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the grimore of alice (script)
« on: October 30, 2011, 01:48:22 pm »
you have to imagine how they say it and how they feel also i have bad spelling
 Alice enters the kitchen
Alice: mother
shinki: yes do you need something
alice: whats this book you gave me it says grimore of alice and its locked
shinki: its a special book that opens when you are ready to leave
alice: so when is that?
shinki: soon very soon
alice: ok
alice left the kitchen and went to play with mai and yuki and shinki
 2 months later it was alices birthday and alice got alot of presents for her 10 birthday
as everyone gave her presents shinki gave alice a key and said
shinki: Alice you are now ready now you can read the book that you have been wanting to read
Alice felt a little disappointed with the present
Alice: thanks mother
yumeko: I'm bringing in the cake
yumeko and everyone else were really happy and after eating the cake Alice opened the presents and she finally opened the book
Alice:wow this book is amazing
mai: the grimore of Alice your so lucky Alice
yuki: I'm so jealous
it took Alice forever to read the book and finally she finis ed it 2 years later
Alice: MOM....... MOM...... HEL UGH
shinki ran across the room and yumeko followed
yumeko ran as fast as she could crying as she saw Alice lying on the flour with blood coming from her eyes and mouth
shinki knew that Alice was turning into a youkai and she knew how it felt since she went through the same terrifying pain
Alice was filled with power and life and after a month of unconsciousness she finally woke up
Alice: mother what happened hpw long have i been unconscious for
shinki:...... a mouth
alice:that cant be ..... true
alice didn't notice how strong she had become
shinki: you have become much stronger Alice after reading the grimore you have become a you....kai
Alice  almost cryed
shinki: Alice stand up we must get ready for a danmaku battle and i must Trina you so you can be careful of your own power
Alice stood up and went into a danmaku battle against shinki which of course Alice lost but Alice had so much power and after AWOL she enjoyed danmaku battles so much she had a danmaku battle every 2 days
but alice was diferent to shinki
very different
alice had beaten shinki by using her strange new abilities which were......

so that's the end if you liked it please tell me and if enough people like it i will make part 2
thank you for reading
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Re: the grimore of alice (script)
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2011, 10:25:31 pm »
The unpleasant thing about script format is that it doesn't carry as much power because of the decreased focus on description. If you do make part two, can I suggest regular prose instead of script format?

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