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Here we go, for once I am writing actual Touhou-fiction. The title should already give you an idea what to expect~

Edit: Oh yeah, I should probably say some words about the origins of this story. Credit goes to Rou for bringing up the PMiSS entry for the tengu and their society a while back. This had me think about how the tengu's society, and the society of Gensokyo in general, actually worked. There's so much possibilities for fiction there that are just waiting to be explored. So I went ahead and started off with the tengu here. Of course going into their society means I will need more tengu than just the two official ones we have, meaning OCs XD

This prologue chapter serves as a teaser and an introduction to the setting I use. For the rest of the story, I will try to write up as much of it as I can before I post anything more, so as to avoid my usual problem with leaving things unfinished.

Please wait warmly and have fun reading~

?Everyshing wash better back shen!?

Aya Shameimaru was drunk.

?No! Wait! No, it wash not! It wash worse!?

Now a tengu getting drunk was not something unusual. Tengu drink a lot, and when I say 'a lot', I mean the oni-definition of 'a lot', not the human one. There is a saying that we tengu drink eighteen litres of sake in one sip as a greeting. This is, of course, an exaggeration, but if one looked at Aya right now, they might just believe it as true.
Eighteen litres. She must have had at least that much within the last hour alone. If this had been some sort of party, some celebration, nothing about it would be unusual.

?An it doesh not get better! Why doesh it not get any better? It'sh been what, 120 yearsh already??

But right here, in this shabby pub at the edge of the human village, far away from our home on Youkai Mountain, there was no celebration. Aya Shameimaru was drowning her sorrows, probably for the first time in the one thousand years of her life.

?Tshubasha!?, Aya managed to focus her gaze in my general direction, which probably was the drunken equivalent to staring at me intently.

Tsubasa, that is my name. Not a very creative name for a tengu, as it means nothing more than ?wings?. Belonging to the species of crow tengu I have the same kind of black wings and hair as Aya does, only that my hair is much longer and straight. Keeping one's hair long is a recent fad amongst young tengu-women. Older tengu like Aya always keep their hair short, or at medium length at most, to avoid it getting tangled up in their wings in flight, as they think having to tie it up everytime they take off the ground is too much of a hassle. I consider it a necessary inconvenience at this point, just as many other tengu of my age do.

?Tshubasha! Did I ever tell you how it shtarted? The Bunbunmaru??

'Ah, now it's getting interesting. So is this what this whole mess is about?', I thought to myself.

I leaned a bit forward to show Aya that I was listening. About two hours ago, she had shown up at my house all of a sudden, told me to come along, and then dragged me out here. Surprise visits were a common thing when one was acquainted with Aya, but I had never seen her this distressed in all of the twenty years since we became friends. Though I say 'friends', and surely our relation was a friendly one, due to the vast difference in our ages Aya has also always been a kind of mentor to me.

?No, I don't think you ever did, Aya?, I answered her honestly.

?Well, you shee...?, the tengu-reporter started her story.


For your sake, dear reader, let me summarize Aya's story here without subjecting you to all of her drunken slurs:
To my surprise, what Aya told me was not exclusively about her own 'newspaper', the Bunbunmaru. She started her story way further back, in the time the Great Hakurei Barrier was created over 120 years ago, 80 years before I was even born.
During this time, the tengu society was undergoing radical changes. Just shortly before the seperation of Gensokyo from the rest of the world the oni had withdrawn from the surface to the underground. This ended the oppression of the tengu as the oni's servants , but the newfound freedom came with the loss of a purpose. Aya told me how the different tengu clans and races fought each other in a struggle to establish the kind of hierarchy they were used to.
The one to end the struggles and unite the tengu was Lord Tenma, and under his guidance they developed their distinct culture and society in the newly founded Tengu Village.
And yet, even after the necessary agriculture to feed the village had been established, many tengu were still without any occupation. Some tried their hands at brewing alcohol and trading it with the other races in Gensokyo, but their efforts failed. Tengu-booze was too strong for normal humans, and too weak for the taste of the oni, and so it staid a drink for the tengu alone.
Racing, gambling, drinking. Every activity that somehow involved being in a group was fine with the tengu, as long as it distracted them from the boring reality of their lives. They wasted away the days, weeks, months and years, devoid of any purpose in this sealed-off wonderland.

And then, about 50 years ago, a revolution happened. Not a political one, the tengu were very content with the way Lord Tenma managed the village, but a technical revolution. The real events are unknown, but Aya's research into the matter suggested that it all began with a single kappa finding a certain object.
The kappa had just established their own village near the river at the foot of the Youkai Mountain around that time. Just like the tengu, the kappa had yet to find their place in Gensokyo's society. Their natural curiosity had led them to gather artifacts from the outside world and examine them to learn about their functions.
Not without pride did Aya tell me how she had visited the kappa's village just on the day when they were experimenting with a strange object. A small box with a tube protruding from its front. A glass lense that was embedded in the tube, and some buttons on the box.

Aya's eyes shone brightly as she recalled the events of that day.
How she had watched the kappa fumble around with the thing to no avail for a while.
How she had swooped down on them and snatched the box from their hands.
How she had lifted the box to her eyes, looked into the small window on its back to see the scenery before her through it.
How her fingers had searched around until they found a button that just felt natural to press.
How the device had whirred as she pushed down the button, and then let out a slip of paper.
How that slip of paper had revealed a blurry image that resembled the scenery that Aya had seen through  the box.
While Aya had still been dumbfounded by what happened, the kappa had already puzzled together all the pieces. They examined the device once more, reverse-engineering the process that had led to the creation of the picture, and within a few days the mystery of the 'camera' had been unveiled.
To honor her part in the discovery, the kappa handed the prototype-camera to Aya as a present.

This is where things began to change for the tengu. The news about this device that could preserve images of reality faster than any painter could do it spread through the village quickly, and soon the interest of the tengu in obtaining cameras of their own grew explosively. To avoid his people raiding the kappa village in their excitement, Lord Tenma personally visited the kappa chief and established the foundations of the friendly and cooperative relation the two villages shared since then.
The kappa were more than happy to provide the tengu with as many cameras as were needed, and some kappa even dedicated themselves wholly to further improving the workings and functions of cameras.
At first, the tengu just took pictures of everything that crossed their path. Soon though, each tengu discovered their own interests. Some liked to take pictures of the nature around Youkai Mountain, others preferred to just capture the daily events in the village. Aya was amongst those that used their speed to explore all of Gensokyo, always on the lookout for strange and unusual events that they deemed worthy of being preserved as images.

