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Title: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
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The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant:



I, _______, the loyal servant of Patchouli; the servant whom she had called from the fires of Netherworld to serve her, keeps this journal in commemoration of that unforgettable day. Although that day may never come again and the Heavens forfend (if you take my meaning) that it should, I, _______ will gladly assist you my reader, in solving one of the greatest mishaps in the affair of my beautiful master.

I shall tell you of the events, the nature of the disaster, it's effects and it's eventual demise.

I shall tarry no longer and narrate the events in my own view and perception.

Entry 1:

Day X of Month X of Year XXXX


"What is it that you wish, my Mistress?" I asked her.

It was a clear day, and Miss Patchouli was in good health. In fact, she woke up earlier than she ought, clearly stating that she had some work to do. She had ordered me to stay away from the eastern part of the library, as she was working a spell (she had not stated the nature of the spell), and that she would rather not be interrupted in the middle of her mystic workings.

"Leave me alone for a while, _______."

As I had cleaned that part of the library, I gladly obliged without question and moved on to follow the quest of fixing the broken catalogs of the western quarter of the library (it was destroyed by the habitual battles drawn out by my Mistress' usual visitor).

It was an hour before noon when I finished fixing the damage in that quarter and was about to arrange for my Mistress' luncheon when I heard a loud cacophonous explosion in the library. I was disoriented at first, thinking that this is another visit from Mistress' usual visitor. However, I soon realized that the ruckus came from the part of the library where my Mistress was doing her mystic workings.

I quickly rushed to her aid, disregarding her earlier warning; this was clearly a case of a real emergency.

She was in such a pitiful state when I reached her. Lying in the middle of an elegant "Seal of Babalon" was my unconscious Mistress. She was unscathed, but her immediate surroundings were in such a state of disaster that I feared for her safety; the tall shelves might fall on her fragile body.

I immediately took Miss Patchouli to her quarters where she remained unconscious for the rest of the day.

That night, I was interrogated by the manor's landlady's head servant, Miss Izayoi. However, I know little of the nature of the spell she was working, and I could only pray that Miss Patchouli would awake in good health.

Entry 2:

Day X of Month X of Year XXXX

"Clear Sky"

It was a few days after that incident. Miss Patchouli had awoken a few days ago after being unconscious for a triad of days and told me that there was little to fear. In fact, she told me that she was feeling better that day and she told me to get her some tea as she had not eaten anything while she slept.

I arranged for her food when Mistress Patchouli told me a very disturbing thing. She asked me to escort her outside of the manor (something she rarely, if ever, does). As I was a loyal servant of my Mistress, I obliged without question (after breaking her fast, of course).

On the way out of the manor, she walked with a certain gaiety that I have never seen before in my Mistress. I took little notice of it, as it might be because Miss Patchouli was in a good mood. However, she still has not stated the nature of the spell that she did and seemingly had no intention of sharing it to me. I, a humble servant of my Mistress, was in no position to inquire out of curiosity and I held my tongue.

We spent the rest of the day in the garden of the manor, in the company of the Miss Meiling who was as surprised as I am to see Miss Patchouli outside of her library for a day. I had observed a drastic change in Miss Patchouli's behaviour; the fact she did not touch a book that day, something she had never done before. Also, the way she talks...I cannot yet be sure. This warrants more notice.

Entry 3:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX


A week has passed since that incident. I have long since confirmed that a strange malady had infected Mistress Patchouli and I shall relate to you the events of the past week as follows:

1) The day after my last entry, Miss Patchouli had invited Lady Scarlet to go out for a stroll.

2) In that same day, when Lady Scarlet refused her, Miss Patchouli attempted to coerce Little Miss Scarlet to go out with her! Thank goodness (if you take my meaning) for Miss Izayoi's interjection.

3) After failing to invite both Lady Scarlet and Little Miss Scarlet out for a stroll, she went out by herself, without bringing her usual books with her for reading. As a matter of fact, Miss Patchouli had not opened any book since the day she woke up.

4) I was stopped by Miss Izayoi from following her. She herself had volunteered to follow Miss Patchouli and ensure that she doesn't run into trouble in her possibly delirious state. However, when Miss Izayoi came back with Miss Patchouli, Miss Izayoi was in a state of fatigue and told us that she "had a hard time convincing Miss Patchouli to stop playing with the Ice Fairy of the Misty Lake."

