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[Touhou] Luna Is Crying: Update Four (Contains Unfamiliar Chars)
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Hey guys, so, I was going to make a Touhou RP but decided Gaia Online is a piece of shit and I hate it, and then before coming here to make one I felt creative so I'm writing a fanfic~
I have 2 OCs within it, Suki and Foxglove. There will be much plotplots, BUT I won't spoil the plot I have envisaged here. If you have questions, I'll answer them later.
Also no OC pics just now, because it's 1 am.

People who are not referenced in this OP to have a major role:
-For now all I'm saying is Yuuka. SPOILERS ARE BAD~

And feel free to constructively criticise, but please nothing cold. I know it isn't literary genius, but it's not nice! *⑨ face*

Also let it be known there ARE cameos and there are two characters that are not OCs in this that will be unknown to people here (they come from the Nuzlocke Forums, both Touhou fans)
It's a FANfic after all.
BTW, this prologue sucks and is unrepresentative of the story itself (even worse).



Luna Is Crying
The Tanuki and Nekomata Under the Evil Moon

The Demon, the Doctor and the Machinery Maker

Night falls on Gensokyo once more, ten months after the resurrection of Toyosatomimi no Miko. But this night is not one
of peace, nor indeed of safety. Even the hungry youkai remain closeted away within their homes, filled with an inexplicable need to hide from a far greater power. The moon is dulled. Not old, not new, but a sickly, malevolent red-tinted grey glow surrounds the pockmarked sphere, as if the scarlet mist had it enshrouded within its diaphanous folds.
Not a soul, however, thinks of the very real possibility that the world's shadiest medicine maker was on her way to ensuring Gensokyo, and indeed the entire series of dimensions belonging to the Gap Decaquadrant known as Earth, would meet an altogether...astronomically entombed end. Not a soul thinks of the very real possibility that perhaps the Queen of Demons had ever had something more sinister than a tourism trip planned for this small world. And, completely understandably, not even the most idiotic of souls stops to think that maybe a certain tank-obsessed young woman just felt like blowing up the landscape.


'Alice, prepare the Hourai Dolls.'

The regally decorated dungeon faintly purple stone walls of the Makai Palace belied their cruel and unforgiving atmosphere, which hung dreadfully in the air as if foreboding imminent death as Shinki, Demon Queen, delivered her unusually acid orders.

Huddled in the corner of the spell-proofed room, pinioned to the floor by a multitude of small knives (no doubt Yumeko's ever-innovative handiwork, she noted) was Makai's normally upbeat gatekeeper, Sara Shizoaki, her snug brown smock frayed and torn in places from her last day's work.

'Mother, I---'

'Come now, Alice, we wouldn't want to get Eirin angry now, would we? She's capable of things almost as bad as I.'

Her Shanghai shuffled nervously on their strings as the hapless puppeteer withdrew a set of small dolls from under her cloak, complete with silver cleavers, and twirled their threads around her fingers.

'C-can we at least have Yumeko do this instead? Or Eirin? Even Rika! Or there's always...her. Please, mo--'

The normally confident Alice was harshly rebuffed by her impatient mother, who seemed ready to simply blast Sara into oblivion.

'I'm so sorry, Sara. Everyone.'

'Let the questioning begin!'


The Bamboo Forest, Eientei

An unearthly (or rather, unmoonly) crimson glow emanated from the Lunarian's Mansion. Keine Kamishirawasa could do nothing but press tighter to Mokou's side as protective Orbs of magic began to circle the now-hellish mansion. Unbeknownst to the majority of Gensokyo, this night was the night where history would change. It was utterly inedible.
Would Kaguya side with Eirin after all she'd done for the Eternal? Would the Watatsukis do the same? Would Reisen remain subservient to her master, and, oddly the most worrying of all, had Tewi escaped in time?

A small figure darted under a nearby bush and ran directly away from the building at full pelt.
Keine gave a thin, worldly smile. Gensokyo's symbol of good fortune was safe. For now.
As for the others, she didn't know.


Misty Lake, near the Scarlet Devil Mansion

Far away, she could sense it. An irreversible change in Gensokyo's balance. But Mai Yakisoba knew that, this time, it would take more than just that blasé shrine maiden to solve the incident. Meanwhile, oblivious, like many others soundly sleeping within Gensokyo's boundary, her wife Yuki Yakitori snored loudly.
Cirno, needless to say, was just as content, while the almost indiscernably off-colour Moon pulsed evilly in the distance.