And then they went beyond images alone. Pictures were coupled with some short text that described them.Then the text became longer and longer until the roles were reversed and the picture became secondary, illustrating whatever was described in text. Passing around text and pictures of unusual events became a habit, the form of 'news articles' was born.
Only then it appeared to the tengu how little they actually knew about Gensokyo, the very world they lived in. The more they learned, the more their thirst for additional knowledge grew. Passing around single pages of paper was not fast enough anymore, a new form of distributing news was needed.
The tengu once again worked with the kappa to get a hold of basic printing pressed that allowed the rather fast reproduction of single pages of paper. Many tengu would go out to gather information and take pictures, then spend the night printing copies of their news, and the next day one would see them running and flying around the village carrying large piles of their articles and handing them our to everyone they encountered, willing or not.

There were some tengu clans that took little interest in the new developments though, instead they took on administrative positions around the village to make sure that such basic things as growing food did not get neglected. While it is a cultural construct, this eventually led to the division of work according to races that is now defining for the tengu-culture.
Crow tengu like me and Aya make up the majority of the class of reporters, due to our natural advantage in speed over the other clans. Wolf tengu use their physical strength to serve the mountain's defense force, and they enforce the legislation decided by the Daitengu, Lord Tenma's direct subordinates. Then there are the Hanataka, the bureaucrats of the Tengu Village, that serve directly under the Daitengu. And lastly there is the Yamabushi, a group made up mostly of wolf and crow tengu, that take care of the printing presses. Many of the yamabushi have close ties to the kappa and have often spent some years living in the kappa village to learn their trade. Occasionally there's a crow tengu that joins the defense force, a wolf tengu that takes on a desk job, or a hanataka that becomes a reporter, but usually our place in the Tengu Village is decided at birth already.


Being a tengu, barely any of this was new information to me. Every single one of us had heard the tales of Lord Tenma's feats that united the tengu, and the stories of how the tengu became a race of reporters and news-writers. Frankly, I could write several books on all of those topics with ease if I wished so, but that is not the purpose of this very story here.
No, this story is about another revolution in the lands of Gensokyo. About a single tengu's struggle towards a goal of unprecedented scale.
But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, for now we are still in this dirty little bar, and Aya just finished her history lesson. Fortunately, her tengu-nature had allowed the drunkenness to fade away ever so slightly over the course of her vast history-lesson, so I may present you the next part of her speech in her own words:

?So there I was, Tsubasa?, she said and looked at me, at which I nodded in response to show her I was still listening, ?with the possibilities to make tons of copies of whatever I wrote. Most of the others set their goals low. They were satisfied with all writing about the same events and making it a race to see who delivered their version of the news fastest. You couldn't leave the house without getting swarmed by at least ten pairs of wings and having ten hands stretched out towards you, all holding different versions of papers describing the same event. If you ask me, it's cheap. They are all so immersed in their stupid race that barely anyone bothered to go out and bring in news from all over Gensokyo anymore. Only me and a few others, and the number got constantly smaller. By now, I might be the only one. But is that really how we should use those tools and skills we were given??

Aya went silent and stared blankly into the room.

?And that is when you started the Bunbunmaru??, I asked, anticipating the next part of her story.

She smiled at my deduction and nodded.

?Indeed. No rushing, no news everyone else has already covered. Stories about the powerful ones, the enigmatic ones, the gods up on the highest mountains, the oni in the deepest caverns, the ghosts in the Netherworld. I wanted to tell the news of those whose lives and actions influenced Gensokyo so greatly, unnoticed by many of this world's inhabitants. Have you ever heard of Reimu??, she asked me directly.

'Reimu... Reimu... I was sure Aya had mentioned the name before. Something about a shrine...'

?Ah, Reimu Hakurei, maiden of the Hakurei Shrine and Guardian of the Border!?, I answered after a bit of thought.

Aya nodded, but she didn't seem satisfied.

?Anything else??, she inquired further.

The silence lasted for what felt like a minute, then I shook my head. Aya looked disappointed, but she didn't seem surprised.

?Yeah, that's what I thought. She and all those other girls live in a world of their own. Everyone knows some of them, but knowledge about their relations to each other and how they shape Gensokyo's fate almost daily is spread thin. And that's why I made the Bunbunmaru. I've met them, I have fought them, I interviewed them. Hell, even Akyuu probably knows less about them than me. But does anyone read it? No. And I am so nice as to bring the newest issues to everyone in the villages, even with some extras so they can share it with their families and neighbours! You'd think everyone in Gensokyo knew about the things all those crazy girls do by now, but nope! Ignorance all around! It's so frustrating!?

Aya's face twisted in a mix of anger and pain as she talked about how her hard work got ignored. I dropped my head in silence. I had only one read one issue of the Bunbunmaru, and not even all of it. The articles Aya wrote, intriguing as they may be, just weren't what I was looking for in a newspaper.

'Why would I want to read about some weird ghost and her flowers when I could instead learn about the juicy romances going on between the young tengu in the village, and the newest tools for styling that the kappa had invented? On that note, did they already finish that device for drying one's hair quickly that I read about a while ago? This would save me so much time everyday!'

I shook my head quickly to snap out of my thoughts, then turned to Aya who was staring at me again.

?So, what the hell is wrong with the world, Tsubasa? Tell me! People like news, they gossip all the time. All those tengu handing out their single-page-articles get more recognition than my Bunbunmaru! But I bring them the greatest of news in all of Gensokyo, the tales of those powerful girls! They should feel honored, and yet they use my paper to wrap their leftover food or clean up spilled drinks. That's not fair!?, she almost screamed the last words.

I looked around quickly, but none of the other guests seemed to care. Only the barkeeper, a middle-aged human, looked at us with open curiosity.

?The Bunbunmaru, that's this tengu-paper-thingy with those pictures of pretty girls and lots of text, ain't it??, he asked much to Aya's surprise. ?We get that one as well, got a stock in the room in the back. Pretty neat to deposit in the toilet, handy for wiping one's a-? he stopped his words to duck under the glass that Aya had sent flying in his direction.

?Tsubasa, we are leaving!?, she grumbled and got up.

I quickly followed Aya after bowing to the barkeeper and apologizing for my companion's rudeness.

?Hope she doesn't stop delivering the thing, it's really useful...?, he said as he watched us leave.


