PSA! A bit of refresher on forum etiquette and rule clarification and two new HME mods!

We strive for an open and welcoming environment for all members, which requires respect and cooperation from everyone, for everyone. We all come from many different cultures and walks of life, and we gather here with a shared love for Touhou and the world around it. We want everyone to be comfortable engaging and being a part of this community. We are not looking for reasons to punish people; we are merely looking to keep the peace and to make this a friendly place for everyone. These are not new rules, “be respectful” has always been an unspoken rule we’ve tried to enforce, but in the wake of recent developments, we feel the need to reiterate what “being respectful” means in the context of being here.

As some of you may be aware of, several members have been banned and/or have chosen to delete their accounts for behavior in protest of another user getting permabanned for linking to a posting of a very graphic statement of a very sexual nature. I will not go into details what this posting was, but they were abhorrent enough where it was felt we needed to report said individual to the appropriate authorities.

This is not a posting to debate the merits of their bans, or the merits of the other bans that occurred. Those that were banned in the fallout were banned for their behaviors and their choosing to directly attack staffers during attempts to have a civil discussion about the situation, or their decisions to directly mock the staff’s stance against said content by continuing to post it when it was made clear it was forbidden.

Here are a few stances we feel we have to reiterate in wake of the situation.

  • The expression of sexual fetishes, including but not limited to, lolicon/pedophilia, bestiality, rape, or anything of a gross sexual nature, are not permitted here. This does not preclude civil and adult discussions of such topics, but they must be appropriately flagged as NSFW so people can avoid such talk. The staff reserves the right to determine if the discussion is appropriate for the forum and to forbid any such discussion for any reason. This is ANY discussion of a sexual nature, not just those listed above.
  • Striking out at staff members trying to have a civil discussion will not go over very well. We understand these situations can be hard on tensions, but lashing out at staff members or directly attacking us will not help your case. We are members just like everyone else and the rules against harassment and personal attacks apply to attacks against staff members as much as it applies to regular members.
  • Hateful or incendiary language will not be tolerated, even as a “joke”. The staff reserves the right to determine what constitutes such language and take any appropriate actions.

Along with these rules, we’d also like to draw attention again to the report button. We try to do what we can to monitor issues on our own, but things do go under our notice all the time. This is not to say we don’t care about these issues, sometimes we’re just unclear whether something is possibly objectionable or not. The report button is there to tell us if you feel uncomfortable about a post. This isn’t an instant “punishment” button, the vast majority of the time we resolve issues with a simple notice to the user and a post edit. While we do collect your user name when you report, we will never ever punish someone for over reporting. And don’t be discouraged if it looks like nothing happened, we do take every single report seriously and address them as they come in. Your concerns are very valuable to us.

With that I’d like to introduce two new acolytes to the choir, directly serving “Help Me Eirin!”, our gameplay forum. Please welcome Karisa and Shimatora!

Comments, concerns, questions? Post away!