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Title: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File Logs
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on June 16, 2012, 10:34:01 PM
... Okay, so I have to format this now for different save files >_>

File 1:

Stage 1:
Log 1 is below. - The Beginning

Stage 2:
Log 2 (,12881.msg845017.html#msg845017) - Mayohiga Time!
Log 3 (,12881.msg849999.html#msg849999) - Excellent Adventures in Hakugyokurou

Stage 3:
Log 4 (,12881.msg849999.html#msg849999) - The Wonderful Forest Of Magic
Log 5 (,12881.msg852002.html#msg852002) - A Long Break From The Norm, with Fairies
Log 6 (,12881.msg853682.html#msg853682) - Myouren Temple Mysteries
Log 7 (,12881.msg856672.html#msg856672) - That One Boss
Log 8 (,12881.msg858964.html#msg858964) - That One Boss, and That One Dungeon
Log 9 (,12881.msg862196.html#msg862196) -  Sidequest Doing and a Seriously Pissed Off Immortal
Log 10 (,12881.msg865340.html#msg865340) - Plot Development On The Mountain

Stage 4:
Log 11 (,12881.msg871004.html#msg871004) - Hardly a Session
Log 12 (,12881.msg875665.html#msg875665) - Much Ado About Overpreparation
Log 13 (,12881.msg880345.html#msg880345) - This Is The Result Of When I'm Actively Trying To Kill You

File 2:

Stage 1:
Log 1 (,12881.msg871004.html#msg871004) - Raitaki and X96's Excellent Adventure or Why Nobody Can Have Nice Things

Stage 2:
Log 2 (,12881.msg875665.html#msg875665) - Please Refrain From Assaulting People
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: The Hating Hater on June 16, 2012, 11:03:11 PM

Party: Suzu|Female Magician - The straightman
           Kaeru|Female Combat Medic - The screwball
           Shirou|Male Knight - The pervert
           Freyr|Male Warrior - The honorable

Stage 1:
We arrive at the shrine for a festval. Mystia was sold Lampreys to us. Cirno, who was at the stand, thought the lamprey could improve her eyesight. Cirno attacks, but was defeated by us. Mystia thank us and gave us her Grimoire. More Characters are introduced. We find out that Reimu is currently not here as of now and was seen at the human village.

Stage 2: We traveled down the Shrine steps to Kourindou where we meat Rinnosuke. We visited the Human Village. We found Keine and spoke to her. She mention ongoing at the Myouren Temple. Kaeru wandered off to find Akyuu house. There she learned more Cirno and other Youkai, Meiling and Koishi. Then rest off the party then went looking for her. Kaeru then meets Sakuya.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: Hanzo K. on June 16, 2012, 11:08:27 PM
Don't forget that we found Wriggle's Grimoire, and she decided to let us keep it.
And we also found Kogasa's Grimoire.
Naturally, I equipped Mystia's Grimoire.

Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on June 19, 2012, 11:36:37 PM
Unfortunately, I lost half the log to this session, so unless someone had the insight to make a backup, the most I can provide is a synopsis, like Hater did.

Stage 2 Continues:

The party buys a revival item from Reisen.
A little backtracking is done to pick up Nazrin's spellbook, which bestows a resistance to physical attacks.
The party travels in the direction of the Youkai Mountain / Mayohiga.
They meet Mamizou, who functions as a traveling merchant in the game. Unfortunately, the players are too strapped for cash to do very much.
Kaeru really really wanted to snuggle with an optional boss Beef Gate standing in the way of the Youkai Mountain, regardless of how not alive she would have been afterward.
They come across an abandoned shack en route to Mayohiga, and ransack it for EXP and Layla's Grimoire. Kaeru manages to reduce the desk inside to dust.
They enter Mayohiga, which triggers the doors to close, of course. They do a bit of exploring.
With the supposed help of Nazrin's Grimoire, the party finds lots of treasure, including money, items, and three new spell books belonging to Stage 1 bosses.
The party briefly encounters a Yukkuri Chen in battle; they decide to do nothing for two turns, allowing it to summon help and to buff the enemies' strength.
They also find a vase, the theft of which prompted Chen to rush out and attack the player.
Chen was, apparently, an inordinately difficult fight, due to her over-reliance on charged attacks. She even managed to reflect a casting of Suzu's Star Maelstrom attack using Pentagram Crest :3
Yo, players, get this: She only had 400 HP :getdown:
(Not counting that spot of healing she did on herself, of course.)
But she went down in the end, and without capitalization on her weakness to the Earth element.
After selling the vase, the party will have 3,000 yen. Is spending 2,000 of it and getting a weakness to Physical worth being able to analyze the enemy statistics?

