MotK Defense of the Shrines tournament

From Pesco:

Welcome to the signups for the first MotK Defense of the Shrines tournament. What is Defense of the Shrines (DotS)? It is a custom Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne multiplayer map. A PV of the game can be viewed here and our DotS general thread is here

Please fill out your details on the signups sheet and you’re in.

Tournament information, rules and important notes.

Frozen Throne patched to 1.24.
Defense of the Shrines version 0.957i.
Configured PvPGN for your Warcaft III client.

Game rules:

  • No insulting, excessive taunting, spamming in the chat (irc or ingame) to the opposing players or referee.
  • None of the players are allowed to use the weather function.
  • Disputes are to be taken up to the administrators of the tournament (Pesco / Helepolis). You MUST have a replay when presenting your case.
  • Any form of cheating, bug exploiting, or unfair harassing is considering illegal and results in instant forfeit for you and your entire team. There are no exceptions, there are no excuses. You and your team are responsible for this.
  • No backdooring. While there is a lot of discussion about this, we simply play by moral standards. Period. Failing to follow this rule leads to instant forfeit.
  • No permanent creep-path blocking using kappa engineers, yukkuris, souls or other summons. Blocking or delaying creeps to slow down the lane using your own hero girl is allowed.

Girls are preparing

  • All players should be present on the IRC #dots-meido channel (webchat link for those without IRC clients) 15min before the match. If you cannot join IRC for any reason, we expect you to inform the referee beforehand through forum PM or any other available means of contact.
  • The referee will check if all players are present and confirm.
  • Matches will be made by assigning each player an opponent. 4 groups of these assigned pairs will make up a 4v4 game.
  • The side (Hakurei or Moriya) that you play on will be announced when a match is set. You can play as whichever player slot/colour you like in the team.

Girls are fighting

  • If a player disconnects within 5 minutes of game time, the match will be restarted. If the same player disconnects again, the teams will be asked to whether continue the game as 3v4 or balance out by playing 3v3.
  • After 5 minutes of net gaming time, the game won’t be restarted.
  • If the referee disconnects, no restarts will occur. The teams will continue to play but provide their own replays after the game.
  • Both sides can request a game pause twice for maximum of 5 minutes each pause. The referee will warn everybody when pausing and when unpausing. If a player pauses without notifying the referee, the game will resume immediately.

Girls are scoring
Players will be awarded points on conclusion of the games. These points will be given for various aspects of gameplay.


Destroying the enemy shrine – 2 points for everyone on the team
Ending the game with a higher team score than the other side – 1 point for everyone on the team
Your team score is at least double of the other team’s score – 1 point for everyone on the team
Your own Kill/Death ratio is better than the ratio of your assigned opponent – 1 point for the individual player. Lower number of Deaths take priority over the number of Kills.

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