5) The next day, Miss Patchouli once again set out on her own. Lady Scarlet, deeply troubled by Miss Patchouli's odd behaviour, sent Miss Izayoi to fetch her. I boldly volunteered to undertake the same venture.

6) As we followed Miss Patchouli, we noticed that she was without her usual sickly pose as she flew. In fact, she flew around in tight circles, clearly enjoying herself in the process. However, the Miss Patchouli I know never does any of that sort for that kind of stunt will put too much blood in her head and cause her to go reeling into dizziness.

7) Miss Patchouli, aware that she was being followed, called out to us in a merry voice. She challenged us to a game of tag and quickly flew off in a speed I would never had dreamed of from Mistress Patchouli.

8) Miss Izayoi was impartial to use her power to stop Miss Patchouli, as she wasn't given any order to capture my Mistress. Instead, she told me that we have to follow her and take not of her unusual actions.

9) We followed her to the Forest of Magic, where Miss Patchouli's usual visitor stays. There we lost sight of her, but Miss Izayoi called me off and told me to return to the manor. Reluctant I was, I faintly heard the distant screams of a young woman as I saw beautiful balls of energy from the distance.

10) Miss Patchouli never came back that day. However, the day after that, Miss Patchouli arrived in the mansion dressed in different clothes. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Miss Patchouli's usual visitor's clothes. I was with an urge to inquire about them, but I was stopped by the wry grin on Patchouli's face, something I had never seen before.

11) Miss Patchouli left later that day. However, we were suddenly visited by Miss Patchouli's usual visitor, a certain Miss Kirisame (my Mistress' Usual Visitor), who demanded the return of her clothes. She was drenched to skin and dressed in Miss Patchouli's nightgown. Although Miss Izayoi was ordered to drive her out of the house, she burst out laughing at Miss Kirisame's expense. I shall relate to you the dialogues that had been exchanged that day:

Kirisame: "Hey, it's not funny you know! My other clothes were still wet from the rain from yesterday. She just came into my house without warning and rained bullets all over the place."

Izayoi: "Isn't that how you are when you usually visit?"

K: "This is different! I mean, I announce myself when I come to the library. I don't skulk around--"

I: "Like a thief."

K: "Thief is such a blunt word."

I: "I think it's a very honest description."

K: "Anyway, can I have my clothes back? It's really chilly in this clothes. No wonder she's always sick."

With that, Miss Izayoi burst out laughing once more. However, since Miss Patchouli is not around, Miss Izayoi failed to be of assistance to Miss Kirisame. However, Miss Kirisame told us that this is not the end of the affair.

And indeed it was not. Today, Miss Patchouli came back late, drenched after apparently flying under the rain for the most of the day. I was worried that she would come out with a pneumonia, however it was apparent that she was in absolute good health. I emphasize the word "absolute", for while she was drenched, not a sneeze or cough did I hear from her person, which was highly unlike her.

Later that night, Miss Patchouli apparently left the mansion without leaving a message to anyone (including me, of course), and as such I found it highly suspicious.

I cannot fail to attribute this to the incident a week before. I have decided to investigate the site where the spell was wrought.

Entry 4:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX


The library had not been disturbed by anyone but me ever since Miss Patchouli's malady. As a matter of fact, Miss Patchouli had not been anywhere near the library ever since I noted her strange behavior. As such, I found it of little difficulty locating the remains of the "Seal of Babalon" that I saw last time. I searched the place, looking for clues. As expected, I have found a nearby record of the spells which was written by Mistress' hand.

I shall note them thus:

"It was fairly recent that I (Patchouli Knowledge) have discovered a means to release myself of my earthly toils of my fragile body. In my recent studies, I have discovered the means to tap into a certain point of power in the cosmic space, the ones that ancient humans have referred to as goddess [Ishtar], albeit erroneously called such. While she is referred to as a bespoiled Goddess who lives by the desires of earthly flesh, I have reasons to believe..."

