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Products of an artistic daydreamer
« on: November 12, 2011, 06:12:39 am »
So here will be the NEW place for me to post daydreams 'solid' enough to stand ground but not complex enough that I might as well submit this in DeviantArt. And for that fact, I can make as many errors as I want provided I did not purposely mis-take just cause. Well, it's a re-hash of this long-forgotten thread.

1. This post (Intro)
2. Movie Scenes of an Unused Plot
3.Japanese WW2 Hold-outs Colony (Concept)
4. Puella Magi Alisa Magica (Concept)
5. Cirno X Gilgamesh Crossover
6. Battlefield Survival (Concept)

What's on the Que?:

Bored lurkers would enjoy this thread, especially when I'm bored too.
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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2011, 06:17:37 am »
This was inspired by the thought "What if someone was born on the moon?"

The scene starts off with a teenage American named Parker.

He fills out a form and shows it to what appears to be an obese, African-American Woman whom I thought was some cafeteria lady...apparently she is. She is assisting him before he submits it to the principal.

"You're saying you're born on the moon? Are you serious? No one's ever been born on the moon." she asks, doubting his entry on the 'Birthplace' tab. "Yes, I was born on the moon, didn't you know that historical launch back in '85?" he clarified, hoping to convince the lady to follow his ideas. "You crazy, I tell ya it's nonsense for someone to be born on the moon, much less a pregnant woman who would even get to be an astronaut!!" she taunted, the sound of her voice upsets Parker, he responds "I can prove it to you lady! Just wait and see!!"
Scene Skip.

Parker is in some dark computer room of the school, the glow of the monitor reflects off his round glasses(he's somewhat a non-ugly geek). Around him, the cafeteria lady, a redneck hobo, the dean of the school itself and his XBox Gamer buddy.

"Let's see here.....oh no......this can't be!! How did this happen!?" Parker shouted, on the monitor shows a Wikipedia article on the tragic failure of the 1985 Rocket Launch. A picture shows the rocket blowing up midair just 1500 feet off the ground. It was catastrophic, but even more so on another part of the article describing:
Quote from: Wikipedia
Failed Experiment

Recently, documents have been uncovered showing plans for the first successful birth on the moon. This was due to numerous scientific experiments.....
.....beforehand. The woman who volunteered for the launch never survived the explosion.

Parker, with his head on the floor demands angrily "Then how did I live!? I want to get to the bottom of this right now!! To be treated..." as his eyes begin to water. The cafeteria lady, revealed to be Ms. Thompson, comforts him "Don't worry junior, you have us now. It's going to be alright....and I can finally have a change of job.  :]"
Scene Skip

Inside some giant computer room, Parker and Ms. Thompson glare at some guy in a business suit. The man said "What? Don't you like it? Anyway, I have plans, you are just a failed experiment. Boys, get 'em.

Some generic laboratory soldiers swarm the room. Surrounding Ms. Thompson and Parker. She instructs him "Hey junior, go after him, I can deal with these."

"But what about you? They're trained soldiers?"

"Just go, I have this mop."

Parker was confused when she shoves him off to the door.
 As he left the room she wields her weapon of choice, a simple hardwood mop. The troops were laughing, one of them even mocked her "What is he gonna do? Make us sandwiches?" as his face launching away received the Impact-End of her flying kick. They were stunned just witnessing her agility.

She boasts: "I may be the fattest one in town, but I am the best Gymnast and Wushu practitioner in the entire STATE!!"

She moves at ill-proportioned speeds, bashing one soldier and smashing the mop's head against another. One of them draws his pistol only to have his ankle broken by her slide-kick, kinda like Bob from Tekken.

One after another, the lab-soldiers are all screaming in pain/unconscious.
Parker is still running after the weird business guy.
Scene Skip--Ending(Yeah it's already the end)

Parker's admitted to a free scholarship, he is also the town hero. Ms. Thompson got a new job, she is now the new PE teacher.....and all her students who laughed at her....well....are the ones being laughed at now. The Redneck guy also gained a job as well, he's a marksmanship instructor and a shotgun genius. His gamer still a gamer. The school dean is awarded with numerous ribbons and plaques he gladly displays in his office.

