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Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« on: September 14, 2011, 08:21:56 pm »
Some of you may remember a series of Bad End stories that emerged a few years ago. If not, you should check them out right now.

Now that many new characters have appeared, it is time to make new Bad End stories! Older characters are still welcome though.

I'll start:


Roll, roll, roll. You awaken to the sound of a cart rolling down a rocky slope at high speed. It is too dark to see anything, so you feel around for clues of your whereabouts. Suddenly, your hands touch a face, but there is no reaction. You realize that you are in a cart with a corpse. Screaming at the top of your lungs, you jump out as quickly as you can, terrified to the bone. You hear an angry meow from behind you: "Get back into my cart." Although the voice is cute and feminine, you have no desire to obey the command. Summoning all your adrenaline, you run downhill in the poorly lit cave as a catgirl with red pigtails in a black frilled dress chases you with the cart. As you run, your body starts to sweat uncontrollably. The air around you becomes much hotter, and you soon come to a panicked stop in front of a dead end. Far down below, you see lava and fire, and behind you, the catgirl appproaches with a menacing grin.

"Orin! Were you chasing someone?!" A loud, stern but womanly voice resounds, and Orin freezes on her tracks. A young woman with short lavender hair flies to the two of you from above, and lands in front of Orin with her hands on her hips. An eerie-looking red eye hangs on her chest like a stethoscope, tethered by red strings. "You went into the outside world to get corpses again, didn't you?! You know you're not supposed to do that!" Orin looks extremely unconfortable. She apologizes profusely to the young lady and scampers off with her cart. You are about to open your mouth when the woman breaks you off: "Don't worry, you're safe now. I'm sorry you've been put through such a panic. My name's Satori by the way. Satori Komeiji. And you are? ...ah I see. That was my pet, Orin. We're underground right now, so I'll let stay in my palace for a night before sending you back to your world." Her answers comfort you yet disturb you at the same time. Somehow, she seems to know your questions before you've said a word. "Oh, that's because I read minds," she continues matter-of-factedly, "must be disquieting for you. Hmm? You don't think it's weird? You think it's cool? Well, I'm flattered." She giggles a bit, revealing a cute smile that takes your by surprise. "Anyways, follow me." She grabs your hand and you fly with her over the gorge of lava, into a stony gothic-looking palace. Though you are awestruck how exhilarating flying feels, you are even more delighted by how soothing it feels to be held tightly in Satori's warm and gentle arms. Unfortunately, your euphoria is short-lived as you quickly arrive at the main hall of the palace. Satori leads you to your room and bids you to have a good rest after the trials of today.

You have a great fulfilling nap, and wake up to a pleasant smell. You follow the smell to an elaborate dining hall with fancy, colored stained-glass windows on the walls. A cluster of pets - cats, birds and other animals - are crowding around a number of animal food dishes in a corner. But what catches your eye is Satori's lonely figure eating at the end of the dining table. Never hesitant to approach a lonely maiden, you walk over to her and sit beside her. She is surprised, and after staring at your with her eyes for a while (all three), she hands you a plate of sushi. Your favorite. Satori giggles as you dig in. "You're an interesting guy. You don't avoid me just because I can read your mind." You instantly grab the opportunity: "But you're so kind-hearted and lovely!  It must be lonely, having dinner by yourself, so I thought I'd come keep you company." The dinner becomes a date, as you and Satori tell each other about yourselves and come to like one another. Satori even lights a candle with a bit of magic from her fingers, kindling a serene, romantic atmosphere.

Then you notice a grain of rice on Satori's cheek. You think of brushing it off with your finger, but Satori grabs hold of your arm. "Um...if you don't mind, I'd like you to use your m-mouth" she stutters. You do not hesitate: you use the opportunity to kiss her on the cheek. Although Satori is blushing nervously, she appreciates your boldness and gently pushes your head sideways until your lips meet. The two of you kiss tenderly, and your hands stroke Satori's hair and neck. With your eyes closed, you imagine how great it would be to date her, to marry her, to get on the bed with her and...

"KYA!" Suddenly, Satori pushes you off with a flushed look. " want to do perverted things with me!" You wave your hands and deny it as sincerely as possible, but the words "perverted things" triggers more images in your mind. Images that you wish Satori would not see. "What?! Y-you want to tie me up and...!" Holding her head in embarrassment, Satori suddenly breaks down in tears. "You're just like the other men! You only want me for your perverted pleasures! And you act like you love me! You damn lolicon!..." You vehemently protest, but Satori holds her hand toward you with a displeased countenance. "Terrifying Hypnotism!" Your mental images of Satori tied in ropes are erased and replaced by darkness.

