Donate to the Relief Efforts in Japan

The drive is officially over, and the final tally is $4,130.97!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you are all aware of the absolute catastrophe that has struck Japan.  We all have a special connection, whether through family or friends living over there, or simply being a fan of their cultural exports.  And as a community we have come together for the betterment of people less fortunate than us.  It’s time we come together once again to help those who need help in their time of need.

We will be collecting donations and will be giving all proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross.  Those who choose to donate will get our immense thanks as well as a special site badge for their generosity.  We will be accepting donations through PayPal.  Just press the donate button below.

We thank you for your kindness and support.  Let’s show how great of a community we are!

Here’s a Google link if you’d rather donate directly to the Japanese Red Cross instead of through us.

EDIT: Amazon Payments isn’t working, removed button for now ;___;

EDIT 2: as of 3/13 4:30pm EST we have broken $1200.  You guys are amazing!

EDIT 3: Fixed both Paypal and Amazon Payments buttons

EDIT 4: Attachments broke my button, removed.  Amazon Payments still not working, removed for now.

EDIT 5: Drive over!  If you wish to donate but missed the chance please follow the Google link to donate directly to the JRC or donate to any reputable charity.

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