The human village looked beautiful in the light of the setting sun, and I used the chance to take a few pictures with my small cell-phone-camera, another recent invention by the kappa. Aya shot the small device a disgusted look before readying her own camera and snapping some shots herself.

?You haven't answered my question yet?, she said so suddenly it made me jump.

?W-what do you mean??

?What is wrong with the world? Why does my work not pay off??

'Don't say anything wrong. But I don't want to lie either. Ah, what to do?'

I took a deep breath and readied my wings, just in case.

?I think it's your style of writing, Aya. It's just not right?, I said quickly.

Whatever I had expected her to do to me in response to that accusation, it did not happen. Of course I didn't think that she would attack me, but I remembered the flying glass from a while ago just too well. Instead though, Aya stood there with a stern look on her face.


The word was not a request, it was a command. Yet there was no threat in her voice, so I loosened up a bit as I continued.

?You see Aya, those stories you write, about those girls, have you ever considered making it a book??, I asked her.


?Girls fighting for the fate of the world, great battles amongst powerful mystical beings, that's the stuff of legends, not current news. You might be better off writing it all down as a book and selling it as fantasy, because even by Gensokyo's standards, that's what it is. I don't know about the humans, or all the youkai, or the kappa, but for me as a young tengu, this kind of stuff is just not part of my world. It's nothing I can relate to, and that's why I'd much rather read about the newest gossip than this.?

Aya looked dumbfounded at my response.

?It's like.... the way you write your articles, that's the kind of style they use to tell us about Lord Tenma's fight to unite the tengu-clans back then. A big blown-up legend, where the truth hides in a lot of made-up fluff. I'm sure that you didn't learn about it like that back when it happened, right??

Aya twitched as she noticed I had asked her directly with that last question, then she closed her eyes, deep in thought.

?You are right. They would only tell us that he won another battle, that he beat the clan leaders in races or fights with his bare fists. But none of all those fantastic details they tell you young ones these days.?, she smiled as she thought about some of the absurdities in the legends about Lord Tenma.

Then she opened her eyes, and looked up towards the sky that was glowing red in the sunset.

?So it's my style, eh? Tch, and to think that noone would ever tell me in all those years. Thanks, Tsubasa, I mean it.?

I let out a sigh of relief at her response.

?But that isn't gonna cut it. You are saying I have to become like all those other tengu, hunting for the juicy news that everyone got covered anyway and treating it like a race. That's not my style.?

?Well...?, I started, ?to be honest, I don't like the way they do it right now. It's irritating, having to hope that you will meet the tengu that have the news you want to hear about, and having to avoid those that are trying to give you articles about things you already read. When I end my round through the village every day I must have at least fifty papers with me, but only five are of actual interest to me. And then there's the fact that you never know when your favourite writers will have new articles ready. You have to be on the lookout every  single day to catch a new issue, and when you miss it, it's almost impossible to get it later anymore.?

'Huh, I never noticed just how annoying this system actually is. Aya is right, how did this stuff become so popular in the first place?'

When I looked back at Aya, she had a strange smile on her face, a mix between a smirk and a grin.

?Hehehe, so that's how it is. My way of going about satisfying Gensokyo's need for information didn't pay off, but the popular way is just as flawed. Tch, and to think I got down about this, how pathetic.?

'Oh damn, there is this glimmer in her eye!'

Aya took out her trusty Bunkachou, her tengu-notebook, and started scribbling as she spoke.

?Regular delivery, news that are relevant to the people, all the important stuff gathered in one place, don't make the stories too fancy. Maybe if I tried to get a weekly issue... no, that wouldn't work out, it's too similar to what I have been doing. I have to be faster... I can't lose this one...?

Suddenly she froze. Her face went through a number of emotions before settling on an expression that showed she just had some kind of revelation.

'This can't be good...'

?Bunbunmaru Mainichi Shinbun!?, Aya shouted.


?Just a few years before Gensokyo got seperated from the outside world, I heard a story. A story about something called the 'Yokohama Mainichi Shinbun'. I forgot about it because we tengu weren't into the whole journalism business back then, but it's the answer! The Bunbunmaru will become the Bunbunmaru Mainichi Shinbun, the Daily Bunbunmaru newspaper, Tsubasa!?

?I... uh... wow... that's...?

'A daily newspaper? With more than one article? Did she snap? She can't be serious, can she?'

?Hmm, this will need some planning, can't rush in and mess it up. I won't be able to do it alone, that's for sure. I will need help...?, Aya's gaze wandered towards me as her smile became wider.

?I...?, I started, but it was already too late.


Aya had not even made a sound as she had disappeared from my view. Now I felt a hand grasping my shoulder tightly. I turned my head slowly and looked into Aya's face right next to my own.

?You see Tsubasa, you are the one who gave me this idea. You are practically obligated to help me out with this. And it's about time you took on a job anyway, so this is the perfect chance. You are hereby my apprentice!?, she said and plucked a feather from one of my wings in an instant.


'Oh god, she wouldn't dare to...'

Before I could even finish my thought I felt something being pressed into my hand. I looked down and saw a black feather that looked just like the one Aya took from me. However, I knew it wasn't the same one. This feather was one of hers.

'The exchange of feathers, the tradition that binds an apprentice and a teacher together. She got me.'

?I see you understand what just happened?, Aya said with a big smile, patting my shoulder as she spoke. ?Come on, you know me, I won't do anything bad to you. But I really need your help. Yours, and probably that of at least a dozen other tengu. So please??, she asked me with an even bigger smile.

'Yeah, I know you. And you know me as well. You know I won't say 'No' to this. It's crazy, but if this works out, we will change the world of journalism forever. And if there is one tengu that can pull it off, it's you, Aya. Who in their right mind would pass up on a chance like this?'

I took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly, before looking up at Aya with what I considered a determined look on my face.

?If this goes wrong, Aya, I will make sure you spend the rest of your days gathering the newest love-gossip around the village for me exclusively.?

?That's the spirit, girl! Let's go, there's a lot of planning to do. The Daily Bunbunmaru, let's show the tengu another revolution!?

And with those words, she took off towards the Tengu Village. I quickly tied my hair into a ponytail, then followed my newly-appointed superior.

This is where the story begins, the story of one tengu's struggle to change the world of the news in Gensokyo forever. And I would be there, at the heart of the events, to record the tale...
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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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Oooh, I like. Looking forward to seeing where you're going with this, fish. :3


Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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That song and final line couldn't have fit together any more perfectly.
 I'm not usually one for stuff like this, but this one caught my eye. Can't wait to see how this goes.

