Would you join a Defense of the Shrines (DotS) Tournament?

Now that shrinemaiden has it’s own battlenet, we want to take it one step further. A Defense of the Shrines tournament where everybody is free to join, even those from other forums, because we want to possibly make it a nice event.

Defense of the Shrines is basically the Touhou version of Defense of the Ancients. Read more here:http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Defence_of_The_Shrines

However, before we can start the organising everything we need to poll whether enough people are interested in participating. Of course, people who are totally not interested in RTS games won’t participate. But I am sure there are people who are willing to participate but are afraid of getting into it because of the differences in skills.

If there are enough players interested, we can perhaps create divisions so the skilled and less skilled can be divided. That is why I would like to poll:

“Are you interested in participating in a Defense of the Shrines Tournament?”

I would also like to ask: If you are interested , please post in here so I can get a general idea of who is joining ( like existing members and new members who just registered )

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