Next time, on Gensokyo Quest:
Hakugyokurou is dead ahead! Better be prepared for a long climb!
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: Hanzo K. on June 20, 2012, 07:30:55 PM
Don't forget that our Warrior was weirded out by what the Yukkuri Chen had for blood.
(Despite the 'Only Sane Little Miss Snarker' that is our Magician having explained it at the battle's outset.)
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: The Hating Hater on June 23, 2012, 03:35:30 PM
More summaries:

Stage 2 Part 4:
After defeating Chen, Ran came along. She told us about Yukari is working with Reimu on something and both Ran and Chen left the area. After some more searching around, they found a path Sanzu River. The party went back to Kourindou. After doing some buying and selling, they went to the human village where Kaeru went off to Akyuu for infomation. The others went and talked to Reisen. When Kaeru came back and beat the living soul out of Shirou, Reisen told us to leave. The party decides to fight Daiyousei in order to open the path to Youkai Mountain. Mamizou thanks them and leaves. The party continues onward to Sanzu River. They spot a boat with a scythe and see no one about. Suzu notices a portal behind a cherry blossom tree and the party enters it. There, they were confronted by petals which were taken down with ease. When the party reached the top, they found Youmu. Youmu mentioned something about some person. Then she attacked. The party defeated her and she ran off. The party followed her when they meet the Saigyou Ayakashi and it's seal about to break. Yuyuko, who was found right next to it seems to be in pain. The party then battles the tree. After awhile, the tree begins to unleash a deadly power. However the party was able to defeat the tree before it was able to.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on June 23, 2012, 08:41:07 PM
I do have the actual log, but it's about 100kB big and spans eight hours of play :<

"Youmu says something about some person," ha
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on June 30, 2012, 04:13:03 AM
Sessions attached by thumbnail this time >_>;
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: The Hating Hater on June 30, 2012, 04:11:42 PM

Stage 2 Part 6 (cont.): After defeating the stage 2 boss, the party meet Yuyuko. She said about an Alternate Gensokyo and how it's replacing beings from this world to it's world. The party leaves.
Stage 3 Part 1: While on the path to the Human Village, Somehow, Koishi came and finds the party. Kaeru tried to make friends with her but was carried off by the running party members. Then, Letty finds the party. She thinks that the party stole her Grimoire and attack. The party defeats her.
When they returned to the Human Village, they find that the gate to Myouren Temple is open. Going back to Kourindou, the party goes out to find Fariy dust and Vuglar Spirits. The enter the Forest of Magic to find Fairy Dust. After getting awhile they find Marisa's house. There Suzu and Marisa gets into a bet to be the better Magician. Shirou was then tied to a tree and got blasted by two Master Sparks. The party leaves and finds Alice's house.