E: Seriously. I've read that line about 13 times now. That's too awesome.
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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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Oh my jesus christ this is quite literally the best prolouge I've read in my life. If you drop this I will find a way to smack you through this computer screen.

Also, I can safely assume from what you hinted at, There's going to be quite a few other OC's all helping Aya, with Tsubasa being moreso a main focus then the others, right?

Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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I was intrigued when you mentioned your idea for this in the IRC, and quite frankly, I'm blown away by what you've come up with. You're doing a good job of exploring the setting and establishing the characters. I look forward to where this goes.

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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Heh, interesting.  Especially since Hatate's the writer of the two.  I wonder if she'll get dragged in as an ally or a rival.

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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E: Seriously. I've read that line about 13 times now. That's too awesome.
Success~  :3
I've got a tendency to imagine writing like a movie, and in this case that line would have been the point where the opening credits play to fully draw the viewer/reader in.

Also, I can safely assume from what you hinted at, There's going to be quite a few other OC's all helping Aya, with Tsubasa being moreso a main focus then the others, right?
As the narrator Tsubasa has a special role, yes. The driving force of the story, and I think that should have shown in the prologue already, will of course be Aya, but the supporting cast will be very important here.

You're doing a good job of exploring the setting and establishing the characters. I look forward to where this goes.
I was slightly worried I could have been overdoing it with the history-lesson, but it turned out just the right size it seems. I hadn't looked into the official printworks before, those things are a goldmine for any writer I tell you.

Especially since Hatate's the writer of the two.  I wonder if she'll get dragged in as an ally or a rival.
I haven't even planned that far into the details of the main story yet, but Hatate is surely not gonna be left out, and I'm fairly sure I already know what her role is gonna be :3


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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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This was pretty damn awesome! Especially since you don't see many Aya fanfics.

 I look forward to reading more~

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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Ah I was looking forward to this! Very glad to see it's off to a great start - it's funny, the pacing is moving at a nice clip, it's compelling, and leaves you wanting to read more. Really can't wait to see what develops from this.

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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Wow, really interesting stuff. I can't wait to see where this'll go. :3
I know, I know. I'll get a real avatar and signature soon. -_-


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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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inb4 one of the journalists is named Amaterasu

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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That long tangent on how the Tengu gained their reporter class made me think "wow, I can really tell this is a sociology major writing".

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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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inb4 one of the journalists is named Amaterasu
Maybe a bit more subtle :3

That long tangent on how the Tengu gained their reporter class made me think "wow, I can really tell this is a sociology major writing".
Hahaha. And it's probably telling that the whole history-story was mostly made up as I went along, with only the bits of info from the official works as a loose background to work with.

I wasn't kidding with the:
Quote from: Tsubasa
Frankly, I could write several books on all of those topics with ease if I wished so, but that is not the purpose of this very story here.
Exploring the sociology of Gensokyo is probably a goal that could keep a writer busy for years and decades, just like with any real society  :3

Anyway, next parts are in preperation, but since I want to get as much written up as possible before posting, it'll still take a bit. It'll be done when it's done etc.  ;)


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Re: Tengu Revolution: The Daily Bunbunmaru - Prologue
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You seriously must go on with this. It would be a great disappointment for you not to.
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Alright, so I guess there's bad news and good news.

The bad news, yeah, I'm terribly sorry but I haven't gotten any further on this story despite my original claims to write more of it (I know, totally surprising ;;^^).
However, the good news is, due to my involvement in the current WWC I am writing a two-part story now that is heavily based on the setting and ideas for Tengu Revolution, and also features a bit of Tsubasa. This story gives me a chance to use many of the ideas that would originally have been explored in TR.
Since I'm not so sure how many people check the WWC regularly I thus decided I might as well post it here for those that were interested in the original idea.

The second part is still being worked on, but this one works kinda as a stand-alone too, so enjoy~

BGM: Drunken Irish Oni

The atmosphere in the large bar on the main street of Old Hell was great. Which, by oni standards, meant that several fist fights had already broken out, some passed out oni were lining the walls, and the air was as filled with alcoholic fumes as the drinkers were filled with alcohol. A local band of underground-youkai was playing a cheerful tune while waiters and waitresses weaved their ways through the customers, balancing giant mugs with almost artistic skill.

?And thish shtuff shey call alcohol up there? It?sh awful! Imposshible to get drunk off! And I tell you, I TELL YOU, I?ve tried!?

The large crowd gathered around a certain table in the middle of the room roared with laughter.

?How?sh an oni shupposhed to shurvive up there!?, the statement was followed by a large bang as the speaker smashed her fist on the table.

?Gyahahahaha, that?s what you get for wanting to see the world.?, another loud voice responded before yelling through the room. ?Heh , another sake!?

Immediately one of the waiters, a spider-youkai, grabbed a pot of sake from the counter and started climbing up the walls and along the ceiling, making his way to where the voice had called from. When he reached the place above the table that the order had come from, he slowly lowered himself from the ceiling, carefully avoiding the spiky horns of the gathered oni. He was greeted by a large empty sake cup being  held in his direction, and as he filled it up he caught a look of the two people that were the center of the commotion.

He immediately recognized the pair, there was noone in Old Hell who wouldn?t have. They were two of the strongest oni around, Devas of the Mountain: Hoshiguma Yuugi and Suika Ibuki. The waiter frowned a bit as he noticed the latter.

This small oni-girl had left the underground years ago to explore the surface world and had since lived there. However, from time to time she would return down to Old Hell to tell people about her adventures in the world above. At those times nearly all the oni in the town would gather around to listen to her stories, giving the bar they chose for their gathering a hefty profit for that day. The only downside to this was that Suika herself was not a good customer at all. She didn?t order any drinks, instead preferring whatever she had in the seemingly endless gourd she always carried around. She also tended to go violent very quickly when she was drunk, often leaving the bar with more than just a few chairs to repair. But at the end of the night, the profits outweighed the expenses, and so Suika?s appearances were always looked forward to by everyone in Old Hell.

?? and shen, the neksht day, I wake up and I shee that thish ten? teng? that crow wrote shtupid shtuff about me! Sheriously, just look at that!?

