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The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
« on: June 16, 2009, 10:01:55 PM »
Repost because it's probably the craziest thing I've done in a while.

+ + +

?I?m going out~?

?What for??

?Just gathering faith.?

?Ah. Well, be back at the shrine by eight. You need to give Suwako her meds.?

?Yeah, I know.?

Sanae set out once more from the Moriya Shrine to the human village. As the Moriya shrine was new to Gensokyo, Sanae as it?s shrine maiden needed to feed it a constant supply of faith. The situation was in fact quite dire; just having her leave to follow the flying object in the sky a few months ago cost enough faith to rob Suwako of her sanity. Currently she was rolled up on top of a barren kotatsu without any overgarments but her eternally staring hat, mindlessly nibbling on one of the corners that hadn?t already been gnawed to splinters.

?Come on, Suwako. It?s only four o? clock. Get down from there, your mouth is starting to bleed.?

It was, in fact, bleeding. Suwako stopped, although without letting go, slowly staring up at Kanako?s looming figure.

?Breasts,? Suwako stated matter-of-factly. ?Breasts.? She repeated.

Kanako heaved a sigh. ?There better not be too much damage to the shrine, this time.? Slowly, she started to undress herself, accompanied by occasional odd ribbits from the already half-naked frog goddess.

?Gathering up the faith, gathering up the faith?, sang Sanae in a half-mumbling tone to the melody of  ?The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw?. After finding the last piece of the Universal Falderal Obtainer some months ago, she began singing to melodies that she had never even heard of. It wasn?t always a bad thing (It got her free lamprey), but she couldn?t ever really stop, and it was starting to annoy Kanako when she would repeat ?Love of Magical Chimes? for well over an hour. As she spotted the human village, she stopped singing and rummaged around her person for today?s donation box: an abandoned turtle shell. Walking into the bustling human village, she received the usual greetings from the locals, hollers from the children, the scent of freshly baked breads. Wistfully ignoring the many children tugging at her skirt wishing to play (Or possibly something else), she made her way into the village?s main square, into her usual spot for gathering faith.

?It?s faith gathering time!?

The sound of these words echoed through the village, and people gathered in numbers to where Sanae stood, where a line slowly formed. The first up, a little girl with short brown hair, possibly eight or nine. She held up a poorly made teddy bear with it?s head hanging off of one side and stuffing spouting out of it?s neck.

?C-can you fix it??

?Of course I can, child. Hand it to me.?

Sanae hummed a line from ?Green-Eyed Jealousy?, while a blue glow enveloped the bear, reattaching it?s head and strengthening the seams with some magic. Taking the bear back with a ?Thank you!?, the girl reached into her pocket and pulled out some faith, and dropped it into the make-shift donation box. The line continued, as Sanae performed small miracles and the hallow shell filled with the brilliant green star shapes. Miracle after miracle performed, the requests became increasingly ridiculous, even to the point where one wanted money to fall from the sky and another wished to perform sexual acts with the shrine maiden. Of course, both these requests were promptly denied (the latter returning to his house unable to father) and Sanae decided it was about time to leave.

?Aaahh! Help meee!?

On her way back home, Sanae heard someone scream.

?Aaaah! Someone, please help meeAAH!?

Sanae quickly rushed over to the source of the screaming and found a sight too gruesome for virgin eyes. Two youkai were attacking a young girl from the village, and Sanae realized that she was far too late to save her. There was enough blood on the ground to coat it with a thick layer of red. The yells had been reduced to heavy wisps, with gurgles of blood in-between.

+ + +

?Suwako! Get back here, goddamn it!? Kanako pondered what she said, and let out a small chuckle. Half the kitchen was on fire, and there were frogs scattered around the shrine, hopping everywhere they could find. Suwako was on top of a fallen bookshelf, ribbiting and hopping away from Kanako, who was desperately trying to keep her still. Flowers were sprouting from a nearby water leak, growing and dying instantly, leaving a mass of dead petals covering the ground.

+ + +

Nowadays, youkai nearly never eat humans. Everyone gets along fairly nicely and they all eat somewhat the same food. Youkai who can no longer stay off meat eat wild animals, and there are only a select few who still crave human. Although, because there are only four human villages in Gensokyo, the stray youkai tend to live somewhere near the outskirts. Sanae had heard of children who have been taken after getting lost, but never has she actually seen it happen.

