Smite! Clang! Bang! A front page has been forged!

This is Helepolis, reporting you live from the deepest pits, where the forges of Maidens of the Kaleidoscope are located. I can finally confirm that a front page has been created. However, at first glance it seems impure and requires refining. But the solid base has been set forming a milestone for the community.

Maidens of the Kaleidoscope greets you

As one of the BunBunMaru writers I have the honour to introduce you to the front page, forum and community. There is quite a lot of available for you Touhou fans. So what is the deal?

A soon-to-come article system
Perhaps one of the largest changes going on, I have caught rumours of plans to recruit devoted writers for a preview and review system. These devoted writers will be given the opportunity to follow the footsteps of Shameimaru Aya when it comes to reporting global news, games and so on. Oh my, it is so unknown and confusing, I’ll just have to report about this as soon as there is more information available!

A vast and enjoyable forum
For almost all your regular Touhou needs there is a section available on the forum. Some people are so addicted to Touhou, they might want to relief their thoughts in the Touhou Addict Recovery Center to share their excitement. We have medical staff attending in case of high fever. Perhaps you are a devoted and stubborn Touhou player, who prefers to focus on winning spell card battles and discussing the games themselves? Friendly bragging now and then in Help Me, Eirin! can’t harm. Be of good cheer!

Creative people fear not. You shall not be put away in some corner to rot away. Patchouli’s Scarlet Library contains lots of fan-written stories, featuring our lovely Touhou girls. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy reading other people’s stories. A bucket of paint and a brush are your combat tools? Most likely Alice’s Art Atelier will get you in touch with fellow artists. Even for the geeky programmers and developers, we have Rika and Nitori’s Garage Experiments offering you plenty of tools to experiment with your own Touhou creations or mods for existing games. The famous Touhou mod for GTA San Andreas is just one of the examples!

Every hour of the clock is playtime in Rumia’s Party Games, allowing you to join or host dozens of text-based forum games. They can be Touhou related but also typical popular forum games. Speaking of unrelated, Sara’s Audio-Visual Import-Overflow Retail and Akyu’s Arcade take you beyond the borders of Gensokyo. Talk about other games, anime, shows, news that might not be related to Touhou at all.

If none of the above is in your field of interest, and you rather just slack around while posting random posts, you might want to order a drink at The Shrinemaiden Café. Feel free to relax, slack and be silly but try not to break furniture in the café. We don’t serve alcohol for people below 21. Pay your tabs, otherwise some Oni will toss you out.

Chatting and chilling with Cirno and friends on IRC
Don’t feel like browsing forums and prefer a more “live” interaction? Cirno and her fairy friends are all over IRC. The server can be accessed either through the webclient or by manually adding the server ( port 6667) to your favourite IRC client. The IRC server has several popular public channels. A few popular ones highlighted:

#Shrinemaiden, the global chat channel
#Scarlet-Library, mainly harbours artists and writers from the forum.
#Ijiyatsu, the lunatic shmup players can be found here.
#Danmakufu, Rika and Nitori’s live support garage is located here.
#dots-meido, a general gaming channel (non shmup).
#triviamaiden, when you feel like playing trivia!


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