This was a triumph! MoTK raises over $1800 for charity in 2009!

Holidays are about giving, and the spirit of family and togetherness, and coming home to the people you know and love.

I didn’t think you guys had big enough hearts (and deep enough pockets) to reach out and help people in need this Holiday season.  When the dust settled and the totals were tallied, $1868.74 was found in the coffers of Reimu’s donation box.  That’s almost 2 grand, from a community with only 1700 members, of which probably only 400-500 or so are actually active.  I am impressed, nay speechless.  You guys are amazing.

In the next few days we will be holding a poll for the winning entries for the Touhou Song contest.  We the judges are going through each entry and nominating what we think are the best 2 entries for each category: Best Lyrics, Best Singing, and Best Overall.  Once we have done so we will open the polls to you guys, to decide who wins a spot on the Idiot Hierarchy, and where our donations go to.

So stay tuned folks!  The box may be closed and the entries are in but the fun isn’t over yet!

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