Scarlet Devil Mansion

Since Patchy had left to live with that annoying magician and her newly married husband (a very rare sight around Gensokyo these days), dubbed Fireburn, in the 'anything-goes kind of shop', Sakuya's life had become infinitely duller.
She lived to serve, but Lady Remilia had been rather distant after her departure, and with nobody but a mentally deranged young bloodsucker, a depressed Koakuma and a horde of useless fairy maids to entertain her, she had little to do but stare rather too knowingly at the Moon as she swept the crimson halls...
Ah, the Moon.


Hagyukugurou, the Netherworld

'Youmu, wouldn't it be nice if I had more tea in this cup?'

'Lady Yuyuko, I hardly think now is the time to be drinking like this. And stop eating those cherry cakes! We have a pair of very weighty guests!'

Yuyuko's traditional Japanese parlour was at odds with the unearthly landscape of the Netherworld at night. She noted the lightly glowing ghosts outside were agitated, moving around erratically in the thin air. Looked like the Moon was all wonky again~<3

'Enma-sama, may we please remain here?'

'Komachi! You and I are among the few who realise the importance of our actions, especially after the rise of tomorrow's Sun! We may stay, but at first dawn we will depart. The culprit is unknown. The motive is unknown. Th outcome is unknown. The verdict: apocalyptic.'

Youmu sighed, but it was, in her now unbeating heart, a sigh of greatest fear.


Moriya Shrine, Youkai Mountain

Sanae Kochiya looked mournfully at her God's shrine. It stood proudly on the mountain's face, defying its otherwordly and imposing status as it stared over the beautiful Catfish Lake. The giant onbashira with in it reflected the Moon's light, and she caught an oddly dead breeze in her dense green hair. It was time to leave. But Lady Kanako and Lady Suwako must not know.


Youkai Mountain, Tengu Clan

Hatate Himeikadou slept as Aya Syameimaru and Momiji Inubashira flew blithely off into the night. Little did she know they were gone for a far more sinister purpose than a news scoop.

'Eirin will be most pleased with our information, Momi-san!'

They darted through the skies, on what would be the last time they ever looked back at their homes with pure hearts.

Hina was, perhaps in a dreadful foreboding, simply asleep, engorged with misfortunes she hadn't even realised existed. And as she slept, she span. Muttering an incantation over, and over, and over, and over...


Yukari's Residence, ???

Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo and Chen Yakumo sat on their front balcony with a resolute determination. Tonight was the night. The night they brought their friends the rift-dwellers to their home. To safety.
But why? Yukari remained as dubious as ever, but inside her heart she was aching. Why, she could not say.


In all these locales, and in many other places, as some creatures and youkai slept obliviously, others watched with an uneasy feel, from Higan to the Forest of Magic. Yet none, not even the satori maidens who sat together in their palace, would ever begin to guess the events that would inevitably transpire.


'Cease the questioning, Queen Shinki.'

An arrow whistled through the air past the demon and her daughter, missing Sara's face by an indomitable micrometre.

'Back already? Is the sealing complete?'

The shapely Lunarian paused thoughtfully before replying.

'I'd say it will complete itself. Now, where's Rika? Udongein, Watatsuis, go and find her!'

Their eyes, to Alice and Sara's utter horror, were filled with an infinitely black void for a moment, before returning to normal.

'What can I say? It's my shady new drug!'

She paused once more as Alice fiddled with her dolls.

'Oh, and Shinki? Make it quick. Don't torture her more. You have the information you need. Alice, you can dispense with those patchwork puppets.'

She nocked arrow to string and fired. Her aim was true.


The hapless gatekeeper toppled without another word.

'What can I say? It's my shady new drug!'


Far away, deep between a dimensional intersection, the nekomata and tanuki awoke.
Luna was crying.




