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[NSFW] Albertina
« on: November 21, 2011, 04:33:45 PM »
 This is a story I wrote with likely no ending other than as an entry of character based on what Anthy has created, his RP character Albertina's background.
There will probably be no further following than this, but it is a first story of a trap I believe here in MOTK.

So have at you, maybe I will write more, maybe I won't.

In any case, I don't think I ever will finish Shikieiki.... urgh.

I took some liberty with a family name, hopefully it might work, and of course the elder sister.


Episode 1: Returning Home.

She looked out the window of the moving carriage, moving faster now as the horses galloped along the soft rain-wetted landscape of mud and debris. The view from beyond the frame gilded in gold and silver, with flowery carvings and gentle incisions to mark out the image of rose vines entangling beautifully frames her view of the passing scenery. It was fleeting, the wind is; gently they caressed her face, and her hair was also blown through with its soft and warmness, reminding her of the later summer winds even though it is the beginning of autumn in these lands.
Her butler has given her ample knowledge, of what season this country is in, of where they are and where they will be heading to. From the side of gazing but unseeing eyes, she could firmly picture what each tree must look like beyond the satin cloth. She could even smell the sky, the grass, the horses that pulled the carriage, of the musk of the rider who reined the horses, and of course, her elder sister. Albertina was glad, that she was finally summoned, to see this strange land that is at once alien, yet familiar to her.
She was glad to be going back to where she was born, in this land called Japan. The meadows beyond must be filled with wonders, of those she could only imagine but not see.
She wasn?t always this way however, at some point when she was young, she could be studying the behavior of birds and insects, of the horses that galloped in the wild, and of the workers singing while working on the brand new castle annex, which was made for her specifically? it never was completed though. She never saw it again; after all, she?d left in a hurry. Her sickness came especially in a time of utter distraught, it was a time of turbulence for their family.
Her father was riled up in debt, the huge dishonor to a family charged with upholding the nobility of their ancient heritage ?The LaDecian?. It was one of the oldest unbroken chains of family stretching back to as long as 1600AD, almost four hundred years old. Their family began poor, but their ancestors were migrates from a strange foreign land to another strange foreign land, where Christianity was just beginning to take a strange but hostility laden screening from the then Edo period. It was only when they landed, did they adopt this faith as their own prior to their strange gods from their own lands. They cannot risk after all, to be framed for a crime concerned with sacrificing animals and the obscene such?
It was then, when they finally came, the ancestors set up their businesses, and with hard work and sheer will, they trained themselves to be ready for the world too eager to eject the Christians from the faith. In that and the years that follow, Edo, or more the rise of the Tokugawa shogunate began first by purging the Christians of the land of the rising sun.
However, The LaDecian adapted, quickly renouncing their faith and joined an underground fraternity in search of a place to worship and place their true spiritual belongings. In the slow moving world that grinded to a steady pace, the family survived and prospered.
In the year 1891, long after the building of castles were considered out of fashion and long into the modern days, their powers dominated the powers that be. Further forward through wars and at last, a sign of peace, their family was once again estranged by the coming of a descendant who married into the family by blood, and inheriting the female name of ?LaDecian? which is her mother.
 Her mother was a remarkable one, and strongly imposed rules for the her ?supposed? father to not stray nor cause any harm to the hard-earned, hard-won name of the LaDecian, for any is caused, death shall be certainly better than dishonor.
To that, perhaps her father was a lot more unlikely to follow that strict path, and strayed very far into the gambling dens and drinking halls, to gamble away family heirlooms until they were literally left with few as compared with abundance before. To date, it was 20 years ago when her mother in a fit of tiredness and wariness of the father?s insufferable attitude that she cast him out from her life and theirs. However, it was not before she was forced to take a poison that couldn?t kill her, but did impair her.
One night then she was drunk with wine, probably to drown her sorrow when along came a spider of her husband, still neatly dressed in his rugged jacket from the cold outside of the wintry blast; raped her there and then and injected his seed into her womb, securing a powerful place in the LaDecian family, a heir that is at once legit, and also fake.
It was dishonor to kill one which was bore inside a LaDecian, and so her mother gave birth 9 months later into yet another winter season. It was soon after the raping that her mother finally gathered the courage to end the life of the man she knew was of no longer any use.
However, her compassion compelled her to do something much more humane, and in this sense, she rewarded him by not granting death, instead to slowly rot in a dungeon that no man other than a stray guard shall be allowed to enter, aside from her immediate family members of course.
Albertina was born in those circumstances, and her eyes was first to lay upon the suffering man inside the gilded cage that was much like a beast strewn by chains to a wall and a floor of stinking rotting hay, in that, she has learned that if one were to oppose their mother, they were as good as dead. The other thing is that Albertina was born a male heir, exactly what the LaDecian needed to rise again as the power broker to the world of the elite few. A male heir is what will drive the LaDecian back to the forefront of the age of aristocracy, something that has been lost with encroaching modernity in this embracing land of the east.
She has made her mind up to follow her mother into the path of LaDecians, and from there on she never looked back.
Fast forward 5 years on, it seemed even God has gotten tired of waiting for repent from their mother, and cursed did she, Albertina lost her vision from a strange fever that clouded over 5 days. Albertina was then forever blinded, and she was a mere child of 5. There was no cure, no medical advances that could clear the cloud of her eyes, and give her back her vision. Medical science at this point was able to replace the eyeballs with another?s, but the vision cannot be granted if the nerves and the eyes do not understand what it means to ?see?. The night that her vision was taken away from her, she cried and cried from sightless eyes, to God, to her mother, to her trapped father, and her sister, and their maids and butlers and doctors whom have gathered in this unfamiliar marble laden hall of riches; but none has the miracle she sought and prayed for. Eventually, and finally, her tears dried and she learned to accept that beyond vision there is life still, and that life she will live to the full.
Even with the enormous wealth their family accumulated, it could hardly be of much use in getting back what she has lost. All this time however, from this on, Albertina never once looked back and practiced the way of the lady. Indeed, mother was adamant that any man in the family will simply be the root cause of chaos, hatred and most of all dishonors. A bastard child born from rape; Albertina fits this category like a pin to a needle hole.
Day and night, despite being a boy, she was raised as girl. First her food and diet was strictly controlled, and with it her demeanor was educated in such a way that it would mold her into a pristine, unspoiled, elegant female from all aspects. The way to hold a wine glass the feminine way, to dress as lovely and to keep her hair long and beautifully, to care for the things a female might with utmost detail. The way she walks, talks, and embrace; to the ways which made her have to wear female clothing of silk, soft cotton and an ulterior motive of feminizing her being entirely until she was at once ? a man, yet a woman.
She is now 17, a beautiful young girl in appearance. Her dress remark of something she picked up when she was firmly into the fashion of gothic Lolita; her long black hair was the telling tale of their father?s tragedy, and indeed is like him and not at all like her mother. Her lips were puffed as they are plump, with ample feminine charms to add by using a tiny bit of lipstick to bring out her beauty. Her face chiseled, but not firm like that of a boy of that age, soft and supple, like a maiden.
Eyes which were filled with the wonders the world could offer, and beyond them windows of her soul, a star burning bright and long into the evening hours of gold color? Then, finally, her slender frame? as beautiful as Venus would be jealous of her, even if it was a fake. His hormones were forcefully manipulated in this case, injected with a bi-monthly concoction which her mother says will turn him into ?her?; she gracefully accepted the fact that to be a man is to be sin. If she was pure as the whitest snow and lightest feather, she would become LaDecian, in both form and being, and that is how she is going to be by taking those injections over time.
Soon, from her once ago boy chests, the mild fat that gathered formed little plumps along her chest. Her fingers now a dancing elegance, able to play the piano with not a single stray note, ghosting among the porcelain tabs and making music as Beethoven must have when he was blinded. In that sense, it was not the first time she compared herself with the late musician genius, for both of them have some unique handicap that suffered but not stop them dead.
Finally, years passed, and with it her long beautiful hair grew out, constantly attended to by servants employed in their other mansion far away, with moisturizers, and different types of baths said to protect its pristine condition. Each day, the servants would dress her in the most elegant lady-like costumes, and each day when she walks to the elite school for the richest of the rich in that faraway land, she would be ogled by boys of their pubescent desire, their lusting stare like needles piercing her skin. However, all know not to approach this rose flower covered by thorns, for they know that she will never see, or will ever answer to anything that is not her standard of aristocracy; and her standard is one that will never be matched by the common folk in this hallowed school ground where some of the richest and even royalty gather.
As her thoughts drifted back to her childhood, Albertina turned around to face her sister.
The one sitting beside her too looked beyond her window frame, but to the opposite side where a long river passes and acts as a guide to their journey. The elegant lady has long golden frills of hair, twisting into lovely curls that trailed like golden spirals down the sides of her face, and wearing a bright and crimson red gothic-inspired dress with enough ribbons to dress a wedding forum; is her sister, the eldest one by the name of Evia.
Albertina searched for her fingers on the soft leather seat, and finding it, proceeded to give a gentle tug at her sister?s fingers. Her attention was caught, and turned around, ?Yes, little brother??
?Is our home near, big-sister? Is mother waiting for us beyond that castle?s gates??
She knew Albertina could not see, and Evia answered kindly in her usual soft tone befit of a lady. Even though she is not her real sister, or blood related by any way, Evia knew love for this boy who has born from tragedy.
She steadily held her hands with the boy?s. ?Soon, Albertina, we shall reach home? how long has it been since mother has sent us away??
?It has been 6 years, I sure miss our mother dearly.? Albertina replied with her soft plump lips, which were colored with a certain green-hue, to match her gothic dark-emerald green gothic dress, complete with bloomers and flowery lingerie under-dress. Indeed, they must dress their Sunday best to meet their mother, who seemed to have summoned them out of necessity or urgency, she doesn?t know which. It is only hoped that whatever that was in need of Albertina and her attention so urgently that they must fly the first flight out of the faraway place to their homeland, be something of happiness, and not sadness.
Slowly, she put her free hand on her chest, and made a cross movement, ?Give me strength, O Lord, but above all, let all be well??
Albertina could heard the whisper of her sister?s prayers, and too did the same. Then from beyond the satin green cloth where her eyes are, she peered but not seeing the path beyond, and she could almost tell it is finally here.
The carriage has taken them far, far away from the cities and the villages where a single out of place, and out of time structure stood. An enormous castle, with a few hundred rooms and made of thousands of rock and marble, of stone and steel and sweat and blood, lay before them majestically.
She could already smell her home, now? if only she could see it.
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Re: Short story: untitled.
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Chapter 2

