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[Not-Touhou][Digimon]"Our Memories" (Ending Only)
« on: November 22, 2011, 08:45:10 pm »
So... Hello there, MoTKers, this is my first thread in this section, huh.

Well, today I was like "Man... I should really continue one of my stories", I chose to continue one of my stories entitled "Our Memories", but after I finished the following scene (Or almost), I felt a spark of inspiration, I opened up another file, I had put Epic Sax Guy (10hour loop) to play on youtube a few moments before... The result was this story.

Now, this contains a little bit of strong language, sexual themes, references to Homosexuality and Bestiality(...Digiality?) and is about DIGIMON, this is part of a series I'm making, and this is PRETTY DAMN LATE in the series, hence, if you guys don't understand wtf they are talking about (As you most probably will), feel free to ask questions, just don't think I'm gonna answer absolutely everything.

This is a short writing, since it's only the final scene of "Our Memories", again, don't expect to understand too much as the series is a huge crossover with its own storyline and few original characters, finally, I'm only posting this because... I exceed my every expectation, and I need to publish this SOMEWHERE. Don't ask me to post the whole thing, the whole writing is pornography, aside from the "interlude" scenes and... The ending.

Here goes nothing!



As Veemon and Guilmon looked into the sunset again, their eyes were caught by its marvelous sight, so many stories traded that simple day, so many truths uncovered, the two of them were friends now, as they were back then.

Their relationship broken thanks to a mistake Veemon made, it had been mended only once both of them saw themselves stuck in an impossible situation, captured during the war and thrown into a cell like simple prisoners,  the two once proud commanders of an army of angels and demons were left to only each other’s capabilities.

For many months had the two of them despised each other, as Veemon desperately tried to get their relationship into place, and Guilmon tried his best to make Veemon shut the fuck up and leave him alone, his hatred for Veemon at that time was great… It took a window of opportunity, a glimmer of hope and a death sentence for the two of them to realize that the only way to escape was to help each other.

Even through his hatred, Guilmon had agreed, and with a helping hand of Veemon had the two of them been able to send word to The Resistance to their location, and only a day later, be rescued, moments before their public execution.

Veemon’s job became easier after that, having not as many problems being around Guilmon anymore, and Guilmon slightly forgiving Veemon for what he had done, the two of them were slowly able to mend their relationship together, especially after Takato’s mental health fully healed.

After the end of the war, the two of them avoided each other, they needed time to sink in, they needed to understand what had happened during the war, not only to the world, but to them as well, as the old saying goes: “War never changes…”, and in that, it also never fails to forever change its soldiers and commanders.

It had been back then, a whole decade ago where they met again, during the trip to Miami with the rest of the army, were they relationship really mended, thanks to Takato’s – and Guilmon’s – support, had Veemon finally found his love, even through Veemon’s mistake, Takato and Guilmon had learned a valuable lesson – how much they loved each other – which ended up leading to them forgiving Veemon, and eventually to Veemon finding his true love with Davis, both were even on that week, even through convoluted times, they made it through.

And now, a whole decade later, that friendship still stands, so many ups and downs, as well as so many catastrophes, it had only been five years ago they had to save the world for complete and utter destruction – and annihilation of Existence itself!

As the sun finally found its spot hiding behind the horizon, and the day turned into a night, Veemon looked up into the stars, with only a few clouds in the sky, and his head lifted high above, he said “And you’ll be watching over us all throughout our lives… Won’t you, Guardian Angel?” his words, as low as they were, reached towards Guilmon’s ears clearly, and with a smile on his face, Guilmon lowered his head and closed his eyes, saying “I’m sure he will.”

Veemon briefly looked towards Guilmon, and as he rose his head to look at the stars, Veemon spoke “He always has…”.

That was exactly what Guilmon was going to say, was it fate? Was it something else? He did not know, but something had brought Guilmon and Veemon together, without each other’s help, they wouldn’t be where they are right now, that was for sure.

The silence kicked in for a few minutes, Veemon turned to look at the stars again, and just feel the gentle breeze of the evening on his rough scales and smooth skin, he closed his eyes, believing into everything that had happened to him was determined by nothing more than fate, and even if that wasn’t the case, he knew who he had to thank, even if indirectly.

“It’s getting late…” Guilmon spoke, Veemon hadn’t realized, but the evening sky really was dark, according to his senses, it would be 8 PM already, they had been watching the stars for a whole two hours? Maybe? He didn’t know what was happening anymore, but he couldn’t really care less.

“Yeah…” Veemon replied, finally coming back to his senses, “We should get back.” he continued, looking forward towards the grassy field just on the foot of the small foot of the small hill they were on. “I don’t want Davis getting worried…”

“Neither do I want Takato getting worried.” Guilmon replied, for some reason, Veemon was not surprised by that answer, maybe he knew Guilmon enough to knew that would be it, or maybe… Maybe he honestly wasn’t amazed by their level of friendship anymore. All of these memories together, most of their lives together, Veemon could not be more glad for that…

Guilmon slowly, and rather unwillingly got up, dusting himself off slowly from the grass they were just on, Veemon slowly, very slowly doing the same, Veemon honestly didn’t want to go, this moment… It felt special, somehow, not romantic… But not exactly friendly either… His mind raced for a second until he looked at Guilmon, whom was staring blankly at the grassy field just below them.