When you wake up, you hear a cart. Roll, roll, roll.

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Why is Youmu afraid of Unzan?

Because the things that her sword cannot cut are next to nun!


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2011, 07:15:49 am »
I had to pity "myself" at the end. 'Course, that's what happens when you try to get to bed with a mind reader!  On a side note, that link of yours led to an empty page.  Might need to modify it.
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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2011, 08:04:03 am »
Just add the last parenthesis to the link.


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #3 on: September 15, 2011, 03:53:40 pm »
Oh I really liked those stories, but not all of them were good. I have to agree with MFZBdude for pitying "me" here.


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #4 on: September 15, 2011, 09:18:01 pm »
Oh I really liked those stories, but not all of them were good. I have to agree with MFZBdude for pitying "me" here.

This. all of it. Some of them were even heartwarming in their own way.
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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2011, 02:02:35 pm »
I should write a few of these.
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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2011, 03:54:08 pm »
Oh hey, I remember writing a couple of these way back when I was just getting into writing Touhou fiction. I think a few of mine are in there too (Rikako Bad End, Orange Bad End and a Meiling Bad End were written by me).

Not sure if I want to relive that and write any more though, I'll have to think about it...
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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #7 on: September 19, 2011, 01:37:34 am »
Just finished reading all of the other Love stories. Have to say...the one Kilga wrote almost made me cry. Definitely want to see more of these.


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #8 on: September 23, 2011, 02:35:21 pm »
All these fanfics are really nice. Pity i have no time to read the longer ones thanks fo IB.


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2011, 02:44:31 am »
All these fanfics are really nice. Pity i have no time to read the longer ones thanks fo IB.

Make sure you read Kilga's Reisen fic at least!

Also I hope people will contribute. They don't have to be long.
Why is Youmu afraid of Unzan?

Because the things that her sword cannot cut are next to nun!


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #10 on: October 02, 2011, 05:11:42 am »
I'm posting here. If I should instead post at the wiki, please tell me.
Also, the endings don't quite match up. This is intentional.

The first time you were aware of Her was when She carved Her name on you.

Then again, such a statement is perhaps unwarranted. Such a translation of a concept to a society as short-lived as humanity loses much of its nuance. Besides, you have realized in retrospect that Her influence began earlier in time; a series of gentle nudges toward your inevitable meeting, soft caresses when you were in pain, the occasional pang that reminded you of your path when you strayed. Perhaps She was there when you were born, guiding you through the carnage that was your cradle.

However, the appearance of those crimson lines was undeniably the start of your relationship in absentia. For more than a century, She has dominated your thought.

And tonight, you are going to meet Her in the flesh.
You meet and find yourselves surprisingly different. When you speak of fate, she simply laughs. She cannot answer any of your questions at the time of your arrival but finds the answers piecemeal later. Yet despite Her insistence of Her own freedom, she considers herself stalwart and immobile against the flow of time, but you see clearly that She is touched... no... blessed by the capacity for change. Every day She disproves Her own immutability with Her growth, every iota of gained strength a triumph over congenital feebleness, every datum learned in spite of the point in time in which She existed as nothing.

You too are a challenge to Her view. She was first incredulous and later annoyed to find that you learned only slowly. You help Her understand that your spontaneity is ultimately an expression of order and stability, a time-invariant Markov chain far less mutable than even dead lore that must pass through changing minds.

When She heads to war, or any semblance of it, you are there beside Her, watching Her wrath so unlike your own, Her dignified and grandiose fury bearing down on Her foes. When She conducts Her studies, you are there, carrying out Her exact instructions even when it screams against your instincts, not just because you (rightfully) fear the costs of failure but because you trust Her with all of your being. When She sleeps, you stand a silent vigil outside her door, unlike Her other servant,

who She trusts with Her body and invites in whenever She decides to sleep.

or Her dear friend, or said friend's servant.

You understand that, regardless of your feelings towards Her, She is under no obligation to reciprocate. Therefore, it is to your great surprise that, exactly 3650 days after your first meeting, She invites you into her room.

