Cirno’s Perfect Secret Santa #7 – A jolly season

Perhaps I am way too late with this announcement, but we’ll still go with it!

Shrinemaiden forums is hosting their 7th Secret Santa event which goes by the name of Cirno’s Perfect Secret Santa. It is very simple: You sign up with some RL data. Then, our lovely Santa Hakurei will assign a secret santa member to each person. Only the secret santa member knows his or her “target”. The target is unaware of who shall be sending him or her a gift!

We’ve archived the previous Secret Santa events, so you can get an idea on how we make Winter more enjoyable on the forums. The current Secret Santa event is being hosted right here. As gift size or pricetag we don’t care. What ever makes you feel happy. Neither we compare gift size/prices. It is all about The Secret!

So! If you were a lurking member and want to join the festive with our cute Santa Hakurei, then join! Be quick though, the sign ups close this Sunday!

Please be aware that if you decide to join, you will need to actively participate. Bailing out post-sign up will lead to many unhappy faces and we take the event serious. So only join if you’re truly able to miss some finances and willing to ship on time.