The small oni reached into her bag and grabbed what looked like several pieces of paper folded into each other and threw it onto the table. The surrounding group drew closer, trying to catch a glimpse at what Suika had pulled out. Those of them that were lucky enough to see the papers right-side up could see the following:

Before them was a sheet of paper with many letters printed on it. The letters were arranged into words, the words into sentences, and the sentences were formed into blocks crowned by a larger short sentence. There were also pictures on the paper, one of them showing a giant-sized Suika stomping on a cart carrying cabbages and a man, likely the cart?s owner, running away in fear.

One of the oni next to Suika squinted and leaned in closer to look at the object before him.

?Whad? ish shish??, he asked, swaying back and forth groggily.

?Thish! Thish ish an inshult!?, Suika shouted, waving her arms around in frustration, whacking the oni with the chain-ball attached to her wrist.

With a loud thump the oni fell over unconscious, while the rest of the group broke out into roaring laughter once more. Meanwhile, Yuugi stretched out her hand and grabbed the paper from the table.

?Hmm? Bunbunmaru Mainichi Shinbun? Is that one of those? what do they call it??, she asked.

?Newshpaper! The crow callsh it a newshpaper!? Suika responded.

With a curious look Yuugi?s eyes flew across the page.

? ?Malicious attack at midnight! Drunken oni goes on a rampage in the human village?. Sounds like you had a lot of fun up there, Suika?, she said with a grin.

?I?m telling you, it wash an accshident!?

?It also says you ate a whole cow, and that you had to be stopped by the Hakurei shrine maiden??

?She?sh lying!?

?It does sound like you though, Suika?, Yuugi responded with a laugh.

?Well, it?sh shtill not true! And I bet that goesh for all the other shtuff in shere too!?, the drunk girl waved her arm at the newspaper.

Yuugi glanced through the other pages in her hand.

?Hmm, some of this does sound rather weird, but I don?t think it?s all-?, she started before being interrupted by Suika jumping onto the table.

?SHE?SH LYING!?, she shouted. ?That crow?sh alwaysh lying! Making up shingsh to put in that?. that? newshpaper!?, she spat the last word out with disgust. ?There?sh no way. NO WAY! She doesh thish everyday. Every! Shingle! Day! She hash to make thingsh up!?

?Oh, is that so??, someone asked from the other side of the table.

Yuugi turned her head towards the voice. Her eyes went wide, then she broke into roaring laughter.

?Yesh, that ish sho! Jusht making thingsh up, musht be fun! Some real shtory here and there, and everyone?sh happy! I could do that too, it?sh no big deal!?

?Ah yes, I?m sure you could?, amusement sounded in the voice. ?Why don?t you give it a try then, I?m sure you will do rather well.?

?YESH! That?sh what I?ll do! I?ll show her!?, Suika raised her fist into the air, striking a pose.

 Then she turned towards the voice.

?Thank you, my namelessh oni-comrad-?, Suika stopped. Leaning down towards the source of the voice, she squinted her eyes and concentrated hard. ?I don?t think I have sheen you before? you look funny for an oni??

A loud sounds could be heard as Yuugi fell from her chair in a laughing fit on the other side of the table.

?That would be, Miss Ibuki, because I am, in fact, not an oni.? A voice like dripping honey, spoken with the brightest of smiles. ?I am rather sure you should recognize me though.?

Suika took a step on the table and leaned in so close that her face almost touched that of the person in front of her. For some seconds she stayed in that position. Then, her mouth fell open, and with a loud scream she jumped backwards, almost stumbling off the table.

?Aaaaaaah! Sham?sham? Shamumamaru Ayaya!?

?Shameimaru Aya, actually, but close enough, given your current state. Now then...?

The tengu stood up, extending the black wings on her back, which caused the surrounding oni to immediately jump aside. Then Aya reached to her wings and plucked a single feather from them. She jumped up to the table and edged in on Suika, who was still paralyzed from the shock she had received.

?Hmm, you don?t have wings so? this will do!?, Aya said as she grabbed the gourd from Suika?s waist and in return pushed the feather she had plucked into the little oni?s hands.

?Uugrh???,  the little girl groaned in confusion.

?The exchange of feathers! A traditional way for a tengu to welcome a new pupil! You said you could be a reporter easily, and I?ll give you the chance to prove your words!?, the woman grinned as she grabbed the oni-girl?s hand and turned towards the exit.

?Frgh? wai??, Suika tried to form coherent words of resistance.

?Now everyone, hope you don?t mind if I take care of this one for a few days. In exchange, I?ll just leave you someone who can tell a few nice stories until I return Suika! Tsubasa!?

The last word was shouted at a young tengu that was intently watching the band?s performance. The girl turned around.


?This one here volunteered to try out your job for a bit?, Aya pointed to Suika, ?so you can stay here and make some new friends, okay??

The girl?s face changed from a puzzled look to a terrified one.

?Wait? what do you??, she started.

But she was too late. As soon as Aya had finished her speech, she had left the bar with incredibly speed, leaving a room full of confused oni behind.

As Tsubasa stared at the still swinging door in disbelief, someone walked up to her.

?So, Tsubasa?s your name, right??, Yuugi asked her as she put a hand on the tengu?s shoulder. ?I heard you tengu like drinking??

Suika awoke with a groan. Her memory was hazy, and the splitting headache she felt told her the reason for that.

?Urgh, I need a drink??

She reached out to her waist, reaching for her gourd, only to find her hand grasping nothing but thin air.


She tried once more, with the same results.

??.. Aaaaaaah!?

With a loud scream, the small oni jumped down from the bed and ran towards the exit of the room.

?Where?s my gour-?, she screamed as she pushed open the door and stepped outside. A split second later her shouting changed into a scream as she found herself plummeting.


When Suika came to, the first thing she saw was the house she had stepped out of high above her. Leaning down from the small platform in front of the door, looking at the fallen oni, was Aya.

?Good morning, Miss Ibuki. That was quite a ruckus you made there, it?s good to be energetic in the morning!?

?Wha- the crow? Why are you? where am I??

?You don?t remember? Well, I guess that was to be expected given your state last night.?

The little oni stared at Aya in confusion.


Suika closed her eyes and concentrated.

?Okay, I remember I went drinking with Yuugi?, she thought, ?and then I? right, I said something about that newspaper? and? I think she was there and??

Little by little Suika?s memories pieced themselves back together. She opened her eyes and stared at Aya once more.

?Oh god? ?

With a groan Suika slapped her own forehead.

Up above, Aya looked amused.