Sanae stepped in, entering as heroically as she could, even though it was far too late for the girl. The youkai didn?t seem to mind her watching, and merely continued feasting.

?An eye for an eye?, she interrupted, mumbling. She took out her gohei and conjured danmaku. The youkai looked up to see a wave of bullets soaring towards them; hitting them both in the face, they quickly got up to deal with the intruder.

?The time for the spell card rules has passed, here. Lethal force is only used in retaliation to the use of other unauthorized lethal force. An eye for an eye,? She repeated, ?And a life for a life.?

The youkai sprang towards her, talons outstretched. One was a chicken youkai, and the other an owl. Sanae elbowed the first in the face, spinning around and catching the other in the stomach, firing off bullets through the gohei and penetrating the owl?s vulnerable skin. Kicking her off, Sanae ran to the side and grabbed the chicken by the arm and swung it at her partner, which was surprisingly easy; Sanae found the chicken was fairly light. Now bleeding all over her stomach, the owl leapt into the air and flew towards Sanae. Jumping back, she dodged some bullets being fired as distraction, but unable to see in front of her, she received a great cut on her right arm from a passing talon. Wincing, she grabbed the owl by the foot with her free arm, letting it fall back to the ground. The chicken youkai got up and shot lasers in no particular aimed direction, hoping to hit her. Sanae picked up the felled owl and spread it?s wings, acting as a [youkai] shield. Sanae pushed the beaten youkai to the ground, and declared.

?Conviction! ?Death for Thirty Silver Pieces?!?

Many glowing, silver familiars hovered into the air above the fight. The owl managed a final scream before silver lances of magic were launched from them into the back of the youkai, disintegrating it instantly before her partner?s eyes.

Terrified, the chicken just sat there like a chicken, waiting for death. Sanae walked up to her and held her hand out for her. When the obviously confused youkai just stared at her, Sanae explained,

?I said an eye for an eye. I?m not unfair enough to kill you, as well. Although, you better not show your face here again, or there will be consequences.?

Understanding she could escape with her life, the distraught chicken took off into the air and soared away. But now, Sanae realized, the body of the young girl was still there. She didn?t really want to have the youkai eat her entirely, but now there was just a mess of guts and blood everywhere. Even her face was mauled beyond recognition. The only thing left wa-

Sanae spotted it. It was a few meters off from the body, abandoned by a tree. A small teddy bear, spotted with blood. Sanae reached down and lightly picked it up; it was the one she had fixed for the almond-haired girl not even three hours ago. As she stared into it?s empty eyes, and then the similar ones belonging to the bloody pile of a girl, something inside Sanae broke. Almost a snap, but more of a crack. She dropped the bear and... began to laugh. Out of nervousness at first, but then it distorted into a hysteria, and soon a full-blown mania of laughter.

?Fu! Fufufu! The little girl...!? Sanae shuffled around the body.

?Those youkai! Haha! I let her go... But that! I killed her! ...Hahahahaha!? More laughter.

?...Exterminated... that youkai!? Her grip on the gohei tightened.

?Exterminate...! Youkai....!?

+ + +

The kitchen had been extinguished and the frogs were all gone, but the patch Kanako put to cover the water leak had broken earlier, and flowers were still growing and wilting at an uncontrollable rate. In addition, the mangled kotatsu has been vaporized to dust by means unknown.

?Ahh. Well, at least you calmed down a bit, right??

Snores were given in response.

?I guess it can?t be helped.?

Kanako got out of her bed, entirely naked, leaving a rather exhausted Suwako underneath the dirtied sheets. She walked in a bath robe across the river of dead flowers onto her porch and lit a cigarette. She decided that cigarettes nor lighters had been invented yet and smushed it on the ground before anyone saw.

+ + +

Sanae found the chicken youkai by a nearby river, cleaning herself. She snuck up behind her, her head spinning and her mind broken.

?Tell me~! What?s your naaaaame...??

The youkai jumped and quickly turned around. ?I thought you said you were going to leave me alone!?