"...that tapping into a focal point in the cosmic space like her would allow my body to be a temporary vessel in which I can relay her ethereal energies into myself before severing the link completely and retaining those energies within my body. However I deem it extremely dangerous..."

"...even so, I have taken many precautions, not the least that my inhuman body will ultimately reject a celestial contact..."

"...if I am able to successfully contrive a way to do this, I would be able to cure myself of the maladies that afflict me, and if it goes the way I wish it, I would be able to attain a higher view of the celestial plane and begin to achieve the attainment of the Ultimate Truth..."

After taking down these notes, I suddenly noticed the presence of another person inside the library. After a short inquiry turned out to be Miss Kirisame who wanted vengeance in her disastrous affair with her clothing. I was surprised that she was still wearing Miss Patchouli's clothes, but the rather serious matters at hand prevented me from laughing at her.

We had a short talk, and in the end, we managed to strike a mutual understanding in the affair. It is unmistakable that the spell that was done in the Day X of Month X of the Year XXXX had somehow changed Miss Patchouli, causing her to act strangely. However, it would seem that we need to find more details of her spell, as Miss Patchouli was careful not to leave any instruction on how the spell was to be wrought, and I, a mere familiar have no means (or Knowledge) to discern the whole web of the spell.

Miss Kirisame suggested as certain Miss Margatroid's help, and told me to wait for her later. However, she did not come back that day.

Neither did Miss Patchouli.

Entry 5:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX

"Clear Sky"

Miss Patchouli still had not returned to the Scarlet Mansion, and while Lady Scarlet had voiced no concern about it, the whole household was tense, as if a storm was brewing. In fact, the clear cloudless sky today might be an indication of a storm coming.

Miss Kirisame, who I will now refer to as Marisa (who now came in her own clothing), came early to report that Miss Patchouli had been sighted across different parts of Gensokyo. Along with her, Marisa brought Miss Alice Margatroid (who I will now refer to as Alice) to help with our research in the library.

Alice proved to be of huge help to us in discerning the mystery of the spell. She discerned it to be a [Modified Summoning Spell], a spell in likelihood of the familiar contract of the Underworld between an underworld dweller and a Magician. However, the spell is modified in such a way that the summoning would be done inside the body of the Magician herself, and thus be able to execrate a sealing spell within herself to contain the summoned entity within her body.

Inferring from the remains of my Mistress' records, Alice concluded that my Mistress had devised a spell to tap into the ethereal energies of a celestial being, a goddess if she would call it that. Her plan was to summon the goddess and temporarily connect her body to the celestial being in such a way that the energies of the goddess would flow into her body. After that, a pre-placed Spell would sever the contact with the celestial entity and reverse the flow of the spell, and send the goddess back to sleep in the celestial plane.

However, from what we have seen so far, something in the spell went wrong. Moreover, Marisa asked the same question I had in mind at that moment; why would Mistress Patchouli want to summon a goddess?

We had no answer in that matter, so we decided to ask around the Scarlet Household. However, we failed to find any answer from Lady Scarlet who seem quite nonchalant about the matter.

Alice decided to stay in the manor as an invited guest (by me) to help me investigate further. Miss Kirisame decided to go home and pay another visit tomorrow.

Entry 6:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX


It's a few days since our investigation at the library. Nothing much has happened, but Miss Patchouli had not visited the Scarlet Mansion, in body or in spirit. Lady Scarlet did not talk about her, and all my inquiries to the staff rendered them speechless and stone-faced.

Today was a strange day. Early in the morning, Miss Kirisame arrived to tell us that Miss Patchouli was making a ruckus at the Human Village. Naturally, we came out to investigate (with leave from Lady Scarlet). Indeed, we found Miss Patchouli at the edge of the human village and overjoyed as I was in seeing her safe, I was speechless as to the circumstances of which we had found her.

Miss Patchouli was in the process of completing another "Seal of Babalon", a Seven-Pointed Star in the backyard of an abandoned house in the outskirts of the human village. The constables of the village who know Miss Patchouli as the reclusive scholar inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion thought that it was highly suspicious and demanded Miss Patchouli to stop. However, Miss Patchouli paid no heed and continued with her activity.