With gentle steps, her landing was that of a discerned swan, floating softly across calm waters and making gentle ripples with her refined movements; though unlike a swan, the step led to a firm tiled floor of grey slabs, each with an imprint of the family emblem.

The family emblem of Albertina?s family, the LaDecian is the silhouette of a pumpkin carriage, much alike the one in the lore of Cinderella, and inside the pumpkin carriage shown from the side with an encapsulated top, is a single lady, clearly wearing a dress of aristocracy holding a sword squarely in her hand and sitting down on one side of the carriage. The other side sat a shield, and within the shield, a lion standing up with the words ?Honorable and Untainted? written in a scroll just below the lion?s hind legs. A fig finally stood behind the shield, indicating the peace hard won in the family from various troubled times.

The tiles on the floor leading along the lush gardens sculpted by able and experienced hands of the gardeners who worked there were all lined in a checkered design, one black, and one white, repeated. The way to the mansion lies further still, about a hundred meters away. As the carriage stopped and can only proceed so far without bringing the grime from the outside to the mansion?s doorsteps, Albertina and her sister, Evia must step out and walk.

Slowly they walked, brother and sister holding hands and treading lightly. Although Albertina is a teen, her height was like her boyish part, quite tall, but not exceeding that of her lady-like sister who is a wholesome five foot eight. With soft elegant steps, they proceeded to the door, and from a distance, it was clear an entourage of servants has anticipated their arrival and stood waiting by two files down the foyer of the entry to the mansion.

?Welcome home, Mistresses? The servants greeted in unison.

?It is good to be back?? Evia said, her hand letting go of her little brother?s tender gloved ones and places it in front of their most handsome butler, a man of about his late twenties, Declan. He is tall, about six feet or more, with wavy deep brown hair swiped sideways to give volume to the already tall person he already is. Chiseled face and tall nose, eyes which are wide with golden hue irises that seem to stare into one?s soul distinguished of an alpha male, able bodied just as strongly built as it is firm within his perfect uniform, which not a speck of dust is found. He wore black, and a tie just as black inside the dark brown blazer that covered his inner shirt.

With a graceful pardoning, he bowed and led the ladies into the mansion. The rest of the servants gave strange looks to Albertina, the boy who once was? and now a lady. Of course, unlike Declan, these were new, never did Albertina knew them, as they were employed only after she has left the mansion so many years ago.

Once inside, they were greeted by another row of inner servants, the seniors who are there for a longer time, but even then, Albertina does not recognize them. Both Evia and Albertina bowed gently back to them and thanked them for their greeting and care while they were gone rendered to their families.

The great marble laden hallway was familiar to Albertina, mostly because when her foot stepped on the tiles it would create a ?clop? noise with her stiletto shoes, it reminds her of the old times when she trained here to be a lady, and most of all the pain when she struck the marble floors and ran out of the mansion, going to hide in the side of the long forgotten water well where she pleaded to God to give her back the vision.