NB: This is a rather tedious introduction simply showcasing the way forward in relation to character development. Pictures of Yuki and Foxglove will for the time being remain solely within the reader's head, but we don't even know their names yet, haha~
Sorry this is really not up to scratch.
And there are more characters unintroduced as of yet, too.
I apologise if this bored you too much (^^;;
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Re: [Touhou] Luna Is Crying: Story Prologue Out Now!
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Transcending the Gap

Suki Sasake gazed into the otherworldly 'sky' of the interdimensional rift as its many hues of purple converged and convulved. It seemed to be whispering something to her, but she admitted to herself she was no Yukari. Dressed in overly vivid rainbow-banded stockings and a classic frilled nekomata skirt, she appeared far from the kind of person you'd find bridging the intervals between worlds. Her large furred ears peeped nervously out from behind her light blue bandana, and her sole tail whipped gently from side to side as she sat and stared. It looked like Foxglove had gone out to get supplies, though she wasn't all too sure what she'd find in this place. A Sinsack was about the only edible organic matter in the place, and they had a distinctly putrid taste...
She was snapped out of her daze by a brief green glow as Foxglove pulled herself out of a nearby gap.

'Ufff...I'm home! I brought back some food, and the newspaper, though I'm afraid all I could grab was the Outside Paper. No time to get into Gensokyo if Yukari-sama isnt here.'

Foxglove Karasaka was, to all intents and purposes, a tanuki. Her dense brown tail was striped with beige. She wore a leaf on her head. And she had the same procyonid build that permitted her to shapeshift (to an extent anyway). However, Foxglove's appearance seemed to suggest she was also a kitsune. Her tails numbered seven (she wasn't as old as Ran-san) and were tapered, more like fox tails than a raccoon's. She wore a long dress that concealed the rest of her body, also much like Ran-san, and wore a cap to conceal her two highly visible fox ears, which rustled as she ran over to Suki, waving a bulging cardboard bag.

'Unyuuu~ You bought chocolate! And cheese too!'

Foxglove sighed wearily as Suki hastily disembowelled the hapless bag and drew out her food, which would no doubt be gone within the next hour. She unfurled the Kyoko Daily and began to read.

Nuclear reactor overheats at plant, disastrous radiation forces village to evacuate..

Nothing like what purportedly happened with that crazy raven, Utsuho, she thought. Though Aya's paper was hardly

New hospital facilities to be insta---


Mysterious shape terrorises nearby village of Furinkan, wielding parasol?

Next...oh wait, it was Yukari-sama's doing, as usual...

Foxglove rerolled the paper and tossed it into her 'gap-pack'. Yukari-sama had gone to a lot of trouble making that thing, but it was incredibly useful...


'Yawn...good morning, girls!'

The gap hag herself had dropped in for tea.


Even as she reclined slothfully inside her dimensional hammock, it was evident that Yukari Yakumo was an incredibly powerful woman. A lazy smirk played across her crimson lips as her folded white cloth cap rustled gently in the slow wind that meandered through the desolate purple landscape. Her ballooning white dress, bearing more layers than a slab of metamorphic rock, bounced playfully around as she gently knocked her navy blue shoes together, which emanated a sharp clacking sound.

'So, have you got any tea for me today, hm? I'll have red with one sugar~'

'...with sugar? Are you sure, nyaah?'

Suki was puzzled. Yukari-sama always had her tea straight and strong...

'Quite sure! Now, shall we get to business?'

Her bamboo fan was lifted beguilingly over her face, her eyes flirting contumaciously with an invisible Sinsack.

Yu-sama, stop it, nya...

'...what's the matter, Miss Yakumo? Would you like some salmon nori?'

'No thanks, Karasaka, I prefer the human sushi myself~'

'...of course you do. Now, what seems to be the problem today? Or are you just here for free food and tea?'

The Moon was giving off some really odd vibes last night, after all...

'Hm? Oh, nothing at all! I just popped over to invite you back to my nondescript shack of a dwelling, of course~'

'Wait! What about my pa--'

She unfurled her antique pink parasol, and with a twirl they were gone.


House of Yakumo, That Place

'Unyuuu...getting through the Gap sure is tiring...'

Completely oblivious to Suki's heaves and hos, the spurious youkai called out from the front of the Oriental 'shack' at the top of her lungs. A handful of tori roosting in the eaves were stirred from their slumber and, twittering aggressively, flew clumsily into a nearby bush.


With a distant crash and a vexed cry, a small cat shikigami came tumbling out the ornately framed front door.

Yukari sighed. 'You really are quite unreliable, Chen...Please find Ran, and boil some water while you're at it~'

She turned towards her still dazed guests, Foxglove clutching her narrowly salvaged Gap-Pack by one strap and Suki's shikigami cap skewed to one side

'Would you like to step inside? There should be a space in the front room, though Ran may yet have to clean away my mess from the rest of the house...'