As expected, the constables of the human village began to take drastic actions and tried to restrain her, but Miss Patchouli quickly evaded them and returned fire. They were in the middle of a heated bullet fight when we arrived.

Marisa, judging the situation to be highly dangerous, decided to end the fight immediately by firing a [Master Spark] at Miss Patchouli. Alice, exclaiming Marisa's rashness in the air, immediately pulled me down and sought for cover. Disoriented by the sudden turn of events, I only heard the impact of the destructive power of the Master Spark, and Marisa's exclamation of what could be surprise.

When we [Alice and I] recovered from the shock of Marisa's sudden actions, we looked up in the sky to see Miss Patchouli seemingly unhurt by Marisa's spell. Marisa, who was standing behind us, was readying herself to fire another spell. However, Miss Patchouli stretched out her hand and fired one her own spells; the [Lava Cromlech]. Alice immediately countered with a spell which I was unfamiliar with--a considerable amount dolls came out from her persona and started a tight flight in each of the Cromlech projectile's trajectory. Upon impact with the hot fireballs of Miss Patchouli's spell; the dolls exploded, leaving no trace of it behind.

Marisa fired another Master Spark which my Mistress deftly dodged. Miss Patchouli started incanting another spell when a shout from the distance caught her attention. Immediately, Miss Patchouli interrupted her incantations and left the premises without another word. The origin of the shout turned out to be Miss Hakurei, an acquaintance of Lady Scarlet. Apparently, Miss Hakurei(who I will now refer to as Reimu) was at the village at the time, for reasons private to her. She was alarmed by the Master Spark fired by Marisa and quickly came here as fast as she can to investigate.

We quickly related the events to her and she was immediately inclined to help after some talk by Marisa and Alice. Reimu then related a huge disturbance of the border a few days ago and Marisa immediately asserted that the disturbance was caused by Miss Patchouli's spell.

Alice, on the other hand, was immediately interested at the heptagram drawn by Miss Patchouli. She immediately concluded that it was the same one as the one in the Scarlet Mansion, and so she told Marisa to bring out a certain book secreted within her clothes (it was one of Miss Patchouli's books that went missing since the affair inside the library).

Marisa brought it out (not without denying it a few times) and Alice quickly scanned the pages and concluded that this circle is the Unmodified version of the Summoning Spell. Alice suspects that Miss Patchouli is being controlled by the influence of the Etheric energy of the goddess inside her body, and is being led to summon that goddess into this plane.

As to the location, Alice told us that this place is one of the big ley points of Gensokyo (they are the interconnecting lines of invisible energy that run through the land; providing power to the Hakurei Barrier; I shall not delve into this any longer as it is of limited importance to this affair), although it is not one of the key lines (the ones that channel the power to the smaller ley lines.).

Alice also observed the time of the day; it was clearly the seventh hour of the day. I remembered that Miss Patchouli started working on her spell very early, and she finished just before luncheon. I quickly added this to Alice's observation.

Clearly then, Miss Patchouli is looking for ley points that coincide with her purpose; and a place where she thinks she will not be disturbed. She needed to prepare the spell starting at the seventh hour of the day, and assuming that I was correct in recalling; she will finish by noon.

 Alice had observed that this is the eastern part of the human village, and recalling correctly, the circle at the library was drawn at eastern quarter as well. I applauded Alice's quick deduction in which Marisa countered; "That doesn't mean she won't escape the next time, right?"

Here is where Reimu offered to help:

Reimu: "It would be troublesome if the bookworm causes trouble by calling up a god, right? I could just stop her by force."

Marisa: "More like 'it would be troublesome if there's another god in Gensokyo'."

Alice: "Either way, a spell like that would probably release a lot of energy to the surrounding area. _______, you said that there was an explosion of approximately 228 feet in diameter, correct?"

I nodded.

Alice: "Then it would be safe to assume that a complete Summoning would cause a bigger explosion; let's say--"

Reimu: "Regardless, I think I can handle the bookworm by exterminating her, right?"

Alice: "It would be troublesome if you kill her."

Marisa: "Either way is fine by me."

I exclaimed that Miss Patchouli's safety is paramount.

Reimu: "Then maybe I could just seal her on the ground--"

Marisa: "Can't we just mow her down with bullets?"