That familiar sound now echoed in the massive hallway leading to their mother?s room. Halfway as they did walked, Declan began to explain their purpose for this homecoming trip: their mother is dying? the slow disease of cancer now at their final stages.

?Cancer?!? Albertina turned to Declan?s voice, shock rendered on her beautiful face and eyes which were unseeing behind the green satin cloth, but still her vision seemed to pierce into Declan?s own and seeing the deepest parts of him he wanted locked away.

Declan nodded to Evia, and continued, ?Yes, Lady Albertina, the Maitre has come to the final days, and she has sought to hide this after you left for the faraway place, she didn?t want you to see her suffering and that was how she has spent the last few years struggling. Her disease was well beyond the stage of rescue and now? she is ready to face death.? Declan paused, stopping their progress through the seemingly endless hallway. ?Lady Evia knew, from the secret letters I sent to her, but she was ordered to keep it a secret from you because she feared your love and your worry will spoil everything she has set up and wanted you to achieve, in this case, as the heir of the LaDecian, you have a mission to carry on the next generation of the true LaDecians?

?But? but?? Albertina tried to say something from her distraught revelation, but all was not words that came out, just silent mutterings under her breath. To think that all this time she has been ignorant of her mother?s voice on the phone line, the way she panted and coughed sometimes that seemed more of a gurgle of what?s inside her, a disease unspoken and unforgiving.

They soon come to a huge oak door, carved intricately by a master artist certainly, with designs enough to dazzle the eyes of the discerning. The wooden trails all lead to a single album that is spread between the doors, and with a gentle push Declan opened the door to their mother?s room in this huge mansion.

?Mother??? Albertina whispered, the white form under the bed sheet moved slightly, and turned. Her mother was haggard, the face that greeted her was one of a sickly woman, consumed by the disease that chased her to her dreams, turning it into nightmares with pain rendered into her organs and body, until her form can no longer maintain and eventually bedridden here in this house.

However, it was a mother that Albertina has long forgotten, for she remembered that when she was young and in training, mother would always be stern with her, and never a day she would catch her smile to her, because she knew that deep inside it was hidden sorrow and pain and hurt from her father that made her this way. So she resolved to absolve her guilt, and her mother?s from ever taking on that haunting unfeeling expression again. Now, as she lies in her sickbed, and with Albertina coming close enough to smell her breath, her mother Evita LaDecian seemed to carry a soft caring expression of a true mother, and with it tears which lined her face and seem to suck into the age-ridden gaps of her wrinkles.

It was a kind face, the sort that would melt even devils? hearts and it was one Albertina never knew. Still, like a good daughter, she held her hand to hers, and placed it firmly on her chest, and called again ?Mother??

?I am alright, Albertina, it sure has been a long time hasn?t it? You sure have grown, but I am glad you are still as I wished you to be when you were younger?? She paused, her gasping breath unwilling to continue, but she did anyway, ?I am sorry? I was blinded by rage? and you were the suffering which I rendered when I couldn?t take it out enough on your father?? Tears began to fall from her face, faster now? into steady carved streams of her aged features.

?There is nothing to apologize for, it was too long ago, and what you did, you did it out of love for this family and me?? Albertina refuted, grasping tightly to the age worn fingers, frail and bony and getting colder with each passing moment.

?No, I did it out of hate, the hate for your father? and most of all the dishonor he had me bear by bearing you, but not one day did I not live in regret for turning my back to you, when you were blameless and yet I cast my woe on you?? Still she apologized, their mother in a breakdown state now as life seemed to seep out of her now that she has finally seen their faces after so many years. It was as though this was her last wish, and she wanted to see them so bad she had to take her last breaths waiting, eyes opening and if she was able, not blink because every moment counted.

?Our father? is he still alive?? Evia asked, from the corners, she too came close to hold the other hand of their mother, even though she was specifically speaking, an in-law who has nothing to do with the LaDecians. Evita nonetheless embraced her grasp, and only nodded in reply.

Then, with perhaps the last of her strength, she straightened up and sat, coughing and panting, blood soaked her sheets as she did. Albertina was really worried and begged for her mother to lay back down, but she would have none of it.

?No, it is time you understand, all our lives, we have been preparing, now that preparing has come to a decisive stage and we must make? our pledge.? Their mother wrestled her arms free with their grips, and with a yank, she pulled the chain hanging on her neck, a ring with a studded diamond in the clasps. It was a great black one, carved with the family name ?LD? on it in Old English text. The reflection of the sunlight as it stream into the room from above hit the black diamond squarely, and like magic, cast a shadow upon the bed that read the letters carved into it, ?LD? was projected onto the sheets by the light passing through the diamond like a projector.

?From this day onwards, I? Evita LaDecian, hereby name thee, Albertina LaDecian, last of the LaDecian family of true blood, the heir to the family, and with this ring as the proof of our foremothers and forefathers and children?s children, Albertina LaDecian shall now be head of the LaDecian family after my passing.? With a force unbecoming of a sickly woman, and blood sputtering within her speak, she placed the ring that seemed to clamp down on Albertina?s middle finger, and as though it has a vacuum of its own, sucked tight so badly that Albertina wanted to scream in the face of the pain the diamond ring clamped down on her finger.

?With this? I?I may finally rest? the rest? is up to you now? my dearest? you were always loved, but I never showed it? I am so?so?s?s?orry?? Evita, their mother closed her eyes, and with that, life has left her. In even her last breath, she stayed the way she was as the head of the family and with only unwavering faith and strength she has stood this long to wait for the final moment so that she may pass the legacy to Albertina. Indeed, it was? destiny.

Albertina cried, but there are no tears from her unseeing eyes, because when the disease took them, it even took away the power to cry? the knowledge to ?cry? has as though never existed, and only in her pained expression can Evia see the anguish beneath the satin cloth of her eyes? If only.. if only she could do something for her, but Evia is once, and forever will be, an in-law, and nothing more.

Slowly, Evia understood the meaning of death of their mother, and even though in the end their mother never called her name, Evia knew not jealousy, but only compassion and a newfound purpose?

Letting go of their mother?s aged hands, and now lifeless ones, Evia stood and walked close to Albertina, whose face was hidden by her arms as she struggled to cry with dry tears that never formed?

She pushed her elegant clothing aside, and with Declan now in the room watching from a corner at the events unfolding, Evia bowed? and her knees touched the marble tiles beneath her in this room.

?Albertina LaDecian, Mistress of the House of LaDecian, it is my honor to welcome you as my lady, and may you accept my blessings?? She bowed and said, one hand on her chest and the other on her knee like a knight bowing to their king.

?Sister??? Albertina looked down, she could sense the presence of Evia bowing to her, but she would not understand why? at least, for now, she knows not what to do.

?From today onwards, I am no longer your sister, Albertina LaDecian, I am but one of your siblings, an outsider of your great family, and you may call me Evia from here on, as I belong under you and no honorifics are necessary anymore.? Evia said, her voice was stern as their late mother?s.