I like to note that noone was hurt during the making of the game. Except Shirou.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 03, 2012, 11:35:38 PM
Log 5 has been attached.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 06, 2012, 11:29:48 PM
Here is the sixth log: [attach=1]
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 13, 2012, 03:39:13 AM
oh my god this entire session was the lily white battle, and it's not over yet

My favorite part:

17:31   Taizen   > Kaeru: Healing Aura / Shirou: Senmi / Suzu: Focus / Freyr: Defense Break
17:31   Taizen   > Lily White hesitates...
17:31   Taizen   > ...
17:31   Taizen   > Lily White used Amalgest!
17:32   Hanzo|Suzu   "...?!"
17:32   Hanzo|Suzu   "Watch out!"
17:32   Taizen   > Deals 216 damage to Suzu!
17:33   Hanzo|Suzu   "Tch..!"
17:33   Taizen   > Deals 162 damage to Shirou!
17:33   Taizen   > Deals 264 damage to Kaeru!
17:33   Taizen   > Kaeru collapses..
17:33   Hanzo|Suzu   (Tch..)
17:33   Taizen   > Deals 167 damage to Freyr!
17:34   Taizen   (Taizen "You're free to explain just what that was  ")
17:34   Taizen   > Shirou uses Senmi!
17:34   Taizen   > Suzu, Shirou, Freyr recover 84 HP.
17:34   Taizen   > Suzu uses Focus!
17:34   Taizen   > Suzu is preparing for a powerful attack!
17:34   Hanzo|Suzu   "That...That was Almagest! A powerful magic that was said to be lost to the sands of time!"
17:34   Taizen   > Freyr uses Defense Break!
17:34   Taizen   > Lily White's Physical Defense decreases a little.
17:34   Taizen   > Limit reached.
17:35   Taizen   > Turn 7. Command?
17:35   Taizen   > _
17:35   Hanzo|Suzu   Shirou is faster than me, yes?
17:35   Taizen   Yes.
17:35   Hanzo|Suzu   Shirou - Revival Elixir - Kaeru
17:35   Hanzo|Suzu   >Greater Ointment
17:35   Hanzo|Suzu   >Freyr - COncentrate
17:36   Taizen    HP  Suzu   145/459 Shirou   238/400 Kaeru     0/481 Freyr    98/522
17:38      *** Hating|Kaeru quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
17:43      *** Hating|Kaeru joined #gensoquest
17:44   Taizen   (Oh, excellent.)
17:44   Hanzo|Suzu   Well, you got KO'd by Almagest.
17:44   Hating|Kaeru   Things got bluescreened.
17:44   Hating|Kaeru   I know.
17:44   Hating|Kaeru   It was right after.
17:45   Hanzo|Suzu   Taiz, I think lily overdid it.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: Hanzo K. on July 13, 2012, 03:41:41 AM
For context, Hating got a BSoD right around when Kaeru got KO'd.

Thus, "Lily overdid it."
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 17, 2012, 04:12:04 AM
In this update: The latter half of the disproportionately difficult Lily White battle, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and a dungeon that strives to be the worst ever!
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: Hanzo K. on July 17, 2012, 04:13:25 AM
I made a personal note, Only have Taizen design postgame dungeons if I ever have him work on a game with me.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 22, 2012, 05:00:38 AM
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: Hanzo K. on July 22, 2012, 05:09:40 AM
The little bit at the end about Superhuman was my idea, and it was pretty well-reacted to. As evidenced by Shirou.
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File 1 Log
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on July 28, 2012, 06:36:01 AM
So, I'm a little late. This update was more or less entirely the third stage boss battle.
And then there'll be one more big boss and then a bunch of not boss stuff and plot advancement!

19:03   Taizen   > Turn 5. Command?
19:03   Taizen   > _
19:03   Hanzo|Suzu   >Exerca 3
19:03   Hanzo|Suzu   >Freyr - Defend
19:03   Hating|Kaeru   >Healing Aura.
19:04   Hanzo|Suzu   ....and now we wait for shirou I guess.
19:04   Taizen   Suzu: Exerca III / Kaeru: Healing Aura / Shirou: Defend / Freyr: Defend
19:04   Taizen   I guess!


