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[1] The Grimoire of Usami 秘封倶楽部異界撮影記録

[2] 15th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Poll

[3] Touhou Project 16.5 「Secret Sealing Nightmare Diary ~ Violet Detector」

[4] Official Touhou Project Magazine 2016: w/ Uni Akiyama and ZUN's music CD

[5] Fan Animation: Hifuu Club's Theatre ~ Utopia Hides Beneath a Starry Night

[6] Touhou fan games will appear on PlayStation 4 and Vita

[7] Touhou 15.5: 東方憑依華 (Eastern Blooms of Possession) ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers

[8] Submission of fanmade Touhou LINE stamps to be allowed at the end of April

[9] 14th Annual Touhou Project Popularity Contest


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