Ending 1
You enter with trepidation. The air is charged with tension, and each step is heavier than the last. Most of your attention is directed towards putting one foot in front of the other as your vision swims; were you more attentive, you might have noted the shifting space of the room. After five trembling paces, you find yourself no farther from the ajar door.

The door that you guarded zealously. The gateway to the domain of your Mistress. You did not leave the door open.

You undergo rapid displacement; your location has been changed without acceleration. In your moment of confusion, you find your flaccid limbs tied to a table.

"Be gentle, Sakuya. Every cc of tissue is precious."

Your Mistress looms over you. She holds a small knife in her hands and suspends an array of implements with her magic.

You open your mouth to speak. She reaches inside and cuts out your tongue. You are temporarily in danger of drowning in your own blood, but your treacherous reflexes force you to drink.

"Alright. Let's start with the epithelial tissue. The subcutaneous fat can be dealt with later."
You black out from pain halfway through the skinning procedure. However, you manage to regain consciousness in time to witness your dismemberment. The constant pain is simply a distant haze now, but you witness your Mistress at Her best: meticulously examining the object of her interest. Currently, the fortunate item in question is your left lung.
You do not quite fall unconscious during the next procedure.You are painfully aware as the rotary saw chews through your spine and skull, counting the beats of your heart as it flops like a misshapen fish in its container. You are awake as you are finally stripped of sight and hearing, the other senses rendered useless by injury or background stimulation. The complex magic that your Mistress uses to splay your nerves onto pages of your own skin registers as strange flashes of experience; red with a side of angularity surges through, leaving a wake of paranoia and eat. Your thought remains undimmed as, in some fit of cosmic irony, your flayed brain is bound in a tome woven of your own flesh.
Patchouli smiled faintly at dinner. Remilia's curiosity was piqued. The librarian's good moods had been rare recently. However, a more pressing question took precedent.
"What happened to that new familiar of yours, Patchouli?"
"Oh, the contract expired."
Patchouli takes out the book hidden in her sleeve.
"Don't worry. It left this as something to remember it by.

Ending 2
The air is heavy with fate as you enter. This one event will be the culmination of your life; a destiny not to be deferred. The fear of having strayed haunted you earlier; you know now that your worry was for naught.

She waits at Her desk, an image of perfection. She stands as you near, entering your embrace.

The arc traced out by one of Her fountain pens is equally perfect, sinking soundlessly into Her neck. She gurgles helplessly as you drag her into the library. Her other familiar is nowhere to be seen.

You wait until Her death before beginning. Though many defenses remain, the library is now vulnerable. You break open a phial of tetrahedral phosphorus and watch both Unmoving Great Libraries of magic consumed by mundane flame. Through the pyre the liar may escape the ire and the quagmire of repatriation.

Ending 3
You enter nervously, mulling over the development. Rather, mulling is what you wish you were doing; your are instead possessed by a maniac intensity, fretting and doubting. You must and must not continue.

She is waiting inside, quill and quill-knife readied. You begin unbuttoning the shirt lent to you. After a few fumbles, the buttons yield. Patchouli is unfazed.

The knife is expertly drawn down your sternum, small flicks separating the myriad layers of tissue. Skin separates into sheets the consistency of damp rice paper with the lubrication of liquefying subcutaneous fat. At this moment, you are literally Patchouli's book.

Upon those sheets are miles of flowing script; the first layer details the time you spent with Her while the second details your birth. The layer below that is a chronicle of your parents. As layer after layer peel away, the records become more fragmented and less coherent. At the tenth, you requested that She stop reading aloud; now at the fifteenth, you suspect that She is shivering.

By the twentieth, Her hands shake to the point where the knife becomes useless. She grasps the layer and pulls outward. Before you black out, you hear Her whisper,

In Car...
You do not know how long you were unconscious, or whether you lost consciousness at all, for that matter. You have lost sensation in your eyelids and cannot see. A faint *crunching* sensation rattles through your...


You attempt to move your arms to no avail. Your internal senses are muted and your psychosomatic map is suddenly missing. One arm seems to map to a rectangle while the fingers on the other form not five but one surface.

Suddenly, you are assaulted by burning lights. You manage to dodge a column of said light (how do I know? what happened to my body?) and begin to panic when a number spherical flares appear. You lash out in their general direction and the spheres fade. The column disappears. You are left alone for a few days.
Later, the column of light returns, stronger than ever. The flare makes your skin crackle on first miss; the next shot is a hit. A soft *snap* accompanies some minor pain where your spine and shin might have been.

