At BitSummit 2014, ZUN Announced Intention to Publish Touhou Overseas


On March 8, during the BitSummit 2014 indie game event held in Kyoto, ZUN spoke in a roundtable talk titled “Is It Possible to Spread Our Indie Games to the World?” Fittingly for the title of the talk, he announced his intention to publish Touhou overseas in download form.

“I’ve come here to say this. In the end, even I will have to sell my games to the world. I, too, want to make friends with the world.”

“Instead of putting all my games on sale, I will test it starting by selling some new game overseas.”

ZUN said he intends to first sell his new game as a downloadable version overseas, and then eventually expand to all the old games. Judging by the language he used, these are still only ideas he’s playing with, without any concrete plan. Nonetheless, this is the news we are all waiting for.

2014 will definitely be an interesting year for the Touhou fandom.

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