[Update 22-01-2016 FIXED] Creation of new accounts broken. Unprecedented affair.

[update 22-01-2016]

Edible has reported on our forums that the problem with Captcha both for registering new accounts and/or sending PMs should be resolved for now. Perhaps new users can confirm this in this thread.

Apologies for the delay and inconvenience.



Ababababa. . . My apologies for this late post. I wasn’t aware myself people had issues with new accounts or posting with their new accounts. As more and more people reported the problem, I thought it would be useful to announce it.  (In the meanwhile the admins are notified to look into the issue)

People trying to create an account might encounter the “could not open socket” error or have trouble with the reCaptcha.

Both are annoying and broken for unknown reason (I’m not an admin). Until the admins fixed this problem, I am terribly sorry to report that you cannot enter the Shrine for now. Let us hope the problem is quickly fixed.