Oh and the villain? Both of his legs were amputated(shotgun'd) and sent to a prison of sheer loneliness...sucker.


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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2011, 08:51:27 am »
You know those Japanese Hold-Outs underground in Metal Slug 3's Mission 4?

Well here's my take on it.
Underground, beneath the ancient temple of Sol Dae Rokker, lies a community of people who emerged from the numerous battalions hiding in WW2. The did accept several years after the end of the war though yet they remained reclusive.

Allied with the Rebel Army, they assisted Morden in his global conquest until they were tamed by the Regular Army's One-Squad Army. Due to sheer casualties, the went from hostile to harmless and were at last peaceful.

In their utopia, the villagers learned how to raise plants without the sun, hot springs are well maintained. The giant insects co-exist with them for example: the giant caterpillars are for heavy transport and the giant snails are the equivalent of motorcycles. The giant flytraps are considered as pets and assist in farming herbs as well. Every now and then they send a few people outside to check on human progress. But on the other hand the only visitors are from the Regular Army and the occasional Martians.

They also made minor changes to their religion as well, they worship the same traditional gods but added Sol Dae Rokker to the list. Every now and then, they give a random object to sacrifice for gold coins, but since the gold is RARELY used at all, it occurs less and less frequently.

But recently, the location is under attack by a new invader. They were so strong it even forced the residing deity into submission and eventually dormancy. They were the Venusians. Despite the death of their queen someone else gave them a boost: Amadeus. He survived the destruction of his lab and assimilated with the Veunisian Gene. Now, Amadeus still looks human except for the 'Carapace Armor' covering his body and limbs, making him look like a Helmet-less knight. Another thing it did to him is the change of gender. For no reason did I imagine this other than making him......a her.

The villages are now in ruins, only a few from each of them survived. As they left off for more prey the survivors began to rebuild. One of them uses their most advanced piece of technology they had: A radio, for a call to the Regular Army. The reinforcements flushed out the invaders, leaving a wreck of the colony. As they rebuild, one brave soul decides to leave for an adventure, accompanying one unlucky bastard throughout the world.

Thus begins the adventure of little Eiko, clad in worn-out rags and shorts, equipped with only her backpack and her grandfather's katana. Accompanying her is her Mini-snail only big enough to support her and her mutated sunflower-like creature named 'Tesuma'. Tesuma is the only mutated plant in the shape of a human female, given away only by her never-changing clothes and the petals on her head. She acts as her guardian and companion, and provides cooking since the child has no experience in that field whatsoever.

As she represents the underground hold-out colony as a whole, a tough battle ahead, this will decide their fate.


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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #3 on: November 13, 2011, 02:19:04 am »
It all began remembering one funny picture I found in the 'booru's, this one. Had me thinking Tekken X Puella Magi

I haven't really thought about the story, all I've been working on are the character replacements and a few important plot events.

Madoka - Alisa Bosconovitch

Mami - 'Mademoiselle' Rochetfort (Mimi for short)
Homura - A daughter of a police chief. (Genderswapped 'Guess Who')
Kyouko - Hildegard von Krone (Lol)
Kyuubei - 'Larsei'
Octavia - Yoshimitsu

Other changes:
Homu-replacement uses numerous, lethal/non-lethal law enforcement weapons (and a few military ones) and performs Kung Fu.
'Mimi' uses rifle-powers like Mami, but can perform melee attacks with a balletic grace while losing the ribbon-binding ability. (transferred over to police-girl as 'police tape' binding).
Alisa's family only consists of Dr. B.
Her initial wish was to be fully human, but instead...
The original human cast can be seen as extras in random scenes.

Although Alisa can use her various robotic attachments, she mainly uses some form of 'cyber-longbow'.

Lee Chaolan's cameo ftw. (ok I lied, that one was five minutes ago)
Yes, Mimi will still die in episode 3, just as Mami will stop making background appearances after that episode.