“Hey, Guil.” Veemon said, calling Guilmon’s attention, Veemon took a step forward, towards the very tip of the hill, and looked below for a second, and then forward. Beyond the grassy field was a small forest which had the nearest checkpoint, checkpoints being their only way out of the Digital World, still, the Grassy Field was very large, even if they ran, they’d take quite a while to cross everything. “…How ‘bout a race?” he asked.

“A race?” Guilmon asked, not amused or surprised in the slightest, maybe he was expecting that coming from Veemon, “Yeah, a race.” Veemon replied, “Let’s see who gets to the checkpoint faster.” He continued, taking a jump down the hill, his strong and hardened muscles – thanks to the continuous years of fighting – made sure he landed safely on the floor.

“You do know I’m gonna win with my hands tied, right?” Guilmon called from the top of the hill, jumping down towards Veemon, and safely landing right to his side, Veemon, with a quick and rather happy smirk, spoke “We’ll see about that”

Veemon got himself on a running position, putting both of his hands on the floor, and leaning forward with his head, a standard running position, Guilmon got into much the same position, one he was not all to unfamiliar with, being a digimon that could walk on all fours or just with his hind legs, this was a position he used rather often.

“On my mark.” Said Veemon, looking deeply forward into his target – the forest on the other side of the grassy field – “Ready.” He started, putting a certain edge to his tone, “Set.” He continued, now lifting his hips upwards and leaning his head down a little bit more, Guilmon doing much of the same.

Guilmon was more than sure he would easily win this, being able to run on all fours with ease was an enormous advantage for him over Veemon, who could only run on his legs… But he was not surprised by what came next.

Veemon quickly started running, as fast as he possibly could for a few seconds, this made Guilmon raise his head first in curiosity, but immediately break down in a smile, “Go!” Veemon said from rather afar, with a smile on his own face as well, looking back to Guilmon, having fun on his own way, before going back to looking forward and running towards the forest

Guilmon laughed for a second, looking at him, who increased the distance between them quickly, “Oh Veemon… Don’t you ever change.” He remarked, before starting to run himself, using all of his four legs, he quickly closed the distance between him and Veemon…

As Guilmon passed by Veemon’s left, Veemon looked at him with a happy and satisfied smile, once Guilmon had taken a little bit of distance from him, Veemon shouted “Hey, no fair! You’re running on all fours!”

“You’re the one who cheated first!” Guilmon replied, jokingly as well, the two of them were having fun, enjoying the rest of that special moment together as much as they could.

“At least give me a ride!” Veemon remarked, he wasn’t gonna make it at that rate, Guilmon was as fast as a racing horse – if not faster!

“What happened with you being the fastest four legged champion in the army, huh?” Guilmon shouted back, not looking towards him, he didn’t want to get too far away from Veemon, of course, but he needed to have his fun as well!

“That’s my champion form! I’m still a rookie!” Veemon remarked back, jokingly, neither of them was taking the situation seriously, and why would they be? They were friends, in that moment, it was all that mattered.

Guilmon finally quit the jokes and slowed down, allowing Veemon to catch up with him, before equalizing the speed between both of them, it was kinda hard for him to keep that speed as a four-legged, still, he made it. “Come on, hop on.”

Veemon didn’t need to be asked twice, with a jump, easily landing on top of Guilmon’s back, and riding him just like he was a horse, it took him a moment to get his balance, not something he wasn’t used to, though.

“Just remember, I’m letting you ride me, not “ride” me!” Guilmon remarked, jokingly, “Hey, now wait a second!” Veemon replied, “Who the hell do you think I am?” he continued, still joking around.

“The guy who’s fucked over a thousand humans and digimons alike in less than thirty years!” Guilmon replied, still looking forward, “And you’re the guy who’s fucked over two thousand digimons in only seven years!” Veemon commented. “Point taken!”

Veemon closed in on Guilmon’s neck, and held him with both arms, keeping his head forward, looking towards the distant forest that they very slowly closed in on, “You don’t mind, do you?” Veemon said, rather close to Guilmon’s ears, using his legs to balance himself.

“Not at all.” Guilmon replied, not changing his speed in the slightest, as much as he wouldn’t openly admit it, he was having a lot of fun with Veemon that night, had he not decided to come, he would have lost all of this amazing night!

After that, neither Veemon nor Guilmon said anything else, they just kept running back home with smiles on their faces as Veemon held Guilmon and rode him like a horse, the two were friends, years and years of mistakes, fights and happiness proved them that, together, and thanks to each other, they were able to find the loves of their lives, and keep a relationship with such people.

The relationship between Veemon and Guilmon, it wasn’t a mere friendship, it was a love for each other, but not a romantic, not a platonic, and quite definitely not a lustful love, nobody could really explain it, both were bisexuals, and yet they had not even the faintest idea of having sex with each other, but calling them “just friends” or even “extremely good friends” didn’t quite cut it…

I guess you could call their relationship… Bromantic.


Uh... Constructive criticism,and please don't bash me for putting up Digimon in a touhou forum ;_; please.

PS: Most people might be wondering what was Veemon's "mistake" was, simply put, he raped Takato.

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