Alice: "It's better if we reverse the spell first--"

Reimu: "But it won't be a problem if she's sealed, right?"

Marisa: "Er--maybe we should find her first?"

Alice: "But--"

They succumbed to their bickering for a half-hour or so before they called it a day. They promised to look for her tomorrow, and bring back good news.

I quickly realized that this won't turn out well. I immediately went back to the manor. When I got back to the library, I was immensely depressed at the helplessness of the situation; more so when I was not once inquired by Miss Izayoi or Lady Scarlet about the ruckus of Miss Patchouli.

For the first time, I've felt what humans call 'despair".

Entry 7:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX


I know now what I must do.

Today was an utter fluke. As promised, Reimu, Alice and Marisa went out looking for Miss Patchouli. With Marisa's Compass (which I highly suspected was the Lost Compass of Fu Xi if the books about Artifacts were correct), we easily traced the place where Miss Patchouli was working another circle. It was in the middle of a lush forest, but it was utterly quiet and foreboding.

However, upon seeing Miss Patchouli, the three started to execute their own plans in capturing her; resulting in them getting in each other's way. Miss Patchouli immediately started to withdraw. Knowing that it was futile to trust the three who were already fighting among themselves, I resolved to follow her.

I was only able to follow her for a few hundred yards when Miss Patchouli talked to me in a very deep voice:

"Begone, evil demon of Irkalla. This body, stained by the sin of the flesh it may be, would suit very well to be my robe of my descent. While this robe is tied to the fires of Irkalla, my own breath shall cleanse it, and purify it beyond any stain."

"Begone, daughter of Irkalla. I release you from the binds that chain you to this earth. Begone, before I drag you back to your nest."

No sooner when I heard this words that I was filled with gut-wrenching agony, and I fell swooning from the sky and dropped into the treetops below.

It was almost afternoon when I regained consciousness, and I felt a vast emptiness within me. I was in despair, nearly mindless, when I remembered the events that just transpired.

I am a daughter of fire, a spawn of the nest of the Underworld, what that goddess calls Irkalla. Begotten to me was the knowledge of fire, earth and rock; the knowledge that was locked within me when I was first called out to be her Mistress.

But they are now free. By her own words which were unwillingly said, I was freed from the chains that bound me to this earth. Now, I am a creature of flame and sin, I cannot be stopped by a mere mortal of flesh.

I know now what I must do.

There is a contract, between familiar and master, that exists to protect both parties. For the master, a creature of flesh, the flame of the underworld would consume her immediately upon calling out to the Underworld. The contract protects her from those flames, the same way the familiar is protected from the coil of mortality that will be shared from her master. And in so doing, they become one, attuned to the senses of each other.

Ever since the day Miss Patchouli did that spell, I have been unable to sense her. It did not matter to me at first, in fact, I did not notice for I found her presence to be of small matter (she always stayed in the same place). But now that I was released from that bond, the gaping emptiness was a shock as it is a pleasure.

I am a creature of Underworld. And I am about to be robbed of something very precious to me.

I will not stand-by and let that happen.

I called out to the Flames within me, the Flames of Scouring sin that have been kept tame for so long.

They answered me as they had always answered me:
"What is it that you wish, my Mistress?"

I remembered those same words I uttered an eternity ago. I wanted to say those to her once more--

Entry 8:

Day XX of Month X of Year XXXX


The rain never stopped falling. It was the sixth hour, an hour before Miss Patchouli does her spell. I did not consult with the three as to my action.

Not that they would cooperate with me, in my given situation.

I purposely avoided any mortal today. My appearance would likely inspire fear--and the hunger of the Underworld compelled me (familiars are fed by their masters regularly, it has been almost a month since I last fed...); and I know not whether I can stop myself if a chance presented itself in front of me. I would rather not test it.

Even as I flew on, the scent of food tainted my thoughts--only my desire to see Miss Patchouli kept me sane.

Soon, I arrived at her location; the easternmost part of Gensokyo. I have forgotten what the place looked like, I only remembered her still, unmoving figure as she looked at me with those cold, indifferent eyes.

They were not Her eyes.

"So, have you been driven mindless, pitiful child? It's a pity that you did not return to Irkalla at once, and so your sanity may have remained."