For the not-clever: Yes, the two girls are Lili and a genderbent Lei Wulong.
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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2011, 11:46:53 pm »
The top rated comments from this video inspired me.

You want one man army mission? Maybe once I learn the mission editor for OFP. That way you can pull off heroics left and right whilst being realistic.

Or if you want total seriousness(while maintaining the fact I have a crapsack PC), VBS1.

The mission takes the Philippines, what? Creator Provincialism strikes. The mission is to liberate a sector of a city taken over and used as a stronghold for the enemy forces(whatever they are). There you are armed only with Binoculars and a pistol(but you can take any weapon around). There is a presence of howitzers, APC's, ghillie snipers roaming about (it's set in a province, so no wonder) and one idiot in the warehouse who's the boss. The mission would use Medal of Honor(PS1/PSX) music, that would be cool.

You start out being paradropped unto a lone house and work your way to one-man everything. There are several approaches to this objective:

>Commando with Satchels
>Sam Fisher
>Assault Commando(Rambo)
>Some bastard who rides vehicles.
>Some guy who coordinates outside attacks
>The Jimmy Patterson way: Subterfuge :P
Or maybe that was use demo charges...I dunno.

That's as far as I can get with a time constraint of 30 minutes. Maybe there should be the obligatory rescue heli crash? And possibly a Gunship Rescue too(TVTropes). Oh, and the obligatory warehouse assault, too.


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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #5 on: December 06, 2011, 11:41:47 am »
Okay, compared to the previous one, I'm indexing this.

Other than Hibiki, it would be awesome to pair Cirno up with....GILGAMESH!!

So time for a crossover.

It would start off with a battered Cirno banished into a unique realm, by a cooperation between Yukari and Sakuya. Unbound by space or time, this would be the hell Cirno will be in for the rest of eternity...or so they thought. In normal time, only a month has passed, but to her, it has been an epoch of conquest. One day, a weird inter-dimensional portal opened in front of Daiyousei. Out comes a strange female clad in rags, possessing weird weapons, and looks like a wannabe bandit-ninja-thing. She tilted her head in confusion but it was replied with a quick blow to the face. All she can see in her eyes are the vicious glare looking at her, hesitating to finish her off and runs off. Daiyousei then falls unconscious.

Next victim would be Mystia, running her stand. A quick stab through her chest, followed by a freezing grip of ice encasing her ribcage in spiky agony.

Then more mayhem.

I'd continue this later. This is a description about a few details about her appearance.

There are still some remains of her old dress, just torn badly and converted into some sort of coat, with a few strips of cloth as a ninja mask. Underneath that are some new apparel and light armor. She has a set of six icicle wings arranged like a horizontal hexagon. One, her middle right, looks like Cloud's Buster Sword; the lower right and lower left icicle wings reference the Freedom Gundam's wings. Her upper left and upper right icicle wings fused together into a crescent, points up. Her middle left wing is the only wing unmodified, reminding her of who she was back then.

She has a unique set of weapons, her primary weapons are:

=Left Arm
It is a cross between a medium shield and a large, three clawed 'paw', albeit a vicious one. And at the center of the paw is an octagonal barrel(Utsuho reference) which can shoot stuff(revealed on the next installment).

=Left Hand and Right Hand
An ice-cold-themed blue palette-swap of Gabranth's main connectable weapons, Chaos Blade and Highway Star. The former is the longer sword while the get the context. They can be combined, separated and kill without mercy.

=Right Arm
An elbow blade, but do not underestimate its value.

She also has more weapons in her arsenal but I'll write about it later.

The only downside of this daydream is that it was based off the daydream/concept about a Final Fantasy project dedicated to Gilgamesh and his adventures in(and sometimes out of) the Rift. Someone work on that.

And I want 'Ice Gilgamesh' fanart.


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Re: Products of an artistic daydreamer
« Reply #6 on: December 15, 2011, 11:48:16 am »
I read this, now I want to make a game.

