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I'm not very good at expressing any artistic talent I have in a physical medium - give me the written or spoken word and I'll have a field day. Drawing, sketching, inking, coloring? Not so much.

For those of us who share the same dilemma, but perhaps find ourselves plagued with good ideas, silly ideas, ideas-that-look-good-on-paper-but-have-no-way-of-finding-out-until-actually-drawn, whatever - I present to you this lovely thread.

For those of us who do not share this shortcoming, but are instead plagued by a restriction in the flow of creative juices, I also present to you, this lovely thread.

The whole idea here is to let people come in, bark their ideas for any random thing, and any random artist who has the free time can come along and pluck up an idea, sketch it out, and post it up. Ideally, this thread would be stickied - unfortunately, though, I don't see artists as being the type ever really have a lull the possible things they could be drawing. We'll see how this goes, I suppose?
Please note why you're making the request, too - if you need the picture for any specific reason, or if an idea just popped into your head and you thought 'Hey, that'd look pretty cool!'

To launch things off, I'll make a quick request - If someone could take the Portrait of Eva Beatrice from Umineko and replace it with Yukari, I'd be most appreciative. This isn't a picture I need for anything - it'd be purely for the lulz. For some reason, whenever Happiness of the Marionette comes on on my CDs, I immediately think of Yukari standing in the same pose as the Portrait. Doesn't help that the rest of the music on said CD is Touhou related.


Re: [Request] Collective Thread of Requests (Harvest Sign - Reaper of Ideas)
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Request thread is so unloved.

I'm requesting a Touhou-Gurren lagann crossover. Two SUPER MANLY series coming together, excellent. I'd try this myself, but I havn't gotten good enough with perspective and angles, and can't draw manly things for the life of me.


Re: [Request] Collective Thread of Requests (Harvest Sign - Reaper of Ideas)
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There are quite a few of them. Be more specific?

Rinnosuke, kamina edition. For the epic (complete with tokiko simon).