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[NaNoWriMo] Untitled as of now
« on: November 11, 2011, 05:32:34 AM »
My slow progress after a week. I'm probably not gonna finish, huh? Anyways, since I don't know what to put down for my prologue, enjoy my unfinished Chapter 1. Feel free to criticize, I take it well. Tips would help as well.

Oh right, a little synopsis. All the Touhous are inflicted with Amnesia, and are labeled into one of seven classes: Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker. They are all teleported to a separate area from Gensokyo and put into a free for all. Marisa is the main character, and she's in the Caster class.

   As Marisa turned her head around the corner, a knife flew across her face and cut off a few strings of her hair. She quickly backed up behind her corner, a simple square slab of concrete.

   Dammit, she's pretty damn sharp with her aim. She's very damn good for one in the Assassin class ze. Attempting to create separation, Marisa casted a quick blinding spell and bolted in the opposite direction. ?Now to start blasting her once I catch sight of her ze,? she muttered under he breath. As she began to turn around, a voice called out from behind her.

   ?Running away, are we??

   Surprised, Marisa turned her head back to the direction she was running, and managed to raise her arms up to block the spinning backhand. The force of the blow was still high enough to send her flying, and she landed 10 meters away in a sitting position.

   ?At least your reflexes are good. Hahahahaha!? laughed Assassin as Marisa got up on her feet. Her opponent was a young woman of around 19 or 20, with short, wild silver hair, two braids that went to her shoulder, and eyes as red as the color of blood. She wore a black jacket, a black short skirt, and a black maid's headdress. As she analyzed her, Marisa saw that her stats were highly focused on speed and strength.

   Well two can play at this game ze. Marisa went into a crouching stance as she prepared a present in her left hand. After a brief pause, Marisa dashed at Assassin and attempted a kick to the midsection, which Assassin easily sidestepped. Assassin responded with another spinning backhand, which Marisa easily ducked under. Marisa then countered with an right uppercut to the jaw. The force sent Assassin flying 2 meters into the air and landing 5 meters away. Seizing the moment, Marisa tossed the bomb she prepared beforehand to where Assassin was laying and shot a laser beam at the bomb. The bomb prematurely detonated above the lying Assassin, causing an explosion that destroyed everything in a 2 meter radius and created a smog of dust that covered the scene. Marisa turned away, the battle over.

   ?Are you sure you should turn your back to your opponent??

   Assassin suddenly appeared in front of a surprised Marisa and punched her right between the eyes with a closed fist. Marisa was sent flying yet again and landed 15 meters away sprawled on the ground. Marisa attempted to get up when a knife was thrown and pierced Marisa's left hand, lodged so that 2 cm stuck out on the other side. Marisa screamed out in pain, which only brought a bigger smile to Assassin as she wiped the blood from her mouth.

   ?Scream louder and I might just let you live. Ahahahahahaha!?

   Marisa then gritted her teeth as she grasped the handle of the knife lodged in her hand. ?This.... Fucking.... Hurts!? screamed Marisa as she pulled it out. But how the hell did she survive that blast? There's no way she took the impact of the bomb, otherwise she would have looked more damaged ze. This makes no sense! Marisa used some quick healing magic to close the wound on her hand, and wiped off the blood on her chin with her healed hand.

   ?Take this!? yelled Marisa as she tossed two bombs at Assassin.

   ?Ha! That might have surprised me earlier, but your weak tricks aren't going to defeat me, Marisa! You're so weak that I won't even hide my name or my techniques anymore!?

   Marisa was shocked that Assassin knew her name. How did she know?! Marisa rebounded and shot more laser beams towards Assassin. ?Then you better use them now!? she retorted.

   ?I intend to! Sakuya's World! Time has stopped!?

   Assassin suddenly disappeared as the bombs got hit by the lasers and exploded. Marisa looked around for Assassin when she felt the air being cut by multiple knives flying towards her. Marisa quickly rolled out of the way as the knives flew past the area where she was just standing. So... she's Sakuya Izayoi, huh? That mad human maid, who specializes in using knives as projectiles and the ability to stop time. So that's how she avoided the bombs ze. However, there is a weakness to that power.
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