In this, Albertina?s heart thumped? and from the bed, she looked at the direction where Declan?s presence is sensed, standing and watching.

Declan?s face broke out a smile? one which Albertina does not see?
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Re: Short story: untitled.
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Chapter 3

The clouds hung darkly just beyond the gilded windows, there are no birds, no singing outside that Albertina recalled hearing a lot back in the days when she was a child in the house, not its master, as she is now.

Evia stood near her, behind to be precise. The mood was solemn, dark, reminiscing of a time when their grandparents passed away too here in this house, and passed the ring to their mother in the same death bed ritual normally followed by the LaDecian. It was yet another example, of how tragedy seems to befall the rich and the powerful as they do come for the poor and underprivileged.

However, no one here was commenting on those things, no one here brought up the very debate of death belongs clearly to the poor and unwanted than the ones most associated with the powerful and those who have names that everyone here remembers but dare not utter for fear of offending them or some sense.

Yet again, her mood once more returned as the priest uttered the final verses in the bible. To the priest reciting from the bible book he holds firmly pretending to flip the pages but not looking at them; the familiarity must be like that to Albertina, to have memorized each hallway, each staircase and its steps, within the house, each table and each corner so well that she needs not a stick to guide her nor at all times Declan, their house servant and head butler to be at her side the moment she wakes up. Albertina however had not felt this much pressure gazing at her, the servants weren?t exactly placing their hopes now on the now passed on Evita LaDecian, it was not her they can expect their next paycheck.

Somewhere else, a boy ran and yelled, unaware of the social mood here at this solemn ritual at the garden area, where traditionally outside here the faraway countryside which itself belongs partly to the LaDecian clan; the funeral of a LaDecian. Outside under these solemn clouds as the only other witness other than the whispering willows just ahead which Albertina could not see; a coffin was lowered into the ground, dug six feet deep, by a mechanical device that resembles an automatic staircase that gently but robotically guided the wooden box down to the chamber. For the last time, Albertina seemed to force her welled-up sadness to form into beads of tears, but alas, she has no luck; only the scrunching feeling on her heart and into her chest the squealing agonizing anguish can remind her that she is a human mourning the passing of a parental figure.

At last, the priest asked that each of the servants, and family members to come and take a handful of gravel, and throw it on top of the wooden box as respect to the dead. Families do come first after all, but it was only Evia and Albertina and if one dares to count Declan, the immediate family members of the lonesome Evita LaDecian. Woe is she, and she will be missed; remembered not for her countless selfless dedicated contributions that straightened the spine of the LaDecian as it was intended to be and not to be eroded like sands upon a shore washed by the wave of his father?s addictions; but remembered by how she was there, lying in her bed for eight solid weeks, unable to move nor regain her health, and struggling painfully to prolong her life so that ends can be met, even if harshly.

The conditions that set the motion moving for Albertina was there as she heard from beside her each of the 101 servants that slowly threw their own handful of dirt into the gravel pit, and finally, the workers who came in and poured the rest inside. Of the 101 servants, Albertina knew only one, Declan who has been there before she moved away?

She wondered what happened to the old man that served so faithfully for 40 long years to the LaDecians, even their grandfather almost wanted to badge him an honorary LaDecian for his loyalty. Perhaps he has passed away? Maybe like Evita, their mother, he too had an honorary funeral fairwell, and lay to rest here far away from his homeland where he probably had a family who waited for him but never again got to see him? What was his name?? Rudolf? Yes?was it Rudolf, or Rudy, as they knew him since young.

Slowly, she steadily stood up from the garden chair; it was adorned with the family emblem gilded and molded into shape by now white-painted strips of metal polished to an almost silver shine ? such as to call it a garden chair would be an insult to its refined presentation.

Evia followed her, getting up from her own chair and came close to Albertina, side to side now they walked back into the house. The pressure was mounting, a stare of long and hard and waiting for an order, the servants mounted it like a gun pointed at Albertina?s head. Lady Albertina, that is what they will call her now, not as before the honorary title bestowed to those who have the blood of a LaDecian, but one that is now officially like a title, and it will be with her till the day she passes it to another.

Her footsteps echoed deliberately heavy, as though her entire weight was shifted onto each footfall as she made her way into the marble hallways. Strange, has the house always been this big? Evia feels the tremendous pressure that seemed to dawn on them both, now a kind of Lord and Mistress relationship, but to call Albertina, her lady now a Lord, even though she fits to be one due to her original and god-intended gender?is itself heresy, an insult to the newly dead Evita, and her efforts to hide her one and only son away from the evils of the world and that associated with a man and its inherent ugliness borne by them since birth.

Indeed, it seems the house grew overnight, like an infant who is at a growth spurt; the house has radiated outwards, much like an expanding galaxy, and now its planets ? the servants become like haunting shadows, far apart but close enough to whisper among themselves but avoiding so that their masters can?t get to hear them well and clear. Albertina seemed to shrink, in the shadow of the responsibility she has just inherited.

?Everyone?? Albertina spoke suddenly, her voice especially clear, boyish charms aside in that awfully high note, hers was a beautiful one, loud and clear and ringing into the unearthly halls of decked loneliness. ?I have inherited my mother, last night as the now owner and your master of the LaDecian household, this clan, rightfully and all its underlings, yourself included is now under my care. As first order of the head of the clan??

Evia, as though in a fit of uncertainty, clasped her mouth, a gasp can only escape beyond her fingers for herself to hear, as though those words seemed more like illusions which emerged from within the caverns, but it was her sweet brother? or sister, or Mistress? that spoke them.

?As of today, you are all relieved from duty, with exception of Declan, all of you shall report to Declan to claim your compensation, your inherent right to part of the family?s original clause in servitude for any number of years which you worked for, and its expectations and rewards. Are there any questions?? Albertina spoke without so much as a tremble in her voice, it was clear, and it was instructive like one of those boardroom directors instructing his fellow workers.

The murmur began, slowly at first, gasps in between followed by quickened breaths and panicked ones, soon panic into a sea of voices as they each discussed among themselves. No doubt, some would need to find a new place to live, as the clause they signed is that as long as they work, the LaDecian will provide, everything, from childcare to food to lodgings. If you have served long and hard, like that Rudolf that Albertina remembered, he was awarded a small patch of land of his own, even a house to go with it, and no small matter of a house either, with his own handpicked servant from any of the fine selection he has served with ? essentially granting him a lordship of a kind, under the LaDecian clan, such is the great reward of those loyalists.

