Touhou 14.3 “Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card” Announced

Near the end of the internet broadcast “Chotto Summit ~ The Drinking Party of Indie Game Developers” on April 12, 2014, where a few prominent indie devs residing in the Tokyo region drank together and played each others’ games, ZUN showed the trailer for Touhou 14.3 – “Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card”, to be released at Reitaisai 11 (May 11, 2014).

This is a game where folks try to capture the rebel of Gensokyo – Kijin Seija, by trapping her in undodgeable danmaku walls, and you control Seija to overcome these impossible danmaku with rule-transgressing items you picked up.

ZUN has uploaded the game’s trailer as his first ever Youtube video. He also tweeted: “I can say this with certainty: there is no fan service whatsoever in this game.”

Blog post on the game announcement:

The Hakurei Shrine Regular Grand Festival will be held on May 11, and Shanghai Alice Gengakudan will be present again.

This time the game is:

Touhou Project 14.3
“Danmaku Amanojaku ~ Impossible Spell Card.”

I’ve even made a trailer, which is something I seldom do. You can watch it here.

[Youtube Trailer]

Please watch the trailer to see what the game is about.
To tell the truth, I made it when I’m in the mood to try something, so it ends up as a strange experimental game.

If you are interested in a game full of personality like that, please come to Reitaisai and shake my hands.
Since the game is Amanojaku-esque, it is not a gentle game in a lot of ways (laugh)

So, there is still much development to be done.
Just in case, if some unexpected accident renders the game impossible to complete, I’m all prepared to put this game on hold.

That’s it, see ya!





There are 9 items in total, all appearing to have proficiency levels that can be increased.

Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb:
Teleports you towards the boss (see video for how it works)

Tengu’s Toy Camera:
Takes down bullets in the front as photos, with automatic focusing and film-loading
Attribute: Photography Range

Cursed Decoy Doll:
Attracts aimed bullets
Attribute: Appearance Time

Four-Foot Magic Bomb:
A timed bomb that clears bullets; increasing proficiency will enlarge its range; the name references a fireworks mortar shell four shaku in diameter (1 shaku equals about 30.3cm)
Attribute: Range

Folding Umbrella of the Gap:
Warps through screen edges; you can hold the button to hide yourself outside the screen
Attribute: Hidden Time

Body Double Jizo Statue:
Dies in your place when hit
Attribute: Invincible Time

Send-Off Lantern of Ghosts:
Turns you into a ghost, who is invincible, and still can move and shoot
Attribute: Ghost Time

Nimble Fabric:
Makes you invincile; you can’t move, but you can control your time of invincibility by holding the button (you are probably invincible as long as you are holding the button, and the “Through Time” attribute might be your reaction time)
Attribute: Through Time

Miracle Mallet(?):

Translation of Japanese text from the trailer:

Trailer story:

Kagerou: “I’ve found you, the Amanojaku we are searching for!”
To capture the rebel Amanojaku… They assaulted her with undodgeable danmaku!
Eye for an eye! Fight impossible danmaku by breaking the rules!
Brace yourself through it with rule-breaking items!

In-game menu at 1:45:

(Mission Complete!)
Evasion Successful!

Rest for a While (Return to Main Menu)
Onto the Next Suffering
Save Replay
Challenge the Stage Again
Change Equipped Items
How to Play

Spell cards by order of appearance:

Wakasagihime: Tide Sign “Tidal Wave on the Lake”
Kagerou 1st: Wolf Fang “Bloodthirsty Wolf Fang”
Sekibanki 1st: Sharp Eyes “Hell’s Ray”
Keine: “20XX An Afterlife Odyssey”
Kagerou 2nd: Full Moon “Full Moon Roar”
Sekibanki 2nd: Flying Head “Extreme Long Neck”


1st Day:
Seija: “Whatever the means, whoever survives, wins.”
Scene 1 (tutorial): “Fight impossible danmaku by breaking the rules”
Yatsuhashi: non-SC

??: “Approaching horror”
Wakasagihime: Tide Sign “Tidal Wave on the Lake”

3rd Day:
Scene 2: “Dangers abound in a full moon night”
Kagerou: Full Moon “Full Moon Roar”

4th Day:
Seija: “Ugh, they are getting stronger. Could there be someone behind them ordering them around?”
(This part can be seen at the end, after the menu screen)

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