?It appears you remember what happened, that?s good. Now as for your gourd, that is stored away safely until your work here is done. No being drunk on the job?, the tengu explained, then added with a serious look, ?And please don?t even think of trying to get out of this by force. The exchange of feathers is a sacred rite, and while I can?t say if I could beat you in a fight, I know for sure that you would not stand a chance against Lord Tenma himself. Plus, I do not think you want another article about yourself going on a rampage to be published, no??

The oni and tengu stared at each other in silence for a while.

?? how long??, Suika finally asked without any enthusiasm.

?Hmm, I think a single day should suffice. Just for today, you will be a freelance reporter for the BunBunMaru! We have an issue to put together for tomorrow, and you?re gonna be part of making it happen. Then we?ll see if you will keep up your silly accusations, Miss Ibuki.?, Aya responded with a smile.

?Drop that ?Miss? stuff, crow! Just Suika is fine!?

?If you say so, Suika. Well then, it would be nice if you could get up here so we can start our work. Or would you happen to need help??, the tengu grinned.

?No thanks, I?m fine!?, Suika snapped at her as she pulled herself up and unsteadily floated a few feet up into the air, only to fall back down again.

?Argh, just how much did I drink yesterday??

?? okay, maybe I *do* need help! So what??, she pouted.

With a swift motion, Aya let herself fall from the platform and swooped down at Suika, wrapping her arms about the oni?s waist as she rose back up with a strong beating of her wings.

?Heh, what are you-?, Suika started to complain, only to be silenced by Aya immediately.

?Shh. This is the first time you see it properly, right? You should enjoy this moment, daybreak is always nice to watch here.?

Suika turned her head and looked at Aya in confusion, but the tengu just motioned her to look ahead as she rose up even further, passing by the house that the two had spent the night in.

BGM: A rustling of feathers in the morning

?Welcome to the Tengu Village, Ibuki Suika! You may very well be the first oni to ever see it like this!?

Suika tried to respond, but the view that suddenly appeared before her just left her mouth hanging open in awe.

The Tengu Village was a magnificent sight. From their position Suika could see that the house they had been in, which she figured was Aya?s, was actually at the very edge of the village. Behind it, illuminated by the morning sun, there were a large number of similar houses of all sizes. Suika could see small hut-like buildings, most likely for living and storage. In between them was the occasional larger house, some of which had large iron chimneys protruding from their roofs. The only thing all the buildings had in common was that they were constructed on large stilts, making them look like bird?s nests high above the ground. Connecting all houses in the village were wooden suspension bridges, which made the whole place look like a giant spider?s web. And at the far end of the village, elevated above all the other buildings, Suika could see a large structure that could only be described as a palace, watching majestically over the rest of the village.

?The Hall of Feathers, Lord Tenma?s residence, and the political center of the village?, Aya explained as she noticed her ?passenger? staring at the building.

Suika also noticed that all the living quarters seemed to have two entrances: One that led to the bridges, and another that led only to a small platform like the one she had fallen from earlier.

?Any moment now??, she heard Aya say behind her.

As if the tengu had given the cue, a deep and powerful sound broke the silence.

?A bell??, Suika asked, turning her head towards Aya, who only nodded.

?Watch?, the tengu responded.

For a few seconds the village seemed to stand completely still as the echoes of the bell faded away.
Then, Suika saw movement. From one of the houses, a tengu stepped out onto the platform, stretched his body with a big yawn, and jumped. After he passed half the distance to the ground he extended his wings, breaking his fall and swooping upwards in a graceful curve. The same was happening everywhere around the village. The air was soon filled with the sound of beating wings and rustling feathers as hundreds of tengu rose into the air and scattered all throughout the village to start their daily activities.

?This is how Tengu Village wakes up every day?, Aya started to explain. ?Every morning around this time the currents are quite strong here, so it?s easy to fly at a high speed and get around quickly. The bell tells us when it?s time to ride the winds and get the day started. I assure you though, it?s nowhere near as nice as it look from afar when you are instead in the middle of it?, she laughed. ?You?ve got to be careful not to crash into someone. That said, we should move as well! Hold on tight!?

Before Suika could muster a response, Aya had already propelled the pair forward with a strong beating of her wings, catching a current in the air and flying rapidly towards the village. Within seconds, Suika found herself yelling out in fear as the crow tengu weaved her way between chimneys, under bridges, narrowly passing over rooftops and just barely avoiding head-on crashes with other tengu soaring through the air. From time to time Aya would slow down to greet acquaintances of hers, giving the oni-girl just enough time to catch a breath before the wild ride started up once again. Then, just as she feared she was about to faint, Suika felt herself being set down.

?Wait here for a second?, Aya commanded the swaying and disoriented oni and ran off, only to return a minute later carrying a small woolen bag.

Grabbing one of the oni?s hands, Aya poured the contents of the bag into Suika?s palm. Suika stared at the green powder in confusion.

?It?s called ?The Legendary Drinker of Youkai Mountain?, a traditional recipe against hangovers. Go on, eat it.?

Suika looked back and forth between her hand and Aya, then slowly brought the substance to her mouth and swallowed the powder. The effect was instant, and unlike anything Suika had ever felt before. Every last remnant of alcohol seemed to immediately have vanished from her body, leaving her with a completely clear mind and an energetic feeling she hardly had experienced before.

?Whoooooah?, was the only response that she could muster.

?So it does work on oni too, good to know!?, Aya said happily as she scribbled something into her notebook. ?You should be able to fly on your own again now, so it?s time to officially make you a reporter Follow me!?

With those words, the tengu rose into the air again. Suika, still slightly shocked by the unfamiliar feeling of being sober, shook her head a few times and quickly leaped up after her.

?Where are we going now? To the palace?? the oni asked as she noticed which direction they were heading in.

?Not quite the palace itself?, Aya responded. She noticed that her follower let out a small disappointed sigh before she continued. ?We are going to the administration office to get you a temporary journalist pass, so you can officially work for me.?

?A? pass??, Suika asked, never having heard of this kind of thing before.

?It?s basically a piece of paper that shows that you are you and that you are allowed to do certain stuff. When the tengu became more organized years after the unification under Lord Tenma, we also saw an increase in regulations and rules to follow. Most of them are rather useful, but they can be irritating at times too. Anyway, if we don?t get you this pass, it could get me into trouble, so let?s just get it over with!?, Aya explained as she landed on the large wooden area in front of the Hall of Feathers and headed for one of the smaller building at the edge of the square, Suika following close behind.