Some panicked quickly, wondering when their next paycheck will come; it wasn?t easy scouting out the LaDecian work they have now, and furthermore, it was not they who are select, rather, it was the LaDecian headhunting team who selects the finest or fittest, whichever task comes first. Indeed, these men and women are responsible for everything from electrical to planning a 7 course dinner meal with the most influential people. The LaDecian needed them from the very best, and nothing but the best. Some although calm on the surface, merely pondered silently on their own, as though realizing no amount of arguing or sounding their opinion matters, and walked away slowly.

Evia approached Albertina, from a corner of her ear, she whispered but quite loudly to her, ?My Lady, are you? out of your mind?! We need these people, they are responsible for all our wellbeing, our entire existence was being served up till now, we can?t graduate from that and into absolute nothing?? Evia?s voice is now frantic, clearly indicating the panic of her tomorrow, when she would wake up and perhaps for once have to search for her change of clothes that isn?t brought forth to her in a silver platter or in this case, her rosewood cart with ornament wheels which rolls in her triple carpeted room, normally parked next to her mahogany night table with a single dressed lamp in snakeskin and gold frills.

Albertina simply motioned for her to be quiet, stern is her look as she looked up but probably did not see the expression of dismay on Evia?s face. Her sister?s expression must be mortified to see her so calmly dismissing everyone.

Declan, like a good head butler, approached Albertina as well from the right, careful not to invade his Lady?s space. ?Declan, how many years has it been?? Albertina asked calmly.

?My service? It has been well over 10 years, My Lady.? Declan bowed and said. ?You know this place inside out, and you are skilled in all the things which have been entrusted to you by our late Head Butler, Mr. Rudolf are you not??

?Indeed I am, and passed down these skills through many trainings to our team of proud people here, whose life you have just permanently and calmly dislodged just now from the claims of certainty, My Lady? if I may question, why?? Declan asked, voice filled with decorum, yet a profound calm with anger of a kind inside, seeing all his effort perhaps in training these men and women into fine servants so easily dismissed right now by his new Mistress or Master.

?Our household needs to be? shuffled, to say the least. Most of the servants here I know not, not even their names, or where they are from.?

?Of course, My Lady, you barely returned for a day and it has been such a long time since you left from here?surely even one as endowed and refined as yourself must take time to learn of them?? Declan said.

?I did not ask them to leave, merely that if they wish, they can reapply their careers here, I have no intention for anyone other than yourself to serve me however, and indeed, I suppose being thrifty with human resource is not something akin to what a LaDecian will do, but consider this a first.? Albertina turned around, facing the other hallway now, also decked in marble and golden orbs which are all lamps that hung on the ceilings like overextended chandeliers high above. This particular hallway leads to the innermost sanctum of the mansion of the LaDecian?s, the Philosopher?s Room, or otherwise, the inner library that is separated from the main library the other direction down.

The Philosopher?s Room was what the legacy of their grandparents left behind, a great treasure trove of notes and books and texts, all translated painstakingly by a master over many years into Braille, so as to facilitate the learning process of a lady for the blind Albertina. Since young, Albertina has spent countless mornings, afternoons and evenings in that room save the time for lunch and dinner. Tea would be lonesome for their mother who longed for her company at the table, and even during lunch and dinner, Albertina?s mind would be with the Braille texts in the Room, her body would be at the table but her mind flutters to the rich and lovely texts that granted her the pleasure to learn beyond the veil of her lost sight.

 Realizing her general direction, Declan stepped two steps back, and gathered the workforce? or former workforce and what?s left of it that is able to reason with relative calm, into groups. From the sight of Evia, who walked still with Albertina in uncertain steps which seems to mimic the echoes of the footfall of her now changed sweet little brother? It would seem almost an irony that she; always have been the protector before this was somehow now rendered into one being protected.

?Big Sister, please? entertain my little request, and stay with me for a while, I have a place to go and I need your help to some stairs?? Of course, Evia knew she was lying, there are no stairs in this mansion that Albertina did not already memorized, not counted the steps until the floor met with her lady footfall to form firm ground.

?Yes My Lady?? Albertina?s face seemed to sadden upon hearing this, and quietly they walked, towards the Philosopher?s Room.


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Re: Short story: untitled.
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Chapter 4

Their footsteps echoed into the spiral staircase, made of wood and steel bended to the will of man; and each of the steps were filled with doubt, as though waiting for the other foot to follow each other into uncertainty, and in this regard, it seems like Albertina herself was feeling the fleeting sense of awkward unbalance? even when she has been here all her life and she knew exactly which of these places lead to where.

Evia followed behind, her steps less uncertain, but also the same as her mind filled with questions.

Soon, their footsteps led them to a great wooden door, oak made and heavy. The door was carved into, and painted with shellac over and over again until it has a greasy shine. Normally, such doors were made to keep things out, but in this one, it was meant to lock away secrets not meant for things to go in and snoop around or mess about. The ancient but beautiful texts which were left behind from generations which were transcribed into Braille so that Albertina may learn even with a handicap of her vision.

Each one of these texts and books took days, weeks to months and years, and each one by a single master who worked here when her parents were alive. That master was? Arthur, his name, and was one of the many loyalists privy to the family?s deepest secrets and financial prowess gained. Aside from being the main accountant, he also had a healthy passion in books, and his librarian duties which he took up when he retired from accounting for their grandfather was his prime concern. When he heard that Albertina has lost her sight, it was as heartbreaking as it were sad to him, for he wished for a son, and in Albertina, although raised as a girl ? he saw a son he never had a chance to have all these years serving the household of LaDecian.

The trouble he went through to transcribe each of the books that were deemed important to him and the family was countless days and nights where he would be sleepless, working tirelessly until each word was its precise meaning in Braille. Arthur would sometimes be found by the other servants lying on the table, snoring away after an entire night doing what he did. Some of them are impressed by his dedication, others say he is a fool; but to Albertina, she saw a fatherly person in him, and in this, she begged their mother to reward him, but alas? it was that one day when they left the household that she never did see Arthur again. She often wondered if the letters she wrote home would reach the intended people they were addressed to, especially the ones with the name ?Arthur? and ?Rudolf? written on the envelopes.

The heavy oak door slid, slowly at first and then followed by a loud creak as it gave way to Albertina?s push. The floor was dirty, and this was clear indication that this place sacred to her only has been neglected. The thought passed her mind that she needs to order one of the servants to clean this place up, perhaps she was too hasty in relieving them all?earlier.

Nonetheless, she quickly found the light switch, and flicked it on. Slowly, the light flickered and fizzled, and came to life, flooding the room with a yellow glow that reached the far corners of the visible room. Indeed, far corners they are: four corners that reach as far as three thousand square feet, dark and foreboding into the tons of books that lay in shelves each over a hundred feet tall, so tall the volumes that lay at the top required the patience of someone like Arthur to reach it by the portable stairs that lay next to each section of the shelves with much precarious care. The volumes all greeted Albertina?s return with a musk of old hide and bounded rot.