19:18   Taizen   Suzu: Defend / Kaeru: Healing Aura / Shirou: Super Guard / Freyr: Defend
19:18   Hanzo|Suzu   Kaeru has to use aura, in order to make sure we survive.
19:18   Taizen   > Shirou puts up a strong defense!
19:18   Taizen   > Suzu is defending.
19:19   Taizen   > Freyr is defending.
19:19   Taizen   Alt. Kanako "Why... Why must you oppose me?"
19:19   Shirou   "Because we're bored"
19:19   Hanzo|Suzu   "Don't take it personally, you're just in our way."
19:19   Hating|Kaeru   "Cause you're not nice."
19:19   Taizen   > Alt. Kanako swung down a pillar!
19:19   Shirou   "I think that's why everything happens in this place"
19:20   Taizen   > Deals 388 damage to Kaeru!
19:20   Taizen   Kaeru   183/571
19:20   Taizen   > Alt. Kanako used Mugelestridyne!
19:21   Taizen   (Taizen "Welp.")
19:22   Taizen   > Deals 123 damage to Suzu!
19:22   Taizen   (I nerfed it this time. It was supposed to be twice this strong...)
19:22   Taizen   > ...
19:22   Hating|Kaeru   (...)
19:22   Taizen   > Suzu was guarding, so it actually dealt 61 damage.
19:22   Taizen   > Shirou is guarding!
19:22   Taizen   > Deals 103 damage to Shirou!
19:23   Taizen   > Deals 215 damage to Kaeru!
19:23   Taizen   > Kaeru collapses.
19:23   Shirou   :V
19:23   Hanzo|Suzu   ....
19:23   Taizen   > Freyr is guarding!
19:23   Taizen   > Deals 92 damage to Freyr.
19:24   Taizen    HP  Suzu    25/527 Shirou   354/560 Kaeru     0/571 Freyr    51/661
19:24   Shirou   Oh snap D:
19:24   Taizen   > Freyr recovers 32 HP.
19:24   Hating|Kaeru   (I Think I know who not to listen next time)
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File Logs
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on August 07, 2012, 06:14:43 PM
All right, I've removed that horrendous quote of the first log and reduced everything into a neatly indexed starter page for all of the logs. I probably should have done so sooner, honestly >_>'
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File Logs
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on August 11, 2012, 04:22:04 AM
File 1 Log 11:


File 2 Log 1:

Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File Logs
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on August 22, 2012, 05:35:24 AM

File 1 Log 12:

File 2 Log 2:
Title: Re: Gensokyo Quest ~ Save File Logs
Post by: チソウ タイゼン on September 02, 2012, 06:48:39 AM