The House of Yakumo, unlike the extensive network of gaps in which they travelled, was a humble (if large) affair, a dated and traditional Japanese home (albeit with a few extra adornments encrusting its exterior) complete with kotetsu and knee-height dining table. The rooms beyond the vestibule were clearly disorderly, with blankets and various contraptions, books and plates strewn nonchalantly about the floor.

'Nekomata Sign: Phoenix Feather!'

A small puff of smoke floated gently out of the kitchen, followed by a comically irate shikigami's wail.

Yukari made no effort to move, simply yawning and reclining on a plush nearby sofa.

Oh no, looks like Chen-san wrecked the kettle, as usual...

'I'll go prepare the drinks with Chen~ Foxglove, can you keep Yukari-sama company for a moment?'

She leapt energetically off the floor and dashed in the direction of the smoke, her single tail whipping eagerly.

'...Yukari, I think I know why you called us here...'

'Hm? You're not completely daft after all...'

'I won't pretend to know a lot of what's happening, but I think I know enough...'

'Oh? Well, sit down, and I'll tell you what I know.'

Of course, Yukari had no intention of telling her very much at all.


'And see? If you just use this spell here, the water will boil fine, but the kettle will keep cool~'

'I never knew you had a spell in that book for boiling water...Ran-sensei is always scolding me, but she has to make the tea manually, since she can't use fire...'

'Well, I think people underestimate nekomata too much~ So, here's the spell for you to use.'

With a cheery toothed smile, Suki scribbled down some notes on a piece of scrap and handed it to Chen.

'Domestic Sign: Wizard's Kettle? Are there other domestic spells too?'

In response to her extremely hopeful tone, Suki said nothing, but instead started to write down a brief list of speels for everyday use.

'Why didn't you ask me sooner, Chen-san?'

'I-I know you have even more magic than that bookworm Patchouli Knowledge, but Ran-sensei told me I shouldn't burden you too much, because you only have half the affinity of a regular nekomata...'

And indeed, her single white-tipped tail showed the truth in black and white (quite literally): Suki had lost her second tail long before she could remember, a tiny little stump the only remaining clue to her painful past.

'But it's okay! I know you're the most capable cat around, even if you have trouble keeping your power levels at full!'

'...Chen, I know that you know the Moon is...'

Before she could finish, an angry yell echoed from directly above the kitchen. It was Ran.


Yukari felt this was an opportune time to terminate the conversation and lighten the mood a little....with a nap.
Of the very few people who knew how to reach Yukari's stronghold, only one would dare to steal from right under her very nose.


Foxglove immediately regained her composure, brushing aside the troubling news as nothing more than a helpless kedama, but rather than walking, she slithered across the floor and up the stairs, her serpentine form hissing venomously.


'Looks like I escaped from Eientei after all~ Well, no point wasting the time here crying~ I'll just take this gizmo here, and this crown, and then I'll go off to be sad~'

The White Hare of Good Fortune might have been feeling the strongest emotions she had known in her lengthy life, but this sure didn't stop her from leaving her mark as the Ancient Duper of Gensokyo.


'Hehehe, it's me, Eirin! I brought you my latest and greatest! The Evil Eye Sigma: Pocket Edition!'

The engineer's triumphant figure was surrounded by a swarm of what appeared to be bats, but were in fact more like a cyclops with wings. They twittered evilly as they spread throughout Eirin's new chamber, searching for their targets as a burning red light pulsed in their irises.

Eirin chuckled. After all, the whole was never really greater than the sum of its parts. Those pesky shrine maidens would be dead before their slow-witted minds so much as recognised that the Moon was dying. And on the other side, of course...well, that was for Eirin to know, and Shinki to find out.

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Re: [Touhou] Luna Is Crying: Story Prologue Out Now!
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[spoiler=Chapter Two: Thief Amongst The Sunflowers]
[big]~CHAPTER TWO~[/big]
Thief Amongst the Sunflowers

'Elly, fetch me the chamomile tea~'

Yuuka Kazami twirled deftly on her left boot, her floral parasol tapping the scythe-equipped servant gently on her right shoulder. Elly Todoke sighed, turning around without a word and walking slowly across the petal-studded pavilion.


The blossom-encrusted door to the mansion shut fast, and now alone, the ancient youkai of nature gazed smugly towards the Lake of Blood.

'Foxglove, have we tried this room yet? I'm pretty sure Ran-sama covered the east wing, and Chen-tan was rushing about the ground floor...'