When they entered the building, Suika let out a shriek.

?Gah! What *is* that??, she shouted, pointing at something inside the room.

There, behind a large wooden  counter, sat a creature that was by all accounts a tengu, but unlike any that Suika had ever seen before. The man seemed to be rather old, judging by the sparse grey hair on his balding head, and the large grey wings on his back. He was also wearing the traditional small tengu-headwear. What made him stand out though, were his face and skin. His whole body was tinted deep red, and a comically large nose protruded from his face.

?That is a bureaucrat. Scary, I know?, Aya responded, half laughing.

?That?s a tengu??, Suika asked her, ignoring the disapproving looks the man was shooting  both her and Aya.

?Of course it is. But I guess you would never have seen a hanataka before, they don?t leave the village much. Most people outside only ever see us crow tengu when we are out for our business, and maybe the wolf tengu if you happen to go near the mountain. There?s more clans and races amongst us tengu than just those two though, and the hanataka are one of them. I think it?s not much different for you oni, right??

Suika looked lost in thought for a second.

?Hmm, that?s true. There?s the red oni, the blue oni. Those with one horn and those with two? I guess I just never thought about it before??

?Well, just consider yourself lucky. The last time an oni saw a hanataka they were probably trying to kill each other, back during the time of the oppression.?

With those words Aya moved up to the counter and exchanged a few words with the hanataka, who shot Suika another glance before pulling out a piece of paper from under his desk and handing it to Aya along with a pen.

?Race: Oni? Status: Apprentice? Mentor/Contact: Aya Shameimaru?, the tengu-woman muttered as she filled out the form she had been given.

When she handed the paper back to the hanataka he took out a pair of small glasses and put them on, giving him an even more haughty look. He intently checked over the paper in silence, until he finally gave a small nod and turned towards Suika.

?Step over here please?, he said.

Suika stepped over to the counter. When she arrived, the hanataka reached under the counter once more and brought up a small camera.

?Now, if you would maintain a neutral expression.?


With a whirring sound a small piece of paper came out of the camera?s bottom. The tengu grabbed it and stared at it for a few seconds, waiting for the picture to become visible. When it did, he looked up and down between the oni standing before him and the photograph, until he gave another small nod. He applied a bit of glue to the photo and slapped it down onto the form that Aya had filled out. Then he folded the paper in half and handed it to Suika.

?Here, your temporary journalist pass. Now??, he paused for a moment, ?enjoy your stay in the village.? He quickly forced out the last words and turned to Aya. ?And you, please take proper care of your responsibilities, Miss Shameimaru.?

As the pair left the office, Suika opened the pass.

?I look silly!?, she complained.

?It?s just for a day?, Aya responded, ?We?re already lucky that he didn?t make a fuss over giving you the pass. Due to the history between tengu and oni, many tengu still hold prejudices and grudges against your race.?

?Hmm??, the oni responded in a disinterested tone.

When Aya turned around, she chuckled. Just for a moment she had seen a small smile form on Suika?s face as she looked at the pass once more and put it away in her clothes.

?Now that you are officially my apprentice and therefore allowed to pursue journalistic activities, it?s time to get you some equipment! Just bear with me dragging you around for a bit more, okay??, Aya informed Suika of the next step.

?Equipment? you mean??, the oni?s expression brightened.

?Got you!?, Aya thought while grinning.

?At the very least, let?s see, you?ll need a notebook, a pen and??, she paused.

Suika was standing right before her, an expectant look in her eyes, lightly swaying back and forth as she waited for the tengu?s next words.

?? a camera!?

The next destination the oni-tengu-pair arrived at was the large, chimney-topped building that everyone in the village generally referred to as ?The Pool?.
While this name was not technically false, it was not representative of the facility?s main function. The Pool was one of the very few buildings that were not mainly owned and operated by the tengu. Instead, it was a facility that stemmed from the cooperation between the tengu and another race that lived on Youkai Mountain: The kappa, who were responsible for the creation, maintenance and distribution of all the advanced equipment and machinery needed for journalism.
Since having to transport complete printing machines halfway up the mountain would have been a nearly impossible feat, Lord Tenma and the kappa chiefs had agreed on the construction of a research and development facility for the kappa right in the middle of the tengu village. Because kappa were dependent on water for living, the building also had been equipped with a large swimming pool, which earned it its nickname.
At first the Pool was used exclusively by the kappa, but soon tengu had started to develop an interest in helping out around the facility. While reluctant at first, the kappa later decided to take on tengu apprentices. It was from this cooperation that the class of yamabushi tengu was born, a class that consisted mostly of crow and wolf tengu, whose job it was to perform maintenance on the equipment all around the village, while the kappa could focus more on research and the actual construction and improvement of the machines.
When Aya finally finished her explanation of the place, Suika felt dizzy from all the new information she had already received today. When they entered the building, arriving at the large swimming pool inside, the tengu looked around.

?Hmm, now who?s in charge today? oh!?, she started waving towards someone a short distance away. ?Nitori! Didn?t know you were visiting today.?

The girl in question turned around and looked surprised, then she smiled as she recognized Aya.

?Oh hello there, Miss Shameimaru! I was called in quite suddenly because of a special visitor that arrived. But tell me, what are you doing here? And with an? oni? That?s quite the unusual sight?, the kappa asked.

?It?s a bit of a long story, but let?s just say I?m helping out for a bit?, Suika answered.

?Actually the story is not that long: She got drunk, said silly things, and now she?s here to learn better!?, Aya laughed.

Suika groaned, but kept quiet.

?Before we can get to work though, Suika needs a camera, so we were going to get one from the depot. Do you happen to know who?s in charge of that today??

Nitori thought for a few seconds.

?Hmm, that would be Kimori, but I think she just left for an errand. No worries though, I?ve got a few minutes right now, so I will take care of it! Right this way please!?, the kappa answered and started to walk at a fast pace.

Through a number of doors and corridors the group soon arrived in what looked like the most well-organized storage room Suika had ever seen. Along the walls thousands of cameras were lined up on shelves, as well as additional equipment like tripods, camera-bags and of course mountains of rolls of film. The little oni?s mouth was left agape as she gazed upon this compilation of kappa-genius. She did not even understand the function of half the things in the room, and they instilled a feeling of awe in her.

?Here we are! What kind would you like??, Nitori asked.