Albertina thought she smell the scent of rot, not books, but flesh, but her sense of smell was obscured by so many of these volumes around her. She treaded her way in, and with a glance, Evia behind her closed and locked the door. No one comes in here except them, and even Evia was more than reluctant to come into this place unless necessary. In all her time here as a member of the family, this is probably the 3rd time since then that she has ever set foot in here. Her eyes darted about the room, looking for another human presence to fill this space of loneliness.

Albertina sat down on one of the grand mahogany tables, dirtying her elegant dress with dust gathered from neglect. With her bare hands, she wiped away the top of the table, and sighed a bit, it was clear she was a bit saddened by the state of this room. She looked at Evia?s direction and opened her lips as if to speak, but pursed again to pause for thoughts; then finally, with some deliberation perhaps, she called out her name.

?Evia?I?no, big sister? come closer?? She beckoned, using her old address this time as he normally would.

Evia moved closer without question. Suddenly, without any warning, as if Albertina could no longer withstand the slow pace of things, she lugged forward; two arms flying to each side of Evia?s body and met behind her to form a hug. Albertina?s head and face buried between her breasts, and her hair danced for a while behind her as all her movement paused with Evia?s gasp of surprise.

?Big sister, I am?so?so very afraid? All this? all this power, all of a sudden? I don?t know what to do anymore? at first Mother sent me away because I thought she hated me, and wanted me to be away from her as she wanted to drive Father away? and now? she passed on telling me that she loved me, and gave me all this? this ring? THIS CURSED RING?!? Her voice echoed into the Philosopher?s Room. It was trembling, filled with anguish and anger and pain but most notable of it all was the loneliness of her voice now echoing the walls of books and shelves.

?There?there?? Evia acted as she would, and held Albertina close, patting her hair while she sobbed quietly between her breasts. For a while, it felt like the warmth of tears dirtied the white frills that covered the front of her elegant dress, and she was feeling the trembling body vibrating into her all of Albertina?s emotions within. However, Evia knows, those are not tears as her brother cannot cry, but something just as woeful - Albertina?s saliva, as her screams goes in between them uncontrolled, yet trying so very hard to muffle them.

Then, after about five minutes of muffled sobs and screams, Albertina calmed down, and took some steps back, quietly taking a seat. She rested, taking short breaths and long ones, facing at nowhere in particular, hands touching the mahogany table of dust and dirtied them as well as her long frilly sleeves.

Albertina spoke slowly, ?Big sis, it is going to get harder isn?t it? This life? all this?? She paused, grabbing a dust covered book and touching the Braille etchings on the thick bound skin, reading the title and what the content may be. For a short moment, her features seemed to brighten a little, perhaps she has discovered a book that was her favorite? She continued after a while, ?I am no longer the outsider, and I been given so much all of a sudden I don?t know what to do with it??

Evia almost felt guilty for following up those words, ?Yes, indeed, My Lady, the LaDecian clan owns more than twenty plots of land here alone, and several more across the globe. We also are the shadow investors of several rather large pharmaceutical companies, oil companies and even the weapons trade our grandfather had still owe much of its influence to us. It seems, almost premature for our Mother to leave it like this, not that she could help it??

?That?s why I decide to pull out, the LaDecians are over? we can?I can?not do this alone, even with??

Just then, there was a knock on the door, quite unlikely should any of the servants would choose this time to visit the inner sanctum; so Albertina knew who to expect beyond the heavy oak doors. ?Come in, Declan.?

?My sincere apologies, am I interrupting?? Declan asked as he casually walked in between the oak doors, which slid open with ease by his strong push.

?No, not really?? There was still a mild choke in Albertina?s voice, and Evia sensed that Declan knew she had been crying? or was trying to. However, Declan indicated to Evia by placing his finger on his lips, and showing a ?shhh? sign. Are they accustomed to keeping secrets for each other now? Evia could only wonder, she pondered for a second, before following the cue and remained silent while Declan did his thing, whatever it was he intended to do when he dropped in here.

Declan moved to Albertina?s side, holding a tray in one hand and the other gently lifting the contents out of it. On it was a teapot, steaming hot tea inside as the steam escaped from in between the porcelain gaps; and on it as well was two European inspired tea cups, beautiful in gold and various pictures of flowers etched along its elegant exterior. They were set quickly, and Declan began pouring the tea into both cups.

?Rosehip??? Albertina asked, her nose twitched.

?Indeed, quite the observation, My Lady. I figured it would be a good selection for days like these, solemn moods should never be for long, even with The Late Lady Evita?s passing, a person who holds the reins to the LaDecian should not be found sulking, if at all you were.? Declan said, indicating finally that he knew the mood here before he came in so casually.

?I wasn?t, Declan.? Albertina retorted. She lifted her tea cup, and sipped from it the aromatic tea. For a while, she savored the flavor, allowing it to flow inside her mouth and forgetting the mood here. Rosehip has been her favorite tea to relieve bad moods, and Declan knew it well.

For a while, an awkward silence consisting of Albertina sipping tea slowly ensued, and then Declan opened his mouth to speak, ?Tomorrow I believe it is time you return and engage the investors, there is a turbulent round of debates and uncertainty sparkling within the ranks, and people are beginning to question if this means something bad is coming on with the passing of Lady Evita. She was rather strong when it comes to asset management, and given ages of experience in handling the worries of others, there was always no doubt that the LaDecian family prospered and could only be prospering in her presence.?

?Declan, I really don?t have the heart nor the skill as my mother had, in fact, I have no idea why such power was dropped into my lap like this. My uncles and even cousin William had a lot more experience in this, and such matters should be referred to them shouldn?t they?? Albertina looked up and said.

?Yes, certainly it would be a good idea, but know this, Lady Evita passed the ring to you, as the tradition goes, all who carry the ring must carry the fate of the family.? Declan paused, then took a deep breath before continuing, ?The ring, is proof that you now have even Lord William?s fate in your hands. Should you wish, his expanding business can be bought over by your words alone, and of that uncle? Thomas I believe his name was, his family in exile can be quickly and discreetly brought back to England now if you so wish?even if it was Lady Evita who forced him to go out there.? Declan explained.

Cousin William Louis is one of Albertina?s cousins, but among the rest of those who lived quiet lives away from the fame and power and influence of the LaDecian, William was considered most enterprising. At the aspiring age of 22, he began his own company and by now owns hefty millions in stocks and assets. With his charming good looks, and cunning intellect, he dropped out of college and sought out his fortune and path of fame, becoming the first of the students in the non-graduate batch to come back and become a successful person in lieu of proper tertiary education. He returned to Japan about two years ago and offered their mother, Evita a chance to roll out again like the steamrolling days of yore when the LaDecian were truly rivaling countries in wealth and status. All he sought in return was half the fortune of the current generation, and that half, was about several oil fields worth.

