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0 A.D. (Free, Open-Source, Cross-Platform RTS)
« on: November 03, 2011, 02:36:09 AM »
I'm quite surprised no one has bothered to make a topic about this yet, since the game has been in development for almost a year now.  It runs on Windows, Linux, and OSX for those of you wondering about the cross platform part.

Gameplay video.

For the uninformed, 0 A.D. plays like Rise of Nations, although the setting is more akin to Age of Empires than anything else.  Some of the animations and gameplay features have not been implemented yet, but that is to be expected from an alpha.  I've played a few matches against the computer in the newest build, and it seems to run very smoothly (the game loads up instantly as soon as you launch it).  I'd recommend any strategy fans to try it out, since it looks like it has a lot of potential at the moment.

Click for homepage.

The next alpha build is scheduled to be released in December, but the game is fully playable as it is right now.

The current alpha (Geronium) can be obtained here.


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Re: 0 A.D. (Free, Open-Source, Cross-Platform RTS)
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This is very very slick. The movement and visuals are silky smooth. I love how your units can quickly dash and run through each other to get into new formations instantly.

Of course I can't really say anything about the actual game yet, but it's got a damn nice engine at least :V