?She?s a strong one, so something sturdy would be nice. Oh, and I don?t think she?s ever used a camera before, so an easy to use type would be appreciated.?

Immediately upon receiving this information, Nitori started stepping quickly along the rows of shelves, until she came to a sudden stop, reached into the depths of the shelf without any hesitation and pulled out a camera. Then she walked back over to the waiting pair and handed her choice to Suika. The oni looked down at what she had received. The camera in her hands looked a bit more clunky than the one she had seen Aya use before, but the weight felt comfortable.

?We made this one to be used in difficult environments where crashing into things would be hard to avoid. The exterior is purely made of metal, so it should be hard to break even for an oni. ?

Suika barely listened to the explanation as she raised the camera to her eyes and looked through the viewfinder.

?It?s an instant-picture camera, and it?s already loaded with a roll of film. I will also put some additional ones into the bag that goes with the camera,  so you are all set to-?*click**FLASH* ?-gah!?

The camera made a small sound as it ejected a piece of paper from its bottom. Suika grabbed it and stared at it intently as the picture on it began to show.

Nitori sighed. ?It appears you do not need any further advice. Now then, if you would excuse me please?, the kappa said and left the room.

?Wow, I haven?t used one of those in ages?, Aya said as she looked at Suika?s camera. Then she walked over to another shelf and grabbed a notebook and pen. ?Here, you will need those to-?*click**FLASH*?-gah!?*Swrrrr*

?You really don?t need flash for everything, you know!?

?Oh, sorry!?


Aya let out a sound that was halfway between a laugh and a sigh as she walked over to Suika and just pushed the pen and notebook into the oni?s camera bag.

?Now, let?s go. There?s a lot more interesting stuff waiting out there, Suika!?, Aya declared, pushing the oni out of the room.


BGM: There?s something in the water

By the time they arrived back at the entrance hall of the Pool, Suika had already used up the film in her camera and urged Aya to teach her how to put in a new roll. The tengu grew increasingly surprised of how much the girl was getting into this, especially given the circumstances of how this apprenticeship came to be in the first place.

?So, now we get to the part where we make stuff up to fit pictures we take, right??, Suika asked as the two passed by the pool once more, heading towards the exit.

?I told you, we don?t make stuff up! All the news in the BunBunMaru are??, Aya paused as her eyes caught something moving in the pool. She blinked once, then twice. ?What *is* that??, she shouted.

?What??, Suika looked confused.

?This! Over there!?, Aya started pointing in the direction of the pool.

When Suika followed the tengu?s finger, she finally saw the source of her reaction. There in the water was a creature the two had never seen before. From what they could make out it had a small build, similar to a kappa. What stood out about it thought were its front and back. At the front, on its face, the creature had a comically large duck-like beak. Meanwhile from its behind protruded a flat but wide tail, like a beaver?s. The creature moved through the water with smooth moves, heading for the edge of the pool, where it climbed out quickly.

?What *is* that??, Suika repeated the question Aya had already asked. ?You are the reporter here, shouldn?t you know??

?Uhm? it?s? it?s? a? duckbeaver!?, Aya blurted out.


?A duckbeaver! You know, just like there are crow and wolf tengu, the duckbeaver kappa is a subspecies of the kappa that-?, she stuttered an explanation.

However, the tengu was cut short by a shout from across the room.

?Excuse me! I?m *not* a duckbeaver, such a thing does not exist! I?m a platypus!?

When the tengu and oni looked over to the voice?s owner, they noticed that the girl had taken off her beak, which was apparently a kind of mask used only for swimming. Her tail, however, appeared to be an actual part of her body.

?Have you ever heard of such a thing??, Suika asked.

?Not once??, Aya answered, slightly red from the embarrassment she had just suffered.

Just then, quick footsteps could be heard as a familiar figure ran up to the platypus-girl.

?Oh, you must be Miss Marin, so you were here after all! I?ve been looking all over the place for you!?, Nitori?s voice sounded through the hall.

?Ah, Miss Nitori! It?s a pleasure to finally meet one of the kappa?s greatest minds in person.?, the girl responded, immediately forgetting about Aya and Suika.

?So, I was told you wanted to test a new invention of yours??, the kappa asked her guest as she motioned her to a door leading away from the pool

?Yes, you see??, Marin responded as they passed through the door.


Aya flinched at the sudden sound. When she turned around, Suika held another fresh photograph in her hand.

?Ha, still got them!?, Suika declared triumphantly.

Then Suika?s hands moved quickly. She reached down to her bag, pulling out the notebook and pen Aya had equipped her with earlier. She opened the notebook and put the picture she just took on the first page. Then the oni readied her pen, closed her eyes in thought for a few seconds, before she finally started writing.
Aya watched in surprise as Suika?s face showed utmost concentration and her pen moved at a fast pace across the page of her notebook. The tengu quickly moved around to catch a glimpse of what the oni was working on. What she saw was the following:

Mad scientists uniting ? Gensokyo in trouble?

Today at the kappa?s research institute in Tengu Village, commonly known as the Pool, renowned genius Kawhatever (Note: I just can?t remember those names) Nitori met with a mysterious creature duckbeaver visitor. The person, claiming to be a platipuss (Note: look up spelling?) of the name Marin, is apparently a scientist and researcher just like Nitori. Information exclusively available to us suggests that the two are planning to participate in a joined experiment, the exact contents and goals of it however remain unknown. Could this be another incident looming at the horizon? (Note: Ask Reimu what she thinks!)

Suika nodded with determination as she put away her pen again.

?Suika? do you know what you just??, Aya said slowly.

As if she was snapping out of a trance, the oni stared at Aya in surprise.

?Eh? I? I was just? kinda copying how you? I sometimes read the? you know??, she stammered an incoherent response.

?This? this really isn?t half bad. Looks like this day is gonna be quite interesting in more ways than one! I didn?t know you could do this, is it because you are sober for once??, Aya was getting more and more excited.

?I? don?t understand??, Suika was still confused.

?Ibuki Suika, you just wrote your very first news article for the Daily BunBunMaru!?

And that's the end of the first half of the story. Curious about what else Suika and Aya will experience? Sorry, but you'll have to wait a few more days .
Also, credit for Marin goes to Roukan, and thanks for giving me permission to use her for this story.  ;)
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Hah!  That was awesome.  Seriously wasn't expecting that cameo at all either!
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Apparently, Thomas the Tank Engine isn't one to take crap from anyone.