?Your naaaaame...??

?...Shinisou. What of it??

Sanae broke out in a fit of laughter. ?Well, Shinisou~? She rushed up and punched her in the gut, causing her to spit up. ?I?m going to kill you.?

Sanae grabbed her head and thrust it into the water. Taken utterly by surprise and in a state of panic, Shinisou desperately flapped around, trying to escape, but by some unknown means, Sanae had gained the physical strength possible to pin down an entire youkai.

One could say it was a miracle.

Thrashing about, yelling madly in the water, Shinisou tried to scratch Sanae from behind, with no luck. Sanae began to hum (Akutagawa Ryuunosuke's "Kappa" ~ Candid Friend) whimsically while drowning the defenseless youkai. With all the breathing she was doing underwater, Shinisou wasn?t lasting very long. Her eyesight grew dim and fuzzy, and she lost control of her muscles. She finally blacked out, and Sanae picked her out of the water. Holding her by the hair, she whispered to her motionless captive:

?I sharpened it.?

She picked up her gohei, and with careful precision, sliced her head cleanly off. Well, there was blood gushing everywhere, so it wasn?t really clean. She tossed her head away and kicked her body into the river.

Sanae paused for a few moments to reflect what she had just done.

?Kyahahahaha! Youkai extermination is so... fun!?

Sanae took off into the air, heading in no particular direction. It was already 8 o? clock, but Sanae didn?t really mind. Kanako could do fine without her. After all, she had some catching up to do.

Flying over some woods, she hadn?t seen any youkai yet. Sanae wondered if it was too early for most to come out of hiding, not that they really had anything to hide from. Passing a flock of birds, she caught sight of a youkai, munching away at two of the birds at the same time, eating them alive like giant chicken wings. She had short, yellow hair tied with a small red ribbon, clothed in a plain black skirt and shirt.

?Oh, a youkai. Can I kill youuu...??

?Oh, a human. Can I eat you??

Sanae silently tilted her head to the side like an intrigued puppy, eyes bulging. The youkai, still eating the other bird, copied her with a look of equal interest.

?It?s hard to get a good look at your face if you turn to the side.?

A profound silence followed, while both of them left their heads hanging to the side.

?By the way, I was kidding about eating you.? She paused. ?Unless it?s fine with you.?

?I wasn?t kidding about killing you.?

?Is that so~??

The youkai stretched out her arms, following her head.

?Now I look like a ?su?! (ス)? she giggled. Sanae retaliated to this obviously insulting and threatening action by shooting a line of danmaku at her.

The youkai, now perturbed, began to follow and fired some of her own barrages. ?It?s not nice to shoot at a opponent without warning~?, she sang.

Sanae just laughed.

The surroundings began to darken. It wasn?t dark enough that she couldn?t see, but it annoyed Sanae. Her danmaku wasn?t brightening her view at all, either. She started firing in random directions, and a pair of hands found their way to Sanae?s chest. Munyu.

?My, what big breasts you have. Nice and plump. Are they for sale??

Sanae grabbed the youkai?s head. Blatantly worried, she warned, ?Don?t touch my ribbon! Something bad will happen if my ribbon comes off!?

Sanae pulled off her ribbon.

?Oh,? said the youkai.

+ + +




Suwako had somehow locked herself inside the Moriya donation box, tossing aside the coins and picking up the shiny green stars. While she sat, her hat had started eating up the faith with it?s frog-like tongue, which was manifesting from nowhere, as there was really nowhere for the tongue to come out of, nor anywhere to put the faith it was [swallowing].




+ + +

And then she exploded. Violently. Chunks of flesh flew in all directions, scattering over the field they were hovering over. A piece of an arm landed in a tree, half a foot (shoe attached) fell, kicking a nearby fairy in the head; even the two birds, barely digested, were sent flying back into the air whence they came.

Sanae, with a combined look of satisfaction, insanity and confusion (however that may look) wandered herself over to a nearby lake. She wasn?t quite sure why she went to the lake, as she brushed off a piece of a leg from her shoulder and cleaned her clothes with a miracle.