William?s cunning however, ended with a single losing streak when his hard-headedness cost him a fall bad enough to almost bankrupt him last year. Despite so, his confidence was still unshaken, and moving along in poise of a bigger purpose, he approached their mother once more for confidence. If there should be a single injection from their mother to William?s seeking of investments, they would see a new light. However, Mother would recall a bad history with men and money with their Father?s gambling debts, and would deny him the chance to score too big a risk.

With his head down and confidence struck hard, cousin William would later maintain his leveled business by a string of cutbacks, and now in a stable condition, he can be said as ?a former shell of his past?. These days, Cousin William spends his time in Kyoto, far away from his own business, meddling only when necessary and when his business partners and his CEOs begged for his input. To say he lived the life of a fifty year old, would not be a surprise either, as he does in fact live like a recluse.

Albertina thought for a moment and pondered on her other uncles, the one in exile, Thomas, was a family member who is partially responsible for their Father?s gambling. They were both gamblers, but only Father was particularly addicted while his uncle was a more sentimental type who urged others to try their luck ? it was, as they say: one urge too many. Mother saw him as a cause and purged him from Japan and sent him packing to distant corners, Tibet at first, but with some leniency, she allowed him to stay in his holiday villa with his family in England.

?Can we contact both of them?? Albertina asked, eager to get this ring off her fingers.

?If we do, we risk handling over a great legacy to two very foreign persons to the LaDecian tradition.? Declan said, and just as well, Evia joined in, ?The inherent danger of losing it all, to a few outsiders?it is risky? too risky!?

?The fortune of the LaDecian is not of my concern.? Albertina retorted.

?Then you are selfish, Albertina, this is not your choice to make!? Evia stood up, her voice angered.

?I am the Master of this clan, and I alone make the choice.?

?What if? it is a terrible decision, and you will be a master of nothing? those two are vultures, both in one way or some other which we don?t really know the full story about?Mother went through thick and thin and knows a lot, but she also paid expensively to have those two investigated before making her decision??Evia paused, ?Whatever it was that she found? it was unpleasant, and our legacy, now passed to you, is the only choice she thought was right.?

?Mother died yesterday, on her death bed struggling to even breathe, she was sick? as she was desperate, a desperate woman making an equally desperate choice? such was all that it is when she passed the ring and nothing more!? Albertina again spoke, ?There is no more a strange stroke of fate that I was called back after so long away? only to have all this stuffed at me so suddenly.?

With a single push, she pushed away the mahogany table, and trotted off to the door, slamming it behind her without waiting for anyone to follow. In her wake, it left only Evia and Declan in the Philosopher?s Room, staring at each other in an awkward silence as they witnessed Albertina?s angered self trotted away from them. Eventually, the footsteps of her stilettos could no longer be heard along the marble and cobblestone hallways beyond the oak doors of the room; and Evia turned to Declan, and moved closer.

Together, they moved, and fell into embrace, both kissing the lips of one another.

?Everything is going as planned? my love?? Declan smiled and said.

?My little brother will soon be forced out, and this? this, will all be yours, and yours only, my cunning thief of thieves.? Evia responded, her face a widened smile that was hardly ever seen.

?A thief I am not, darling, I am?but the Devil?s Advocate.?


I can't handle all these drama urges, dear god I wish I can write something funny and light hearted without all these soul crushing depressive moods.
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Chapter 5...

The day was ending, the evening coming closer and closer until the skies darkened to a perfect auburn apricot color, and the birds of night began to wake from their roost and ready for their evening hunt. The sounds of nature which surround this mansion now becoming a deafening one, the people within are now gone or retired to the servant quarters. Declan?s cleaning of sweeping sounds along the hallway become its own rhythmic sound, like a lullaby of sorts.

This place resembles a stadium now, after a great game; when its fans left the premises, it becomes a quiet ground of empty rows of seats, and if one were to stand in the middle of the stage, the loneliness one can feel must be astounding. The mansion is one such place. Only two days ago was it brimming with the sounds of clattering, of servants hurrying their duties to keep the place clean, and of the sometimes too loud sounds of people talking; now only the rustle of the trees outside echoed with the lonesome halls.

It is large, of no doubt that this mansion is. The LaDecian mansion stands on about three acres of land, the mansion itself about an acre in size from left to right. Normally, situated on the left end of the annex is where Albertina would find her room. Inside there is the special quadruple sized king mattress dead center of four robust Roman inspired pillar posts each with a separate night light encased in a gilded bird cage with papier-m?ch? windows in between the cage railings. About ten paces away is a bookshelf, filled with books in Braille which often were opened and read through again and again the favorite tales of Albertina. There also stood a table, mahogany, rosewood, about ten feet in width with many hidden compartments inside its visible corners, including a lever which when pulled, will open a crevice near Albertina?s left knee, revealing inside a Taser, with extra batteries, a charged electric rod in addition for close encounters. Albertina had a fear of guns, as she herself cannot see where she is aiming.

Their Mother however, insisted that a gun be placed near, for those just in case situations that might occur. The rich also have their fancies as well as their fair share of headaches when it comes to security. All the more so now, Albertina realized, the security staff has been kept in the staff quarters since yesterday, doing nothing to earn their pay. Of course, it was her idea in the very beginning to relief them, perhaps the choice was all too soon if not well thought out. Albertina sighed as she stood near the massive thirty feet tall glass windows that peered outside, the see-through curtains which had butterflies and flower patterns were semi-opened, allowing only a small gap just enough to peek at the servant quarters to the far left, and then the robust garden where stood the stable of horses and also the garage not too far away from there with cobblestone driveway leading straight to its doors.

Inside, the horses neighed, and Albertina could hear them; they sounded in pain? was it hunger? Hopefully with any common sense, the maintainer of the horses, whoever he or she is working have not forgotten to feed the animals, even if he or she is relieved of duty surely the animals must still be kept alive and well. To the right, the stable of cars stood silent inside the semi-lighted warehouse like building with possibly about twenty or so cars inside, each one more exotic than the other and capable of insane speeds which Albertina has never been into; as passenger or driver, not that she knew how to drive such beasts with her terribly limited skills in driving.

Albertina was dressed in a negligee, ample exposure of her chests which were still a boy?s but with slight bulges thanks to the hormone effects of those drugs that were fed to her since she was young? the legacy of Lady Evita, their mother. Her bottom was that of a pair of ocean blue panties, closely hugging the cusp of boyish features inside. Her hair was fixated by a large veil which protects as well as kept her shoulders relatively warm. How many years has it been now?since she has resolved to live life like a woman. Surely, the servants must whisper among themselves of their master, who is a crossdresser. Surely, they must say some pretty bad things behind close doors. She should have been Lord Albert, not Lady Albertina. There is a conflicting message being sent out, but their mother?s words were final. After all when she was alive, no one dared to challenge her authority.