A moment later, a void, some inexplicably horrifying spot of darkness within the darkness that dominates your sight neared. Pain lances through your body in confusing patterns; tissue is wounded in strange zig-zag patterns that skips earlier layers. You realize that you no longer have a ribcage when a third flare sizzles through your lungs.


A fourth flare tears through your ankle and torso. You begin to realize that your current body is radically different than your original. You note that you are inappropriately calm despite the fact that you do not recall how to move.

"Thanks for the meal."

Hands grab you and pull. A sea of eyes stare at you, watching you fade into oblivion.


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Re: Touhou Love Stories: More Bad Ends
« Reply #11 on: October 02, 2011, 07:15:53 am »
Simple one, because I want to make the most out of my interest for WH40k before I lose interest and go back to GenZH.

You meet Nitori somehow, you two fall in love, all goes well until the two of you suffer a massive accident. Nitori got of with some minor surgery but you on the other hand...

You tried to open your 'eyes' but apparently they're sensors covered with a 'blindfold'. But at least you can move your arms and legs...but they feel different. "Hush! You shouldn't move your parts like that, hang on let me get back to you." said Nitori, your hearing says that she's in front of you. After a few minutes she takes the 'blindfold' off your cameras. You try to look at your body but it seems they're fixed.

"Nitori, can you get a mirror for me?" you requested. Your voice sounds like a robot badass.

"Sure thing."

She gets a wide mirror from the cabinet and shows you your reflection. Your basic 40k knowledge screams at your for incompetency as you stare in're a dreadnought. But not just any dreadnought, a kappa-built one. Normally if it's built by Kappas it should be awesome but instead you look like a piece of junk even the Orks can out-class. "Is some thing wrong?" she asked as you tried to shake your head to keep her spirits up. "I'm sorry, we're going through some rough times...this is the best I can do. I even had to use up all the parts I have in my personal stash."

Nitori bursts into tears, laying on your metal chest as she extends her arms covering most of your front. Well, you're too bulky to be 'hugged' properly. You give her a pat on the back, careful as not to squeeze her. Then a loud crashing sound, followed by an alarm and sounds of heavy ballistics fired in the distance. You stood up in panic but she tries to keep you down in a hurry, "O-Oh it's just one of those raids...we...we hold them off on a regular basis." You can really sense her anxiously lying.

"We've been breached,"

A group of Kappas can be seen slowly backing into the doorway, frantically shooting at something in hopes of holding them back, even thought they're aware that it's a losing battle. One of them gets impaled with a peculiar and horrifying blade, the other gets her head blown off with a large slug, and the remaining ones get swarmed with a bunch of demonic entities who proceed to ravage their clothes off and violently molesting them as Nitori watches in horror her kin being beaten to a bloody mess, with their faces in a twisted expression of pleasure and pain.

She tries to get an RPG on the table but gets her left leg disabled by a bolter slug. A squad of demonic soldiers clad in hellish armor walk in as if nothing touched them. You try to help but all your have is a plastic fork and a BB Gun. You try to tackle the one without the helmet but instead he grabs you and literally tears your limbs of. He speaks in a demonic yet badass voice.

"Look, a dreadnought, DREADNOUGHTS! Our enemies try to protect themselves in METAL BAWKSES!! The cowards, the fools! *asthma pause* We should take away...their metal bawkses....SSIIIINDDRRRIIIIIIIIII!!!!"

Then the one called Sindri appeared, wearing the same but stands out with a pair of large horns, "Yes your disgusting-piece-of-shit-of-a-highness?" he reported.

"Your spoils of war is here, break open the fragile eggshell and feast on the newfound flesh."


He approaches you and begins peeling the metal right out of you, revealing a rotting pile of flesh and organs maintained by a derelict life-support system. Nitori weeps for you but suddenly gets 'corrupted' by the infecting energies these strange invaders emit. Sindri, who reveals his head to be a horror that cannot be described, is joined by the demonized Nitori, the two feast on your remaining organic matter as she moans in ecstasy. Eventually, your conscience fades in sheer agony, the last of what you see is your beloved mutating into a horrible beast.

Eientei, the last stronghold, is being evacuated with Kaguya giving off a funny-accented speech. (Tau reference)
Turns out it wasn't so simple as I thought...

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