Sanae spotted another flying object twirling over the lake. When she focused her (now quite off-centered) eyes a bit, she realized it was Cirno, a clumsy girl she met earlier that month. She was quite nice, but she fibbed a lot and made the air everywhere cold, which was quite uncomfortable. She hadn?t talked to her more than half an hour before making up an excuse to leave.

She also realized that Cirno was a fairy, not youkai, and hoped that everyone else had realized the fact before she; as anything else would be unacceptable.

Wandering back into the forest, Sanae was whistling (Dichromatic Butterfly ~ Ancients) diligently while slapping her gohei on her thigh for a beat, forgetting that she had neglected to clean her gohei, and much blood was still being painted onto the front of her skirt. Sanae heard a familiar sound, one that was unmistakably the sound of the lamprey stand owned by Mystia. Not that there were many other lamprey stands around. She stopped whistling (she kept her beat), and the chime disappeared. She began to whistle again, albeit much worse and off-key, when the bells rang again, this time behind her. She stopped, and the bells stopped. Beginning to whistle, the bells-

?Hiya, Green!?

Knocking Sanae off her feet, the cart hit Sanae in the ass, sprawling her over the ground, into a small puddle that splashed her waist down. The combination of her position, bloody thigh and the odd water gave the impression of a scene many people would pay to see.

?Oh, crap, sorry about that. I forgot I was still pushing the cart.? She held out her hand to Sanae, who helped herself up, making Mystia look like an idiot.

Mystia smiled a greeting to her guest. ?You haven?t come here for a while. You wanna sing with me? I?ll give you free lamprey~?

Sanae smiled back, but more of a distorted wretch of a psychotic grin. ?No, I came to show you a trick I learned that would probably nab you ten times the sales that you?re already making with those laaaaaaampreeeeeyyyyyyy.?

Mystia started to drool a little, and demanded to know what her secret was.

?Here you goooo~!? Sanae chanted while blue magic surrounded the lamprey.

After a few seconds, the live lamprey started screaming. Not just incomprehensible screaming such as Suwako?s blabber, but the language variety.

?She is going to kill you, Mystia! Get away from her! Get awaaay! Save yourself!?

Mystia, completely oblivious, just shrugged. ?Is that all??

?No, no, I did it wrong. Let me try again.? Sanae waved her gohei around ahead, slapping the cart with blood. This time, all the lamprey gradually grew larger and larger, up to immense size; that could possibly stand tall the same as Kanako. Seething with saliva and rows upon rows of teeth, they all stared at Mystia.

?Here you go. They?ll probably increase your sales tenfold, you?ll just have to cut them up into ten each.?

Mystia hurled a blood-curdling scream while a lamprey bit down on her leg, thrashing about.

?Ooh, blood-curdling,? commented Sanae. She flew up into the trees where they couldn?t reach her. Once a few lamprey had completely severed her right leg, they went to chomp down on her left, but Mystia like a poor sport shot danmaku at them and flew off towards Sanae for aid. Sanae smiled and kicked her in the face back down to the lamprey, who tore at her remaining legs, wings and other important limbs. All of them, in fact. Writhing in a cesspool of her own cries, Mystia was soon completely gone, and only her cart remained. A few of the lamprey had died being choked and/or stabbed by her illogically long nails.

Sanae had effectively lost control of her actions, and she flew in circles around trees, deeper into the forest, cackling at the top of her lungs. She crashed a few times, only increasing her craze and sending her off in different directions, eyes spinning and head reeling. She crashed into a house. Sanae wondered who would put a house in the middle of a forest, thought about it, and then came to the conclusion that quite a few people would put a house in the middle of a forest. She recognized this particular one as Alice?s house, noticing the dead garden and windows lined up to appear in the shape of a frown.

?Alice is a youkai.? she noted, walking in through the front door, which was unlocked.

+ + +

Suwako had begun to talk to herself, lying sideways in a fetal position, in the middle of the dust that used to be a kotatsu.


?Hey, hey you.?


?Yeah. Hey, you like candy??

?You bet I do, mister!?

?Well uh, well, I have some candy. You want some??

?Yeah, yeah!?

?It?s in the back of my truck. You can go get some if you like.?



?Hey mister, where?s all the candy??

?Heh, I got your candy right here...?

