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DaiPet - daiyousei desktop pet [complete]
« on: August 19, 2011, 11:51:51 AM »

A year ago I wanted Cirno floating on my desktop, so it was done. But recently I wanted to "raise" a Touhou, so went with making another fairy pet, dai-chan but this time with multiple forms, feeding, and all those pet-like things.
This *would* have been up for beta testing in april but the original concept was too complicated (i.e. food inventory system, food effects, various mini games) where i somehow....just stopped coding.

So i've been working on this since January (right after RemiRush), this is a desktop pet of sorts.
This was built off my older CirnoPet's desktop drawing mechanism combined with Reisen/Remi rush's underlying game engine.

anyway, since pictures speak a thousand words, i'll just post previews of the pet's features hoping that nothing needs any further explanation, feel free to ask questions though.


DaiPet (v1.0 - 517kb)
alternate mediafire link (in case the site goes down)

3rd pre-final version (v0.9c - 652kb) [link removed]
*to help with testing, the pre-final one has a version that cuts aging time to 1/10th the original uncreatively called "daipet 10x faster aging.exe"
*to unlock all forms for a pet, you'll normally need to leave the pet open for around 7 days, in the 10x faster aging version it should take roughly 1 day (10x aging won't be available in the final release)

System requirements:
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or newer (or anything that supports GDI+ for that matter)
*according to testers of my older CirnoPet which uses the same graphics engine as this pet, it will work under WINE but will have transparency issues, this is because they have not fully "emulated" (WINE isn't an emulator) GDI+ yet

left click - selection, clicking menu buttons, and dragging pets/shanghai dolls accross the screen
right click - opens menus for pets/dolls

The custom hats feature:
*it's only called custom hats because the accessory will move with the pet relative to its head, it really should be called accessory instead
*to add more custom hats (the game currently comes with 4), just put your transparent PNG images in the game's custom_hats folder and number it appropriately (i.e. 1.png, 2.png, 3.png and so on)

What do I need help with?
Basically I need people to try it and share their thoughts during "normal usage"
  • is there a feature missing?
  • something annoying about the menu? too many buttons?
  • can't figure out how to do something?
  • feeding candy doesn't give enough pet happiness?
  • bugs?
  • made a hat and want to add it to the game's default hat set?
I need help on those since most of the time I spent on making the pet was used on making the pet as efficient as possible with memory - since it's the kind of program that people might leave open for weeks. That means not as much attention was given to making it user friendly or to hunting bugs (but I sure hope I gave just enough for both lol)

With all that said, have fun guys, I'll be releasing this in a few days after I do a lot of final touches (mostly underlying code for more efficiency) and prolly fixing bugs

*setting the border now closes the menu (it used to leave the options menu open and didn't follow to where the pet teleported to)
*attempted to fix a bug where pets would stay at lvl 0 even after hatching, can't replicate the bug anymore
*uncovered a fundamental bug with how text is handled in the program, nothing too serious but I won't be able to fix this for quite a while and it crashes caused by it seem to be linked to the mouse chase mini-game
*re-implemented frozen frog toy from cirno pet
*added Nitori and Yoshika hats, as a cameo for the comic i'm working on

*added more sanity checks to how shanghai doll/frozen frog stays inside the pet borders
*fixed bugs with cancelling menus when adjusting hat/setting pet borders
*couldn't find any more bugs so the pet is
Officially released
*ofc bug reports are always welcome so i can fix them
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Re: DaiPet (daiyousei desktop pet, lol)
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this adorable pets make me happy =)