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Well, okay.  If you feel the site could be improved by a new feature or addon (see this list here; please note that only mods for SMF 2.0 RC1 work on here at this time until we get RC2 up and running), be sure to let us know.  It would help your case immensely to explain the benefits of your desired mod.  If you are persuasive enough, the administrators and moderation team of MotK will discuss the potential ups and downs of the feature.

Don't be discouraged if we don't respond in this thread or don't approve your addon, though (even if you ARE really persuasive).  We would usually have a good reason for not doing so.


Just to give forewarning.  Even if we approve your modification, it is unlikely to get implemented until RC2 is live UNLESS the mod provides a major benefit.

This is merely so we can get an idea of what you guys would like while I work furiously on making RC2 not suck function the way we want it to.

TinyPortal, so we can finally have at least a site mainpage.  :V

Denied.  I'm working on the frontpage code right now.  Just took me a while to get my VMWare Server key @_______@;;

Plus it looks like we're going to get 6-9 inches of snow so I have a loooooooooooooong weekend to hack on it.

Woohoo! o/


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