An amazing incident is resolved, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013 a success!

Presenting the scroll at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Presenting the scroll at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Hello hello!

AWA 2013 has come and gone. I’m sure most of you who went are still recovering and those of you who didn’t are waiting with baited breath to live vicariously though us. Safe to say it was a blast, and in the next few days those of us on staff who went will be posting up our con write ups as well as our experiences with ZUN and with the fandom at large.

A few points I do wish to address though that have been circulating, as well as bring attention to a few other things.

1) ZUN has not made ANY plans for distribution of games here, or whether he’s going to come to another con. He did say he enjoyed his time here, and that he’s thrilled to have fans over in America. He flew himself on his own dime out to AWA and he has said he absolutely enjoyed his time here so there’s some hope but no solid plans whatsoever.

I was told by the CEO AWA will continue to have a significant Touhou presence for the foreseeable future. I have requested an interview with him to get his opinion on what it took to get this all organized, how things went, and to see if we can get some more details on any future plans.

2) There was a bit of miscommunication in regards to the press happenings at AWA. The Q&A panel ended up being open to the public as first come first served, and there was no private press panel. I know I gave you guys a chance to give me questions to have ZUN answer, and I apologize for not being able to deliver on that. I do know Imosa and potentially a few others tried to get in a few questions from the thread during the public Q&A but I did not get any questions in myself.

Thanks to a lot of heroics on AWA’s end (seriously I can’t thank you guys enough!) I was able to get a direct interview with ZUN. Originally he had declined any and all private interviews but the CEO of AWA stepped in on my behalf and arranged for us to have a small interview with him. Sola and I stuck mostly to more general gaming and personally oriented questions as he had respectfully requested not to discuss Touhou directly.

I know I didn’t get much of a chance to hang out with you guys due to being extremely busy but I’m hoping I will see a lot of you again at other conventions and with luck, at Anime Weekend Atlanta next year! If you did see a Keine walking around with a sukusuku sitting in her hat that was me! I know I was kind of hard to track down and for the most part I didn’t stay in my Touhou cosplay due to the heat and how delicate it is. But hopefully next convention we can hang out more!

Overall though the convention was a rousing success! I was extremely impressed with the scroll project and I heard from the CEO that ZUN was extremely grateful for the gift. He had an amazing time here this weekend and was absolutely floored by the fan turnout. That sentiment was shared by all the foreign guests that made their first appearance at AWA so be proud of yourselves!

At this time I would like to extend an invitation for everyone to submit their con write ups and share their experiences here. We will go through and a selected few will be featured right here! With your permission I would also like to request submissions for any and all photographs taken during the con to be included in our AWA 2013 photo gallery. We will of course credit any submissions.

Thank you once again fellow Shrinemaidens for an amazing weekend, and stay tuned!

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