Winners of the 2009 Holiday Touho-ho-ho Songfest! (Only 30 days late~)

Well the decisions have been finalized, and our winners chosen.  We thank you all once again for your generosity and your enthusiasm on our first ever charity drive.  It was a tough job deciding who was best as all the entries were great in their own way.  But as the peanut gallery was getting kind of antsy and the judges getting frustrated at my stalling, we finally came up with what we consider the best.  Without further ado I would like to introduce our winners.

In the category of Best Lyrics, the Remi goes to… Fightest!  For his wonderful and classy rendition of a traditional Russian tune I will not attempt to pronouce!

Honorable Mentions go to rdj522 and the Winter Duo of Letty and Vic.

In the category of Best Vocalist, the Remi goes to… triangles!  Her enthusiastic renditions of “You’re a mean one, Kanako” and rdj522’s “We Three Queens” were well received by our judge’s panel.  You have a great voice!

Honorable Mention goes to Helepolis.  Your voice was surprisingly good I’ll admit.

Aaaaaand the Best Overall Remi goes to… Arashi!  Your voice was amazing, and your lyrics had us rolling on the floor.  It was pretty much unanimous across the board the decision, and thanks to you I had to make a rule that noone could win multiple categories.  Otherwise you would have won all three.

The prizes are ID for Best Overall and IM for the winners of the other two categories.  The charity split goes 60% for Best Overall, and 20% each for the other two.  Winners please go ahead and either post here or PM me your charity decisions!

And that’s a wrap for this year!  Next year I plan on starting much earlier so we can actually get our donations out in time for Christmas =P

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