Front page migration complete, and plans for the future


Took me a while but I’ve gone ahead and went through the ENTIRE Front Page Headlines forum and have moved them to this frontpage.  So all of your hard work over the years has not gone unnoticed, or unthanked.  Thank you all for making this site as great as it is.

We are still definitely accepting member submissions, and the process hasn’t changed.  If you have something you think may be newsworthy, go ahead and make a new thread in the Front Page Headlines subforum.  Your thread will end up in our approval queue, and we will handle the rest (and you will get credited for the submission).  If you wish to submit anonymously you can always email us at, or send a PM to anyone in the BunBunMaru Staff group on the forums.

We will also be digging through the forums and looking for any noteworthy threads to highlight to spotlight community activity, as well as regular threads to help tour some of the lesser known corners of the shrine.  We also have ongoing plans to begin a review series on the vast cornucopia of doujin works that the Touhouverse has to offer.

So stay tuned, this is only the start!

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