Suki's cap lay askew on her frazzled ears, having searched the cluttered abode for well over an hour as the ceiling plaster creaked teasingly, as if the intruder was taunting the hapless party of mammalian misfits.

'Aaaaaand this would be the upper vestibu----'

Tewi Inaba's cheery musings were cut short as she caught sight of the two livid companions.

Foxglove exhaled wearily and tossed a conveniently placed trawl net in her general direction.

30 minutes later...

'Unyuu! Let me go! I'll give you good information!'

Yukari simply rolled her eyes and resumed her nap as the rabbit flailed helplessly inside what had turned out to be a stray Gap Trap.

'Foxglove, Chen, Ran, Yukari-sama, can I let her free? That looks painful...'

Yukari waved her fan lazily, which Suki took as a sign to do so.

'Nekomata Sign ''Trapped Betwixt Two Paws''!'

To Tewi's obvious dismay, while she was freed from the hungry Gap Trap, she was now stuck fast within a large red bubble.

'Ran, Chen, I think we'll leave this lucky charm to our friends here. I think I have something to attend to with Reimu...or was it that oni...never mind...come on, in you get...'

Suki, Foxglove and especially Tewi could only stare, dumbfounded as a drunken kedama, as the border youkai simply
opened a gap under her mattress and disappeared through the floor, dragging her shikigami behind her.


'Nyaa...that's Yukari-sama for you, I suppose...'

'Hmm...well, I suppose, to steal the words of that Iyazoi maid, let the questioning begin!'

The evening sun was beginning to set over Higan, the pastel shades playing across the brilliant gold pigment of the endless fields, and the two callipygian women of the Kazami bloodline were sipping bewitchingly aromatic tea from two dainty little white china cups as they watched.

Suukarin and Yuuka were not watching the irradiant orb, however, but the two figures flying clumsily over the crater that concealed the Lake of Blood, and dangerously low through the flower fields...

I hope they don't destroy Mother's sunflowers...

'Those two...I remember those feisty little demons...ah, those peaceful Makai days...'

Didn't she go on some massive rampage in that place...?

The quiet, viridian-haired Suukarin watched meekly from behind her mother as what were indeed a pair of lolita-clad demons alighted on the crazy paving.



'Yes? What do you want, hm? My flowers you~' queried the flower youkai, in an almost, but not quite, dangerous tone.

'Oh...we'd hoped asking you for assistance wouldn't be necessary, but as it stands, my wife and I need help. Makai is...not as it was, and we have fled to the Misty Lake for the time being. So, to cut to the chase...we need someone strong to assist us, and who better than the woman who almost took our lives?'

Yuuka, meanwhile, was trying to stifle a laugh, as Yuki simply stood beside Mai, assuming an offensive stance.

'Oh got married? Hahaha, oh wow~' chortled the flower youkai, doubled up with mirth.

'Mai and I are in LO—mmfph!' Yuki was quickly muffled by her furiously blushing bride, and the ice-coated demon continued her monologue.

'We're aware that you're one of Gensokyo's oldest residents...even older than Gensokyo itself. You have extensive knowledge of Makai from your...'vacation'. You know the entirety of this world inside out, and most of have the persuasive skills we'd need for inquiry. Humans don't exactly take a pair of child-like demons seriously, let alone youkai.'

'If you ask me, your powers of persuasion are fully adequate. But no matter~ It's been an aaaage since I got to go on an adventure. If this whole Moon-in-the-sky debacle is going to affect my darling flowers, then I even have a motive for once! Teehee~ This is going to be fun~'

Suukarin sighed audibly as she listened to her mother's classically youkai-esque speech, twirling her pocket watch slowly between her fingers.

'Of course, Suukarin will have to stay behind. She's part human, after all, and I doubt she'd be as useful as someone like that Kirisame girl without any kind of magic~<3'

'Mother, you realise you don't know any magic eith---'

'Shut up, Suuka. Elly! Pack your bags! We're going on a vacation!'

Yuuka sighed inwardly to herself as she unfurled her parasol and turned towards her not-so-humble abode to ready herself. Sometimes it was hard to keep up this whimsical exterior. She was genuienly worried for once. After all, who didn't remember what happened when the Moon fell in Majora's Mask? Yuuka didn't intend to get squashed by some Lunarian-coated cheeseball, and it was this final thought that she kept within her as she opened the door, and stepped inside.

