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It's raining fish and Half-Oni's!
« on: November 11, 2011, 01:52:59 pm »
It was a long hot Summer day and Kazero was hungry, he knew there was only one thing to do...go fishing...without a fishing rod. He travelled to the lake with a lot of wire and his knife, after tying the wire to the knife he began to swing wire like a laso and let the knife fly into the lake instantly stabbing into something big, Kazero started to pull it in but it tried to get away and with one big pull Kazero managed to bring the fish out of the water but it slipped off the knife and went flying into the air. Kazero collapsed to his knees as he saw his lunch fly away from him "I worked a whole 3 minutes for that I gotta try and get another fish...".

Cirno was flying around for no reason when suddenly a big fish fell from the sky and landed on her head "AH! FLYING FISH!" she paniced and froze it and looked to the sky "Maybe theres a whole flock of 'em nearby!".

*Back to Kazero*
Kazero threw his knife back into the lake and again it stabbed into something he pulled it in but he pulled it in too hard and it was sent flying again. The fish flew threw the air and was head straight for Cirno, it hit her in the face and she paniced again and froze it "Maybe it's not flying fish...maybe it's raining fish!" then a whole bunch of fish seemed to fall from the sky out of no where but it was really Kazero not being a very good fisherman. More fish came soon Cirno was flying in circles yelling "IT'S RAINING FISH IT'S RAINING FISH!".

Eventually Kazero struck something big...really big, he pulled but nothing happened, soon eyes rose from the water looking at Kazero and Kazero said staring back "Lunch...enough for a week!". He pulled and pulled but the fish wouldn't budge soon a small cloud of fog appeared and then Suika was next to Kazero.

"Hey Kazero what ya doing?" She asked

"Fishing for lunch, I got a big one but I can't get it out of the water!" he replied still pulling.

"Alright I'll help!" Suika said grabbing onto Kazero's leg "3, 2, 1, PULL!"

They both pulled and both the fish and Kazero were flung into the air with Kazero yelling "ANYTHING BUT HEIGHTS!!!".

Cirno had only just realised the fish had stopped falling and sighed with releif saying "It's over...".

But suddenly a giant fish landed next to her with Kazero underneath it, Kazero looked up seeing Cirno and said "Hi Cirno..."

Cirno's eyes widened and she flew off screaming "IT'S RAINING FISH AND HALF ONI'S!".

The sun started to set, Kazero looked behind him to the giant fish and said "Dinner..."


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Re: It's raining fish and Half-Oni's!
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2011, 07:00:39 am »
did i get cirno and suika's personalities right? XD

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