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My Name is Orange!
« on: October 10, 2011, 12:15:14 pm »
A  short fanfic about the Youkai of insignifigance- Orange.

It was quite an unusual day, Orange noted. For one thing, there were things that looked like ghosts flying past constantly. Even odder, they all appeared to be sticking out their tongues. Wondering what was going on, she decided to follow them. She hadn’t gotten far however, when she saw a Miko with bright purple hair sitting on the back of a bearded turtle. At least there was one thing that wasn’t weird today. Spotting her, the Miko urged her turtle forward.
“Hey You!”
Orange wasn’t used to being addressed like this, but polite to a fault, she asked
“Er…What is it?”
“Are you a youkai?” The Miko seemed angry about something. Orange wasn’t sure what sort of reply was wanted, so she settled on
Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to go down well, as the Miko’s face darkened further.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said eventually.
Orange didn’t remember much of what happened next, except that it was very bright, and that it hurt. A lot. Once she was certain that the crazy Miko was gone, she left her hiding place.  It wasn’t long until she heard a loud whistling noise from behind, accompanied by a shout of
“Outta the way!”
She turned around and had just enough time to see a blonde-haired girl bearing down on her before they crashed and she was sent tumbling down to the forest below.

Orange patted her head, to make sure it was still attached to the rest of her. It was the only part of her body that she was worried about, since all the others were rushing to inform her of every single injury she had sustained. Since her head was the only part of her that didn’t feel like it had been trampled by a herd of elephants, she had thought that it might have come off.
She flopped onto a tree stump and began bemoaning her situation.
“It’s not fair! Why are they so strong? I’m a youkai aren’t I; I should be able to beat a couple of humans. But they’re so strong. Maybe I’m just weak. No! I shouldn’t think like that. I’ll just get stronger. I’ll go learn martial arts, and then when they see me again they’ll be in for a rude awakening! Hah!”
With that in mind, she climbed the highest mountain in the land, looking for the wise old hermit who could teach her to become far, far stronger. However, upon reaching the mountains summit, she realised that the hermit actually lived atop the slightly smaller mountain nearby.
And so began her training. She spent many (read; two) years fighting bears (Or more accurately running away from bears), sitting under waterfalls (to wash away the smell of bears) and doing various other things that don’t make sense. But somehow, this did lead to her becoming stronger, and eventually the old hermit said there was nothing more he could teach her. Orange reflected that as old hermits went, he hadn’t been particularly strong or wise, and that he smelled funny. Still, now she was strong enough to challenge those two…On the other hand she probably shouldn’t start picking fights… But if they tried to pick a fight with her, she’d definitely beat them… Yeah…
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Remilia Scarlet was thinking very seriously. She had been for quite a while. But now, she seemed to come to a decision.
“Sakuyaaaaa!” she yelled loudly. There was a loud crash from downstairs and her maid appeared behind her.
“What is it milady?” she asked with a completely straight face.
“What was that noise?”
“I didn’t hear a noise.”
“Sort of a crash.”
“It must have been lady Flandre”
“Really?...” Remilia attempted to look intimidating, but since Sakuya was twice her height it didn’t work very well. She quickly gave up.
“Sakuya, we need a gate guard.”
“A what?”
“A gate guard. Someone to guard the gate” she said “Of the mansion.” She added, feeling that perhaps further clarification was needed.
“Yes, I know what a gate guard is.” There was just a hint of exasperation in Sakuya’s voice.
“Well then, go get one.”
“Er…Right away milady.”
Sakuya stopped time and turned to leave the room. She decided that it would probably be wisest to clean up the remains of the vase she had dropped first. Why was Remilia so… the word ‘obnoxious’ sprang to mind, but she settled for ‘loud’ instead. After cleaning up, she headed out searching. Any random person would do, but Remilia’s stupid fog was making it impossible to find anything. Suddenly, she noticed a flash of red beneath her. Flying down, she noticed that the flash had come from a red-haired youkai near the mansion.
Orange had been wandering Gensokyo for a while. There was a lot of mist around and she was…not lost, she told herself, just misplaced. She almost crashed into the wall of a large house, but spotted it just in time. She didn’t remember coming across a house like this before…Maybe she really was lost.
Suddenly, she was inside. Beside her was a white-haired woman in a French maid uniform and in front of her was a child with bat-wings and a silly hat. (She wasn’t just wearing the hat of course, it simply demanded all attention) For a while, Orange was too shocked to do or say anything, but through extreme force of will she managed to squeeze out the word
The two of them ignored her completely.
“Will she be any good?”
“Don’t you trust my judgement milady?”
“Well you have to admit, she doesn’t look like much.”
The maid sighed.
“Milady, she was the most suitable candidate.”
“Fine, fine. I’ll give her a test run.” The kid turned to Orange “You. What’s your name?”
Orange was startled.
“What? Er…O-Orange.” She managed to stutter out.
“Whater Aworange? That’s a stupid name! I’ve got a much better name for you; Hong Meiling!” The kid looked proud as she announced a name possibly even stupider than Whater Aworange.
“What sort of… Ow!” Orange felt something stabbing into her foot. The maid beside her was wearing stilettos, but she hadn’t moved.
“An excellent name milady” the maid said.
“Yes, I rather thought so.” The kid looked smug. “Anyway Sakuya, go tell her what to do and stuff.”
“Right away milady.” Sakuya turned around to Orange “Follow me.”
She looked scary. Orange didn’t want to get on the wrong side of her, so she thought it’d be best to do as she said.