My favorite part of today's session:
00:27   Taizen   > Turn 13. Command?
00:27   Taizen   > _
00:27   Freyr   "Rgh... dammit!"
00:27   Hanzo|Suzu   >Defend
00:27   Hanzo|Suzu   >Kaeru - PC
00:27   Freyr   Defend.
00:27   Hanzo|Suzu   (Shirou, superguard.)
00:27   Hanzo|Suzu   (Here comes a nasty hit.)
00:28   Shirou   Ok
00:28      Shirou rips shirt off again
00:28   Shirou   >Super Guard
00:28   Taizen   > Kaeru used Pentagram Crest!
00:28   Taizen   SP Kaeru    166/409
00:29   Taizen   > A strange wall envelops Kaeru!
00:29   Taizen   > Shirou used Super Guard!
00:29   Taizen   > Shirou puts up a strong defense!
00:29   Taizen   > Freyr is defending!
00:29   Taizen   > Suzu is defending!
00:30   Taizen   >
used Amalgest!
00:30   Taizen   > Deals 424 damage to Suzu!
00:30   Hanzo|Suzu   "Tch..."
00:30   Hanzo|Suzu   (Should've seen it coming. :V)
00:31   Taizen   > Deals 117 damage to Shirou!
00:31   Taizen   > The attack bounced off Kaeru!
00:31   Taizen   > Deals 920 damage to
00:32   Taizen   > Deals 468 damage to Freyr!
00:33   Freyr   "Rgk..."
00:33   Taizen   
"Quite fortuitous for all of you!"
00:33   Hanzo|Suzu   (Okay, next phase, someone's gotta take Momiji's Grimoire. The Sleep Resist is vital.)
00:33   Taizen   
"The time has come for my last test."
00:33   Hanzo|Suzu   (I'd stick it on Kaeru.)
00:33   Taizen   
"I will now test your capacity of skill."
00:33   Hanzo|Suzu   (In fact, I will for now.)
00:34   Hanzo|Suzu   
00:34   Taizen   >
used Sleepy Cloud!
00:34   Taizen   > A strange miasma descends upon you.
00:34   Taizen   > Suzu is unaffected.
00:34   Taizen   > Shirou is asleep.
00:34   Hanzo|Suzu   (:V)
00:34   Taizen   > Kaeru is unaffected.
00:35   Taizen   > Freyr is unaffected.
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   (Welp, this is bad.)
00:35   Taizen   > Turn 14. Command?
00:35   Taizen   > _
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   >Hourai Ointment
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   >Kaeru - Cleanse
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   Scratch that.
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   >Kaeru - CHange Momiji
00:35   Hanzo|Suzu   (We can't have our medic falling asleep.)
00:36   Freyr   Stat Return!
00:36   Hanzo|Suzu   Hang on, let's look at what we can do first.
00:36   Hanzo|Suzu   Bah, Kaeru uses Cleanse.
00:36   Hanzo|Suzu   We'll have to risk it.
00:37   Hanzo|Suzu   we can't have Shirou stay asleep, otherwise
Ace Move comes out.
00:37   Hanzo|Suzu   and we do not want this one to be a thing.
00:37   Taizen   (Taizen "It's a shame that you didn't Lighten Kaeru so she'd be faster than
00:38   Freyr   (...Lighten effects other people?)
00:38   Taizen   (Taizen "Yup. I just brain-farted when I wrote it down.")
00:38   Hanzo|Suzu   (Well, physicals are useless right now, so you may as well do it now.)
00:38   Taizen   (The Skills page on Pastebin is out-of-date :V )
00:39   Freyr   (Well,
still buffed to hell.)
00:39   Taizen   (The current move list is Suzu >
> Shirou > Kaeru > Freyr.)
00:39   Hanzo|Suzu   (Good point, gotta remove her buffs first.)
00:39   Hanzo|Suzu   So instead.
00:39   Hanzo|Suzu   >Kaeru - Change Momiji
00:40   Taizen   (It'd be pretty funny if you healed Shirou only for her to take it all.)
00:40   Hanzo|Suzu   Good point, I'll just hammer her instead.
00:40   Hanzo|Suzu   >Final Spark
00:41   Taizen   >Suzu: Final Spark / Shirou: be asleep / Kaeru: Momiji's Grimoire / Freyr: Stat Return
00:41   Hanzo|Suzu   gotta keep our medic from zonking after all.
00:41   Taizen   > Suzu used Final Spark!
00:41   Hanzo|Suzu   and I'm still megabuffed from the stuff I copied.
00:42   Taizen   (Except for Freyr sticking Shatter Defense. heh.)
00:42   Hanzo|Suzu   (Well, that's a price I can pay.)
00:42   Taizen   > Deals 635 damage to
00:43   Taizen   
"Ah, yes, you are so full of energy~"
00:43   Taizen   >
used Heikiko Hiyakurou!
00:43   Taizen   > Deals 606 damage to Shirou!
00:43   Taizen   > Shirou collapses.
00:44   Taizen   >
recovered 152 HP!
00:44   Shirou   (Well :V)
00:44   Hanzo|Suzu   (Not a whole lot. :V)
00:44   Taizen   >
used Demisan!
00:44   Taizen   >
recovered 710 HP!
00:44   Hanzo|Suzu   ...
00:45   Hanzo|Suzu   [EXPLETIVE HAS BEEN REDACTED}[/size]