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Delete Account question?


Yo, so if I delete my account; am I free to rejoin the site later down the road? I presume that part of a request being approved is that you have a relatively clean history.


--- Quote from: GiantRavenFromNowhere ---Just confused, had a thread here like a couple weeks ago but it vanished. Was it deleted or such? If so, was it an automated thing since it didn't get approved?

if this thread needs to be deleted too (if its in the wrong or such), can you PM me the response btw?
--- End quote ---
It most likely got sweeped with the spam threads we have been cleaning for the past couple of days. Our apologies for that. I've put it back so an administrator can look into your question.

There are no rules that specifically prevent a user that has previously deleted an account from making a new one.

If you had also done something perma-ban-worthy, then that would be a different story, but if that's not the case you should be fine.

TY for the response! How quick should it take for an account to be deleted? I feel weird about having 2 accounts, even if I don't use one ;p

EDIT: Apologies, just noticed the topic about the spam bot problem; presumably this is causing some delay. Apologies for any impatience.


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