Battlefield Survival (Working Title) is a survival-horror game where the enemies are humans, obviously, but not just any humans. The sort that makes you soil your lower garments as you desperately survive amidst forces like the Spetsnaz, GSG-9, Ninjas, Delta Force/SEAL Team 6, the general Mafia, bandits, Mongols and others that make you hide in your closet from their sheer professionalism.

It was inspired by a reading from TVTropes:
Quote from: TvTropes
Nothing Is Scarier : In a military shooter game, of all places. But It Makes Sense in Context. Don't believe it's possible in a non-horror game ? Just wait until you're trapped alone behind enemy lines, your magazines are almost empty and you have to hide in the bushes because you hear an IFV scouting around the area, very close to your hiding place.

    Also, the Wham Episode mission from the campaign of Cold War Crisis, where private Armstrong manages to hide in a forest after his entire squad has been ambushed and gunned down. His two-way radio is malfunctioning, so he can't contact the nearest NATO camp and hears about NATO forces evacuating the island. Worse yet, some of the Soviet soldiers readying the area for re-occupation are out to hunt him down. Good luck crawling it out of the forest and then trying to sneak through a highly visible meadow and through several groves and forests to the nearest evac site. It lies several miles from your starting position and is surrounded by enemy-infested terrain...
Good luck.

Stuff you have to survive: (so far)
Spetsnaz: These guys will crash into your truck with their car and kill you from the roof. They will approach you with sheer bear-like brutality from all sides. Out in the country they are snow-ninjas...with guns.
SWAT: Paranoia Fuel, It's either you get tased as they ghost around the area, or they just wait for your mistake...from the hundreds of secret cameras and surveillance equipment. Who knows if there's a camera-grenade in your toilet and a heli-drone pretending to be your RC Copter.
GSG-9: Basically SWAT, Up To Eleven and more lethal. It's like a police-version of the Spetsnaz.
Navy SEALS: For the swamp location, as these guys are practically invisible.
Delta Force: ...can't handle it.
Street Thugs: Because walking out in the street also has to be scary, especially when the nearby bystanders either don't give a s*** or run away.
Mafia: N/A
Ninjas(realistic): They're EVERYWHERE. And especially if you encounter a cute beggar-girl NPC wants you to help her gain some money selling rice buns, then you fall off unconscious.
Generic SouthAmerican Cartel
FBI: Rule of Cool
Vietcong: They will find you, no matter where you hide.
Your everyday police: Those search parties are scary.

It's like Amnesia: The dark descent x ARMA x Alone in the Dark x GTA x Manhunt

Basically, like any survival-horror, you can use alot of improvised weapons, weapons can be scavenged from dead enemies(or lying around)...if you can. Most likely a group already has breached the house through the attic via helicopter.

The area is as wide as a whole city, if not more, like the open areas in ARMA and VBS.

Also, you need to eat, both to increase health slightly and keep yourself from 'going hungry' which weakens mental strength. To really recover health you need stuff like bandages, and medkits, but you can only heal so much, that repeated hits won't heal again...realistically.

Sample scenario: SWAT

You're in a dilapidated house, obviously in escape. Those scary 'ghosts' and beings like the ones from 'The grudge' and 'The House' are refusing to kill/help you, they know the deep shit you're in and thus avoid presence altogether...or that they are Crazy Prepared and brought a priest in full riot gear already kill them before you entered through the window and hid in the closet.

Eventually you have to move, armed with only a stolen suppressed pistol, you slowly move out of from place, in a dark room. You hear sounds of soft footsteps, not yours. It flashes a bright light at your face, causing the character to flinch. Luckily you make the shot and kill him, then take his HK MP5 and scramble. Through the hallways you see two more guys, one of which throws something, thought to have been a grenade you brace yourself, only that it suddenly 'planted' itself on the floor. It has a camera.

[scene skip]

You're hiding in the bushes near the freeway, you crashed you car on the other side. Your goal is to survive, no story, no nothing. Just live, the helicopter is hovering around, a SWAT personnel has his dog barking at your location...oh crap.

Yeah I'm still working on it. It'll be in my projects when I 'hit it big'.


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