'So, to sum the whole thing up, your master went hari-kiri on Eientei, sealed off her medicine chamber, possessed all the bunnies working in the house, cast a protective magic around it, and then tried to find you, by which time you'd already escaped? And you don't know the whereabouts of the...Watitsakes? Or Reisen? Or even Kaguya?'

'Watatsuki~' corrected the fickle Tewi, before continuing. 'And then, I came here to steal some goods, because if I'm going to get to the bottom of this, I'm going to need some yen!'

Foxglove squashed her face against her slender hand as the chirpy lagomorph, now freely unbound and pocketing Yukari's various goods, continued to chat good-naturedly.

'Aren't you even a little sad after you lost your home, and all your friends, nya?'

Tewi looked down at her hands, suddenly glum.

'Well, yes, but...this is Gensokyo! As long as I keep searching, avenues are going to present themselves, right? And besides, crying isn't going to magically make the moonbitches come back, is it?'

Suki stared into the rabbit's eyes intently before responding, stealthily removing some of the loot from her blouse as she did so.

'It seems like you mean it, and we're searching for...someone well. So, wouldn't it be sensible to come with us? We were going to go visit the flower fields next, and visit Mistress Yuuka, since we can go see the Enma while we're there, kyuu~'

Searching for affirmation, the Ancient Duper of Gensokyo turned towards the place where Foxglove used to be, and where a rabbit was now pawing innocently at its face, a sole leaf sitting atop its head.

'I'll take that as a yes, then! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and pillage some food from that kitchen over there~'

'Foxglo—' protested Suki, but she was cut off by the not-rabbit on the floor, who simply retorted:

'Do you really think Yukari is going to notice?'

Sunflowers of Higan, Night

'Lady Yuuka, are you sure you're ready?' protested Elly, a large pile of florally decorated bags surrounding her pale legs.

'Oh yes, Elly, just put those into this Gap Bag here~' replied the absent-minded woman as the gentle nighttime breeze carried the pollen of the sunflowers into her thick green hair. And then...

'What? Do I smell intruders amongst my flowers? Elly, you two lovey-dovey demons, Suu, stay here! I won't be a second~'

Shit. (Suukarin)

Shouldn't we be focussing on the problems that are going to arise? (Mai)

I don't want to go out, and the Moon's really scary with that grey shine... (Elly)

It's been one second. (Yuki)

'We're almost there, I think! There's no way we've crushed any of the flowers, either~'

Tewi was bounding nonchalantly through the eerie flowers, even as they swayed towards her and glared with invisible eyes.

'Tewi, I'm not exactly sure if that's a good idea, nya...'

'Don't be silly, cat-girl! They're just flo----EEK!'

As the flowers parted, a large, red-plaid figure could be seen beating the hapless bunny with what seemed to be a spear parasol. The flower youkai of Gensokyo had arrived, and she looked ready to kill.


'Ah, it's good to be back home at last~' sighed Eirin, gazing about the long, dark hallway as an ever so faint red glow pulsed through its weeping wooden walls. The once-humble and inviting Japanese house no longer possessed the gloomy tranquility of past days, though glimpses of the lazy past were strewn here and there: the kitchen, left untouched, replete with cluttered stacks of pans and medicine pots, Tewi and Udonge's sleeping chambers similarly identical, right down to Tewi's collection of goods and Reisen's various business suits. Eirin paused almost wistfully as she gazed upon Kaguya-hime's old kimono, hanging from a nearby hook, but managed to remind herself of her goal, her new personality, and her new--

Never mind that. It was time to go back to her laboratory in silence and begin preparation on her next order of business. Those Evil Eyes would catch up to the troublesome shrine maidens in no time, and she'd already sent Rumia and her sister out into the wilderness. With any luck, the resistance against Eirin's scheme would be over before anybody realised it had already begun.

As the parties of what could almost be called 'protagonists' began to assemble themselves, in the classically haphazard and carefree way signature of Gensokyo, the danger was becoming very real. Sooner rather than later, their light-hearted antics would have to cease, and their serious sides would have to be shown.

But in the meanwhile, Suukarin Kazami was on her way to a convention in the Human Village, as if nothing could ever possibly go wrong.

Kyouko Kasodani, 'Fireburn' Knowledge and Patchouli Knowledge were also attending, and the unfortunate Zeta Kaguya was fated to be no more than the actor.



Up next is the first of the sidequests, which will star Suukarin, FIreburn, Patchouli and Nitori primarily.
These are lighthearted, to offset what will eventually be kind of a darker story.