Suwako, with a mischievous pedophiliac grin on her face, slowly reached down her belly and into her skirt, which had magically appeared on her sometime inside the donation box. Which she also magically escaped from.

?No, stop, mister! That?s my...!?

+ + +

Alice has already killed herself. Or at least was made to look as if she had. She was hanging a few feet off the ground from a rope noose, skirt placed around her shoulders, exaggerating the shoulder dress she already wore. Her panties had been removed and placed overtop of her head. Sanae thought that she looked like a hanging lampshade, or perhaps a forgotten umbrella. Her dolls, apparently sentient, were having a massive doll orgy around Alice?s swinging corpse. Whatever the case, the youkai had been exterminated and her presence was no longer needed. Sanae soon left the forest, noticing that the lamprey had become starved enough to resort to autosarcophagy, resulting in some grotesque scenarios that this author cannot physically describe.

+ + +

The night rang with many more incidents (upwards of ten, at least: any less and it wouldn?t have made much of a difference), while Sanae?s lust for youkai blood grew and grew, until she finally got tired and wandered back to the Moriya shrine. Cleaning herself off outside, which took a considerable amount of time, along with more than one change of clothes, she snuck her way into her room after dumping her turtle bowl of faith into the donation box, which was filled with coins, but missing all the faith. She figured Kanako had most likely taken it earlier.

Sanae shut her cliche sliding door quietly, and snuggled herself into bed after putting on her pyjamas. ?Sleeping in her everyday outfit would be quite the task,? she announced, to no one in particular.

Sanae fell asleep, wondering if tomorrow?s faith gathering would be as successful as today?s.

She didn?t see the shadowy figure standing outside her door.

+ + +


+ + +

Kanako woke up groggily the next morning, got out of bed and prepared to do whatever gods end up doing during the day. She lazily slid open Sanae?s door and yawned,

?Sanae, where were you last night? You didn?t even show up to give Suwako her meds. Her medication is very important, you know. If you don?t give Suwako her meds, she?ll stay cranky the next day. I couldn?t get her to swallow; only you can get her to do that, I had to grab her from behind and shove ?em right up her ass! I mean, no one wants to be stuck with that job. Well, maybe some people, but that?s not the point. The point is that you need to learn to do what I tell you around here, and if it?s shoving pills up someone?s ass then you?d better get trained to do that sort of stuff, Sanae. Your mother used to take pills, you know. Crazy pills. As in, she was seriously crazy. Mumbling about how I seem to ramble on about nothing when there?s probably about to be some important plot device; I mean, what the heck does that mean, anyways? Sanae? Are you listening? Sanae! Oh my- Sanae!

Kanako screamed. Sanae had a knife stuck in her back. Like, a big knife. Jutting straight out from her back. In addition, there was multiple stab wounds, let?s guess and say seventy-four and a half, and a great ?SUWAKO DID IT? was scribbled messily across her room, presumably in Sanae?s blood. How Kanako couldn?t see the scene in front of her or hear the assorted screams of pain during the night to begin with, nobody will ever know. Suwako hopped backwards up to where Kanako stood.

?Jesus christ, Suwako! You murdered Sanae!? Kanako pondered, and chuckled once again, but sternly told herself that this was in fact not a matter to be laughing at.

?Breasts,? replied Suwako.

?Breasts,? replied her hat.

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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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Great story, made me chuckle.


"Jesus christ, Suwako! You murdered Sanae!?

Theology error...

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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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Theology error...

Oh, and awesome story BTW.


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This needs a bump for the new kids and because Slaves linked to it.

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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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Oh god, this story.

Well done, twig-man. Well done.


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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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I'm a new kid, and while I'm all for Good Girl Sanae and HappyGoLucky Gensokyo, this particular piece of art is made of so much WIN that I don't need to say more.

Also: Breasts.


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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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This needs a bump for the new kids and because Slaves linked to it.



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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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Ijiyatsu Drake has the personality of Suwako from this fic



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Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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Ijiyatsu Drake has the personality of Suwako from this fic



she should be a bit more sane, though. :V

Re: The Forgiving Scene of Gensokyo the Girl Thought She Saw
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she should be a bit more sane, though. :V
Which "she"?


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