the Hakurei shrine for advice.
  When the three girls saw Reimu, they all stopped in their tracks.
  "What are you doing?!" they all screamed. Reimu scowled and continued fueling the spell.
  "Sacrificing Gensokyo and all within it! Yukari must be resurrected!!" Reimu cried.
  "Fine! Then we'll have to destroy you!" Marisa shouted hesitantly. Alice took the first shot, firing several gunpowder-filled dolls at Reimu. The pure energy from the spell the shrine maiden was casting simply dissolved them.
  Sakuya took over, positioning knives behind Reimu. Again, the same result. It was now up to Marisa to end this. Reluctantly she aimed at Reimu and shouted.
  "Love Sign: 'Master Spark'!" she screeched. The magical energy knocked Reimu out cold, her gohei flying from her hands and her spell fading into nothingness.
  In unconsciousness, Reimu was sat alone in an abyss of emptiness. Desolately, she just stared at her feet. For all she knew, she was dead. Then, she felt familiar hands around her shoulders and she dissolved into tears.
  Yukari Yakumo hugged Reimu from behind with a pitying smile.
  "Why?" was all the youkai asked. Reimu turned around with a confused face.
  "I... I need you! I miss you! Don't leave me!" Reimu cried. Yukari petted her head and smiled.
  "Nobody is leaving anybody..." Yukari grinned ominously as Reimu jerked back into consciousness.
  Marisa, Sakuya and Alice stood preparing to fight as Reimu stirred. All the shrine maiden could do was attempt to get up, fall to her knees in front of Marisa and cry into her friend's skirt. Marisa, too, fell to her knees and comforted her friend.
  "I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry!! Forgive me!!" Reimu begged of her old friend. Marisa laughed.
  "We know... We only did what you would've done had any of us been in that situation... nobody hates you." Marisa smiled, fighting back tears.
  Inside the shrine, a gap opened, through which came a white-sleeved hand. Said hand grabbed the mob-cap and out of the gap stepping Yukari Yakumo, looking out at her friend with a smile.
  "Nobody is leaving anybody..." Yukari murmured to herself, small tears of joy appearing in the corners of her eyes.
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