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[NaNoWriMo] Recreation and Despair - The First Child
« on: November 11, 2011, 08:45:52 AM »
Darkness existed long before the reign of God. The Elements thrived in its? endless void.

In the Darkness, there was Light.

In the Darkness, there was Hope.

In the Darkness, there was Unity.

In the Darkness, God stood waiting.

Stirring from his slumber, God parted the void. He strode through the abyss of nothingness, admiring the spectral lights of the Elements that would constantly flare up. Alone, silent and patient, he waited till the time was right. Darkness swept through the cosmos. It too, awaited his call.

In a time unknown, God decided it had to be done. Mustering and commanding the Elements to him, he made the universe as it is today. It started with his own world ? The Elemental Plane. Every Element of live and survive there, away from the mortal plane of existence that Life would be made on.

Life was made next, upon the boundaries of the Elemental Plane, to branch out into its? own universe. This is where every mortal creature existed.

But life was not complete without one key element. Chaos. Life was the essence of being. For a mortal to be there, for it to have a place in time. For it to live and breathe. Chaos was the embodiment of uniqueness. Everything that separated each and every mortal. Their preferences, their likings, what they hate. Their personalities, so on and so forth. With Chaos made, God slept.

God was not alone after the creation of Chaos. A new God had been made. One from the primordial ooze which the universe was made of. His name was Zyudngr, the Harbringer of God?s will. Master and supreme overlord of Chaos, he made his own universe. The Evolution. And from it, he would watch over the progress of the mortal races as God slept.

In his own dimension, Zyudngr established an advanced society of Chaos, oblivious that it would ultimately be his downfall.

The first four mortals took form, as the Children of God. They were given powers of the elements, being the protectorates of the mortal world. They were the only mortals that would live in the Elemental Plane, until God awoke and decided that something had to be done.

Zyudngr watched the perfection as mankind branched off into new races;  Elves, Dwalves, Half-elves, and the like. Soon enough, different races flourished in their new dimension on a single world. It was called Eden.

Chaos lives in its? own dimension, creating new versions of themselves as the mortals too, evolved. They stayed ahead of the game, being the perfect evolutionary path of them all. And in that dimension, a group of them, rebelled. They were power-hungry maniacs, unleashing their powers upon the other denizens of Chaos, and with each death, the more power each of them obtained. Eventually, they came face-to-face of Zyudngr, their self-styled ruler and God. They had corrupted every denizen in their plane, and they cast Zyudngr into the abyss, to slowly die and rot forevermore.

And they set out, to conquer the other universes.

As aeons passed, creatures so different then their original ancestor rose up, and different races dominated the world. Some were similar to humans, just with a green tint to their skin, and bigger, sharper teeth. Some were very, very alien. Having squid-like faces and balls of red flames as eyes.

The races progressed, some being evil and demonic to the core. Others followers of the Light and all things holy. Sin and Evil came over the original race, mankind, and soon spread to everything else. Evil, just pure darkness, infected the mortals. Changed them. Made them fear.

God awoke when it happened, and for reasons unknown, tossed the four Children Of God to Eden, where they each had one message in hand; Defeat yourself, conquer your mind, and free your soul. Only then could they venture back into the Elemental Plane, and take what each of them rightfully deserve.

The firstborn was Katelin Elntila SoulReaver. Blessed with Crystal, ?Cursed? with Chaos.

The sound of shattering glass echoes through the room, only to be silenced by an even louder blunt, cracking noise as an object is flung towards a wall, where it promptly leaves a miniature crater. As the shiny, golden object succumbs to the forces of gravity, skies roar again. Maybe in blind hatred and fury, or maybe in the realization that even greater forces were at work.

The room itself breaks apart, shattering like glass, a thousand tiny fragments falling to the translucent floor, radiating a calming, purple glow even in the madness behind them. Majestic crystals take the place of the shards, forming at a speed incomprehensible to a mortal?s mind. Glistening with every color possible, they reveal a path, a hallway of sorts. As the brilliant aura of the crystals emanated through the room, the woman ? The one once filled with anger, finds no more. All of the rage just collapsed to dust. She felt blasted, wrecked, and sank to the ground as if her bones could no longer hold her weight.

Grey mist swirled around the room, reflecting the light from the crystals that grew on the floor. The woman ran her fingers down her right arm, feeling a sensation she had never experienced before. Touch. Her blonde hair flowed down to her voluptuous breasts, her pupils were black, surrounded by a light gold hue.

But her eyes were clouded. Clouded with tears.

The woman struggles to get up, regain her footing, but all she is met with is the bitter and cruel laws of physics. Her bones feel more like rubber then a solid structure. Her body is ravaged with many scars and gashes on her once flawless, peachy skin. Rousing from her kneeling, the woman finally regained the strength to hold herself up. Her eyes shone with the same brilliance that the crystals had brought with them in their creation. Life.

?Why?? She murmured, clawing against the wall she had placed herself on.

A deep rumbling was the only response. It came from the ground below her, through the crystals and through the once-transparent, glass-like floor. Numbness began to cloud her mind, but somehow, the woman managed to gather whatever ludicrous thoughts she still had, and mustered the will to once more just ask.

?Why, Father??

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