What a strong woman she was, Albertina recalled. Singlehandedly, she called upon all the people who work for or work with the LaDecian?s fortune, and great things were made as well as rules were written. Rules, those are always important for games, and their mother know that life is a game and that people stop at following rules, unless they are force fed them. Of all the things that take out the rules in the rulebook, hers was the bending of their only son, into a gender not his own.

Indeed, up till a certain age, it was clear that Lord Albert, or Young Master Albert that he was known then, would grow up among the elite and take the reins. However, it was the turbulent childhood that his father, of which he has long forgotten where he is now, or that if he is still alive for that matter; it would change his life and when his life was changed nothing was left in its place but a sordid feeling of weariness, and this weariness lingers with her, even now.

Albertina turned, closing the curtains tight this time so that even the moonlight could not come in. Rarely she would lock the door from the inside and double latch the strong bolt on it. Tonight however, she did exactly that, making sure that privacy was settled into the room with her. Outside, she placed a stool sitting directly in front of the door, if the message wasn?t clear to Evia or Declan, she doesn?t know what will.

How long will she last in here? She has lost a lot of strength already from these silent crying with no tears. Her eye sash, the satin green one was replaced today with a deep blue one that is made of nylon and silk, with pretty frills on the edges. She replaced them because it was getting dirty, mostly from sweat. She has been sweaty these last two days, perhaps it was because the weather. She walked to the bed, sat on it and then slept on, rolling herself to the center of the four post bed.

She closed the eyes and removed the satin cloth. Then, slowly she opened them, maybe today she will see something? but alas, no matter how many times she tried, every night, she would still see the same darkness.

She closed them once more, and placed her hands on the bed next to her, completely relaxed and faced up the ceiling which seems too high. Sighing, she wondered what awaits her tomorrow, despite her unwillingness, the day will come. The clock ticked close to eleven, the night was as quiet now as it could ever be.

Slowly, she rested in, drifting into a sleep she has been waiting for. How wonderful it would be, if only all things are as they were before, she could live without worry then. Is this, she wondered in her half-asleep state of mind, how Mother had lived, in this constant worry that someone would be there to take advantage of her, to stab her in the back?

Daylight was quick in coming in, it almost seemed like she has been carried away from this wretched reality overnight. Dawn was silent, none of the servants worked because she released them all, willing them however to stay at the servant?s premise while they seek out new avenues and what?s not. Today, however, something hung heavy in the air, and it was the day and about an hour away from meeting with Cousin William who was summoned rather suddenly to these outskirts yesterday. She wondered at the back of her head, could he make it? After all, private jets aside, people have personal matters to attend to? then she cocked her head and laughed; then again, what could be more important than receiving a piece of the fortune of the LaDecians?

There was? something different, something odd. She hasn?t noticed it because she would do so unconsciously every time she puts on her clothes and finally the satin cloth Declan would prepare and place at the lower right corner of her four post bed when she sleeps. Again, she tried it, opening and closing this time.

There it was? light!

No, it can?t be, of all the times, of all these times she yearned for it, a stroke? just one stroke, enough for her to take in the view of it, anything, be it her room, or Evia, her sister? anything, a cat perhaps, maybe a random stray, or a hint of the great tree that stood like a giant ominous being in their garden?

There it was again, her eyes opened and closed and opened again, disbelieving what she could ?see?.

No, it can?t be?


Her voice was choking, as though she could face the reality of seeing a blurred view of her room. There it was, the clock that struck always at noon, pointing hazily for her to the hands of nine. A fluttering flock of birds sat outside the branches of a tree outside, not too far away was a massive railing that guided her way to the restroom, and on the side of her hands she could see now the blackish purple diamond ring that embedded itself into her hands like a solid rock on the surface of a cliff.


She heard no answer, obviously Declan was nowhere near, her superior hearing senses are still as sharp as they were, and she could tell beyond the doors and down to the next hallway of the mansion ? that it is empty.

Slowly she climbed up, closing her eyes to check for any last mind tricks.

When she opened them, the haze was getting better, she could actually see the things around her.

What has happened??

How did she?

No, how could it have happened?

Everyone, every doctor from every corner of the known civilized world was flown in with the enormous wealth they had, and they all tried to remedy the very simple thing.

However, it was her in the end without much help aside from the unknown and divine that she would wake up on this day of all days, with her much depraved vision returned to her in one night?s sleep.

She slowly recalled a few passages passed along the heirs of the LaDecian, of stories and tales to prolong each family member?s legacy and further it to the realms of even magic and things? which should not exist. Then, she recalled from the sides of her bed, where she now stands; that Grandfather was thought to be an absurdly healthy man until the day he died, and strangely when he died it seemed a ton of diseases would befall him quite suddenly. She recalled exactly the day when they announced to him the terminal disease he had: every single area of his body?s vital organs are infected by deep-seated cancer, and every vein of his every part is polluted with diseased blood, his lungs were riddled with enough holes and in his heart were palpitations and clotted so badly it would seem his diet consisted up till that very moment buckets of lard each meal.

It was all, a very strange? somehow delayed and crazed death for a person. How did he?survived all that he did if he had those? or rather, how did he still managed to live at all?

She understood from young her Grandfather was a smoker, an enthusiast of rare tobacco, and certainly a very powerful man and has a quiet addiction for certain drugs, but despite his flaws his mind was always perpetual clarity, a man who cannot be stopped alone by the fragility of his habits, and has walked the path of heaven and earth as not one man, but as though he represented an army of brilliant minds. In his life, he was an adventurer, and a great one at that, twice he survived accidents which would put men in their graves with splattered bodies. Twice he landed flat on rocks or something harder, and yet, when doctors checked, they all said it were the miracle of miracles that he had not a single fracture on his bones.

They attributed it to great luck, but more so on how dense his body was. Four times after that he would crash his ?favorite? cars at the time and would emerge from terrible wrecks after rolling down mountains or colliding straight with something much bigger and more cumbersome like a trailer truck or a train ? unscathed.

Yes, his luck was?unbridled?to say the least, as Albertina now stood on the corner of her bed, she stared at the ring now? it somehow? has taken an ominous glow?

A purple one? and she could feel her hands started to bulge?

Something? something is happening.

She doesn?t know whether to fear the idea that her vision now allows her to see it, or dread not knowing what is happening or is going to happen next now that she could finally view the fulsome terror of her ringed finger?


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Chapter 6

In this chapter, some racism and some sex overtones... so yeah off site.

[nsfw] [/nsfw]

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Chapter 7

Another heavily layered adult themed chapter, trust me when I say you want to read this alone. Why do I write this you ask? I dunno, I am trying to describe the aristocratic life I guess. I think with each chapter the characters just grow on me, and I can't help but wanting to explore each physical and psychological cranny on them...


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Re: [NSFW] Albertina
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Chapter 8 of the chronicle.

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