I answered, "I am here."

I found my words alien, as if I spoke in another language. "You have freed me from my Mistress without her leave; you have robbed me of my ultimate pleasure in this world."

She laughed, with a voice alien to this world.

"Then I shall free you from this mortal plane then, and you may yet thank me for doing so. As for your mistress, I believe that she would be happy serving me."

I grew angry at her words.

Miss Patchouli, serving this, this--

There is a spell, passed down from master to student through blood in the lore of the Underworld. It was a special spell than only a chosen few are to know, fewer still are called to tech. It was a spell to tear open a hole in the reality, a hole that immediately leads to the Underworld. In the human world, it would have been impossible because of a [Seal], but Gensokyo is not the realm of humans. It is its own realm inside Reality.

I found little trouble opening that Gate. The Gate where She once stood and called out to me. Where She called out my name and entered the Contract of Blood that bound me to Her, forever.

In that moment, I brought Hell on Gensokyo. In that moment, in that single moment, I cut off all the ties of celestial blessing upon this place and completely shrouded it with the cries of my brethren.

I opened the Gates of Hell.

The goddess that took control of my Mistress' body stood aghast.

Surrounded by the flames that I had called, she was rooted upon the Earth in which my blood commanded. It took me little trouble to rip her out of my Mistress' body and casted her to the abyss where she once slept. She screamed out frustration and anger, threatening me with the anger of the Lost gods and goddesses whose worshippers are already on my side of the river.

I cast her a cold, indifferent glance. They were my Real Eyes.

Seeing my work done, I closed the gate before any of my brethren came through. Their cries of frustration echoed throughout; I only breathed out a phrase of apology before passing out into Oblivion.

Entry 9:

Day X of Month X of Year XXXX


I was at my room when I awoke. Miss Patchouli was reading a book at my bedside. I stirred a little, and Miss Patchouli looked up from her volume. I immediately said a word of apology for disturbing her.

"Do not worry, you've been enough trouble for almost six days. Keeping you away from Hell itself was such a bother that I would rather not talk about."

I smiled.

"What is it that you wish, my Mistress?"

Patchouli put down her volume. "For now, good familiars should rest. It would be troublesome summoning another one if you died."

And so I obeyed. Like what good familiars do. I slept for the rest of the day, and a few days after that.

When I awoke, I saw Miss Patchouli at the eastern part of the library, directing her spells at a circle beneath her.

"After all that ruckus, you still didn't clean this up?"

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

"Oh, no matter. It is partly my fault anyway. I should have known that a counter-spell won't work on an Untested Modified Spell."

At that moment, I remembered something that Marisa once asked in my stead.

"Why did you do that spell, Mistress? Your usual visitor also asked the same thing when we were investigating. We never did find out why."

Miss Patchouli chuckled. "You ask? Or rather, she asked? She, of all people, should know why I want to make my health better."

She coughed a little bit dramatically, and as if on queue, a wild ruckus from the opposite side of the library erupted, disturbing this solemn moment--losing it into the darkness of the library, forever.

Title: Re: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
Post by: FinnKaenbyou on March 25, 2010, 11:34:31 AM
Am I the only one wondering if _______ isn't actually Koakuma? :V

Anyway, nice writing. A couple of tense slips here and there but it's mostly solid. Interesting look into a character who really doesn't see a lot of development. Also, the image of Marisa dressed as Patchouli amuses me to no end.
Title: Re: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
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I like that - very well written, and befitting of a librarian/librarian's assistant. Detailed, and with enough of a vocabulary to keep it from being dry.
Title: Re: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
Post by: Dizzy H. "Muffin" Muffin on March 25, 2010, 06:39:33 PM
Yeah, that was an interesting, nicely self-contained story there.

The only weird parts were the connection-to-hell thing and Ishtar, which seemingly don't really fit in Touhou's setting, but within the story it works fine.
Title: Re: The Journal of Patchouli's Loyal Assistant
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My mind just made the mental connection of "Seal of Babalon" and "Ishtar". Ahahahaha.

This was a really fun read! Despite the drama, the mental image of Patchouli playing tag was pretty cute. You really made the journal form work for you. I'd love to read more like this.