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Hatred for the Kind and Lovely
« on: December 03, 2011, 03:32:59 pm »
   It was a simple night in the underground of Gensokyo. What is Gensokyo, you ask? A land with magic coming out of it's ears, full of diverse people from tengu, oni, humans, and more youkai than you can even bear to remember. Tonight was quite special for the youkai of the underground. An oni by the name of Yuugi Hoshiguma, one of the two surviving Four Devas, a group of oni, was holding a feast later that night for all the underground youkai and other oni in Former Hell. But our main focus today is on one spider youkai, Yamame Kurodani, and her bucket-youkai friend Kisume. Yuugi had told them about a girl that she had seen underneath the abandoned bridge. Yuugi had mentioned that this girl may be the reason nobody crossed the bridge anymore, and she wanted Yamame and Kisume to find her, invite her to the feast while Yuugi prepared for the feast.
   "Parsee~!" Yamame called, her voice straining so as not to disturb the corrupted fairies, with Kisume in the bucket hanging from the crook of her elbow. The green-eyed bridge princess was not detected. The gaping tunnel leading underneath the bridge that nobody crossed was behind them for good, and they did not see a single flicker of viridian to reveal the hiding place of the girl they had yet to meet, by the name of Parsee Mizuhashi. She had apparently inhabited the bizarre area that echoed with corruption. Spending hours searching, they eventually were approached by an invisible spirit. How did they know they were followed? The invisible spirit was emitting a myriad of bullets glowing green. The spider youkai screamed, clutching Kisume closer and speeding in a disastrous pattern underneath the bridge. Not before long, she found herself cornered. The invisible spirit slowed down, spiralling around the two whimpering youkai.
   Leave me alone...
   The voice echoed around them, hissing from the glowing coronas of the green bullets near-blinding the pair. Kisume poked her head out of her bucket, tugging at Yamame's shirt.
   "Look!! It's Parsee!!" the bucket-loli-youkai whispered. Yamame stared through the hissing bullets. Narrowing her eyes, she made out the silhouette of none other than the girl they had set out to meet. Parsee Mizuhashi, in the jealous flesh.
   The pair of you have too many good intentions... how can two people want to make so much good for other youkai?!
   The hissing voice had become fraught with such animosity to force Kisume back into her bucket with severe quivering ensuing from Yamame.
   "W-we didn't want to annoy you! Just to say hi and maybe ask you to come with us for the big feast with Yuugi later!" Parsee shouted at the top of her nearly-locked lungs. The green myriad of bullets arround them dissipated, revealing a single pair of glowing green eyes, the glow around them shadowing Parsee's body. The only thing Yamame noticed were what was in Parsee's eyes. Tears and look of mournful joy.
   "I-I... haven't been to a feast in nearly a century..." the tearful jealous youkai began to sob as she held her hands close to her chest and wept into her sleeves. Kisume dared poke her eyes out of the bucket, and Yamame dared take another step forward.
   "You... can come to it, if you're not busy tonight." the blonde spider youkai kindly whispered. Parsee's eyes darted upwards at Yamame, frozen in shock at the proposition before her. She had been invited... Parsee stepped forward once, and her usual envy-contorted face melted into the smile of a girl that just wanted someone to talk to... to be friends with... maybe even to love. But, alas, not before long, they heard an echoing voice from the wind tunnel behind them.
   "Why did I have to come down to such a soaking place?" the voice was murmuring. Yamame frowned, giving Parsee a tiny pat on the shoulder. The green-eyed girl looked completely puzzled, and the three girls directed their gazes towards the tunnel.
   "Reimu...? Can you hear me?" cheerfully called a different, older-sounding voice. Yamame kicked off from the wall, dragging Kisume with her.
   "Hey! Spider-chan, don't leave me here!!" Parsee screamed. Yamame just looked over her shoulder, winking playfully at the bridge princess.
   "We're off to invite them to the feast! Go meet Yuugi in Former Hell if you want!!" she called as she disappeared into the wind tunnel, off to invite the humans.

   It had been several minutes, and Parsee's worry had escalated to severe panic at the situation. Hearing several screams from her new friends, even the most idiotic of fairies would have been able to deduce that Yamame and Kisume were getting defeated. Parsee mustered up her courage to the highest degree she could even begin to fathom. After taking deep breaths, Parsee Mizuhashi sped into the wind tunnel to save the girls.
   The first thing she saw was Yamame and Kisume on the floor, beaten. Tears threatened to make her look weak, as she thrust out several rings of bullets around herself. They dissipated into smaller groups, but the enemy she wanted to slaughter dodged them with effortless grace. Frowning, she called on a spellcard for help.
   "Grandpa Hanasaka! Hatred for the Kind and Lovely!" all her fury unleashed into bullets spiralling into flowers, large green bullets dragging them like eels. The red and white clad girl began to panic as the speed of the danmaku sped to impossible levels. Parsee screeched as her spellcard timed out early. Maybe she had over-exerted herself. She pulled another spellcard from seemingly nowhere.
   "Tongue-cut Sparrow! Egotistic Animosity of the Humble and Rich!!" as she shouted the incantation, her body split in two separate bodies and began firing a mixture of large and small green bullets at the offending girl. The intruder screamed as a bullet collided with her head and sent her spiralling into the abyss, but not before the red-white's own spellcard had kicked in and fired homing rainbow orbs that knocked Parsee out of the air. Right onto the now-conscious Yamame and Kisume. Then it all went black, but the last words she heard were as follows...

Thanks for everything... Parsee-chan...

A/N: I know it sucks a big laser, but I got bored and wanted to write something. It's based off the music video to Parsee's EWI theme tune. Look it up, it's quite cute. I love it, anyway. Parsee is one of my favourite characters, just because her theme tune is so sad and you want to hug her, but that'd be weird. Hugging a computer? Should've gone to Specsavers, much?

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