Are you ready for Comiket 88?

Humans, youkai, ghosts or what ever type of existent being you are. Get ready because time is almost there for the 88th grand event at Tokyo Big Site, the summer Comiket!

I could go on for ever with many things to announce, but I think the main announcement would be (as you all know by now) the release of Touhou 15 – Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom. ZUN seems to have managed to finish the game on time. If you’re a Touhou fan, you can’t let this game go. Buy the game(s) and support ZUN as a fan.

Speaking of buying: Did you know that MotK houses a person who helps fans get their Touhou fanwork or merchandise? You might have heard of him: His name is N-Forza and he has been serving us addicted souls for years. He is now taking in special requests for Comiket88. Visit Forza’s own Kourindo branch if you want something from your favourite doujin artis(s). Better be fast, because Comiket is just in a few days!

BunBunMaru Staff