 :ohdear:  Is it any good? It feels mechanical.
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Re: [Touhou] Luna Is Crying: THird Update Here!
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It's not really an intermission, more a derpish side arc, since the fic is hardly even started.

EDIT: Please note Suukarin, Fireburn and this rendition of Patchy are from a forum I frequent...uh...frequently, so they won't make sense.
But read it anyway, it's just filler!

Suukarin Kazami and the Perfect Pair


'Well, it looks like the Human Village is still intact, not to mention the Bamboo Forest!' hummed Suukarin as she strolled absentmindedly down the main street of the still-bustling town. She had her misgivings about the supposed 'incident', but nothing had happened yet, and what was the point of getting hung up on the details? Now, where was the loving couple? She glanced around the cheerfully oblivious square. It looked like Ran's tofu stand was closed, and Reisen's medicine booth seemed almost worryingly dusty, but Mystia was joyously handing out grilled yakisoba, and in the distance, Keine (who admittedly looked a little nervous) seemed to be coaching her students in HPE class as they ran back and forth across the lush green yard. Her lips played upwards almost imperceptibly as she took in the hearty indifference of her surroundings, but this moment of tranquility was quickly interrupted by a loud cough.

'Mukyu...*koff*...isn't that Suukarin over there?'

'I'd believe so, Patchy-chan!'

'Hush...we're in public!!!'

Suukarin turned to see the friends she had been waiting for standing expectantly beside a park bench, hands clasped together.

'Oh, Patchy-san, Fireburn-san! Hey!'

Patchouli Knowledge giggled as Fireburn, embarassed by the affectionate suffix, shot a ball of flame at the flower half-youkai, which was quickly doused by an effortless Noachian spray.

'Good afternoon, mukyu~ The pamphlet seems to indicate that the performance is in the centre of the Village, but the stage is mostly doesn't look like Lyrica and Lunasa are here yet...'

Unusually, the 'loudspeaker' (a yamabiko youkai) suggested otherwise.

'THE MISS SHAMEFUL COMPETITION WILL NOW BEGIN IN THE TOWN SQUARE! Due to unforeseen circumstances, Lyrica and Lunasa Prismriver have both been withheld, but Merlin has gratefully agreed to play solo in her sister's abnormal disappearance. You have five minutes to purchase tickets and find your own seating! Signing out, MC Wroaaar!'

'Hey, Patchy-chan, let's go! And don't worry, I remembered to extinguish my flame~'

'Don't call me that in public, mukyu!'

Suukarin rolled her eyes, twirled her parasol and followed their comical steps back towards the commotion.

'...and to conclude the participants, Miki Takane as Wriggle Nightbug, Fujiwara no Mokou as Fujiwara no Skirt and Zeta Kaguya as Kaguya Houraisan! Please make them welcome!'

The audience roared wildly as thirty-two men and women stood awkwardly atop the pedestal, Merlin's introductory fanfare playing boldly in the background.

'Hey, Patchouli, who are you rooting for?'

'Uh...oh! Um...' She quickly snapped her pocket book of history shut, remembering that the performance had already begun. 'Well, I think we met Zeta Kaguya once, and that girl Tsurube Karatsuki looks really cute dressed up as Koakuma-chan!'

'Don't be silly, Patchy! That man up there dressed as you looks MUCH nicer!'

'B..but...Fireburn...are you a homosexual? Uwaah...'

'Oh..oh no! I just meant, since you're so pretty...graah! Never mind!' Fireburn clenched his fist angrily, ashamed to have sounded so offputting.

'TIME FOR THE FIRST ROUND, FOLKS!' MC Wrooar's voice echoed across the crowd, causing small caps to be blown off the fuzzy heads of now crying children. 'This round features a visual performance
composed of three assessable criteria: style, attractiveness and accuracy of execution! First up, it's Miki Takane!'

As Suukarin laid down a shockingly red picnic rug, she caught a glimpse of the performance from the corner of her eye. The young woman was not, as she had expected, simply walking across the stage, but rather, she was...

''Áhahahahaha! Patchy, look at this!''

Fireburn roared with mirth, his rump flaring briefly as he struggled to contain his laughter (this set the rug ablaze, but with a small sigh, it was saved by a quick spell from Patchy).

'What is it, you t-----'

Suukarin rubbed her eyes, but no-the girl really was doing what she thought.

