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Seventh Holy Scripture:
As the forums have been upgraded to 2.0.1, all previous reports are assumed stale and fixed.

If reporting issues about the text box when making/editing a post stretching too far and cutting off, please clear your cache and cookies.  You most likely have a stale copy of the forum template.

If reporting issues about the themes, please provide screenshots as well as detailed information on the browser name and version you're using, as well as anything done to trigger the broken behavior.

If reporting issues about search please be aware that it is still in testing.  Missing topics is a normal thing, posts are indexed at regular intervals and sometimes brand new posts aren't in the index yet.  If it's acting slow please wait a few minutes before trying again, you may have hit it during an indexing period.

Can I be a twat and report the first bug in SMF update? :3

The editing shortcuts(ctrl+i, ctrl+u, ctrl+b, etc) that used to overlap the browser shortcuts aren't working anymore.
I know it's like a secondary feature, but I use it a lot, and I just hit ctrl+u in another thread and boom, source code window opened on my face

Dunno what to tell you, probably removed for the time being.  I've changed nothing as far as the post template/JS goes.

Something might be wrong with the avatar upload. Specifically, it refuses an image that is no larger than 150x150px or 75kB. Resizing it to 140x140 and smaller filesize (<30kB) does not help.
Error given is "The avatar you have selected is either too large or not an avatar." The image is 150x150 and 44,1kB, jpg.
Strange enough, re-uploading my previous avatar does work (150x140, 7,1kB, jpg). As does uploading a png version of the new one.
Re-saving the png version as jpg and uploading that, on the other hand, also fails.

Can't check until I get home :<  AFAIK the only option I changed was relaxing the checks for malicious images. The attachment code is so wonky.


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