After walking in silence for a while, Orange managed to work up the courage to ask Sakuya what was going on. Sakuya stopped dead and turned around, a puzzled look on her face.
“Didn’t I tell you already?”
Orange shook her head.
“Oh. I could have sworn… Oh well. This is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. That person you just met was Remilia Scarlet, owner of the mansion. You’ve just been hired as the new gate guard.”
“What?!” Orange yelled “Gate guard? I can’t do that! I don’t know anything about being a gate guard!”
“It shouldn’t be too difficult to wrap your head around. There’s a gate and you guard it. Simple.”
“That’s not the point! Why do I have to do it?”
“Because you’re the only person I could find.” Sakuya sighed. “Look. Remilia goes through fads for different things. At the moment she wants a gate guard. If you have a problem, take it up with her.”
Orange thought back to when she met Remilia earlier. She hadn’t seemed like much, but if this scary person was her maid, then she must be really tough.
“A-Alright, I’ll go along with it, for the moment at least.”
“Good. Come along then.”

After a quick tour of the mansion, Sakuya brought her outside to the gate.
“And here’s your post. Just don’t let anyone in.” Sakuya said brusquely.
“Okay, but…” Orange turned around, but the gate was already closed and Sakuya was nowhere in sight. She sighed and leaned against the wall. She began to resign herself to her new job, but then it hit her. Why should she? Couldn’t she just run away? After all with all the mist around, they wouldn’t even be able to see that she was gone. And even if they did, she could just say that she was patrolling. It would work. Of course it would. She looked around quickly to make sure no-one was watching, and then flew off.
Orange was so preoccupied with making sure she wasn’t being followed, that she forgot to look where she was going and almost collided with an ice fairy coming in the opposite direction who also seemed to be worried about pursuers. Unfortunately for Orange, she realised that the fairy’s fears were the more well-founded, as she saw two familiar figures emerge from the mist. They were wearing different clothes, but were still unmistakeable.
“Aahh! It’s that crazy Miko and Witch!” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. The pair stopped and looked at each-other.
“Crazy Miko? Is that what they call you ‘round here Reimu?”
Reimu ignored her sniggering companion and turned to Orange
“Who the hell are you?”
“Me? Ah, my name is Orange.” Orange’s natural politeness surfaced once more.
“Orange huh? Sounds like a fake name to me. You know, I recall beating up someone who looked like you before.”
“Y-You must be mistaken.”
“It doesn’t matter anyway. You have something to do with this mist don’t you?” Reimu abruptly changed tack, leaving Orange confused.
“What? No! No, I don’t have anything to do with it!”
“Don’t bother lying. I can see right through you.”
“Yeah, her Crazy Miko senses are tingling.” The witch cheerfully interrupted the conversation.
“Marisaaaaaaa…….” Reimu rounded on her friend. Orange took advantage of the disturbance to flee, however she was almost immediately accosted by the cry of
“Hey you! Get back here!”

Remilia was sitting on the balcony outside her room, looking down towards the front gate. Despite what Orange thought, the gate was perfectly visible from the mansion, mist or no mist. She watched with interest as her new gate guard slammed headfirst into the gate. Hong Meiling. Maybe she had wasted such a brilliant name by giving it to an idiot. A movement beside her made her turn around. Sakuya had managed to get hold of a megaphone from somewhere and was using it to talk to Meiling.
“Meiling will you please return to your post.”
Remilia couldn’t quite hear the reply, but she did hear that it started with a ‘but’. That was enough for her. She grabbed the megaphone off Sakuya and started yelling down it.
“You. Are. A. Gate. Guard! Guard the damn gate!”
Triumphant, she turned to Sakuya, who was holding one hand over her ear and using the other to attempt to stop herself from chocking on the strap of the megaphone.

“There you are!”
Orange cringed and turned around. Seems she didn’t manage to lose them after all. Then again, fleeing in a perfectly straight line in the direction they’re heading anyway is not necessarily the best method of shaking off pursuers.
“There’s no way ya can pretend yer not involved now.” Marisa had a bruise on her face, almost as if she had been punched in the jaw.
“Thanks for leading us here.” Reimu was smiling. It was absolutely terrifying.
“YOU DID WHAT!?” Remilia’s screech echoed.
“No! I didn’t…”  Even as she said it, Orange knew no-one would believe her. What should she do? They were so scary. But hadn’t she trained for this? If she didn’t fight, those years of training would go to waste. She could do it. It’d be easy. Right? Right. She took out her most powerful spellcard and took a deep breath.
[Extreme Colour Ty…]
But she didn’t even get to finish the name of her spellcard before
[Fantasy Seal]
[Master Spark]
she was knocked unconscious.

Later on, Orange went to see Remilia.
“May I resign milady?”
Remilia got strangely angry at the question.
“No way you idiot!” she yelled.
“No buts! Get back to the gate Meiling!”
“My name is Orange!”

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