Miki Takane was scuttling around on the stage, her rear pointed skyward, as she threw live insects from a basket into the screaming audience members unfortunate enough to have bought VIP class tickets from the MC.

With an indignant yelp, the head judge called out to the eccentric participant, desperate to end the rain of arthropods that was now making a point of biting everything in sight as it fell to the ground.

'Miki Takane,'' she shuddered, brushing a wayward centipede from her suit. ''You have been analysed by the panel as receiving...''





''O..our last judge has passed have received a score of 88/90! Please proceed...''

MC Wrooar spoke up (waaaaaay up), completely at ease with the large spider crawling through her frizzy green hair. ''Next on the stage, iiiiit's....Maruka Katami!''

Suukarin sighed. This was going to be a looooong day.

3 hours later...

'*koff* Fireburn...wake up!'

''The last two participants are ready to enter... Please welcome...Zeta Kaguya and Fujiwara no Mokou...''
MC Wrooar's voice had quieted to a feeble rasp, 190 minutes of screaming taking their toll on her self-abusive larynx.

Suukarin looked up from her sewing needle (disinterested in the utterly ridiculous contest, she had sat down to create yet another frilly cosplay) to see none other than...

''Hey, look, it's that guy from the Nuzlocke For----mmpphh!'' Fireburn's mouth was hurriedly silenced by the concerned Patchy: good things never came of breaking more than three walls. What would the infrastructure of plot have to stand on then?

''Zeta Kaguya, I believe he's called? Mukyu...apparently, he's been living around here for about a year...Suuka, why don't we go and greet him after the competition's over? know him better than Fireburn does...'

Suukarin wasn't listening. Her nose was running red with a veritable Nile of blood, which poured between her fingers like yoghurt through a colander. The reason? Fujiwara no Mokou was wearing a dress. As the immortal 'ýoung' woman stood shamefacedly at the edge of the platform, Suukarin pushed her way firmly through the bustling crowd, a look of pure hypnotism painted on her face.

'F-Fireburn...! Suukarin...she's going to cause some...''

Fireburn paused, a look of horror on his usually overconfident moondish of a face.



'Uhm...Mokou?' asked a sheepish Zeta as they swayed and danced vaguely around the circular wooden stage. 'No hard feelings on my costume choice...right?'

The unfortunate woman simply waved her hand shyly, and spun away. Normally confident and ready to draw blood, it seemed her revealing, feminine outfit had emasculated her entirely. SHE was the one that wore the pants in the relationship, dammit! Keine should have been the one up in front of the crowd....

As she cast her decorative danmaku about the air, Mokou began to feel somewhat...violated. She gazed around. The judges were watching silently, stopping to take an annotation or two at times, MC Wrooar was gulping down throat medicine, and behind her...her behind!

'Mokou!' cried Zeta. 'There's a...flower youkai on your butt!'

Mokou shrieked, hurling a flurry of amulets at the gluteus-glomping Suukarin, but she was entirely undeterred.


Suukarin leapt onto the stage, swung around, unfurled her parasol and struck Mokou in the shoulder as she leapt toward her chest...

'Eeeeeeeeeeek! Hourai Volcan-oh...'

But it was too late. As Mokou began to glow, huge chunky boulders began to rain down upon the village, exploding upon contact.

'''This is MC Wrooar! Please take shelter! Abandon ship!'

The judges leapt from their seats and dived overdramatically through a nearby glass window, while several others ran towards the school, Fireburn and Patchy among them.

'Patchy...isn't there anything you can do?'

Patchy's reply was a small yelp as she narrowly avoided a great ball of fire and shot water spell upon water spell at the surrounding grass.


And then...

'Mokou, stop!'

The sexually scarred immortal abruptly stopped mid-spellcard, the sun returning to reveal a somewhat dented, but otherwise unharmed village.

'Excuse me, young lady, but I regret to inform you that Fujiwara no Mokou is the partner of one Keine Kamishirasawa, and if you do not leave the village this instant, I will be forced to...'

As the half-beast prattled on, Suukarin readied her fist.

'Oh no, Patchy! SUUKA'S GOING TO...'


Suukarin smirked.

'Looks like Team Hakutaku's blasting off agaiiiiiin!'



Hard 1ccs
Completed: IN, MoF, SA, DDC, LoLK, HSiFS

Extra 1ccs
Completed: EoSD, PCB, IN, MoF, SA, UFO, DDC, LoLK, HSiFS

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